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fralitif(|r0 ifMittnul 


^n jtpei Sljetlen. 




Dr. ^eftif Sfilflcf, 


Dr. 3. <K. £in%dy 

i>0TSiQll Conful Irr Sneisigten 6taatrn oon Stor^'lmfrita as Seitt^ig. 

Srftf buxdjvf^fjm vinb vtx6t\ftxit SnfTagr. 








IN TWO PARTS. ? ^ / */■ ■ 








I)«. J. G. FLUGEL, 






AU rights reserved* 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1852, by 

in the Clerk's office of the District Conrt of the District of Columbia. 



SB 1 1 e t! e^ 

Xbs denmnds made upon EngliahlSf^itiebcmSa^KfbtgernMbifVJlfots 
Dictionariet by the readers of Eng-kmmgen ber Scfer mgttf^er 6(|ripm air 
lish works are increasing from year to h)a9 enfllif^e SBlrterBii4« 99 tovxmt 

year. Scarcely a book is published in 
Eogland or America which is not 
immediately read in Germany, and 
which makes it necessary to consult 
the Dictionary. The mental affinity 

in (Englanb unb Smerila fa^ nl^td 
^eran^, koa9 ni(^ au^ in S)eutfi^Icmb 
iogUi^ gelefm toirb unb SSetanlapng 
gieit, bad SShtttHS^ gu ffla^t {u 
iii^m. S>it gri^ge aScrmanbtfd^aft 

of these highly cultivated nations iB|blefer l^ot^geBUbeten Silfer Beurbmbet 
manifested by the almost simultaneouslftij^ burd^ ben nnmittcffiarfn 9R{tgenu$ 
enjoyment of the productions of theraret $l^antaflrgr(Ube, fo n>ie i^rer 
imagination as well as their discoverieslQntbfAmgen in SBifenf<(aft, Jtun^ 

in science, art and nature, and the 
constant medium of this intellectual 
exchange is the English Dictionary, 
which it is the aim of the editors 
in each succeeding edition to render 
more worthy of its predecessors. 

It cannot be disputed, and I beg 
leave to offer this as a purely sta- 
tbtical fact, proved by careful compa- 
rison with other Dictionaries, that 
my large Dictionary of the English 
language is the most copious of alllUffiirtrrtu^ bft mgHf^en &pxa^ bad 
works of the kind which have yet ap-LoQfianbig^e atter i^t)tt erfi^ienenrn 
peared,* still it would be presumptu-ySBfrfe blefrr 9Lxt* unb bo^ kv&re ed 

unb 9latur, unb ber Be^onbigt S)oU 
metf<(er biefed 3(udtauf^ed ifl bad 
cngltf^e aBSrtrrBud^, be^en <&craud^ 
geier jebe il^rrr StudgaBm }u ^tx^oUs 
^anbigen Scmii:^t finb. 

Un^eltig — unb bled Btttr i^ aid 
rein ^ati^fd^e unb bur$ forgfSItige 
aSerglfid^ung mit anbem SSHiitxii- 
^tat ertoiffene S^atfo(^c oufjufofTrn — 
i^ bad ))on mtr i^eraudgegeBene gto^t 

* It will tnfBce in regard to thii ttste- 
ment to refer to the third edition of the work 
itself, or to the pamphlet pablithed by me 
entitled: — ^^ Siterartf4t 0i)m|>at(icn ober 
iabttflricfle 9a4na<berti. Qin Scittag tttr 
<Icf4i4t( tcT netteren engliften Sexifograptie 
oon Dr. 3. O. S* ^^f ^^^f^ ^acm fionoort 
oott bcm j)etni Gomt^ur, Ac. yrofcffbr Dr. 
OottfrU^ ^(rmann, Sripsig, 1843/' 

* 9i gmfigt in bicfer Qciic^nns oaf bic 
trttte TCnSgabe teft ffBerf ed felbfl, oter onf bit 
fleinc oon mir Jeraadgegebnie Ziyn!fti—„tU 
trrarif^e e^mpattien obcr inbnflrtcKe 9tt4« 
madktrei Gin Seitrog |ttr Otf^i^te ber 
ntucrcn englifiten ScxSogroptie oon Dr. 
3. O. %. It., nrbfl einem Sonoort oon bap 
$emt iSomt^ur, k. yrofcffbr Dr. Oottflrtcb 
Hermann, Seipiig, 1843/' iu omorifni. 




oas to assert that it supplies in every 
respect all the information that might 
be desired. In the short time which 
has elapsed since the 2' edition ap- 
pearedy the literature which relates to 
commerce » mannfactures, science, 
and the arts, has made such con- 
siderable progress that a third and 
thoroughly revised edition was called 
for« The revision and republication 
of so extensive and costly a work 
could not however, in the nature of 
things , be executed so rapidly as the 
increasing wants of the public require, 
wants which can be satisfied by the 
issue of smaller works of a purely 
practical character. Such a Practical 
Dictionary is the one, which I now 
present to the public, constructed par- 
ticularly for the use of those engaged 
in business, in which, besides the words 
and expressions in daily use, those 
terms employed in commerce, the 
trades, the arts, and the sciences are 
more fully explained than in any work 
hitherto in use. As my Complete Dic- 
tionary is based on a whole library of the 
latest researches , in a similar manner 
the materials for the present work 

ungf6ix^rft(^ ju it^atipttn, ba$ el fat 
alitn aSejte^ungen iebe toiinf(^6are 9(ui' 
(unfit gabe. 3n «$inft(^t auf ^anM 
unb (SttovAt, Stmft unb SBiffenfc^aft 
tft bit Stteratur in bet furjen feit ber 
jtoetten Vudgabe t)ttf{offenfn Qtit f(^on 
tvteber fo 6ebeutmb ))oraudgef(^ntten, 
ba$ etne britte SearSeitung beffeKett 
nSti^tg n>urbe. 3)ie 9Btebet^ftaudga6e 
einel fo umfangretd^en unb fofiflpteligen 
J9Serfel fann inbeffen brr 9latur ber 
@a(^e na(^ ni^t fo ft^neK eifolgen, 
aid man bur(^ Qetnrre, bte &pxa6^t 
aUtin t)on t^rtt )>rafttf(^en @ftte bar- 
fieUenbe SSerfe bem er^9^tm Sebiirf- 
ntffe M IDuSUcumd afiju^elfen tm 
®tanbe tft. (Sd erfc^eint ba^er ^ier^ 
mtt tin toon mir (efonberd fiir ben 
®ebrau4 ber mit ben materieUen 3n- 
tereffen Sefc^aftigten (eartelteted pxat-^ 
tiffed SSivttxiud^, ht tvel^ent, 
aufet ben lS5rtem unb 9Culbru(fen 
bel tagltc^en Sitdtffxi, bie im ^am 
bel unb in ben (Bttottbtn, in ber 
itunft unb in ben SBiffenf(^aften ge; 
BrSu^Uc^en SBirter unb Jtunftaudbriicfe 
tooUftanbiger aid in trgenb einem (idr 
l^er toorl^anbenen SBerfe toeijttc^net unb 
erHatt toerben. SBie metnem grSBem 

have been drawn from a large numberlSBdrterBud^e etne ganje StSIto^ef ber 

of new publications procured and con- 
sulted for the pnrpose, from which, as 
well as from an extensive course ofl 
reading and careful observation, much 
has been added, which no work has 
hitherto contained. Much useful mat- 
ter also, which I was prevented from 
inserting in my large Dictionary, on 
account of its size and the wish of the 
publisher not to increase its price, has 

neueflen OueUen ju Srunbe Itegt, fo 
|tnb au(^ fitr biefed 9B8rter6u(^ toon mit 
totele mut ^ter^etge^Srenbe SBerfe an- 
gef(^ap unb }u 9tat^e gejogen unb 
SRand^ed, tvad fl^ no<^ ntrgenbd ange- 
geBen fanb^ aul etner umfaffenben Sec^ 
tiire gefammelt unb ^injugef&gt ivorben. 
(Sd tft in biefea 3Std, tveld^ed glei(^fam 
organifc^ neBen meinen grSferen lerifa^ 
fif(^en unb anberen Qlrbetten ertoa^fen 




found a plac« in the present work, 
which has thus grown up, naturally as 
it were, by the side of my larger lexi- 
cographical and other labours. On 
the other hand the greatest economy 
of space has been aimed at in order to 
make room for the technical terms. 
In this work therefore, which, as 
above remarked, is intended to meet 
practical wants, the following classes 
of words have been omitted (though 
they are absurdly retained in smaller 
works that pass generally under the 
denomination of Pocket Dictionaries 
of which — by the way — many 
are nothing but bungling ex- 
tracts from my large Dictionary): 
1. incorrect, antiquated words and 
mere provincialisms or such as very 
seldom occur; orthographical and 

i% an^ )iitl tton bem Uauifiaxm Stoff, 
ben i^, um metn grofed 3B9rtrr6u4l 
nt(^t ju fe^t anf^mUtn ju (afen uub 
gegm bed iBrrlegrre SBunfc^ ju ter? 
t^tuttn, bort kvegltef ^ eingefc^altet wor^ 
ben; bagegen t^ uon anbrrer Settr, 
um biffen mtift tt^nl\^tn 3B5rtem ben 
nSt^lgen $Iaft ju ))erf(^affen, bie ^od^fle 
Otaumerf^amif erfhrebt kvorben. ®d 
ftnb benn vx biqem, \t>it gefagt bem 
))ra!ttf(^en9ebitrfhife getvtbmetenSSerfe 
foIgenbeSBSrtercIaffen toeggebliefien (clb^ 
glei(^ man jle tocrf carter SDBeife in fo: 
genannten 2!af(l^en« tmb anbeten lEBSr:: 
terSud^em finbet, bon benen eine gute 
5tnja^l — um bie3 BeilSufig ju er- 
tDtt^nen — h?eiter nic^t^, M unge- 
fc^tcfte 9(udjiige metned gro^en Sor.- 
tev6u(^3 jlttb): 1) llnrtc^ttge, ijfraftete, 
rein ^xo\>injlitUt ober nut ganj S}eretn: 

other peculiarities, such as Curso-ljelt ))orfommenbe ISSrter, ort^ogra 

rary, Escocheon, Exomplary, Escript, 
To Esloin, Evanid, Evestigate, To 
Resperse, Untriumphable, Un worm- 

ed, ^c; 2. A large number of Evestigate, To Resperse, Untriumpfa- 
participles, derivatives of verbs or able, Unwormed, &c. ; 2) (Sine SRenge 
nouns, the significations of which ^arttct^ien, S3er(al= obet IRominalr 

\>f)i\^t unb anbere Stgent^unind^fetten, 
toit Cursorary, Escocheon, Exam- 
plary, Escript, To Esloin, Evanid, 

do not differ from their primitives, 
and which every person, who is 
moderately acquainted with the Ian- 

5l6Ieitungen, tuenn fie feine toon i^iren 
®tammtv9rtem aBtveic^enbe aSebeutun^ 
gen ffahtn unb fixt ieben ber ®pra(^e 

guage, can form for himself: thus,leinigermafen SRfid^tigen tet^t ju Bilben 
for the sake of brevity, only onelftnb; fo ift ber Jturje tvegen y>i}n 
meaning is given for ^^ Evocation ,"IEvocation nur bte I.Sebeutung: ^tt: 
^bie «&er9orrufung/' with a reference|toomtfung, gefe^t, tvegen ber itBrigeu 

to the verb Evocate (Evoke) for 
further explanation, from which the 
other modifications may be found 
without difficulty. The separation 
of the active and neuter significa- 
tions of verbs, which is generally 

a6er auf ba3 9}erSum To Evocate 
(Evoke) ttem?iefett^ ba fld^ biefe ein 
Seber ol^ne 9Ru^e analog (ilben fann. 
9(u(^ bie ilrennung ber acttt>en unb 
neutralen Sebeutungen 6et mtvitn, bte 
fonfl auf « fhrengfle buwjgeffi^rt i% ifl 




moit strictly attended to, his KkewUe 

been ^pensed with in short articles, 

becanse many Terbs in everj langnage 

comprise both significations , and the 

repetition of that ii^ the neater, which 

is already §^Yen in the active , would 

be diffnse and unnecessary. 
From the fact that they heap up, 

in the midst of those in daily use, 

a mass of words , mostly antiquated, 

provincial, or such as are pf very rare 

occurrence, which an author had 

perhaps employed in the whim of the 

M gait] lurjen 9LMttn netftrU^ nfal^l 

eingef&^rt toorben, t^ril |a in i»ielen 

3eltmirtmt aUer @pxa^ Belbe Ser 

beutungm rnt^atten ftnb unb fomii 

SBiebet^oIung beffen im SReutrum, toai 

im Scttoum fd^on jjtt^t, unnSt^tg uu^ 

koeltf^tvetfig toaxt. 
SBie planM, o^nt genoue Unties 

fui^ung unb gewiffenlpS nai^Ioffig 

bie aSerfaffer furjgefa^ter SBirtets 

Bucket — bie freili^ meijl meiter 

ni(^td finb^ aid pximip\o\t Vb^i^xtHk^ 

xtitn — ^txfa1)xtn, farm man bnitlid^ 

moment, but which are quite worthless aud bet S^fampienl^au^ng met^ un^ 
without quoting the passage, it will (ejetc^neter Deralteter, :pro))tn;teI(er, nur 

easily be perceived , how destitute of 
any plan, or minute investigation, and 
how culpably careless b the course of 
the compilers of these abridged dictio- 
naries, that are indeed, for the most 
part, nothing but unprincipled pla- 
giarisms. It is an iojudicious and in- 
congruous mixture of every thing, — 
copied out of the parent work which 
they had before them : — of course 
the materials are clipped and pared in 
a most niggardly manner. 

Here it might be said, that such 
books being merely practical must ne- 
cessarily be limited, but it is just the 
practical part, which these bungling 
mechanics neglect, practising at ran- 
dom their piracies upon what has once 
been given, too indolent to make 
the slightest effort to conceal their 
own deficiencies by the independent 
addition of a dozen or two new 
words. Thus in a small work of this 
sort, which was copied from the second 

etn^eln borf ommenber SBfittet (bie o^ne 
bad Citat bed ^<^riftfleaerd, loel^er 
{ie ))teQei(^t in ber Saune bed Stugen- 
Blttfd :pragte, gan} loert^Iod finb) 
mitten unter atttSglic^en SEBSrtem ers 
fe^en; ^Ked t^ Bmtt unb o^ne Stud- 
todffl — aBgeft^rieBen and bem SRu^ 
^ertperfe, bad fte ))or fl^ gotten: 
— natiittt^ mtt bet fKe^iittet(i<(^eii 
Sel^anblung unb Seft^neibung bed 

OBglet^ nun Semanb fagen finnte^ 
baf fold^e SBetfe eBen aid rein ))taf2 
tif^e ntd^t toeitlaufig fetn fSnnten, f^ 
Ift bo(^ gerabe bie :pta(tifd^e @titt ik 
btefen •Senen bie am meiften )9etna(^ii 
Ittffigte, njoBei benn biefe pIttnU)en\ 
gaBrifanten ntd^t einmal bie geringf\ 
(Xnfirengung madden butc^ wenig^en^ \ 
ebt ober jtoet Shi^enb felB^anbig 1)bxs 
2ugefiigter neuet SBSttet bCe eigene 
S)iitft{g!eit gu ))erBetgen. @o fe^Ien 
in einem berartigen Seinen SBetfr^ 





•4i4oa of my Dictionary with slaTiahOttHid fonft gar rifUg ttnfil^t getoefe^ 

i^, ble jtoeite 9uflagf qidnf^ SBfe^ 
trttuc^S fda))tf<( audjuf^retten^ nat&r? 
Ii<^ atte in ntuerer 3^' )>on mir ntu^ 
^injugefugten Srtifcl, bie bamt in 
forgfaltig ,,))erme^rten unb )}er6effers 
ten'' Sluflagen biefer 9la(^bntde inrun^ 
fen toerbem — 6d i^ na^ bem oBen 
(Sefagten lA^t ju erfe^en, t9el(^et $(an 
bem 93erfa{fet (ei ber SearBeitnng bie^ 
fed lEBerfed ))orgef(^toebt l^at unb fo^ 
mit iibetgteBt et badfelBe bem $uB(is 
cum, melc^ed Bei einiger $nt^ng gar 
mination will be sufficient to allow tliatlBalb gen^a^ren n^irb, ba$ er mc^t ettoa 
he has not been content to follow thelben Bequemen SBeg geioa^It l^ot, an 

• . • 1 • • m t • •/■ . Off* « « f A 

assidnity, of course all those articles 
are omitted, which my later researches 
have enabled me to add, and which in 
their turn are deftined to be pom- 
pously paraded in '^carefufly enlarged 
and improved editions '' of such spu- 
rious reprints. After what has been 
said, it may easily be seen by what plan 
the author has been guided in the 
compilation of this work, which he 
herewith presents to the public under 
the conviction, that a very slight exa- 

convenient way of becoming in a man- 
ner the copyist of his own large 
work, but that he has produced some- 
tlung independent Compare for 
example the articles under: — To 
Answer, To Arch, To Attend, To Bear, 
To Beat, To Bend, Body, Bottom, To 
Break, To Bring, To Call, To Carry, 
To Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging -system. Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave, To 
Hit, Level, To Live, To Lock, To 
Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To Puddle, 
Puddling-, To Run, To Shoot, Sol* 
phate, Ac, To Take, Ac, Urim and 
Thummim, Urry, Zink, which have 
been most carefully revised and ea* 
riched. Of the new articles, which have 
h been added, of courve but a few can be 
Vnoticed here; it must be left to the 
yeader to ascertain whether the work 
^s kept pace with the wants of the 
le; compare for instance Abietic 
[(cid, Absides, Absorbability, Ac, 
icanthopterygious^ Aceria, Acerous, 

feinem eigenen grS^eren 3Berte glei^- 
fam jum StuSfd^retBer ju loerben, fonbem 
etwaS ®eIB^anbiged geliefert ^at, )»gL 
%rtt!el, tole To Answer, To Ardi, 
To Attend, To Bear, To Beat, To 
Bend, Body, Bottom, To Break, To 
Bring, To Call, To Carry, To 
Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging-system, To Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave^ 
To Hit, Level, To Live, To Lock, 
To Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To 
Puddle, Puddling-, To Run, To 
Shoot, Sulphate, Ac, To Take, Ac, 
Urim and Thummim, Urry, Zink, 
mel^e auf bad ®orgfaUig^e neuer Sear- 
Beitung ober Srtoeiterung untertoorfen 
toorben finb. 93on neuaufgenommenen 
9btileln f9nnen l^ier natiiTnc^ nur toe- 
ntge angefu^rt n^erben unb bem Se- 
mt|cnben mufi t9 felBfl iiBerlaffen fein 
ju :priifen, oB bod SBerf mit ben Se- 
biirfhiffen ber Sett f!(^ fortgeBilbet (at; 
man S)erglet((e j. SB. Abietic add^ 
Absides, Absorbability, Ac Acan- 




Acetatedi Acidifiabley itc, Acinaci-|thopterygiou8, Aceria, Acerons, Ace- 
fcMrm^ Acinifora^ Acinose, Ac, Aco, 
Acquisitiveness^ Actinolite, Address- 
ed billy Agency business , Agency 
office, StCj Aluminate, Ammite, Am- 
modyte. Ammonite, Amniotic acid, 
Antiabolitionist, Antifederalist, An- 
tiministerialisty Antimoniate, Apodal, 
Apodesy Apparitionist, To Appro- 
priate, ACf Apter, Apteral, Arrival- 
train (likewise Departure - train, Up- 
train, Ac), Atmospheric Railway, 
Angite, Azotized, Backwoods, Ac., 
Barbecue (in the signification used 
at Jamaica), Batrachite, Batracian, 
Bed of the rails, Beroes, Blue books, 
Bombiate, Bombic acid, Boietate, 
Boletic acid, Bonded or Bonding- 
warehouse, Bowie-knife, Branchioste- 
gous, Bractea, Bracteate, Bracteole,! 

tated, Acidifiable, Ac, Acinaciform, 
Aciniform, Acinose, Ac, Aco, Acquisi- 
tiveness, Actinolite, Addressed bill. 
Agency business, Agency office, Ac, 
Aluminate, Ammite, Ammodyte, Am- 
monite, Amniotic add, Antiabolitionist^ 
Antifederalist, Antiministerialist, An- 
timoniate. Apodal, Apodes, Appari- 
tionist, To Appropriate, Ac, Apter, 
Apteral, Arrival -train (ejenfo Depar- 
ture-train, Up -train, Ac), Atmo- 
spheric Railway, Augite, Azotized, 
Backwoods , Ac , Barbecue (in bet aitf 
Jamaica iiSIi(^ena9ebfUtun3),Batrachite, 
Batracian, Bed of the rails, Beroes, 
Blue books, Bombiate, Bombic acid, 
Boietate, Boletic acid. Bonded obrc 
Bonding - warehouse , Bowie - knife, 
Branchiostegous, Bractea, Bracteate, 

Ac, Break (or Brake, on railways), Bracteole, Ac, Break (obec Brake, 

Budelight , Buffers , Ac, Buhl , Bum- 
Bushrangers, Caloricity, Canaling, 
Ac«, Calycine, Capillarity, Car- 
boniferous, Case -stake. Cattle -hur- 
dles. Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 
Churn - drill , Circling - tools , Com- 

Sremd, SSrtmdfc^tvengel auf SifmBa^^ 
nen), Budelight, Buffers, Ac, Buhl, 
Bumpers, Bungalow, Burden -cars, 
Bushmen , Bushrangers , Caloricity, 
Canaling, Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, 
Carboniferous, Case -stake. Cattle- 
hurdles, Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 

bativeness, Connecting-rod, Con- Chum -drill. Circling -tools, Com- 

a. t_ I ^*t A' > ■ ^^ 1^ A* ^^ A* -1 ^V 

stabulary. Continuous bearings, Con- 
trate- wheel. Crossing -rails. Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine, 
Discharging acids, Dissolving views, 
Doubled twist, Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage). Drivers, Driving- carriage. 
Edge -rails. Electro- in composition. 
Fish -bellied rails. Flat -rails, Plate- 
rails, Tram -rails, Ac Ac, Epizootic, 
Equaling -file. Ethnographer, Ac, 
Fannie, Ferric, Ferricaldte, Ac, 

bativeness. Connecting-rod, Con- 
stabulary, Continuous bearings. Con* 
trate- wheel, Crossing -rails. Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine. 
Discharging acids. Dissolving views. 
Doubled twist. Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage). Drivers, Driving -carriage. 
Edge -rails. Electro- mtt 3^ammm- 
fe^ungen, Fish -bellied rails, Fkt-rails, 
Plate - rails , Tram - rails , Ac Ac, 




FcxTo - cyanate, Fenro - cyanic^ Ferro- 
prassiate , Ferro - pnissic , Fenro- 
silicate, Ac, Firebox, Fireboy, Firmer, 
Flaoborate, Formation - level , Gas- 
holder, Gas- work, the railway expres- 
«ons: Grade, To Grade, Gradient; 
Inbabitiven ess, Intrusionists , Non- 
intrnsionists, Lapping- engine. Man- 
hole, BiiU- boards, MUl-pnff, Mill- 
rod, Ac, Moniliform, Monochromatic, 
MonospennoiiSyAc, Out-station, Pass- 
ing - places , Pemmekin , Peripteral, 
Petiolate, Ac, Petong, To Phos- 
phoresce, Ac, Piggery, Post-captain, 
Pnng, Rostel, Saurian, Scansorial; 
of the many articles in Sea, e. g. 
Sea-Islaiid cotton, Ac, Secretiveness, 
Sedimentary, Serial, To Shampoo, 
Sliding -rest, Sliding -scale, Sliding- 
vahre. Stertorous, Subaudition, Sub- 
letting act , Subsill , Subtreasnry- 
system , Suctorial , Suction - hose, 
Sulpho - in composition , * Super- 
electoral, Supply -pipe, Swedish acid, 
Sycee silver , Tally - ho , Tatties, 
Terminus, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstle -cottonmill. Thugs, 
Thnggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tompung, 
Tonsorial, Toolups, Toomel, Trac- 
tarian , Tractive , Trade - sales , Tuft- 
hnnter, Tnnneler (labourers at or in a 
table. Turning -platform. Turning- 
table, Unacted dramatist, Uniaxal, 
Upper-plate, Upper -vase. Upstroke, 

Ac, Faunic, Ferric, Ferricalcite, Ac, 
Ferro - cyanate, Ferro - cyanic, Ferro- 
pmssiate , Ferro - pnissic , Ferro- 
silicate, Ac, Firebox, Fireboy, Firmer, 
Fluoborate, Formation -level, Gas- 
holder, Gas -work, blf (Sifenta^nauds 
brfide: Grade, To Grade, Gradient', 
Inhabitiveness , Intrusionists , Non- 
intrusionbts, Lapping - engine , Man- 
hole, MiU- boards, Mill-pulT, MiU- 
rod, Ac, Moniliform, Monochromatic, 
Monospermons, Ac, Ont-station, Pass* 
ing - places , Pemmekin , Peripteral, 
Petiolate, Ac, Petong, To Phos- 
phoresce, Ac, Piggery, Post -captain, 
Pung, Rostel, Saurian, Scansorial; 
unlet ben "oitUn %ctiUln in Sea, nur 
J. SB. Sea -Island cotton, Ac, Se- 
cretiveness, Sedimentary, Serial, To 
Shampoo, Sliding-rest, Sliding-scale, 
Sliding-valve,Stertorous, Subaudition, 
Subletting act , Subsill , Subtreasury- 
system , . Suctorial , Suction - hose, 
Sulpho - mtt 3ufanimenfe(ttn9en , * 
Super-electoral, Supply-pipe, Swedish 
acid, Sycee silver. Tally-ho, Tatties, 
Terminus, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstle - cottonmill. Thugs, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tom- 
pung, Tonsorial, Toolups, Toomel, 
Tractarian, Tractive, Trade -sales. 
Tuft-hunter, Tnnneler QiunmU^lvbtU 
ttt), Tunneling, Ac, Turn-out, Turn- 
table, Turning- platform, Tuming- 
Itable, Unacted dramatist, Uniaxal, 

* Doe regard hat been paid to the growing 
inportance of Cbemiitry and tbe natural 
•dencea in general which will be evident 
even by a inperficlal examination. 

* 9{amentlt4 tfl au4 aajf W ncttcrerdcit M 
immtt mc^t fleidcmbcSBiittidMt bcrQ^cnie/ 
(Ibcrf^aupt bcr 9C(itunDi|rcnf4aften, bie ^Mf^* 
renbe MdMt (^cnommen worsen, »as f^on 
cine obcrfli^lt^e Unterfttitund (c^ren »irb. 




VakeelyVan (in its fourth senseJ^Vanadic, 
AcyVelocipede^Vistaed (BulwerJ^Vitei' 
line y dkCy Yivisection, Vocalic, Yolun- 
taryism, Voltatype, Wanghee, Watch- 

— frame, — frame- gage, Ac.)^ Watcr- 
( — avens, — beetle, —bird, — bird- 
lime, Ac. Ac), Weald -clay (Wealden, 
Wealdon), Weaveret, Webbing (or 
Webs), Weed-ashes, Week -boarders, 
Wends, Xanthin(e), Xanthopicrine, 
Xanthoxylum, Xiphosures, Xylanthrax, 
Xylopale , Xylophagan , Xylophage, 
Xylophagous, Xylophilans, Xylotroges, 
Xylonia, Ac. To Yacht, Yachter, 
Yoked, Zaim, Ac, Zax, To Zink, 
Zoanthus, Zoophagous, Zoophytic. 
But notwithstanding the large mass 
of matter which has been added, of] 
which the above list contains but a 
small portion, many a useful word has 
been necessarily omitted, owing to the 
strict limits imposed by circumstances^ 
to which the inclination of the author 
has been forced to yield. He had the 
same inconvenience to complain of in 
his large work (see Preface to the 
3^£d. of his CompL Dict^.), he can, 
however, safely maintain that hitherto 
not a more copious work- of equal 
originality has been condensed into 
the same space ^* a fact, which any 
person versed in such matters will 
confirm after a closer examination, 
and though many improvements will 

Upper-plate, Upper -vase, Upstroke^ 
Vakeel, Van (in feintr ^^ierten Sebetts 
tung), Vanadic, AcyYelocipede, Vistaed 
(Btdwer), ViteUine, Ac, Vivisection, 

(in composition , as — cap, — coat, Vocalic , Voltatype , Voluntaryism, 

Wanghee, Watch- (in3«fammenfe^ittt= 
Qtn, tvit — cap, — coat, — frame, 
— frame-gage, Ac), Water- ( — avens, 
— beetle, — bird, — bird-lime, A<^ Ac), 
Weald-clay (Wealden,Wealdon),Wea- 
veret. Webbing (oberWebs), Weed- 
ashes, Week-boarders, Wends, Xan- 
thin(e), Xanthopicrine , Xanthoxylum, 
Xiphosures, Xylanthrax, Xylopale^ 
Xylophagan, Xylophage, Xylophagous, 
Xylophilans, Xylotroges, Xyiopia, Ac, 
To Yacht, Yachter, Yoked, Zaim, Ac, 
Zax, To Zink, Zoanthus, Zoophagous, 
Zoophytic. 5Daf aBer tro^ ber grof en 
SOtaffe bed neu^tnjugetommenen ®toffed, 
\>on bem ba0 eben mttget^eitte aSer- 
jeid^nff nut tint gertnge $to(e Btetet, 
bennod^ man^ti ixau^iaxt SBort in 
bie ®ammlungen bed Setfafferd Ifat 
gurixdgelegt tverben muff en, ift ®(|uft) 
bet aSet^altniffe, bie ol^ne mi\l^t aitf 
bie 3Biinf(^e eine0 aSetfaffetd bemfetBen 
fel^t fd^tttfe ©tengen feften. S>lt9 ffattt 
bet Sift, au^ Bet feinem grdfetn SBetfe 
(fiel^e SSottebe gut 3. atudg. befl Compl. 
Dicty.) ju BeHagen; et batf j;ebo<^ niit 
))oUet &^txf)t\t Be^au^ten, baf auf 
bemfefBen iRaume Bia^et fein ))oa^an^ 
bigeted a^nU(^e0 frtBfifi5nbige0 SBetf 
gufammengebtangt tvotben i^;* eine 

* Where the ipmce did not admit of m detailed 
explanation of worda or tnch articlei at are 
branching off Into nomeroQi componndt^ ai-* 

* %Bo ter dftaum toeitldnfigere (ltflA« 
mngen oter meitoersmeidte 3ttfoimnenfe^ttn* 
gen ni4t }nticf/ »te bei Hononnibln 




imaToidablj become necessary in 
the course of timcy yet the author 
has BO apprehension of either 
'^ orerwhekning the beginner with 
an unwieldy mass of words or of 
disappointing the more advanced 
scholar in cases of a complex 
nature*" ♦ 

X^atfa(|e, totl^t bee 6ft(())erft5iibl0e 
na4 na^etet ^ufm^ it^iA^tn tcb^ 
unb )aitm f(^on manege fBnttffttm^ 
im Soufe ber 3eit fi^ aid nSt^ig gd^ 
tenb ma^en toM, fo furt^tet bee Sites 
fafer benno(| .^toebtr ben ftnf&itger 
biit(| bie SRaffe bed S)atgeB9tenen }u 
eebriiden, no(^ au(^ ben jtenner in 
f^toierigen fatten ju t^erlaffen. 


Lynch law, Nail, Nerite, Orchis, Pea, Plea, 
Preventer, Thorn, Tongne, Top, &e. ift auf 
ba$ gr6f ere SBer! oerioiefen worben. 

* eo britcft ft4 M.S. SEB. S^ieme in 
ber Sorrebe in etnem bem Sitel na^: 
^,netten ooSfUlnbtden hitif<!|»en SB6rters 
ba4^e ber englifill^ctt mtb beutf4^en Zptad^z, 
^tipii^, 1846 hti Qb.^ax^cx/' pomp^t 
genug aus. S&ai eigentU^ on bierem SBerFe 
neu ifl, mirb »o^l Sttemonb oerrot^en^ 
bie Jtunfl bc$ 2Cbf4reibcn6 ft6er(t4 ni4^t^ 
obgleut btefelbc f^on pon gefi^tdteren |>dn« 
ben ge^onb^obt »orben ift. fiBer nur 
einigermapen mtt bem gegeniodrtigen 3tt« 
flanbe ber Siteratur befannt ifl, loirb 
imax ni^t mettcr erfiannt fein, menn er in 
einem SBerfe ocn 42 IBogen pteOei^t ni4^t 
3 Sogen fribflfldnbige TivUit, ebenfoioenig/ 
wenn rr nic^t eine dueUe aid bcnutt ange« 
geben finbet) aber bie Qarfiellimg eined 
forth aoch a work at a "lon^ feU def^NfoI^en SBBet!e6 aid eineS //I&ngft gefil(l« 
deratum** has aomething in it extremely) ten SebilrfniffeS'^ ^at bann bo4 etmad 
oomical. Ijfiberaitd Jtomif^ed. SD^ne ^ier meiter auf 

Without dwelling npon the « merits** of bie /, Serbtenflli^feit '' biefed IBSerfed ein}u< 

Heaoarable, Lynch law, Nail, Nerite, Orchis, 
Pea, Plea, Preventer, Thorn, Tongue, Top, 
ase. reference is made to the large work. 

* This pompons phrase is used by Mr. F, 
W, 2^teme in the preface to a dictionary 
bearing the title:— <'A f^eio Complete 
Critical Dictionary of the English and 
German Languages, Leipsie 1846. (7. Afayer.*' 
IHiat there is net0 in this work, is not 
easily to be guessed ; it certainly cannot be 
the art of copying, though this ingenious 
art has frequently been practised by more 
flkilfal hands. 

Whoever is even in a slight degree 
acqa^nted with the present state of lite- 
rature will not indeed be surprised to find 
in a work of 42 sheets, not two of them 
perhaps of independent labour, as little 
whea he sees W)i a nii^lt mention made 
of sovrces or authorities; but the putting 

the work, I wfU only call attention to 
^ia circumstance that, for instance of the 
above list of really necessary words which 
may easily be increased, not one (from 
Abietic acid to Zoophytic) is to be found 
in Mr. F. TT. Thiem€% Dictionary. It cer- 
tainly does not appear like ^*mtttxn% the 
wants of the time** when a man perseveringly 
copies in a great measure useless words 
and errors of 20 years* standing, which, 
although copied by others, have long ago 
been exposed ; and again on the other hand 
omits not 10 or 20, or 50, but thousands 
of words without a knowledge of which, 
scarcely any modem composition from the 
lightest pamphlet to the most serious scienti- 

ge(en, beute i4 nur barauf (in, baf ). 93. 
bon bem obcn angefil^rten natfirli4 Pon 3t« 
bem lei4^t ju ern>eitemben Scriei^nilfe ge^ 
»if n6t(iger SBffrter (oon Abietic acid 
hU Zoophytic) fein einiigeS in M. %, 
SEB. X^eme'e seB6rterbu4 Mt.-~ Qti f^ti^t 
na4 meiner TCnfi^t menigflcnd ni^t ,/ einem 
«ebflrfniffeber3cit ab^clfen", »enn 
man 20 3a(r alte, jroar aud^ Don Knbcm 
copirte/ aber Idngft aufgrbedfte GSd^ni^er unb 
Dcr^dltnipmdf tg unniite SB6rter unoerbroffcn 
copirt, auf ber anbcm &citc aber ni^t 10 
ober 20, obcr 50, fcnbcrn Xaufcnbe pon 
aB6rtem oermifTen Idft, oftne beren iteimt* 
nif fafi !eine nenere 9d^rifti Pon ber Uidt* 
teften Srofd^iire bift sum emflen wiirenfd^aft^ 

fie work can be understood, it is impos-Uli^en SBBerf, oerfidnbli^ ifl. ®er |. IB. 




Before dofling these remarkfl, I feci 
it a datjr to acknowledge the efficient 
aid rendered me throughout the 
entire work by my son Dr. FeUx 
Flug§l\ the collection of the new 
materiab, as well as the careful 
revision of a great part of the old, 
together with the disquisitions upon 
orthoepy contained in the intro- 
duction, are almost entirely his 
own work. 

In regard to the method of marking 
the different sounds of the letters for 
pronunciation y sufficient explanation 
will be found in the introduction ; the 
author concludes with the wish that it 
might soon be adopted, in order to aid, 
if possible, in introducing a better 
understanding of orthoepy in general. 


(Sl^f td^ biffe Seinrrfungen f(^lte§e, 
i^ U metne ^fli^t, ben t^atigen fBd: 
ftanh, tvtli)tn mir nxtin So^n Dr. 
%tUx Slug el, mci^renb bee ganjen 
aSear^eitung bed Su^ee gelctpet ^at, 
anjuerfennen ; bte t&crBeif^affung unb 
forgfalttge S)ur<^ar6eitung tine^ gro$en 
^tiitS bed neuen )vie bed fd^on vov^^ 
^anbenen ®tofed, fotvte bie ort^oe^t- 
fd^en in berSinleitung ent^attenen lUttec^ 
fu(^ungen finb fafl ungeti^ellt fetn HBerf . 

lEBad enbU(^ bte Q(ud)>ra(l^e6ejei(^' 
nung feetrifft, fo ip bad 9l8t^ige in 
bet (Sinlettung bariiber Semerft ivor^ 
ben; ber SSerfaffer f(^Iie$t mtt brm 
SBunfd^e, baf fie Batb (Singang finben 
m5ge, urn mo mSgltc^ etn (effered 
aSerflanbni^ ber Drt^oevie vitxf^aupt 
mtt befSrbem ju ^rlfen. 

ftible for Instance » that any perion who 
reads the 17th chapter of Dickens* Sketches 
can know a priori what a "Water -man** 
in the significations hitherto given in 
dictionaries can have to do with a 
*' Hackney- coach -man I** It is only the 
marking of such words as have either 
been incorrectly explained, or altogether 
omitted, or other iiaprovements rendered 
necessary by time which can jnstif>' the 
appearance of a ''jVeio** Dictionary. 

Dickens* Sketches, JCap. 17., licfl/ fonn 
Itnm5dli4 a prior j mificn, mS ein Water- 
man in ten Don ben %B6rtcrbit4cni bidder 
aaein angefii^rtcn Setcutnngcn mit fiacre* 
Jttttf4em ill t^un t^ahtn foUl Unb nnr 
bur4 bie TCufieictwmg folder ffB5rt(r, bie 
mtwcber hih^tt unri^^tid erfl&rt loorten 
oarcn ctcr gan$ unh gar ocrmtft i9ttr< 
OCU/ obcr bur^ fonfi eine wirHiit Ktt' 
gemdpe Scrbcfrcmng Idf t M ba« Crf^etoen 
etnes ,, nencn^' SEB6rtcrbu4eft rc^tfertiscn. 




Wb£1i the author first adopted 
Walker'i 8jf tern of pronunciation in the 
fint edition of his Complete Dictionary 
(1830), he clearly perceived, u ever]f 
one must, who has spent some time in 
the thorough study of the English 
language , that Walker did not enter 
into a nice discrimination of all the 
Towel-soundSy but that , on the other 
hand, an increase of the figures to 
denote the pronunciation, would con- 
fuse rather than aid the learner; the 
reasons which induced the author to 
adopt and to retain that system are 
of an earlier date and cannot here 
be discussed at large. (Compare 
the author's Complete Dictionary 
3** Edition, p. VIII.) 

In this position of things he naturaUy 
conceived the idea, which indeed he 
publicly expressed some years ago, 
of making use of symbolical signs to 
mark the pronunciation , notwith- 
standing that similar, though unsa- 
tisfactory attempts, had frequently 
been made. Such a system of marks 
appears more natural because, in 
the first place, the usual signs for 
long and short syllables are already 
universally known ; in the second 
place, because the influence of the 
accent or of consonants upon pre- 
ceding or following voweb, the dif- 
1" ferent pronunciation of the same con- 
sonants, Ac can be more easily 
exlubited by means of concrete signs 
placed either over the words or 
attached to them, since they are 

w^on Iti bft frflenS(mombun()bel 
Walker'fc^rn 9(u0{^ca(^ffi^flrm0 in meU 
nem 1830 juer^ erf^Unenen ^oU^axi- 
ti^tn S&ixitxinS^t mar mir flat, XDit 
natiirKt^ 3<bem, ber jt^f (angere 3^^^ 
gtiinbli^ mtt bem (Sngltft^en (rfc^Sf^ 
ttgt, baf Walker {1^ nld^t auf bie fBt^ 
geti^nung aUtt fetiten SSotaU&i^au 
tirungen etntaft, anbernt^eild aUx 
tint flSerme^ruug bee Qom t^m §ut 
itoutbejf tc^nung gemol^Iten) Saffltn t\tx 
ttmvitrcn. aid fSrbmtb ivirfen tvurbe; 
bie (Srunbe, ani benen iif jened Stf- 
flem bort anna^m unb feft^telt, ge: 
^Sren einer frii^em Qtit an unb tin- 
ntn 1)itx ni^t mettlaufig erSrtert met' 
ben. (Sergleic^e Complete Dictionary 
3. auPage, «. VIII.) 

Set bem tltn (ejet^neten Stanbe 
ber S)tnge lag bet 'oon mir au(^ f(^on 
))or Sa^ren 5jfentlt(^ audgefprot^ene 
(Sebanfe n{(^t fern, bie natiirn(|ere ^n- 
ga6e ber %udfpra(^e bur^ fvm^oUfc^e 
3et(^en gu toS^Ien, jumal a^nlt^^e, oft 
fceili^f ^S^ft ungeniigenbe IBeq'uAe 
geniad^t morben maren. DlatiirUt^er 
f(^eint mir eine fi>l(^e Seget^nung, 
meil eitieSt^eild bie gew9l^nli(^f}en 3^^' 
^en fur £5nge unb Jliirge attgemein 
Sefannt ftnb; anbemtl^eild jtnb iiin: 
mttfungen bed ^ccentd ober ber tfon.- 
fonanten auf folgenbe ober oor^erge^enbe 
aSorale, berfi^iebene 9(udfvra(^e berfel^ 
Ben tfonfonanten, u. f. \»., bur4) con^ 
atit unnuttelSar u6er ober an ben 
aSu^PaBen ange(ra(^te ^tifyn wl UU^: 
ter unb an^auU^tx barju^ellen unb 
folglic^ biel ieffer ju merfen; enbli^ 




mnch more impressire and more rea- 
dily retained in the memory; and the 
additional great advantage of an 
economy of space speaks for itself. 
Here likewise it was necessaiy to keep 
within proper limits , and not to put 
a new sign for each and erery modi- 
fication of sound, since in that way this 
**9dd " looking moruter in philology 
^a pronouncing dictionary'" would 
become stUl more confused , and what 
is of greater importance, less practical. 
Hence in some few instances, the 
designation of a vowel is, strictly taken, 
true only in part, but the proper sound 
becomes evident by a consideration of 
the well known law of accent, that 
unaccented syllables have a strong 
inclination to drop their natural sound, 
so that the addition of a new sign 
could only take place at the expense 
of perspicuity, and was therefore in- 
expedient. To designate, for example, 
the unaccented pliable ow in Shadow, 
Morrow, Ac I have not chosen the 
usual sign of imaccented syllables, but 
the sign of a long syllable, G, although 
the true sound lies between the two 
(Ifgn — shSd'Ow — loVness). The 
same is applicable to the termination 
-ied, particularly when it has the 
secondary accent. Words for instance 
like accompanied, » bodied ^n com- 
positions), candied, hurried, sullied, &c. 
would be more correctly expressed by 
-led (-id) than by -id (-Id), which 
latter would be similar to the termi- 
nating syllables in candid, horrid, 
solid, Ac. ; equally so the termination 
-tst for example in the words: ladies, 
parties, species, or bodies (for body- 
guards) in distinction from bodice 
(stays). An acute accentuation, such 
as the English language requires, will 
prevent an undue lengthening of unac- 
cented syllables , and so between two 

liegt ber au^txt toefeniKd^e SioxUfytU bet 
ataumerf^amtf auf btr <&anb. 9(tt(^ 
^itr toax ain bad red^te SRa^ {u l^oUen 
unb nid^t f&r ail unb iebe £autmobfflr 
cation aud^ ein netted 3^^^^ }» fc^en, ba 
bad f^on an fic^ „tvttnberttd^ erfd^einenbe 
))^{IoIogif4e Unge^eucr, ein « SCudf^nrad^es 
9Btrter6ud^i)" babur(!^ nur noc^ la^xbx^ 
t^ifc^er unb, toad kufc^tiget ift, un^af- 
tif^er koerben iDurbe: baiter i^ in tbd^ 
gen toenigen ^SUtn bie Sejelc^nung 
fined 93oca(d ganj ^eng genommen 
ttur jum Zfftii rfd^tfg; bet iavd aitc 
))erflanb fic^ Bef SeruSfli^tigttng bed 
Bef annten 9(cceittgefe(ed, ba$ auferbem 
Accent ftel^enbe ®9lBen fiarfe fReigtmg 
^aBen, fi(^ ju t^erfliii^tfgen fo gan} t)on 
felBft, ba^ ^^etjujie^ung eined neuen 
3eid^end auf ^ofttn ber UeBetfii^tlic^- 
feit umtit^ig loar; fo ifl g- ®- i^^ 
Sejeic^ntmg ber tmBetonten ^i^IBe ow 
in Shadow, Morrow, &c. niSit bad o^ 
(toad fon^ in unBetonten ®t)lBen fUfftj n 
getua^It toorben, fonbem bad 3^^^^ lo 
bet S&nge : 6, oBgleid^ bet Sout eigentr p^ 
Ud^ jtvif(^en Beiben (if on — shUd'QM ve 
-• Idw'ness) mitten inne fle^t; bad' nc 
felBe gilt ton ber Gnbung -ied, pti (y 
ma(, toenn ber fecunbfire Accent batati unj 
Uegt; iebenfaUd ti(^tiger ivetben j. SB ^qJ 
SBittet toie accompanied, -bodie< fr^, 
(iit 3ufammenfe|ungen), obet candied ,^(| 
hurried, sullied, &c. but^ -ted (-id Wg 
audjubtittf en fein, aid butd^ - id (- Id) ^^ 
toad ben (Snbf^lBen in candid, horrid of, 
solid, Ac. glei^Kme; eBenfo bie ®t bee 
bung -ies toie ). 93. in ben SBSrtert in | 
ladies, parties, species, obet bodii 3^^ 
(Patt body-guards, SeiBgotbe) iti Pf^ 
Untetf(^iebe toon bodice (Sd^nittBrup tbe'i 
Sd^arfe Setonung, h>ie jie bad Stt- i^ ^^ 
Iif(^e iiBet^aupt fotbett, n)itb toot fife ^p^ 
majiget ©el^mtng utiBetontet ®^IB ,5 ^ 
tei(^t Betoa^ten unb fo ifl gltif^en gtotj ^ 
UeBeIn bad Qeinfle nnb Jloat ein )mixis ^ 
(i<^ unBebeutenbed getva^It tsotben. 




cnb the least, (and it is really very 
iBsignificant) has been chosen. The 
same view is to be taken of words in 
which u^ in its quality, has Walker's 
first sonnd of u, but in its quantity the 
' third sound, as , Fjiltg^jnous , Acctlsft'- 
» don 4 Acld'Gla€*, since it is not to be 
' imagined that any person even slightly 
.' acquainted with the predominant in- 

Ifiuence of the accent (which every 
Iramer of English will soon be) will 
£dl into the error of pronouncing u in 
the above words as if it were fyu-, 
accyH-, acidyH-, equivalent to Wal- 
ker's f&-, akkA-, asid^-, instead of 
fyd-, acqrii-, acidyii (Walker: fyA, 
akkjd, asidyA), which would indeed 
he unusual and difficult. I differ in 
Ithis from my predecessor and friend 
plr, J. E. Worcester, the well known 
■coadjutor of Webster in his dictionary, 
pdHI0^ simple'^and natural system of 
marking the pronunciation I have fol- 
lowed throughout, with some unim- 
portant exceptions. One who is not 
versed in the English language, does 
not clearly perceive in which cases u 
(Worcester puts n in all cases when it is 
unaccented, so also i,&c*) is to be distin- 
guished in quantity, and not in quality, 
from the long accentuated Q (ftl'el), 
without agreeing in any respect with 
Worcester's u in Urbane', Siifphur. I 
was obliged to adopt a similar manner 
of proceeding with the unaccented e, 
because there is a manifest difference 
in the sound of this vowel in the first 
and last syllables of, for example, 
PrecS'dcnce, Rebut^r, Red€€'mer. In 
the first syllable it sounds like a short 
i, hence I have expressed it by e 
j(Prec€'dence, RebflTt^r, RedCS'mer); 
I in the last syllable (- er) obtuse like u 
I^A sulphur; for a nearer explanation 
^^ ^further on. 
W *^r these remarks I proceed at once 

[ ■ 

Untei* b{rfet6e Stnfi^t faUen Vit SBir^ 
tev, in benen bad u bet Oualttat nac^ 
ben i. Walker'i'c^ettu-Saut, ber £Xuan= 
tjtdt na(^ ben 3. f)at, \me Fang'jnous, 
Accus&'tion , ^^cYd'ulae; ba in proort 
feinem einlgermo^en mit bem ufrenine- 
genben dinfiu^ bed Accented Sefannten 
(toit bied bo(^ jeber QngUfd^Iemenbe 
fe^r 6alb ivttb) Uitommtn fann, in 
oWgen flBSrtem jjtatt fyd- [fyi-], 
Sccyil- [ik'-kyA-] Ac. ettott fyil[fi-], 
accya - [kkU -] }« fptt^tn, U>ad f(^on 
an ^^ ungetvSl^nUd^ unb fc^tvierig tv&re. 
«&ierin iin id) au^ ))on metnem SRox:^ 
ginger unb Sreunb, «&ercn J. E. Wor- 
cester, bem rii^mUc^fl befannten Wtitau 
itittt an bem grofenWebster*f4en9B8i:: 
terlBud^e, beffen etnfa^em unb natfivlt^en 
aSejeic^nungdfi^fleme t(^, mit genngfu= 
gigen nur bte 9orm (etreffenben SCud^ 
nal^men, burt^gangig gefblgt (in, ab- 
gett?t(^en. & t^ nantUd^ fur ben ber 
engltfi^en ®^ra(^e Xtnfunbigen ni^t 
beutU^, baf bad u (tuelt^ed Worcester 
in aUen gaKen fe|t, tvo ed accentlod 
tfi, ebenfo j, Sec.) in elnigen %aUtn nur 
qnantttattto, ni^t qualitatit) toon bem 
langen accentuirten u (fa'el) unterf<^ie= 
ben fein foQ unb feinedtvegd mit bem 
Bel Worcester glet(^6ejet$neten ii in 
Urbane', Siil'phur jufammenfaat. 'S>ie^ 
felBe @t)altung tvar i(^ genSt^igt mit 
bem unBetonten e toor^unel^men , ba 
j. S. bad Bet Worcester gfet<^Bejet(^- 
nete erfle unb lejte e in PrccS'dcncc, 
RebalLer, Rede€'mer^ jtoet toevfc^iebene 
l^aute Bejetc^net. 5Der Saut, ben ed 
^ier in ber erften ®^IBe t^at, njirb 
tDte furjed i audgefprod^en unb tfl )^on 
mir bur^ e audgebriitft tvorben (Prccd'- 
dence, Rebu'k^r, Redce'mcr); in ber 
(Snbf^IBe (er) ber Betben Ui^Un S&ix^ 
ter gtei(^ bem bum^fen Saut bed u in 
sulphur. 5Dad ©enauere fle^e meiter 
fflaif btefen SSemerfungen ge^c U^ 






to the explanation of the signs : — the 
mark [-] denotes a long sound , [kj] a 
short one; a point [•] want of accent, 
in consequence of which the vowel thus 
marked, especially after an accent, is 
weak : — two points [ •• ] are placed over 
Towels affected bj a succeeding r (with 
the exception of a which sometimes 
occurs in other cases). The other signs 
do not extend to all the vowels simi- 
larly ; those which are not marked are 
mute, except y, under which the dot 
could not be placed on account of its 
form, and a few other terminations 
explained further below. 


A has seven sounds. (Compare 

1. a like Walker's k as in Sh&de, 
Fain, L&y^er (like the German long e 
in &te, Sttt, Qtfftn, l^c^r). 

3. & like Walker's & as in ShEd, F&n, 
L&mb (lying between the a and a in 
the German words iamm, 2ammer). 

3. a like Walker's k before r as in 
Share, FJLir,Be&r (answering precisely 
the a in ^Mn^, Staftt or the c in 
^rr). This peculiar sound of a before 
r has not been distinguished by any 
orthoepist except Perry, "^ although it 
is an acknowledged fact that the in- 
fluence of r followed by e mute ef- 
lectually changes the reg^ar sound 

fogleii^ iwt StuflleUung brr Sout ::Saielf 
u6er: — bad Qtli^tvi [-] brucft fiangf . 
[v^] J&qt, [.] Sonloflgfeit unb !:■ 
Solge bcffen, irfonberd na(^ Urn 9Cc 
cent, S)unt))f^eU aud; [••] flel^t u6e. 
bm Hon na^fotgenbem r a^irtcn SSd- 
calen (aufer id a, ta)ad {i(^ auc^ ri 
anberen ^aUen flnbet); bie anberc.i 
Bei^en erfheden fi^ nti^t iiBer aUc 
Siocalt Qlti^ma^i^; bie nic^t (ejetc^nc^ 
ten f6vii)ftaitn fb& ftumm, ait^er y, 
unter koel^ed t^^pogro^l^lf^er ©^toie- 
rigfett ta)egen lein $imft [•] gefe^^ 
loerben (omtte unb einige (efonberc 
ongefit^rte (Snbungem 

I. Socole^ 

A ffot jieBen ^jerfd^iebene Saute. (Si^l 

1. a gleli^ Walker'd k: — Shftde, 
Fain, La/er (gleld^ bem beutfiftm langen 
e In ®ee, SBeet, gel^en, ^el^r). -^ 

2. ^ fllei<5 Walker** k : — ShSd, F^n, 
Llimb (}toif4en bem a unb £ in beti 
SRitttm iamm, Sammet). 

3. &g(ef4 Walker»« 4»or r: — ShAre, 
Fair, Bear (tole a in «6irtng, itafer obei 
e in ^er). S)tefer aUeln ))or r fl(^ finbenbc 
iaut i^ mir bon bem englifc^en JDrtj^oe:: 
<)iPett Perry* aid bom k toerfc^leben Bcr 
jet^net Morben, obtoo^I ed etne offenCun= 
bige ^at\ad^t i^, baf ber (Sinfluf bed r 
in ben SaUen, n)o ed in rein engttfd^en 

ofHobet b»4 eingebittgerten Sirtem tiac^ a 

* It Is remarkable that most of the EnglUb 
orthoepi«U haTe considered the discrlmina- 
tioB of this soond soperflaoas — at least 
theoretically. — > Thas Walker asserts in his 
Principles (§ 73) that a in «pade, lade^ tradtj 
<S^c« (i) sounds exactly like that in 6ear, 
«tcear, pear. Sec. (&) a position eqoally 
untenable with that adyanced in the same 
place, viz. that this long a in spftde, lSde,Ssc. 
corresponded precisely to the French i in 
etre, tite^ Sec. 

* (U ifi merfiofirbig, bap bte metflen eng^ 
Uf4en S)rt6oepiflett bieSremtimg bieferSoutc 
(wenigflenfi In ber SJeorie) ffir ftberflfiffig 
fatten. 0o meint Walker (Principles. § 73^ 
lade, spade, trade, &c. (1) Uutte gcnou 
t9ie hear, swear, pear. Sec. (&), toa^ ou^ 
bemfelben Snrt^ume beru^t, aU bte ^or. 
aufgefteate 93etattptmtg, baf t^ (bo^ s, h 
spade, Uide, trftde, asc.) genatt mit ^ 

Santc bee fcanidpf^cn « in £tre, t^te |^. , 
cinflimme. ^^^^ 





the preceding 0(01^ ay) in pure English 
worcls as in $hare, bare, dare, so likewise 
when the r is preceded by ai(ay), as 
in pair, ah, fairy, in which it etyino- 
logically belongs to the radical syllable. 
The frequent tendency in English to 
transform such words especially as 
are in daily use has transferred this 
change to other words which were 
more correctly spoken with the long 
sound of &; for instance Mary, Dairy, 
Stc unless we resort here to a middle 
sound, as we are frequently obliged 
to do. Although the letter r exerts 
this influence regularly, only where 
it stands in the same syllable with 
a {at),* yet an exception is formed 

mit folgenbem fhttmnen e (tvlt share, 
bare, dare) ober na(^ ai (ay) (air, pair, 
fairy) fie^t unb eti^mologifc^ jur SButjet 
f^lbe itf^ivt, ben regelrei^ten iant bed a 
(ai , ay) toixtHtS^ tetanbert ^at. 3)ie im 
^nglifc^en fo ^auttge iRelgung (efonberd 
aUtSgllc^ gebrauc^te unb ba^er Ui^t bet 
aSerfc^Ieifung ft(^ ^ingebenbe SBorte unu 
juge^oUen, tfat biefe aSeranberung ani^ 
auf anbete iibertragen, bte rtc^ttger ben 
gekoS^nlic^en erften a-£aut fatten (Mary, 
Dairy, &c.), totntt man ni(^t ^ter, 
mle bled fo oft nSt^tg i^, }u einem 
WitteUaut fetne 3uffu(^t ne^men toill. — 
Ofrgleic^ btefe (Sintpirfung bed r regel- 
magtg nut ba flattfinbet, tvo ed mit 
a (ai) \n elner Stjlit pf)t,* fo (Uben 

* Smart takei an erroneooi ? iew of this 
subject (aod eo does Mr. Voigtmann, who 
follows him blindly and who, althoogh he 
Kwoold fain prescribe laws of pronunciation 
to the English, is far from being so in- 
dependent as he imagines himself to be) 
when he says: that this r effects the same 
change npon all the vowels. It is a well 
t and long known fitct that the £ngli«b (as 
well as the Low -German) r has particularly 
in the middle and the end of words very 
mncb the nature of a vowel and hence in 
careless pronunciation it takes the place 
^ either of one of the semi -vowels or vowels 
themselves. (Compare the child's rhyme: 
' Jeremiah blow the fire [as If fi'-^b] in A 
i Bine -coat Boy*s Recollections of Hertford 
I Sdiool, by G. Wickham; or the affected 

I pronunciation of the X.orcI in the Pickwick 
Papers: Gioacions Heavens I I thought eveioy 
body had seen the new mail-cart [caat^ Ft,] ; 
it*s the neatest, ptoettiest, gioacefnilest 
thing that ever [e9ua,F/.] loan npon wheels — 
painted wed, with a cioeam piebald); or the 
Cockneyisms, feller, vlnder (or even vinner), 
dramer, idear, polker, yer, Initead of fellow, 
wf'dow, drama, idea, polka, you; or how 
ar yoQ(ye)[h54r-a}-yr|)? This vowel element 
of ■, which in prosody may have even the 
fo :eof asytlable, produces no such retrograde 
ef ct upon the other long vowels, except in 
sc sounds mentioned by Walker in cbeer- 
k Jarful, beard, fierce, pierce, tierce, kc. 

* iUift cine falf^e jDorflcnnng bcr 6a4c, 
menn iSmart (unb i^m na<^bctcnb bcr ben 
(Sngldnbcrn ^usfprad^cOcfc^e oorf<^rci* 
bcnbe j)crr 6 Ig tmann^ bcr abcr Icibcr fclbfl 
ni<^t fo fclbjiftdnbig ifi, ais cr ftd^ einbtloct) 
mcint, bicfe Serdnbernng benirfe bad r bci 
alien Socalcn. 6$ ifl etne Idngfl bcfannte 
6ad^e, baf ba$ cngUf^e r befonbcrd tra 3n* 
unb ^u^lantc cine fc^r mci^c, fafl Doca{if4»c 
^atax ^at, ba^cr c& M in na^lfifftger TivA* 
fprad^c gcrabeju in locale obcr oocalartige 
(Sonfonanten aup6fl obcr anbte6tcDeanbcrer 
Socale trttt. (Sgt 04^ulfnabcnrcime mic 
Jeremiah, blow the fire [glct^fam ft'-«h] in A 
Blue -coat Boy's Recollections of Hertford 
School, by G. Wickham; obcr bte affcctirtC 
KttSfpra^e bed Lord'd in ben 9>i(tn>i((iem: 
Gwacious Heavens 1 I thought eveioy body 
had seen the new mail cart [eaat, jFI,]; lt*s 
the neatest, pioettlcst, gioacefnilest thing that 
ever [ewa, FIJ] loan upon wheels — painted 
wed, with a cioeam piebald; obcr bie Cock- 
neyisms feller, vinder [obcr gar vlnner], 
dramer, idear, polker, yer ftatt fellow, 
window, drama, idea, polka, you; obcr how 
are you (ye) [ho^-aj-yi])? iDiefci OOCalifil^c 
Element bed r, melted in bcr ^rofobte fogor 
bad Qen>i4t eincr 6Qlbe bcfommcn fann, f^t 
aberauf fcinen bcr anbcm langen Socale, 
auf er bem erroa^nten A nnb ben (Srf(^ctnttn« 
gen, bie Walker M cheerful, fearful, beard, 
fierce, pierce, tierce, ftw. crm^ftnt (Ogl. 
Ijcbod^ heir, where, there, e'er, ne'er, dec too 





oil being but a remnant of old ortho- 
graph j cannot be admitted to influence 
present pronunciation) this sound of| 
0, 1 repeat, before ff, ft, mp, nc, nch, 
nd, nt, ss (s), sk (sc), sp, st, th, parti- 
cularly at the en^ of words is no 
new discovery but something long 
known and confirmed by practice. 
W°** Mitford (compare Worcester's 
preface to his tables in Webster's 
Dictionary) says in his Essay upon 
the Harmony of Languages (London, 
1774): — "No English voice fails to 
express, no English ear to p<*.rceive 
the' difference between the sound 
of a in poisiHg and pastive; no col- 
loquial familiarity or huny can 
substitute the one sound for the 
other." — Fulton and Knight only, 
previous to Worcester mark this 
sound as not being so short as a 
in fat, as Walker and Jameson, nor 
so broad as the Italian a in far, 
as Perry, Stephen Jones,* Nares 
and others describe it. Walker (Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $79) 
disapproves of every middle sound as 
tending to render the pronunciation 
of the language obscure and inde- 
finite, but the best use decides the 
question which follows a medium be- 
tween the almost vulgar ft, and the 
affected ft (although this pronunciation 
is still often heard in good society, 
particularly among people of the so- 
called Old School). Smart justly 

unb tvad, old jufSUtgeS ortl^osra^^ts 
fi^ed VLAvAUliftl in fi^nlt^en 8f5Uen 
ftit bte jir^ige ^udf^ra^e nitS^t aU 
ma^geBenb Betrad^tet tverben fotfte) 
^or ff, ft, mp, nc, nch, nd, nt, m (s), 
sk (sc), sp, St, th, meifl im Stud:: 
lantt, ifi fetne ntnt Svfinbung, fonbettt 
eine eittf^tebene unb in ber $rart$ 
anerfannte Si^atfa^e. Will. Mitford 
(bgL bie Worcestcr'fc^e IQorrebe }u fciner 
XaieUt K. in Webster), fagt unter 
%nbem, in frmem SBerfe, An Essay 
upon the Harmony of Languages 
(London, 1774) : — **No English voice 
fails to express, no English ear to 
perceive the difference between the 
sound of a in pcunng and pcusive; 
no colloquial familiarity or hurry 
can substitute the one sound for the 
other." — Ohir Fulton unb Knight 
(e^ef^nen toot Worcester biffen Saut a(d 
nid^t fo furj loie a in fat, n^te Bcfon= 
berd Walker unb Jameson, unb nid^t fo 
6rdt tt>it a In far, toit Perry, Stephen 
Jones,* Nares u. 9t. i^n Bejet^nen. 
Walker erflSrt fi^ (in feinen Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
BefHmmt gegen jeben nttttrln £aut, 
toM babur(^ bie (BpTa6)t if)x fefled 
(Bf^tSge \)txlivt, aUtin f)itx entfi^eibet 
bet Befle ®eBrau(^ bet f!(^ 2n)if(^en 
bem gemein getvorbenen ft (oBtvo^I man 
btefe S(u0fVra(^e no^ gatt} l^auflg in 
gcBilbeter ®effl(f$aft Befonb«r« bcr fo« 
gmannten 9Uen ®d^ule ^irt) unb bem 
affectirtm ft ^SSL Smart fagt ^ierfiBer 

* Stephen Jooes says explicitly: — "To 
prevent, however, any misconception of my 
aeanins in the ose of this sound, be it 
observed, thsi|t my fonrtli a (which coin- 
cidet with Walker's ft), thoogh it b 
more open than the a In half stops con- 
siderably short of the broad protracted 
proBttBciatlon so commonly heard among 
the mstic and the Tnlgar, who say, fddther, 
cddlf,hdl/, ^c." 

* 3ntcf Bcmerft Stephen Jones audbrfitf* 
li4 : -~f,Vim in oer^inbent, bap meine TCbft^t in 
Seiug ottf ben (SefitanSt bicfc^ Sautefi mtpt>cr- 
fianben n>erbe, fo fei bemcrft, baf mdn bterteft 
a (n»e(4eS mit ft Bei Walker iiberetnflinnnt)/ 
6b%ldd) offcner al6 baft a in hat, bo4 Bebca- 
tenb ben bcr Brctten, lattsgebctntcnTfttftfpraiBe 
cntfcmt ffl, melcBe man fo ^duftg unter 2anb« 
letitcn unb bem gemeincn SoK ^nbet, loebBe 

f^Snther. c^dlf. hidlf, Ac. fdgen/' 




remarks in his Principles of Pronun- 
ciation, which precede his Pronouncing 
Dictionary $11: — ^'Walker is a bigot : 
he allows of no compromise between 
the broad &, with which a vulgar 
mouth pronounces au, and the sound, 
narrower, if possible, than the a in 
at, with which an affected speaker 
minces the same word. Surely in a 
case like thb, there can be no harm 
in aToiding the censure of both par- 
ties bj shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each;" Smart, 

bt \>m Principles of Pronunciation, 
bfe er feinem ^n^fpxat^tiSBihttxhnt^t 
»oranfc5((ft, $11: — "Walker is a bigot : 
he allows of no compromise between 
the broad &, with which a vulgar 
mouth pronounces asi, and the sound, 
narrower, if possible, than the a in 
at, with which an affected speaker 
minces the same word. Surely in a 
lease like this, there can be no harm 
in avoiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each ;'* o6g(ei(^ a6et 

however, though he affirms that this Smart fobann )itxfU^txt, bap bifd brr 

IS the nse of the best speakers, marks 
all these words with ^, referring to 
$ 1 1 so that this k in all cases in which 
it was previously pronounced &, re- 
quires an intermediate sound. The 
adoption of a distinct mark settles the 
matter at once and is justified by 
the precedents of Fulton & Knight 
and Worcester. 

The following is a list of these 
words, which will not be unwelcome 
to the reader. In some few cases in 
the dictionary itself, the a (&) has 
through oversight remamed*, hence 
this list is at the same time to be 
regarded as a corrective. 
A therefore appears: — 
1. Before ff, ft, or corresponding 
sounds, as in Ch&ff, Dr^(Dr&ugh), 
GriUT, IngrAff, Stdff (and of course 
all their compounds and derivatives 
as Pickst^, Packstftff, and so on 
through the whole list). On the au- 
thority of Mr. Worcester I have marked 
HoKogrSph in the same manner, 
though it were scarcely necessaiy to 
mark the difference since the secondary 
accent b here so weak, especially 
as it is not employed in other words of 
the same termination (Autograph, 
Ac). In several instances Mr. Wor- 

(Stbxaud^ ber itfttn (Bpxti^ev fet, fo 
bejeic^net er bod^ aUt jene SQoxtt met 
k, \>txtotlfi ain auf ben S N , fo bap 
blefed k in aUtn gfaUen, tvo e6 fritter 
& Qtfpxo^tn tvurbe, mit etnem WituU 
(ante ju fpre<^en ifi. 3)te SSai^i etned 
(efonberen Qti^tn9 ift natftr(i(| fitrjrr 
uitb burd^ ben SSorgang ^on Fulton St 
Knight tinb Worcester Qtxt^tfcxtiQt 

66 fblgt l^ier ebt ajerjeic^ntp btefer 
SBSrter, mad bem ^efer utc^t umviil^ 
fommen fein wirb; in einigen gaUeit 
tfl and aSerfe^en im SBSrtcrSud^e feI6^ 
H (&) fle^en ^Alxtitn, ba^er tfl biefed 
aSerjei^nif jugteic^ aid fBtxid^tiQun^ 
}U ittxaS^Uru 

A erf(^etet alfo: — 

1. SSor ff, ft ober corref^onbirenben 
Sauten, tole : ~ Chaff, Draff (Draiigh), 
Grdff, IngrSlff, Stdff (natfirli^ au(| bie 
^iemiit Qn^ammmqt^tijUn ober 9((ges 
(eiteten, niie Pick'stdff, Pack'staff, Ac, 
toad f&x bad ganje aSerjei^nip gtlt); 
mit Worcester ^a6e td^ no^ UoK- 
ogrftph angenommen, o(kvof;(, ba ^ier 
ber fecunbSre SCccent nur fc^tva^ 1% 
bie a(n>e{d^enbe aSejeid^nung !aum ni: 
t^ig toire, }umal ffe fonfi in ber (Sn- 
bung -graph (Autograph, &c) nic^l 
elngefH^rt ifi; einigemale fi^reibt Wor- 
cester biefen fiaut 3B9ttetn gu, bU 

ceiter gives this sound to words, whtch,|fcnfl, loenn {ie ben <&au)>tton ^aSeiv 




when they ure accented, are marked 
witha(&) as:— Hone'l&Qgh^Moon'dOf 
[ — Icftf], as the broad sound of a 
jseems, in general, to have a tendency 
towards the sound of ft, compareSmart, 
€122. Add to these :— Abftft', Aft, 
After, Craft (Han'dicrftft, Priesf crftft, 
Ac), Draft (Draught), GrSft (Ingr&ft', 
Regrlift',&c.)> H&ft, Rftft, Shift, W^ft. 

2. Before mp: — To ChSmp, 
Example, and the contracted forms 
sample (Sam'picr). 

3. Before nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chan'- 
cellor, Chan'cery, Dance, To Eiance', 
To Enhance', France, Glance, Lance, 
Mum'chance , Perchance', Prance, 
Romance', Trance, to be added An'- 
swer; To Blanch, Branch, To Lanch, 
Planch, To Scranch, Unstanched';^ 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, Alexau'dria,*^^ 
Chan'dJer (Corn'chandler, Ac.), Chan'- 
dlerj, Chan'dry, Fian'ders, Gian'ders, 
Sian'der, Ant, Advan'tage (Disadran'- 
tage, Ac.)> To Chant, To Enchant' 
(To Disenchant', Ac), Galianf, To 
Grant, To Pant,*** Slant, 

4. Before v& (s),^sk (sc), sp, st: — 
Alas', To Amass', As»y Bdss (a fish), 
Brass, Class, Glass, Grass (Knot'- 
grass, Ac), Fsingiass, Lass, Mass, 

mit a (J), Begci^nct flnb, rtle: — 
Horselaugh, Moon'caif [— 'kafj, tt>ie 
tt(et^aut)t bet Ibreite a-Saut {{(i^ immet 
mel^r bem a-8aut l^injuneigen f^eint, 
cf. Smart, § 122. gfettter: — Abaft', 
Aft, After, Craft (Han'dicraft, Priest'- 
craft, Ac), Draft (Draught), Graft 
(Ingraft', Regraff, Ac), Haft, Raft, 

Shaft, waft. 

2. Sot mp : — To Champ, Example 
unb bie geffiqten potmen Sample 

3. 93or nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chan'- 
cellor, Chai/cery, Dance, To Elance', 
To Enhance', France, Glance, Lance, 
M um'chance , Perchance', Prance, 
Romance', Trance, l^lftju trttt An'- 
swer ; To Blanch, Branch, To Lanch, 
Planch, To Scranch , Unstanched' ; * 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, Alexan'dria,'^* 
Chan'dler, (Corn'chandler, Ac), Chan'- 
dlery, Chan'dry, Fian'ders, Gian'ders, 
Sian'der, Ant, Advan'tage (Disadvan'- 
tage, Ac), To Chant, To Enchant' 
(To Disenchant', Ac), Galianf, To 
Grant, To Pant,*** Slant. 

4. aSor ss (s), sk ^sc), sp, %i\ — 
Alas', To Amass', Ass, Bass (afd 
Sftf(^), Brass, Class, Glass, Grass 
(Knot'grass, Ac), I'singiass, Lass, 

* To Lanch y To Scrdocb are howeTer re- 
ferred to Laonch, Scriianch [l&nsb, skr&Dsh, 
IFoilrer] ; the simple of Uoi Uoclied' has been 
marked Stanch, although the orthographic 
dilTerence Is of no importance as has already 
been remarked (p. XXI under ft) ; on the 
words To Crannch, Draogh» To Com- 
mand, Ac. compare Smart, § 122. 

** The pronanciation of this word is 
vacillating. Worcester gi? es both in different 
places. The same applies to Tcherkftsk' 

*** Plftnt according to Smart, see { H- 

* To U&nch, To Scrftnch flnb iebo^ duf 
Launch, Scraunch oermiefcn [l&nsb, skr|n»h, 
^oilcer]; bQS simplex Don Uostftnched' ifl 
Stanch besci^nct nnb bo4 win ber ort^o^ra* 
P^ir4( Unterf4t(b, »ie fdHon oben (e. XXI 
unter ft) angebentet, efsentlvt ni4t( befagen, 
bgl. Sber To Crannch, Draugh, To Com- 
mand, Ac Smart, § 123. 

** IBei biefcm flSBorte f4»anft ]ebo4 bet 
®cbratt4* Worcester giebt an Derf^iebenen 
S)rten beibc TCuSflpra^en. S>a&f(lbe gilt oon 
Tcherkftsk' (TcherkSsk'). 

*** Ptftnt na4 Gmart, fie^ S I^* 




Utta'sive, Mds'sy, Pdss (ImpSB'sable, 
To Sarpdss', To RepUsy^ Pfis'sage, 
Paw'over, Ac); To iak, To Bisk, 
Basket, C§sk (To Indsk', Ac), 
CdslLet, Damftslus, Flask, Flfts^et, 
MSsk (To Bemftsk', To DiBintek', 
To Imm^k', Ac.)» iUta'cal, Tdsk; To 
CUbip CTo Inci&sp^ Ac), To Engrilsp', 
To Ezds'perate, Gdsp, 6r&sp, H&sp, 
Rdsp, lUs'pbenyy proYinciallj WSsp 
occurs, although the influence of w 
brings it under the rule of being 
pronounced w58p-, Aghast' (Agist*)) 
Alabds'ter, Avfist', Bds'tard, BIdst, 
Bomi'bdst (To Bomblst^, Ac), To 
cast (To Forecast', To Miscfisf, 
Mole'clst, To OverdJsf, Ac), Ctote, 
Cas'tle (Fore'castle , Ac), Con'tr^stJ 
(To Contrast', Ac), Bds'tard, DevSs'- 
tate^ Dis&8't€r,£cclesias'tes,£cclesii3'- 
tic, El^tic,** To Empl^'ter, F&st 
(Hold'ftst, Ac), GhSst'ly (G4st1y), 
List (in all its significations and 
dentations, Lds'tage, Ac), Mist (To 
Dismlst^, Fore'mlst, Ac.) 9 Alls'tcr 
(Berg'mlster, Task'mlster, Ac), 
MIs'tiff, Nls^ty, Fist (PIs'time, Ac), 
Pl8'tor(Pls'toral, Ac), Pls'tore, Plls'- 
ter, Replst', Shis'ter, Ylst. 

5. Before th: — BIth, LIth, Pith, 
marked by Smart with Walker's & (a). 

This large number of words shows 
how widely extended the sound is, 
and that it well deserves a special 
mark distinctiye from the others. 

In such numerous transitions of a 
sound, however, especially where the 

Miss, MIs'sive, HIs'sy, Piss (Impls's- 
able, To Surplss*, To Repiss', 
PIs'sage, PIss'over, Ac); ,To Ask, 
To Bisk, BIslet, CIsk (To Inclsk', 
Ac), CIslLet, DamlslLus, Fllsk, 
Fllslcet, Misk (To Bemlsk', To 
Dismlsk', To Immlsk', Ac) , RIs'cal, 
TIsk; To Cllsp (To Indlsp', Ac), 
To Engrisp', To Ezls'perate, GIsp, 
Grlsp, HIsp, RIsp, RIs'pberry, ))rO' 
s^injiea ftnbet {{(^ auc^ Wisp, oBfd^on 
^ier bet (Bbtfluf bed w ble ^LnS^ia^e 
w5sp 3ur Stegel gemad^t l^ot; Aghlst' 
(Aglsf), Alabls'ter, Avlst', Bls'tard, 
Bllst, Bom1>lst (To Bomblsf, Ac), 
To Cist (To Foreclst', To Misclst', 
Mole'clst, To Overdst', Ac.) , CIste, 
CIs'tle (Fore'clstle, Ac), Con'trlst 
(To Contrlst*, Ac), Dis'tard, Devls'- 
tate, Disls'ter, Ecdesils'tes, Ecdesils'- 
tic, Ells'tic,* To Emplls'ter, Fist 
(Hold'flst, Ac), Ghlst'ly (Glstly), 
List (in aUtn Sebeutungen unb ^b- 
Icitungctt, Lis'tage, Ac), Mist (To 
Dismlst', Fore'mlst, Ac), MIs'ter 
(Berg'mlster, TIsk'mlster, Ac), 
MIs'tiflF, NIs'ty, PIst (PIs'time, Ac), 
PIs'tor (Pis'toral, Ac), PIs'tnre, Plls'- 
ter, Replst', Shis'ter, Vlst. 

5. (Bor th:— BIth, LIth, Pith, 
toon Smart mit Walker'^ I (a) 6e}f ic^net. 

S)iffe gto^eSRenge bon Iffiittem jeiot, 
mie berbreitet biefer Saut ift, unb baf er 
n>o^I eine "Befonbetf, bon ben anbem iau- 
ten berfc^iebene Sejetc^nung toerbient. 

69 (ann freitt(^ Bei folc^en maffrnr 
^aften UeBergangen eined Sauted, £e- 

* The termlaatioo ^tie (EmpUU'tic 
FantSi'tie, Ace.) Is not generally claMed here 
because these words have not gained so firm 
a footing in the langnage of the people, that 
tbeir pronunciation has become assimilated 
to ^ose words. (Compare CSc'tanets,Zoroils' 
ter, Ac) The English pronnnciafion It mast 
be remembered, is, in many cases purely 

* £)b»o6( bie (SnbfQibe as'tic fonft (»ie 
EmplSs'tic, Fant&s'tic, Ac) (ieroott aitSge* 
f^lofen ift, mil biefe 9gB5rter no4 ni4t fo 
in bie Soffdmafe cingebnmgen fint, baf 
i^re Kusfbra^e M jenen «B5rtem offt* 
milivt. (SgL Casftaneto, Zoroas'ter, Ac.) 
£04 (at Qu4 SBiUfd^r in IBeflimmung 
bet endlifd^en TfudfprQ^e eitt grofeS ^clb. 




period of transition is not fally 
past (as appears from the words 
Horse'kugh, Moon'dUf, and the con- 
stant influence of conversational 
language), there must necessarily 
be more or less wavering, and 
while a number of words are fixed 
and grounded in the new sound, 
others are, as it were, on the borders 
of the new law, not being able to 
free themselves entirely from other 

6. k like Walker's &, the so-called 
broad German a in L&w , Fall, 
W4rm, W&'ter, answering nearly or 
quite the German provincial a, 
especially in Lower Saxony as in 
the affirmative particle: ^a, tallying 
with the nautical term: y&w. 

7. a only in unaccented syllables 
like Walker's unaccented &, and 
nearly the same as e, j, 9, n, y, in 
words like Li'ar, SoFace, Thom'as, 
RiV^l, Ab'b^cy, Mon'arc^, very si- 
milar to the obscure German c in 
^Snoer, ititx. 

This long list of sounds may appear 
very formidable to the beginner, but 
the frequent agreement in the signs 
with the corresponding sounds of the 
other vowels will wear away the diffi- 
culty in a short time, especially by 
means of the explanation given in 
difficult cases in parentheses. 

H. £. 1. € like Walker's long i in 
Me, M€re, M^tre, ShS€p (here a small 
typographical inconvenience occurs 
from necessity by marking the double 
€6), answering the long German i^ 
(or if) in mlt, ^iet, Wtxtnt, Ac 

2. S like Walker's short I in H^n, 
MSt, L^t; like the German short e 
in fttt, Sett, &c 

3. e like JL,occurs only in certain cases: 
- - H^ir, Th^re, Wh^re, and answers 
the broad German e in^et^ totx, Ac 


onberd totnn biefc $etfobe bel UeBers 
Qan^t^ no(^ ni^t ))5Uig t)oruBer tfl (unb 
bled fc^etnen Sejeit^nungen ivie Horse'- 
l«lugh, Moon'cdlf unb bet unauf^dtfam 
fortmlrfenbe Stnfluf bet Umgangdfvtac^e 
guBekoeifen), e^Iann^ierBfialfo @d^man:: 
fung ni(^t too^I fe^len unb iva^renb tint 
^nja^l t)on 9B9rtem BefUmmt unb un- 
aBnjei^n^ f{(^ bed neuen Sauted Bemac^- 
tlgt, f^tvanft etne anbere glei(^fam anbei 
®renje ber neuen 9lege( unb (ann flc^ 
anberen (Sinfluffen ni(^t )}SUig entjie^en. 

6. k glet^ Walker'd ii, bem foge- 
nannten Bteiten, beutfji^en a in Law, 
Fi^U, Warm, W4'ter, g(ei(^ bem beutfc^en 
tangen, ))ro))tn}ieUen i^uf bed a, Be- 
fonberd in 0lieberfa(^jen ). 93. in bet 
^fflnnatito-^artifel: ^a, biebemeng? 
(tf(^en ®eeaudbrud: ykw tnt]px\i}t 

7. a nuc In unBetonten ^Xjlbm, 
glet(^ bem tonlofeit k bed Walker unb 
fafi gCei(^ mit c, i, 9, u, y. In SBSitem 
xoie Li'^r, Sol'^ce, Thom'as, Ri'val, 
Ab'bacy, MonVch, jlemlic^ gleicB bem 
bum)>f audgef^ro^enen e im beutf(^en: 
Sanger, »efet. 

iDBgtei^ biefe (ange Si^e bent 3(nr 
fanget fe^r brol^enb attdfe^en mag, fo 
tvirb bo(^ bie l^auflge UeBeretnfUmmung 
bet 9e)ei(^nung mit ben correfVonbtren: 
ben 8anten anberer SSocale bie @4)vte- 
tigfett Balb mtnbem, ;uma( in fi^)vie- 
dgeren ffalTen, bte in $atent^efe ^in- 
jugefiigte (SrflSvung ju <&ulfe fommt. 

II. K 1. e glei^ Walker'd laugeni 
i in M€, M€re, Me'tre, ShSSp 0)itx 
ift ein geringer ti9)>ogra))^if(l^er UeBeI= 
fianb bet bo))^eIte ftatt bed elnfad^en 
@tri$d), gleic^ bem beutfi^en (angen t 
(ober le), in mit, ^iet, SRiene, jc. 

2. ^ g(ei(^ Walker'd futjem i in 
H^n, M^t, LSt; tfi gleid^ bem beutfc^en 
futjen e, In fett, f6ttt, ic. 

3. 4 g(el$ &, fommt nine in einigen ZU' 
Un »ot:— H^ir, There, Whdrc; ents 
f^tic^t bem beutf(^enBteiten e in ^ tx,n>tx k. 




4. e occurs only before r final as in 
Her, Herd, Fern, Vcr'nal, Per'sonaP- 
ity, or when a consonant follows r 
in the primary or secondary accent 
(with the exception of r itself: — 
Ch^r'iy, M&'ry — when it does 
not belong to a syllable of flexion 
as in Defer'rer). It has an obtuse 
sound somewhat fuller than the 
unaccented German e in Siattt, 
nearly like 9 in ^dtrig, hence when 
not accented it becomes e, and is 
scarcely to be distingubhed from 'i 
or ii in analogous cases. 

5. € like Walker's 1, only some- 
whfit less ddstinct, as it is never 
accented, occurs frequently at the 
end of syllables immediately before 
the accent (almost without excep- 
tion in the inseparable prefixes 
E-, Be-, De-, Re-, Se-, as: — 
ET^nf, B§quSsf, Detest', Redr&s', 
Secern', Ac), Defer'rer, Rcdce'- 
mer, &c See above page XVII. 

6. e like 9, which it very nearly 
resembles in sound (like the short 
German e in Seder ^ S>tdtt, Ac.)? 
occnrring only in unaccented, espe- 
cially in final syllables, as Defer'rer, 
Rebalcer, Red^e'mer, Pervcrs'e; it is 
less obtuse before other consonants 
than r, and varies from S merely 
in quantity; compare PSn'tagon, 
Pentilg'onal, Sp^c'tre, Spectft'tor. 

ni. I. i. T like Walker's long i 
(German ei in ^einb), in Pme, Fine, 
Ffre, Bifer, I'rish, Site. 

3. y like Walker^s short I (German 
i in grinne, Mlppt), in PKh, Flfn, CM, 
Mtfrgr, ShTv'er. 

3. 1 Hke € in Marine', Shtre, 
Ma9htne', ^ttque [antlk^ or like the 
long sound of the German i or ie in 
WartKe, aRafc^tne, fbxtc, ®4iefer. 

4. 1 occurs only before r in the 

4. e fommt nut Dor r im 3(ul(aote 
ober toenn auf t)nmar ober frcunbar 
6etonted r eiit Sonfonant (r \tiift aud- 
genommf tt : — Ch^rty, Mei'ry — iMenn 
e8 nlc^t h)le in Defei'rer jur glcrion^^ 
f^tte %tf)ivt,') fofgt, in Her, Herd, 
Fern, Vei^nal, Per'sonar'ity. (Sd 
f}at etnen bum^fen, ettoad ))oKerni 
Saut, aid bad unBrtonte beutfc^e e in 
aJater, fafi n>ie 8 in florrig, ba^er 
ed auper bent Accent in ^ uSeroe^t 
@d unterfc^eibet fi(^ faft gar ni^t )>on 
ben in analogen SraUen fte^enben i 
unb ii. 

5. e 9lei(^ Walker'd I, ober bem 
beutfi^en unSetonten t, nur etn>ad 
fittger, ba ed fletd aufer bem Accent 
ftegt, (efonberd unmtttelBar ))or bem^ 
fetten in offener S^tte, b. ff. tuenn eS 
bie ®^I6e fc^Iie^t (ba^er fafl o^itc ^uBi 
nal^me in ben untrennBaren SSorfvlB^n 
E-, Be-, De-, Re-, Se-, n?ie in: — 
EvSnt', Bequ&t', Detest', Redress', 
Secern', Ac), Dcfcr'rer, Rcdcc'mcr, 
Ac. SSqI bad o6en @. XVII ©efagie. 

6. e, )Die a, bem ed in bcv ^uB^ 
fpra(^e fe^r na^e fommt, n?ie bad bcutf(^e 
wAttontt e in Seder, S>tdtx, n., nur in 
unBetonten , (efonberd (Snb - (Bxflitn, 
toxt Deftr'rcr, Reba'ker, Red€c'mer, 
Pervers'e; nic^t ^ani fo bum:|>f ifl ed )>or 
anberen Qonfonanten aid r, unb eigent- 
li(^ nur quantitattD ))on S i^erfd^tebfu; 
»flL PSn'tagon, PentSg^onal, Sp^c'tre, 

III. I. 1. 1 9lel(^ Walker'd langem 
I (ober bem beutf(|en ei in Setnb) : — 
Pine, Ftae, Fire, Brfcr, I'rish, Sire. 

2. Y filei^ Walker'd furjem I (ober 
bem beutfften i in gfinne, *lipve) : — 
Pto, Ftn, CM, Mfr'rpr, SWv'er. 

3. t gleic^ € in Marine', Shire, 
M^9htne', jjintique [antlkQ, ober bem 
beutf(^en gebe^nten Saut bed i ober ie, in 
aRarlne, SRafdJine, »ier, ^c^iefer. 

4. 1 nur i9or r, in benfeI6en SaKen 




same cases as e: — Fir, Sir^ Bird, 
S^r^r; contrary to this rule (com- 
pare e) are Squu/rel, StiVrup, Su/iip 
(also PanegJ^Vjc); Mfr'ade', Sptr^it, 
formerly pronounced Mu^ade, SpVit, 
have conformed to the regular sound. 
Smart expresses the hope §115 that 
the same will take place in time with 
Squirrel and Panegyric, as instead 
of Syr'up (siir'up) the pronunciation 
SKr'np with Y is acknowledged by 
good, speakers. 

5. j occurs, like ^ and ^, only in 
unaccented syllables, and is before r (jr) 
very much like the obtuse ^r , ur (also 
yr) : — felti'ir (Mar'tyr), VirgYn'i^ ; in 
most instances it differs from Y in 
quantity only : — Digres'sive, JntSs'- 
tine, ImmYscibYl'ity. 

IV. O. I. Q like Walker's long 
6 (German long o in fOfft, Stotb, Ac), 
in N6, N(5te, TOne, SOre, O'rjgnt, 
To'ry, Torn, Worn. 

2. 6 like Walker's short A in N5t, 
SSr'^l, T5i/rent, nearly answers to 
the short German o as in Sotte, ^Ot' 
tttdott, Somifler, &c. 

3. 6 like Walker's 6 (the Ger- 
man u in ®tu^t^ ®xnit, Srttber) as 
in Move, Pr6ve, C661, S66n, Bd6r. 

4. o like Walker's broad 6 answering 
i (it) ; found before r, as in Nor, Sor'- 
did, Or'der (in German a middle sound 
between o in 9lorb and a in <6ailt). 

5. 6 like Walker's A as in S6n, 
Done, S6me, Bor'ough [bur's], L6ve, 
M6th'er,&c.* (Compare ii p. XXXII.) 

toie e : — Fir, Sir, Bird, Stir'rer ; reflcU 
wibrlg (togl. e) fmb Sqiiu/rei, Stir'- 
nip , SiVup (etcttfo Panegy/jc) ; MYr'- 
^'cle, SpYr^it, toet^e auc^ frii^er MiV- 
acle, Spir'jt (auteten^ ^aBen ji(^ bent 
regelmSllgen £aut gugekvanbt; Smart 
jVtl^t $ 115 bte <&opung au9, ba§ 
baSfeI6e (ei Squirrel, Panegyric mit 
ber 3eit erfolgen iDerbe, toie nefien ber 
^nBfpxai^ SyVup (siir'up), bfe niit 
Y (Sir'up) toon guten S^rec^em itxtitS 
anerfannt ifl. 

5. i fle^t toit a ttnb e nut in tm^ 
Betonten @^I6ett unb fomml »or r (ir) 
bcm biun^fen ^r, ur gtemlic^ gleic!^ 
(cfcrnfo yr): E IKx'ir (Mar'tyr), VirgY%'ia ; 
tveit l^auftger aitx ifi ed nut quau- 
titatito S)on Y tiftfc^ieben: — Digres- 
sive, Int^s'tjne, ImmYscjblFity. 
" IV. O. 1, 6 gieid^ WalkeVa langem 
o (ober bem beutfd^en langen o in JD^v, 
0lOt^, jc), in N6, Ncte, Tone, S6re, 
6'rignt, To'ry, TOrn, WOrn. 

2. 6 glel^ Walker^e futgem 6 inN8t, 
Sttr'el, Tfir'rent, fommt bem beutf^cu 
fut} aBgefbfenen o, j. S. tote in iottc, 
«&OttentOtt^ Somifier^ ic. jiemli^ gleicl). 

3. 6 glei^ Walker»0 bunfeln A (^o) 
(ober bcm beutfd^tn langen u in: — 
©ttt^l, ®tuit, Srttber), in Move, 
Prove, C661, S66n, B66r. 

4. o glei4 Walker'd Breitem 6 , ent- 
fpre(§enb k (M j cS finbet j!(^ i)or r : — 
Nor, Sor'did, Or'der (eitt gRitteKaut 
jtotfi^fu in 9lovb unb a in ^aav). 

5. 6 Qid^ ii (Walker's 5) in SOn, 
Dane, Some, Bor'ough [biir'o], Love, 
M6th'er, Ac* (SSgl. ii ©. XXXll.) 

* The following is a list of words in which 
this irregular sonnd of o is found. It may 
be regarded as a completion of Nares's list 
given by Walker in his "Principles** § 165 
the words are arranged according to the 
varioos cases in which the soond occurs. 
Thence it becomes clear that the reason 

* @d foldt ^icr citt Setiet^mf ber m^xttr, 
in bcnen o biefcn obtoei^cnbcn taut (at. ^^ 
tann als 9$crt>cH|lfinbigitng beft Don Walker 
(Principles, § 165) mitset^eilten Narea'fitcn 
SSers€t4nifre6 btencn unb ift nad^ ben do:* 
f^iebenen S^Ofcn gcorbnet/ in bcncn c» ipor« 
fcmmt. dh »irb boraud beutli^, bof Ut 




6. 9 like a, e, j^ occurs only in 
iinaccented syllables and, precisely like 
these, more obtuse than usual in final 
syllables , particularly before r (quite 

6. 9 fie^t h)ie a, e, i nur in vxi^ 
(etonten @^I6rn unb ganj tvit ytm in 
(Snbs®^I6en, 6ffonbfr§ toov r,^eth?a5 
bum^)fer (%ani glctc| ur: — Ac'tQr, 

nftsigned by Smart (Principle!, § 116) for the 
partial explanation of tkis irregnlarity (viz. 
that w effects a change in the vowel follow- 
ing: — won, wonder, worry, one, &c.)> 
a|»ffrliea to but a rery amall number. It would 
be more rational to explain this tonnd of o 
from the influence of the following con- 
sonnnts, particularly labials and similar 
letters , as th , before which it is most fre- 
quently foand. This list, like the preceding 
ODe, corrects the dictionary in a few in- 
stances, which are not, however, of impor- 
tance. As Smart justly remarks in regard 
to this sound, that "the force of the more 
general role (which would require the asual 
short sound u [&]) will now and then detach 
a straggler, and if the word frequently 
oGcnrs, reduce it at last to regularity. 
There was a time," he proceeds, "when 
sovereign and comrade were always pro- 
nounced with the o as short u; but since 
the former word has been the name of a 
current coin , the regular sound of the o has 
been getting into use, and bids fair to be 
completely established. The word Cony 
belongs to this class; but in slow solemn 
utterance may have the regular sound of 
».** — It will be observed in looking over 
the list, that the pronunciation varies 
in several words, in others the u has 
been substituted, as LnflT instead of Loof, 
Dungeon instead of Donjon, Mummery, 
Kommage, Ac 

Ct 1. CdchineaK, according to Sheridan, 
Walker, Perry, Fulton k Knight, Knowles 
and Gilbert's Etymological k Pronouncing 
Dictionary (1846), but Stephen Jones, 
Kafteld, Jameson, Smart, Webster and 
Worcester decide in favour of the more 
usual pronunciation CftchineaF. 

®runb/ hm Smart (Principles, § 116) jur 
t^ciliDetfen (Srfldntng ticfcr obioei^en^cn (St* 
f^^etnnnd onfu^rt (ndmlid|» baf w auf Un foU 
genben Socal dnbemb einnirfe: won, wonder, 
worry, one, Ac), nut fur etne f^id^fk d^ringc 
TCnja^r 4iudrei<^t^ bcfer ifk ti, bieren o-Kout 
au» bem (Sinpuf folgcnber 0onronanten |tt 
crfldren unb namenttid^ ^^ Stppen« tinb d^n- 
li^er fltadl^flobcn, mie th, oor beittn er fi^ im 
^duflg|)en fittbet. Xnii na^ biefem IStrsei^* 
nifle fitct etntge menigc SeifpieU im «B5rter« 
btt^e felbft su beti<|tigen, bo4 betrtfft bie$ 
nnr un»€fcntli4^e *S&U(i nit bcnn uber^upt 
Smart fc^r ri^^tid fagt/ bap bit Q^toait bcr 
|)attptrc9el (nxld^e ben de»5^nli4en b-^aut 
[tt] erforbem miirbe) bann unb »ann eincn 
92(i(^}ilg(er bcr Unregclmdf tgf eit entreife unb 
bet ^duftgcm Sorfommen enblid^ ganj regel* 
mafig ma^e. „(i^ gab eine 3ett/' fdf^rt er 
furt^ //too sovereign nnb comrade ftctd mit bem 
i-^oute anSgefpro^ien murben^ obtr felt bag 
erftereffSortber9{ame einer gangbarenSRunje 
gciDorbeit/ ifi btc regelmdpige ^inSfpra^^e aQ* 
mdlig in 9cbrau4 gefommen unb fd^etttt bur4« 
ans ottf bcm SSege fi4 feftiufe^en. Coay, mas 
au4 in biefcr (SlafTe ge^5rt/ f^ct hd tangfomcr 
feierliil^cr Xnefprtt^e ben regebndptgeit taut.'' 
— 3m 0crsei4^nif e felbfl »trb man Qelegen^ 
(eit ^oben in bemerfeR/ baf bei me^rerenftBdr' 
tern bicfe 64»anfung ^errf^t, anbere au4 
^dufiger gerabesu mit u gef^rieben merben/ 
n>te Luff flatt Loof, Dungeon flatt Donjon, 
Mummery, Rummage, Ac. 

6:1. Cdchineal', ncben biefem oon Stephen 
Jones, Enfield, Jameson, Smart, Webster nnb 
Worcester Dertretcnen ^aut flnbet M $udt 
bci Sheridan, Walker, Perry, Fulton nnb 
Knight, Knowles, nnb nenftcr3ett in Gilbert'6 
Etymological A Pronouncing Dictionary 
(1846) c cdchineaF. 

3. Before d In BIAod, Fidod, To Cdd'dle % Sor d in BIdod, F16od, To Ctd'dle 
it. e. To Hog). hi. e. To Hug). 

3. Before t (as a vulgar exception) in8liot,|j 3. fScx i (gei 

according to Sheridan, Nares, Perry, Kenrick, 
W. Johnston, instead of the regular pronun 
elation of sdt; W<t, after ElpUnston, instead 
of the established pronunciation wSt. 

(gemein nnb nnr an^no^mdmeife) 
in Sdot, nadft Sheridan, Nares, Perr>-, 
Kenriek, W. Johnston; flatt bc6 regeld4< 
tigen silt; Wdt, no4 ElpUnston, flatt be$ 
aQgemein angenommenen wM. 

4. Before 1 in COl'our (its compounds andU 4. Sor 1 in CdKour (feinen3«fammenfe^ttn' 
derif utiles, which equally applies to all thellgen unb Tfbleitnngen, ma^ natirli# oon oflen 




like nr, as in l(/t9r, DSc'tgr) ; other- 
wise varying from short 5 merely in 
quantity: — Cgncttct', Contort^, 
Cdm'prQmtt, Qht^sify QppG'nent. 

DMt<^T)y M fonfl, too t9 jid^ nuc 
ber Ouantitat na^ ))on 5 unterfc^cb 
bet: _ C9nc5ct^, C9ntort', C5m'- 
promltt, Obt^t', OppO'nent. 

following). To DecdI'orate, DtMonPiion, 
To DUcdI'our, kc 

5. Before n: — a) in D6ne, Ndne, T6n 
(ofteaer Tun), Wdn; 6) in Cdn'ey, Hdn'ey, 
M6n'ey; On'ion, Rdn'ion (compareRunnion); 
Shdne (after Perry, otherwise generally ih5n 
or sbOn); c) nd: — CdnMuit (generally pro- 
lonnced liQn'djt, only Sberidan baa Icdo'dwjt 
and Enfield k9nM|t),Ldn'doo,L6n'donder^ry, 
Mdn'day» Sdn'day, Sdn'dry (instead of the 
nsoal orthography: Sunday, Sundry), Won'- 
der; d) ng, nk: — Amdng', AmOngst', Mdng'- 
com, H6n'ger (and componnds), Mdn'grel, 
Monk, MOn'key, Sp6nk (usnally Spnnk), 
Tftngue, Yun'ker instead of the usual 
Yoonker; e) before nj (ng): — Alldnge', 
To Cun'jore, D6n'jon (more usual Dungeon), 
Ldnge (also Lunge), Spdnge (more fre- 

folgcnten dtlt). To DecdKorate, DecOKociP- 
tion. To Dis^l'onr, &c. 

5. Sor n: — a) in Ddne, Ndne, T6b 
(^duftger Tun), Wdn; 6) in C(^n'ey, Hdnfey, 
Mdn'ey; dn'ion, R6n'ion (ogl. Runnion); 
Sbdne (na^ Perry, fonft burd^gdngig shdn 
ober shon); c) nd: — C6n'duit (aSgemein 
knn'djt ^ifpxoim, nnr Sheridan giebt kSn'- 
Mdn'day, SOn'day,Sdn'dry (ftatt be» geio5(n« 
li^tn Sunday, Sundry), Wtn'der; d) og, 
nk: — Amdng', Amdngst', Mdng'-com, 

ll6n'ger (tttib dafammenfe^ttngen)^ Mdn'grei, 
MOnk, Mdn'key, Spftnk (gen>6§nb4 Spunky 
T5ngne, Tdn'ker flatt M Ablt^tn Tounker 
e) 9or nJ (ng);— A116nge',ToCdn'jure, D6n'- 
jon ((dufiger Dungeon), Ldnge (qu(j^ Lunge), 
Sp6nie (^dufiger Sponge); /) nst, nt, 

qoently Sponge); /) nst, nt, nth: — Cdn'-lnth: — Cdn'stable; Affront', Ac, A-frtnt', 

stable; AflTrdnt', &c., A-friint', Elfrdn'tery, 
Frdnt (almost all the orthoepists are in 
favour of this pronunciation^ yet Sheridan 
and Smith prefer that of frSnt, while Scott, 
Nares and Walker do not object to acknow 
ledge it; Knowles merely gives frSnt, but 
observes: — this word is vulgarly (!) cor 

ropted into /runt, bat I prefer restoring the frunt, but I prefer restoring the correct 

correct pronunciation), Rdnt, obsolete in- 
stead of Runt the present osual orthography, 
VOnt, Unwdn^ed, Mdnth. 

6. Before r: — Bdr'age, Bti'ough (com- 
pare burrow), MftHay (proper name), Thdr'- 
ongh, &e.. To Wdr^ry; when a consonant 
succeeds r, it submits to the mutation men- 
tioned in e and T (4) that is ii is changed 
into u, yet there is so little diflTerence be- 
tween d and u that Worcester frequently 
uses them indiscriminately, especially in 
unaccented syllables; compare Work (wurk), 
Wort (wurt). Worth (wurth), Worm(wjirm), 
kc. with Coun'terwdrk, Frame'wtrk, Fret'- 
wdrk« Frost'wdrk, Han'diwOrk, OotNirtrks, 
Stone'wdrk, Un'derw6rk, To Underw6rk', 
Wax'wCrk, Thor'oughwdrt, Bos'wiJrth, Pen'- 
nywdrth, MoVey'swdrth, Wor'thy (wur'thy) 
by the side of Unwdr'thy.Muck'wCrm, WhdH- 
tlebcr'ry, kc; in such cases, the mark of 6 

of nnlformity. 

EfTrdn'tery, FrOnt (fiir btcfe Tdtftfpro^e er« 
tldren M faft aOe SDrt^oepiflcn, bo^ »irb 
bie ^ufifprad^c fr^nt oon Sheridan unb 
Smith Dorge}ogen/ oon Scott, Nares unb 
Walker n>enigften6 anerfanntf Knowles 
f^at nur frSnt, mit bem Semerfen: — 
this word is vulgarly (1) corrupted into 

pronunciation), ROnt, veraltet flatt be& 
jc^t dbli^cn Runt, Wdnt, Unwdn'ted, 

6. fSov r: — B6r'age, Bdi/oogh (Dgl. 
burrow), Mdr'ay ((Sigenname), Th(/ough, 
Ac, To Wtr'ry; loenn cin Sonfonont bem 
r folgt/ leibet U ^ier bie bci e unb i (4) 
nngegebene S^crdnberungj aud u mirb nAm« 
li4 ^f bo4 Rnb d nnb o fo meitig 9er> 
Wieben, ba^ fie Worcester, namentU4 QQfer 
bem $anpt « Accent , (^dufig o(nc Unter« 
Web fe^tj »gl. Work (wurk). Wort 
(wurt). Worth (wurth). Worm (wilrm), kc, 
mit Coun'terwtrk, Frame'wdrk, FretVdrk, 
Frosfw6rk, Han'diwdrk, Ont/wdrks, Stone', 
wdrk, Un'derwtrk, To Underwork', Wax^- 
w$rk, ThoHooghwOrt, Bos'wdrth, Pen'ny- 
wdrth, Mon'ey'swdrth, Wor'thy (wur'thy) 
neben UnwdHthy, Mnck'wdrm, WhiJr'tlebcr'. 
ry, kc; in fol^en SdOen ifl in biefem fiBerfe 

has been chosen in this work, for the sake bcr (Sonfeiiuen) meges inuiier u gemd^lt 





V. U. 1. a like Walker's long A 
(or the German ju in ^tt^el, S^B^nb, 
3ttbc), as in Tfibe, Tane, Fo'ry, Cflrc. 

V. U 1. ti 9(ei^ WalkeHd (an0em A 
3ttbe),lrt Tube, Tfine, Fu'ry, Cure. 

7. Before s (z): — a) when proaoBoced 
soft (like z), as in Bdf'om (tke Tulgar 
pronunciation , beside b^'zom, cited by Dr. 
Kenriclcy W. Johnston* Elphinston and 
Walker), Ddef, Dtz'el, IXdzeling, Ddil'en; 
&) Ddest 

8. Before labials and th: — a) before 
ra: — AccOni'pnny, Bectme', Bdmb (biiin). 
BAm'bard (and all derivatifes), Bdmbasin', 
Bdm'baBt, To Bdmbast', Bdmbazet', B9ni'ba>, 
Bdni'byx,Brdm'ley,Brdra'ton, Col&m'bia (also 
Colnmbia) , Cdm'bat (according to Sheridan, 
Walker, Stephen Jones, Fulton and Knight, 
Smart; cSin'bat is preferred by Perry, 
Enfield, Jameson, Webster), To Ctme, Cdm'- 
fit, Cdm'fqrt (Disd^m'fort, Ac), Cdm'frey, 
Cdm'pany, Cdm'pass, Cdm'rade (after Sheri- 
dan, Walker, Perry, St. Jones, Fulton and 
Knight; cSm'rade after Enfield, Jameson, 
Webster and Smart, compare beginning of| 
this note p. XXIX), DrOm'edary, To Encdm' 
pass, lo'dl^me, LOmp', BMm'mery (see Mum- 
mery), Ndm'bles (compare Nombles) , P6ra'- 
ace, POme in compounds as Pdmegran'ate, 
ftc, Pdm'mel, Pdm'pion, Pdm'pire, Rb6mb 
(rlim), Rftm'age (see Rummage), Sdme, 
SOm'ers (Islands), SOm'ner, instead of Snm- 
moner, Stdm'ach ; 6) before b : — Whdob'ub, 
instead of the usual Hubbub; before f in 
Ldof, more usually LtiflT; c) before t: — 
Abdve', BeldVed, Cdf'enant, and others, 

7. fior s (z):— a) menn ed mcidl^ (qUi^ 
z) tfl: Bdf'om (9emdne )(tt»fpra4^c nibcn Ut 
f)Olipt«7(ttSfprQ4e bd'zom oon Dr. keurick, 
W. Johnston, Elphinston uilD Walker ange* 
ffi(rt), Ddef, Dtz'el, Ddze'Iing, Ddz'en; 
6) Ddest. 

S. Sor Stppntbtt4fhiben unb th: — 
a) tor m: — Accdm'pauy, Becdme', B6mb 
(b&m), BOn/bard (anb oQe 7(bgclctteten), 
Bdmbasin', Bdm'bast, To Bdmbast', Bdm- 
bazet', Bdm'bay, Bdm'byx, Brftm'ley, Brdm'- 
ton, Coldm'bia (neben Columbia), Cftm'bat 
(fo Sheridan, Walker, Stephen Jones, Fulton 
unb Knight, Smart; fiir cdm'bat erfldrcn 
M Perry, Enfield, Jameson, Webster), To 
Cdme, Cdm'fit, Cfim'fort (Disctm'fort , &c.), 
COm'frey, Cftm'paoy, Cdm'pass, Cdm'rade 
(na(( Sheridan, Walker, Prrry, St. Jones, 
Fulton unb Knight; cdm'rade nadb Enfie|d, 
Jameson, Webster itnb Smart, Dgl. Singang 
Diefcr noU, e. XXIX), Drdi^cdary. To 
Enc6m'pass, In'cdme, LOmp', Mdm'mery 
{vid. Mummery), NAm'bles (ogl. Numbles), 
PWace, Pfime in 3urammenfe(undcn mie 
Pdmegran'ate, Ac Pltm'mel, POm'pion 
Pdm'pire, Rhfimb (rfim), Rdm'age (vid, 
Rummage), SOme, Sfim'ers (Islands), Sdm'^ 
ner, ftatt Summoner, Stdm'ach; h) tot 
b: — Whtob'ttb, flatt bed gcmd^nli^^m Hubbub ; 
oor f in Ldof , ge»6^nli(bcr L&fT; c) t>or f : 
— Abdve', BelfiVed, Cdv'enant, u. H., 

Cdf'enons, Cdv'entry, To CdVer (and com- Cdv'enous, Cdv'entry, To COv'er (unb 3n« 
pounds, RecftVer, Discdv'er, Ac), CCVert, fttmmcnfcfungen, RecdVer, Dlscftv'er, Ac), 
COVet, COv'ey, Cfiv'ln, Ddfe, GlOve, Gdv'em Cftv'ert, C«v'et, C6v'ey, Cftf'in, Ddve, 
(MisgdVem, Ac), Hdv^er (generally; h5?^er GIftve, Gdv'em (Misgdv'ern, Ac), HOv'er 
is fhvoured by Sheridan, Scott, Perry, (aSgonetn ) ffir h^Y^er ftnb Sheridan , Scott, 

Enfield, Jameson, Knowles); IrrecOv'erable, 
Wvc, dv'en, PWVer, Scfiv'el (Smart, Wor- 
cester, beside the pronunciation of ScSv'el), 
To Sbdve, Shdv'el, Sdf'ereign, Stdf'er 
(Webster, beside the more usual pronuncia- 
tion StO'ver); d) before th, partaking in 
some measure of the nature of labio-dentals: 
— Andth'er, Brdth'er, Ddth, Mdth'er (Foref* 
mother, Ac), Ndth'ing (vulgarly also heard 
pronounced nuffin [!], compare Dickens's 
works), rtth'er. To Pdth'cr (after Sheridan, 
Walker, Perry, St. Jones, Fotton and Knight; 
Enfield, Jameson, Webster, Worcester, 
EBOVlci, Smart are in favour of PSth'er^ 

Perry, Enfield, Jamesoi^ Knowles) ; IrrecfiV- 
erable, Ldve, Ov'en, PIdv'er, SctVel, 
(Smart, Worcester, nebcn ber ^u&fpraibe 
Scdv'el), To Shtve, SbOv'el, Sftv'ereign, 
Stdv'er (Webster, neben ^er aCldememeren 
2(ndfpra^e Sto'ver); d) 9or bcm ben 
corigen lQUt*ccr»anMen th: — Anfitb'er, 
Br5th'er, Ddth, Mfith'er (Fore'-mOther, 

Ac), Nbth'ing (»a& man con gcmeinen 
tauten au(b nuffin [I] fpretben l^M, Dgl. 
Dickens*^ 6(bnften), (Stb'er, To Pdth'er 
(naib Sheridan, Walker, Perry, St. Jones, 
Fulton un^ Knight; fiir Puth'er finb 
Enfield Jameson Webster « Worcesteb 




2. ii like Walker'a short ft (a simi- 
lar sound does not exist in German, 
as near as it can be described is, 
to combine the o in S3ottt(^, Xopf and 
the 9 in Sdtt^tt, Zbpftx, but it 
decidedly inclines more to o) , in But, 
Tiib, Tiin, Fur'raw, Cur'rent. 

3. il like Walker's obtuse A, parti- 
cularly after labials, (answering the 
short German u as in f&uUt, S3ttf4^ 
S3tttter, &c.) , in Bilil, Fiill, PdU, Biish, 
Butcher, Ciish'ign [kdsh'Qn]. 

4. u like Walker's 6 (answering 
the long German u in ^titift, nur, 
qut, &c.)> in Rille, Sdre [shur], TrAe, 

5. ii used only before r, in the same 
cases and with the same exceptions as 
e and i with which it coincides in pro- 
nunciation , with the exception of its 
being more obtuse: — Fiir, Ptirre, 
Church, Miii'der, Fiii'rier. 

6. u strictly analogous to 9, e, 1, 
o : — Miir'mur, Curvet', MultHn'gCll^, 

Vl. if. 1. y like T: — My, Dry, 
Type , Scythe [sith] , Cy'cle, Cy'pnis. 

2. y like If: — Cym'bal, Cyn'jc, 

3. y like 1: — MyTrh, MyVtle, 

4." y like \: — Vgr'y, Ftfry, 
Cymar', Mar'tyr. 

2. ii 9lei4 Walker'd fuqem ft (tin 
\m 3)eutf(^en nid^t bor^anbenet Saut, 
ein SRlf^taut jtoifd^en bem in Sotttd^, 
Xopf unb bem 6 in aBdtt^er, Xb^ftt, 
bod^ mtf(^i(ben mel^r bem fid^ l^innet- 
genb), In But, Tiib, Tun, Fiir'rCw, 

3. ft glei^ Walker'd bum))fem futjen 
A, (efDnber^ na(^ Si)}4)enSu4^a6en (bem 
beutf^en furjen u in fSnUt, ®ttf4, ^Vit^ 
ttx, ac. entf^red^enb), in Bull, FftU, Pftll, 
Bftsh, Bfttcher, Cftsh'iQn [kush'^n]. 

4. ft alei(^ Walker'0 ft (glei^ bem 
beutf(^en gebe^nten u in Slttt^e, nut, 
gttt, 2cO, in Rule, Sure[shur], True, 

5. ii, nur »or r, in benfetten gfSU 
(en unb mit benfelBen ^udnal^men, 
tt)ie e unb i', benen tB in bet %ud^ 
{^ra(^e giemlic^ gleic^ fommt; nur ifi 
ei ttti>a9 buin)}fer: — FCir, Piirre, 
Chiirch, Miii'der, Fiir'rier. 

6. n, Ifl bem 9, e, j, o genau 
analog : — Miii'mur , Cnrv^t', MnltlLn'- 
giil^, MiiltKp'artlte. 

VI. Y. 1. y gleid^ T: — My, Dry, 
Type, Scythe [sTth], Cy'cle, Cy'pnis. 

2. y gleld^ Y: — Cym'bal, CKk 

3. y gleid^ i: — Myrrh, MyVtle, 

4. y glei(^ i: — V^r'y, Ftfry, 
Cymar', Mar'tyr. 

Qodth (after Walker, Stephen Jones, Smart, 
and otberi besi4ei qoOth), Rdtb'er initead 
uf the now osual Rndder, Smdth'er. This 
sound also very freq^nently occurs in syllables 
which are not under the prinwry accent, 
particularly if from any canse they are spoken 
with a greater stress than mere weak and 
unaccented syllables; it occurs of course 
roost frequently in the secondary accent : — 
Car^damdm', Ab^iogd6n', Is^lingtdn', Leb"a- 
ndn', Lex^ington', Un"isan', Wash"ingt«n', 
Man"ihdt', Frol"icks«me', Wea'^risSme', Ac. 
la nnaccented syllables 9 often occurs instead, 
as : — Hand's^me, &c 

Knowles, Smart), Qu6th (itQ^ Walker, 
Stephen Jones, Smart, u. X nebcit qnOth), 
Rtth'er flatt beS je^t iibU^en Rudder, 
SmdtVer. 7fu4 in &tffbm, bic ni^t ben 
{)auptaccent (aben, befonbers »enn t^ncn 
au$ irgenb einem (Srunbc mc(r (Bmi^t 
aU gon) tonlofcn unb bumpf^n }ufommt, 
finbet M ^iefeS d$ natiir(i4 am (dufigflen 
tm fecttttbdrcn Accent: ^ S. Cai^damdm', 
Ab'^ingddn', Is"lingtdn', Leb^anOn', Lex^- 
ingtdn', U^nisW, Wash''ingtftn'» Man^ihdt', 
Frol^icksdme', Wea'^risdme', Ac. 3n accent^ 
lofen ®Qlben fle^t (dnftg 9 baf&r: — 

Hand'B9me, Ac. 




A complete Burrey of these yowelll S)le XcAtUt bet SSocoIe toiAt 
foottds is exhibited by the following olfo futj jufammengefafit fU^ bfttj^etten 
tabloi as : — |tt)ie folgt: — 

A. 1. ft: — Shftde, Fftin, Lft/fr. 
3. H: — ShUd, YUay Ump. 

3. 4: — ShAre, F&re, B&re, 

4. a: — Sharp, Far, Fa'ther. 

5. ft: — Fftst, Hftft, Efftn/ple, Bftth, Brftnch, Gflsp. 

6. ft: — Lftw, F&Il, WftV- 

7. a: — l^^ty PftF^ce, M5nV(h. 
E. 1. €: — M€, Mere, Sh€€p. 

3. 8: — HSn, M«t, Ut 

3. « eM<^ &: — Hdir [&r], Th^e [tfair]. 

4. e: — Her, Herd, Defer^r^r. 

5. e fitUf i: — fiT&if, Realty, Defer^r^r. 

6. e: — TJkf^Ty Fa'ther, Redce'm^r. 





1. T 

2. r 

3. t 

4. 1 

5. i 

2. tt 

3. 6 

4. o 

5. 6 

6. Q 

1. II 

2. ii 

3. a 

A. ft 

5. ti 

6. a 


2. y 

3. y 

— Pine, Fine, Fnre. 

— PXa, FSq, MKk^rpr. 

— Shtre, Marine', Ma9htne!'. 

— Fir, Bird, Stir'rcr. 

— Elfa'ir, ImmYscibtfity. 

— No, Note, Sore, To'ry, TOra. 

— N6t, SOi^cl, TCi'rent 

— M6ve, Prdve, C66L 

— Nor, Sor'did, Or'der. 

— S6n, B6i^0ugh [biir'rO], L6ve. 

— A(/t9r, DWtpr, Qbt&t', CQncBetf. 

— Tabe, Fa'ry, COre. 

— Tub, Tfio, Cai'rcnt 

— Bdll, Bilsh, Bdfciier. 

— Rftle, Sfire [shftrj/TrftfA. 

— Fur, Church, Miir'der. 

— Miix^mar, Moltifp'^rtlte. 

— My, Dry, Cj'prns, 

— C^al, Cyn'ic, SyiVan. 

— Myrrh [niir], Myr'tle, Syr'tis. 

— VISr'y, Sj^'metry, Cymar'. 

Combiftfttions of vowels. — Socal-SetMttbttttfietu 

a€ gbi^ ft: — Caft's^ glrit^ Sft'zar. 

a« fibi4 <: — A^t^iia, SynaSr'esb gleh^ Etna, sin^sls. 

&^ (&J) 6^4 ft:.— ^^^9 Pft^ii' PIfty'er ffitU^ fftn, pftn, plft'^* 

Ai ftkfa^ i: — Air, F&ir gleii^ &r, fir. 

ao glfi(^ a: — Aunt, Daunt gteiA ant, dant 

ftu (&w) g(ei(^ 4: - Tftnght, Bawl gleid^ tftt, bftL 




«& elfi^ a: -^ Greftt, Ste&ks glet^ grSt, stfiks. 
ei gleU^ 4: — Be&r, Tear gldd^ bdr, tar. 
€a glfb^ €: — T€ar, MSan glfic^ t€ry mSn. 
& gbi^ <: — BrSad, TrSad gleid^ brSd, trSd. 
«a glf{4 e: — Heard, Pearl gleid^ herd, perl. 
€€ glei^ €: — ShC^p, F€€t gleid^ shSp, (et. 
el gtfit^ I: — Seize, Receive' gleU slz, ristv'. 
ei g(e{(( i: ~ H^ir glei(^ er gltid^ &r. 
^9 gleidl 9 : — B12id'ge9n glei^ bliid^9n. 
ea (eVv) gleid^ H : — Eflph^D^ic^ gleid^ af^n'ik. 
e(i (e^) g(fi(^ u: — Rhedin, An'dre^ glei^ rftm, ^nMrft. 
ej glei^ e: — Barley, Joui^ney gTef<^ bar'le, jui'nS. 
te gif U^ ! : ~ Field, Shield glei(^ ftld, shtld. 
Te glei^ T: -^ Die, LTe gleid^ dl, iT. 
da glfid^ 6: — Bfiat, COal gleid^ b5t, kGl. 
oa glfit^ &: — Bro&d glri^ brad. 
Oe gle{4 C: — D5e, FOe glti^ dO, f5. 
o€ glei^ c: — ^^tog'cr, Fo€'tus gleic^ ante'sT, f^tus. 
oY (gleid^ bem bcutfd^cn ot, 019, in l^oi! ^oU, ^0)ffT, kortm man bad toU ein 
ireUf« k a\xB\pxi^t, »gL 4 6. ®. XXVI) : — ^v6Yd, Bold, 0«, Soil, Votce, 
66 g(fi(| 6: — F661, T661 glftd^ £61, t61. 

o^ (6w) gld^ Walker'^ 6 A (toie au in lau, SaUt): — Sodnd, Cow. 
oil, on glei(| ti, u: — enough', joiir'ney gWd^ enuf, jur'ne. 
ot g(fi(j^ u: — Boutade', Loilfsa gleid^ butad', lilifz^. 
oil gletd^ d: — Alquif6u, Woftnd gtdd^ KlOswim, wfind. 
03^ glciil ot: — Boy, Toy gleit^ boY, tot. 
ue glei4 u: — Cae, Ai/giie gleid^ ka, ai/gu, 
ue glel(^ (i: — Trfle, RQe glfl(| trd, ru. 
ui glft(^ fl: — Sait, Juice gleid^ sfit, jQs. 
ui glebl ii: — FHiit, Cr&ise gleid^ frfit, kriis. 

In general all vowels that are not 
marked, are silent, with the ex- 
ception of y and some terminations 
specified bdow; peculiar deviations 
are in the dictionary always enclosed 
in brackets [ ], compare Convey, 
Deign, Height, Buy, Book, Wool, 
Wood, Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, 
Leopard, Beauty, Aisle, Ac 

Consonants and terminations 
of words. 

C without any mai^before a,o and a and 

3m amgemeinen gilt, baf aUt un- 
Bfjei^neten Siocalt, au^rr y nnb ben 
untm Bfjfid^nftm Qnbungen, fhtmm 
jinb; 6efonbrre Slbn^ei^ungrn finb im 
fmixtctiud^t fletd in JDammem [ ] 
na^er Bejeid^net, ]»g(. Convey, Deign, 
Height, Buy, Book, Wool, Wood, 
Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, Leopard, 
Beauty, Aisle, Ac. 

@:ottfottantett unb IBort- 

C ol^ne SBei^rl^ntmg ^art (toU k) i>oi , 
aD the GonHonants has the hard sound! a, o, u unb atCm Qonfonantm i 
of k ; it is soft likes before e,i and y J unrid^ (n^lf s) toor e, i, y. -j 





Cy c hard like k: — Ch^r'9cter,||C, $ ffdtt kolf k: ^ (?ttr^ct^. 

^, 9 soft like s: — (^hftise, FK^9!d 

like sbftz, fl^'sid* 
Ck withoat a mark sounds like tsh : — 

Charm, Ch&ir like tsharm, tsh&r. 
G withoat a mark, hard before a, 

and u, and all the consonants; 

it is soft before e, i and y. 
G, i hard like g in (Sott: — GSt, 
* give. 
G, g soft like j: — C^^m, gl'ant 

like jtm, jl'ant. 
N^, n^h, nk like ngk: — B&n'cO, 

Brfin^^iaC, D5n'k8y like b&ngl0, 

br5nglLi€, dSng'ki. 
Ph, likef:'— Phlln'tQm like f^n'tgm. 
Qu, likekw: — QaYck, QuYv'er like 

kwlk^ kwYv'er. 
^y s soft like z: — GuTse, Wise 

like §Tze, wTz. 
Tkj th sharp as in iKfuik, m^M'od, 

Mtky mdnt/L 
Th, th unmarked, soft or flat, as 

in thYs, thSt, sh€athe, I^Yth'er. 
^, \ soft like gz: — - Alex^Mer, 

Ef&m'ple like^legzWder,egzto'pl. 
Z like a Tery soft German f (in leife, 

SBfiff, (ffen, SBeftn):— Zodnds, 

ZtfbfjT like zodndz, zSfjr. 

The rest of the letters are almost 
all the same as in German (x like ks, 
Ac); a more explicit description of 
others (for instance r and w) must be 
sought for in the grammar or in the 
dictionary itself* 

^hUsm, S({p't|c. 
(;, 9 toeid^ n^ie s: — ^hftise, Fl&s'- 

9|d 0let(^ shaz, flak'sid. 
Ch ol^ne Sejei^nung n^te tsh: — Charm, 

Chair glet^ tsharm, tshar. 
G o^nr IBfjei^nung l^art tor a, o, u 

unb aUen Sonfonanten , loeid^ )»ot 

G, g 1)axt tvte 9 in Sott: — $St, 

* #Yve. 

G, g tofld^ tote j: — ^^m, ^fant 

glfi^ i^m, jl'ant. 
N{, n^h, nk gleid^ ngk: — B&i'cO, 

BrBn'shiaS, D5n'key gleid^ b&nglo, 

brSnglije, d5ng'ki. 
Ph tt>k f : '— Ph&i'tpm gleic^ f%n'tQm. 
Qu toU kw : — QuYck, QuYv'er glei^ 

kwYk, kwYv'er. 
$, 8 toti^ XtU z: — Giflse, Wise 

gbi^ gTze, wTz. 
Tkj ih 6f}fid^net bad ft^arfe ober^arteth, 

wit in lAYnk, mStA'gd, cl5tA, mdnf^ 
Th, th Bfjeid^net bad totU^t ober fanfte th, 

Wit in thYs, th^t, shfothe, JhYtVer* 
^ , J, tvel^ tt>\t gz : — AlexKnMer, 

ExWpIe g(fi(^^egz^'der,^gz&m'pL 
Z n)ic etn fe^r \Dti^t& beutft^ed f (in 

lelff,aBclfc, Ifftn, SBcfen):— ZoAnds, 

Z^pb'yr glf{(^ zodndz, zSfjr. 

S)te {iSxigen Su^jlaben flnb ben 
bfutfd^en faft aUt gleid^ (x gleid^ ks, Ac), 
aBer bif genatiere Sf^lmmung fin- 
gelner, tvit }. 99. r, w au8 ber Oram- 
mati! ober im IEB>Ttertu(^e felbft )tt 

si9l*f gbi^ $Wi - 



si^n^l gleKJ sh^: 

Terminatioiig. — @nbiittgnu 

Spt'dal, So'cial. 

— Cdntrover'sial. 
EssSn'ti^, Pai'U^L 

ijLrYttm^tfci^, Physfd^n* 

— C^tr&i'siaii Per'si^n. 




jjLpprS'ditey 4^s(S'ciSte. 
Balbiftiate, Ezpa'tiftte. 

d^O^q^te, Em&'ciate. 

Effyci^nt, PrQiVd^nt 


cienty \ 

8ient,[ gbU( sh^nt: — Ti&n'sifnt 

li^t, ) Dissfo'tient, Pa'tient 

cienccJ j^t^ 3,jg^3. _ CI5ii'8ciencc, EffTcience. 
tif nee, j ^ ^ Pft'ti^nce. 

0U8 gleid^ us, us: — G&i^cous, PSr^loos, Cai^nous, Wdn'drous gbU^ 
k&r^kiiSy plSr^lus, kar'nus^ wiin'dras. 

ceous^ \ Acanft'ceous, Gret&'ceoas. 

ciousy [ gleil^ sliiis: — Aud&'cious, PrecC'doos. 
tiouSy J C%p'tiou8, Sedt'tious. 

k^^^y I aMA iiu • — Adr^ntft'gcous, Gourft^geoiis. 
lions, j ^ ^ ''• ' Conta'^ous, KgW^oua, 

si^ gleic^ zhan: — j^rtS'si^n, EphS'sian. 

si^ gletd^ zhfr: — O'sier, Ho'sier. 

don, \ CSn'sdon^ble. 

sion^ > gteid^ shon : — Acc^s'sion, P^n'sion, Cgnver'sion. 

tion, / Nft'tion, CpntSn'tion. 

xion glefa^ kshQn: — ^JSifxion. 

slon glel(^ zhQo: — AdhS'sion, Oonfa'sion. 

^ouy j j^j^ '. _^ RelTgion, Rc'gion, CQnU'^on. 
geon^ j ^ ^ J • " Bliid'geon. 

Other singularities of pronundation 
as well as a portion of those which 
have been already mentioned are de- 
signated in the dictionary, enclosed in 
brackets [ ]« in order to prevent any 
mistake at once. In one point the sys- 
tem of marks in this work differs from 
that of Mr. Worcester: that is the 
much controverted hissing pronuncia- 
tion of the letters t, d, c, s, x and z 
before terminations or vowel combina- 
tions such as -ure, -une, -ean, -eate, 
-eous,-eal, eo-, -ian,&c. It is generally 
agreed that this corruption, especially 
in regard to the letter d, has since the I 
time of Walker, fallen within muchn 

^nbfte oStofid^enbf %iUt, jumS^eil 
an^ flnjelnf ber ))orert9S^ntm, fUtb 
im SB$rtet6u(^f feI6ft in itlammem [ ] 
bfutltd^ lejeid^net ivorben, um jiebe 
Strung auf bfr ©tflfc gu Dcr^mbetn. 
3n ftnem $unCtf no^ totl^t ble Se- 
}etd^nung in bltfrm SBerfe bon bet 
Worcester'fc^cn a6. (S0 iji blf toictte^ 
f^rod^me, ^irr (eineSmrgd au8 bem 
©runbe ju erSrtentbe gegtfd^te Stud:: 
f\)ra^e bed t, d, c, s, x, z )>or (Sn- 
bungen ober aSocal^QomBinottonen tuie 
-ure, -ime, -ean, -eate, -eous, -eal, co-, 
-ian, dc SebenfaUd (ft aUgemetn 2U- 
geflanbctt, bag felt Walker blefc ttor^ 
ru))tion, Befonberd koad d (ctrifft, fel^r 




narrower limits , to reject it entirely, 
^VKk Worcester and others in such ter- 
minations as -tore and -tune, seemed 
scarcely expedient. This question has 
been most judidously treated by Bfr. 
Smart in his Principles (Walker Remo- 
delled, London, 1 836) $ 147 : — '<lt is 

the t and d in nature and verdure; yet 
nothing is more certain than that they 
are not preserved pure by the best 
and most careful speakers. — In many 
words, it cannot be doubted that he 
(a speaker) must yield to this corrup- 
tion, if he wishes to escape the ridicu- 
lous effect of pronouncing as nobody 
else pronounces; in other instances, 
be may decidedly adopt the more 
regular sounds; but in the majo- 
rity of cases his best course will 
be neither to yield decidedly to 
the practice, nor very carefully to 
avoid it, this being one of the cases 
in which the extreme either way 
has a bad effect 

It will not be improper to repeat 
here what has been several times allu- 
ded to, in the course of this intro- 
duction, that words of daily use, which 
have become the property of the 
people, cannot be rescued from trans- 
formation; those which are more unu- 
sual and foreign are more conformable 
to rules ; to which, in conclusion I beg 
leave to add the following excellent 
remark of Mr. Worcester :—^A proper 
pronunciation is indeed a desirable 
accomplishment, and b indicative of a 
correct taste and a good education; 
still it ought to be remembered, that in 
speech , as in manners , he that is the 
most precise is often the least pleasing, 
and that affectation is less pardonable 
than rusticity." 

tefi^raidt tootbtti i^; fie ain mil 
Worcester unb Sbtbften in fold^en (Sn^ 
bungen tote -ture, -tune ganj aufjuge^ 
Un, fc^len nUJ^t gerat^eti. S)ad Sef}e 
ffleAin Iftd loo^I Smart In einem trefflt- 
^en$ara9rat)l^en fetner Principles(Wal- 
ker Remodelled, London, 1836) 0efagt ; 

possible to preserve the pure sound of ed l^eifit bort $ 147 u. (K. : — ,, 69 i^ 

mSfittd^; ben teinen Saut in Nature, 
Verdure }n Utoaffxtn; aier ni^ti ifb 
gen)lffer, aid ba$ biefe. SBortf wn 
ben itpn unb forgfoltigfien Spxti^ttn 
ni^t retn (etoal^rt tvetben. — 3u 
t>ielen SBoxttn ifl ed unjVDeifet^aft, bag 
man biefer (Komi^tton nat^geten nui§, 
\otnn man nl^t bie Sa^edid^feit oiif 
{i(^ ne^men toiU, gu {^re^en, toit fein 
9(nberer f^rid^t, in anberen ^iUtn 
fann man entf^ieben ben regrlmapigen 
iavA omtel^men; a(er e0 tvttb meifiend 
bad Sefie fein, iveber entfi^teben bem 
fidid^en Saute ju folgen, noc( i^m jii 
ongPStc^ audjuiveid^en; inbem bled einec 
)9on ben %Silin i% in benen (eibe Qfrtrenie 
einen itblen Oinbrud ma^en.'^ 

9(tt(^ ^ier tDleber^oIt fi^ bie be- 
fannte (SrfAeinung, bie in biefer dim 
leitung an )}erf(^iebenen @tet(en be- 
rit^rt n^ocben ift, ba$ aUtagtt^e^ 
93^deigent^unt getootbene J9GQ5rter brr 
Umge^altung ni^t entreifbar finb, nn^ 
getoS^nll^ere unb ftembe lieber bet 
9legel folgen; unb fo fel ed etbubt, 
mit einem treffi^en Xudf^nt^e Wor- 
cester*! gu fd^Itefen: — ,,®o tofin^ 
fi^m^xotxtf) aud^ eine ri^tige Sudf^rad^e 
ifi, unb fo fe^r fie au^ tin Qtii^ 
eined geregelten ®ef((maded unb finer 
guten Ctgiel^ung ifl, fo barf man bo($ 
nie »ergeffen, baf Im S>>re^en n>re 
im iBetragen, bad 8{ege(re(^te^e oft 
am h)enig^en gefSKt unb bag Qlt^ 
rerel uns^ergei^Iic^er ifl aid Ungebil< 



f. 9. Mt fitr: fcltenelBebetttttns, m lenie leldom med* 

r4ott.i04^ottl. » f4ottiM,Scottiih; 04ottlan^, Scotland. 

64t* » » Gitrdbart/ ityleymode of writing. 

f^r. » » r^reibt; writei. 

9-S)* » » 9itb>)Detttf4Ianb/ South of Germany. 

0-ettgI. » » 6&b«Chld(anb/ Sooth of England. 

f. g. » » fodcnatint, denominated, ao-called. 

f)^att.i 0pan. » r9<uitr4/ Spanifh;6panien, Spain. 

fpr. » » fpri4^ pronounce; fprtiit/ prononncei. 

ft. » n ftatt, anftatt, instead of. 

Bni>% 6ing. » Qnbftantio, tm lingular, substantive in the singular nnnib«r« 

6ubft*9Ittr. » 0nbflaiitit), im^lttral, substantiTe in the plnral number. 

f. !).».» tt fo Otel wit, the same as. 

X-S. » » Saufhame, christian name. 

tt. • » Uttb, and. 

ft. DM 1. ibfi(b/ used ; 2. ubiiiber, more in use. 

flbrig. • » ibrigenft, as for the reat. 

undg. uttdgentL » undgentit4, improperly. 

ungef. » » ungefdbr, about. 

ungew. » » ttRden)6bnti(b/ unataally. 

ttitr. u » undibttg/ incorrectly. 

nnr. 94r. » » undibtige Gcbreibart, incorrect orthography. 

unt. » » untet; among, in. 

arfpr. » » urfpritngK(b/ originally* 

0. N n oon, of, from. 

fB. et 0. 92orb>2Cm. ftebt fur: SScretntgtc 6taaten oon 9{orb»7Cmedra, United SUtii of 

(North-) America, 

oerb. )Berb. ftebt ffir: oerbunbeit, connected; JBerbinbuttg, connexion. 

Derb. » » oerborben, corrupted. 

\»erft. » » 9 erftanben/ understood. 

\»iobt. » » oenoanbt, related, 

m. ^ » toit, as, like. 

®., CB-r. n » CBort, word; CB6rter, words. 

A-engl. n » SSefl«(SRglQnb, Weat of England. 

»-*r. ft. u tt meniger ilbli^, less used. 

». il. u » »cntg flblub/ little used. 

m. il. t. » » meI4ed iibli(b<t (ft, which is more used. 

ifdftt. » » )afammengcrebt/ in composition, in compounds (compound words). 

ifgi. « » ittfammeogejogen, contracted. 

3ntStt* » » 3urammenfe(ungra, compounds. 

iU». » » iumdUn, sometimes. 


Vbfuriungen bet fRamen bon Sc^tiftfieUern unb SBetfen bte in biefem 

SBorterbuc^e dtirt ftnb. 

Abbreviations of writers and works cited in this Dictionary. 

A. 3nt Vllgemetnen. In general. 

BucK fte^t fitr: W. M. Buchanan's Technological Dictionary, London, 1846. 

Bulw. » » Bulwer (Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart). 

Ld* B, » » Lord Byron. 

C (Jm F^C^ m a James Fenimore Cooper. 

Ckauc* » » Chaucer. 

CtiuU (Ld.Chest.) ftebt f&r: Lord Chesterfield. 



BOL Hands 

BOl. « 

mb. » 

Bki. » 

Bot • 

Brat* » 

Breio. » 

Brick-mm » . 

ilrtt » 

hurl. » 

AUc^ » 

6* 10* ■ 

the b. «• » 

Gimb, » 
Gmi. Orilo.1%. 

cant (cant - 
cant ph* 













' a 


€0L (co(-f .) » 























/or : Biblical inbject , Vu^bnttf in ber (edidni e^cfft 
BillUrd, 7CnSbni<f im SiUarbfplel. 
term nsed by bookblnden, iOtt^binberattSbntiK. 
term oied by bookiellen, 9tt4idiibleratt§bnt<t 
botaDical term, ItoSbnuf in ber 9>flattsenhmbe. 
term used by bnticn, Yufttnicf ber JhipfetfitmiAe. 
termued bybrewert, Itn^bntif ber Srauer. 
term of briekmaken, Vttftbmdf ber dtegler. 
Britisk, briiif4». 
barlesqoe, iiiebrig IPomiM. 
term used by bntchem, SIetr4tratt§bni<f. 
abadword» tin Mle^teft (W'^^t gebilbetef ) 0ort 
the better word, baft befftte 8Bort. 
Cambridge, (engUfibe Untoerfitit). 
Cambridge vnlTenity phrase, CRebenftart ott ber Unioerfitdt |it 

(Sombtibge. a 

term uiedMn canaling, zttftbtutf im Jtanalbaa. 
cant term, (cant terms) cant phrase, itanflanftbnitf (<$tmtflait8« 

brficfe) ober dtebenftart oerfdl^iebener Qenerbe: ber eeeleste, 

Sicbe, Settler, bea 9>^beld, u. vid. Diet. 
term nsed by carpenters, dtomermannSottftbrntf. 
card maker, itartenmaiberaQftbntcf. 
confer, (compare), eonferire, terdlef^c- 
term relating to cbnrch cnstoms, Knftbrucf in Oetreff fix6fiii^ 

term nsed by Chandlers, TCuftbrtiif ber Si^tiie^er. 

chemical term, Ynftbmif in ber 64eibefuttfl. 

Christian, d^rifUi^. 

1. chronological term, Itttftbrutf in ber (Strottologie) 2. Chr»- 

nicies, Su4^ ber Gftronifn (in ber IBibel). 
clothier's expression, Xuftbniif ber Zu^bereiter. 
coack*maker, 7Cixftbnt(t ber ffiagenbaver. 
colloquial word or expression, (colloquial words, expressions, pbra- 

sea)ltttftbni(f (Tfudbrfidfe) in ber Dertranten ober Ungansftf)pn4^e. 
collectively, coQectin, fiber^auptj aU6Qmmel»ort 
term nsed in commerce, faufminniftber Vuftbnuf. Com. Leao^ 

coDmercial law, j)anbcUre<bt. 
oommonly, ge»5^n(i^. 

comparative, (SomparattD/ (6(ere Sergleutvnglfittfe. 
(in) compounds, b> i* in compoood words, (Sonpofltn, fit infoai" 

mendefe^ten SB6rtern. 
Conchoiogy, (Sfon^pUoIogie. 

term nsed by confectioners, 7(ttftbnx<f in ber 3n(ftrbddcrei. 
co^fnnction, ®ittbe»ort, Goniunction. 
contemptuously, or marks a word of contempt, eerd4ttt4# ^bct 

bciei^net einen 7(uftbni(f ber Seratbtund. 
contracted, contractediy, {nrammengesogett. 
Cookery, Jtod^Vnnft 
cooper's term, MfrrdVftbnKf. 
corrupted, corruptly, netborbes, netborbene 6<brc{b<rt. 
Cornwall, (SommaUift (engUf^e (9rafr4iaft). 
Crystallography, JtrpftaOodrop^ie. 
Cumberland (englif^e (SrafM^ft). 
term of curriers, Xttftbmtf ber ^becberefter. 
term relating to the Customs, ICttftbruff im dolbBCfJOU 
term used in Cutlery, <D{e|ferfd^miebean9bnt<f. 





















fie* eft-*.) 



fir: !• penny, pence^ engltf^er |)fnui{g, eBsUfi^e 9>feimigl$ 9. defee- 
tife, moaaeltaft) 3'. dative, verb dative, Datio, bottteft driteort 
Daaifth, bdnif4 ) Daniel, (firoptft) S)att{el. 
tem Died in dancing, Ytt^brstf fii bcr SoniVnnfl. 
decent, oaftdsbifl (a word or pluraie nied in decent langnage la 

preference to anotliery cin &oxt oUr dne 9Ubcii0art »eI4c(f> 

nnbcni U$ XnftonlU negen eor}tt|Uie8 ifl). 
term need by dentists, Vttftbmtf bet da^ttdrtte. 
Derbysbire (engltMe OrafT^aft). 
Denteronomy, bo* 5t« 0tt4 SXofU. 
Dialing, Itnftbrntf in ber (SnomomlP (0oiinettn(rfiuifl). 
term need in Diking, TCttSbnitf beim S)(i(tbatt. 
diminntive, Serfleineranflftmorti diminntively, vcrndncrab. 
Dioptrics, S)ioptr9. 
Diplomacy, Xoftbrndf in ber S)ip(oraatie. 
term nsed in Distilling, Vnftbrucf bri ber S)eftiOirfaiifl. 
dramatical pbrase, bromatir^e dtebenlart 
term nsed in Drawing, Vuftbntct bdm dci^nen. 
term nsed In Dying, SdrberauftbtilA. 
Ecclesiastical, KnbKJ^/ ^tifXi^. ^cifift. Ecclesiastical History^ 

JUr^Oigcf^^ubte. Eec, Loto, Ecclesiastical Law, Jtir^CWrt^t 
elegant* elegantly, a word nsed in elegant life, elegant , 0f» 

^moitooO, ifnWi, tin lierli^er Ituftbratf. 
Electricity, Cleftridtdt 

ellipticaUy, el[iptif(b# nit ltv0« ebcr tBeglafttng. 
empbatlcally, emy^otiM, mit Ka^bnut 
Engineering • 2rn9bni(t beim Sngenicttnoefen. 
Englisb, EngUnd, enflttM, enfllnnb. EngL Col. Englisb Colo* 

nies, 0ngUf4e Qolonien. Engl, Univ. Englisb Universities^ 

engttf^ei QnincrfttitSineren. 
term nsed In Engraving, Jtupfer* ober 0t<4Ifle4erattftbnt(t 
Entomology, 9ntomologie, <$terbt(icrtenbe; (9eiieferKc(re. 
Essex (engUfte dxaffiaft). 

Estbetics, tftJKtif, &iireaM<ift 9om eMnot nnb Qhr^obencs. 
Etebing, Ite^hmfL 
Etbics, !DtoraX, etttenlctrc. 
enpbonic, anpbonlcnlly; eapbemism, ettp(onir4# tbo^llatttenb, miW 

bemb} 9np(endftmuft, milbembel ttort, f^onenbcr Vtt^bnuf. 
snbstnntive of tbe feminine gender, j>attptloort »eibU4ea 9u 

Fkble, gabel, ItttfbnttfiaberSabcL 

Falconry, Itnftbnut in ber SoIfnereL 

fSuiiliar word or expression, (fismiliar terms), Yslbnitf (Yttl^ 

brilife) in ber eertravten ober Umganglfipra^e. 
Farriery, 1. Itn6bni(f bet 4)ttff4miebe{ 2.^»bnutitt ber9lof» 

term nied in Fencing, Yttftbmtf in brr ge^tfttn^. 
figuratively, (figorative expressions), bilbli^ Ober vneigentli4^» 

(bilbU^be Ynftbdicre). 
Fisbing, Vsftbmtf in ber ^iMtrei. 
term nsed by Freemasons, StetmaitrerQttftbnitf. 
fondly, in fondness, {drtU^i YttSbnttf bet iMiUfltU. 
term nsed by Foresters, gfrfleraitlbnttf/ ^^rfhoefes. For. Lmw^ 

Forest Law, Sorftgefebe, Sngbgcfebe. 
formerly, fM^et, c(emall. 
term in Fortificntlon, Ynebrndf in ber eef^nnglfun^ 


hund, Htmd» for: 

Fr. I 

• » 

Fiifr. ] 

• » 

f'^W* I 

» » 


» » 

Ganu i 

i » 

Gwrd. ! 

• » 


i » 

fcn. : 

• m 

fffOg. ] 

• » 

GeoL 1 

i » 

GfTIM. ] 

• » 


1 Ji 


» 9 

a-gr« ] 

1 » 

Mo. ] 

1 » 

Gold^. ] 

9 » 

^«id-/. > 

1 » 

^otd-srm. i 

» » 

(fr. I 



» » 

B^m, 1 

> » 

^«n. 1 

> » 

^■^» * 

» » 

h. «• X 

> » 

Hat. ) 

B » 

H'dr. 1 

1 » 

/f«r. X 

» » 

XmWH» 1 

» » 

fKie. ] 

» M 

h.t n 

) » 

Bar. * 

» B 

IlorU > 

» » 

ftlMU 1 


J»mt a 


And. 1 

^ » 

BffdrtnU* » 




Jdk. » 


I.C 1 


/-m. » 


iiiip. » 


jfii]Mr. » 


iinpr. » 


tncor* » 


tndcc* a 


imH. marfcf 




int. » 


teni used in Foiinderiea* Itttlbmd btr fIRctallgiffcr* 

Frenck, fran|6flf4. 

tcHD VMd by ftinieri («r In th« iiir-tnide), MMmrtsHfl^l 

XsMrutf in flattd^miarai^iibcl. 
tern oicd In fireworki^ gcQClwecfcnuUbnut 
ClUidim, OlalUcUiiittl; fraaiW4t Cpra^danitdt 
term naed in giunlns, 2f Q^bruit Uft CyUU. 
tern nied in gardening, Mrtaeresibnut 
Genealogy , Its^bnttf in ber ScncelOflit. 
generally, flbcrtanpt. 

tern need in Geography, Ituebnitf ia bet Ocograp^ic. 
tern need in Geology, Ititfbnut in Ut Ocolo^ie. 
l.gemaniin,(SlermamMuiS, beittne 69ra4<i0cn(cit| 9 Geiw 

nany, German Hiatory, Ac SDot^tonb, betttfdke Qlef^i^tf, iC^ 
term need by gliders, Tfuftbnttf bcr Scrgolber. 
tern vied by glaziers, Itttftbnut ber Wafer. 
teni used by glass-grinders, Itttibntf bcr QUolMIeifer. 
glover's term, Ifslbnut ber ^onbr^btttmi^tt. 
tern nsed by goldJieaters, (SoIbrWflerait^bnuf. 
tern need by gold-fiaers, (SloIbf^nbcresSbnuf. 
tern used by gold-sniths. Vudbrmf bcr (SoIbMndebe. 
Greek grir^(f4) Greek word, 9vie^f4e0 ttort. Gr. (X Greek 

CSkareh, fl^4<f4c StU^u 
gmmmatical term, gnminntihttMcr ^tt^bmct 
term is ed by gun-sniths, Itttftbnttf bcr S&AfenMmicbe. 
tern in Gonnery or in ArtiUcfy, Itnlbntf in ber <Scf4titftta|l. 
tern nsed in glass-works, <9lol(ftttciiaitSbnuf. 
hardly allowable, Uam {tt gcflAttca. 
hatter's tern , 4)titma4^ailftbrtt(t 
tern nsed by hair-dressers, Vtt§bniiC bcr ^oarHaftter. 
tern nsed in Heraldry, Ittllbnitf in bcr 4>eralbif. 
Hindoo, tinbttftantM, (Inbeftaatfiik, iabifdk* 
History, QkW^tt (^e.An HuU ; Ch. Hist. ; Eee. Hist ; kc.} 

hardly legitisMte, no(b (omi ancrlonnt (oon daem IBorte). 

tern In Horology, U(nKa4Knitt«bnitf • 

ttfB In Hortlcnltnre , Valbnut im Oertenbas obcr in ber Mrt« 

hnnorotts , homoroosly, laimlg, f^ctit^ft* 
tern nsed by banters, S^crtnibnid. 
tern in Hnsbandry, TCnlblltf bic teibmirttf^oft sab TCtfefgcrittc 

Hydranlles, 4)9braaKf^ SBelRrfrafOctvc. 
hyperbottoally, ftbcttriebfn, (tense a word — , beaCiaa ciact 

ffBorteft Dergr^f era), 
lehtbyology, Yaftbmtf itt ber S^t^ol^t- 
idei^ that ie, ba» (ci^, bol bcbcatct 
tamnoedby instraneat-nnkersi )Cttftbnitfbcr3aflramcnteama4(ir. 
Inpersonally, anperfjali^. 
imperative nood,3iii9ccatEDS MWobC 0prc4art. 
inpreperly, aacigcatli#, aapefCBb. 
incoirectly, fc(lcr$aft 

indecent, aaanfidnbig, gegcn bca Itafltab (cf. dec'). 
inelegnnt word or expression, IddUbnct tia flBcrt obcr dactl 

Itaibnitf %t%m bca galea OcftaMit 
ineeparable particle, naicrtrcaalt^c ^ottilrl. 
inteijeetion, Sntericctioa: ^hapfUtbaae^itort, Italmltag. 






















mod. (mad-^.) 

Moh. ReU 

tUndi for: InterrogatiTC, fragcnbl iDterrogatlvely, fraflWCfflB. 

ironicftlly, itoniM^ flpdttiW/ (6(nif4. 

irregularly, untt^tlmSfl^, ti%tl»iM%. 

Italian, (tolidnifd^. 

term nied in iron>worica, ^fen^ftttenattftbntif. 

Jamei, SafobsS (the EpisUe of^, bie (Spifttl Bt ZMbt). 

term OMd by jewelen, 3iiloeIteraiiftbni(f . Jew. AnU Jewiib AiH* 

qnity, \M\^t nUiilfimtx. Jew. RH. Jewi«h Religion, {tbif^f 

Joenlarly, f4er}6aft* 
term need by joinen, Xif^Ietattftbrutf. 
like, glei4», mft. 

pound, ^fitnb (eitflliMe flte^nvnfi^m^c). 
latlnism, ^atinfftmtt^, latdnif^^e 0pra4e{den(e{t. 
Law term, iurifUMer Tfuftbruir, fSortin ber 0l(4tftse(e(rfanifeit 

jLoio-ph. Law pbraie, Cftebrn^ort in ber 9te4^tft()ele(rfanfeit 
term nsed by letter-foonden, Yttftbrucf bet 64rtftgief cr. 
lieentionsly, d9ent(dnili4 ftd gebrao^t 
Literature, ^teratur, litcrarifiber Itnftbrutf . 
literally, bu4»fiabU4», »6rtli4/ eigmtK^ (ni^t ftritli^.) 
term of locksmithi, ^^^lofTtrattdbntd. 
logical term, Ytttbrud in ber %o%\t. 
lew properly, minber ri^tig. 
little nsed, menig iibli(t). 
Indieronsly, fpafbaft/ troSid, (d^erlt^* 
lubstantive of the maicaline gender , f^Ckuptnort mlnntt^tS 

middle age, QXittelaltcr. 
Magic, Xn^brsif in ber QRagic ober dauberfnnft 
Manege, Yttibnicf in ber 9Uttf4a(e. 
term used in manufactories, Xu6bru<f iin 'Xtannfactttn^aarettMe* 
Mariners' term, JtunflaiUbrucf in ber 6eefpra4^ Mar, Low, Ma* 

rine Law, &eere4»t. 
Masonry, Yu$bni(f in ber QRaurerfnnft 
mathematical term, 7(tt6bnid^ in ber QXatbematif . 
mechanical term, TCnibrucf in ber VkedioxdJt ober in bent QRaWneii* 

medical term, Yttftbrntf in ber YrineiwifTenfibafU 
meteorological term, 7(tt6bnx(t in ber SXeteorolo^ie (Snfterfi^cU 

metaphorically, metap(or{f4»; fInnbilbUfb* 
term nsed in Metallnrgy, YuSbmtf in ber fKetttOnrgie^ 04>Kl^ 

Metaphysics , Yufibmtf in ber ^Dtetapt^Rf. 
metonymical, metoni)mtM/ nanentottMettb. 
military term, TCu^brntf in ber Arieg^funft. 
term used by millers and millwrights, lCn$bmtf bei ben SMUcm 

nnb !IM(Ienbonem. 
mineralogical or miners' term, Vttftbmtf in ber (Otinertnen* b€f« 

Sleiibenin ber 9ergban«itnnbe. 
term used with minters, ItttSbntif bei ben flXetaOmilnsem. 
modern word or phrase, (modern phrasen, Ac), ®ort ober fl^ 

bcnMrt (IB6rter te.) ber ncnem 3eit. 
Mahometaa Religion, nioioni(m)ebanir4e Oteligipn. 
Mollttsk, hie SRoOnsfc, boi ffBei«tbier. 



Jfor. standi 


m. pm 















Naut ; Nav, 



*A ^ 












«. L 






North. Myth 

. » 


fji. ti.) 






%. v« p« 



n. y. 



n. y. L 















Oj/ Unio. 






p. a. 






Pari Ph. 


































































term oied in Mormb, Itulbnitf ill ber !RoraI oba BlttttlU^ 

Bore properly, xi4^t!i%tt, onscmeirener* 

BMical Um, KttSbnttf in ber !Riifi!. 

term la Mythology, YnSbmct in bee QXpt^oIosie. 

•abstantlve of theaevter gender, {>aupt»ort fWUkm (S^^lc^tl* 

term in Natural History, VoftbtitlK bi ber SCaturgeni^tt. 

aaotical term, or term In Ba?igatlon, naval tactica, ICttftbrntf iS 

ber 94W« o^^ €Mfti|ffabrtt'itsttbr, nastif^e Xoftif. 
IfotaBentt bemerfe, iooi(|nmerfen. 
New England, 9teit«ChidIanb (ttorbdfUt(ber X(eil ber Sereiiil0tai 

etaaten oon 9Corb«ltmerifti, ttmfoft bie 6 Gtaatea: Maine, 

New Hampihlre, Vermont » Maatachnietts , Rhode Ialand» 

not English, ni(bt enflUf^. 
negatively, oerneinettb* 
not legitimate, (or nnanthoriaed word) nt^t aaecfoimtcr IClll* 

bmdt (eitt no^ ni^t eingcbtrgcites 0ort). 
needle maker ; needle mill, Itttftbmtf bCT 9{oblcr obcr te bCS Mbd" 

northern mythology, ttorbiMe (IRl^t^olOgie. 
not nsed, ni^t ilbK^, ini0ebrdu<b(i<b* 
term in Nomlsmatlcs, 2fn9bnt(f in ber QMnifluibe. 
not very proper, nid^t $011} angcmefTcii. 
not yet, no4» iii<bt/ ()• ®- '*• 9* t ^^ ni^t oertttft). 
not yet legitimate (scarcely natvraliied), tto4 f^xm ilierfttmit» 
onomatopy, SDnomatop^ie, onomatopeetif^er Ita^bnut 
opponitur (lat.), ee »frb entgefiensefc^t, fte^t Im Okgenfo^ |ti .- 
optical term, Vnftbrutf in ber ^tif. 
term in Ornithology, 7(n&bni(f in ber Smit^Iogic 
cant term, nsed In the University of Oxford, YttSbmtf in bn 0tes 

bentcnfpra<be in ber Uni^erfitat Difbtb. 
participle, ^articip, fSc^felnort. 
participle adjective, f>articipiQl'Vbiccti9. 
term in painting, Ku^bmcf in ber Wolerei. 
parliamenUry phrase, (Reben^ort im fHirUimcttt 
particle, )>arti(el. 
particolarly, inftbcfonbere. 
passive, paffiO/ f>affit>. 

term of paste-boardHaakers, 7Ctt§bnuf ber 9)appcmw4cr. 
term nsed with pavers, Yttftbmtf ber 0teinfeber* 
powder-mill, ynlDermiible. 
term in Perspective, Tfnftbmtf itt ber ^erfpectioe. 
Persian, pei|lr4* 

term osed in Petrifaction, YuSbmcf in ber 8erfle{nfnni0llMblw 
term of pewterers, 3tttngief eranlbmtf. 
philosophical term, Tfnftbniif in ber ^biiofop^ie. 
phrase, phrases, fftcbentert; Otebcndorten. 
term in Pharmacy, Kttftbmtf in ber YpotbeHrfnnft 
term la Phrenology, Yu9bn»f in ber 6^dbeSe(re. 
term in Physics, Itn^bruif in ber |>tQiit 
term in Physiology, 2rtt$bm(t in ber 4)b9flologie. 
term nsed by plnmakers, Itnftbmcf ber tSabler. 
plnral number, f>lttral, fRe^rsabl. 
term nsed by plombers, 7(n0bm<f ber Sleigief er* 
term nsed in papermilis, 7(nftbm(t ber yopiemdUlcr. 
pieonastical , pleonaatically, pleonaftift: flberflitng. 





p. p. 






profi* tf.y or pron* 




prov. (prw-u) 














SMp^. 3Mp-c 



#. pi. 

/^: proper Bme, ttigeiliamc* 

twra i« PMomstict, Xaftbnut in ber ^tftmcffmibe. 

tera ued Ui P«etry» poctiMer XitMru<f. 

tm Med !■ Potttief, Vttltnitf in bcr $ olttif ober etttottllintc 

FMMlecy, Ynnmtf in htt |)omoloflie, Dbftfunbe. 

poeUl opreeiioiiy Vn^bttttf im yoftoefcn. 

tera med by pottert, TCnlbtncf in ber 26pferd. 

partidple piiit, ba» ^trticip ber eerganficnen deit. 

ptftldple present , baft 9^^cip ber gesenndrtigen itit 

prepoJtloBt yWlpofitton, Sonoort. 

pr«MC teate, ^rifenft, gegenwlrtige deit 

pr«tarit» fyrdtf ritnm, iAngfl oergangene deit. 

priatefB* phrase or term, l^lbendact ober Ynftbrutf ber 9tt4bnt(fer« 

proBomivfyrottomen/ 8&r»ort. 
a^. stands far: prononieal adjectlTe, |)ronofflinaI>7Cbiecti9* 
for: pronooa penonel, perf6nIi4cS {^mort. 

proBoin poMOfiTe, befl|«nieigcnbel 9^mort 

properly, in etgentli^en Cinne, eigcntli(b. 

proferbiel expreition, ft^ri4i»6rtli(ber 7(n9bmcf (rpr{4»6ttK4e 

provUiciaUan, |)ro«insiaUVtt6bm(f. 

persoe, (grammatif4»e) 9<^on. 

participle rabstantlve, f>artidpid«CktbflQntio. 

term ued with psgiUsts, TCnftbnut ber Sas^impfrr. 

qMttioMiblep or m word of which the propriety la rather donbtfal^ 

eift ttort, beffen 9ebratt4 noib in diveifel fte^t 
quodvidSf which aee, »el(beft fielfte. 
religion, rellgloea aoljecU, 9UUgiott, bie Religion betreffenbe 

respedftiliy, a^tnngftoon, anftlC^^ng. 
term In Rheotric, Itttftbrnif in ber (Xebefunft. 
In rldicnle, UUkctii^ 

term nied by rope-maken, Itnlbrndf ber 6eiler (fteepMUger). 
Roman, limiM. Rom. CatK Roman Catholic, r6mif4«hit(oUM. 

iiom. Hist, kc. Roman Bbtory, r6mif4e OefAi^tc^ K. 
term nsed on railwaya difenbatnauftbOKt 
1. anbitantlTe, ^auptmort) 2. ahillfaig, G^iOing* 
dollar. Scaler, vid. Diet nnter S. a66r. 
term naed by laddlera, YttSbmcf ber 6attler. 
term nied In saltpeter honses, lttt9bru<f ber Colpeterfieber. 
ScottUh, Hottin* 

Scrlptnral expression, btbUf#er Yuftbmtf. 
term nsed in Scniptnre, Itttlbnut ber ®ilb(atter. 
sen expression, sea langnace, sea phrase, Itnlbmtf ober 9le« 

benlart in ber Ceefprt^e, ^atrofenansbrndf . 
nsed In sewing, TCn^bnttf bei ber M^erei. 
nsed with ship4>allder8 or shlp-carpeaters or term In ostsI 

nrchitectnre, Xttftbnujt in ber 04»iffbaufttnft. 
shoemakei's term , Jtattflattlbnnt ber €Mkn^Q4^. 
singnlar number, Cingalar, (Sinja^I* 
term nsed by skin-dressers, Yttlbrnd ber ^berberdter. 
term used by slaters, €Mkieferbcileritt9bmdf. 
term nsed by smiths, black-smiths, TCttlbnitf ber 0i(miebe* > 

term nsed by smelters, 4)ftttenattftbni(f. ) 

•niemn, feier(i4 (CSIegenfo^ eon cot). 
sabstnntlvepinral,^anptioort in ber SXetrtaftl. 


Sp€Tt» Jfttiulf for 






rap. J 

Surg* 1 

l.W* 1 

5io. 1 

S^w. ] 

Sw-cut^ 1 

T. (21*.) > 


TaU. \ 

Tan. ) 

tauU 1 

TheaU i 


7\n. ] 

r-jfu 1 

7b6. 1 

tr. ) 

2Wg, 1 

2\(ni. 1 

TyP' > 

uncer. i 

(9« 1 

o. a. 1 

o.<L * 

Vet. I 

V. imp. 1 

Vint. t 

V. ir. M 

V. n. M 

V. reetp. a 

v.r^ % 

0. reg. M 

oi(L M 

imig. a 

IFotcA-m. 1 

IFox-c/i. » 

W-dr. > 

^•OB. 1 

WTt«. 1 

Wood. » 

IFoo{. > 

ZooU » 

Zoot. 1 


/or; sporttnum's expreuion or tern, ftcbcnftact obcr (Jtlillfl*) %Mmi 

ber 3«8bliebtabcr, tteb^ber ber ecrflafigt>n^ beft 9f IM, M 

Ifif^eitf , fio^clfleaai*, u. 
tmi iiMd io Stetiftict, Yttlbntf i« ber Ctotififf. 
Mtjonctive mood, bcr Gnbittitdie/ Cfoniunctio. 
8affolk(ciigUf4e Clnifftofl). 
term aied Io nigw-^orki, IClt^bnitf in ber SttdirfUberei. 
teim vMd in aobjects of raperstitlon, KttSbrndt bn (S^cgcnfMabei 

be* Xbttficaiibtnh 
inperimtSve, CupcrlatU): ii^fH Btd^ttm^Bftaft. 
term In Surgery, Vu^bntcf in ber fiBimbarjnefltettfl. 
■operllaolu word, fiberjliifiiseft (minfitee) ttort. 
Swedifh, f(b»eb(fA. 

term ued in lalt-worlu, BaUttenanftbtntf. 
term wed by iword-oitlert, TTn^brucf ber 6<bn»ertfeda. 
technical term (or terms) in general, itunflmort ober tc4nif4er 

Yttftbrutf (itnnfliD6rter ob. TCnftbrficfe) im TCHgemeineit. 
term oaed by tailors, Jtunftauftbrud ber 6(bneiber. 
term wed by tallow-chattdlers, Kttftbnice ber Salflli^tiie^er. 
term wed vith tanners, (Skrberanftbnid. 
tantological, tantologiM* 
theatrical term, Itttftbntcf bo* Sweater ober X^eateranselegenteitett 

theological term, TCtt^bmcf in ber S^eologie. 
term used by tin<men, TCtt^bmif ber ^ngiefer nnb ^ftlempner. 
term used In tin-mines, XuSbmif in ben dintigntben. 
term used by tobacconists, Xn^bntcf in ben SobaHfabrifen. 
tropical expression, tropiMer ober uneigentlij^er ^uftbrutf. 
term In trigonometry, 7Cti$bni(f in ber Srigottometrie. 
term nsed by turners, IDretll^Ierav&bnuf. 
typographical term , Xn^bnitf in ber ®n4bra<ferfonft 
nncertain word, of which the sense is not clear, Qngeioif , Obett 

ein fSort/befflm 6inn nicbt flar ift. 
verb, deitmort. 

verb active, t^tiged dettmort. 
verb defectire, mnngelbttfteft 3eit»ort 
term of the Veterinary Art, Xnftbnut in ber S^terartReifniAe. 
verb impersonal, nnperfdnlubel deitmort. 
term nsed by vintagers, 0in|cran«bni(f. 
verb irregnlar, unregelmdpiget 3eit»ort. 
verb nenter, netttrolcs Beitmort. 
verb reciprocal, segenfeitid mirfenbef 3eit»ort. 
verb reflective, lurdifmireenbeft 3eitiDort 
verb regnlar, regelnidfidee 3eit»ort. 
vide^ see, fie^e. 

vnl^ word or expression, gemeineft 0ort ober VuSbmtf . 
term nsed by watch-makers, Ubrmafberanftbrntf. 
' term nsed by wax-chandlers, 7(u6bni(t ber 8Ba4»6U4t2ie(er. 
term of wire-drawers, 7(nftbni(f bcrS>ra(t}ie(er. 
term of weaveri, flBcberanSbmce. 
term of wfaeel-wrights, TCttftbrntf ber GteOma^er; fSagner. 
term in wood-engraving, Itslbnut in ber f>oliMneibe{ttttft 
term nsed in preparing or dressing wool, 2fnftbm<f beim SortitW 

ber ffBoDe unb ber ffBoHbereitttng. 
term in Zoology, TCttSbruiK in ber Sbierhtabe, 
term In Zootomy, 1Ctt»bni<f in ber Sb^r}etdUebentttg. 


4 marki am tUokte wtrd, be|ri4RCt ein oeraltetcd 0ort 
114: wutrks m ward nearly obsoUte, ht^Hntt till betna^e oeroltete^ Sort. 
<K mturht 1. • poetical word or txpreuion; 9. at the head of seTeral wordt aigolfiea that 

they come under the lame principle of pronandation ai the leading word, 
bci(i4»nct 1. ein poetiWei ffBorti 2. tor bcm flBorte geigt eft an/ baf taf« 
fe6e in ber 'Ku^fpxaift benfelben (Regeln, alft fein 6tamni»ort ober d^rnSd^c 
(voranfte^enbe) fSdrter, foist 

NB. eet bcm 8er}ei4ni|re ber unregelrndfigen 3ett»6rter am &ifivif[t biefcft Ou^eS, 

behentet baft Gtem^en [*] regelrndf ig. 

— (-) ettipfit; or morJk of repetition of the word at the head of an article or semicolon, 

or of Utters^ syUahlet or words omittedt (SOipfe j ober 8Bieber(olnttdft|ei4cn 
(6npplir • ober erdSnittngftflrt^) fle(t anfiatt beft erflen (ober oorjleOenben) 
ffBorteft eitteft7CrtifeIftober6emicoIonfts ober aid d^gdi^nng auftdelafTcner 
Snibflaben, 6t)Iben ober SBftrter. 

• marJtf ofdMtionof two words or sentences not immediately connected^ Srennttngftftdclbra 

iiveter SBorter ober 64^e, bie nitbt nnmlttclbar snfamniense^ftren ober ter« 

:Deittf4e IbSSrftungen. 

German AbbreTiationa. 



a. 6. 




9. / 9*n> » 

bef. » 

betr. » 

t. » 

b. a. IB. » 

b. b. (ffB.) » 

b. e. (0.) » 

bef. » 

befflU » 

bentfib. » 

b.f. X » 
b. f. (b.) ®. 
bim., bimin. 

b.L » 

b. m. r. » 

b. r. » 

b. d. » 

b. 9. SB. » 

e. » 

e. i. ®. » 

ebem. » 

eifl. eisentL » 

eStpt. » 

Ot-n. » 




ffir: If rtilel; arUcle. 
» atU, all. 

abgefftrit, abbreviated; Tfbffirjnnd, abbreviation. 

angelfdi^M, Anglo-Saxon. 

arabif<b# Arabian. 

anberc Seite^ other or next page. 

ouftfienommen, except, jsxcepted. 

befler, beffere, better (|. 95- i b. b. fS.— baft beffcre Sort, the better 

Sebentnns, IBebentungen; aignification, tignificatloni. 

befonberft, particolar, particularly. 

betreffenb, relating to. 

ber, bie, baft, the. • 

baft alte SBort, the old word. 

baft beffere («ort) ) ,, ,.. .^^ .v 

bttftebIere(»ort) }» ^»»« better (word). 

befectto, mattgel^ft, defective. 

befglef^en, likewise, also. 

bentf^er, bentf<be, bentfdkeft, German. 

ber folgenbe Itrtifel, the following article. 

baft folfienbe (beffere) fiBort, the inbieqneat (better) word. 

Serfleinenmgftmort, diminntive. 

baft lebtere, the latter. 

baft minber ri^tige, the lets proper. 

baft ri^tigere (flBort), beft ri^tigem (SBorteft), ber rUttfgtreQ (IB^r* 

ter), the more correct (word, words), 
baft fibliibere (flBort, word), more in ose. 
baft oor^ergebenbe CBort, the preceding word, 
einer (ein), cine, eineft (ein), a. 
ein alteft Sort, an old word, 
e^emalft, formerly, 
eigentlt^i properly. 
eUptifib/ elliptically. 
^gcnname, proper name. 
















c. n. IB. 






















L b. f. 9-11. » 


i. r. e. 



nng. €$. 















in b. S. 



irl. J Sri. 



itol.) 3ta1 

. » 


i*». e. 


























m. r. (b. m< 


















n. 9. 















































f&r: erfif^/ bc^ftM/ £n«- 

tin Wt^M (f(blc4t gebU^eteS) Sort, m bad ar iU formed 

eitt nnnflb^^ ftBort, a Dieleuword. 

bie foldenben, snb fo ntiUx, the followiBg, and so fortb. 

Srauennonif, woman's proper name, 

franidfif4, French. 

flcbrau^t/ noed; gebrdn^It^/ nsnal. 

Ocgenfob/ in opposition. 

gemein/ gemeiner, semeine, gemeincft, Tnlgar, vnlgariy* 

geiodbnl^i^ nsnal, usually. 


grammotifaltfib, grammatically. 

bebrdiM/ Hebrew. , 

in brn fblgenben iOebeutnngen, in the followiog tentca. 

im (blen €Stnnc ) ._ . „^«j ■««.• 

im dblen 0tnn(, in a bad sense. 

in aSenSebnitangen, in all the significations. 

inbif4/ Hindoo, (East-) Indian. 

inbianif(b/ Indian. 

in biefer 9ebratung, in this signification. 

irldnbifib/ Irish; 3rlanb, Ireland. 

italienir<b, Staltener, Italian. 

im meiteren Ginne, in a more extended sense. 

3a(r(ttnbert, century. 

faum |tt geflatten, hardly allowable (word or oenseX 

Iateinir<b, Latin. 

mit, with. 

mala^ifife, Malayan. 

mittelboj^beutfi^, Middle-High German. 

!0{ontt6name, man's proper name. 

moraltfib/ morally, or in a moral sense. 

mittber ri^tig, basmtnber ri^btige (SBort), leu property, the lest 

proper (word). 
na(b/ niter. 

nod^ Tfnbcm, according to others. 
ni(bt ancrfannt; not allowed. 
Storb'S)nitf4Ianb, 92teber>S>e]itf4Ianb, North of Germany, Lower or 

Northern Germany. 
9?orb*(tngIanb, North of England, 
noib gemetneri more vulgar. 
Stibelungen Steb, lay oftheNlbelongs. 
nicberltobiM, Dutch. 
9{ieber>6Q4N, Lower Saxony. 
ni(bnrfd(bfif(i/ low Saxon or low German. 
niibt fibli4^, not in use, unusual. 
&ber*iDetttf(blanb, Upper Germany. 
ober, or. 

^ret4 (im SDeftreitbif^^n), (in) Anstrin. 
orientalif^/ oriental. 
SDber«6a4ftn, Upper Saxony. 
PbPW*/ pbysically. 
9ortttgie^fd^5 f>ortngiefe, Portugueee. 
9)rdf[intm, prefix. 

tt^tigcr, more correctly, 
regclmfifig, regularly. 


Explanation (Sritdrung 

«f the abbremtionfl and marks in bo; Sblittiimi|en nnb Qdi^tn In blefem 

tbb dictionary. SBSttCtbuc^e. 

WUn mUkcc ^Uveinttibcs (lilaiN Ittifcl ciiic« Ha^c angc^eii, f» i|l brc AMituat 
dn -«. aUyimUd^cn antcMnttunb blcfelbc bUfmXctfUbi itu&gcfMttaMcbcii; [•fliibbcC 
To Balasee bic btntcr ft. (k^mboi XltfbviMc bH Xctisai C pi •. b. (• crarawfcUI tarat{ 
Nt bid Iftfta tctftd bd bCM Smett Wli«: Jfor-f. b. L aadiien' tenu. 

Kagllah abbr«¥latioDt. 

OngUf^e YbfArinngen. 















cazw o. 



ftoadf for: abbreriated; abbreviation, abgcMrjtl Ybtfit|ttng. 
acadcffllcal term, afdbtmintt Stvatj^axahtnit 
aeadeiilcal cant term, VnSbntif in bet 6tttbcntettfipra4t- 
Acooitlcs, 64anietrc. 
a^factlTe, Xbiectto, fidiDOtt 
a4?erb; adverbially. XbonbtmB} aboerbtalifc^. 
1. affectedly, geiiertt 2. marki an affected (or pedaatical) wordl» 

dn fleticrtci (ober pebantifd^cS) ttort fu btiei^iKS* 
affirmatively, afflnBatie, betattnb. 
term nied in Aigricaitnre, Yttftbnuf bdm Sdbbott. 
Alcbymy. Yl^pmie. 

algebraical term, Xoibnuf in brr Ttldcbra. 
American word or pbraie, oaurilamf^eS flBortober omerifani* 

Me {RCbenlart. 
analogous, analogoasly, analog: aer(dItttiMIti4. 
ancient, }. S. An, Arch^ An, Geog., alt Ober dtter, }. S. diterc 

fianfanft, altc Gcograp(ie, u. 
anatomical term, 2(tt(brtt<f in ber 3ergttebcntngftfttttft 
term used witb angleri, YuSbmif bdm Yngela. 
anglicl«m, engUf^btGprMbeigmteit 
Aotlqnities, Vtttiqititdtca. 
antiphraatlcal, a word uied by antiphraalt, antip^raftiftf Citt 

auf SBetfe dner Tfntip^rafc gcbraB^tei fBort. 
nuarks a word of arbitrary formatiftny be^d^net dn wiOHI^rli^ gebflbf 

Mtands for: archltcctonical term, Vttftbni(f in ber Sanfunft 
Archaeology, Ylttrt^amfthmbc. 
arithmetical terra, TCnftbtttcf in ber Xdt^mttlf. 
artide, (Sefcbldbtdmort. 

astronomical term, TfttSbnttf itt ber Xftronomic. 
astrological term, 7(tt6brn<f in bcr TCftrolDgif. 
ansillary verb, j>illf»)dt»ort 
term n^ed by bakers, Qdtftninftbnttf. 
barbaroos word or term, 9arbarilmnl (S((Iir gegcn bieOtcin(d^ 

ber 6prad»c). 


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anmaf enber Songeberei, unb Oertngfcbd^ung ber Walker'fd^en fierbienfiC; 
bereibtigen i^n feine f<barfc 0eoba(btunglgabe/ fein praftif(bed Qbt\ii\i 
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'«' <>. 

Fite. fit, (kn, far, fittt, All, fa'tfl. Mete, m«t, thirt, herd, eiapte', r^dee'mf r. Fine, ffn, 
m^fhice', bird, jaim'ical. Note, nfit, md^e, nor, 15 ve, c9Ddule^ Tube, tQb, bdll, HhJe, 

cborch, mar'mvr. 

y = I: my, cjm'bil, myrrh [mlr], v«r'y. (cf. P. XXXIII.) 
Cliair, Character, ^baife; Qive, Qiant. Wife. 27kink, thii. Example. 

Ay a, 1. (ein fB^tal), ^a$ 1[, a. 

^', BorM'&ilbt, au6 In angeird4iftf4ett9)rd 
pofttion OB (f4>on im H^l inmiUn an) vblU 
ftanben unb bef. in engL QCboerbien, |. Q. 
away, aback (agf. on \eg, on bac), bo^er 
no(b ie(t bod a b^uflg bur^ on }u erfetcn: 
aboard, ashore = on board, on shore ; oft 
(in Doltlt^fimU^er {Hebe) oor participial 
0nbflantiT>en: to go a-hnnting, jogen ()nm 
3ageii^ )ttr 3ogb) ge^en^ be burst out a- 
laogbing, ft bra4 in (9(Id(bter au$. 

^ [feCten 9], art. tin, tint, tin. 

A., a., abbr. Com, 1. (auf fBctrein) fl. ac- 
cepted; 2. (in ^i^eiMiften) ft. advance; A.B., 
Sea, fi. able bodied; A. C., Corns. (Acc^ 
Cnr^.) fl. account current; ac. (acc^.) fl. 
accepted; ac, a/c., acc^ ft accoant; Adm'. 
fl. admiral ; A. M., ft. ante meridiem (latj 
before noon, Sormittagd)) Am^, a*"'., Cvm. 
% amount; a. s. f. ft. and so forth; a. s. 
o. ft. and so on. unb fo »citer. 

iak, s. ber Hat OCxt platter (RbeinMiffe). 

tam, 5. tie ID^m, C^me (gliiffigfeitdmaf). 

U'ron [A'rpn], #, Xaron (9R-n.). 

Mrftn'ic — c%l, [fron'jk], adj. aaronif^. 

iV«c9, 4Lbac'c^ s. ber Q^cmebepifang. 

Ab&ck', adv. Mar. iUxUi^, riiifmirtd j to lay 

. or brace — , bie CJegeC bo* braffcn $ to be 
taken — , 1. (oon ben 6ege(n) oom fiBinbe 
9lMl{4 rfltfnirtfi gcfcbleubert»erben$ 2.coL 
9tf((i4 t^offen locrben, in Skflitrivng ge< 

,fit^. [bie eiulenplatte. 

Ib'fcas, 5. l.Math. bie me^etttafen %Arch. 

fkWdqu, 1. BibL bcT 8erfl(rer, b<fe %tinr>, 

^b&ft', Afar. I. ado. (inten (am <B4i1Fe)^ tin* 

tcr»drt6; II. s. baS ^intertteit be< e^ifft^. 

To ^ba'lj^nate, v. a. 1. 1«u;. oerdufcm $ 2. 

/l|jr. entfremben. [9ef!tt(um<. 

^bfilj^na'tipn, s. Loio, bie Serfiuf erung (tinti 

To AbanM^n, v. a. 1. oerlaffen^ aufgebett) 2. 

Com, abanbonniren, abtretenj 3. to — to, 

9>reis geben (^nem GtioaQ^ gdnjiiib fiber« 

laffen^ a-ed, p. a. 1. oerlaffen, iCifig-e. 2. 

berobet) 3.Der»orfen$ abf<beuli4i) lafter^aft. 

AbSn'dQnm^nt, i. 1. bad fBerlaffen) 2. bad 

i6erlafrenfein$ 3. Jig. baS eifb'UberlalTett, 

^ingeben i 4. Com. k Law, bie Serji^tleU 

flung, Xbonbonnirung. [Zrepan. 

Ab^ptiVtQR, 5. ilR. ^Surg. ber 64(lbeIbo(rer, 

4: To AbArc', v. o. l.entbtffenj 2. Jig. ent* 

^becfen. [SDiart^rofc. 

Ab^rtrcfUil'tion, s. AnaL bi( jtno^enfiigung, 

AbSs', 1. Com, ber TCbad (ein perfifdi^ee f)er« 

lengemi^t t>on 'A Jtarat). 
To 4bise', 17. a. 1. ttieberlaffen, fenfen$ (bie 

Slagge) flrei4Ktt9 2../i^. a) erniebrigen, be« 

miit^igenj b) entmut^igen, nieberf^Iagen. 
Abased' [^biist'], p. a. if«r. gefenft. 
Abase'm^nt, a. 1. bad S^ieberlaffen ) M- 2. 

bielDemiit^igung » 3.bie9?iebergeWagett(eit. 
To Abash', u. a. beMdmeU) pasf. (mit at) fi4 

(einer 0a4O f4dmen/ oerlegen fein (iiber). 
Abas'sj, Abai'«i«i «. ber l(b(b)affi, 7(b(b)a« 

(perf. eilbermitnie 9. ungef. % 2:6rr.). 
^bii'tf bie, adf;. Law, load ungiiltig gema^t 

merben fann, mnfiof en^ befhreitbar. 
Ahtti chamee [fbXt-ahO'vS], f. Com. eine Yrt 

geringer (fr«n|(ftf«fr)(IBoOe,Xttdf4«fttdQe- 


To Abate 

To Abhor 

To ^bSte', o. I. a. ]. abt)rc4cn, nieberrcifctt, 
|crfl4ren$ 2. fig. Dermtnbem, ftillen, miU 
bem 5 3. Com- J. a) ( — of, from the price, 
«om l^retfe) aMoffen, nadi^ra{fen» />) ^erun« 
tcrfe^en (Un ^xd$)i c) ahMtn, rabatti? 
ren,becortiren{ 4. Lmr» a) ungfiltig mo^en, 
umfbfeit; wiberrufcn} ft) to — an estate, 
ein <Snt ioiberrc4tIi<b an ficb reifen; U. n. 
l.dbnc^men^ na^Ifitfen^ ftd^ oerminbeniy fi<f^ 
legend 3. Man. beim (Surbettiren (Qogen^ 
fpnSnge madden) bfe |>ittterfiilf e lu^Ux^ anf 
feteii) 3. /^t<7, a) iingitlttg loerbeni 6) fi4^ 
bet ScrlafTenMaft eine$ Serflorbenen itiber 
rc^tUcb bemd4t{gen$ to — in one*s flesb, 
(om ^(ibe) abnebmcn, abfallen, abmogern) 
to — in price. Com. im ?>reife faUcn. 

^bate'mfnt, s. I. bie IBerminberung, 7(bna^$ 
mti 3. Com. a) ber TCbjug, ^a^af, Ztcext, 
DlQbott; bie dlcfactie^ h) ber SXanco (7(aa 
faS) M 9te(bnungenj ^.fig. bie 9?ieberde« 
Mlagen^eitj 4. Lmcs. «r) bie Umflofting 
ettie^ SeWnffed; «)bie »iberre4tli(be i99e« 
ft^nebntttttg $ 5. H«r. ba« (jur ISerminberang 
ber fiBfirbe angebra^^te) ISeijeid^en. 

ijLba'tfr, s. 1. ber ^errainberer, jc.5 2. bad 

Abatis [ab?ite'], *. (fr.) Mil. bet IBer^ou. [mer. 

.Jba'tpr, s. LatPf ber ioiberrc(btIi(bc ^eft^ne^^ 

Ab'ftOref [ob. — ^t«h(irz], s. pi. Sport, ber 'Kbs 

^ttitt, bie ©pur (be§ «Bilbc<), lit gd^rte. 

Abb, s. Weav. ber ^ttttl, QfuRug^ bie Jtette. 

AbHja, 5. (^ebr.) TCbba: »oter. 

AVb^icy, «. bie ^(btdWSiirbe. 

4^bbSi'i, Abbas'sjs, s. vid. AbaMi. 
Abba'ti9r[9ba'fthfll, adj. dbtiitb, abteili^l. 
Abbay', adv. vulg. m^, abtodrtd. 
Ab^^B?, .V. Sbtiffin, Xbtim. 
ib'b€y, s. bie Ttbtei (bo* Jtlofier). 
Ab'bpt,.f. ber)(bt i — in commendam, cin »clt< 
^li^cr XituIarsTCbt} — unrgeon, ber Seibarjt. 
Abl>9t«brp, s. bie CBilrbe unb bad Kmt eined 

^bte« ober einer Ifbtiffln. 
Abbrenrolr [sibbrM^'vor']. s. 1. bie XxinU, 

^ferbeWwemme 5 2. Arch, bie Jtittfpalte. 
^bbrS'vfSte, r. a. obfurgen. [fiirgungdjeiclbett. 
^bbrevift'ti9n, *. l.bieKbfurjunfl^«2fb? 
^\bbre'Y|fitor, jr. ifcr Tfbffirjer. 
^bbriVjature [tphfir], j. L bad Tfbfurjungds 

ieid^en/ bie TCbffirsttng j 2. ber Kudjug. 
Ab'by, vid. Abbey. Abe, vld. Abcce. 

^bdeVj^ii, ad). abberitiW- 

AbMerftc, s, ber Kbberit, Sin». ton Xbbera. 

AVdjc^t, I. p. a. (mit oO entfagenb, terjicb? 

lenb (ottf)J H- *• ber ICbbanfenbe. 
Jb'dfcSte, V. I. a. 1. nieberlegen, oufteben 

(ciA QCint), Cbem tC^ron) entfagen) 2. Z.av, 

a) obfelen, entfeten j h) oerflofen/ enterben) 
JI. n. obbanfen/ entfafjen. 
Abdjcii'tl9n, 1. 1. bie ^iieberlegung/ bad TbiU 

geben eined 7[mU$ 9 bie TCbbanFnng i (S^ronj* 

ffntfaQung^ 2. Laio, bie iBerflofung, Ghiter^ 

bung. [TCbbanhmgd^. 

^bdic'^tive, adj. bie Stieberlegttng betreffenb, 
Ab'djtQry, j. ber fBtxfttd, 
^bdu'ni^n,«.(p/.9bd5m'jn9 [Iat]ob .^bdu'm^f ) 

l.Anat. ber Unterleib^ juioeilen bad eani« 

fctt 5 2. EnL ber |>interleib ber 3nfef ten. 
Abdom'jnal, I. adj. Anat. ben Unterleib be« 

treffenbj —ring, ber £eiflenring5 II. a-», 

s. pi. Ich. lit Sontbflofrer. 
Abdom'inovf, adj. Anat. }um Unterleib $e« 

To ^bdnce', v. a. Anat. abjie^en, obfonbeni* 
fbd&'c^nt, adj. Anat. abjie^enb $ — mnscle, ber 

^bduc'tion, s. 1. gen. bie }(bfii(rung i %Anat, 

bie Vbiie^ung) 3. Law, bie 0ntf(i(rttn9 9 4. 

Surg.lSdtin^fdxu^i b.Log. bie Vbbuction. 
^ibdiic'tor, s. i. Law, ttx ^tfi'i^rerj 2,AnaU 

ber TCbsiebnuidfel. [hud^. 

Abecc', s. bad Ti'h'C, 2flp%abet5 bad OCsb^c* 
AbScedaVj^n, s. ]. ber TCsb^csIebrer/ etui* 

meifter 5 2. %'\>fC:\dtiJLitx, fam. QC»b*csf(biib. 

Ab^ce'd^ry, I. adj. gum ^*bf C ge^^rig 9 II. .«. 

bie K«bsc*tafel. 
Ab^d' (a-bed, ogL A-, B. 1% ado. col. 1. im 
' (gu) ^tttt 9 2. bettldgcrig 9 3. in (ben) fBo(bf n. 
A'bel, *. Itbtl (aX-tt.)5 — inuik, ber TCbelmo* 

f(bud$ —tree, ob. Abele', bie fBeifpappel, 
^ber'devine, *. (tru. ber 3ei(i9. [^bclc. 

Aberdeen-', comp. —fish, ber ^oberbanj — 

hose, geflricfte €Sa})ett»aare aud ^erbeen9 

—snake, bie (anggef(b»dn}te 0(buppen. 


^blfr'rance (— cy), s. l.bod Xbweit^en, bie^b* 
^toei4iung9 2. fig. bie Srrnng, ber 3rrtbum. 
Ab^rrS'tion, s. 1. bic ^ICbioei^ung $ 2. a) Ast. 

bie ICbirrung It^ Zidftt$i fi) Opt. bic ©re* 

(bnng ber ^i^tftra^len 5 d.Jfig. ber Srrweg, 

^rrgand9 Srrt^um. 

4: iAb^r'ring, p. a. (ttb)irrcnb, p(b »erirrenb. 
To J^h^t'y V. a. (Ofinen gu cinem «erbre4en) 

antrcibcn, anreijcn, anljc^enj (<linem)«or« 

f4^ttb t^un, b^lfcn, unterfliiben. 
Abet'ffif^nt, s. bie Knfiiftung 5 bie Unter fttibung, 

ber «orf*nb, ©eifianb. [ferdfeclfer. 

^bet'tor, s. ber ^nfiifterj SKitf*ulbige, ^el* 
Abey^fnce [siba'^nsj, s. Law, bie^ioartv 
' f(baft $ to lie in — , im 6treite liegen (oon 

®runbfluifen)i inods in — , i^acante ob. ^ers 

renfofe £dnbercien. 
To Abhor', v. a. i^eTabfifteQen $ Script. »et« 





t^tCB/ derfdj^ma^rni Law k Script. t)cr$ 

AbhSr'rence (— cy), s.Mf S5erobf4>euung5 l>cr 
Xbfira (— of, from, cor)j Ux ^ttf, hit 
^flmeigttng (gegenj. 

^bhor'r^nt, I. adj. 1. ©crabWcuent 4 2. (to, 
t&^t from) unoereinbar mit ^^ ^^^ (SUo^ 
rtttfemt, (emfelben iutoiber^ II. -— ly, adv. 
mit ICbMes. 

^bWr^r, $. «erobWeucr$ gcinb (con). . 
Mor'rjng, (p.) s. bie IBerabr^eunng 9 ber 
tb^tn. [lenber. 

A'bjb, s. ber Tfbib (Ifkc SRonot) im jfib. Jta* 

To Abided u. trr. I. n. bUiben: 1. tcrweilcn} 
woinenj 2. jSg. a) t>er^arrcn, an^barren (— 
by,in)i 6)fi(bbflWcn(an),flfiien(auf)5 to — 
irjth a person, bei 3emanb bleibcn 9 H- a- er« 
»artcn$ UiUn, crieiben (einen Serlufl) j er« 
tragctt, ttuSboItenj a-ingj. p. a. (— ly, ade?.) 
fortiod^renb, (ai]6)banernb4 U.-v- l.baS Sleis 
ben^ic. 4 2..%. bie (gort*)©<mcr, ber ©e* 

^fianb y a-ing-place, ber SEBe^nort. 

AbjSn'tjne, adj. tanneti, oon 2:annenboI^ 

AVjg^p (lat.) 5. Bo^ (S^attung au$ ber S^ni- 

^3apfenbdume (iSanne, %i^tc, ;c.). 

ib|«t'}c ac'id, *. Chem. ^it Sannenbarsfdurc. 

Ab'igail, 5, l.TCbigttU (bibl. 5-n.)4 2. co^ a) 
bie itammeriundfcr, 3cfe) fr) ba$ bdfe XBetb. 

^biVity, .r. ^ie Sdbidfeit: 1. bafi IBermogenj 
bie Stxaft, (SbiW(tii¥titj 2. bie (O^eiMO 
ihraft^Hnragei 3. (— to pay), bte3obIttng«« 
Wftigfeit4 — of estate, btt« Sermdgen, bie 

JUMnftt, ®elbmittel. 

Abjnt^t'tQite, adj. Law, o^ne Xcflamcnt. 

Ab'j^ct, 1. adj. ( — ly, adv.) niebrig, e!cnb, 
oerdibtlitb/ ttiebertrd(btig; Dermorfen) un* 
Aieberbrin^Ufb oerloren -, II. «. ^ ber Sermor? 
fene,(IIenb<5 III. — ness, ^bjcfc'tednesi, Ab- 
jec^tion, s. I. bie 3?ieber(rfi(btigfeit, IBer»or» 
fen^etti 2. bie (ee(bft2)($rniebr<dund/ jDe« 
Mtbigung (oor <Bctt). 

iTo /Lbja'djc^te, v. a. aberfennen. 

Abjara'ti90, s. La\o, bie TCbWw^rung $ (feier* 
liibe) (Sntfagunfiy oath of — , Engl, Hist. 
bie TCbfibio^rund (bed ^rdtenbenten). 

To ^bjare', obW»6ren, bcrfrbworen; entfagen. 

To ^bliic'tate, v. a, Hort, abfttugen, vid. To 
tft (by approach). 

A cta'tipn, *. Hort. bie Xbfdugung, (vid. 

^ iftiDg Ac). [be, |)erlenfeibe. 

A upie [Sblkc], *. Com. feinc pcrflWe ©ei* 

^ qiiSa'ti9D, 1. Hort. baS TCufboif en ber @rbe 
bieXBur^ernberSQume^ Fm^bie^adPe. 

A %n^s. 1. bieSBegnabme, baSXBegnebmen, 
iSurg. k Chem.)i 2.Med.bic7Cu«reernn84 
nth, ba$ Ibjie^en. 

Abl^tifve, I. adj. negnebmenb^ II. s. Gramrs, 
( — case), ber TCbltttio 5 — absolotc, ber db« 
fotute (unab^dngige) TCblatio. C9(<uameiL 

Ablaze', adv. fam. brennenb, lobernb, in 

A'ble, adj. fdbig: im etanbei tfi^tig, ge^ 
f(bi(ft, erfabren^ ocrmogenb, rei^i braoj ta 
be — , im ©tonbe fein Bonnenj — to pay. 
Com. ja^InngSfd^ig , folocnt^ — bodied, 
adj. flarf, frdftig, rii|tig5 — bodied sea- 
men. Mar. bienfifdbige (gef^itfte) ©eelente. 

Ab'Ifn, Xbl^t, 1. provinc. ber ®e{ffif4. 

A'blen^Bs, 5. lit. k fi^. bie Sd^ig^eit, itraft, 
%C., vid. Ability. 

Ab'l^psy, s. (/. M.) lit. k fig. bie ©linbbeit. 

:^ToAbMjgate, v. a, abWfen, abbinbcn, loftbin* 

k Ibljga'tion, s. bie TCbldfung. [ben. 

iTo Ab'l^cjlte, V. a. (oer)ptt(btcn. 

Ab'lufot, l.adj, reinigenb^ Med. abfitbrenb^ 
II. a-s, Ablti^n'tj9, [ — 'shja], s. pi. Med. 
(bitttreinigenbe) 2(b^brungjmitte(. 

i^blQ'tion, s. 1. bie 7(bn>af4ung (9teinignng 
bur4i flBaftben)) 2. Chem. baS ^fuSmaMcn* 
Ifbfiifeni 3. Rom. Cath. bie Tfbrution (ber 


AbnSga'tipn, s. bie (eibIi(be)7Cb[dugnung,S?er« 


Ab'neg^itor, s. ber ^bldugner, Cerldugner. 

4= To AVn9date,o.a.(©tturaPnorren)QbfQppen. 

4: Abnoda'tioD, x. bad ISer^Qtten, ^fappen. 

inboard', I. adv. Mar. an j|5orb, im (gu obef 
flwf bem) 64liife5 to go — , fii einWiffenj 
to fall — of (or with) a ship, mit einem (an> 
bem) ©^iffe jufommenftof en j to turn — 
of a ship, dn 6<biff anfegelns n. inf. an 

SBorbJ (cf. Board), 
^bode', I. pret. k p. p. oon to Abide ; 1). «. 

1. baS Sleiben, BtxmiUn, ber Vufent^alti 

2. ber ^(ufentbalt^ort, bie i®o(nnng$ f 
make —, 1. »ol^in }ieben5 2. ttobncn. 

+ To .flbode', v. a. Dorbcbeuten^ vid. To Bode. 

Abude'm^nt, s. V\t JSorbebcutnng. 

To ^buFjsh, V. a. abftbafen, aufbebcni in 

®egfa0 bringen; t>crn)erfen$ Dcrni^tcn. 
Abdl^jsh^ble, adj. obgnf^af en it., oerni^tbar. 
Abol'ish^r, f. ber tttbftbaffer, «crnt<bter. 
AbSl'jshmfTit, 9. bie TCbf^affung, 2Cuf^ebung. 
Ab9]i'ti9n, s. Law, bie TCbfcbaffung, Ynf^et 

bung 1 bie ©traferlaffung $ i3}eilegung. 
Aboirti^ni^m, 9. (bef. Am.) ber TCboIitionflr 
^mn^. Q^runbfat ber ©clabensSmoncipation. 
Aboli'tiQnist, s. ber fiir bie Tiuf^ebung einer 

Cadje '(bef. Am. ber StegersSklabcrci) i% 


^bu'm?, s. Zool bie SliefenMIange. [gen. 
IbQma'syim, Ib9mn's9s, 9. Zool ber Sabmo* 
Ab5m'jn«ble, I. adj. If. ^ly, adc. obf4ettli4, 



^ f4»euf ((4 i Script, unrein 5 C-ly ), vulg. fiber* 
mdftg, an. ttttge(etter$ lU. —oets, 1. Die ^^ 

To ^bSin'jniite, v.a. oerabf^euen. [f<f^ett(i4^fdt 

;# ^^bSmjD&'tion, ». (mit of ft to), bie 8erab« 

^ • Mettung i Ut Xbiiftu (oor) i ber (Brduel^ bte 

^f^cQUfbMt $ Script, bte Sefledhtng , eer« 

r unreimgung $ to have (ob. hold) in — , oer« 


^ 4^bOrd' (on board), adv. vid. Aboard. 

Ah^tit\^%\f adj. urfpriingU^, lonbefieigen. 

Ab^ri^'lnalf, Ab^ri^jnef, s. pL bie Uretn»o(« 
ner cined ^nbcS; Unodlfer, 6tAmmi»6lhr. 

^Lbor'tion, s. lit. Afy;. baft SKif gebdren ) bic 
^e^Igeburt, S^^d^burt. 

^bdr'tjve, adj. |u fritft geboren, unjeitig^^. 
miplungen; «erunglfl(ft4 to prove --, fel^l« 
[(blagen^oerunglilcfenfaD — flower, Bot. eine 
f6tat1)t, bie feine %xviift bringt^ — vellam, 
^ergament auft bcr f>ant eineft un)eitigen StaU 
beft. [besfru^t). 

AbdHtjve^, s. pi. abtreibenbe 9XitteI (filr tti* 

^bdHtjvely, adv. {ur Vinitit, unieitig, unreif. 

^bdr'tjvenfM, s. baft !D{if gebdren » A^ baft 
^tfltngen; Se^lf(blagen (eineft IBorbabcnft). 

To^LboAnd', v.n. fibcrfliifftg (tei<blt4) fein? 
im flberflulfe ^^aben, uberfluf ittben(— in, 
with, an Gtwaft; ooU fein ton). 

Jkhbttf, adv. ft prep, um, um ... ^erum, uni' 
bery ungefd^r, et»a, gegen, circa$ in TCnfebung, 
loegen, ilber i (na(e) bet, an, ^on, naib^ in, auf 9 
all — , iiberall^ round — , runb (cn2m,iingft' 
nni) — the hoatc, irgenbwo im |)au[ej a round 

— way, eitt Um»eg4 ten miles — , lO^eilen 
im Umfange* — and — , um unb um,(inunb 
ber$ ba unb borty to be — a thing, (Straaft 
loor^aben, momit umge^n^ to be — to ..., im 
Segriff fein, jn ... i to bring — , inft (EBer! ftel* 
len^ to come — , um fein^ anberft u»erben$ to 
drink — , berum trinfen^ to go — , ^erum 
geben i mit Stwaft umge^en, (Sttoai oomeb* 
men$ to lie — , ^ier unb ba jerflreut ob. um* 
ber licgen} Naut-s. to put a ship — , ein 
Gkbilf menben^ ready — ! Jtiarigfeit su men« 
ben I — ship! 0tee! to the right - ! MU. 

re^tftum fe^rt cuA i 

Abdiif, tfit. auf ! baran! anft SGBerf ! 

4LbOve', I. adv. oben$ barfiber j from — , oon 
oben ifig. 9on (Sott 9 the powers — , bie bimm< 
(if(ben £9^d4ite; as — , wie oben ermdbnty the 

— letter, ber obige (vorfte(enbe)fl5rief$ since 
writing the — , Ac, Dbigeft gefibriebett, K.j 
over and — , obenbrein, baruber5 II. prep, 
fibers ^dber alftj me(r alft, me(r,barfiber5 ~ 
all, )>or Xnem, i»or aQen iDingen, oomdmU4 i 

^^ that, iber biefeft 5 to be (ob. get) -., fiber* 
^^peffenj — board, fiber Sorb 5 .%. geP^ert, 

geborgenj rebli^/ offen, fret, un)>crfte(Et, o(ne 
Jtunflgri(fe$ — ground, auf (Srben, nocb am 
8eben J — lUirs, oben, in ber SDberfhibej — 
mentioned, — named* — cited, adj. oben an« 
gefd^rt, oben ob. borermd^ntj the — men- 
tioned, the — named, s. ber (bie, baft) SDben* 
ertbdftnte, baft S)bengefagte. [tergraben. 

To i^briide'» v. a. abf^abetLabreibenj^. un* 

A'br^hSm, j. Kbrabam (^-n.)| — 'i-balm, 
ber iteuf^baum ( Vitex agnus castus). 

A'br^m, s, contr. 0. Abraham; to sham — , 
vttig. fi(b franf fleSen. 

^bri'fion [— zhyn], s, baft 7fbf(baben, ILh* 
reiben, 0tabiren{ baft Ybgeriebene, Gcbabfel^ 
Med. bie SEBegfcbaffung beft Gtbleimeft burtb 
f4arfe mtttl. 

Ibr Aum' [ab-raml , 1. bie rotbe IDammerbe i baft 
„ engLOlot^ (lumgdrben beft aXabagon^^oIseft). 

i^breast'C^-brest^, ae/v. neben einanber, 6eite 
an 6eite i Mil. in 9ront 9 Mars, gcgenfiber » 
a Oeet formed — , eine Slotte in Srontlinie. 

To ^bridge>.a. abWrjen (an^Aig.) 9 jig.ber* 
Kir^en, berminbern, einf^rdnfcnj (Jcmanben 
etner6a<be) berauben^ (einS3u(b, eine9lebeu.> 
gufammenjie^en, furjer faffen. 

A brid'g^r, J. ber1fb^rier,(Sompenbienf(breiber. 

Abrrdg'mf nt, s. bie TCbhiriung ifig. Serminbe* 
rung, (Sinf4irdn!ung,64md(erung9 berTCuft' 
gug (auft einem Sud^e, eincr Gcbrift). 

Abroach', adv. (oon ^dfTem in ber ^age), jum 
Vniopfen; to be — , angcgapft (angefio<ben; 
fein 9 to set — , anjapfcn, {Shksp.) anftiften. 

^broAd', adv. brauf en, auf en, auftiodrtft i au^ 
f er bem |)aufe9 in ber grembe, ouf er ^nbeft 9 
from — , bon aupen9 to go — , auftgeben$ au» 
fer Sanbeft geben, terreifen^ to walk — , fpo* 
jieren ge^cn 9 to send — Ta traveler for or- 
ders). Com, reifen laffen (etnen (Sommift, um 
tKuftrdgesuer^alten)^ to set — , auftgeben, 
befannt ma4ett9 to take — (with), mitneb< 

^men (®nen ob. (Sttoaft). 

Abro'^h, s. eine Xrt feiner bengalif4^cr ^uftlin. 

To Ib'rQgite, v, a. abf(baffrn, aufbeben. 

Abrpga'tion, s. bie 2(bf4affung, Xuf^ebung. 

Abrohant, 1. vid. Abroah. 

^briipt', adj.lit.kfig. abgebroiben(au4 Bot.); 
uniufammen^dngenbj pld^Ii^/ unermartet, 
bafKg, raftb/ fibereiWj — pinnate, Bot ah^ 
gebroien gefiebcrt; an — style, eine furjc 
(abgebro^cne) 6(breibart. 

i^brtip'tioa, s. bie Xbbre^ung, plS^Iicbe Xren« 
nung, 3erflu(felung, ber ®ru4. 

^briipt'ly, adv. o^ne Sorbereitung, pl6^Ti4^er 
XBeife. pld^li^. 

^brttptfaess, s. bie0tau^eit C^ineft Jtdrperft)) 
©teiljeit, Sd^ej figs, bie flbereilung, tiU 




f(rtiflhit$iin)dtidej>efiig!eit;{Rau(4eit(be6 Al/aplfitely, adv, unumf^rdnft} o^Qig^gan}, 

9etragenS)5 — of style, ^ie iturse (QTbge* 
^bro^m^eit) ber€$4reibart. 
Abrfipts'. ». p{. i9i|ige €$tegreifeinffine^ Xb* 
Ab'scSas, s. Med. baS (Sef^iofir, bi( (Sittv* 

bente J — lancet, Swrg. bie Xttnjette |ur fcff* 

nung oon <S)ef(b»Sren. 

g5tt}lt4, o)ne YttSna^mei unbebisgt) ttnbe> 
|U(U4/ an unb fidr Tttb/ abfolttt} beftimnt, 
f(bk(bta:bmgl, bur(ban»j —yours, gonjber 


Ab's9iatenf ss, «. bte Unumf^rdnft^eit^ Unnb' 
^angigMt$ Sonfldnbigfeitj a)tadi^tooabm< 
mtni^nti dwing^errf^aft, ber Se0poti6mu&. 

Ab^scisfy^Lbsdfs'sf, j.Afat/i. berYbf(bnitt;bte|ibs9lG'tioD, s. Law, bie Sreifpre^ungj ber 

TCbfdfTe^ ber £lu(rfintt6. 
AbscMion [^b-sizh'-^n] , i. Surg. baS Xb« 
fibneibcn (eineftOIUebcOi J^^^t. bic 7Cbbre« 
(bung i baft ^[(bneibni (einer €$Q(be, }C.) ifig. 
bte Ynfftebttng; nngfilttgma(bung5 baft Xbge« 

etrafenerlaP; T/ieo/. bte ^Cbfolution. [lebre. 
ib's^mti^ni, 1. 7%€o?. bie Stotftwenbigfeitft* 
^bsdl'Gtpry, adj.Ecc. ah^clntmf(bi Law, frci- 

fpre4enb$ ~ sentence, baft £oftrpretbttng6« 

urt^etl/ Xbfolutortum. 
^bsdl'rf t^ry, adj. vid. Absolutory. 

ToAbscSnd'yV.I.a.a't.Mg-Otrbergen^ II. n Toi^bf^Ue', v. a. Law, f^eifpre^en^ loftfpre« 
M tcrbergen i M (vm ber gefe^Ucben strafe | 4cn (— of, from, oon ber 6(bQtb unb Q^trafe) i 

}tt entge(en} oerfleifen; entmei^en^aufttreten. 
AbscSnM^r, s. ber, mel(ber, urn M ber gefe^* 
Jtfben etrafe )tt entiieben, fi^ terbtrgt. 
Ab's^nce, #. lit. bie Xb»efenbeit$ (— of mind), 
^g.bie (Setfteftab wefen^eit, 3er^eaung i Law, 

Ecc. abfoloirenj (einer ^icjt) entbinben. 
AbfdFv^r, s. Waer, ber loftfpri^t, ber £o«« 
Ab'sgn^nt, adj. im tBiberfpru^ (— to, mit), 

oernunftioibrig, nngereimt; abgeftbmatft. 

baft (firafbare) Xuftbleiben/ 9tt4terf(beinen$|Ab's9noos, adj. t9ibrig fitngenb, miffltmniig, 
lenveof — , bertlrlaub^ iron, bie pIfttH4el nn^annonif(b. 

StttlafTung etneft fdtamUttno on leave of—, 


AVsfnt, adj. abtoefenb) fent^/g. lerftrcnti 
AftV. k Civ. — with leave, mit Urlaub, beitr* 
lanbt j — without Ieave,o(ne Urlaub^ befertirt. 

To AhMi^tktf, V. a. to — one's self, {14 etttfer* 

nen$ (64ulben (alber, n.) anfttreten, M 

^fUiibtig ma(bea. [be^ie^enb/ obmefenb. 

Abf^ntft'ndous, adj. M anf bie l(b»efenbeit 

ibsf ntse^, s. ein QCbioefenber (loon feinem Ymte, 
:c.)5 ber abwefenbe ^frftnbncr, benrlanbte 
SDffltier/ K., (bef. iri.) ber im 7(ttft(anbe ^ebeitbe. 

^bsln'tf r» s. ber (t>on feinem ^ofien) 7Cbioe< 
fenbe^ >- of parliament, baft nAl^renb ber 
Gibung abtoefenbe ^arlamentft «9)t{tglieb. 

^bslntfnifiit, s. bie Xbmefenteit. 

kWM^,, bieKb^anbftptmfte^Vbftbett. 

AbsTo'tAf^ii, adj. wermttt^artig. 

To ^bsdrb', v. a, in fi(b litf^tn, einfaugen, ein* 
f4Iu<!ett; abforbiren (»ie ein Biroaum, ber 
€$anb; ber 6<bnee ic. baft fiSaffer k.)$ (pass. 
M) auflftfen, utitfixtni fig. (ben®eifl)in 
^nfpnub nebmen} to — one's estate, fein 
eerm6gen bur(bbringen, terftbmenben) a-ed 
in thought,/£r- in d^ebanfen loertteft 

^bsfn'tAiattd, p. a. mit ®ennut( gef4»dtt' 

Sttt) fig. verbittert 

^bsIn^tAfte, ». vid. Worm-wood. 

To ^bsfs^, V. n. abfte^ett; ablafen (— from, 


'•'sulfite, a#ttttttmf4rdnft,nttab(Attgtg, frei) 
r.9ft1lig,eoQfidnbig, ooflfcfrnmen 9 vnlrebiRgt/ 
uabdnberli44 wibeite^li^/ abfolut) in M 
•ibfl gegrilnbet5 — acceptance. Com. «n^e» 
ingte Itmia^me, purer TCccept 1 an — estate, 
•aw, ein lafien^eteft CBnt) an — knave, ein 
rstttttTft) an— prince, einfottverdner^Qrft) 
1 — promise, einiinbebingteftlBerfpre^enj 
•pace, Fhy. ut utt^eiie^li^e Olanm. 

^ibsdrb^biFjty, s. bie CKgenfrbaft, eingefaugt 
merben }tt f dnnen, bie ICbforptionftfraft. 

^bsoi^b^ble, adj. einfangbar, abforbirbar. 

^bsSr'b^nt, adj. einfangenb, abforbirenb. 

^bsdr'b^nts, s. pi. Anat. abforbirenbe (Sefdf r, 
£]i)nip^gefdfe^ Med. abforbirenbe (faltartige) 

4ibadrp'tlon, s. baft (Sinfaugen, <5inf(bItt(Sen, 

(Berfiegenj T. bie Tfbforption^ Chem. baft 

Serfiegen eineftOafeft^ Med.bie(ftb<teitraft 

I berSerbanung. [tionftfdbig. 

^bsdrp'tjYe, adj. einfattgen fdnnenb, abforp 
To ^bstsin', v. n. abfleten (— from, ©on), fid> 

(einer e$a4e) ent^alten, (<lt»aft) meiben, fi(b 

4lbst«'m)oas, I. adj. 11. — iy, adv. entbaltfam, 

mdfig) m. — ness, s. ttit (Snt^altfanrfeit, 

^bsti'mjous, the-, bte 9)?dfigen iiberb.9 

jSeinmeiber i bie ber %iebe entfagen. 
^bsUa'tion, ». bie ^nt^altfamfett) 6nt(a(' 

tvng$ ber CHn^oIt, baft IBerbof, bef. Law, bie 


To if bstcr^e', v. a. abtoif^en, abtrotfnen, reini* 
I 8^/ ^^f- '^^e* (®siRben) anftnafiben. 







^bstSr'gfiit, adj, obmtftenb; reinigent^ Med. 
abfd^renb. [CfteintgungmttteL 

j^bBtec^8ioD,«. baSXb»{f4en/9le{n{gea$ Med. 

bie TCbf&^nmg. 
4Lbtter's)ve, od^'. abmif^ent^ abtrocfnenb/ xtu 

nigenbj Afed. abf&^rcnb. 

^bster'sjvef » s, pL vid. Abstergents. 

Ab'stin«ttce(— cy), s, bie@nt^altfam7eit,^d« 
figfeitiSnt^altung)* Ecc.Ui Soften ^ day 

^of — , ber gofltag. [mdpig. 

Ab'stin^nt, L adj, 11. -4y, oi^v. ent(altfam, 

fo ^bitrSctf, v.a, abste^ett; abfonbem (— from, 
oon)) ^g. in (S^ebanfen (ibfonbem, abftra^u 
red (OcgrifTe, zc.) ) QU$2ie^(n, in einen 7Cu&« 
iug bringen (ein SBut^, etne 9ted|inung)i 
Chem, be^Uiren. 

ib'strSct, adi.abgefonbert^abgeiogen (bef. bon 
SegritfeU/ au4 mit from)$ i%. abftract, tief« 
ftnnig (oon Unterfa4)ungeny 3c.){ — mathe- 
matics, bie reine QRat^emattf 9 an — quan- 
tity, eine abgejogene (Brdpe^ —words, ab* 

^fhractc ffifirtcr. 

Ab'stract, s. Ph. ba& TCbftractum, ber abgcsogene 
Segriff 5 Vu^ittg; fummanf^e 3n((gnff$ in 
Xthe)— , an nnb fixxM, abgefe^en Don...$ 
— numbers, Arith, abftracte (unbenannte) 

S^afjltn i — statement, or — of (an) account 
current. Com, ber 9te(^nungSatt$)ug, bie 

^Lbstrac't^d, I. p.tuPh. abgefonbert, abgejogen/ 
fHg{ bttn!e(/f4mer3u oerfte^eni |erftrettt, un 
anfiiierfram$ — spiritual love, bie geUiuterte, 
geiftigc Zithti II. — ly, adv. abgefonbert, an 
unb f^vM betra^tet; abflract} — from ..., 
o^ne 0tfi(ffi(bt Quf .../ abgefeben oon ...4 in. 
— ness, 9. baft TCbflracte/ bie abftracte 9e« 
fd^affen^eit (einer ®a4e, einefi IBemeife^, ic). 

AbstrSc'tfr, 9. Qintt, ber einen TCu&^ug mad)t, 

AbstrSc^tion, s. Ph. bieTCbflraction^ bafiXb* 
}ie(ungSoenn6gen$ baS TCbfhracte $ bie (SeifteS* 
abioefcn^eit/ derftreuungj TCb^ie^ung be&(Se 
mitt(6 9on irbif^en^ingen* C/iem.bieX)e 

^bstriise', hadj. IL — ly, adv. tief t»erborgeK, 

terfle(ft$ j^. bunfel, unDerftdnbli^^ ni. 
— ness, s. bieJDttttfel^eit/ Un9erfUinbU((i!eit. 

Abstrd'sjty, $• vid. Abstmseness. 

^bsiird', I. adj. II. — ly, ado. wiberflttttig, un- 
gereimt, albern, abgef^mad^, tf^MMi ni. 
— ness, s. vid. b. il. Absurdity. 

^bsur'dlty, s. bie Ungereimt^ett, 2Cbgef(bma<f (« 
(eit; 2r(bern§eit, X^or^eit, ber Unfinn. 

^biin'dance, s. berflberfluf, bic^enge,S^lc$ 
in —, or — of, im flberjluf, oottauf. 

^biin'd^nt, I. adj. ilberflfifiig, ctidtMdt i to be 
— with, — in, reitbli* oerfe^en fein mit ..., 
Qberfluf baben an..., rei4 fein an ... $ II. — ly. 
adv. im uberflup, rei(b(i4$ jur (Benitge^ t6(« 
ligj meitMttflg. 

To ^biife', v. a. mifbrau^cn* (interge^en, 
tdufiben i oerfdbren i mif (anbeln, befd^impfen, 
f4md^en{ @inem S6fe6 nacbfagen; falfcb an« 
wenben (ein SSort). 

Abase', s. ber!IKifbrau4$ ilble (Bebratt^^ 9e« 
trug, bie Sduf(bnng9 QRiftanblung; Sefibim* 
pfimg/G4mdbung j ber nngerecbteXabeU bie 
Ser^brung^ falf^e TCnmenbung; Ginnoer* 
brebnng (eines fBorteft). 

AbQ'f^r, «. ber, welder mtfbratt4tj berSdfle« 
rer. C^bi^^nfebdnber) Serfdbrer; fl3etriiger. 

i^^bii'sive, I. adj. mipbranfb^nbj f^mdbenb, 
f^impfenb j betrilgU(b4 — language, gemeine 
(ttttjilglidie) ffttttn, ©djimpfiorte,- — wri- 
tings, pZ.6(bmdbr4riftett $ II. — ly, adv. bur4 
mfhtavidi, mipbrdu4Ii(b i f4mdbU(b/f4tmpf« 
Itd^) r^ftmdbenb^ m.— ness, s. bieOS^rndb* 
ftt*t. [att; gegen). 

To ^Lbiit', V. n. angren^en, anftofen (—upon, 

Ab&t'mfnt, J. bieTCngrensnng i baft ®ren}|et(bcn, 
bie (Srense, !9(arf 9 ArchJba^ ® iberlager einer 
Cr&ife; (yid. Butment); audb Abtttft^l. 

^ To Aby', V. a. 1. attftb^lt^n (ou* n. auft« 
barren. To Abide) ; 2. filr.., einfteben, biifen. 

^bfst', (^ih^^^s. ber Vbgnrnb, e^innb} 
hyp. eine gntnblofe Siefe^ Bibl. bie j>ftae$ 
Her. baft |>er} beft 6(bilbeft. [niei. 

AbyaiTnl9» «• Geog. (baft it5nigrei(b) Vbt)ffl' 

ibysstn'j^n, I. adj. abl)fffnif4) n.«._ber7Cb9r« 
ftnier, bie TCb^fflnierinn. 

Abstrilc'tive, I. adj. Ph. abjiebenb/ (in (3eban«l ^cUc'^Qt, «. Om. ber mejdeonif^eStimmerfatt 
fen) abfonbemb/ abflrabirenb^ n. — ly, adv. i^cS'c)> [^-ki'-sh?-?] , s. bie VcaciC/ ber Yea* 

vid. b. f. «B. 
Abstrjlcriy, adv. anf eine abftracte TCrt, an unb 

fAr M, abgefonbert; abflract. 
4LbstrScf n^ss, *. jRfi. bie abftracte ©efdjaffen* 
^beit ber Sbeen, baft TCbflracte. 
Ab^strilctB, s.pi. Mus. bie Xonfpdttt/Sonftdbe 

(in ber fBinblabe einer SDrgel), Tbftracten. 
AbstrTc'tfa, p. a. anfgebunben, aufgeWfct, 

cienbaum^ Afed. ber Kcacienfaft) German 
^~, ber €S4Iebbom, 6d^ioar|bom. 
Ac^de'mi^I, adj. ahbemif(b$ — figures,Patnt. 
JIKfabemien, etubien (lum 9ta(b|ei4nen). 
Ac^ds'mj^n, ». ber )(Vabemifer: baft !9titgliel 

einer Xfabemie; ber 64itler auf einer ICVabe* 
I mie Ob. Uttiberfltdt. 
AcM^m'jc, I. adj. afabemif^^: bie VNlenfe 


(p(atomf4e^^i(ofop^te) betreffenb ^ auf ciae 
bcfonbcrc y^tlofop^i^ ®QQd ^ftben^j II. «. 
Uv ZfatemiUx (^n^dngcr ber plotonlfd^en 

^f)6t(ofop(tO* l(vid. Academic). 

Ac^d^iii'jc^l, 1. adj, II. — ly, adv. afatemtfts 

^cad^aic'ifQ [f-kild-f -mii h'-f n] , s. 1>ct Kf a^ 
tcmifcr. [(ofop^ie. 

^AcSd'fRiifiii* 1. bicSc(re ^er afatcmtMcn^^t- 

.f^did'^mlst, s, vid* Academic. 

.fLcad'^my, s, Die ICfa^cmie: 64ule tec $^i(o< 
fop^Ici j>o4r4ulcXUnIt?ccfttdt)) (^te(ttit95* 
onftal t i bcr Sclc^rtcnocrcin ) (te 9litterf4u(e 9 
dtdtf^ulci (—figure), Paint. eiae!0lobca* 

Acaid', s. Oiem, bcr QtifiQ. [iei^nund. 

AcVjOfi, #. ber 9Cicrenbaumi — nuta, (Saious 
nuRc, eiepbantcnldufc. 

Ac^l^^pbS, icfle'ph^Df [Grande, &c., ^cll'g 
— , Buck., Sm, &c.] «.j)/. Zoo/, tie ^{olep^ni; 
Ae^n&'ceoiu, vid. Acanthaceous. [JQuaUen. 
^cSn'tA^, «. BoU tcrlDorn, 6ta<f^el$ Zoo/.ber 
6ta4cl (in Ux Sif^fli>frO$ -^nat. ber S)ont« 
^fortfat^. [i^tafiC/ bcr 7(!antiaboIu(. 

Ac«nt/t2l/9lvs, s. Surg, bic ®rdt3ange, Bmitf* 
Ac^nt/i&'ceeaB [-^hys], a((;. £ot. bomig, 
Jtad^cliq, btflelartig. 

AcfiitAoptf rjf'^jous, c«/;. Zoo/, flad^elflofftg. 
Acaii'</iva» #• Bot. bte 9drenftau| ^Irc/i. bie 
^ubi?crsteniii0 am Capital ciner B&nU, 
.^cSn'tjcSne, s. Mm, bcr ^iflacit, Gptbot. 
Ac&Ul^c't{c, s. Gram, bcr toUfldnbige; ooQ« 
i^tUge (fQ(benre(bte ob. i>oEtacttge) Serfi. 
Acialjne, ^loIuIous, a<^'. ^ot. fUngetloS, uti« 
geftielt (oucb icaolose'). 
To decide' [^k-sSd'] , v. n. to — to ... , S^eil 
ne^men an ... , bcitreten (a treaty, cinem6er« 
trogc), bciflimmen, ctntoiatgcn (in). 
Acci'df oce [f k-sS'-d^ns] , s, bte Scmitli^Uttg. 
To ^cclKfrilte, v. a. befdjfleuntgcn^ a-d 
iteam-boat, mod. baft 6tIbampfboot. 
^cdi^'tion, s. bie fb^^fittmi^un^i (aud^ 
^<y*)9 — of the moon, il«t.bie bef^Ieunigte 
^cgung bcft 9)itonbeft. 
^GclKfi^Clve, adj. bcf4Iettm8enb. 
.5€€llf ra't9r» *. Anat. bet Xreibmu^f e(. 
AcdSVfTf t9ry> adj. bef^Iettnidcnb. [borfeit. 
^candj|0[tf, s. Chem.SiJPtiy. bte (ttttiiinb< 
^ccja'dlble, adj. Qiem. St Pity, entjitnbbar. 
•^cclfa'aioDt s. Owm. k Phy. bie KCnjiinbund. 
cent, «. (bcf. Gram, k Mus.) bet Yccettt: 
c 9ctonttttg h baft Sooici^cn i bie 7(uftfpra4e^ 
T Koftbrnii a desponding — , bcr fletn* 
^t^igclSon/ Jtlctnlaut. 
B^cclntf, v.a. accentttlrcn; bctonen^ mitVc^ 
ntietten vcrfc^cn^ •attftfpretcn, iufem. 
c<fn't9r, *. Aftt*. ber erjle X)ift€ant. 
c^nti, 1. !>/.• bieaiebe, X6tte, «ortei 




6pra4e) (tu'ci. Accent); the muiiical 
birds, ber melobif^e ^cfang ber S^^eL 

ijLccen'tu^I [— tshfi—], adj. ben 2Ccccnt be- 

i treffenb; r^Qt^mir^^. [accentuiren. 

JTo jflccen'toftte [— t«h(l— ], ». a. betoneii; 

AccSntuiVtion [— t«hfi— ], *• bie Tfccentuation. 

To^LccCpt', v.a. (o^ne u. mit of ) anne^men} 
to ~ of conditions, Sebingungen einge^en h 
Corns, to ~ a bill of exchange, eitten fBe4« 
fel acct^ptirtni a*ed bills, acteptirteffie^fei. 

^Acc^pt^bn'jtys s. vid. b. it. Acceptableneis. 

^ccep't^ble, L adj. II. —ly, adv. anne^mbar, 
anne(mli4^ angene^m, Uth, miOfommen) be- 
liebty m.— ness, s. bic7(nne(mli4kit (eineft 
iBorfibladce, zc.)* 
I ^ccSp't^nce, 9. baft TCnne^men, bie TCnna^mei 
" (dute)7(ufiiaime) GinwiQignna in...) Oe« 
ne^miguttg^berOeifaQj Law, bie Ynno^mei 
Corns, bie ^nna^me^ 8ere^rung^ ber G^nt 
(ctncft 9Be4feIft); ber Tfccept, bie ^Acceptation » 
tor want of —, SDflangcl (dn) TCnna^me* — 
for part (conditional, or qualified — ) , bie be* 
bingtcTCnna^me; — upon honour, upon pro- 
test, ber 3nten>entionftproteft) ... being out 
for—, jumlCcceptgefanbti (uncovered) a-s. 
Accepts Ob. Ycccptationftgef4dfte. 

(Bnnft/ bcrSeifaa^ bte (angenommene) Se^ 
beutung(bcr0inn)eineftfBorteft$ Com.^\t 
TCcccptation} time or term of—, bie 7C-ft|<tt. 

^ccSp't^r (Acceptor), s. ber Xnneinier) Com. 
^cceptant. [ber e^nlberlaffungftrifiein. 

^Icc^ptfls'tion, «. Law, bie 6d||einqnittung/ 

^ccllss', 9. ber 3ugong; 3utritt (0. ^erfonen 
u.6a4enj au4 Law)i bie Knnartr^aft; ber 
e^elid^e Umgang i bcr 3nma4ift^ bie 3ana$me 9 
Med. vid. Accession; of easy — , lei^t tn* 

i^dngli*. l*c. 

Ac^cfss^rjly, Ac^c^ss^rjnfss, t^id. Acceasorily. 

Ac'cfss^ry, adj. k s. vid. Accessory 

bte ®elangung gu ... i S^ronbefteignng i IStx- 
meaning, ber 3tt»a4ft 5 Zato, bie Vcceffion 9 
summer's — , bieXnnd^ernng beft eommerfti 
— of bodily distempers, ilfed. JtranT^eitftiU* 

;4Lcd^s'sion^, adj. (iniugefSgt, (tn)ugerett. 

i^cdSs'sionf , pi. eenne(mngen (bnr4 (iuin^ 
get ommeneX^eiie) i 3ufdte On einer 64ripX 

Ac'cf Bs^rily, adv. alft S^cbenfafte^ beildnftg/ ac* 

JLc'c^ss^ry, I. adj. (inittfommenb) beigefiigti 
tjeilneimenb, mitf^nlbig^ —nerves (acces- 
sories) ilnaf. ^iilfftnertcnj —parts, Pvtnt. 



. Acco 

fieimer!c} — proof, Ux ^thtnUmiii to be 
— to... , introscn lu..., mit^elfcn^ mitid^nU 
li^ fein? \l.s.Law-s, tcr Xtctlnc^mcr, ^it* 
Mttlbige^ tcrK]4aag;tudu9Qbc$ tic9icben« 
Mt, Ui ^icbonimflanb) fund and ite — , 
(Soyttal unb Sntercffcn. U 

« ie'cid^nce, s. (book of — ), bcr ^onat, bi( 
Heine latctniWc Spra^Ic^re (fur ^nfanger). 
' Ac'cjd^nt, «. bcr (un)>crmut^ete/ bcf. ung(u((« 
Ii4c)3nroa9 UnfaU) Mftiufaatgcereigmpj 
P/t. ba»3ufdatde, ^ufenocfentli^e? Paint 
bcS dttfdaige (n)ie gufdUig cinfaUenbefi liM, 
9?ebciUi4t)) (^rom. bic (iufdQige) 6igen» 
Maft eine^ ffBorte«$ Med.'hciivL^aU, TinfaUi 
/ Her. baS ©eigciien J by — , lUfdHig, jafdaU 
ger ffieifc^ oon ungefd^rj — malcere, TCcci* 
bcnitcnmo^er; SRalefiibi^ter (drbt^tcr ton 
^0tcrbficf4i4tcn, ®aunerflre!4en; u. fur bie 
cngKMctt 3ouma(c). 

AcGjd^n't^r, I. adj. ittfdQig j unmefcntlid), aid 
Stebcnfa^e^ — colours, Physiol. gufdKigc 
(p^t^PoIogifd^c) ^arbcn^ — point. Per. bcr 
ocfibcntcnc ^unf t ilhs. ba5 BufdOige, TCuf er« 
wefcntlt^C; bie ^tcbenfatc) III. — ly, adv. 
SttfdUigcr SBetfc, )>on nngefd^r^ unwcfentltd^. 

Accip'jfnt, s. bcr empfdngcr^ Com. bcr ^c» 
ceptant) i>td. Accepter. 

/LcdTp'jt^rf, s. (pU) bic {Raubi^^fgcl. 

Accip'jlrine, adj. rottbcnb, ya bcnOtaubtogcIn 
gc(|6ri8J — order of fowls, bie €flttubo6flcI. 

Accl&im', s. * ber loutc IBcifoU, 3urnf. 

^ To Recite', v, a, 1. ^erbeirufenj 2. ttnregen. 

Accl^mft'tion, s. bcr frol^loctcnbc 3uruf; lautc 
Oeifan^ S^enbcnruf, bad 3uiau(bgcn,Srcubcn' 
geWrei, ber ^ndrnf (bci dffcntli^^cn SBablcn^ 

^cdSm'^tpry, adj. gurufcttb^ittjauibgcnb. [k.). 

Accll'ffl^tf d, p. a. acclimatifirt. 

Accirv'lty, s. bic fleilc?fnb6bc, Ifuffaftrt (einel 
Verged) 4 Fort, bic Q(uf fa^r t (SSdf^ung) etned 
fBaUed. [flcigcnb, id(e, fteil. 

Accli'vouff, adj. bcrgan (ouftodrtd) gcbcnb, auf* 

^ccldjed', p. a. Far. (t.^fcrbcn) cernagclt. 

AccQliide', j.bidCccoIabc^Umarmung (bci bcm 
{Ritterf4Iage)$ Mus. bic Jtiammcr (sur^er« 
binbung mebrcrer Sinicnr^flcme)! rom. bie 
Jtlammer (|ur i^^erbinbung mcbrerer ^often 

jait tbrcm flktrage). 

Ac'c9ll§, adj* Her. angcf4>lo|fcn. 

To ^ccdm'modate, u. a. tinvidiUn, bequemen 
(— to, na4) 3 iuri^tctt, (ac(ommobiren); auf* 
fttt^cn) apprettrcn i gfltliib (in Oiltc) beilegcn, 
ftlid^tcnj to — with ... for ... , )1(^ »erglei(ben 
mit ... ffir ...J ©erfcbcn, wrforgcn, (Ginem) 
aud^clfen (—with, mit(St»ad), (Stnad lei* 
ben) well a-d, bequem »obnenb. [md^. 

^ccom'm9driting, p. a. oertrdglitb) na(!bgi4^ 
gefdUig, artigj on — terms. Com. uttter on* 
ncbmbaren i99cbingttngen. 

^cc5mm9dii'tioo, s. bie Knpaffung) (Bemdf< 
bcitj eibitniibfeit) Seilegung; bcr (gutlide) 
eerglei(b 9 biei93eqttemU(bfeit$bielBerforgttng 
(mitCftwad), ^udbuifC) to come to an — , 
ein Kbfommen tre^eni —bill. Com. ber Jtel* 
lerioecbfcl/ SSaftarbioedlifel, ^roformame^fel, 
gormwctbfcU —ladder. Mar. bic grofe gall* 

^ccomm^da'tions, bie 99eqnemU(bfeiten$ 
7(bt^eilungen unbitammern auf einem 6(biffe. 

Accl{m'ra9d&t9r, s. ber Xnorbner (einer @a4e), 
eeiter. p^rer 5 Sermittler. [gefeaf^aftet. 

^ccdm'p^nied, p. a. bcglcitet (— by, ton), »er* 

^ccdm'p^nj^r, s. ber !Begleiter, (SefeUf^afteri 
Mus. vid. Accompanist. [Tfccompagncment. 

^ccttm'pfnjmfnt, 9. bie Seg(eitung$ Mus. bog 

^ccdffi'pf njmfots, Paint, fdtimthi Her. 
fBapenveriieruttgen. [pagnift. 

^ccOm'pf ni'st, s. Mus. ber Segleiter, ^Cccont' 

To ^ccdm'p^ny, v. I. a. (Scfellf^aft leiflen^ be* 
gleitcn i Mus. begleitcn, accompagniren i Sea, 
gelcitcn) n. n. Mus. begleiten, accompagni* 
ren^ (— with), ft(b gefeUen (2n)$ beiioobnen 
(einer ^ranendperfon). 

^ccOm'p^nyjngfp. a. Com* ~~ the present (i.e. 
letter), bcigc^cnb; beigefugt. 

^ccdm'pljce, s. bcr (bic) 9Xitf(butbige, ber 
!Sb(ii4<ibcr (an einem Serbre^en). 

To Accdm'pljsh, v. a. audfttbren, boOfiibrcn* 
(cin ®crfprc(ben, einen fBnnf(b) crffiaen) 
begabcU/ terfcbeni audgieren/ audbilben, 
f(bmft(fcn (Jtdrpcr ob. (Scifl). 

^ccSm'pljshfble, adj. audfjlbrbarj ber Ser* 
oottfommnnng (TCudbilbung) fd^ig. 

^ecdm^pUshed, p. a. audgebilbet, i»oUfoninien» 
iierU4$ elegant) an — gentleman, ein 9Kann 
bon ooHenbeter Silbnng. 

Accdm'pljshf r, s. bcr SSoUenbcr^ SoUffibrer. 

Accdm'pljshmf nt, s. bie fioUenbung) XudfAb* 
rung 4 ^rfuUnng) Xudbilbung (b.^^rper ob. 
©cif!)) bie IBcrftbdnerung, bcr 9tei|) bie 
6igcnf(baft, S^rtigfeit/ berSorgng, badXa* 
lent) ( 

^ccGm'plishmf nts, s. pi. Salente, JtenntntfTc 

Accord\ s. bic Gintratbt, OHnigfeit) flberein* 
ftimmung) (aud^ Paint, d. 8i(bt u. @4atten)» 
AfM.t.berGinflang/Xccorb) Law^ bet fier* 
glei(b/ Yccorb) with one — , einfHmadg, ein* 
mfitbig) with (of) one's own — , and eigcnem 
Yntriebe, oon felbfl, freittiOtg) Corns, to be 
of — , acrorb (itbereinftimmenb) feitt) that 
which is of --, in SDrbnung ®e{|enbed. 

^fcdn'ofd^te, adj. paffenb^ angcmeffen/ gC'lTo Accord', v. I. a. ubercinfUmmig m$^tn. 




fHrnmen, (— to, ao^)^ in Ginnans brtndcn^ 
«rr9ld4en^9crdnigcn,ocrf66ncn $ auSfilet^en ^ 
2. (i6orr«4tc) einrittmen, jiigefh^cn) II. n. 
ubfrdnftimmcn ( — with, mit) ; ^offen (ju). 
.4ccor'daince, *. tic UbercittfHmmungj in — 
with ... , ctncr 6a4e ^crndf, }u ^oi^ti in — 
to ... , in ilbcretnftimmttn^ mit ... $ (au4 

Accor'dfint, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. ubcrcinflinu 
ntnb; glct4f6miid, gcmdf Mm einflong. 

ficcor'dlng, prep, (eigcntl. b. part. )f. To Ac- 
cord; — to), na^^ 2U ^folgc, gcmdf, laut ? in 
Tlnfc^ung ) — to circamstances, natb 9)ef(baf< 
fcn^dt bcr Umftdnbc} — to law, rc^t^mdftg/ 
fiefe^rndpid) — to reason, berSScmunft gc* 
indp4 ~ to yoar orders, Com. S^tcn 7(uf« 
trdgcn gcmdf 5 — aafconj.)* fo toit, ie na4* 
Im, infofcm. 

.Accor'tliDgly, adj. bcm (btr ob. bcncn) dcmdf, 
bflma4 9 foIdHcb/ bmnacb/ mit^in^ a(fo. 

To ^ccost', V. a. anrcbcn. 

AccSs't^ble, adj. SUgdndltCb/ Itmgdndlifb/ d^ 
fetCtd/ Gcfprdibta, frcunblttb. I 

Accua'tf d, p. a. i/«r. bcglcitcf, bcfcitct. [fcr. 

Accooebciir [Sk-kd*8baK], s. bcr ®cburtftb(t« 

Accoocbnient [Kk-kdsh'-mf nt] , s. bt( 9^ebcrs 

fttnft^ ^Intbinbung. 

AccdAnt', «« (cf. pi.), bic0lc<bnund, 9iofe$ bcf. 
GDiN.baSQonto ) bte flScrnbnung i ba$ Ser^ctib* | 
nif )^&'. bic dled!^enf(baft$ ^df^lung; @4i(be 
rund, S)ar ftcaung^erftdrund ) bcr 33crt(bt ) bic 
97a4n4t$ bet Ifuff^Iup) bic ^S^einund ^ X(b' 
t«ng4>o<bf4^dtung ^ ba& Ynfcbcn9 bcr ® eioinn, 
Scrtbcid IBctra^t) bicUrfa^e; bcr <9ninb$ 
Old or New — , Oiron. bcr altc ob. ncne 6ti)I i 
to call to — « )ut !Rcibcnf4aft iicbcn) to give 
(an) ~, IRc^nung (Stc^cnf^aft) ablcgcns 
beri^tcn$ crfldrcn) of—, toi^UQ, oonSc^ 
bctttungs of no — , 9cringfiigig; nicbts bcbci!« 
ttttb, nWi gcttcnb) to make—, bafSr f^aU 
tc«;9(«ttbcn$ bcobfi4itigcn) barauf rc^ncn^ 
to Bake — of, boitr^d^cn) to make no ^ of, 
9erittsf4A^cn$ to take an — of, trnterftt^ett) 
on — of, Qttft UrfafbC/ wcgen, urn ... wiUcn) 
on (npon) no — , auf fcincnSaH/ bur^au^ 
ni4t| aponalla-i, auf icbcn Si^Q/ injcbcr 
HlJktfid^t; tnicbcrTfrt) bet ]ebcr OSelcgcnbcit) 
^t or action of — , jUio, bic Jttage wcgcn 
^rmci^crfcrYbreibnung) Corns, to balance 
n) — » Qonto folbircn^ to bring in one** — , 
ne {Re^nung cinrcifbcn/ Ui. oMcgen i to keep 
1 9t. f^tittn, Qosto (aftcn; to open an — , 
Alo crdfRcn ) to past to — , in 0t. brittgen ) 
place to new — , enf ncne {R. bringcnj to 

for — of ... , fiir 9t. oon ...} for — and risk, 
fur9t.unb®efabr4 for half —, Cft.|urf)dlftC| 
Gcnto hmeta; for one's own—, fdr cigenc 
0t. ) on — , auf 9t., auf TCbf^Iag, abf^ldgli^, 
&€onfo$ to pay on — , anticipanbo bcjablen} 
ania(lcn;abf(bldgli(b sabIctta<Sinf(buf Iciften; 
a payment on — , tie Tfnticipanboiabluttg, 
A iSonto * dabtung i bcr QKnf(buP 9 an open (nn> 
settM) — , cine olftttc (unbe}abUe)9t.9 (pro 

forma or) simulated — , tic Cingcbilbete 0t. 
((5onto«8into)j — of charges, tic Unfofhn* 
(ob. 6pcfcn«)^-$ — of charges (of) mer- 
chandise, baft {)anbtttngS*Unf often 'GontOf 

— of disbursements, tic 7(udlagc< (ob. 7[ui» 
lagcns) 9{ota5 — of exchange, taS fBc4fcl« 
ot. (SambiO'GontO} — of insurance, bic i(f« 
fccurani • dt.i — of moveables, taS fDtobilicn* 
(5ontO$ — of reexohange, tic {RfiAoc4rd« 
({Ricambio') dt.i ~ (of) sales, tic4Scrfanf« 
rcfbnnng) — of settlement, tic 6(btttfrc4« 
nungi —book, taS SI-ft'lBu^^ (Sontobu^^ 

— current, btc (auftttbc 0t., 6onfo«<Sorrcnt; 
bcr 9t-ft«Kuft2ug) — current book, taft 

To j^ccoAnt', V.I. a. inOlcfbnuttg bringcni/g. 
cra4tcn/mc{ncn,tafitr ^altcn (gum. mit upon) ; 

to — to ... , Cttircn an ... i (vid. t. i. To As- 
sign); II. n. rc4nen,sdbl(n$ gufammenreib' 
ncn, abrc4^ncn5 to— with one, mit ^ncm iu« 
fammenrc4^nen, ft^bcre^ncn mit...) M ocr« 
fldntigcnj to-for,9te(bcttf(baft(filrQftmaS) 
gcben) pcrantwortliib fetn (ftc^cn) fdr ...$ 
ten (Srunt angeben oon ... . 
^ccddnt^bll'jty, #. bic (l$crant»ortIi4f ett 
^ccdAn'tfble, I. adj. Qur 0tc4ettf(baft) 9cr« 
pfiid)UU (— to, (Sittcm) ocrantmortli^ (— 
for, fiir 6tmaft)i — for, inel. crHdrbar^ 
H.— ness, s. bicScrantmortiiibfeit. 
^ccoAn'tfnt, j.bcr Btcibnungftfiltbreri Sdnd^^aU 
ten Qfomptoirift) a-s, ^erfoncR/ mit bcnen 
man in 9te(bnung flebtj — general, bcr 6a^ 
ftrer ob. obcrflc {Rc^nttngSfSbi^^ im Jtan|Ici» 
8erUJt«iof$ - general office, baft oberfh 
fllcibnunsftbiireau i adj. (Shk.) t^erantioortlid^ 

i^ccdiUnts', s. (pi. 0. Account, qv.) Corns. 
merchants* — , bic !an|htdttnif(be 9u(bb«(' 
tungi book of — current, taft €$eotttrobs49 

— agreed upon, tct fftc^nungSabf^luf j 
giving up of — , bic ^legnnd oon (Rc^nun* 
9cn$ to settle — , 9tc4nttngen abf(bKe9cn$ — 
are kept in ... , man tc^nct na4 ••• • 

To ijlccdfi'tre, v.a.MU. k Mar. auftttiftcn) attf» ' 

pubcn, auf r^mfltfen; aulftatten^ auftftafflrcB. 

^ccdd'trem^at, s. Mil. bic ffolbatcnrfiflttnd, 

•« (or to reader) to — , Qcwinn brinoen; baft deii0) bcr Xm^, ^ub/ €taat$ col. alU 
itc)9l.gcbeB,renbircn)Mverinterc{Rren4 mobif^c ob. «ndcio(|sIi^Sra4t. 




T« ^ccrSd'jt, V. a. i\>{. beglaubtgen, bet>oa« 

mi4tiden(etnen9]<^tntfler}$ Com.accrebitiren. 
i^ccrSs'cf nt, p. a. bcf. Bot. aniDadt^ftnb, suited* 

menb. [tation. 

Accrets, Accrestiment, s. Mus. vid, Augmen- 
i^ccrS'tion, s. BoU k Phy. ber flBa^^t^mn, bie 

^n^dttfnng; boi 3une]^men (etnee Jt6tptx^, 

ic.)i rigbtof— , Laio,bad3u»a4rund&re(bt. 
^ccr«'t|Ye> adj. BoUkHiy, }une(menb/ loatb- 

frnbj —motion* bie iune^menbe Seioeguno. 
4ccrTm{aS'tion, s. md. Crimination 
To ^Lccrvacli', v. a. ft<b n)iberrre4tU4 bem£(b« 

ttgett/ iueifinen^ anM hvin^tn, anfUi reifen. 
To ^ccHke'» V. n. aufi (Stmad entflebeii, ematb' 

r:n ) Sttsoa^fen, (insuf ommen; jufallen. 
^ocimi'bf ncy,«.ber liegenbe ((e^nenbe)3uftaitb. 
^cc&n'bfnt, adj. (alb liegenb, ftteob, le^nenb. 
To 5ccll'maiite, v. I. a. (Snfcn, an^dufen, auf* 

bdufenj ll.n. M i^tiftn,imti^mtn,toaii\tni 

fig' lune^men (tm (S^uten ob. ®6ren)$ a-d 

treaion» /kne, ein auS oerf^tebenen fierbre* 
. 4ni ittfommeii emaebfcner j>o(bi»ercat(. 
^ocfi'm(il?t6,adi. gnfammense^dttft, andebduft. 
^ccfimQiS'tion, i. bie j)dttfung/ TCn^dufung? 

bet f)anfe5 I<aii>-«. bie TCn^dufttng mebreter 

tmttt in eincr |)erfon$ bafi dttfammetttretfes 

oerf((itebenet Umfldabe in einem Seioeife. 
^cca'm&lfitifve, L adj. an^dttfenb) onge^dvfti 

O. — ly, a(fo. (aufRuoeife^ an(4ttfenb. 
Accu'ffl&iatQr, s. bet Xnbdufenbe, Cenncbtct. 
WcQr^cy, s. bie (Benanififeit, 9(tn!tli(bfeit 
ic'c&rfte* I. adj. U. — ly, ado. ^tnau, xi^tiq, 

pfittPtli4; fotgfdltig) genott befUmmt ; obnc 

jejlet^ most — ly, aur« ©eaauefle^ III. 

— ness , 8. vid. Accuracy, [flu^belabeti. 
Accur's^d,/). a. 4= &* cetm&nf^t, oetmaiebeit^ 
Aecft'f «ble, ac^'.onf fagbat, fltQfbot(of,n)eden) . 
AccQ'f^nt, «. Lair, bet Vnfldget, itldget. 
XccQfa'tion, «. bie ^nflage, Seftbulbigung J 

it(aae(oot ®eti(bt) i au(b ^ccQ'f f 1( t AccQ^ c/). 
^Lccft'f f tI?o (— caae), i. ^om. bet7Cccttfatio.| 
4cdk'f«tl?ely» adv. Crram. oU XcotfatiOj ben 

ICccnffttio betteffenb. 
Acca'fft^ry, adj, eine itiage eitt^altenb ob. i»et« 

«tfa4cnb j — libel,bieJtIadf4tift^9tediitt(la9e.J 
To ^Lccllf e', V. a. annogen, bef(bulbiden (—of 

a thing, loegen einet 6a(9e)9 tabeln, mifbil' 

Ugen. [jDenuttctant, bie Ynfldgetinn, u. 
AociK^fr, «. berKt^dget^ Jtldger, bef. Lav, 
To ^Lccfte'tom, v. a. ge»d(nen (— to, an). 
ifLeciU't^med, p. a. geioo^ttt, de»5(nt ^ geiD56tt« 

(i4/aebtdtt4Ii4$ aaliop well — , Com. eitt 
^(oon itunben) flat! befud^tet Saben. 
Ace , #. ba«X|L (itdn; bie 9in9 (auf dBfitfela 

•b.JCarten)}:Ag.bieJtteinig!eit J within an — ,|| 

urn ein ^aat, betttole) not an — , ni^t baft 

9)tinbefte$ —point, bet ICfpunft (bie €Seite 

bed fiBiitfeld/ wotanf baft ICf flebt). 
^cSphVlous, adj. fopfloS, (auptloft. 
^cerb', adj. btr(e (im Oefimacf)/ bitter^ 

fttenge. f(batf{>^.tau(, fitenge, batt, f(batf 
To Ac€rbat«,o.o. ^etbe ma^eniAST.tetbittent. 
^Lcer^bity, s, bet %tt^t Gefd^matf/ bie ^etbig^ 

fcitj fis. bie j>dtte, ettenge, 9tau((eit (bet 

®em((t(ftatt ob. bet bitten), 
^icer'jc, adj. |ttm7C(otn ge(6tig^ com Ytotn | 
^— acid, Cft«m. bit IC^otnfdute. 
Ic'^roni, 4Lcfr9ie', adj. Bot-*. fpteuattig; 

nabelfStmig) —leaves, 9^abeln. 
ic^rvi'tion 9. bie Qiundnfung. 
Ac^i'c^ncy, t. bie GduetU^f eit (9^eigttng )ttt 

6dtttc)| eixxt, e^dtfe. 
^cSa'c^nt, odi. fanet metbenb. fdnetnb. 
^cj^s'centt, s. pMDittge^ bie lei^t fanet metben. 
^Lc^tKbfUvm, s.AsiaU bie^fanne; BoU eine 

Xti be9 Oe(betr4n)ammeft (Puiza) ; Zoot. 

vid* Cotyledona. 

X'cdtite, ». Oiem. baft effigfaute Galj/^cetat 
l'c9tit«d, adj. Chem. effig « gefdnett. t^uetli^. 
ice'tf«m[iUc-^-«hi-^], «.Laio,bie3n»eifnng 

ber e^t^benetfabfiagc an bie Qaeen*a-Bench. 
^cifftc, adj. Chem. ISffi^ ent^altenb^ acetify i 
Acetite, i.vtd. Acetate. [— acid, C^dfdute. 
Acdtose', adj. 6dttte ent^altenb; fduetli<b/ 
Javtti Watf. 

Ae§t5t'jty, 9. bie 6dttetlt4i!eit; 6dnte. 
^IcC'tont, adj. (efligO fanet, fdnetU^. 
^cC't^m, s. Chem. bet ®eineffig. 
To i(he [iJc], v. n. f4met}en$ vid. To Ake. 
i(he (impr. Ach), s. bet &d^mfm vid. Aice; 

BoU bie f)etet|Uiei — bone, ^at. baft ^6ft* 

ish'Srftn, s. Myth, bet V^eton (Xtaum|(ttf)$ 

« baft 6(battenrei4/ bie Untenoelt, f)dlle. 
^Lchiev'^ble, adj. anftfft^tbat, t^nnlicb/ mftgli4. 
To ^Lchieve', v. a. anft Wten, ooQbtingen, jn 

6tanbe btingeni (mii^fam) ettoetben,befom« 

men, etlangen; baoonttagen (ben €Sieg), ge« 

^Lchieve'm^nt, s. bie Xnftffiltnng, SoOenbung i 

j>etbent(at, Orof tbat j j!g. baft (gtof e) ffBetf; 

(St}eugnif j Her, baft (bttt4 rfi(ni(i(be XM< 

ten enootbene) fiBappeil [fUget. 

i$.chievV» '• betSonPbtingetj Qhi9etbet$ 9e« 
4l(hnlft8, s. )C4iaeft(^-n.)f — tendo,iinaf. 

bie V^iQeftfe^ne. 

Aghlft, s. Med. bie Yngenoetbnnfelnng. 
i'^h^r, 1. Med. bet 9Xil4f4otf, Kttf)|>nmg. 
i^^mXt'ic, odi. Opu fatbenloft; a^tomatift i 

— gtaisea, ad^tomatif^e (Ullfer (bei6pie|el« 





Acic'ular, BoU it Min. T. adj. nab elf5mu8,|| ma<tai(— with.mtt), bena^ri^ttgenC— of. 

^Dpitittlaufent j II. ode. mie 9labeln 
Acftd, €hem. I. adj. fatter, (erbe3 II* s, bte 
J&iuxii a-s, p^ ®iuren. [tenb. 

Actdif^rom, C/i«m. adj. fauer, 6aurc ent^aU 
icidin'fble, adj. fduerbar. 
^cfdjQca'tioo, «. C7iein. bte €$duerung. 
icfd'filfr, «. CTiem. ber Sdurenbilber. 
To^LdtiFifJ, V. a. fdueni/ fttuer matben ) C/iem. 
Jn tint Gdure otnoanbeln. 
Acfdrai'Stfr, s. Chem. bet Gdurenm effer. 
A(/j^t, 1. ber ICcibtfl (Tfnbdn^er ber (bemif^- 
mebtsinif]|bcn Eebrc ton ben Gdnren). 
^Mitjf Ac^dofsg, J. bie ®dure, Ifcib Hit. 
^dfd'iUaS, f. pi. ber Gauerbrnnnen. [fduern. 
To AcId'Qlate, v. a. Oiem. fduerltcb macben, 
^dfd'tilous, adj. Chem. fduerliib- 
icinft'ceous [— shys] , adj. vid. Acinoi e, Ac. 
icjnS9'ifonii, adj. Bot. [dbelfSnttig. 
^dfii'ifonQ, adj. Anat. traubenffirmig ; — to- 
nic, bie Srauben^aut bes Tfugel. 
IcfBtee', ic'iDoas, adj. Min. fdmtg. 
\9'in98, s. Bot. bie einjelne IBeere ber gufam- 
mengefe^ten IBeerenfrit(bte; j. fb. ber iSrom* 

oon). [ber (bie) iBefanntf 

^cquftin't^nce, s. bie 9efanntf(baft ^ jtenntntf 
^cquain'tf d, p. a. befannt (— with, mtt)i un* 

tecri(btet(— of, oon). 

AcqnSst', ernorbeneiSut jbieGtrobenmg. 
To Icquj&ce' [lUc-kwi-^s'], v. n. (— in) , M 

beru^igen (be{)$ juftieben fein (mit)$ einmiU 
^ligen, R* fligen (in). 
Acqujj^a'cfnce. «. bie QfimoiOigung , 3nflim« 

mung5 <5rgAung, Sugung (» in, in). 
IcqQj^s'c^nt, adj. na(bgiebig 
^cquir'^ble. adj. enoerbbar, eriangbar. 
To^cquire', v.a. ermerben, eriangen 9 errei^ben i 

lernen, erlernen. 
^cquire'm^nt, 9. bie (Snoerbung, @rlangung| 

bie burtb Sleif erraorbene Sd^igfeit ob. Ser« 
Acqal'r^, * ber Srwerber. [tigfeit. 

Acquifftion, s. bafi @noerben, (Srmerbntf; 

bte drwerbung) (Sriemungj Hi ertoorbene 

®ut^ ber UnfauU bie Sefi^nabme, Q^robe^ 

rungi — of glory, ermorbene df^tt. 
^cqai^jtrve, I. adj. erworben, erlangt; II. 

— fy, adv. Gram, anjetgenb, baf ein 3eitmort 

to Ob. for natb M i^t. 
To ^ckndwl'cdge, v. a. (fdr gfiltig) anerfen^ll/Lcqnif'jtfTcn^si, s. Pfiren. ber (SrmerbSfinn. 

nen, agnofdren, recognofciren^ befennen, ein 
gefleben i fitr (Stmai erfenntliib fein, erf ennen 9 
to — the receipt (of a letter) , ben Smpfang 
(einel Sriefed) ansef gen. 

^eknSwl'f dg^dly, adv. anerfannntennaf en. 


^cknSwl'f dgmf nt, s. bie Tfnerlennung, Law, 
Ygsition, SHecognitton i bad Sef enntnif (einee 
9<b^r&)i bie (Sntf^ulbigung) ber @mpfang« 
fibein; Lmr, CftecognitionSfd^ein^ bie (Sm^ 

^9fittgftanieige$ (a-s)> bie @r!enntli4feit. 

Ac'ad,>.^.ber®ipfel, b^4fl(9un!t$ Med. 
bie b54^fle Sttifii einer ^rantb^it. 

Wne, s. Med. bie Siutbe im Oefiibt. 

'^-cDld', adj. (Sh.) hit ftarbiener, fWepner. 

^c(a'9«fci8t, ic'ply te, a. Ecc. ber XH{yx% XU 

le'ftf te, s. Bot. bie SS>olf$mnr), ba$ ^ifenbut« 
UiA) « eiit tdbtG(bee ®ift. [natter. 

^eSn'tiai [^-Mn'-thj-^s] , s. Zool. bie 9feil< 

i'ffra, I. bie did^tU Mar. ber Sliigelfnopf. 

l'«9med, adj. (Si^eln tragenbj Her. (eine 
<li4c) mit CK<be(n oerfeben. 
cfnpi, 1. Bot. ^tvStalxmai Nat. bie blane 
^roSei Med. ber grof e (Salgant 
^ci4'tt}c» adj. afttfHftb) — duct, Anat. ber 
i^ttt Oebdrgong} — iottrnment, ba9 

09ta4ro$r, 4>drrobr. 

lifatlcf, Phy. bie Ifhiftif, Cibofllebre, 

^cfnnbe^ Med. ®ebdrarsneien. 

• ieqaEint',v. a. (— one, (Sintn) befannt 

' TOifcqait', v.a. befreien, freifprecben, lodfpre« 
(ben j erlafTen, quittireni to — one*t self of a 
thing, M einer Go^e entlebigenj to — an 
obligation, eineSerbinbli(bfeiterfflIlenj eine 
SBobltbat erfennen j to — (one'i self of) a 
debt, eine ®(bttlb abtragen j to — one of a 
debt, Sinem eine6(bulb eriaffehj paid and 
a-ed, beja^lt unb quittirt. 

Acqnit', s. (franj.) Com. bie Cuittung i per—, 
(attf bejablten flBerbfeIn u. {Retbnungen) he* 
iablt; erbalten. [fprecbung. 

Acquit't^l, t. Law, bie %vii\pxtdiun^ , 2o»s 

iicqnYt'tince, 9. bie fiSefteiung (oon einer 0er» 
binblitbfeit); Com-s. bie ^Cbja^Inngi £tuit« 
tungi sum of—, baS TCbfinbungSquantum, 
bie ibfhibungfifummej — in fall of all ac- 
coant8,bie<S^eneraIquittung i v.a.freirpre4sn. 

li'cre, a. ber QJtorgen, TCcter 2anbe» (4840 
DuabratcgarbOi an — ofnipee«, ein^td 
(100,000) 9tupien 4 — «hot, —tax, bie ® runb^ 
fieuet (na(b bem Xrfer). [oermdgcnb. 

A'cred, p. a. col. (S^runbeigentbum befi^enb, 

4Lcrerae', s. jebn QRorgen Sanbeft. 
IXcfrjd, I. adj. f<bttrf,beifenb.berte5 n.-nets, 
s. bie e(bdrfe, eitterfeit, ^erbigfeit. 

AcrfaiO'njoas, I. adj. II. — ly, ado. bcrbe, 
bitter { fig. ftreng, beifenb; m. — neai, s. 
vid. b. f. flB. 

Ic'rlffl^ny, s. bie Sib^tfe (einer 0ubfiaii|)4 
fig. bie ©itterfeit, etrenge, ^efWgWt. 




Ac'rjtDde, s. tie e^drfe^ j)erbigfdt ^H ®e* 

Acrp^mStlc (— cal), adj. Fh. dC^etm, iin^f 
mtiit, gr^nbli^ geletrt, efoterif^. [ter(6^e. 

AcrD^mjOo, s, Anat. baft Kfromtoii; bie 64ul« 

/kcrSn'jc, ^crdn'jcfl (Acronycal), adj. Ast. 
ahcnift (eigentl. ahoni)4if4). 

^crOn'jc^lIy, adv. ^<t. {ur a!romf4<n 3eit. 

Ac'rQipire, i. BoU ber jteim (bef. eineft ^omen* 
forneft auferter (Srte), boS (®lottO 2feber» 

ic/rpspired, p. p. k tt, feimenb. [4icn. 

Acrdss', I. adv* fttViimiUi vith arms --, mit 
ioerf4rdn!ten Tfrmen 9^g. toibrtg, unglittf Ii(b $ 
n. prep. (\VitxixUv, quer ob. mitten bur4. 

^crSs'tjc, i\7et. I. j. baft ^ofli^on (!!?amen» 
Sebt^t)^ n. adj. vid. b. f. fl8. 

j^crSs'ticfil, I* ad)' aftofH^^i II. — ly, adv. 

glei4 einem XfrofH^on. [vtdL b. f. IS. 

Icr9ts'ri9> ^.pl.^nat. bie (Sxtctmitittn^Arch. 

Ac'r^t^rf » J. p/. AtcK flelne niebrige S^f de« 
fleUe am S^a^diebel j beftgl. bie barauf fte^en* 

To Act, r. I. n. ^anbeln^ su SBerfe ge^en, mir« 
fetti to — upon certain principles, na^ de« 
loiffen ®ntnbr&^en (anbetn) to — np to an 
order, einem CSefe^Ie gemdf (anbeln^ U. o. 
in Senepng feten, (bie Zi^&tiHtit) befltm« 
mett4 treiben/ leiten? auff&^ren (ein X^eaters 
ft&d)i fpielen, barfieSen/ (a part, eine fiHoEe) 
geben^fpielen/asirena to — ont of character, 
auft feiner Sftolle faden. 

Act, s. (cf*pL) baft$anbeln$ bie^anbbtng, 
S^at) ber &diTitt, baft ©ethane; ber 6treid|^ ) 
bie IEBir!U4feit$ ber 7(uf}ug (Kct etneftX(ea* 
terfKitfeft)) I^to,bteSBer^anbIund^7(cte3 Pari, 
ber fdtW^f, baft Ibtcxzt, bie ^Kcte (baft (Se« 
fet$ Ac. bie S^iftputation; ber 7(ctuft (6jTentl. 
feierli(^e{)anbluns)) Lair, baft Snflrument, 
S)ocument$ in — , ioir!(t4$ imlOedriffj in the 
very — , anf fcifier S^ot} to put into — , in 
Tfttftfii^rttttg bringen^ oermirflt^en; — of a 
Btndent in divinity, Ac. bie t^ologifAe Sn* 
aiiguralbiftpntation $ — of faith, Kcc. ^al 
Yutobaf^; a-a of penance, Stifflbungenf 
Com* k Laio, ~ of abandonment, bie (5ef« 
fionftacte^ — of cassation, baft (Saffatiottft* 
urt^eil^ — of hononr, bie Jnterventionft* 
acte^ SfJotJabreffej — of grace, «id. luaol- 
Tency (act of ~); — of navigation, bie9?a« 
vigationftacte^ — of oblivion, bie XmnefHe^ 
— of settlement, bie S^ronfolgeacte. 

Ac'tjng.p.i. A a. baft|)anbeln/ SSirfenj 6pie* 
len (eineft e^aufpielerft) $ ^anbelnb i— burgo- 
master, ber amtfilbrenbe (regierenbr) iSnrge* 
weiflerj —partner, a»m.ber wirHiielCflbei^. 

Ic'tfoglite, 1. Aftn. ber €$tra(lflein. 

Ictin^lit^c, aij. ftra^Iftdnartig. 

Ac'tion, s, bie 4>attblttttg, S^at) Pky^ tit 
fiBirfung) Fmu bie {)aiipt6anblang (eineft 
(Bebi(btft)^ RluU baft Qeberbenfpiel lb6m 
SISortrag), bie 7Cction$ Patnt. k Sculp, bie 
^aitung, eteOung (einer %i%ntX berTCct^; Zotv-j.bie^Uigefaibe/ (ge» 
ri^tliite) JKage^ baft Jtlagere^t) Mil. baft 
Xreffen, (Sefe^t? Com. vid. pi. ; to be in — , 
loirfen^ in SBemegung feiaj fit for — , ^n ®e« 
f^dften gef4i(ft$ fall of -, gef4dftig,t6dtig ^ 
gefticulirenb^ Laws, to bring (enter or lay) 
an — against one, 3«nanb geri^tli^ belan* 
gen J to hold a-s, procefprenj (; an 

— npon appeal, bieTCppettationftttagej — for 
debt, bie ^cbulbflage; — on policy, ber Xf* 
fecuransprocef $ an — for trespass, eine pein> 
Ud^t Jtlage. 

Ac'tion^bie, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. tint geri^t* 
li^eJtlage iulaflenb, flagbor, belangbar^pro* 

Ac'tion^ry, A'ctionist, s. (fran).)/ Com, ber 
Tfctienbejtter^ Tfctiondrj 7(ctien(dnbler, <Sf« 
fecten^dnbler } society of actionaries, bte 

Ic^tioof, s. pl.Jlufsiol. bie Kctionen()6erri<b' 
tungen) ber (ebenben itdrper? (fran^) Com. 
Uttitni - taking (Shk^,), proceffifijrenb. 

Toic'tfvate, u. a. inS^dtigfeit fe|en, inOang 

^(Sewegung) bringen, nirffom ma^en. 

Ac'tjve, adj* t^dtig, toerft^dtig; betriebfam) 
wirffam, toir!enb4 leb^aft^gef^dftig) be^enb, 
genanbti praftif4»$ Gram, attiti Com-s.^ 
capital, — property, baft eigene Cermdgen 
(eineft Jtauf^anneft) an baremd^elbe^Orunb^ 
fidtfen,l£Baaren, SSe4»feIn, id Hctitai — 
commerce, ber TCctib^anbel, Kuftfttl^r^onbel) 

— debts, Vctiofibulben, (auftfte(enbe) BiS^nh 
benj — proper^ of a bankmpt, bie SRaffc 

^eineft SttBiten$ —verb, (?raiR. baftOfctionm. 

Ac'tjvely, adv. tf^iti^, wirffam) gef^dftig} in 
ber X%ati Gram, alft Tfctivum^ t^dtig. 

Ic^tjvenfss, s. vid. b. A. Activity* 

ActTv'jty, 9. ^it S^dtigfeit, Setriebfamfeit, 
®ef<bdftigfeit,»irtfam!eiti 2.bieSe(enbig^ 
reit, (9e»aiibt(e{t$ feats of-, itnnflfKiife^ 
sphere of — , ber SBirfungftheift. 

Ic't^r, s. ber^anbelnbe,S(dtcr$ G^aufpieler 3 

^XnwaIt(im(5ibiIprocefre). [€i4anfpielerinn. 

Ac'tr^ss. s. bie (^anbelnbe »eibU4e yerfon $ 

lets, s. pi. BibU (— of the apoatlet), bit 

XpoRe(gef4i4te4 Irfxu-^. bie Xcten, dte^tft* 
f^nften; - of parliament, bie |)arlamentft« 
acten (etatnten beft jtdnigrei^ft))— of God 
and the King's (Qneen*s) enemies, (in S>0€U« 






Ac'tofI [jlk-uh&-fl], I. adj. t^dti'd) toitfii6fil^Toi,^pt!,v,a.axi^tf[tn'tima(itn,anpafftn,iin' 

de^cnwirttg/ jc^ig 5 — cauteriei, Surg. ti^tnU 

Itd^e iSrtnnmtttcI) — debt, »ir!(i((e &d^uU 

>cn$ —service, bcf.Afi^bcr»trni4eS)ienfl5 

- state of matters, ^ie 3ettumfldnbe, 6on« 

iiincturcnj II. -iy, adv. in berS^/ wir!« 

ti^i gcgcniodrtigs supply— on hand, Com. 


▲ctuaFjty [-tohd-], s. bie ffBtrf (i^feit 

Ai/tuyry, s. ber TCctuanuft, ^rotocoSift; 0tegi 

menben (— to, auf)) to become a-ed to, 
oertraitt werbcn mit..., M Bem^^nen an ... . 
^LdKpt^bn'ity, s. bte TCnwenbbarfeit, ^aflid^- 
^LdSp't^ble, adj. anmenbbar. [felt. 

idfptii'tioo, s. bte TCnpafTuRg^ 7(ntoertbuR<)j 
ba9 TCnpaffen. 
^dSp'tion, s. vid, b. ^. Adaptation. [aXuftltiu 
^Ld'^tfs, s. Com. tint Tttt feiner o^nbif^er 
^dHy^, adv. now — , (eut JU Xoge, ic^t. 

firator, ((Sed4td')64retber$ chief— of a ToAdd,D.I.a.(iniut^UR,$inittffigeR,b(if(Ld(n 

firm, Com. bcr erfh ©eWfiftd^^rer. - - - - 

To Ac'tultc, v.a. titi^epcguiid ob. S^dtift^it 

fcicR; in ©ang brtngch; ontrcibeR/ trdlen$ 
^a-d by ... , angetrtcbcn )>on ... • 
Actu.Vtion, s. bic flBirfung/ ttirfenbe Jbraft. 
^cil'le^te, .^dSfmt^d, adj. A p. a. Bot. fla4c« 

lifi/ fpi^tg} ^0^* mit cinemetaitel oerf<tcn. 
^cii'Iel, f.pi. Bot. A 2U>o<. 6ta4etn. 
Aci^m^n, .r. bic fd^arfc &pi^tifie. bit 6^4arf« 

To ^cti'minate, v. I. a. lufpi^tn, fcftdrfen (au(( 

/g-)9 II* ^(* fi4) tcgelf(rmtg cr^eben. 
^cQ'rojn^te, ^cu'injnated, adj. A p. a. fd^arf 

^cOmina'tion, s. HB dufpitens bte f^orfe 

Q$pt^C9 ^g. bic G^QtfflnnidMt. 

^cQ'ninous, adj. fpt^ig. 

AcSte', hadj. II.— ly, ai/o. fpi^tg/ f^arf j £ot. 
W%m AfMJ. f*orf, ^115 jfig. [♦arffinnig, 
fdnj — .iccent, (^ram. bcr ICtViMi — an- 
golar, fpi^ioinnig) — disease, Med. tint 
bi^flC Jtranf^citj ill. — ness, s. bic 6pt^id« 
tdt i 64drfe $A'* )>cr 6<barfflRR; bie G^drfe, 
Jetn^cit, {>cFtidf cit, Jtrtfid (ciner itran!^it) $ 
— of discovery, tint flarfe Unterf(teibungS« 
traHi — of the eye, bic e^drfc be§ Oeft^t^ i 

(~ to, su)5 beif^Iiefens naittragenj (bo& 
^c(lenbe) ergdnsen^na^ia^len) (to— to) per* 
me^ren; (to — op) abbirenj to — the in- 
terest to the capital, 3tRfen {um Qopital 
f^lageni Il.n.^iniufommen, oemetren) this 
a-s to my grief, baft oerme^rtmeinenitnm* 
mer$ — to this, (iersu fommt nod^, ba}u 
fonunt) a-ed to, nebfi. 

id^d^ble, adj, termeffrbar; tnd. Addible. 

Ad'd^tis, AdM^ties, s. vid, Adatis. (iC^ttten. 

To^ddSc'imate , v.a. Law, bende^nten ne(men^ 

Addenda {j^dd^n'd^l, pi. Ut. 9{a4»trdge. 

Addendum [addSn^^m], s. JUt. ber^ufa^^ 
Tfn^ang, 9{a4trag (eineft ffBer!ed)$ gew. pi. 

id'd^r.j.Zooi.bicSJatterj -bolt, -fly, Ent. 
bie2ibeae,9reitiangfer$ -stung, oon einer 
katter gejlo^en j £ot-«.— s-graas, baft Jlna* 
benfrauti -s-tongue, bieS^atterjunge^ — s- 
wort, bie 9{attem>uri. 

Addjbn'jty, s. bie Seme^rbarhit. 

Ad'dible, adj, teme^rbar, }ufugbar. 

Ad^djce, s. vid. b. it. Adz. 

To Addict', t?. a. mibmen, mei(»en$ to — ones 
self, ft4 ergeben, M fiberlaffen (— to vice, 
Ac. bem ^^tv, K.). 

— of sounds, bie edftdrfe bcr X$ne$ — of|Addic'tion,#. baft SBibnun, bie ffBibmung$6r« 
».:. w...«x.-«2x*......-^ H gebung, Sleigung, ber |)ang (— to, |u). 

id'djng, p. p. (©. To Add) ; — charges or ex- 

wit, bie e4arfft(^tigfeit. 
yl(f [ad], Lat.prep. na4) — libitum^ na(( 

^Selicben^ — valorem, na4 bcm Ifficrt^c. 
Ad'age, s. baft €fpri(J^n>ort/ bie SRaxime. 
Ada'giD, Mus. 1. s. baft Ybagio i 11. adv. abagtO/ 
^tangfAin unb fanft. 
AdVm, s. QCbam (SR-n.); — s-apple, ^t. A 

Anat. bcr Q(-ftapfeI$ — 's earth, bie ^-ft« 

crbe, S)amaftccncr erbe; — s needle, bte 

Y-^nabel/ ^ucta. 

d'fmant, s. ber ^amant ^iamant. [artig. 
kdHif ate'Qn, adj. t^avt »teS>iamant, bemant* 

^df ■Stt'tjnc, adj. bemanten^^g. ttn2crfl6rbav^ 

ttnanfl^ftlii) i —spar, Min. ber S)iamantfpat(. 

Ld'f Bic-eartV, s. Gtol.cor. bie abamif(|e (5rbe/ 

9t$t(|elerbe, englir^e (Me. 

d^nso^Blf , s. Bot. ber fttoobabbaum, TCffen* 


penses, Cvm. mit 3nbegriff ber 6pefen. 

Addiction, s. baft $tn}ut4un$ bieSSeiffigungj 
Lit. ber 3ufat (|u einem tBer!t)$ die dtanb* 
gtoffe) berdun»a4ft, bieSerme^rungi wtlg. 
eitt Dort Jeiliafter 3ufat, Sieratjj .4nt^.bie 
Ybbition^ Mus. ber $unft (neben ber 9tote 
alftSerIdngerungftiei4en)i Imw, berSteben* 
titel (IBeifat lumSor' tt.dunameR)^ Uer. 
baft IBeiiei4en$ Dist. ber dufat? Com. ber 
9{a4r4uf/ 7(br<ftnitt. 

^ddiCti^nal, adj. (itt|ttgefe^t/Penne(rt,er(66t; 
na4trdgli4^$ — happiness, ein 3tti9a<ltft an 
dllfidf) Com. A Law, — charges, bie 9ieben« 
f often, 9iebenfpefen{ — (and conditional) 
clause, ber dnfatartifel, bie dufaeurfunbe) 
— credit, bcr ©upplementarcrebitj — dnt> 




crtax, Ux CT^6(te 3oO, lit 9iQ4ficuer5 —I 
frcigbt, ^ie Sra^tiulage^ — payment, bcr 

)to4f4vf- [^andewetfe. 

^ddi'ti^nf ll>, adv. aU dufa^, aid ^ugabe^ on* 

Id'djti ve, adj. (inittfetbar; btniufigent). 

Id'djt9r>-, adj. Qcnne^renb, t)ergr5f ernb. 

Ad'die (Addled), adj. Utx,Vinftn^tbax,^auli^, 
oerborben? — egg, bad ftBinbci) cols. — 
brained, —headed, —pated, leerfdpflfi/Ieer, 
^trnlofi, ninbifl; unbefonnenj — brains, — 
pate, Ux bumme, cinf2Itide9Kenf4,@infaItS« 
<>infel> — plot, ber ©pieberbcrber. 

j|Lddors'e<i» p.a.Mer. att&mdrtS (mit bem (Rncfen 
gegen cmanbcr) gefebrt. 

To ^ddrSst', u. a. (— one'i selfto), (ft^ an^t* 
]iianb)»enben^ ((St»ad on ibn) xi6tUni (au4 
im fttobircben 0inne) eine TCbrefTC; dn(9efu4 
dngeben/ einen Yntrag fteHcn) sueignen, an« 
ttbeit) to — goods (to, @mem) SEBaaren fen« 
ben (eon|l(jniren)5 to — a letter, cinen ®rief 
ttbrefflrenj to — paper*, $apiere fibcrfibrei* 
ben 5 to — the king (the Senate), fltb Wrift* 

Hib on ben it6nig (an ben 8enat) menbenj to 
— a lady, einer S)ame ben|)of ma^ben? a-ed 
bill, CSoifi. bcr jDomicil * SBBc^bfel. 
4ddr«ss', s. bic Xnrebe4 Qfingobe, IBittf<brift j 
®onlf(brift; jDttttfttbreJre j Pari, bic 7(nt»or» 
ten, »etibe bem Gouoerain auf bie Sbronrebe 
Abergeben »erben i bie dufcbrift 9 dueignungS^ 
Wrift j ^ttff*rift (eines Sriefed, ic), Tfbreffe 5 
btc (Seioanbt^ett, (Sefcbttfliibf cit, Jtunfl^ ber 
Xnftanb. bief>altund; badScnebmen, bie9){Q« 
nicr, Scbenftart ^ Sicbeftbemerbung (dem. pf .) 3 
ta pay one's a-es to, fx(b bewerben urn, (— 
a lady, einer S)ame) ben^of ma^bcn^ to malce 
oDe*8 — to one, (Sinen anreben, fiif (about 
a thing, ncgen Stiba^ an @inen nenben) 

Ofm-s. to forward to one*8 — , an 3'Wianbcil 
(ob. na(b) ^breffe bcfteHen Iaffen$ — in easel 
01 need, TCbrcffe auf ben 9Jotbfa0. 

^ddr«ssVr,jr.®ner, bcr cine 7fbrefrefiberrei(bt5 

ber ©ittflellerj btr, »el(ber tint 3fnrebe iilt. 
To .\ddrice', v. a. beibringen (S3e»eifc burcb 

3cngen, «.)» anfubren ((25<briftfleaen, jc), 

aufftcUcn (eine TCatoritfit, :c.). 
i^ddu'c^nt, adj. Aj\at. onjiebenb, gufommcn* 

jie^enbi — muscle, ber 7(njiebmuft!el. 
AAda'cjble, adj. anffi^rbar^ anjieibar. 
J^dduc'tion, s, Anat. bie Tfnjtel^ung 5 Z,if. bic 

Ifnfittbruns (einer CJibriftflenc, ic). [genb. 
^ddiic'tivc, adi. beruntcriolenb, berunterbrin* 
AddacV. s. Amit. ber Tfnjiebmu&ter, ^njics 
^bcr, ^buctor. 
Ad'gb, s. Com, tin dgtjptifd^c* (BtniUft ©on 210 

okes |tt 3 rotoloB, ungef. 2 ©racbmen »cni» 

ger^ aH tin engUfcbcs g>fttnb. 

Adelf ntaM9,5. (fpan.) ber ©tattbalter (in einer 
Ad'«iaidc, s. ^(berjeib (g-n.). ^robinj). 
idSR'n?, *. Tfbeline (g-n.). 
Ademp'tion, s. Law, bie (Begnabme, ©erau« 
^bnng, ©ntjiejung (eine« «orre*te6). 
AdSnSg'r^phy, *.^nat.bie iDrfifenbefcbreibung. 
id'Snoid, adj. brilfenf^nnifi, briifenortig, brfi» 
idgnSlVgy, *. Anat bie ©riifenlebre. [fig. 
Ad'§n5s, s. Com, eine ^rt SaumrooQc and 
^Tfleppo (quib marine cotton genannt). 
Adenose', Ad'^nous, adj. vid. Adenoid. 
Ad«n8t'9ray, *. Anat. bie ©rfifenicrgliebemng. 
Ad«pt', U. ber Jhinftoerfldnbigej eingeweibte 5 
(ilbertragen »on).4Zc/i.ber®olbmad^er,7Cbept , 
^U. adj. funflverftfinbig, erfa^ren, gere^rt. 
Ad'iqn^te, I. adj, U. — ly, adv. angemeffen 
(bdufig mit to) 4 bmWngli*, ooHfldnbig^ HI. 
— ness, s. nit Q^ttnintit, tKngemefTenbeit, 
0li(btigFcit (ber ©arfhUung beft «erbfiltnif» 
Adfgc'tf d, p. a. Alg, |ufammengefebt. [fe«). 
ToAdfiliate, Adfiliation, vid. To Affiliate, Ac 
To Adhere', v, 11. anbongen, onttcben (— to, 
fln)j^, fl(bb<iItenan...5to— to* 
gether, sttfammenbangen^ we shall— to your 
order, Com. rbir werben 3^rcr ©orf^rift 

Adh€'rence, (-cy), *. ba$ TCnbangen, 2CnHe« 
ben 5 fig, bie 7Cnbdngli4Wt, ©rgebenbeit 
Adhc'r^nt, I. adj. an^angenb, anttcbcnb j an* 
bangig j II. s. ber ^fn^dngerj HI. -ly, adv. an» 
Adhg'r^r, s.berTfnbangcr. [bangenb,anb4ngTi<b. 
Adhc'^ion, s. Phy. baftKnbongcn (j. ©. bc6 
(SifcnS an ben 5WagneO, bie TfnFfcbung. 
Adhe'sjve, I. adj. II. — ly. adv. lit. &fig an* 
bangenb; anHebenb^ ~ plaster, ba& ^eft* 
pflaftcr j III.— ness, s. ba$ ^n^angcnbe, ^eft« 
Adh6r'tait9ry, adj. ermabnenb. 
Adiaph^nous, adj. unbur(b|t(btig. 
AdiaphVous, adj. glei<bgiiltig 5 Chem. ncu* 
^tralj— salt, baft fJcutralfalj (ein 5WittcIfaIg). 
Ad«ph'9ry, s, bie ®Iei(bgilItigFeit 5 baft Wittcl- 
bing4 Chem. bie Sfteutralitdt. 
Adiefl', I. adv. ®ott befoblen, lebc (leben eie) 
»obI/ 2fbieu j II. s, (au(b p^) baft gcbewobl. 
ToAdjpOc'jrate, v. a. ingcttwad^ft oernjanbeln. 
AdjpOcjra'tion, s. bie «cr»anblung in %ttt* 
Ad'i'p^cirej^ s. baft gettwacbft. [wa^ft. 

Ad'IpOse, Ad'jpous, adj. Anat. fctt> — mem- 
^brane, bie gett^aut^ - docts, bie gcttjenen. 
Ad'jt, *. Min. & Mil, bcr 3ugang, etoUtni 
»agerc(bte ®ang jur ICbleitung beft SBafferft. 
fdja'c^ndes, *.p/. angrenjcnbefcrter ob. 8dn» 
bcr, bie umliegenbe ©egenb, Umgegenb. 
Adja'c^ncy, s. baft SJabcUegen, bic 7f ngrenjung^ 
baft XngrcngenbC/ Knflcfenbe. 




4dj&'ctDt,^renjen^; onflof enb, anltcgenb 

(— to, Qn)$ — places, n»ie Adjacencies. 

To ^djjfct', V. 0. Vniutl^un, titt)»fetcn. 

Adj^tif'tioiis, adj, (in)Udetl^an/ ^titiugefett. 

Ad'jfctiTe, Gram. I. s. ^oS Xbiccti©^ 11. — ly, 

adv. ais ®ein)ort/ objectiDif^. 
To i^djdin', t>. I. a. beiffigen, (in^afSgen; an*^eUegen^angrenien^anftofenCan 

(3^qS)$ adjoining room, baft 9tebcn2iminer. 
To ^Ldjoorn', Fori, k Law, v. I. a. vertodeni 

mfd^ieben) aoff^ieben; U. n. f!4 oertagen. 
^djonrn'm^nt, s. Pari, k Laxo, bic Sertagung $ 

Qfslfetiind$ eerf^iebung, bet orttfTAub. 
^djOwaSn'-sfSd, «. Com. ber bengatif^e ^nieft 

filmmi copttciim). 
To 4ldjiid^e', v.a. Low, luerfennen^ jufpre^en ; 

•erortbcilen; conbemniren (— to, jti). 
^djiidl'inf nt, s, Loid, bie ^uerfennung (finer 

ettafi), baS Urt^eil) bie Strurt^eilnng. 
To ^dj&'djcate, Lair, u. I. a. juerfennen^ II. n. 

gerid^tlti crFennen (— upon, fiber). 
Adjfldic&'tion, s. Law, bie 3uer?ennttng/ 3n« 

fprjcbnng ^ bad Urt^etl^ ber O'te^tefpru^. 
To Ad(J9gate, v. a. anjod^en^ 2ttfammtnio4en. 
id'jiinct, I. s. ber 3ufa$ (etmaft fSti^tfix^M, 

— to, ju)} Metaph, bic GigenWaftj (?ram. 
Jk Log baft^iunctuni) ber^CbJunct^ 7Cmtft< 
9cWlf«5 II. adj. cerbunben (— to, mit)^ bei* 
gefcQt) —deities. Myth, bie 4>iilf$g6tter5 an 

— professor, Ac. ein auf erorbentlid^er ^xo» 
feffor. [ber 3ufa^. 

Adjonc'tion, s. bie IBeifugung i ba& f>iniufugen $ 
^djfinc'tiire, I. s. ber S3eifitgenbe$ baft Seige* 
fflgtej n. o/Jj. III. — ly, ado. beiffigenb/ Mr* 

Mjunc'tly, adv. foIgU^^ bamit oerbunben. 
Idjvra'tion, s, baft IBef^»5ren/ bie Sef^ito^ 
rang, bringenb|le fditU^ (Jibeftformel^ 2Cuf« 
erlegung u. Sorfd^reibung beft @ibeft. 
To ^idjOre', v. a. bringenbfl bitten, anrufen, be* 
[♦»6ren (—by, bet) 5 (@inem) ben ©ib auf» 
eriegcit ob. borf^reiben^ ben C^ib juftbieben. 
AdjarV» «• ber Sefd^toftrer^ ber auf einen Qfib 

ToAdjttsf, D.a. inSDrbnungbringen, orbnen^ 

uberdaftimmenb ma^en (mit to, guw. and) 

witb){ pafenb ma^en, anpaffen^ btriibtigen) 

''QRfinien) JufHren^ (®e»iibt) at<ben4 ab« 

laiben, abtbun, gutlicb beilegcn, fcblid^ten^ 

om-«. k Law, to — an accoant, eine 9te(b* 

ung auftglei^en? ben€$aIbo sie^en, falbtren j 

— the average, bie f>afereif often aufmad^en, 

»e(fen, biftpaibiren^ to — a business, ein (Se< 

4dft ttbmaibenj MecJi-s. a-ed weight, ob* 

ejogeneft (abgeaiibteft) ^emi^t 5 a-ing scale, 

^ dfbOSwf^'Ob.lTbgTeicbungft^^agef 

a-ing screws, ^tellfibrauben^ a-ing tools, 
Qfbglei*flangen4 a-ing weight, bie 9robe» 
plotte. Quflirer i TCicber, 7Ci*meiper. 

^Ldjiist'^r, s. ber »eri*tigeri «ennittler j ^b» 

^djQst'm^nt, s. bie IBert(btigttng9 Knorbnnngi 
(ginri(itimg(cincr9Raf(iinc,:c.)5 baft7fbiu« 
fhren $ ICiiben i bie IBeilegung (eineft etreiteft), 
ber (gfitU4e) 0erglei4^ — of the average. 
Law, bie ^ma^ung beft €$cbabenft (bei 
@4iff(R)* [bie gefibictte Knorbnung 

Id'jutSncy, s. bie TCbiutantur, baft 9Kclbamt$ 

Ad'jvtiCnt, s. ber ^bjutanti gen, (Btf^itfti -^ 
general, Mil. ber ®eneralabiutant| a-s ge- 

^neral, pi. Etc, bie ®eneralabjutanten ber3(« 

Ad'jijitQry, adj. belfenb, bebfilfiid^. [fuiten. 

Ad'j^vant, I. adj, bebii(fii4# f6rberli(b, nfi^li^ i 
U.S. ber ®e^iilfe$ baft f>fllfftmitte(. 

To Ad'jvvilte, v. a. unterW^en^ S«Ifen, Ul* 
fteben) bef6rbern. 

To ^dni^a'^yre [^d-m^zh'-^r], v. a. (ab*)mefs 
fen, ai(ben, bifiren$ Law, 2ut$eilen,i|umefren. 

^dmeaf'^remf nt, s. Laws. bieXbrneffiing, baft 
TCbmeffen^ bie gericbtL TfuftmefTttng u.3nmef« 
fung9 3utbeilung$ baft ^af (b. dftefdjien ob. 
64iffen)$ of the — of..., ton ... Sonnen* 
ge^alt, ...grof 1 bill of », ber QXef brief fiber 
bie eafligPeit eineft etbiffeft. 

4^dm£a'syr«r, s. ber Tfbmeffer, ^uftmeffer) 3tt« 
mefTer, Sert^eiier. 

^dni^nsGril'tlon, j. vid. Admeasurement. 

Admjnrc'Gl^r, adj. bfilfreicb, be^filfli^. 

To A<bnin'j8t9r, v. I. a. oerwaltett (bef. offentl. 
TCngelegen^eif en), borfie^en i tin TUmt berfeben, 
fangiren 5 abminifhriren i aufttbei(en,barreidben 
(bie ©acramentej If rjneien, ic.) j to -- an oath, 
cincn @ib f<b»6ren (ajfen^ to — jeaIoasy,(gifer« 
fu^t ecmedPenj ll.n.beitragcn, be^filfliib fcin 
(— to, gu)5 berwalten (— upon, (Stnai), ab* 
minipriren. [gejorenb, abminifieriell. 

Adminjste'ri?i, adj.Pul. 5ur€5taatft\jer»aftung 

Admin'istr^ble, adj. venoaltbar. 

To Administrate, vid. b. b. To Administer. 

Admjnjstril'tion, s. bie (bef. ftffentl.) S^erroal* 
tungj (€$taatft«)9tegicrung9 eem>altungft< 
bebftrbe) baft ^inifierium^ bic Scnoaltnng 
ber®fiter eineft «erftorbencn 5 (public— ), bie 
0legle} Tfnftt^eilung (bcreJacramcntc)^ — of 
justice, bie (Re(bt6pflegC5 — of the public re- 
venues, bie 6taatft0f onomie, etaatftftnan^en. 

^dmin'jstratTve, adj. KHoaltenb $ barret<bcnb, 

rrtbeilenb^ be(filfli(b/ f^rberlitb. 
AdjainjstrSS'tgr, s, bcr Sermalter, Knitftber> 
neftx, ^bminifh-ator^ ^ner, ber bie Q^fiter 
eineft Sntefiatuft abminiftrirt) berlCuftfpenber 
(ber G^acramentc) j Sc. Law, ber Sormunb, 




iiiliB!aiitrA't9rslit(i, ». baS Kmt eiaed K^minu 

flrators, ic. 
AUiBjaittr&'trix, jr. bic Senoaltcrinn, Sor* 

flcl^nnn,7Cbmintflratonttn j cmeS^^au, »c(<fte 
^tic C0utcr ctncd Sntcflatud abminiflrirt. 

AdiiijrQbil'jty, s. vid, Admirablcness. 

Ad'mirfblc, i. adj. bcmnnbcmSwurbig, «)or< 
trcffli(^> — i»car, bic 3»icfcclbirn> U. — ly, 
ii(/o.2urS3cmunbcnind, t?ortrcirU4/ ubcrau64 
111. -ncM, 1. bic i8ciottntern9»itrbig!cit, 

Ad'iujr9l, f. Afar. Ux YbmiraU C/ion. btc Kb* 
miroir^nctf c (bcr X.) $ Ent. bcr Stummcrvogcl 
(X)i Lord High — » bcr Orof abmiral (von 
Gnglanb)} rear — , vid. Rear; the — *i ship, 
bad Kbmiralff^iff 3 jcbcd grope ob. f)auptf(i^iff 

Jii, id. cincr {>anbcUflottc). 

Ad'injrflty, s. bic Ybmtralitat/ bcr 6ccrat^9 
—court, bad X-dgcrt^t) vi± Court of — $ 
— mcMcngcrs, TC-dbotcn, 7C-dcouricrc. 

Adnira'tioD, s. btc l^clDunbcrttngj taken op 
with -, mit B. crfuat) note of-, baS TCud* 
rufungdicidl^cn [!]. 

To .^dinlre', v. 1. a. bcmunbcni$ /am. fc^r lie* 
bcn^anbetcn j \\*n. flcftmunbcrn (— at,ubcr). 

AdniTr'f r, s. ber Qcwunbercrj fam, Serc^rer, 
Sicb^abcr, Xnbctcri a foolish — , coL ein 
OXauIaffc, Z^ov, 9iarr. 

^dtnTr'jngly, adv. bemunbcmb) mit Scn^unbe* 
rung^ mit Scnounbcrung. 

^dmTssjbn'jty, s, bic duUfRgFcit. [U4 5 flultid. 

i^diuts'sjblc, 1. arf;. II. — ly, ado. iUldffld/ }uld|* 

^dniis'sion, s. bic dulaffung (— to, iu)j ®c« 
flattund) Tfufna^me (—into, in) j Ecc. bcr 
bcr 3udand $ Log. btc OHnrdumung 9 —money, 
tad (Sinlafgelb. 

To .^dinft', r. a. iulttfrcn,bctt3utritt rtrflattcn 
(—to, into, in)$ itt cincmXmtc laffcn* (iuto. 
mit of, Qtipad) iuiaffcn, cinrdumcn, gc^atten^ 
onnc^mcnj to— into an acconnt, Cbm. in einc 
SRcd^nung aufnc^mcn. 

AduiTt't^blc, adj. iUldfftg. 

^^dmlt't^nce, j.bicduIafTuttg, Xufna^mcj (Sin* 

fubrung (au4 in cin T(mt)i bcr 3tttrttt. 
AdinTt'ter, «. bcr Xufnc^mcnbc, QH&fii^rcr (iu 

ctncm Xmtc ob. tn cine (S^cfcnf^aft). 
To Admix', V. a. bcimtfcftcn. 
.^duiix'tion, .f. bic QcimiMund, bcr 3urat. 
i\dniix'ture[9d-milcs'-tshvr] , s. bad ®cmir4^te, 

bic QXift^und^ bad WiMcn. 
To ^dnon'jsh, v. a, crma^nen, crinncrn (— of, 

an) 5 mamcn (- against, t>or 6t»ad)j Ecc. 

eincnScrtpeid gcben (-of, against, fiir, fiber). 
Admun'jshtr, *.bcr grmajncr, Sdnncrer/tBar* 
jLdaij(n'jsbnitnt, s. vid. b. f. $B. [ner. 

Adinpnl'tion, s. bie (Stma^ttung/ Snnncrung, 
fBarnungf bcr Serneid ithtx^.i Ecc. bie 3u« 

^rc^tioeifttttd, Supoerma^nang 

Admonl'tionf r, s. ber 6ittenprebiger. [nernb. 

^LdmQn'jtfve, adv. erma^nenb, roamenb/ erin* 

idra5o'it9r, s. vid. Admonisher. [nenb. 

^dmtfnit9ry, adj. crmt^ttcnb, erinnernb, mar* 

^LdnSa'cfnt, adj. att etwad TCnberm toaitfenb^ an 

^— plant, eine€$4maroterppanie. [gewaitfen. 

Ad'nftte, adj. Bot, am Gtengel ma^fenb, an* 

^dd', s. bad £^ttn; Sreiben, ffBefen, Tfuf^eben^ 
bie ecrmirrung, bcr ^drm, bad Qerdttr4$ bic 
fSftaf^t, €S4wierig!eit, OeMiocrbe^ mnch - 
about nothing, oiel Sdrm umSCid^td) after 
much — , naii viclcr ^^t, enblitlt. 

AdplSs'cfnce, (— cy), s. bad SungliBgdaltcr^ 

^bie 3«dcnb. 

AdpUs'oent, I. adj. im Sungiingdaltet jle^enb 

madbfenb/ iugenbli43 H* *• bcr S^filtRd* 

^LdAFph&s, s. TCboIpt (^-n.). 

^do'nfc, Poet. I. adj. abonif^* D. s. (ob. — 
verse), bcr abonif^^c flSerd. 

^do'nfs, s. Myth. Tfbonid (bedgl. (5-n.)) fig- 
tin [(t^ncrSungUngiber^clicbtc einedSO^db* 
4end) —flower, bad Xbonidrddd^cn. 

To id'onlze, v. a. fam. [(ftdn (eraudpnten. 

Adoor^', adv. viilg, an ob. Dor ber X(iir. 

To ^dttpt', v.a. aboptircn^ anfinbcn^ fig. an* 
nc^men, beipffidjiten/ biUigenj fi4 iueigBcn, 
anmafen) an a-ed child, ctn Yboptiofinb» 
aed captain. Afar. bcr 6ebf<l&iffcr. 

A dopt'^dly, adv. bur4 Tfboption angenommcn/ 
burd^ Tfnnaf^mc. [Jtinbcd)/ Tfnfinber. 

.fdopt'^r, s. bcr KboptircnbC; Qfnnc^mcr (cined 

;\d5p'tion, .*. bic Xboption, bad XnKnbenj .^ff. 
bicKnnal^me. [^.) aboptio. 

Ad5p'tioas, adj. (Shkap. All's well 1, 1 — n. 

AdSp'tive, adj. abopttoj aboptirt^ fig- fremb 
(xiiM cingcborcn) 5 — father,ber7Cboptio»ater; 
— children, aboptirtc (ob. Tfboptio *) Jtinbcr. 

.jldo'r^ble, I. adj, U. — ly, adv. anbctungdmiir* 
big 9 III- — ness, .V. bie Tfnbetungdioitrbighit. 

Ad^ra'tion, s. bic Tfnbctung (G^ottcd) $ Sere^* 
rung) Ecc. bie IBcre^rung (TCboration) bed 
ncttgc»d(ltcn ^apflcd bur^ bie ^arbindlc. 

To ^dore, v.a. anbetcn i oere^ren i Jam. leiben* 
f4aftli(t liebcn^ fig. anbeten, * oergolben. 

Adur'^r, s. bcrXiibetcr ((Sotted) { Scrt^rer (— 
of troth, Acbcr XBa^r^eit, k.); /am. ber lei* 
benf4aftli4 Sieberbc.yig. Xnbeter. 

To 4Ldorn', v. er. f^mittten/ |ieren (^erfonin it. 
S>ingc) i oerf45ncm (cine fitebe) i^.tn'd ^4t 
flcDen, ocr^crrliAen. 

AdSr'n^r, s. ber oi^mfidter, Scrdiercr. 

.fddrn'iaent, s. 2tt.&.%.ber64mu(f/3teratt/ 
bic »eriicning/ «crf*dnerung, 3ierbe. 





w^lffr. 1(0-) Oard, baS ^fropfen.l fig- icftig ; brfic^i^ j Afed. Ji^ig, entjfinbtt. 

^iiusGuia'tion, 5. .Bot. ((^c.) bic Scft ui^tuttg ju ^<lus't}ble, a(^'. t)erbrennli4. [bie Gnt^finbung. 
Adossed, p. a. Her vid, Addorsed. | Adiis'tion, j.bteSSetbrennuttg^berJBranb^ Med* 

Aduan^ I. prep. 4^ untcti; ^inabi II. adv. me«|To Advance', r. I. a. i>omfirt&l»rutSCn, 9or« 

Adragantb. x. vid. Tragaeanth. ocr^errltiben $ t>or}te^ett5 bef(bfeunideR) oor* 

A'dfian , Ad'rjfin, s. Xbrian , |>abnan (Ql-n.)* I b^fagen/ tcrau&fcbicten) t)orbmgen,dufent9 
AdriaDO'|»le-red,f. Com. ba$turfir(bc9totb/ber I auffteSeRj oorau^bcjabUn, oorfibiePi^n (eine 

_X!ijttri (cine Xrt Icoontiftben Jtrapp*). 

Adriat'ic I. adj. ttbriatlWj 11. j. (or —sea), 

bas abriatif(bc OJJccr. 

^clrrft', ody. & acfj. bttjin (auf bcm SfBaffcr) 
((bibimmenb, trcibcnb, ben SStUcn preidge* 
sebcn9/g. auf ba$ ^cratbemobli to break 
—from the moorings, i/«r. bie infer (icbten 5 
to send—, (ungcreiffem 3(bitffale) preiSgcbcn. 

Adroit', l.a<0. 11.— 1>. adv. gefebitft, gcwonbt, 
bcbenbe, pfifflg, Mrfcblttgen 5 III. — neas, s. bie 
(Seftbitf (td^feit; (Scroonbt^cit, ScrfrbUgenbcit. 

^dry'. adj. (no^ bcm ©ubft.) burflig, trorfen. 

AdscjtT'tious, adj. crborgt, biniwsctj^an. 

Adfila'tion, s. bad 'B^meii^eln, bie ®(bmei((e« 

Jei i fam. bie gu(bSfcb»5njcrei. 

Adula'tor, s. bcr ©(bmcid^Icr 

Ad'ulatory, arO*. f(bmci(bcl^aft,f(bmei(blcrif<b. 

Adtils'tr^ss, s. bie @(braei(bleriiin. 

.lidult', I. adj. crroacbfeni 11. s. bie crroacbfctte 

?)crfon (Law. t>. 14 bid 253abrcn). 

.MuKt?rant,.v.bcr(Sbcbredjer,bie S^cbrecberinn 5 

bcr «crfolMcr 5 bad «crftttf(benbe. 

To Adul't^ratc, v, I. n. @^cbruib begcjen? ^. 

bcflccfcnj !!• ^» J}crfdlf(bcn4 Krbcrbcn5 a-d 

money, folfcbcd ®clb; falftbe 5Run|e. 
^iiiuKter^tc, I. p. a. II. — ly, adv. e^ebrc<berif<b3 

i\Tfdrf(^t5 111. -nc«s, s. bie «erfdlf(btbeit, 

Scrfdlfd^ung. [Wung? uid. Adultery. 

.Aduitera'tion, s, bad «crfdlf(ben, bieScrfdU 
AcU{l't?rer, s. bcr S^cbrctbcrj Script, ber 

Olo^en^icnerj ber Dom wabren (Slaubcn Tfb 

trunnigc} ber Srbifd&getote. 
Adul't?r9«s, s. bie Sbcbrccberinn. 
.AdfiKt^rine, I. ad;, im @^cbru(be crjeugtj ©ers 

fdlfcbt, une4>t,untcrgcfd)obcnj II. s. Law, bod 

im @bcbru(b crjcugtc Jtinb. [borbcn. 

.^dM^rons, adi.c^cbrc(berif(b3.fe.une(bt, t>er» 
.^artery, s. bcr(gtcbru(bife.bie«erfalftbungi 

.S*-/pf.bic Unfcuftb^citj ^bgottercii'Jfbtriin:' 


ni 'cit oom wo^rcn Olaubcn. 


.^d t'n^ss, s. bad @rnja(bfcnfcin, erwatbfene 

Ad n'br^nt, adj. abf(battenb, im UrarifTc. 

To rdfitti'brRte, v. a. bcftbattcn? .%. abf<bat« 

^tc f<bottircn, ffi^jircn. 

.4d nbra'tion,.y,bieXbfd!>attun3, efijiCj Her, 

ci fdl^attcnforbige gicjur. 

Ad ^city, s. bie Jtrumme, pafcnformigMt. 

0itmme ®etb)j ((ielb) audUgen, t)erlegen> 
to — tbe price. Com. bot ^reid erb5f^en9 11- 
n.pormdrtdgeben, corrfidten, oarudcn^ Sort- 
f(britte mQ^tn, sune^men (— ia, in, an @t« 
n)ad)3 Com-j. to — in price, im f)reife flei« 
gen j to —on the last bidder, (beilfuctionen) 
ben Se^ten iiberbieten. 

.fLdv^nce', s. bad Sonodrtdgc^en / TCnrucfen^ 
gortriitfcnj ber fhifenweifegortfibrittj gort* 
gang i bie JBerbelferung slSerebelung $ (TCmtd-) 
i9$ef5rbeningj bad Gntgegenfommett, ber Xn* 
lag; ((Selb') iSSorfibttf (r/. pi.) ; bad CSutbaben i 
C— on the last bidder), bad|)$b^rgebot/^ebr* 

' gebot (beiTfuctioncn) 5 an — in cash , an — of 
money,eine bareSntfd^dbigung ob.-Sergutungi 
in-, imSSoraud; prdnumeranboi to be in or 
upon (the)-, im SSorftbuf f^in, in 7(t>ance fte« 
(en 9 to be on the—, im^reife fleigen 9 —guard. 
Mil. bie Tfoantgarbe, berJBortrab $ Sorpoflen 9 
—money, bcr (^tlt*)Box\^nf 9 badf>anbgelb 9 
b6(ere ®ebot (in Q(nctlonen)9 bie ^rdmte. 

^Ldv^nced', p.p. (0. To Advance), —in years, 
in 3<i6ren oorgen&tfts —prices. Com. bo^e 
9)reifcj — woric. Fort, bad S5or»crf. 

i^dt&nce'ment, s. bad IBordttfen, gortrtlff en { 
bie (QCmtd*) Scforbeningj ber gortf(britt(in 
ben ^iffcnf(baften 2C.)9 bad aSa^bdtbum. 

AdvincV* <f* ber Seforberer j (Bfnner; as, 
pi. Sport, bie (Sidfproffcn; ©dfprilTel. 

^dvftn'cef , (it.)pL (c. Advance, qv,) $ bef.Cbm. 
TCudlagen, ^otWfft^ S>raufgelb9 |)anbgelb, 
for your—, gegen 3^» Outljaben 3 to malce —5 
Sorf(bfifrema(ben3 dcr5ffnungen ma^en^bic cr« 
flen &^xittt tbnn, (@inem) entgegenf ommen. 

^dv^n't^ge, .y. bie ftberlegenbeit; ber JBorjug 
(mit of & over); «ort^cil, ©cminn, ^n^ixn 
bie gfinftige (Selegcnbcitj to have the — ot 
one, im«ort(eil feinOttfBeiugauf 3ewi«nb); 
3emanb fennen, pon bem man ni^t erfannt 
»irb 9 to the best—, auf bad SSortbcil^aftcfle 5 
^om-*. to sell to—, oortbeilbaftPerfaufenj 

to turn to—, ©eitinn ob. S5ort(>eil abrocrfen, 

rcntircn (t*. //.)» oortK'i(l;aft onwcnben^aud... 

©crrinn 3ie^en(r. a.); personal a-s, forpecs 

UtbcSS^^vjii^? 5 — ground ,f. Vantage-ground. 





To ^dvUn'Uge, v. a. tort^cil^aft (nu^U4)) 
fcin^clnbnnacn^ (3cmonbcm)n£(en) ns^bar 
moicn, bcffrtcrn. [jugt. 

^Uv«1n't9ged, p. a. tcriuglicb U^abti betcr« 
Xdv^ntS'geous, I. adj. cort^I^aft, nu^Ii^, 
QunfWfi (mil to) ; IL — ly, adv. uortjcil Joft, 
mit ^u^cn* iH* — ncss, s. tie ^u^barfcit, 

Ail\iiM't\ouny adj. etngcfu^rt; Qu6Idnttf4. 

^^avS'nj^ot, a((7. ^insufonunenb, JufdHig. 

AU'vfnt, *. Ecc. bcr TCtncnt, lie Tfbtcntgeit. 

Aiivf nti'tioQs 1. adj. (insugcfcmmcn, gufdnig, 
unncrcntltib/ frcmb? !!• — Iy> adv. iufdUig. 

i^tl\€nt'u?il [— Uhfi— ], adj.iumXbtcnt fic^o* 

.Advcnt'urc [— tshyr],$2Cbcntcucr5 SSagc* 
fluit) bcr ®lu(t$fair, 3ttfan* baS sufdrnge (St* 
cigr.if j Com. bic gcwagtc (bcf. iibcrfccifibe) 
{>Qnbel6ttntcrnc^mttng, fcendrtS untemom* 
mcnc G^cculaticn, TCtantur^ Mar. bie IBci«i 
lafl, bad Srcigcpdtf bcr Gccleutc^ ^ in a mine, ' 
Min. bcr Jtux? bill of—, vid. Bill; grots -*,| 
rid. Gross; by—, ten ungcfd^rj at all a-s,! 

auf (Scrat^cioc^I. 

ro^d\ ent'urc, r. La.»aficn,in ©cfa^r ob.cufg 
6^picl fi^cn 5 H* n. fitb crtubncn, e^ loagcn. 

^dv^nt'urfr, s. bcr ibcnteurcr, ®IurfSrittcr, 
SEBagc^alS) bcr roagcnbc Untcrnc(mcr5 Com. 
(inercUant— ), bcr Untcmcjincr auf gut ®(u(f, 
bcr rcrfutb^rocife (bcf. ubcrfccif(bc) ®pecula» 
tioncn macbtj bcr @(blei4tdnblcr. 

.Adv^nt'oresdroe, I. aifj. mtlg. vid. Adventu- 
rous; ll.—ness, J. bieJti&^n^cit JBcrmcgcn* 

Advent'urouB, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. fii^n, »er« 
ncgcU) abcntcucrlitb/ maglitb) HI* — ness, 
.V. bic itu^nbcit, Scriocgcnbeit^ !ficigung jur 

^Tfbcntcttcrli^^tcit j ®ag(i(bfcit. 

Ad'v^rb, 5. (?ram.baS34cbcn»ort^ ^©erbium, 

Adver'bi^I, Gram. 1. adj. ncbcn»6rtli(b/ abtcr» 
biaUf(b5 II* —h'f flrfv. ale D^icbcnwort^ abter* 


^AdStprs^ry, \.s, berOJcgncr, ©ibcrfajbcrj Bihl. 

' ®ibcrfaicr,Xcufct5 II.adi.cntgcgcn,feinbU4. 

nenb, abterfatit. [©inbcwfirtcr^ TTbcerfatica. 

Advei-'sativef, s. pi. Gram, cntgcgengefcttc 

Ad'versc, I. adj. guwibcr, n>ibrig, cnlgcgcnj 
— fortune, baS SWifgeWid j — party, bie 
©egcnpartei; bcr ®cgner5 — winds, wibrige 
©inbc5 II. — ly, adv. juwiber^ K.5 ganj on* 
berfij III. -ness, 5. baS aEBibcrfprct^enbe, 
@ntgcgcnrclnj ber SSibcrfpru^j £(RangeI an 
@rfoIg obcr ©cbeiftcn. 

Advcr'sjty, 5. bic SBibenDdrtigfeit, ba5 Unglurf, 
bcr UnfoC, bie Srfibfal, Stct^ btt$ eicnb. 

To Ad\crt', r. I.7I. (—to) aof 6t»o6 merfen, 
aufmerffam fein (auf)^ e$ ioa(rne(men j (in« 
weifen (auf) i U.— (the mind) to ... , (fein 
®em^t^) fcine Tfufnierffamrcit auf (Stwai 
ri4ten. [fcit, Tfcbtfamfeit. 

^dver'tf nee, ^dver'tf ncy, s. bie Aufmerffam* 

^dver'tf nt, adi^aufmerffam, a(btfam 9 naitfam. 

ToAd'\^rtTfe,AdvfrtIfe', v.a. bctta^ri^tigcn^ 
ben(btcn^ 5ffentli4 anieteen, befannt maiden. 

^Ldver'tjf em^nt, Advf rtf; em^nt, s. bie ®cna(b* 
ri^tigung/ S^acftri^t, bcr !Beri(bt 9 bie ^n* 
ncrung, XBamung^ bic (offentlicbe) Knictge; 

^ber Anf^IagficttcL 

AdN^rtlf^r, Adv«rfff'?r, s. ber Sena^ri^ti* 
gcr; Anseiger; ber offentli^e Anseiger^ bae 

Advice', s. ber (gute) Sflal^ TCnf^^lag ; bie (Sr» 
mdgung ; S3erat(f(blagung ; ifTa^ri^t, ber 9 e* 
x\^t,Com.'Kmi; Corns, as per—, lautTCuf' 
gabc, laut ©ericbt ; for want of — , n>egen 
SWangel bc6 SBcri(bt5 ; with -, unter Auf* 
gabc ; without further — , Jnc weiteren SBe* 
ri(bt; letter of — , tcr Aoiebrief; —boat. 
Mar. bie Atifija^t, bad Aoidfiiff, |)oflf*iff. 

.^dvi^Vblc, I.odj.ratWttm/iutrdgK^, nfiilicb; 
fur (gutcn) 9tat( cmpfdngliib; n. —ness, «. 
bi€0lattfam!eit; Chnpfdngli^f eit fur (gutcn) 

To ^dvtf e', v.La.Sllat^ gcbcn^rat^en^abrotjctt ; 
berat^cn (Gincn) ; bcna^ri^tigen, beri^ten, 
mciben^ anjcigcn; to -00..., 9tat( ertl^ei* 
Icnnbcr...; to — to (a thing), ratten (Sinem 
cine [cb. gu einer] Badit); to— and assist 
one, Scmanbem mit fiftat^ unb 3(at an bie 
j>anbgc]^en; Corns, to — a bill, einen flBedb* 
fel aoiflrcn; advising me (os, &c.), unter 
TCnjeigc ; U. n. (— with one, mit (ginem) ratV 
fiblagcn; uberlegen? to — with onc*s self, 
mit fxdf }u 0tat(e gc^en. 

AdvTifcd', p. a. bcba(btfam, bebdcbtig, corM* 
tig; beba^t; oorfe^Iiib; ill—, unbebadj^tfami 
well — , TOO^Ibcbddl^tig ; be — ( by me) , (ai 
bir ratten, fci ©orp^tig ; as — , Com, laut 
TCufgabe, laut S3eri4t. 

Advlf'^diy, adv. mit©cba4t, mit flbcrlegung. 

.AdvifVdn^ss, s. tit ®cba(btfam!cit/ IBebdd^tig* 

^dvif'^r, s. bcr atatbgcbcr, SJerat^er. [hit 

Advtf jng, part. t. To Advise, qv. 

AdvTs'o, s. bcr aitat^ ba6 Attfo. 

id'v(>c^cy, s. bicJBertretung eined Anbcrn (bef. 

tor ® cricbt )/bic JBert^eibigung ; @4u^f(brift ; 

bie Abcocotur; Abtocatcn*gQCuItdt; in — 
^of ... , jur SBertieibigung x^n .... 
Ad'vocsitc, s, ber7fbT>ocat, ©ocbmalter; «er« 

t^eibiger, ®erfc(5tcr; • *: BibU bcrgflrfprf 

4er^ Certreter. 






To Ad'f ocAte, w. I. a. pert^citigen, terfecjten ; 

pfaltlrcn^atrorircn ; U. n.Sertrcter fcin ; to— 

for, (Sincm) la$ ISort reten. [i^ertretung. 
idvQcS'tion, s. tie TfbcocQtur, JiS^rung ciner 
JRtdtUfa^t ; Sertretung, Sert^eittgung. 
Adv9lii'tion, s. bad {^Cnjufltegcn. 
IdvQiG'tion, s, ta$ ^iniumdlgen. 
Xdsd^lt'y s. Ecc. (cr iUr^enpatron ; 8(^irm« 

oogt? — paramount, ber f)auptfir4eiipatron 

(ber ^cnig, bte ^6ntginn). 
Advow, Advowry ; vid. Avow, Ac. 
^dvo^f 90, J. Law, H^^atxcmttt^ ; appen- 
dant — , boS bingli^e ^atronatret^t; — in 

gross, baS p(rf5nH4e 9)atronQtre(l^t. 
Adz, (Adze), i. Carp, ft Coop, bie j)o^IbetpeI; 

$)o6l^cl((rcI ; Jtrumm^aue, ^ummaxt; bag 

Ae, i£ [s], dnCoppeUaut, berengl. Gprod^e 

ni^t eigent^itmlit^. SBdrter^ bie (ter ni(^t 

ftel^cn, vid. unter £. 
^/^jlOpsy J. Med, baS 3ied(naiige; (Serftcnforn 

(am iuge) ; Bof . ba$ |)arengra$. 
iE'^js, J. bie Sgibe (ber e^ilb ber CiRinerto) ; 

bte edmmiv. 
JE^ypti'^d^Tttf s, Med. btc dgQptifd^e 6aTbe. 
i^(/Ij9n, adj. ocoliW ; — harp, bie ^colS^orff , 

®{nb(arfe. [IB^tnbinftrtiment. 

A§ul'Qph9Q, s. Mus, mod. bad Tfeolop^on (ein 
AS'ra, s. Chron. bie Kera ; vid. Era. 

ASrps'cQpy, s. Phy. bie Secba^tung ber Suft. 
A'drQstKt, J. ber EuftbaH, baS 2uftf(biff. 
[AerQstSt'ic, adj. Phy. ocrcflatif4. 
Agrpstat'ics, s, pU Phy. bic 7f erofttttif : bie 2uft» 

ge»i(btle(re; ^uftiodgef unfl ; Suftf4»cbfttn^/ 

Agrpsta'tion, s. bie ^uftWifftunfi ; 2uftf*iff» 

fa^rt ; Phy. Snftgemi^tle^re (vid. b. b. Aero- 
Agsu'pvs, s. ^efop ((S-n.). [statics). 

Aesthetic, Aesthetical. Ac. oid* in £. 

AS'fAjQps'inrnV^i) '• •^<s<'* bet SRineralmo^r. 
A§fi'tef , 1. A/tw. ber ^Icrflein. 
ASt'na, s. ber (fcuerfpeienbe 9etg) Ketna. 
Afar, adv. fern^ »eit; ^on fern; —off, »cit 
^cntfernt; from — , ton fern, auS ber geme. 
Affa, J. Com. ein ® clbge»i(bt auf Guinea (un* 

geffi^r eine Un^e). [Umgangli(bMt. 

Aff^bri'ity, s. bie 2eutfelig!eit, greunbli(bfeit, 
Affable, I. adj. leutfelig^ frennbli^; ttmgdng< 

H(b; niilbe (of connteoance, im Sttfern); U. 
^ — ness, s. nit Affability. 

Affably, adv. leutfelig/ freunbli(b. 
If f^'i.ffinfili^/ funflreitb/ meifler^aft. 
AflfabQU'tion, s. bie 9J?ora( eincr gabel. 
Affiir', s. bad (Sefd^dft,bie^ngelegenbeit,@a4e, 

ber^anbel ; Siebeg^anbel; bie QSbi^enfa(be ;ba6 

CBefe^t/ Xreffen; ^ueQ; at the head of a-s, 

an ber Bpi^t ber fiftegierung. 
To Affect', V. a. auf (Streak cinwirf en, (Sinbrurf 

ma(bcn, U angreifen ; treffen, berfl^i^en ; rii^K 

Ai'r|al, adj. jur Euft ge(5rig, ob. au& 8. be-,; rcn, (baS Gemiitb) bemegcn; tra4ten,flreben 
ftebenb, luftig ; Dcn berS. er^eugt; in berS.;! (nadb); fe^nlicb bege^rcn, lieben; affectiren, 

bef!nbli4 ; bie ^. bemobnenb ; ^ocb ; * dtbcrifcb; 
— acid, Chem. bie 8uftf5ure; —traveling, 
baft Suffreifen ; — voyage, bie Suftreife. 

natbdffcn, erfiinfleln, ^)eu^eln5 ~,«.bie£cibens 

^fdl^aft. [3icrerei ; 6rbeu(belung. 

Afffcta'tioii, s. bag gii$iioungene SGBefcn, bic 

Ae'rje, A'erje, j. ba59?efl (eine50taubtogelS)/!.^flRfcf^d, I. p. a. genetgt (—to..., ju^troag); 

bie ^orft ; bie ©rut, bag ©ebriit (Sftaubcogcl). 
kiT\r\c^'t\ottyS. F/iv*bieSerbinbung ob.guliung 

mit Ettft ; bie JBerf[ii4tigung, JBcrbampfung. 
A'^nform, A'eriform, adj. Phy, luftartig, go§s 

artig. [ob. anfuQen. 

To A'grjfJ. V. a. Phy. mit 8uft oerbinben •, 
A^rpd^nam'Tcs, s. i%y. bie ^ufthaftlejre. 
IdrSg'rfphy, s. Phy. bie Suftbefdbreibung. 
A'€r9lite, s. Met. ber Iferolitb/ CWeteorftein. 
Aar^Id^jcfl, adj. Phy, aerologifcb. 
A§r&K9gist, s. Phy. ber Sufthinbige. 
\«r5i'9gy, s. Phy. bie ^uftle^re, Euftfunbe. 
i'^romlncy, s. Div. bie ^uftma^rfagerei. 
Ure/mSt^r, s. Phy. ber Euftmeffer, bal Tiixo- 
Ur5m'«try, s, Phy. bie Suftmeffunft. [meter. 
y%TQnAnU s. ber ^uftfibiffer, Suftfabrer. 
A§r9ni^ii'tic, AerpnAn'tjc^i, adj. luftf^iffenb, 

aeronantif4 ; — expedition, bie Euftfa^rt. 

^rpndo'tjcs, *. pi. bie ?uftf(bifffunft, If eronau= j 

^9phl/b{«, s. Med. bie ^uftfibeu. [tif . 

gef!nnt ; affectirt ; beroegt; bebaftct (with, 
mit...); -friendship, berflelltegreunbfibaft; 
—looks , erhinflelte IBIicfe; II. — ly, adv, 
sum e^ebcin ; auf gepungene, geiterteSBeife; 
abft(bt(i(b/ mitSIeif; m.— ness, «. baft ge« 
i^ungene ® efen, bie3iererei. 

Affect'jng, I. p. a. ru^renb, angreifenb ; n.— ly, 
adv. auf eine rubrenbe SBeife; fe^nfu^t^.oU. 

^LffSctioo, s. bie Oemiltbftbeibegung ; berTCf* 
feet; bie ^iebe, (Sunft, 3uneigung; 4>tr}li(b* 
!eit; bie 9ceigung, ^timmung ; ber Qemutb^* 
jufianb; @ifer; baft ®effibl; bie ®efinnung ; 
0igenf(baft; Med. bieJtranfbeit, baft Seiben; 
—of the chest, baftlBrupIeibcn ; (cor. % affec- 
tation) bieBicrerei; a-s of qnantit}*. Mat. 
bie @{genf(baften ber ®r6f e. 

AffSc'tionate, I. adj. 11. —ly, adv. UebetoD. 
jdrtli*/ berjli(b; (in %itU) juget^an; gtitig, 
mo^ltoollenb; in. —ness, s. bie 3unetgung, 
«iebe, 3drtli<bfcit, 4)erjli(bfcit. 





^ITec'tioned, adj. gencigt; gemogen, (in Siebe) 

iugett^a, ergcbcti; idrtlt^. 
^flcc'tive, Ladj, ongrcifcnb; rii(>rcnb ; ^efh'g ; 

f(^mcrg^aft; II. —ly. adv. dnbruifgDoO. 
^fl^c't^r, s, UT Smppttblcr, S^iexcx, S'taififfer 

(dncr aKobe). 
To ^ffeeH, ^LtfSre', v. a. Lovj, etne tm (Sefct 

unbcflimmtc ®clbflrafc auf cine bcfHmmtc 

6ummc fcflfc^cn; bcfrdfttdcn, bcflfitigcn. 
^fleer'ni^at, *. Law, bic^cflfc^ung finer ®clb* 

ftrafc (c/". To Affecr) 
^fre€r'9rf, A'.pf. 7-ato, bic<3cfcb»orncn,»cl4c 

einc unbcfKmmtc (Selbflrafc fcftfc^cn (c/. To 

^ffetud's9 (a((;. ttal. lartc^ Spiel bcbcutenb; 

Seia^ung; toamwer in the—, beia^enbant* 

wortcn; in. — ly, adc. beiajenb, btjabuiig^* 

n>cife^ mit 3<i- 

iflfirm V» *'• ber ©ejabenbe, Scbauptenbe. 
To ^iftYx', V. a. (— to) , Qn^cften, anfcblagen, 

afjtgimt; anfe^en, anbdngen, oerbinben; to 

— a «eal to, eitt Siegel beifugen. 
Af'fjx. s. Gram. bQ$ ^ffixum; ber Xn^fagjet- 

tcl; affixio & refixio. Law, Tfuljeftung unb 

^ ^bncbmung. [gcbaut, niet « u. nagelfefi ifl. 
Af fix?i, f. 2>/. ^HcS; »ttS in eincm 4)fluft «n» 
.\ffix1oii, s. ( t)ie ^nbeftung^ baS TCn^cf^ 

ten; ^ngebeftetfein; bie TCnbdngung. 
AfficVtion, s. ba& TCnblQfcn; 3ublofen, 7f nweben, 


Smif^en TCbagio u. ICnbonfe)^ (im 6ngl.) adv. To .^tdici'y v. a. betruben, f rdnf en ; qudlen, pei< 
dibrcnb, mit jBdrme vorgctragen. I nigcn, martem^ dngfligen; unterbrucCen, ent< 

Affghanifltan, &c. vid. Afghanistan, Ike, 
i^ffi^nce, s. bag JBcrtrttucn (bcf. auf ®ott). 
To AfTi'^nce, v. a. verlobcn; tertrnucn, fcin 

Scrtraucn fc^cn (- in, nuf (StwaS). 
.fLffi'^nc^r, s. bcr SScrlobcnbc, ©tifter cincsebc* 
joertragft. ^ [tigc«ertrag, ob. eib bcr S^rcue. 
Afr[*lJi'tiofi.AfI|<ls'ture[— t8hur],j.bergcgcnfcis 
Afllda'vit, s. Law, bie bcf(bn>ornelfu§fttgc, baS 

dbUfbc Scf cnntni^ ; bie cibli(bc (t>or ®cri4^t; 

einem^Xotar, 6onful,2C. ttbgcgcbenc) Sc^ei* 

nigung (bcf. in Am.); to make ~, eiblt^ bc« 

frdftigen cb. crbdrtcn. 
To A'ril'jate, V. a. an So^ncS (JtinbcS) Btatt 

anncbmcn, abcptircn ; in cincn ^rben, cine (S^c- 

feUf(baft oufncbmcn/ affiliircn. 
.jiflrilja'tion, s, bicTCnncf^mung an 6obR(^ C^n- 

bc&)6tatt^ baft^nftnbcn; bie^ufnabme in 
^eincn ©rben^ cine ®cfcUf(baft, bie Affiliation. 
Affiof^e, s. Mital.ha^ ^fbtrcibcnbcr^WctaUe, 

bie Wutcrung, Sflcinignng, ba§ Sflaffinircn. 
Affia'jty, *. bie JBcrfdjroagcrung, S5crn>anbt« 

f(baft, (au(b Chem.) S^nlitbfcit. 
To Affirm', V. I. a, bcJQ^cn, bcbttuptcn ; gut* 

bcipcn; Law, (einUrt^cil) bcfkdtigcn, bcfrdf* 

tigen; II. n. Qtna^ fcicrlicb ob. eibliib crflQ» 

ren, bcfldtigen; untergcicbncn (mit to). 
Affirm'^ble, I. adj. II. —ly, ado, beja^Iiib, be« 

I^ffirm'^nt, .v. bcr ®eia^cnbc,S8c^ouptcnbc,7ruS= 

fagcnbc; Law, bcr cine (Srfldrung an eibc§ 
^©tatt abgicbt (mie bicELudf er), bcr Deponent. 
Affjrma'tion, s, bic ©cjabung, IKc^auptung; 

©ctrdftigung, »cfldtlgung; baS 9$cfidtigte, 

©eglaubigtc; Law, bic SBobr^citSbcfrdftis 

gung ber Eiudtcr an GibcS etott. 
^ffirin'Mive* 1. adj, bcjobcnb, bcbauptcnb; 

Law, befldtigcnb; —property, afprraatirciJ 

«erm6gcn («. , bas man mirflicb bcfi^t; ; - 

quantities, Afath, pofitit^c Orof en ; II. j. bic 

Aftlic'ted, T. p.a. betriibt; geplogt; — witb, 

franf an II. tbc — , s. pi, bic ffietriibten ; III. 

— ly, adv. peinlicby fcbmerjliib, bctrubt; IV. 

— ness, *. bie Setrubnip, ber ^mmer, ®ram ; 

bie ^lage, bcr ©rucf. [fenbc, ber Ctudlcr. 
Aftlic'ter, s. bcr (bic, ba$) 55etriibenbe, ^rdn* 
Affirc'tjng, I. p.a. pein(t<b/ f<bmersli4/(rdnfi;nb, 

bctriibcnb ; II. — ly, adv. qudlcnb, ftbmergenb 
Afflic'tion, s. bie i93etriibnif, JBefiimmerni^; 

Sriibfal, baS Seiben, (— of heart) ba$ ^ti* 

Selcib, bie 9tot^ ; bad aTTif gef(bi(t, Unglutf. 
Afdic'tive, I. adj. bctrubcnb, qudlenb, frdnf cnb, 

fcbmcrjlicb; 11. — ly, adv. pcinii*/ betriibt, 

I ^frdnfenb, fcbmerjui (Gtroafi empfinbcn). 

Affluence, j. bcr 3uf[up, Bufammenflup (inxo. 

j-<iy) ; fis- Uberflui 0lei(btbum, aSBo^tftanb. 

Af tlQ^nt, I. adj, ju^ief enb ; ^berfldffig; rci(b * 

n. the — , s. pi, bie iRei(ben ; III. — ly, adv. 

juflicpenb, ubcrflufflg, rcicbUtb; IV. — nei*, 
J. ber 3ttfluf ; Uberpuf, 0lei(btbum. 
Af tlijtx,Afflux'ion, s. bcr 3upuf,3ufammenflu^ ; 

3ulauf, baS 3u(lr$men (aucbfe.). 
To Afford', I?, a. gebcn, licfcrn, bcHJorbringcn ; 

bcrgcbcn, bin9cbcn,iiberla|fcn, barrei(ben, er=« 

tbcilen, bcroiUigen, gcrodbrcn; Iciflen; ent= 

fibdbigen; [(bafcn^ Dcrf(baffen; aufbringei, 

crfd^mingcn, beftrclten; to — meani, (^it- 

tcl) an bic ^anb geben. 
To Affor'?»t, V. a. Law, 2anb, gclbcr ju cinem 

gorftc ma(ben, einforflcn. [befi, Sinforjlung. 
Aff&r^sta'tion, s. Law, bie Anlagc cined SBaU 
'i'o Affran'chi^e, v. a. freigebcn, frcimatben, be» 

ficien. [laffung. 

Affran'ch jf em^nt, s. (n>. u.) bie 33efrciung; Eo§< 
Affray', s. Law, bic 6ffcntli(be ©cbldgcrei, ba* 

^cnbgemenge; bcr Auffauf, Sumult: casual 

-, ber sufdUigc 3.obtfd^lQg bci ber aclbfl-- 

'ocvt^ciOiijunvji to — {SIMp.'), crfArc-icn. 




To Affirdght [f-frSt'], r. a. Com. (tin gc 

Ai&eighter [af-frsi'-t?r], *. Com, ber ©efrad|>» 

Ux (etneft ge^dQerten Sd^iffeS). 

Affreightment [^f-frat'-m^ nt], s. Com, bte ®es 

frad^tung (cined 04iffe$ oom^et^er). 
To AflrTghf, V. a. (». fi.) erfc^redfen (—at, 

Affright', J. ( tcr©(^recfen, toS ent* 

fr^en ; bcr f^retfli^e^nblicC, baS ®4reifbiID. 
-^ffrlght'^dly, adv. (to. fi.) erf^rerft, in ©(()«!» 

fen^ in Surdl^t gefe^t. 
Affright'^r, s. (ro. fi.) ter Qfrfd^redfcr. 
AlTrlghtfiaU ac^'. ( f^rccflt^^ f&v^Uvli6t, 
Afrrtght'm«nt, j. (ro. ii.) bad (ber) €$4tetfcn> 

bad ^ntfcten; ^it (Srf^rocfcnieit. 
To ^ffrdnt', v. a. bef^impfen, grob beleibigen; 

angrdfen, Src^ bietcn; a-ed at, belcibigt 

Aber^ bur^. 
<*ifr»rt', 5. Die (grobe) SBelcibigung, Sefibim» 

pfung, bcr Gcbimpf; /am. Sro|. 
.^ffrdntee', l.j.berSeleibigte^Seftbtmpfte; D. 

adj. Her. (t>. S^ieren^ mit bem ®eft4te) ge« 

gen einanbcr ob. einrodrtsgefe^rt. 
j^fnrdnf^r, .«. ber IBeieibiger, ®er4tnipfenbe; 

^ttdforberer; Sro^bietenbc. 
^flr^Qf jng, p. a. beleibigenb/ anifiglttb/ f<bni^be. 
^frr6nf{ve» adj, bcleibigenb, be^impfenb; 

f(btmpfli(b ; tro^ig. [anfgtef en. 

To AJ^^t!, V. a. (bcf. Chem,) taju gicfctt, 
ffftt'ffion, 8. (bef. CWem.) bet QCutgup. 
4: To Affp', V, n. certraucnj v. a. wrloben 
^85', Com. by his (ur their) — , per ^rocura. 
Afgh^njittSn', s, ft ad;. 6eog. ^fg^aniftan, af 

Afghitn'. I. adj. afg^anifib ; n. s. ber ^fg^ane. 
AfghSn^y Ifgbdon^'y s. pi, Die ^fg^anen. 
Afleld', adv. auf bem ^elbe ob. Sonbe, auf bad 

Selb ob. Sanb. 

Afioame [^f-fBm'], s. (Afort.) vid. Fiame. 
^ftre', adv. in Setter^ brennenb, in 9ranb. 
Afla(t\ adv. fia4^ platt, bem IBoben glei(b. 
Afloat', adv. & adj. fiott, Mtoimmenb; jig. 

f rif(b; riifKg ; im Change, im 3uge ; verbreitet 

(\>. cinem ©erii^t); to get or get a ship—, 

tin® (biff ^ttmaiben. 
Afoott' [»-fii], adw. 2U gufe; fig. im ®ange; 

in 9e»egttng (t>. eincm |>eere). 

^fore', I. prep. tor; efter; fiber; (wid. b. fi. 

Before) ; II. adv. Mar. t)orn im 0<tiffe; — 

the matt sailors, gero6(nl. SRatrofen, bie auf 

^em f>auptbed( bef^dftigt finb. 

f^re'gofDg, p. a. cor^erge^enb ; (vid.l. fi. 

Foregoing). [vid. b. fi. Before-hand. 

^fure^Snd, adv. Dorand, jumcoraud, corner; 

^fure'mentioned [— m^n'-shand] , adj. 9or« 

errod^nt, torbemclbet, obgcDa(bt(tn IDoni« 

menten). [^ocnmenten). 

i^fdre'nSmed, adj. oorgenonnt^ obbenannt {in 
/IfQre'said [— sjfd], adj. vid. Aforementioned, 
^fttre'time, adv. oormald, ebemald^ e^ebem. 
4Lfr&id', p. a. fflr<btenb, beforgt, bange (—of, 

nor StroaS) ; erftbrocfcn, furrbtfam. 
Afresh', adv, oon *Jfcuem, abermol, roicDer. 
Af r|C9, 5. Geog. QCfrifa {Shk. Af rjc, s. & adj.). 
African, I. adj. afri!anif<b ; H- *• ber llfxiU* 

ner ; Bot. ^it €SammtbIume. 
^frOnt', adv. in ber gronte, im (Befiibt/ gerobe 

cntgegen, ob. gegenuber ; von oorn, in'S ® e* 

Af slAg^r^ s. pi. Com. eine ^rt 3nfpectorcn 
bet 6tfentl. IBerfteigerungen ju TCmfterbam. 

lit, s. adj. k adv. Mar. Dad f)intertbeil am 
€$4iff<; ^inten; agter, agterli(b; ^intenom 
ob. im CSc^iffe ; fore and—, torn unb ^inten ; 
right —, nnmittelbar oon bintcn; to bring 
the wind—, t)or bem fiBinbe obiaufen; to 
banl — the sheets, Die Segelbeibolen. 

Aft^r, I. adj. Mar. ogter; (eigentl. fi. more 
aft, }. fd. — capstan, — sails , vid. comp.) ; 
fam. ft>dter, natb^erig ; II. prep. na<b / tin* 
tet; j^. na<b/ pSolge, gemdp; to go—, 
fblgen ; day— day, einen 2^ag Mii bem anbem ; 
non einem Sage ^um anDern; one— another, 
einer na(b Dem AnDern ^ na^ etnanber; — 
date, vid. Date; —that, naib^er^ (ierauf; 
ISl.conj. nacbbem; IV. adv. §interber; naib- 
(er, na(bbem, barauf; —ail, nifcb aOem, bei 

^aOe bem, enbtiib, amS^be. 

Aft^r- , comp^ — acc^tation , Com. bie 
Rpdtere Acceptation;— acvoant, Die 9{a<b« 
re(bnung/3^a<bforbcrung; —ages, .«, p/. Die 
3uhinft^ S^'lgC' (fommenDc) 3eit, 9?acbmclt; 

— birth,- burden, Die 9f?a(bgeburt, Hfttx* 
geburt; —capstan, itfar. Dad (intere oD. 
tleine (Bangfpifl; —claim, Der fpdtere 
({Re(btd«) 7(nfpru(b ; Die 9?a(bforDerung ; — 
clap, j!g. Dad ^a<bfpiel; Der Huerftritb, col. 
Dad 4>interDrein; —comer, Der 9{a(bfoIger ; 

— cost, Die 9Ja<bbfhn; fi^> 3?o(b»e^en; — 
coarse, Der fpdtere, in!finftige (Sang, Eanf ; 

— crop, Die 9^a(bcrnte ; — days, s. pi. Die du« 
htnft, golgeseit, 9ta(b»elt; -dinner, Die 
StacbmittagdflunDe ; —dinner's sleep, Die 
3^a(bmittagdru()e ; — cnqnlry , Die oerfipdtete 
Unterfutbung; —event. Die fpdtere IBegeben* 
(eit; —game, einneuerlBerfucb/ beim6pie(, 
nm Dad JBerlorene roieDer |u geroinnen; fi^. 
f>filfdmittel,9{0tbmittel; to play an-game, ed 
no4 einmat roagen, roieDer anfe^en ; — gather- 
ing, Die S^a^Iefe;- grass, vid. After-math; 
—growth. Der ^a(t»it(bd; —guard. Afar. 




ber im ^intert^ile bed BMf^t^ bienftt^uenbe 
SRotrofe; —hatchway, Afar, bit 4)interlufe; 
— help, bic StaiWfilfe ; —hold, Mar.Uvbin' 
terraum; — hope.biefpdtere^ juKLnftige ^off- 
nung ; — hoara,, bie na^fotsenben ®tun< 
ben, Solgejeit, —life. ba£ ubrige (fpfiterc) 
Seben; juhinftigeScben; -liver, ber9ia(^« 
fomme,@n!cl; —living, bic3uhinft; — lo\e. 
bie %mitt ob. fpdtcre ^itU; —malice, ble 
Vnter^crfommenbe So^ett, ber (SroU; — 
math, baft S^iat^^eu, ®pdt^cu, Tiftcvf^iM, 
Ontmmet; — milkiags, s. pL bie ^taibmilcb ; 
—noon, ber S^ad^mittag ; — noon't luncheon, 
or — nooning, col. ba^ Se^pcrbrob ; — pains, 
s. pi. bie 9ia4»e4cn (bei ber ®eburt) ; — 
—part, ber nacbfolgenbe Xf^eil; Mar. bei 
|)tntcrtftcil bcS ©c^iffcS; — paj-mcnt, Com. 
ber Dta4)f(^up ; — piece. Dram. ba& !lca(i|yflu(f ; 
Sad. ba& l^intere GtiicC cineS Satteld; — 
proceeding!!, s, pi. LaWy baS nadl^t^erige (Qt» 
ri4>tli(^>e) S8erftt()rcn;— proof, ber SCaitbe* 
wcU; bie irociu ^robe; na(bfolgenbc drfa^s 
rung, Ob. bie buri fpdtcre ^fa^rung entbe(f< 
ten ©igcnfibaften ; Typ. bie {Rebifton ; — reck- 
oning, bad 9{a(tberc4nen; bie nad^folgcnbe 
dtec^nung; 92a(!^ie(te ; —repentance, ^it fiadf* 
reue ; — report, ber 9ta(bbcri4>t ; — «aiU, s. pi. 
Mar. bie 4>interfe8cl ; — itate , ber Mnftigc 
3ufhnb ; — sting, ber ^Cacbf^mer^ ; — storm, 
bee ttttermarteteCfpdtere) 0turm,9^Q(^flurm; 
— sopper, bie 3eit groifitcn 9^a(bteffen unb 
^^dlflafengcben; — suarms, s, pi, bie ^adfs 
Mndrme (ber 99iencn) ; —taste, ber ^ad^^o 
fd^matf; —thoughts, pi, ^^atbgebanfen, Qbc* 
banfen, bie gu fpdt fommen; bie ju fpdte Qin* 
Mt, Ob. flbcrlcgung ; — time. bie3ufunft; 
— timea, s,pl, bie Wnftigen 3eiten, golge* 
}eit, Stadl^melt;- tossing, bad 'Jcad^braufcn, 
XBeaenfdl^lagen ber €$ee na(!b einem 3tunne ; 
—wise, adj, ju fpdt (eingefeben) flug ob. 
»ctfe; —wit, bie^lug^eit na(bberSI)at, bins 
terbrcin, ju fpdte (SinfK^t, 9C-f. baS lCber« 
e()er ; —wrath, ber fpdte (na(iitrdgli(te) (BroU ; 

^—writer, ber fpdtere 0<l&iftftcUcr. 

Aftermost, Aft^most, Afar. I. adj. Winter, bin* 
terfli U. s. ber binterc S^eil bed ®(biffd4 
2. ber unterfle SBinfel eined breiecfigen Ba 


Af't^rnCdn, Ac, vid. Uttter After-. 

if 't?rward(i), ado. na^l>er, barnac^, no^mald 

A'g?, [S., F., /., Ja., 5m., a'g^, P., An.], 
s. ber Xga (tfirfift^^e ©efe^Id^obcr). 

^gain, [»g«n', 5., JT., J., £., F., /Tn., 5/n.. 
Ooigr, /itfed; 9gSn', /a.], adu. roieber, ju» 

xtdi nieberum, nodbmald, abermald, nocb 
rtnmal j uberbiep, ferner $ bagegcn, ^ingegen > 

ebenfo, cbenfaQd) unb bann^ to and — , bis 
unb »ieber9 &• much — , no^ etnmal fo t>ic\i 
— and — . ju wicber^olten CKaUn, cinmal 
iiber bod anbere, me^rmald i ^in unb ^er. 

Against', [^ginst', S., W,, /., JS., F., A'»i., 
Sm., Craigy Reid; aganst', Jo.], prep. toU 
ber, gegeuj gegenuber^ ^ir. hti, gegcn, an, 
bid 4 — the stream, gegen ben @trom5 — 
the grain, »iber (gegen) ben Btiid^i fie- 
vulg. miber iSillen, ungcrn^ <>>er — , gegen> 
fiber i — which, Com. aid ®egcnfa^ ffir . . ., 

yzx (Sontra. 

Ag'^laxy, s. Mftd. ber SKangel an ^(iit^. 

^g&l'l9{hvm (Ag'allu(h), s, bad SCIoe^olj, ^b^ 

^ler^otg, i)arabied^oli. 

AgO^p^, Ag'^pae, s. Tkeol. bad ^iebedmal)l 
ber erften (S^riftcn na(i|y ber (Sommunion. 

^gape', adv. f am. gaffenb, mit offncm 9JJunbe, 
{vulg. 5Kaule); to stand—, gaffcn, via'g.bad 

^SKaul ttuffperren. 

^g'^P^t , J. cin ^ieb^aber bed fibencn (Se* 

JMtd^t^ ; ber iBcrgnugungdfiicbtigc. 

Ag'^ric, s. ber SIdtterfibmamm; female—, 
ber £ercbenf4n)amm ; —coralline, btc Spij* 
jenforaKe ; —mineral, bie 99ergmil(l|>, ^{ebl- 

Ag&st', vid. b. u. aber m. r. Aghast, [freibe. 

ig'ate, s. Afm. bcr^fd^at, ^gat: iV-dr. ber 
^poUrflein; —arborescent, ber JBaumac^at. 

Ag'atha, TCgat^c (Jik ®ute, g-n.). 

Ag'^tized, adj. n>icXcbat gc^eidl^nct ; — wood, 

^a(|^atiftrted ^olj. 

Ag'^ty, adj. ac^atartig ; an— flint, ein geuer* 
jlein ton ic^at. 

Ag&Sd, s. Bot. bie ameri!anif(bc Saumaloe. 

Age, s. bad TCUer; Qireifenalter; 0}{enf(^en« 
olter; 3citalter, bic3cit; bad 3<i Wunbert ; 
bie QKiinbigf eit; bad fru(!btbare TCUcr (bei 
ben grauen) ; (comp. vid. in Constint, Full, 
Great, Green, kc); of—, milnbtg (majo* 
renn) ; to come to — , munbig merben ; un- 
der — , unmiinbig ; a., vid. Under-, u. Non-. 

A'god, I. adj. alt, beja^rt; II. the— , ji^ bie 
altcn ieute, bieXIten, bejaljrtc ^erfonen ; ill, 
— ly, adv. roie alte 5ieute, na(^ Tfrt alter 

A'g^ncy s. bad SBirfen, ^anbeln, bie 7rction> 
Cermittlung, berSDicnfl; Ow-*. bie Tfgent* 
fd>ttft, TCgcntur; -business, bus 6ommif« 
fiondgef(bdft, ber6-b(inbel/ gactorci^anbel ; 
-office, bad (5-comptoir. 

.A^Sn'd^, Com. s. bad ^enfbud^ , bie Scbreib^ 
tafel; Afor. Sebcndpflid^tcn (jum Unterfd|)iebc 

JO. Credenda) ; Ecc. bie (Jtirc^enO Igenbc. 

A'gfnt, s. ber ^anbelube; J'hy. bad roir* 
hnbe fiBefen; nirfenbe, n>irffamc QTlittel; 
7rgend;D/p. ber (9ef(^dftdtrdgcr , SepoQ* 




mi^tiqtt, ^gent; bef. Afar. & MU. ^iefe* 

fu^^rer^ (SomuufHoadr, @peDiteur, SBaa« 
renoerfeitDer , SDUponent; befleUte Genfal 
(SBaarens ob. (Selbmdflcr) ; Low, Kfftgna 
tar ; ~ victaaier» ber ^rooiantmeifiec. 

To ^gglumV^te, v. 1. a, aufroiddn, jufam* 
menroaeii; iufammenballen, fndueln; II. n. 
M fugeUt/ flumpern; iufammenlaufeii/ ge^ 

Aggldm^rS'tioD . s, bad Xnitoidtln, itndueln ; 
ittfammenlaufen (o. itorpent); Serbtnben 
Su itluinp^cit. 

AgglQ'tinant, adj, Med. DerbtnbenD. 

Aggia'tinfLnta, s. pL Med. ^timmittd, |d^e 

To ^ggtu'tjnlte, v. a. iufammenleimen ; Med. 
binDen, ant^tiknifig. oereinigen. 

4ggiatia2'tion, s. bie3ufammenleimung ; Med. 
TCnfteilung , S9inbung ; fig. bie ^Cneignung 
(iweicr Jtdrper). 

^ggia'tinallve , adj. leimenb^ btnbenb ; Med. 

^ggO'ued-bvQd, s. Com. bie befte bengalif^ir 

To Ag'grfindize, (— ic), v. I. a. oergr^fern, 
titodttvn, ec^d^en, erf^eben; II. /t. ft(b oer« 

^grdfern, na^\tn, iune^men. 

Ag'gr^adizem^nt, (—iemeat), s. bieSSergrcs 
f ecung^ @noeit(rung ; Grt^ebung , &tr^errli< 
d^ung. [mciterer;]6er^errlt(ber. 

ig'gr^adizfr, (— ler), j.berSergrdferer, 6rs 

Ag'^r^rfible, adj. oergrofernb; empdrenb. 

To Ag'gravite, v, a. fig. f(bn)erer morben, er- 
fcbtoercn; ©erftdrfcH; oermebren,oecgr6pern; 
t)erf4)Umm«ni ; (in ber BarfleUung) ubertrei< 


Aggr^v&'tion , s. bie (lrf(bn)erung ; fBiv^ 
fldrfun^; Serf^bltmmerung ; bad Ungebcure 
(eined Serbretben^) ; bte Ubertreibung (in 

To Ag'gregate, v. a. Can* Ob. jufammen) bdu* 
fen, }u einer^afTe oereintgen; inetne(Se« 

^feUf(baft aufnebmen, aggregicen. 

ig'srSgate, I. adj. Chem, & Bot. angebduft; 
^«v, aggregirt; —corporation. Laic, cine 
Jt5rverf(baft, bie ben ^gang oon !iHttglies 
bern flttft burcb neu binjutrctenbe erfe^t; — 
tlowers, BoL an^ ob. sufammengeboufte IB(u 
t^en; II. s. ber^aufen; Snbcgriff (mebrerer 
SJinge); baSXggregat; 111. — ly, acZu. bau* 
^fcnmeife, im %oxi%zx\ ob. }ufanimen genommen. 
'^egrggx'tion, s. bie (7fn«) ^dufting, SJereini* 
fiung, Gammlung ; ber f>aufen, bie ^engc ; 
<Vi«m. CobaRon gleitbartiger Jtdrptr; TCnf*!! 
«ttl)me (in tine (SJcfenfcbaft). 1| 

AgV^atjve, adj. indgefamuit; coaectto ge« 
nommen ((Begenfa^ 9on Diijonctive). 

Ag'grggStpr. s. ber Gammler (d. fS^aterialien). 

To 4Lggr5ss', V. a. (guerjl) angreifen, anfatten, 
audf^lagen; mit Qrinem anbinben. 

Aggret'sion, (Aggress), s. bcr erfle TCngriff, 
TCnfall; Ubcrgriff. [fenb, offcnfto. 

^ggrSs'sjYe, adj. @treit beginnenb , angrei* 

^ggr^s'spr, s. ber angreifenbe Zi)dL 

Aggrie'f ance, s. vid. Grievance. 

To Aggrieve', v. a. vid. To Grieve, [pircn. 

To ^ggrOtlp\ V. a. T. gufammenfteaen, grup< 

^ghist' [^-gist^, adj. erfibrocfen, erflaunt, 
befliirst; lei(benblap (oor 6(bretf). 

ig'jlc, I. adj. bejenbe, ^urtig, leitbt, flinf ; II. 
— ness, s. n>ic Agility, qv. 

AiiTlty, s. bie«e(>enbigfeit; 4)ttrtigfeit, ®e» 
f(bn>inbigfeit, ^i(btigfeit. 

Agillochum, s. vid, Agallocbum. 

ig'io, s. (ilal.), Com. bad 3fufgelb, ber ^uf* 
me(brel/ bad 2fgio; —account, bad Xgioconto. 

To ^^ist', V. a. Law, cinfebmen ob. in Ut 
^a^ ne^men, »eiben laffen (frembed SSie^ 
fur (Belb) ; bei ber {>erbe fd^Iafen laffen. 

Agist'mf nt, s. Law-i. a) bie ^nfebmung, ICufs 
na()me ^urSSeibe unb^aflung ; 6) badSJ^afi* 
gelb/Sriftgelb ; c) bte^ufbdmmung, badlDdm* 
men u. bie @teuer, biefed ju beroirfen {\>ti ben 
9)en)obnern ber ®eefufle ob. fumpflger ®e< 

Agist'Qr, (Agistator) , s. Law, ber gcbmnwis 

^fter, gorflttUffcb«r, SKaflauffeber. 

Ag'lt^ble, adj. ben>egli(b ; >ig. probtematifib. 

To Ag'jtate , w. a. fcbncU bin unb %tt bemegen 
ob. merfen, fWtteln, rutteln ; ^g-j. erftbiit* 
tern; r^eftige ©emiltbdberoegungen) erregcn, 
(bad (Semittb) beunrubigen; to — a question, 
iiber einegrttgcflreiten, bebattiren, biefelbc 

Agjtil'tion , s. bie b^ftigc P^Qftfcbe Semegung, 
^[(biitterung ; fig. b^ftige (Bemutbdbemer 
gung^ JSaUung, Unnibe ; 6r5rterung (einer 
^reitigen SatbO; bie Tpolitifibe :c.) Od^s 

^ning, Agitation ; ®cratbf(blagung 

Agiti'tjve, adj. bemegenb; erftbutternb. 

Agita'to, adv. Mus. bemegt/ agitato. 

Ag'jt&tQr, 1. ^iner, ber eine @a(be betretbt; 

^ber ^ufrubrjliftcr, («olfd«)^ufn)iegler. 

Ag'jto, s. Com. ein fleined ®en)i(bt in f)cgu. 

Ag'l^t, s, bad Cfiln|lli(b gearbettete) 6en!el« 
b(e(b, ber ®enfelflift$ Bot. bad itolbiben an 

^ben ©taubfdben ber SSlumen. 

Vnail, .V. bad 9iage[gef(bm(:r; ber 92ietnagel, 
vid. Whitlow. 

AgTiJte. I. adj. terroanbt (o. t)dterli(ber®cite); 
II. s. ber ^gnat (vid, b. f. «8.). 




Xgah!% ;. pi, Tiffucitn, ScrmanMe von tSiUx* 
li^er eeite. 

^gnSt'jc, adj. bie Scncanbtfr^aft von tiUxlU 
4er &ciU bctref enb. 

^^e;ns'tion, s. tit birectc ^bflammung oon i>A< 
tcrli^cr 0eite, SlutSfrcunbfiS^aft Onni Un* 
trrfdl^ubc ron Coginatlon, gv.) ; Jig, tit fStv* 
wdnbtfd^aft bcr ©prat^en. 

i To Agnize', v. a. (Shksp.) ancrfcnnen. 

Agni'tlon, s, (to, it.) bie TCnerfcnnung. 

^gDu'm^n, s, (lat) bcr 3nname, ^ciname. 

^gDumjnS'tion, s, ber SBcinamC; 3unQme; bie 
^nfpierung cinc6 SBortcS auf cin onbered, 
ncgcn ^^nlid^feit bc$ J(Iangc$. 

Apfnys, .V. i?om. Cath. baS S5ilb bc$ (®ottc50 
iammcS ; — castas, Bot, ber Jteufi^boum ; — 
castas seed, Jtcuft^baumfamen, ^iJ^afmixUtn ; 
—del, Horn, Cath. ba& Tfgnu^Cci, fin gc* 
nci^ter SBa^dfn^ro mit bem Si(bc bceSam^ 
mcd ; btt^ 7f . ©., cin S^cil bcr SWcfTc. 

Ago', arft?. coriibcr, vcrbci^ torftcr^ tor, ^er; 
long—, langc ftcr; not long—, nnWngft t)or 
Jturjcm; a while—, tor einigcr 3eit; a 
year—, tor cincm 3<i&rc. 

Agog', adv.lixffxrn, bcgierig; fc^nffi^tig; to 
be—, fii^ (nodj ^ttoai) fejnen; to set—, 
luflcni, bcgierig mat^cn, onrcijcn (— on ob. 
for, nad^ ob. in ^Uoah), 

AgO'l'ng, adv, (cigentl. b. part, ». To Go, mit 
ber8orfi)(bea)im®ange; in (Sang, inlSe 
»egang; imSegrtffe. AgQne', # f&r Ago. 

To Ag'QRize , V. T. 7*. mit bcm Soljc ringen, 
in ben Ic<^ten 3figen liegcn ; fig, 9)cin leibcn ; 
n. a, mit grof en ^Amer^cn be^aften, qudlen, 

Ag'onlzjng, I. p. a. petntt4, f(bmergli4; II. 

^— ly, adv. auf bie peintoHfic Xrt, peinliftft. 

ig'pny* *• ber iobefifampf ; figs, tic 25cclcn» 
angfi, ba& Geelcnicibcn 5 bcr (eftige ,ffampf. 

^gram'raf tist, s. ter Ungcle^rtc. 

To ^gr6§', V. n, (t. ^crfoncn n. @a<tcn) 
tibcrcinfHmmcn; fibcrcinfommcn ; cinigfcin 
Ob. n)crbcn(—on, upon, fiber) ; gcmof, ange* 
raeffctt fcin, paflen, flc^en (—to, Qincm), bc» 
fommen, sutraglij^ fein (-with, Gincm); 
cinfKmmcn (—in, in, uber), einfHmmig ob. 
einerlei ^cinung fein; cinminigcn (— on, 
upon, in), Q^tioa&jugcben, cinrdumcn, bcmiU 
ligen; itinfa^ren; @tmaS gcmeinf^aftlid^ be« 
fd^Ucf en, terabrcbcn ; cinig leben, fi4 ter* 
tragen ; il(b tcrfo^ncn ; M tcrglcid^cn (— on, 
upon, fiber ettta$); Scbingungcn (—to a 
thing, cine ®a4e) etngc^cn ; to — together, 
fi* mit einanber tertragen, cinefi feinncS 
fein; to —in one tone, Mvs, jufammen* 
ftimmen, ^ormoniren; Corns, that opon 

which we — , in Crbnung ©ejenbcft ; to — 
for (upon) the price, wegen bed ^retfe$ 
(fiber ben ^reifi) einig tterben; bebingen; 
(befgl. ofathing), etTOtt^beftenen; tertin* 
gen (eine TCrbeit); to— with... for..., cin* 
tterben mit... um..., bebingen. 
Agree'^ble , 1. adj, fibcreinflimmcnb, paffjjn^, 
gemfi^; angemcffen, anflfinbig; angenc^m, 
anmut^ig (t. 9)crfonen u. Satbcn) ; to make 
— , empfe^Ien; ito|>lanbringen; n. — ly.adr. 
paffenb; angenc^m; auf angenc^mc TCrt; 

— to ... , in (ob. su) S^Ige, gemdf , na(b ; in. 

— ness, s. tie flbcreinpimmung, ingemcffcn* 
fteit, ®Iei*f6rmigfeit; Sftnlitbfcit (jwifdjcn 
^frfonen n. jDingen) ; Xnnc^mlir^Mt, ^n« 
mut^, ber Sfteij. 

Agreed', I. p, a, fibereinflimmcnb ; cinig, tcr* 
gtid^en, beigelegt; bef^toffen, au$gema<bt; 
as — upon, itif tcrabrcbet; H. adv, topp! 
ri(btig! meinetitegen! gut, eg bleibt babei! 

Agre'jng, I. s. ta& ttbcrcinftimmcn ic, vid. 
To Agree; II. p. a, fibcrcinfHmmig , ^lei^* 
f5rmig, d^nli4, paffenb, gcmdf ; cinig ; not—, 
mif (cQig, uneinig ; mif fUngenb. 

AgrSe'm^nt, 5. bie flbcrcinfKmmung, S^nlidb* 
feit (Sttif4<^n ^itei S)ingcn) ; bcr @inf lang, 
tic ^armonie ; ©nigfcit, Sintratbt ; bie ©eis 
Icgung; 3ufiimmung, bcr (SonfcnS; Scr> 
gici(%, Scrtrag, Controct, Ifccorb, 0tece§; 
ber Sunb, ba$ ©finbnif ; —in tone, tic $cr« 
monic (ber 3:6ne) ; articles of—, Ccrgici* 
(bung$punfte; —maker, bie TOtteWperfon , 
ber Scrmittler, S$4icb(ri(btcr, Unterbdnblcr. 

Agres'tjc, Agr^s'tlc^l, adj, lonbmdfig, Idnb« 
li(b» fig. bfiuerif(J, grob; —life, baS ?ant« 
leben; —nobility, ter ^onbabcl. 

igrjcQla'tion, s, bcr ^clbbau, Sanbbau. 

Agrjc&I'tQr, s, bcr Sanbbauer, ^anbitirt^. 

Agrjcul'tar^l [— tehyr— ] , adj, lonbttirtb* 

Ag'rjcultnre [— Uh^r], s, bie SanbtttrtW^aft, 
bcr Sonbbau, ^tferbau, gclbbau (im ttiffen* 
ftbaftlt^cn 0inne), tie £)fonomie. 

Xgrjcfil'tarrst. s, ber (ttiflcnfAaftIi* gcbilbctc) 
2anb»irti, fcfonom. [flette. 

Ag'r|m9ny, s, Bot, ber IDbcrmenmg, bie Sebers 

Ag'r jfit, s, tic foure ^rf(be, SBeicbfel (* JKrf*c ). 

Agrddnd', adv. Mar, aufben®ninb; ouf bem 
@-bc, gefhronbet; to run—, an ben ®.raa?en, 
auflaufcn, flranbcn; to run a ship—, ein 
©cbiff fhranben maiden, in ben ®. fegein, in 
ben®. bo^rcn, auf ben ®. feftcn; tobe— , 

fig. in SJerlcgcnicit fein; ju @runbc geri^tct 

A'gfie, s. bal (Fatte)^iebcr, fee^fclflebtr ; 
ber gieberfrop ; ^ojl, baft 3itt*m tor Jtdltc ; 




aborning—, ein 6i|i8<^ Sicbcr; —cake, 

MecL Ux Jiebcrfuiei; —fit, ^er gicber* 

fijaucr; —powder, baS gieberpiUter ; — 

proof, fleberltft; — spell, (a$ 'Si^htxianUx* 

miltcl; —struck, rom g. bcfalleu ; —tree, 

.JJot. ter Saffofra6baum. 

A'gQed, acO*. ba( gicbcr tabenb; ftcber^aft; 


i'gttwh, I. adj, pcberiaft, peberifcb ; ^. frc* 
^g; n. — ness, f. tic Jicberjaftigfcit/ btr 
(gieberO ©c^QUcr. 

Ah, int, 0^! ^a! Q(ib! ^1^ me! ad^ ^iromell o^ 
jciah that!Qd^ taf! 

ibi', iut, o()a ! ta ! ^a ! 

^b£ad', ado. Afar, soeitcr por; pomdrt^, 

wrauft, toran; —of os, tor unfi; to rue — 

of one's reckoning, mit tern S&ejledt surudt 

ILheight' [ahit'], ac?t\ in tie |)6^e. Jviii. 

Abeui', int. ^m! (IBesfi^nund te6 ^uflenS). 

.jLbof, int. JVfar. ^oUaJ all hands-! HUti 
ottfftCerbetf! flberttUl UberaUKc/.Hoay). 

^hSll^ adv. Mar, tor Sop unb Safcl. 

AI[i], *, ZooZ. ter Tti, Ui (amcrif.) Saul» 

To Aid, f. a. t^lfni; beifte^eii; untcrfhl^cn. 

Aid, J. 1 . tie 4)filff,ter Seiftont ; 2.ter® cbulfe, 
tic®c^ulfinn; 3.contr, ft. — decamp; 4. tic 
3ubupc^au#crortcntIi4«®tcucr;CM*.royaI— , 
tie tcm ^5nige bemiUidttn ^^Qe , Gteuern, 
Xbgabcn u. ; — cousi^ee, Com, terSommifs 
fiondr; Mils, —de-camp fad-d^-kAog'], ter 
3ftiutont cineS (ScnerolS 5 — major, ter Siegis 

.mcnt^Qtjutant. Ai'dince.s. (5AA:«^.)bera5ci- 

Ai'd^r, a. ter ^^clfer, ©e^iilfc 5 TCn^finger.Cftont . 

Aid1?8s, adj. ^filflod, ©erittffen 

Aids, 8. pi. (franj.) 3oUfleueru. court of - 
to^ TfcciSamt) ®teucrcoUegium. 

^ Ai'^ry, «. (^Shksp. &c.) f. ^rie. 

Ai'grf t, Aigrette, s, ttie Egret, qv, 

AVgae-mvine' , j. ter ^quamarin ; IBerQU. 

li'gttlet, J. ter ©enfel, vid. Aglet. 

AikHw, J. Bot. tie ffiBorsenflecbte. 

To Ail, V, I. o. @4mer2eit oerurfa(ben ; II. n, 
^d^Qierjen ^oben/ ffbrnersen, unpap fein ; what 
a-ft your eye? n>aS (aben Bit am ^ugc? 
vbat a-s you to beat me? loarum fi^Iagen 


AiV'"^, p. a. unpdfli^; hdnfelnt; she is ever 
- ^r fe^tt immer (Ittoai. 

Ail ?at, s. tie Unpdflifbtett, itrdnfli^feit, 

,b ^eiten ; tic Unrufte, ter Jtummer. 

^ _*. pL tie SBdrte om SEBeigen. 

T< Aim, i>. 1. 71. (-at) na^ ot. auf@t»flS 
I ^: jig. feine Kbrt<!)t auf @tn>a6 ri(^teR/ 
( eaten (auQ ; to— at, tro(bten m^ ; mut^- 
a en; the point at which he a- s, taS ^itl 

fcincfi ^trcbenS ; I was a-ed at, u gait mtr ; 
n. a. Zif. k fig. xid)Uv. (tin ®ef*cp, eine 
©otpreC— at, Rocb]). 

Aim, s. tietRicbtung (cineS @cf(boffeS, k.) ; 
tad 3iel; Stotn (an Scbicfgcioe^ren), ta$ 

I TCbfcben, tie^erle (an ter Xrmbrufl) ; fig. 
ta$3iel/ ter^itecf^ ^unft, tic TCbfid^t^ ta& 
SSor^dben; to take-, jielen, aufi Stotn 
RCljmcn; to gire— , anieigen, weifen, leiten, 
to miss (of) one's—, feinen 3»etf wrfcljlen, 

_— sight, tad Jtorn (an ®i!bicf gcwcbren), 

AimVf J. ber 3ieler ; fig. ter auf et»a« t^in^ 
teutet; ter gingerjeig. 

Aim'lf ss, adj. cbne 3iel. 

Air, 3. 1. tie 2uft; ta6Xfift<ben;ter3Dunp, 
SDnft; gentle a-s, fanfteSufte; to take the-, 
an tie 2uft ge^en, audfommen; to take—, 
jig. bcfannt, terratben werten; to give- 
to..., et»a$ duf ern; 2. tie:jfric; aXelotie; 
ter ^efang; taSSiet; softa-s, « fdnftcSonc^ 
3. tie (SebertungSmeife; ST^icne, tad 7Cn« 
fej^cn; a noble—, ein etleS Tfnfeben, ter Tin* 
fiant, tie {)altiing, aufttt SBfirte; —and 
mien, (Beflalt unt (Befi<bt§biltung; to tak 
(or put on) a-s, tomebm tbun$ 4. Afan. 
ter Gang eineS jugertttenen ^ferteS. 

Air, comp, — bag , Bot. ter gni<btbalg, tie 
Satgfapfel; —balloon, tci: guftboEon; — 
balloonist, ter Suftfabrer; —bladder, tie 
^uftblafe; /cA. ©^©immblofc (tergif^c;; 
— born, * luftgeboren, pJantafKftb ; — bra- 
ying, fturmtroftenb; —built, in tic ?uft gc» 
baut, hiftig; eingebiltet; — b. castles, Euftr 
f(bl6fler; —grass, vid. Hair-grass ; —gun 
tie 9Bintbu(bre ; -holder, 7^719. ter Su^be* 
bdlter; —hole, ta& Suftlo^; —holes in a 
furnace, tie 3ugrobren an einem S^mc^i* 
ofcn; —jacket, ticSSftTOimmjade; —lamp, 
tie (SaMampe ; —level, A/ecA. tie S^iteUir^ 
toage ; —light (Beale's patent—), mod. ta6 
^atent'SuftU^t (cine Hvt (Saft, tad gcru<b* 
lo*, bea unt (lir brennt); — pipe, Mar. cine 
Sfld^re, um tie Euft ixn 6(bifffiraume rein ju 
erbolten; —poise, Fneit. tie8uft»oge; — 
pump, Pueu, tie 2uftpumpe; — sacs, pL. Om. 
^uftgcfdf c in terf^ictenen Sb^il^ii beft St6x* 
perS terSBdgel; -shaft, ilfm. ter better* 
f4a(bt/ iuftf(bQ(bt; —speaker, mod. ein 
tragbarer Son-SelegrapJ;— stirring, * luft* 
bciocgent; —stone, eine ^rt SBe^flein (au$ 
ter (Sraffcbaft Air) ; —threads, s. pi. @om« 
merfdten^ @ommer»eben , wig. ter altcn 
® eiber ©ommcr ; — t ight, luftticbt ; —trunk, 
eine SSorri^tung inx Suftreinigung mit SRen* 
fien erfuUtcr Ertc ; — tube, ter GiDlinter (ei« 
ner argantiWen Sampe) ; —vessel, 2-j. tie 




auftrS^rc; taS ^uftgcfdp (bcr^flanjen); ber 
SUccipicnt (an gcuerfpri^cn, :c.). 

To Air, v.a. an Me freic ?uft bringett^ ber 
friWcn Euft au«fctjen, luftcn, auftwittcrnj 
(—a room, cin 3immcr) auftlfiftcn; tcr* 
M^agcn laffcn, (®etrdnF) abfu^Ien; tro(t< 
nen; warmcn; to — one's self, frifdj^e 8uft 
f(^6pfcn ; to — a horse, cin ^ferb ou$reitcn ; 
to— beds, © cttcn fonnen ; to— hides, Tan, 
|>fiutc (ium Xrocfnen) auibreitcnj to - a 
thing, /^. fld|> fc^cn lajfen mit.... 

Aircr, *. bcr (bic) (JtroaS luftct, trottnet. 

Ai'rjiy, adv. muntcr, leb^aft, luflig. 

Air'ln^ss, s, bic Suftigfeit; jig. bic ^(btigfeit, 
bcr 8ci(bt|tnn; bic Scb^aftigfcit, SKuntertcit, 


Air'iDg, p. J. baJ^uftcn ic. (wid. To Air); bie 
Grfeolung in frcicr guft^ ©pajicrfaf^rt; ber 
©pajierritt; ©pajtcrgang; to take an—, 
frif(bc Euft ttSpfcn ; to give an — (to..., Qi* 
ncn) auJffi^rcn, fpajicrcnfiiircn, (—to a 
horse), aa&rcttcn. 

Air'I^ss, atU. luftloS^ buntpjtg. 

Air'ljng, s. bcr ^tfi^tling, ffiilbfang. 

Air'y, adj. luftig; ^otb; jjig. lei^t, bfinn (»ic 
bic tvift), flu^tig; tointi^, dUl; lodtx, ^aU 
temb; lct(^tfinntg, loppifcb ; munter, lcH<if^/ 
luflig; frot; an— nothing, cin luftige^ 9ci(bt$ ; 
—ghosts, (—demons), Suftgcijter ;— castles, 
— notions, —schemes, iuftf^ISffer; -re- 
gions, bic Euftr(!|»i(!|^t. 

il'ry, J, vid. Aerie. 

Aif e, s. Bot. baS %iaMva\it, St(}!raut 

Aisle [TlJ, 8. ber glugcl eined (5(jorc5, ber Q^ors 
gang, bie ©allcriej aisled [ild]» mit (S^or? 

Ait, 8. bie (SiupO 3nfel. [gdngen 2C. t)crfe()en. 

Aix-la-Chapeile [as' - 1^ - sh^ - pdl'j, s. Oeog. 
(bic ©tabt) ^a(J^en. 

^Lizoon' [»-2dn']. s. BoU boS Smmergrftn. 

Ajar', adj, ^alb offcn, f laffenb (©on eincr S^fir). 

Aj'ftt»ge, J. bcr TCuffa^ auf ben 9l6^rcn bcr 
©pringbrunncn unb ffBaffcrfunflc. 

To Ake, v.n. lit, kfig. f^merjcn, ^ncmne^e 
t^un ; my head a-s, mir t^ut bcr ^opf n>c^ ; 
my soul (heart) a- s, rt fimerjt mx^ in ber 
©eclc, Mnft mi^ fc^r. 

Ake, s. ber ©d^mer}, ba$ SSBc^c, tiit ^ein. 

Ak'fr, vid. b. m. r. Acre; — staff, bcr $flttg« 

A-kimbo, vid. Kimbo.' [reitel. 

AkTn', acy. tcrn}ttnbt(au(!(>^g.), bcfreunbct. 

ik'jng, I. p. s. ba$ ©d^merjcn^ bcr anf^altenbe 
©4mcr|;./Jg:. baS fiBc^; II. p. a. f*mcrgenb, 
fcbmcrgbapt; fis. Wmerjcrfuttt, fummcrvoH; 
to have an — tooth, Sainfimcrjcn ^ttben. 

Akorn, vid. Acorn. 

Al, f)rttf. Corns, — marcot na4 bem ®en)icbt 

(bci SRunjen); --cotso, na^ bcm ie^tgen 
Qourfe ob. na4^ gcgenm&rtigem SGBcrt^c; — 

^pari, in gleid^em ©crtbe flcjicttb. 

Al'abtst^r, I. s. ber ^labafter; 11. adj. alaba« 
flern; —glass, bal S3cingla$, SJ^il^gla^. 

^lack', int. acb ! o »eb ; — a-day, col. o n>e( 1 

^Llac'rjty, s. bieORuntcrfeit,2ebtaftigtcit,|)et« 

^terfcit, gro^li^f cit, ber grobiinn. 

Al'amirS, s. Mus. bie unterflc (tieffle) Stott 

^auper einer in ®uibo TCrctino*^ S^onleiter. 

Allude', 1. adv. vulg. m^ ber ^obe, mo' 
bif(b ; II* s. Com. tin bfinner, f^mar^er ^afet. 

Al'fn, i.l.lClanu5(aX-n); 2.einc7frt«Binb« 
fpiel, SEBinb^unb. 

Alilnd', adv. an*6 Sanb ; am (ob. su) Ecnbe. 

Al'^rick, s. -Klvidf, ©Iri* (QR-n). 

Alarm^ s. 1. ba$Sdrmgcf(brei/ ber SBafenruf, 
baS Kufgebot; 2. ber Sumult, Z&vm ; Fenc. 
ber 7fppell;^g. bicUnruJe, ©er»irning,a5e« 
frtrjungj berScbretf; Horl. ffictfer (eincr 
U^r); —of fire, bcr geuerWrm; to sound 
(an)—, 2drm blafen; to give — , Wrm ma- 
icn; Unru^e crrcgen; to take (the)-, un« 
ru^ig merben, tnXngfigcrat^en; to spread 
— , 2drm ©erbreitcn, beunru^igen; comp.^ 
bell, bie ©turmglotfe; —drum, bie 8drm« 
trommel; -post, ber£drmpla$, ©ammeU 
pla^; — rattles, bie ^drmfnarren; —watch, 
bic l£Bc(fu^r. 

To Alarm', v.a.l. Sdrm blafen ob. Wagen; u. 
baburcb iu ben SBajTcn rufen ; 2. 2drm ma^en, 
crf^rcdPen/ beunru^igen, in Scroegung brin* 
gen^tcrmirren; a-edat..., beunrubtgt uber... 

Marm'jng, I. p. a. crf(brectenb, beunru^tgcnb/ 
fcbrectliib ; II* p. «. ba6 Sdrmen, 2C.; bcr^rm; 
HI. — ly, adv. auf cine ©(Ibredten erregenbe, 
bcunrubigcnbc SBeife. 

Alarm'jst, s. ber (6|fenti.) Htmm^^ex, Sdrm* 
blafer, UnrubfHfter. 

Ala'rvun, s. vid. Alarm. 

Alis', int. a^! leiber! oroebl —for shame, 
pfui! —a (ob. the) day! adfl unglfi(fU(bcr 

AlXt^d, adj. Bot. geflfigclt. 

Alb, s. 1. Nunu einc turfif(bc 3Xfin§e; vid. 
Asper; 2. btcKlp; vid. Alp. 

Alb, Al'ba, s. Rom. Cath. bie IClba, baS SXcf- 

^(emb, Qb^^^CRib; —week, bie SDflenootbc. 

A11)?Ln, s. ^banuS (5W-n). 

AibS'ni^, s. Geog. TClbanien. 

Alba'nlan. I. adj. albanif(b; H. «. ber Xlba« 

^nicr, iibanitfc. [oogcl. 

Al'b^tross, «.Orn. ber TClbatrop, JtriegSfcbiffS- 

f Albe'rt, conj, obf(bcn, obgleii {Spenser Al- 

Albgmarl', s. Bot. bic SKarmorpprft^e. [be')- 




ill^ergc, J. Bot.bie ^crjpfirMc, gru^pfir* II Al'cphol, j. Chem. 1. ^er ^dcftfl mtificirt* 
liVtck, J. 7flberi(^ (9K-n). [fi*e. « 

ilber^n69> llber'nys, s. Com, etne TCrt Uvan 
tifcl^er Qamelot. 

AlVt, *. Xlbrc^t, Xihtvt (Wt-n), 

^•'cfDt, ac/;. loeif iverbenb, n>cif(t(b. 

Ubjf|ca'tioD» s, C/iem. ba$ SEBeif ma^en. 

iHfin, «. ber XlUxi (etn seolitf^artiged SJ^ine* 

Albfofs, s, pi. mift ^eger, IKIbinod. [ral). 

Al'bj9D, s, ♦ TClbion/ Gnslanb; —metal, 2Blei 

^mit 3tnn fiberfleibet. 

AIb«, 1. })/. vtd. Alb -week. 

AlbBgio'foas , adj, bem Sitoetf e d^nU(b/ loii^ 
(SitDcif; nc;pli(b/»ci;; ba6 %Betf c (ben un^ 
bur(bft(btigGn Sletf) im Xuge betreffenb) 
-huinoar, ilnat. bie mdffcrige S^ud^ti^f tit 
beg Kugeft. 

.illba'go, s. bos SEBeife im @i; baS SBeife (etn 
unburd^ft(^tiger$ucf) im^uge, ba^Seufoma^ 

^ber roeipc ©tor. 

Al'bvin, j>. baft 6tammbtt(b^ (etgen^dnbige) 
$rembenbu(b 9 (— oculi), baSSEBcipe im ^Cuge. 

^a'm$D, «. bad SEBeife im Qi, 6in>etf. 

Afbfi'nijnous, ad;. ba& SitDcif betreffenb; tu 
mnfii^nlidf, etioei^artig; PhysioL [(bleimig; 
}d6e. [Gplint. 

Al'byru, J. I. Ich. ber SBeifftfd^; 2. BoU ber 

Albur'ayjit, J. £ot. bcr ®plint. [munje). 

mas, 1. Nunu ber SBetppfennid (fl. 0ilbcr> 

ilcakest, Alcahettic, vid. in Alk.... 

/ilci'jc, i\)et. 1. adj. alMif(b (oon einer I5er6s 
art b(6 Tdcdttd) ; IL s, ber oIMif^c Sers. 

Alcaid\ 1. ber Xtcalbe, dtiditer, etobtricftter 
(in 0panien) ; Srieben&ri^ter (in ben frub^'' 
ren fpan. Golonien); ber Sberbefe^lSb^^^c 
(in bcr Sarborci). 

Alcali, Alcaline, To Alcalizate, vid^ in Alk... 

^Ican'n^, s, Bot. bie morgenldnbtffbe llfanna, 
unbctpebrte Sanfonia; dyer's—, bie fdrbenbe 
^fenjunge; —leaves, ^-bldttcr; —oil, bag 
^-61, (5t)pru56l; —root, bie ^epuloerte, fdr* 
benbe fBurjel ber ^Ifanna. CJlfc (S-n). 

Alee, 1. dbbr. (fur Alice) Ifleria, 6lS(ben, 

Alce'd?, s, Om, ber Jtdnig^fif^er; Gidoogel. 

Alchemical, Alcbimical, &c. vid. Aichyn... 

Alchoran, &c. jr. vid, Alkorao. 

Alsbjm'jc^ (Alshjiii'ic), I. adj, U. -ly, adv. 

^al^t^mifhr^b/ dl^wif^- 

Al'shymist, s, ber TClcbQmifl; Q(olbma(ber. 

Ai(hymis'tic«J (Alchymii'tjc) , adj, a((bt)mi« 

ftifib. [taUt) oermanbeln. 

To il'jhymize, v, a, lfl(bt)mic treiben, (9Rea 
il'cbymy, 1. bie 7(I<bt)mie, b^^^e ®(beibefun|l^ 

Oolbma^erfunft [dbrlein. 

ilclae', .T. Bot. ber ^fi^nerbarm, ba$ SKdufe- 
^^, 9. Zool, ber TClfo, mcxifttniWe 4)nnb. 

SBeindeift, ^Ifobol; 2. ta6 rubtilfle$ulvcr; 

^— lamp, tieGpihtuMompe. 

Alc^hol'jc, adj, fpiritu&artig, alfoboUrtig. 

Alc^bOlizS'tion , s. Chem. bie ^Itct^oliftrung, 
dtectificirund; baft SerioanbeU in ba; fub* 
tilge ^ulocr. 

To Al'cQbpIize, v, a, alfcboliriren/ rectiftciren; 
in bad fubtilfle juicer venoanbeln. 

Alcoran, j. vid. Alkoran. 

4LlcOve' [ If. Ac; al'-kOv, Wb.'], s. I, Uv "KU 
!oDen; 2. bie^aube. Garotte; 3. bie9tief(bc 
(in eincr Sibliotief); -bed, (/. P. R, J,), 
bag idttt in einem ^ifccen. 

Al'cy^n, s, Orn. ber (SiStogel; vid. Halcyon. 

Al'cypntte, s. Nat. ber foffile €5eefort 

Al'd^r, J. (—tree), bie Grle, (&Utx, ber Grlen* 

^boum; —bed (a-s-plot), ber @rlenn>alb. 

AlMfrmSn, s, ber 0lat($bcrr, (Ratbmann; tU 
tefle ; — of a ward, ber Etuartiermeiflcr, 85ier« 

^tcWmeifler; — s robe, ber glfigetaiontel. 

AlM^rmanlike, adj. vid. b. f. Iffi. 

AlM^rm&nly, adj. & adv. gu einem Otat^S* 
berrn geb6rig; »ie ein 2CIberman ob. OlatbS* 

,btrr; fig. floli-. 

Al'dern, adj. Don Qhrlenboli; erlen, ellern. 

AJd'gite, 1. Com. cant, a draagbt on the 
pump at—, ein falftber^ com iBejogenen nicbt 
angenommener tBe^fel. 

Ale, I. .V. r>a$tl, ungebopftelBier, SBBeisenbier^ 
fiifelBier; medicated—, ba§ Jtrduterbier ; 
II. comp. —bench, bie®ierbanf; —berry, 
bttd ©armbier, ©icrbier; -brewer, ber Sl» 
brttuer, IBierbraucr; — conner, ber flJierauf* 
fcfeer, fl5ierprober (in bonbon); —cost, v— 
coast), Bot. ber Sflainfttm; —draper, joe. 
bcr ©ierfdl^enf, IBierwirtb ; —fed, bicrgend^rt; 
— hoof» Bot. ber Srbepbeu; — hoase, baft 
Sierbaufi; bie &6finU, uw/g. ©-fncipe; — 
house impost, bad dapfengelb; {vid. —sli- 
ver) ; —house keeper, ber 0(bcnf»irtft, 55ier« 
wirtb; —inspired, bierbegeiflert; —post, ber 
SJtaienbaum; bafiSierjeitbcn; —silver, bie 
Xronfftener; —shot, bie JBiersecbe; —stake, 
ber ©ierpfabi (aU 0*ilb bienenb), bad »ier-. 
§ei(bcn; —taster, ber S5ierprober; — \at. ber 
05 dbrbottig; ©raubotti* ; -wife, I. bie a3icr* 
wirtbinn; 2, (eigentl.j) A'ldOf, ein amerif. 
gifcb and bem ^dringdgefcble(btc (Ctupea 

Alee' , adv. Naut. unter bem ©inbe, im 2ei; 
hard—! beim ©inbe gebalten! 

Al'€gar, s. ber ilefTig/ ©ierefftg. [folben. 

Alem'bjc, s. Chem. ber93renn!olben; )Defliair« 

^lep'jdote, I. adj. Ich. [(buppenlod; II. s. bet 
fcbuppcnlofe 9if(b- 




OTclfrttutj -ju»t, tonfcramcn gerti^t, alls 
gerct^t; —kind, aUgutte, t^4|l Uebrei^j 

— knowing, ottwiflenfe; allroeifcj —loving, 
aUUebcnbj —merciful, adj. oUbarmtcriig) 
the—mercifal, *.bcr TfUbonnbcriigej —night, 
baS 9{a(btli(bt (etne aBQ(b&r4eibe ob. 0teUe 
mit cinem ©o(btin bcr 3Ritte)5 —perfect, 
b5(bfl toUlomxnen) —powerful, oQm2(!btig, 
aUqtroaltiQi the — rigbteooB, s. Ux®txt^U 
(®ctt)$ — naints,, Rom.Cath. ba^Sefl 
(— saint* -day, ber Xog) TfUerjjciligen 5 

— sainti-wort , ^of. bQ& ^c^^Aitni&fraut 9 

— seed, 5o<. 1. ^cr Heine wilbe 2tin, ba§ 
flcinpeSaufenbforns 2. bieSWcIbe, vid. Or- 
rach ; — seeing, oQfe^enb $ — seer, ber XD^ 
fe^enbe (®ctt)5 — souU, *. p/. Rom, Cath, 
boftgefl (-souls-day, ber Sag) Ifllerfeelcn 
(am 2. fniotember)} —spice, BoU ber ^u 
ment; !l?elfenpfeffer, engltft^ ©enfir;, fam. 
neue SEBilrjCj —spice-tree, Bof. bcr ^i* 
mentbaum, bie $imentmt}rt^e ^ Carolinian 
<-spice-tree, Bot bie faroIiiiif((^e Jtelcbblume, 
ber ®en>firiflrau(b$ —sufficiency, bie '^^ 
genugfamfeit^ grofteJKoDfommen^cit 5 -suf- 
ficient, I. adj. aSgenugfam^ II. tbe— s., s, 
ber XSgenugfame (®ott)j —wise, I. adj. 
aUweife; bie toUPommenfle SBet^beit bcfttenb 9 
II. tbc- w., s. tcr 5Cir»eife J — witted, b5*|i 
TOi^ig, bur(Strieben, sc. 

Ali-9-m5rt^ adj. vuLg. cerwirrt, aufer 5af« 

fung, niebergebonnerti Utvixht 
Ai'I^nlte, s. ter TfUanit, (Sererit, ba& prisma^ 

tif4e Gerererj. 
All^nto'idS^AU^ntorf', s. Zoot.baS Uringef&p; 

bie ^arn^aut. 

^IlAu'd^ible, adj. preifi»iirbig, lobenSmertb. 
To 4^II5>^, V. a. 1. (— metals, STOetaHe) bc= 

f(bi(f en (vid. b. ii. Alloy) ; 2. j{g. fcbmdcben^ 

rermtnbem^ linbern, bdrnpfen, ftiQen^ to 

— wine with water, ^tin mit SBaffcr ter* 
mif(bcn (oerbunnen). 

^Ilay', s, 1. ber3ttfa^(iueineni^etane, vu{. 
b.u. Alloy) ; 2. fig. bie 0(^»d(bnng, Zin- 
bernng 5 — of colours, bie SKilbemng bunfler 
Sarbcn bnrd^ baft TCuneKen i without — , obne 
3ufa^, ungemif4t5 to give-, rndftgen, 
linbernj cool —, bie Ifbfuilung ; Jtaltfcbale. 

^Ilay '?r, s. tcr, bie, DaS QRapigenbc, Einbernbe 5 
—of acrimony, Ic^, ma6 bie ©d^cirfe bdmpft. 

To AUedge, Aliedgeable &c. vid. Allege, &c. 

Allgga'tion, .*. 1. bie TCnfu^rnng^ ®cbaup» 
tung^ angef^^rte &UUti bie be^auptcte 
&ai)t, ber 3a$^ 2. bie Xu^fage^ Xngabe, 
TfnSrebe, (gntf(!^ulbigung; ber ©orroanb. 

To All^c', V. a. (SBenjcife^ jc.) bcibringen, an* 
fu^renj au$fagen, bv^aupten, bcja^en. 

^llj^ge'^ble, adj. anfu^rbar^ (aU cin 9c»eii 
cber eine (Sntfcbulbignng) beisubringen. 

All«'^§^, ^lle'ii»s, s. tin oftinbiWer 3eu8 
ton IBaumn)cIIe cb. fla(bsd(nlt4en Btofftn. 

AUeg'^r, s. ber Xnffibrer, ©ebouptcr. 

Allg'gj9n9e, s. bie Untertbanenpflt(bt, Se(n^« 
ppicbt 9 local or temporary — , bie Unter* 
tbanenpflid^t eine^^remben gegen bie ^brig* 
f cit feineS Ifufent^altefi 5 ozih of — , ber |)nU 
bigung^eib 9 to do — , bulbigen. 

AUS^jng, p. a. itnter bem IBormanbe. 

illcgSr'iciLl (A118g5r'ic) , I. adj. aDegorif*, 
finnbilbli(b/ terblumtj II. —ly, adv. oHegc* 
riW/ in ©ilbernj III. — ness, *. ba& TCHego* 
rif^e, bie ane|orifibe @igenfd^aft. 

Al'lcgprifst, A]'l§g9rlzfr, s. ber ©innbilbner, 

To il'lSgprlze, v. L a. hilUid) »ortragen, a«fi« 
brficfenj aHegcriftb er!Idren$ II. n. al& eine 

^TCSegcrie be^anbeln. 

Al'l€g9ry, s. bie IfDegorie, bilblicfee IRebe. 

AllSgr^m^D^tS, adv. Mus. bnrtig, munter. 

Alllgr^t'to, Mus. I. s. basinegrettoj n. adv. 
tixoah munter ob. leb^aft 

lll€gr]s'sjmO, adv. Mus. febr burttg. 

^lle'gr^* ^^^*» I* ^- bad icilegros II. adv.. 
allegrc, munter, luflig. [Inio^. 

AUelujah [Sl-Ig-lu'-yai], s. QtaB, eitt) ^alle* 

All^mande', s. Dane bie XSemanbe. 

AU^man'njc, adj. aHemanntfcb. 

^Ileud', s. vid. Allodium. [bem. 

To ^Lllc'viatc, V. a. erlei^tem, milbern, lin» 

^Ulevja'tioD , 8, lie drleicittfrung, ginberungj 

Alle'vj^trve, adj. crieiibternb, benibigcnb. 

Al'ley, s. l.bie tUtt^ 2. ba§ Odf^en, bet 
;Dur(bgang) 3. bie 6fto(fb5rfe (in^nbon)) 
a turn - again (or a blind) — , ber 8f acf (eine 

^®affe o^ne XuSgang). 

Allja'ceous, adj. Ifnoblautbartig. 

^lli'^nce, s. 1. bie HUifini, ba§ Sunbnif, ber 
IBunb9 2. bie ®err(bn>dgerung; 8ern»anbt« 
fcbaftj 3. bieJBerJtanbtenj to make an—, 
fii terbinben, termdblenj Pol-s. the 
holy — , bie beiligc TfUianj j treaty of—, bet 

To Alli'^ncc, v. a, vid. To Ally. 

AIRed', p. a. aUiixt, bcrbunbcn, terroanbt. 

^AiRef', p/. V. Ally, bie TfUiirten. 

To il'ligate, V. a. cerbinbcn, rcrfnupfen, cer» 


Alliga'tion, s. bie l^erbinbung, i^erfnupfung) 
AritJi. (rule of—), bie TCHigationferegel, ®e» 
f(!bi(fung6» ob. SBermiWung&regcIj Chem. 
bie ^cgirung. 

il'ljgatQr, s. ZooL ber TCnigator, itatmani. 
—pear, Bot. bie gm(bt teft 7Crogatcbaume«r 




AJ^jgatnre [— Uhfir], s. toS 28anb, (Selenf, 
lit fn^e. 

lllio, J. cant. Ui 5Rif*mQW, bttS IfUcrlei. 
^i'?ion[— zhijn], ^. bo§ 3fnflcf en, 3nfammcn» 
Hrf en, ber ^nwurf. [©uc^ftobenretm. 

^lirt^ra'tion , s* PoeU lit ^CDiteraticn, ber 
41irtV»tive, odfj. ottiterirenb, im Sone ber* 

All^cft'tion, s. Laws, lit ^insutjuung (eincS 
KrtifeU $u cincr dte^nung) ^ t3(n»cirung sur 
SesQ^Iung (in bcr engI.8^Q^!ammer)$ IBe« 
ri^tigang^ SBlQigung, SemiHigung (eineS 
Itrtifelfiin) ciner Sfle^nungj ©icbercrflttt* 


Alloca^tyr, s. Law, tit ©cWctnigung , bQf 
eine tajArit {Re^nnng in IDrbnung fei. 

illpcfs'tion, J. bic Ifnrebe. 

Allu'dj^il, adj. Law, erbeigcn, lejnsfrci, qUo* 
biol^ —lands, Sigengiiter, XUcbialgAter. 

^Ilodifjcx'tion, f. Law, lit ®er»ttnbliing bon 
Ee^ngiltern in @igengfiter, fiSeraSobung. 

^I]i/d)um, s.^aw, baS Tfllobinm, freie Srbgut, 


AI'l9lTd^ jr. Bot. ber ^ofcnflee, Aafcnampfcr. 

.JLlldD^e', x, Fenc, let 'Kxilftof im gcc^ten^ 
Man. lit 8onge^ baS Saufbanb. 

Alldd', inf. vulg. (qIIo^I vid. Halloo. 

To ^Ildd'y V. n. it a, vulg. vid. Halloo. 

All»p'»tAy, s. Med. lit ^CHopot^ie. 

iUopat/i'jc, adj. Med. oHopotJiW. 

^W^fythUt, s. Med. bcr ^Copal^. 

To AllSt', V. a. terlocfcn (— good*, SBaaren) 5 
onerpieleni 5ut(etlen, au&t^eilen^ juerfen' 
nen 5 ert^cilen, bcroiHigcn (mit to). 

(Lllfit^^nt, s. lit Sert^eilung, JQ^erloofungs 
bQS 2oc6, bcr "KntfitiU Me ^(Btieilung (in 
cinem QJartcn, :c.) 5 — of good*. Com. lit 

^ffiflorcnportic, (Sotcling. [Jober. 

Allottee', 8. bcr bem Stnjttfi gugetftcilt i% S^eil* 

^llSt't^ry, s. {Shksjff.) ba6(aBi«(!^cn)3nget^ciIte. 

To ^116*', u. (?. jugebcn, cinrdumen? anneb* 
men, anerfcnncn^ juerfennen, gugeftet^en 9 
lulaflcn, eriauben? billigen, gene^migcn 
(iun». mit op ; betbiHigen, geben) bcrguten^ 
an^fc^cn (eine ®umme)j mei^cn, tbibmen^ 
rc(btfertigen, ccrtbeibigenj 0lfldC|i*t anfGt* 
mosnc^men, natbgebcn^ ubrig laffen) cin- 
rcf^ncn, obrecSncn, obgic^cn. 

^lldi'able, I. adj.; 11. — ly, adv. 190$ JUJU* 
gebcn, einjurdumcn iflj julfiffig; erlatibt^ 
rccSifmdfigs ITT. — ness, a. bie 3uiafftgf cit 5 

^lloV^nce, s. l.bie Qinrdumung, 3nlQffung, 
Wanbnif 5 SSergiinfligung, greijeitj Un* 
acbuQben^eiti iSoama^t^ 2. bo§7fu§gefc^te, 
bie {cPgeflcntc ©ureme, ber bcfHmmte ®c^Qlt^ 

baS^Qlair, itcftgctb, Sart^cngclb, u.i bit 
3cirfoflen,5Diaten(»®eIber)5 bcr3af*uf 5 bie 
{Rations 3.ber@r(Qf; bie^iacbfttbt? 4. bie 
SBiebererftattung (bcr Unfoflcn), Ginreib* 
nung einer 6umnie, O^ntfcbdbigung, ber ®elb> 
erfat5 Cbrai. ber ^b^ug, bie {)flcfactie$ ba$ 
(9utge»id^t$ a bankrnpt'i — , bic (Sompeten$ 
eineS gaUiten (ou8 ber 5Kttfre)i »hort — , 
Mar, lit Scrfnappung; to nake or give — 
of something, dtxoai itberfcl^en, eSnicbtfo 
genan bamit ne^men. 

To ^lld^tr'^nce, v. o. Mar. i>er!noppen. 

Allo<lr'^r, s. (Sintr, bcr (Stmah binigt, retbt* 
fertigt, befldtigt. [Icgiren. 

To i^llSf , ©. a. (-metals, ?Wctone) bcf*icfen, 

AWbf, s. ber 3afot (ja cinem SKetoIIe), bie 
Segirang/ ber ©e^alt (baft Stoxn, bcr ® ertb) 
be$(ScIbe&ob.®iIberS; fig. bie6ermif4ang, 
Serfd^Ied^terang; bcr ^biag3 of . . . — , ... 
I^tbig/ . . • ent^altcnb. 

Allf , s. pL mUg. lit f^mmtli^e ^abe. 

Ail'splce, s. vid. All-, comp. 

illfib^s'c^ncy, s. lit SBiHigfeit, 3ap:iebenbeit. 

To ^llflde', V. n. ttnrpiclcn (—to, oaQ. 

All&Mjng, p. s. ba$ Xnrptelen; lit TCnfpielung. 

il'Ivm, s. vid. Alnm. [rcn, aaSmalcn. 

To i^UQ'minSte, To ^115'mjne, v. a. iSamint' 

.AllQ'min^r, ^Ufi'mlnpr, s. bcr SDaminirer, 

AIlQ'minoQs, lllQroy, adv. Alominons, Ac. 

To .yiBre', v, a. anlcrfcn, onreigcn, reijen. 

Alllire'm^nt, s. bcr Sfleij, bie Xnreijang, 
So(fang, TCnIodfang, SScrfi^rang. 

.MlHr'^r, J. ber TCnIorf cr, SScrffibrer 5 bie«-r{nn. 

AHQr^jng, l.p.s. boS 9td}cn, ber ^tin lit 
2o(fang; IT. p. a.; III. — ly, adv. lorfcnb, 
rciscnb, berfairerifd>. [(Rebe). 

AlluV^n [— zbijin], s, lit 5CnfpieIang (in bci 

^lIS'siYc, I. adj. onfpielenb J II. — lyi adc. aaf 
eine anfpielenbc, terbeAte Hit, bartb 7(n« 
fpielang. [gcmb. 

AIIB'spry, adj. onfpielenb; bcrbringcnb; foU 

AU&'vja, s. pi. bnr4 ben @tront aafgefcbmemmte 
ficine Snfeln. 

^llQ'vi^l, adj. ongcf^iocmmt, angefpalt. 

Allo'vJQn, Aim'vjym, s. lit ^nf^nDcmmang ; 
bag icngcfpulte, angcfc^n^cmnite Sonb, bcr 

^Ilf&'vjons, vid- 1, fi. Alluvial. 

To AHy', V. a. bcrbfinben ; bcrbinbcn, tercini* 
gen (—with, to, mit) ; allied by blood, UuH* 
bcrmonbt. [wanbte, grcanb 

Allf, s. bcr Tfttiirte, Snnbcfigenof ; »cr» 

ilm^can't^r , .». Ast. bcr ^ofecnfrcifi 5 — 's 

^staff, Gevm. ein |)6benraefrer. 

Al'mSde. Al'm^dje, Al'mfdy, s. 1 . cin afrif an- 




ita(tt oott JSaumrinbei 2. ein langeS Soot 
Cbef. jtt Calcutta) in &|liR^icn. 

Alnii'giY, s, Min. baS fpan. fBraunrot^. 

^liuiin', «. 1. ber TiUman, Qfncmann, JDeut« 
f[^e; vtd. German; 2. bie XQemonbe, vid. 

AI'iB^nSc, Al'm^nSck, s. berKUnana^; Sta* 

^lenberj —maker, ber Jt-xno4cr. 

Arm^diae, ^. Mm. ber 7f(maRbin>9tttbin. 

Almaa-fumace, vid. Almond -farnace. 

AlmS'n^ ^* P'« ^Q^ Vri^io (etner Jttr(!()e; ic.) 

^Imi'n^ (Almene) , s. Com. tin ofHnbif^ed 
C^affrangewid^t oon 2 ^funb. 

Almef [amz], j. pU vid. Aims. 

Almigh'tjnfss, s. bie XQmai^t. 

Almlgh'ty, I. adj. aHmd^tig; II. the—, s. 

^ber YSmd^tige (®ott). 

AlmSzi'djr, s. Chtim. ber ^n" tfpan. 

Almner [am'-n^r], s, vid. Almoner. 

Almocantar, s, vid, Almacantar. 

Al'm^ad [am'-^nd $ col, am' yn], s. bte fDtanbeli 
Com, ein portugiefifd^e^lDelmaf oon 4 Va ®als 
lonctt(26 a-sma^enetne^ipe)) a-s, s,pi, 
bie geMmttenen Jtr^flaSfldcte su Jbronlctt^* 
tern) -- of the throat (or tonsils, unr. — of 
the ear), Anat, bie f)al6manbeln9 —milk, bie 
!K-m{(d^9 -oil, baS !Dl-aij -paste, ber 
*}X-tefgj —powder, bie aJt-Keie; —soap, 
bieSR-feife; —stones, manbelfSnniQc ©tet» 
ne, 5R-fhinej —tree, Bot. ber SW-bttumj 
—tumbler, cor, ft ermine-t. qv.; —willow, 
yiot. bie 5K-»cibe, manbelbldtterigc ®ctbe. 

Xl'mQBd-fom^ce [am-], «. Metal, ber TihtXti* 
beofen, ©djcibeofen, ©jSmcIgofen. 

Ai'mpn^r, s, ber Xlntofenter, Xlmofenpfleser. 

Al'iiipnf rshlp, s. baft TClmofenamt, bte 7(rmcn« 


Al'nipnry, (cor. Alm'ry), s. ha^ ^mofcn^ttUft; 

^bie SSo^nnng eine6 TCImofenierft. 

AI'mOst, adv. fafl, beina^ej even—, or e'en-, 
col. befna^e, siemli^y, fafl. 

Abndxi^lfiir'go (Almox), .t. (in ben e^cmal. 
fpttn.-amerif. |)fifen) ber Tfuftfu^rjon^ btr fur 
bte auf fremben ©^iffcn oerlttbenen ©tier* 
^dute gegeben murbc. 

JLlmn [aiBz], s. jd. bas Tflmofcn, bie milbc 
(Sabej —basket, ber Xnnenforb$ —box, 
- cheat, bielrmenbflti&re, berXlmofcnfaflenj 
-deed, bie mtlbe ®abe, «Bo^ltiat5 —fee, 
ber f)eter«grof<ien 5 - house, baft X-f^an^, 7Cr» 
men^anfi} —man, 1. ber ^-mann, ^-empfdn* 
gcr,{>audQrme i 2. ber X-geben —men, —peo- 
ple, bie «erforgten in einem Ifrmen^aufe. 

Alias-ace, s. vid. Ambs-ace. 

Aiiiincantar, s. vid. Almacantar. [banm. 

Al'ui9g-tr««, t. Bot, (En^i, Bibl.) ber 9iben« 

Al'n^e, s. baft(Saenmap; ^SXefTen mit berOTlUi 

bie Sucbmanufactur'Steuer. 
Al'nfg^r, Al'nfLgiLr, AFn?gt?r. s. iSmx, ber 

noit ber Sue mipt $ ber gef^morne Zudtmifftv, 

Alnight', s. vid. All night, unter All-, 
ll'nt^, s. vid. Alder-tree. 
AFoe, J. Bot. bie Xloe 9 —wood, berd9lenb« 

hanm, baft 7CbIer(oI|^ Tdocbolj. 
Al'oe^, jr. pi. Med, bie TCloe, ber eingebitf te 

Yioefaft, Xioeextract 

Al^gfjc (il9«t'|c?il), ado. Don Ifloe, mit Hlot 
^©crfe^t. ^ [neien oon !Jf loe. 

AlQc'tjcs, AI^SM^ie^ , s. pL ^ittO ober ^rj= 
^ICfc', I. adu. (o4, er^aben, inber^5(e5 in 

bic$6^e, (o4auf) Afar. oben(un©<^iffe), 

auf bent Serbetfe, in bem S^aumecfe 9 from—, 
I tm oben? II. prep. ♦ 6ber. 
^Llune', adj. & adv. aUtini to leave—, Der* 

lojfenj let me-, laflfeneie mi(b gc^en, laffcn 

6ie mi4 in Stut^t, cb. in grieben. 
fifing', adv. Idngft, ber Wnge nacb^ fort, rotU 

ttx fortj all — , burcfeauftj aUent^albcn, 

flbcrattj Ut ganse sitit uber, immcr, aiitititi 

as I (we, you) go—, untermegftj Mars, to 

lie — , ton bent SBinbe auf bie ©cite gelcgt 
feinj to sail — the coast, ber JWfle entlong 
fegcln; —side of, bitfttneben, an ber ©eite 
(in, &titt an &eit<i Mar. ®orb an ^orb, 
— with, mit; in ©efellf^aft mit, jngleitb mit y 

—shore, Afar.Idngftber JWflCj —shore boys, 
s. pi Sea, bie glupf*iffer, JWftcnfaJrer 5 bie 
auf bem gefilanbe {EBo^nenben {opp. sea^ 
men); —shore owner. Com, ber JMflenf<ftiff- 

^ISngst', adv. vid. b. it. Along. 

^lOCf , adv. fern, ton fern, weit ab, bon votU 
tern, in ber gerne^ (in^ber; abmdrtft j Mar. 
lutModrtfts to keep — from a rock, con einer 
itiippe Ob. ®anf ab^alten. 

A'lOOf, jr. vid. Ale-wife, 2. 

Al9pe'cj9, ^16p'€cy, j. Med. baft ^fuftfaHen ber 

^{>aare, bie Suc^ftraube, ber Stttbftgrinb. 

Ali^psen', s. Com. eine TCrt f(bmaler 9om> 
baleen (S)ombafin). 

^lo'se, 4Llo'»*, s. Ich. bie Qflofe, li\\t, Qflfe. 

^Ida'chj, s. baft TCIou(bi*$ari (fpr. alufebi*)/ 
f)ar) beft meifen 3immtbaumeft. 

^15tkd^ adv, laut, terne^mli^ 5 larmenb. 

Alow', adv. vulg, unten, nieberwdrtft. 

ilp, s, 1. bie Iflp, ber (^o(e) ©raftberg, bie 
$0((^ioetbe9 vid. Alps; 2. einSerggeift; 3. ber 
7(Ip (IBeflemmung im ©^lafe)) 4. Om. ber 
Oimpel/iDompfaffj —horn, baft2Clp(cn)^orr4. 

^IpS'ca, AlpiVna.*' Zcoi.baftZtpaca Ob./u'"- 

^aca, bie TClpagnaiiege, gem. att4 baft pe> 






ruattif(ie 64af (beffen feine flBoOe iu verfd^. 
^Gtoffen uttb {>iit(n gebr. toirb). 
Al'phf, ^. baS KIp^O/^^ —cockle. Conch. 

^te ilp|amtif4el; ^erfpectiomuf^el. 

AKphfb^t, «. (as TOp^abet, YbC; If'b^C) Me 
gibeli TVp* ®n<bflaben)a(l dor 23 gebnitf' 
ten Sogenj baft alp^abetifibe 3RNtdt>er« 


To Al'ph^bSt, v. a. alp(abettf4 (na(b bem 7fl« 

rk^iX^ einriibteR; orbnen. 

Alphf bf ti'ri^n, J. ber lCe(5«f(biiUr. 

ilphfb^t'ic^, ilph^b^t'jc, I. adj. ; U. -ly, 

aifo. alp^bettfib- 

ilphft'ddon, «• 5urg. ber Seinbnt^ (mit 

diitsli(ber Jtno(beR}erfpIittermig). 
^Iphs'nfz, ^iphoS'Qix, «. ber weif e (an einem 

^a!en ge»unbene) (Serfleniudter. 
^pieft', «. Gam. baS SepUeva (tm Sotorpiel)* 
il'pjnc [»F.&c.; aK-pInc, H^. 46.], I. adj. 

alptnif^/ $o(b 9 n. f . ber QCIpenbemo^ner; 

Xelplrri comp. -* crow, Om bieSergbo|Ie, 

IClpexifrdie) —bare, Zoo^. ber verdnberliibe 

4)ofe^ SergH^) —meadowi, incor. fl. — pas- 

taret, tud. Alpt, 2. 
Alps, 9* pi. 1. bie Ylpen, baft XIpcngebirge) 

9. |>o4»e{ben, (Sraftgebirge. 
il'qoifdO [- kvj-], s. Metal, ber Sleiglan). 
llr&d'y, adv. berettft, f4on. 
Al'tace, ^lsa'tia[--«bK], s. Geog. baft (Slfaf. 
Ai'sSbon, s. (Mm. baft Geefali. 
Aliine', s. vid. Alcine. 

Al'nXi, adv. m^, ebenfaOft/ luiitidf, ba^u^ noib. 
Alt, s. Mus. ber Bt. 
ilV> 9. 1. ber Tatar) 2. altarfSrmige Serft^ 

-clotb, bie 7C(tarbe<fe{ —piece, baft Tiltax* 

ft&d, Kltargerndtbej —wise, adv. wit ein 

Xllar, altarprmig. [geige, ©ratfcbe. 

ilV s'go, s. (in epanten u. 9SeapeI) Sod* 
mad^t; in oQen 6a(ben o^ne »ettere Vppena* 
tion entfibeiben iu biirfen. 

Al'tf r^r, s. iSmt, ber snoaft dnbert. 

^Itern', adj. abmetbr^tnb/ n>edftfelft»etfe{ -an- 
gles, vid. Alternate angles. 

^Iter'o^te, 1. adj. abmeibfelnb, »C(bfe(reittg , 
gegenfetttg} BoU »e4felft»eire gefleat$ -an- 
gles, Geom. 9Be4feIminfeU U. s. bie 'Xh* 
I n>e4relttng, ber SBetbfeU HI. — ly, adv. 
ioe(br(Iftn>eife/ einft umft anbere, balb fo, balb 
fo) baiwif^en? IV. -ness, j. baft^meft* 
feln, bie loetbfelftmeife ob. metbfeifeitigeSolge, 

To ^Iter'nSte [ Wb. kc; Sl'-t«r.nSte, Wb. Ac.]. 
V.I. a. »e<bfelft»etfe )&crri(bten} to. tcrdn^ 
bem$ U. n. abmetbfeln, abncibfelnb folgen. 

ilt^rnft'tion, /jtel(b»e(bfteIung,ffBe(brelfoIge; 
baft }(b»eibfeln$ Ecc. bie Oiefponft (beim 
®otteftbiettft); Ariih. bie yemitttatioft ber 

^kltei'n^trre, I. adj. abmc^felnb) altematit; 
—proposition, Log. ber fBeibfelfa^) 11. s. 
ber ffBeibfelfaS; bie 7CIternati)>e4 baft Ghit»e< 
ber'IDber; fig. bie Ungcnifbeit, Serlegcn« 
(eit$ III. — ly, ado. meibfelftmeife, einft umft 
anbere^ inm fiEBd^(en) IV. —ness, s. bie 
2Cb»eibfelung, abn>e(brclnbe Serdnberung. 

^Iter'nity, s. bie Ac^feiftmctfe Solge, ^mecb* 
felung. [Ylt^ce. 

^U/ie'9, s. Bot. ber (Sibif(b/ bie »ilbe aRalve, 

Altbongb', con;, obgleid^, obmo^I/ »ettnglei(b. 

Altn'9qa«nce, s. bie bo^trabenbe^ ftbwSlftige 
ffttU, ber Sombafi. [meffer. 

^ItZm'itff, s. Geom. ber Altimeter; {)5bcn« 

i^Itim'dtry, s. Geom. bie j>$|eRmeffuttbe;{>o(b* 

AFtft-vjii'l^, s. Mus. bie £)oppeIgeige, Vrm«lil'tin, s. Num^s. I. berVitfin, tiirf. <SloIb« 
To AlV> V. I. a. dnbeni; oerdnbem^ n* n.| mfinje x>. 2% ZfjUv.i 2. ber Tatin, frii^ere 

M dnberni to — for the worse, M i^er«H mfT- 0ilb emitnse «>. URgcfdbr 1 (Br. ) Geog. 

Wimmemi to — one's condition, fig. Ml da 6ee vnb Scrg in 6ibirien. 

berdnbern, M bcrbeirat^en. Pidft!eit.||^ltln'cfr, s, Chem. eincTCrt funflli^eft 6alft 

Alt^r^bn'jty, s. bie ^dnberli<bfeit, Serdnber 
AFt^r^ble, I. adj.; n. — ly, adv. abdnbcrliib; 

oerdnberliA i m. —ness, s. bieSerdnber(i(b« 

feit, 9BnnbeIbar?eit 

Al't^ffge, s.(b. u.) baft TCu^ie^en eineft Jtinbeft. 
Al't^r^nt, adj. dnbernb. 
APtfr^ts, s. pi. vid. b. L Alteratives. 
AKtf ri'tion, s. bie TCenberung, flSerdnberung i 

fig. 9{etteruRg. 

Al'ttr^tive, adj. oerdnbemb; Afed. alterirenb. 
Al't^rfttlfTef, Med. bie alttrirenben Krg* 

To Al't^rcite, v. n. )attfen^ fhcltett. 

(|um 0teinigen) ber SKetaOe. 

^ItTs'Qn^nt, ^ItTs'QnoQs, adj. (o^tdnenb^ 
fibiofiiflig flingcnb/ boibtrabenb. 

Al'tjst, s. Mus. ber TCItifl. 

Al'tjt/i, s. Bot. baft etinfafantfraut. 

Al'titQde, s. (iijf.) lU^^f^afig. Qr(abett> 
t^titi ber Jo^c (bdifle) ®rab, ©ipfelj -of 
the eye, P^. bic Kttgen(5be5 Geom. the 
snn's — of the meridian, bie^Xittagftbdbe ber 
Q^onnei to take the snn*s — , bie GottRen^ftb^ 
mefjtn; bie €$onnc fibtef en. 

AltiTv'pl^nt, adj. * bo4 piegenb. 

Al'tO, I. s. vid. Alt; II. adj. A adv. (ital.) 

Iitfrca'tlon,*.ber3attf,6trett;»ort»e«fel.|[ Mus. (o4i -key, ber }fltf*liiffclj -r«- 




IltTo, tid» Relievo ;— ocUvo, Mus. cincl laufcnl (dtt^dttnifandttfeittMi^cSCktiff, 

-^ — ^"^ '^'^ -'*" *•*--»-•- " M ju ergeben). 

^&l'g^, ^Si'gfin^, «. Chem. baS7(mal« 

S)Ctt9C |l((|(t| » viola, v((2. Alta -viola 

litogStb'fT, adv. ^ufasmiin. oerdnt, ganj un^ 

flar, d^n^IW/ 96010$ iuglcuft mit ; for — , ffir 

immcr, bcftan^id. [milni<> 

Al't^m, s. Num. ber HMxij Yltun (tM. (9oIb« 

iHm, s. Chem. H^ ettiUmirgefdf . 

AVifm, «. ber TCIouiij —earth, tie K-erbej 

-salt, bod CStdnfaU^ — ilate, berlf-f^tefet^ 

—stone, 5urg.b(r1(-fletn, gcbrannteKIatttt^ 

—water, bttfti-rwffifr; — work, bttd 7C-»erf, 

bit X-flcbcrcf, 7C-Wtte. 

goma^ ber iXaittbxti, bie SRetallmiftQngi 

/)y. bieaufgerfi^rtt^pej ^ig.bieSRtf^nng, 

baS Qkmif^. 
To ^iU'g^Ste, V. I. a. C/iem. omalgamiren^ 

«erqu{(fen; jig. mif4en, termifiben^ n. n. 

Mamolgamiren; termif^en. 
^mSJg^mil'tlon, s, Qiem. bie YmalgamatioQ, 

IBerqutcfnitg) fig. bie SSermif^ung. 
To ^^mSl'g^Linlze, m'd. (b.fl.) To Amalgamate. 

To Al'vm, V. tu olauncR, in cine 7(aunQii(l5*IAmVn» s- Ofm. m Uautt, Iei&antif<ber, baam< 

fund tauten) to - silks, GJeibenseuge beeifen 
laffen) to — bides, Tan. i>&uU olaunenj 
a-ed calves, alaoiidare Jt^albfeOe. 

llQ'ninSte, s. Ckem* ba( olaun^altige 6a^ 


Al'QmTne, ^ta'mia^, Al'flmlnlte, ^. Mtn. bic 

fib»efclfdure S^onerbe, ber TCImnimt* 
Alu'mjaoas, adj. alaunarttg, alauntaltig. 
Aia'mjouin, s. C7ifm.baft7fUtmi(ni)uiR,7(Iaun« 

AFOmfsb, il'Imy, ad}, vt*d. AlaminoQs. 

woUener 3eng. 
^Sn'dQl^, f. Min, ber SXanbelfteis. 
Amanfi^n'sls, $. ber 6(breiber, Gecretdr; Sa» 

lmVSat\«* 1. ^^ berKmarantb; baSS^au* 

fcnbf(bdR$ 2. bie X-furbe, ba^TC-rot^) 3.>k 
„ eine nn^enoelfUcbe Slume (0innbilb ber Un« 
^fhrbli^feit). [fdrbig; ♦ ttnoemelfUdb. 
Am^rftD't/iiae, ad(j. amarantbetti omarontt' 
To Vilnius', V, a. %ivL\ta, auf^dnfen) fammeln. 
^mSss', «. ber {>aiife, Jtlnmpen/ @tof . 

Amti'tion, s. baft ®erben (bes SeberO/ bielAm^s'm^nt, «. bielCnbdnfttng^ber^attfen. 

Otorberei. [i4itae. bie a$e($r^6tle. 

AKvS^ry, i. bod Sienenl^MtS, ber flSienenfiod i 

Al'viQlftr^Xl'va^lfry, adfi.iinat. bie 3a(nfd4er 

^betreffenb ob. mel^e (abeab. 

AHvSQUte, ad}, BoU mit fleinen gdcbem »er* 
fe(en, seUenfdnnig. 

Al'vi^ll, t. pL Bi»ioIen: 1. {>onig^aen, 
Sd4^>}./ eieneiu}. ) 2. ^d^Ien in ben IBe< 
Icmaiten) 3. terfleinerte ^9hir4eln mit fegel* 
fSmigen^eOen) 4.^nat.da^nfd4er;3a^tt< 
bdjlcn. pciwofit Cm BofflD. 

Al'v€9lite, s. NaU ber S^opfftein, ®4ttffelffein^ 

Al'v^s, s, Anat. ber Stami M Gi^Iud. 

Al'vlDc [Sm. ; Xl'-vtne, Wore,}, adj. bie (5itt« 
geweibe ob. ben Unterleib betreffenb. 

Alwdr'grim, s. (—plover), Om, ber <ilolbre» 

Amateur [^-^-tdi'. If.], s. ber JtunfHieb^* 

^ber, Jtnnflfreunb, ©ilettont 

Am^ito'ri^l, I. adj. ) II. — ly, adv. i^txUibt, bie 

ZUU betreffenb. 
Am^tD'rjous, adj. md. Amatorial. 
AmVtQry, a{(;. bie Siebe betreffenb 4 bajn rei« 

}enb$ —muscle, Anat. ber oerliebteSRnlfels 

—potion, ber SiebeStranf. 
Amdoro'sjs, #. Med. bie Yugenverbuttfelnttg, 

ber F^marie 6tttar. 
ToAnUize', v.a. erf^retfen) inetaunettob. 

Seriounbemng fefens beftdriten, t>erbnben. 
^raaze, ^Ima'zedn^ss, s. ber 0(bre(f 3 Id^ Qr» 

flaunen^ bieSeftftr^nngj in amaze, beftdrit. 
^ro&'zf dly, adv. mit (gum) ^fhiunen, mit 

(jur) ©efWrsnng. 

d^npfeifer^ ^aibenpfeifer. [way). ^mUze^m^nt, I. s, ber &d)Xtdtn, baS Ohttfeben ) 

Al'w5y^, adv. ivmit, flctfi, bcfldnbifl (+ Al'-l erfUmnen, bie ©erwnnberungj bie grfifte 

Am, bin, wcrbe (crfle ^erf. bee^rdf. 3nbic. i>. 
to Be, fein). I— to write a letter, i4 foil (muf , 

_bin genfitjigt) einen ©rief (ju) Wreiben. 

A'm^, s. 1. Ck. etn (Sefd^ sum ^enbmo^U 

^«Bein i 2. ein ^IWd^tSmof i vid. b. d. Aam. 

Am^baity, *. bie ^iebenftwdrbigfeit. 

Ani»d«t<to, Am'fd^t, *. bie ^mabottenbim. 

Am'iddo, Am'^dow, *. ber dunberffbmamm. 

^mSin', I. adv. mit aKer (9ereinter) Jtraft, 
(eftiflS pldbK^/ in alter (Sil, dber|>al&unb 
ItopU n. int. Mar. burtig (an ©orb) 1 let 
go-! strike- 1 loft bie eegel nieber 1 loft 

©efhtrsung; Siiebergef^Nen^eit $ IL tnt. 

^m&z'ing, I. p. a. erftaunliib) U. p. s. bad 

drflaunen) in. — ly, adv, erf(auRli<b/feItfam. 
Ara'^z0n, s. bie 7(maiotte$ baS frieger^Ae/ 

m&mlidttfBtihifig. bie ©iene} ^eog.bct 

IC-nflup, SRaran^on (In ©dbamerifa) i — a' 
^bunting, Om. bic K./ IC-ammer. 
AmfLz</nf^n, adj. ama|onen(aft; friegerif^l 

-babit, bad TTmoionettfleib, dteitbabit bet 

iDomen. [Jtrdrnmung, SSinbung. 

Amba'ief, 1. pi. Ut Umftweif im {Reben^ bic 
^mbfi'ljons, adj. nritf4»eif!9; mritfdfti^tia* 




Amfhiit s. (ntfT*) (in fau^innif^c^ SSaaren* 

^b^Hcl^r (AmbftMadonr), j. ber (Sefanbte; 
vid» EmbaMador ; to play the — , SeOf l^in* 
feln^ vtd. Ducking. 

^aUa'af dr<M, j. vtd. Embatiadreu. 

AjB^b^r, I. «. ter Xmber 3 yellow ~, ber gelbe 
X, 9enifletn$ liquid — , bee fluffige Xmbra3 
•il of— » ba«^mbra6(3 II. a<(7. aud ^mber 
be^^b/ bernfieineni comp. — beada, 
QcTttftemtoraSen 3 —oyster, Condi, lit 
SdtxnfMxmnn^U —teed, bie{Btfamf6rner; 
XnBrafudCl^enj —tree, BoU 1. bcv TCmbro 
beam 5 S. bie QCmbrtftanbe. [ten. 

To Im'b^, V. a. mit Xmbco rdu^^eni, ambti* 

AWb^gilf, (cor. Ambergrease, — greeie), s. 
bergroue^mberj black— ,ber.9tt4ft<unber3 
white — , bet So^eUtmber. 

▲mbea-ace [Imz — ], s. vtd. Amba-ace. 

laii'bi*, «. berOCmbia, ein btifer inbif^tr Si!5r. 

Imbld^x't^, I. s. Qmx, bet (@ine btc) rcd^tft 
imb linH iU((Ui4 ifti ^u<<. ber X^feltrdger) 
Law, ein Oef^ibcreser ob. ^bocat, ber M 
Don beiben |)artdeii befU^en Idftf Crom. 
cin0^ier, brr bei beiben f)act(iat3(nt^eU 
^t9 II* a<2i* ^* in aaen 0dtteln 0ere4t 

Ambid^xt^r^jty, s. bie dld<b< Oef^tai^feit 
beibtr f)dnbe3 ^. bie Xcbfcltrdgerei, Salfib" 

Ambid^x'trons, I. o^j. re(bt6 unb linfS )u« 

gleUt 4 fig' a^ff Itrdderifib/ iioeibentid, f alf(b $ 

\L — neai, s. tnd. Ambidexterity. [{reiS. 
Afli'M^Dt, ac^'. nmgebenbj — air, berS>nnfl' 
Am^gQ, s. ctne(0{abUeit^ too StaiM n. 0Sar« 

me^ :c sugleicb aufgefebt »irb$ fig. baft <Se« 

. ^mengfel; m</g. ber QRifubmafib. [fim, 

Ambfgii'ity, s. bte 3»etbentidfeit, ber Doppel* 

^mbig'ftoiia, I. adj.; U. — ly, ado. }n>etbevitig, 

iwetfelbaft; bunfel, boppelfbmig; }»eiftnnig3 

III. — neaa, s. vid, Ambigvity. [ttgfeit. 

^bil'p^, #. bie iweibentige (Hebe, 3»tibett» 
^bll'pqooos, oc^'. imeibeutig im Xuftbm^. 
MbiVpqiiy, «. ber (Sebratt^iwetbeutigerYtt^ 
^briiifC; biedneibentigfeit 
Wbft, #• ber Umfang, Umfreid. 
^mbl^tion, #. ber^b^gei); biedbrfutbtj Se* 

gierbe, (L e. 9,), (Si^xUtU, ber IBetteifier. 
^UBbftieni, L adj.; II. — iy, a<iv. ebrbegierig, 

ebrfufbtig, ebrgei|id3 boa Ofbi^gefUbl) begie 

rig (—of, ouf)3^g. emporflrebenb3 III. 

— oesv, J. bie Qbtbegierbc, (Sf^t^viMf €itubm« 

AjD'bitQde, «. ber Umfang, Um!rei$. 
To iin'ble, v. n. Af<rn. ben ^af , TCtttritt, ob. 

ee^ritt ge^en, omblirenj langfam trobenj 

tangen (me ein |)ferb)3 tdnjeln. 

Am^le, i. Man. ber 9af , 9dfg«ttg, Yntfitf, 

©rciWlag/ Sett. 

Am'blfr, s. Man. ber yopgdnger, delter. 
AmfbljQg, Afan. L p. a. ben ^of ge^cnb 4 — nafi 

ber^afgdnger, dtlter^ -pace, ber|>ataattg; 

IL -Iy, ado. im ^af[t, B>ie tin |>apgdnger. 

Am'blygdn, Am'MfgOo, s. Geom, ba& flumpf' 

toinflige jDreietf. [minfelig. 

^^niblj'gQD^I, 4Unbli'g9n9l, adj. Geom. fhmiplW 
Am'blyopy, s. Med. bie bermtnberte Gebfraft 

obne ftnnliib wabmebmbaren Scbl<r ber Yu« 

gen, 7(mbIt)opie. 
AmbrOfe', s. 1. Xmbrofis* (9R-n)) 8. BoU 

bad TfoibroRenfront; vid. Ambroaia. 
^■bro'f i^ [~ zhfO «. 1. Ifyth. bie Vmbrofla, 

®6tterrpetfe$ 2. <ot. ba$ Kmbrof!enfrattt, 

Od^ttcrfrant, Sranbenfraut. [fii^ bnftenb. 
^mbro'fiflC— zhi^l], adj. ambroRrib/ fdflli^, 
^LmbrQ'f i^n {«-zhi9n], adj. 1. ambroPM) vu/. 

Ambroiial; 2. ambrofianifib I the — ritoal, 
^ber ambro^anifcbe Sobgefang. 

Am'bry, s. 1. cor. vid. Almonry; 9. bcr 6p(l« 

fef(branf, itAdftcnf(branf^ S^iegenMranf, bie 
^Gpetfefommer; (9efibirrfammer. 
Amb^-ice [imi-Sa', W. Ac. ; imz'-Ss, Wb» Ac], 

s. Gam. 3»ei (lin$ ob. aneOCf 3 ber|)df(b(im 

SBiirfelfpieU)^ «BitrfeIpftf(b im yunftc (Sind. 
Im'bQI^nt, o^. berumioanbelnb 3 —brokers, 

or ambnlanta, s. pi. unbceibigte SXdfler ob. 

9Be4feIagcnten lu Qfmflerbam/ ttinf clmdff er, 

95nboffn. [Gpaiieren^eben. 

AmbQii'tioD, «.b<U j^emmgcben, Sufhoanbcln, 
Ara'bQl^tifve, odS;. bemmgcbenb, ft>aiierenb. 
Am'bGlfitor, s. ber Cpoiicrgdnger. 
Am'bGlfitpry, adj. b^ntmgebenb, umbcnoan* 

belnb, bemegli^. 

Am'bQry, s. Far. bie f4wammi<bte I6lnt»ar}e. 
AmbdscSde', AmbAsdlMc, s. Mil. ber Winter* 

bait; bad Serfletf^ 
Am'bOsb, s. Mil. 1. ber{>interbalt3 S. ber 

Ueberfaa and bemfelben) 3. coUeet. bie im 

^interbalte liegenben Xruppen. 
To Amlidsh, Jlfif^ v. I. a. 1. in cinen j^in* 

terbalt Iegen3 2. im {). aup[attem3 3. and 

einem ^. £berfaaen3 IL n. im {>. liegcn. 
Am'b&st, adj. Med. ttxhxmnt, berbrftbt. 
^Lmbils'tion, s. Med. 1. bad Serbrennen, Ser* 

br^bni' 3- ber Sranbf^aben, asranbpecten. 
Ame, s. bie SDbm (ffiBeinmap/ meiflend von 

2 Gtimem). 
Am'^I, s. k V. vid. Enamel; —com, Bet ber 

Dinfel/ ®in!el»eiscn, ba* HmmithTn, ber 


Ams'ljfi, J. :Xmalia (g-n). [beffern. 

jTo Am€'ll9rite, v. I. a. oerbefllrmi U. n, ftc^ 
; Amili9rl'ti9i, $. bie eerbcfferung. 






Im^n'f I. adv. Kmen! II. s. ba$ )Cmen. 
^me'n^ble, adj. 1. toeranttoortli^ $ 2. will' 

fd^rig (-to ...» (5tnem;K.),deU(rig,biegfam. 
To^^Dd', V.I. a. (i9er)befem$ bert^tigen 

(eine®4^ft)$ n. n. befTer merten) genefen. 
^£nd^ ^inSade', «. (franj.) Law, t>U ®clb« 

fkrafej ^honorable, btc(51fentti(Je)7fbbittc, 

e^renerfldrungi Jttr^rabufe. [befferli^. 
^LmSnd'^ble, adj. flrafbar, fhraffdaig; t>er« 
ijLmSn'd^tQry, adj. (teObeficrnb, W bcjfernb. 
^men'dfr, «. ber {Berbefferer. 
^mend'fai, adj. ooQ fBeflerung. 
^m^nd'mfnt, «. bieStrbeffentng) Laic, 2(b« 

dnbentng (etne6 Oefetoorf^lagft/ 2C.). 
J^m^n^, s. pi. ber (64abenO0h:fat/ bie <Snt« 

f^dbignnd; ®amdt6ttUttg5 to make —(for, 

(Stioad) (rfe^en, erflatten; oergiiten. 
Amen'ity, #. bie Vnne^mlt^fcit/ ^nmut(. 
X'mSof , s. pi. Com. tin bt(fer looHener Gtoff 

Qu$ 8)orfff^ire. 

im'f Dt, $. Bot. bod Jtd$(!^cn (an ®en>dd^fen). 
imtntft'ceons [~ ihys], ad;. £ot. fd((f^entra« 

Qcnb« fdt^enarttg. 
^imen'ty, «. ber ^aftnftnn. 
To ^Linerce', v. a. (Selbflrafe auferlegen. 
^merce'^ble, adj, flrafbar; flraffdHtg. 
^Lmerce'm^at, s. 1. bt( ®e(bflrofe,€$trQfrummc$ 

vid. b. fi. Fine; 2.bQ$S8eflrafen. 
^mer'c^r, s. Sitter, ber etne (Selbflrofe auf* 

legt; ber fl^efirafer. 

^Sr'fc^, s. Geog. Kmerifa. [Xmertfatier. 
4110^1^)0911, I. adj, amerif omfd^ 5 H* '• ber 
^m^r'jc^nYfm, s. ber ^merifantdmuS. 
To ^mSr'ic^nlze, v. a. amerifaniftren. 
imef-ace'i s, vid. Ambs-ace. 
Xm'fsi, s, vid. Amice. 
lm'e(/if St, s. Aftit. ber Kmet^Qfl. 
AmSt7if s(/ine, adj. amett^flfarbig. 
To ^ea'ble, v. a. (fran}.) Hort bic Qrbe 
^umfle^ett; lotfer ma^en. 
Am'i^, s. Ich. ber a){oberftf4». 
Amj^bil'itjr, s, vid. Amability. 
i'mi^bie, I. adj. liebenftmurbtg/ fe^r onge 

ne^m^ ltebrei(b$ U. — ly, adv. mit Tfnmutft, 

QttfItebrei4eflBeife$ HI. — ness. s, lit tits 

benSmiirbidPeft, Xnmut^. 
Im'jiint/iy AmiSn't^ys, s, Min. ber (Srbfla(bS/ 

etemfla«&/ TCdbefl. 

iffijan't/iiform, adj. adbeftartig, (aarf6rmig. 
XmiSn't/iinite, 5. Min. ber7(m{Qnt^in{t(2(bart 

bed ^tra^Ifleined). 
Ami&n't/i5Yd, Min. I. s. ber etra^lflein, »!»[« 

folit^i II. adj. Qlbeflarttg; ^aarfdrmig. 
Am'jc^ble, Im'jc^l, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 

freiinbU(b/ ^Mii^, fretmbfAaftlub/ no^Imol' 

lenb) —settlement, ber gfitXiiitfSttfinilfi 

m. - ness (AmjcflLbnity) , *. bic grennWi** 

Yett, Sreubf^aftli^feit; bad SBBo^ImoHcn. 
im'jce, Im'jct, s. Ecc. bad V^felf (eib eitted 

!at^oIif4en ^rieflerd (bcim ^efrclcfcn). 
^mi'cia [— sblfi], s. Mon. bie aX5n(|>d«Qia|)au. 
Amid', ^midst', prep, mitten in, mitten uttter$ 

— sbips. Mar. mitf^iffd. 
/LmW, adv. & adj. fibel, unrest 5 terfe^rt, 

fe^Ier^aft, folf^, anf^i^i^/ unpafTenb; an* 

pdflub; unmo^U to do-, unrest (anbetoi 

fe^len^ to take—, iibelne^men, iibclandle* 

gen, oerbenfen. 
Im'jt, s, vid. Amice, Amict [men. 

Im'ity, s. bie Sreunbf^aft, bad gute IBeme^ 
im'ma, s. 1. bie TCebtifjlnn? 2. Surg, bad 
^Srtt(bbanb. ^ [famen. 

Arn'mSps-seed, Am'mf-sesd, s. ber QCmmet^s 
Am'mite, s. Geol. ber (Srbfenflein. 
Am'mQcbrjfse, Ammpcbrf'svs, s. Geol. bad 
^^alengolb. [0«nbnatter. 

Am'mpd^e, s. Nat. 1. ber6anbaal$ 2. bie 
^Lmmo'oi^, s. Chem, bad Qfmmoninm, fiu^tige 

Ob. tbUrif^e TOfali) vid. b. f. m. 
4mm0'n}ac, Chem. I. s. ber Ammonia!* H- 

adj. ammoniafalif^) sal—, tadV-fal), ber 

AmmpniVc^Iy adj. ammoniafalifd^. 
Arn'mpnlte, s. Geol. bad (terfltinerte) Tim* 

mond^om, ber Kmmonit. 

Ammo'ojvm, Am'mpny, s. vid. Ammonia. 

immOni'tion, s. ber^egdtorrat^) —bread, 
bad (Sommifbrob) —box, ber QRunitiond* 
fallen 5 —carriage, —waggon, -cart, ber 
SW-dwogen, SK-d!arrcn5 —sboes, — sbirts^ 
—stocking, &c., (Sommif f^u^^e, K 

Am'n^r, s, vid. Almoner. 

Im'nfsty, s. bie TCmneftie. 

Im'njdn, s. I. ilnat. bad G(baf6dut<l^ea| 
2. Bot. ber Jteimfad . 

Xm'njtts, s. vid. Amnion. 

ImniSt'ic, —acid, CTiem. bic Xmnionfdur^ 
omnif^c ®durc. 

^mo'mvm, s. Bot. bicTCmomC; Jtarbamomc. 

^dng', ^dngsf , prep, unter, sn>if<l^en) 
iadv. ) from — , ton, aud, and ... (craud. 

impra'do, Am'pr^t, Am'prist, s. bcr Siebcnbc, 
©cliebtc^ Scrlicbte, Sicb^abcr, 99u(Ic. 

IrnvrStteS ^LmdorStte', s. 1, cinc ©clicbtc, 
£icb(abcrinn$ 2. Bot. bad Sicbcdgrad, SiU 
tcrgrad, ^mcnrcttengrad. 

AmSr'njngf, adv. vidg. bed 9Xorgcnd. 

AmVons, I. adj.; II. — ly» adv. verliebt 
(-of, (n...), iMli^i HI. -ness, s. bad 
Dcrlicbtc fBcfen, bte Scrlicbt^cit. [rolina. 

^mor'ph^, s. Bot. bcr 99aflarbinbigo auh Q^' 

^mor'phons, adj. geflaltlod, unregelmdfig. 

' Amor 



To Am'pljlidlte, v. a, vid. To Amplify. 
ImpliricS'tion, s, bi( 6r»dtenina/ Sergrfif c- 

rung . Ifig, iobrebner. 

Am'plfii^r, s. ber (Smctterer, Btx%x6ftnTi 
To Am'pljf^, V. I. a, enodtern, ntx^tifnn, 

ouftbe^tien) n. n. fi4 mcitltoflg ausbrfi(fen$ 

dldnjenb, prdd^ttg barfteOen, attftmaleii; ter* 

f46nern (^dufig mit on). 
Iin'pl{t&de» #. Ux Umfang, IB^irf, bie ffBute, 

Q^xifti fig.UxCtlani, bUf>ra4t, CBfirbe) 

Sd(iglttt$ %m, Ux iiUxfiVifi AMt,{U^ 

compj) Ui&dUi —of the range. Gun. 

bit ^oriiontale 04tif» ob. tBurftodU $ — con- 
gcU/M belaufen (— toJ past, ber ^dlcompof. 
IS iinaudlaufen. iTo Im'pGUte, v. a. 5urg. abldfcn, anpputi« 
;bU0ttmme$ bcrQh:'| rcni XTor^ ab^auen/ fht|en (fBdvme). 

Impfla'tion, 1. 5ur]gr. baS nU^tn, bie 2(m' 


IjBii-Sce', «. Did Ambs-nce. 

Am'stfrdiffly «. Geog. Kmfterbam. 

Xm'ai^t, «. baS2fmttIet, Saubcrmittel. 

Amnrce', a. bie jbl(efen^ ber fclbobenfa^. 

huixM\tfy s. baft £)el(eflge, ber Dlfat Cbel 

To ^Qf e', V. a. unter^alten, belufKgen; bie 

Seit oertreibeiij (mitSerf^re^utigen) (in* 

^Qlten, annoltcn. [treib. 

^LmQ^e'm^nt, s. bie Unter^Itung/ ber deitver* 
^mflf'fr, 1. /am. (Siner^ ber ICnbere (ange* 

ne^m) unteridlf) QRaer, ber Knbere (nit 

IBerfprecbungen) ^in^dlt. 
^mSf 'jng, I. p. «. baft Unter^altcn, u. 5 n. p. a. 

m. — ly, (uZu.ttnter^altenb, K.{ erge^U^. 
^mtts'ive; — ly, adj,&adv. vid* Amniiog,ftc. 

^■or'phy, 1. bieSXifgeflaltimg, Sormloflgfeit 

(eineft orgamMen Jtdrperft). 
$moTt!, adv. 1. ^be, fUni 2. traurig, httr&bt, 

i^drtlfS'tion, ^SrtizS'tion, s. Law, 1. baft 

KmortiratiottftRibt, bie7(mortiratioR)9.baft 

Jtanfte^t einer ®emeiiibe$ 3. bie {>eimfhr« 

bung eineft ^e^nft. 
To ^LmSr'tize (— fe) [W. Ac; ^-mor'lSz, Wore* 

Ac], v,a. Law, 1. amortiren/amortifiren) 

2. (etn ^e^en) sinftfrei ma^en. 
^dr'tizm^ttt, s, vid» Amortisation, 
^i/tion, s, 1. bie ent}ie(nng (eineft Tfrnteft, 

ic)$ 2.bie^t»enbvng (unter natenSer« 

To ^motknt', v.n. betragen,fi4 belaufen (-to, 

anf...)5jSg. auf(St»aft 
^mddnt', s, ber IBetrag 

trag, baft Qacit) ber 9eflonb4^. ber{>aupt» 

in^alt, baft «Befentli4fte, mefultatj Corns. 

to the — of ..., }um IBelauf (im 99etrage) 

Wtt..., ...betragenbi to pay the whole -, 

per 90II beia^Ien $ — of balance, ber €aIbo« 


^6flr% s. bet ^iebeft^anbel, bie Siebf^aft. 
^mdA'f^, s. pi. Jnr^ ftfMe^QIbelftebie. 
^phYb'i^D, «• bef. p( Nat. bie ICmp^ibie. 
Amphrb|9l8g'ic«l, a4f,Nat. amp^iHoIogiffb. 
imphibjttl'pgy, s. Nat. bie Tmp^ibienhinbe. 
^phlb'ioof , Nat h adj. amptibif45 fig- 

9oni&ermif4ter7(rt$ —animal, bie Kmp({« 

biei n.— nets, 5. baft Qfmpbibienartige, bie 

YmptiMennatitr. nCmp^ibie. 

^phn/jvm, s, (lot p/. 4Lmphn/j9) Nat btej 
Im'phibole, s. Min. bie f>orttbIenbe. 
Amphibdl^c, adj. (omblenbenartig. 
imphib^lS^icf 1, 1, adj. i II. — ly, adv. i»ei«llm'y, s. Umata, TCmatift (S-n). 

bcntig/ boppelfinnig. [pelfinn. ^imf g'd^l^te, i. adj. eon SXanbeIn, 

imph^dKQgy, *. bie Sweibentigfeit, ber £>op» »--'~<^-v*«#«*, n . k.-. m.«v.r..< 
Iffi'phjbrS^h, Imphjbrlsh'y^ , s. Ftet. ber 

Ympiibracb^ft. [felig. 

lmph|h£s«hSd'r«I , atlj. Cryst. boppelioiir' 
^mphh'p^y, s. vid. Amphibology. 
AmpUn^^cf r, s. Foet. ber Qfmpbimacer. 
ImphjsbaCn^, ^phfs'b^n, s. Zool. bie Itnu 

p^iftbdne, 0tinaelf<bIange. 

AmpMi'cSI[-ih'ji], -^mphis'c|»nf[-fh1-^z], 

f . pi. bie iweiMattigen Sftlfer. 
imphitA€'fttr^, adj. amp^it^eatraliftb. 
ImphitAS'^tre, s. baft Ymp^itfieater. 
imphitHiXt'ricfl, adj. amp^it^eatraliffb. 
im'ple, I. adj. n.— ly,' adv. loeit, gerdttmig^ 

breit) grof ) uneingeMrdnft, reid^Ii4/ ^dKig, 

fiberflfifllg) ergiebig^ fig^ prd^tig, gldn* 

|cnb$ neitldttfig/ auftfd(rli4/ nmfldnbli43 

«iel umfolfenb) in. — neii, s. bie flBeite, 

anft !DlaB« 
betn bereiteti II. #. bie !KanbetmiI4- 

Amf g'd^lfne [ fK ; 9-mjfg'd^-lIne, TTofc], 
adj. manbelartig. 

Amf g'd^loid, s. Min. ber (SXanbelfhin. 

Amf g'diloM^l, adj. Mn. monbelfteinartig. 

Amylft'ceoni[— sh^i], a^j. fldrfenartig. 

im'yBne, s, Oiem. ber CtdrPegnmmi. 

Iffl^ylym, s. boft 6atme|I, Jtraftme^I. 

in [im dnfommen^nge ^], I. art. ein, eine 
ein (oor flSo?aIen u. [auftgen. Q, e&] ftummem 
h) ; n. 4:=If, qv. [gleiib Piel, vtU A, a. 

A'n9, adv. Med. (anf 9teccpten) Don Jebem 

AniLbSp'tIf m, s. Ecc, ber TCnaboptiftmnft. 

An^biSp'tist, s. Eec. ber Tfnabopttft, ffBieber* 

An^b^ptri'tic —Of I, adj. Bcc. anoboptiflirib* 

AniLbft'sis, s. Med. baft ftBa(bfin, bie 3iina(n)e 
ber Jtranfjeit. 



Anas ' 

Littitt^c(-cfl), <id!;'Opt.)Kra(f»frfenb)| analofiiMeUrt^ bKrd^KttaIo0ic$ HL 

AonuU iitrfldffl^aaenb. 
AnfcXinp'^ci, «. p{. Opt. M( itato|»trif. 
An^e^t/t&r'tjc, 3fed. I. atO*. bad dtbre^^ett 

befScbetnbj n. «. tie ouftedrtd mitfenbe 

4LaX(li'9r«M, s. bic (SittfiebUnnn. 

^Loi^h'orvt, ^Bisb'prSte, ^a&gh'Qrlte, #.ber ^dSI'q^, j. bfe 7(nQ(0die$ (Gromm. 0prd4O 

Sinflebler. [fteblerrndftg. 

in^(b9r^fic(— G^l), adj. einfiblerifcft, etn- 
^nasb'rpnfim, s. ber ^natttonilmitft. 
AnSj^r^nlurtle, a4;. anad^rcttiflifA. 
iaicIXfl'tic. adj» Opf. |uriltfmcrfettb, surfid^ 

ftrt)lCBb ) -glaisea, «. p<. 8e;rird(dfrr, itnaO* 

ftUfer, GpringflUifer 
Ao^clXrtioB, 9, pi. Opt. bie S>io|)trif. 

t. bie onaloge 9eMaffhibe<t 
^nXfo^i^m, f . Loff. ber KnoIogidmuS, 1[(tt« 

IS^feit^Wttf. [Wiefen. 

|To ^nSK^gize, v. a. analogifib erHftren, ober 
^^nSf^Qgonii, I. adj,; n. — iy» ario. analogiffb, 

l^ttlit, dl^<^^d/ facb^^nli^, fpra(b<6nlf(!b. 

To An^j^fe, vt(f. Analyze. [S^ttlt^fett 

^nSl'yiji, ^. T-#. bie Ynal^fe: KvpAfung; 3er> 

fetnng, derlegnttd/Serdliebenm^i ber Kbrif. 
In'^l^st, s. T. ber 7(nal9tifer. 
in^l^t'lcfil, An^ljft'jc, ]. ad;. anal^tifA, auf> 

I^enb, lergliebembi n. — ly, aefo. anali^tiftb/ 

K, bitr4 ^nalQfe. 
In^Kf jci, 1. pi. Log. bie XttaUjtif . 

in^cSn'df, #. Zoo/, bie Yntfoiiba, )Cbgottft> To An'iJ^e, «. a. onob^flren, auflifcn, ser* 

J4lange, {Hiefenfcblange 

io^citete' (Anascote;, «. Com. eitteVrt ge* 
bliimter nieberldnbifiber ffBoSeiiieud. 

^nXcrSdn'tic, I. adj* anah:eontif(b I U. «. ber 
anafreontif(be SSerft. 

Anidjpio'iis , «. i2/i€t. bte (®ieberOSer< 
boppeluttg. [pflnbtrngsiofigfeit. 

iiiaettAe'9l9[Sn-ia-thS'-zb{ei], «. Med, bieSnts 

In'fgljfph, 9. Sculp, bie gan} ob. (alber^abene 

in^gljfp'tlc. acl;. Sculp, anagl9Pttf<b. 

An^gi^^^t An^S^y, «. Afed. ber KuSlourf 
ooit 9btt. K. bur4 ^uften u. drbreiben^ 
ThBoL bie (OeifU) Gr^ebund Qu Oott), 
Cl!ftefe5 3tM. bie^Cnmenbttttg 9on aIlegort« 
f4en eteOen bed alten Ztft tutf bad neue. 

An^gB^e^i, mL k TTheol. L adj.; U, -ly, 
adv.g^eimfimrigXseifl<)er^benb$ ge^etm* 

jiifwU, er^oben. [tratttttngen. 

An«Lg5iqci, s. pU Bibl. ge^eimsiftoSe Idt* 

An'fgrSm, s. FbeU bad Ynagramm. 

Antgr^omKt'lc^lC— ic), I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, 


AnfgrWm^tiffm, s. FoeL bie Attttfl 2Cnagrams 
jat in Mlben^ X-nbi(bung. ' 
AnKrSm'iii^tirit, s. ber TCnagrammatift 
To Aii«grifaii'm«itize,v.n. Xnagrammen ma^en. 
A'a^l, adj. ben Xfter betreffenbs —fin, bie 

An^l^c'tfiy An'^^cti, s. pi. bie Vnaleften. 
An^l^iii'mf, «. Gtom-s. 1. bie SorfhSimg bed 

iif^\S^T, s. T. 1. ber TCnal^Cifer^ 2. bad 

7Cnal))firenbe; Kttfidfutigdmittel. 
Aa^Mnn^tic adj. Med. gebd^tttif fMrfenb. 
An^^rphO'sis [FT., Wbrc.kc; in>|i-m5r'f9- 
Jr6., 5m. &c], s.Fiar. l.bte Umbil* 


bung/ eenoottbbrag ber Oeftolt) 2. tie 

optif4< Knamorp^ofe. 

^nft'oMf «. ^ot. bie Ynanad; ber Jtontgdapfel. 
AnVpSit, s. Foet. ber ^napdft. 
An^pSf'tic Foet. I. adj. anapdfUM ) O. «. bet 

/InSphV^, 9.Rhet. bieOfnop^er; Med, ber 

Slntandiottrf; Siterandnnrf. 
^aSp'lM^Sf «• 5urg. bie (Sinri^tnng, flBieber* 
jurommenffigung eined gebro^enen (Siiebed. 
An^pldrdt'ic, Surg. I. adj. anaplerotif<(, bad 

.^eif4 (in ffiBunben) ma^fen ma^enb^ il. s. 

bad f[eir(ber|eugenbe (Dtittel. 
AnVdnd, s. e^renfrieb; 6brenrei(( (!iK-n). 
Aa'^r^h, s. ber Xnahb, 0tu^efldrer. 
^a&i'slilc ^naHsh|cf l» ^narsh)|il, adj. anar» 

4ir4r gefetlod; idgedod^ oenoirrt 
AaVsblf m, s. Fol. bie Xnar<bie, (Sefe^loflg* 
Jeit, flSemimmg. [fe^licben £)rbnung. 

AoVfiblst, s. berTCnar^i^, 6^t6rer ber ge« 
AnVcby, 9. 1. bie Qfnardftie/ (9efe|le|igfett, 

Senoimtng, ber regentlofe^u^anbi 2. ber 

€$taat o^ne IDber^aupt, o^ne SDbrigfeit. 
-Anuar'c^y'f. Med. bie ^antmafTerfutt) Bvt. 

bie SBafferfu4t 

j>immeld onf ber geraben Sfld^e bed9Reri« An^iar'coni, adj. Med. mit ber {>attti»afrer« 

btand i 2. ber dei^entrdger bei 6onnenu^ren. 

An^Sp'sji, 9 Med. bieflBieber^erfleanng eined 
abg^e^rten itdrpcrdi Surg, bad Xragen 
eined »rbro4enen (Sliebed in ber Ainbe. 

An^VMc» at^ neroenfidrfenb. 

Aa^lV4«s» '• pl' Med. ftdrfenbe ^Crsneien. 

la|l«i'ic«l, I. adi. analog ) n. — ly, adv. auff 

^ftt4t be^ftet; ((ant^) maferfdcbtig. 
AnMt9ni&t'|c, adj. Med. bie(Sefdfe ob. Odngc 

dffttenb, erdffnenb^ ben Slntumianf befdr* 

To ^nXx'tpmOte, o. n. iinat. ana|lomoffreni 

BoU (lib oerdf^ (c/. Anastomosii). 
An^stpmO'i}!, Anfat8ia'9iy, AnaU bie franN 




(ape eerBtabttiid smdcrQ^efdfe oerMtebcilAD'th^red.p.a. l.t>orKnfcrKedenb,seatt!(rt$ 
nenUrfpnnigdj CInodtenmg ber (8efdf^ff<| 

Buagen) Bot bie BttifUUm^ UX 0piraU Aa'chQr^ss.^^. vtd. Anachore«s. 

gef&fe bei 9)flanscn. 
An^stQindt'lc, adj, t»it Anastomatic. 
/LRS8'tr9phd, ^nSs'tr^phy, «. jRAet. bie ffBort* 

Derfe^ttBg, TCnaflrop^e. 

^nal^9> Anate, «. vt<2. Anotta. [taebrit 

An'atflse, #. Mfn. bet ILnaUA, SH^anit, ID^ 

ber 9asnpu4/ Jtird^enbann. 

An'sbprSt, An'sh^te, f. vid, Aoachorcte. 
An'sh^rini;, s. 1 . ba& Zltfem 4 2. (ob. — grooad 

— place,) berlfnferplatj 3. baS^-gelb (v»d. 


^BchOTe', s. vid. b. f. tt. 
^nchO'vy[TK, PVbrc.&c; Xn'-UhO-ve, Ff&., 

C.]> '• ic^. bie 2fnr4obe, eingenut^te ob. ein« 

gelegte€$arbeae) —pear, bie TCn^oiebini. 


Ao^tftfmXt^jcfl, Ecc» I. adj. ben IBann betref«||^ncbttfe', s. vtd. Alcanaa. 
feab, ba|ttge(5rig5 n. — ly, odo. na^^rt bes 

^nSt/i'^m^tifpi, J. md. Anathem, Anathema. 
An2th9m&t}zft'tion, «. £cc. bie Serflud^ung, 

ber Sonnftra^L [bann t^un, oer^ucben. 
To ^aStVfm^tfze, v. a. £cc in ben ^tr^en« 
^vAthf^m^tlz^T, s, ber ben Jtird^enbannfiu^ 
An^f^rous, adj, Onten ^roorbrtngenb ^ 

—shell, CoHch. bie Qhttenmor^el. 
in^tttm'ic^If I- adj.; n. — ly, adv. anatomift 5 
y^g. abgefonbert 

i^nltfqmUtf s, ber ICnatomifer, 3ergltebcrer. 
To ^DSi'9mlze, v. a. anatomiren^ iergttebern 

(antfig.y [Tunfl4 dergliebentng. 

Anat'pmv, s, bie TCnatomie, derglieberunges 
An^trV^jc, adj* beflegcnb, obfUgenb. 
An'«itr8n, «. I.bie0oba$»aXanerfaI},ber 
^Qalpeter j 3. ber O^Iafiffbaum, bie (BlaftgaEe. 
An'bvry, s. vid. Anbury. 
Aa'cfstpr, 5. ber Borfa^r, IT^n, e$tammtatcr. 
An'eostQff , s. pi. bie Sorettem, ^nen. 
Aac^tl/rivl, adj, vid. Ancestral. 

Ao'cestr^, adj. alMtttlUii angeftammtj 
^-estate, bttftCrbgut 5 - right, bttftdrbre^t. 
An'cfstry, #. bieK^nen, fiorelternj bie (6§re 
^ber) :cbfiammung, d^eburt, ber €$.tamm. 
An'gh^r, s. 1. ber (©iiffftO 7fn!erj 2. ber 

^o^en etner ^d^naUt 5 3. ^. ft Her, ber 

|>oifiumd6an!er$ 4. ber TCnfer, baS 7(-fdf 

nchyiG'sjs, s, Med. bie Unbetoegli^feit ber 

An'ci^ncy [— sh^ncy], s. vid. Ancienty. 

An'ci^nt [— sh^nt, gen., eigentl. Sn'sh^nt, 
iVb. &c.], I. adj. alt 4 corig, tormoUg, ebe* 
malig 4 II.«.bic grope glagge 5 + ber gfi^nbricb. 

in'ci^ntly [— sh^nt— ], adv. oor liter*, 
e^ebem. [t^nm. 

lo'ci^ntn^ss [— shfnt— ], s. ba& Xlter, XIter« 

An'ci^ntry[— 8h?nt-], j.bafiXIfer, Of Iter* 
t^um be* 0tamme6^ bes (BeMIe^tft, bie ^tv 
Hnft, Kbfunft, f^tTUmmli^t, alte ffBitrbe. 

An'cifnts [-Shinto], bie 2Clten (5Wen« 
r^en, bie in ben dltem 3eiten gelebt ^aben^ 
bef. (Slafllfer ber ®ried^en unb 0t6mer). 

in'ciU^, adj. I. Law^ bienftbar^Calft^agb) 
bienenb, untergeorbnet; 2. eitter9){agb ge« 
6^rig, fit betre^enb. [f^neibig. 

Ancip'jt^Ll, adj. 1. i»etbeutig9 2.BoUiW^ 

Xnde, s. vid. Ankle. 

An'cpn, s. Anat. ber @(bogen. 

JLn'cOne, s. Arch. bie(S(fe; oorfpringenbe Yttd« 
biegung(ciner9Ratter, eineftfdaicon*)^ Yu0* 
u. Qtinbiegung. [aufiger^miebete ^fenftab . 

Xn'cOny, s. I-w. ber an ben @nben no4 ni(bt 

And, I. conj. unb) bread — butter, 9utter^0b i 
a coach — six. cine Jtutf^e mit fe^fen j to 
go — see, na4fe(en| two — two, paanoeifei 
contr. ft. and if it, Ac. — pleaie God, fo 
(9ott niUi what's that — please you t mit 
(3(rer) drlanbnif, »aft ift bad? n. s. with- 

<ben(e{n^fintgfeitdmaf)4 comp. shank or| out ifs or ands, o^ne SBenn u. Kber, o^ne 
beam of the — , bie K-rutte i bow ~, ber Qla« || SBiberrebe, fogleid^. 

belanter^ sheet— ,ber{>auptanferj —ground, 
ber (gttte) Q(-grttnb} —hold, berTf-gmnb} 

fig. bie Gi^er^rit^ —stocks, #. p/. bie K- 
fW*e, Ti'fiiiitti —watch, bie Tf-wadje. 

To Air'sh^r, v. L n. anUtni oorKnhr liegen^ 
fig. (— on^ bei Sttoas fte^en Meiben, M 
ieften (anO J H. a. anf cm, 7C. »er fen. 

+ An'sh^r, 9. {Skkip. &c.) ffir Anachoret. 

An'sh^r^ble, adj. TCttfergrunb (abenb. 

An'^hpr^^e, s. 1. ber X-gntnb, 7(-pIa| $ 2. baft 

An'dfilflsTt^ 1. Aftn. ber lnbatttflt(, j>artfpat(. 
^ndan'td, Mus, I. adv. anbante$ n. s. baft 

Ifnbante. [ment. 

In'd^rSc, ^. ber €anbara4, baft rot^e IDper* 
An'dd^n, adj. Geog. ju ben Knben ge^Srig. 
in'dgf , s. pi. Geog. bie Xnben. 
And'ironf , s. pL 1. bie eifemen (ob. mefflngnes) 

Senerbdcfe, ®ranbb6(!e (auf bem{>erbei tc)} 

2. fdvMidt. 

Ynfeni) 3. bie fdmmtli^en X eineft C^^if'IXndr^nSt'Qmy, s. AnaU bie 3ergti<bcnmg 
feftj 4. (duty of—), baft X-gelb,i>aferigelb.ll eineft radnnL iei^namft. 




n'drc#, *. 7fntreafi(aR-n)} St. — 'i cross, 
BoU tad H'ftant, Oart^eil. 

^drS^yniLl, I. adj.; II.— ly, adv. i»itter» 
^ft, smtttcrartigj Bet. antrodpnir^. 

^drO'ifne, ^odrS^yniifl, «. ta& SKannwdb, 
brr 3»ttter. 

^ndrS^yny, #. bte dmitterbtlbtrngi Botbie 
KtttroaQttte/ Ol^ttanbrie. 

^ndtd^TDODi, adj' vtd. Androgynal. 

4Ln'drdrd, ^Ddroi'd€f, #. ber (rieine) menr^H^e 
7(utomat$ tt( SXarloaette, IDra^tpuppe. 

^ndrdpk'f gfii, s. Uv^ttkncnfct^ixfiannihal. 

^ndrSt'Qmy, s. vid. Andranatomy. 

To^nCal', vi<2. To Anneal. 

An'«cdGte» s. bit Xittttiote, !L CBef^i^te. 

Xn^edQt'jc^, adj. anefbotenarttg. 

:^ An'fUce, $. vid. Aniace. [G^nulifenenu 

Ani'miils, s. Chem. tin SSinbofen su [(bneUcn 

An&nSg'r^pby, i. iler. bie fBinbbeMmbttttg. 

JLn^mSI'^, «. iler. bie &(re ob. Xb^onblttng 
oon ben SEBinben. 

An2mttm'€t«r, s. Aer. ber XBinbmefTer. 

^nem'^nS* ^nem'pny, j. Bot. bie Untmont, 
Jtlappenrofe. [XBinbfa^ne. 

4nSm'98c0pe, s. Mech. ber SEBinbseiger, bie 

^nSnd', ^n-£nd', (eigentL on end), adv. Mar, 
fenfreitt j the main top-mast is — , bie grope 
C^tenge ifi aufgefe^t. 

inef , s. pi. Orannen, ic. vid. Awns. 

in'eQrY^ra, s. Med. bie yuldabergef^nulfl, 
ber yuUabcrfropf. 

IneQrff'm^I, adj. Med. aneurt^ftmatif^/ ^nt 
^ttldabergertmnlfl betreffenb. 

^Lne^', adv. ton 9{euem, aufd 9^ene, mieber, 
miebenun, abermal; aut tine neue irt. 


jfLnfrSc'tnons [— tthft— ], I. adj. toll .ftrfinu 
mungen, frnmnh gtwunben, mtnhlig^ n. — 
ness, J. bie Jtrsmmnng, ba9<ftrumme, SEBin* 
felige. [bung. 

^nfr&c'ture[— tsh^r], s. bie Jtritmme, flBin* 

Angeiograpby, kc vid. Angiography, Ac. 

An'gf 1, 1.«.l.ber QfngeI(QU(b Num.) $ the eyil— , 
Ob. the— of darkness, berChigel ber Sinfler* 
nip 4 2. /c/i.ber Jtlippfiftb} n. adj. ben <SngeIn 
iiltidf , englif^; comp. —bed, baS ofene 
9ttt, Idttt o^ne ^foflenj —fish, IcK ber 
^eerengel) —like, engelglci^, ettgltf^j 
—shot, bie Jtettenfugel^ —winged, « mit 
@ngeUflttigen; -worship, bie ^ngelolatrie, 
IBere^rung Gfnbetung) ber (Sngel. 

^ngCl'jc, adj. ben dngeln gletA, englif^. 

^ng«l'jc», #. l.7(ngelifa(5-n)5 2.Bot. bie 
T£., (Sngel»urj5 —tree (Virginian—), ber 
flad^eU4tc ICngelifbaum. 

^nglllcfJ, Ladj.; II.— ly, ado. engclgltt4», 

engeltoft; cnglifdft (au4 figOi ni. — atss, s. 

bie engUf4e9ef4affenteit$ bie ^4fleScr« 


To ^ni&!\ff, V. a. Qhtgeln glei^ mo^m. 
AngSn'n^, s. TCngelina, TCngeUt (S-n). 
ing§ldlVtry, s. bie 2(nge(o(Qtrie, fiere^mng 

(^betung) btr QhtgeL 
Aniil01'9gy, #. bie ^ngelle^re. 
in'^2l9t, g. l.bieXngelifQ CKvt^uU)) 9. ber 

Yngelot (Zrt Mft au6 ber 9{onnanbie). 
in'geiiis, s. Rom. Cath. Hi 2(eemariaUnten. 
in'gfr, s, berSom, UnmiOei Srger, flSerbmf. 
To An'l^r, v. a. }omig mo^en, ersumen, anf* 

bringen, drgem, U\t ma^en. 

An'ff red, p. a. vid. Angred. 

In'Ifrly, adv. jornig, vid. b. u. Angrily. 

An^em^ss, s. boTdomigfein. 

^ngl'nfi, 1. Afed. bie (f)a($«) Srdune. 

Aogi5g'r^phy, s. Anat. bie Sef^reibuttg ber 
Slut' uttb ottberen Oefdfe bed t^ierif^en 

An^9K9^, s.Anat. bie &(re oon ben Sbtt* 
unb onberen (9efdf en bes t^ierif^en Jtdrperd. 

ingi9m5n9sper'moas, adj. BoU nur ein ei]^ 
gee 0amenfom tragenb. 

An'gi98penB, j.Botlic attgiorpermif4e|>fIanie. 

Xngi9sper'moas, adj..Bot. angiofpermiM. 

ingittf 9my, s. Surg, bie onatomifd^e derglic* 
benmg ber ® lutgefdpe bed t^ierif^cn Jtdrpers. 

An'gle, s. 1. ber ffiBinfel) 2.berl(ngeI(Q!en$ 
bie Kngel$ -of timber, or stone, bie f4orfe 
Jtonte bed 9an(oIsed, ber€$teine; —of ele- 
vation. Gun. ber eieoationdminfel/ fftUi* 
tungdninfel ber ®tWtti Opts, —of in- 
cidence, berQlinfiiSdminfeI/9{eigungdmin!eI| 
—rod, bie Xngclrutj«j —tie piece. Carp. 
ein langer YnfMdbling, ber 9on ber S)a4« 
fhi^lfdnle bid sum (Biebelfpiepe ge§t 

ToAn'gle, v.Ln. angeln^^g. na4 (Stioad 
II ongeln, fhrebeni n. a. anlotfen, anjie^en. 

Xn'gled, V. a. comp. Geom. minfelig. 

An'glvr, «. ber Yngler. 

In'glef, 1. pj. bie Kngein (beutf^er i^oCPd* 

Xn'gljc, An'gljc^n, adj. angUfanif^^ englif^) 
the— chnrcb,bicangIi!anif4e(ettgL*bir4df[i« 
4e) Jtir^e. 

Xn'gljc^, s. ber Ifnglifaner. 

Xn'sIicTf m, s. ber Ynglicidmnd. 

To An'glicfze, v. a. anglifiren, engliffl^ ma<ben. 

In'gljng, p. s. bad Kngein; -line, bie TCngel* 
Wnurj -rod, bie Tfngelrulje. 

An'glo-, comp. — danisb, adj. angelb£mf49 
— norman, I. adj. ongelnormdnnir^ $ Us* 
berVngelnonnann; — saxon, Ladj. angeU 




▲n'gobf r, «. Bot, bie j)oIibirn. ^ 

4ds9'1«, otU Angora. [2. tie (Irf&Itund. 

Aa'gpr, In'govr, 1. 1. ber ^^mtxi, btc ^eiii) 

jjigO'r^-, «. comp. —goat, lit Stamttliit^ti 
* goafs hair, aRgonf^eft Jtameelsiegentaar^ 
-rabUt, bcr (engL) ©eibenjafej —yarn, 


ia'gred, p« a. ersftrnt, aufgcbro^t, b6fe. 

An'gr{:y» a«fo. 1. iontig, tm3onte) 2. (w. d.) 
f(i(meri)o|^, entifinbtt, b5fe. 

AnVy» adj. 1. |omtg; bfre* 2. (». A.) f(bmeri« 
iafi,eiit|dnbct$ an— corn, einb5fe$(mc(eO 
iiinttaui^ti to be — with (at) one, auf 
Sinen b^fe fein. 

An'gn^IIef , s. pi. Zool. ^abenmiirmer. 

injm^d vert'^r, s. lnZaVUt,f6tnxa^tv,BtUittr. 

in'Im^I, I. #. baftS^bi^i^^ fie* (conL) em bxrai' 
mer u. grober (IXenfibi n. adj. animaltfib, 
tiitxini finnltib » -body, ber t^terff4e Mx^ 
per) — economy, ber a-e Gtoff, bad a-e 6q* 
jlemj —flower, Nat. bfe ©eeanemonej — 
food, SIeif(bRa(rttttg) — fanctioni, bie t(te« 
rifcbenlBerrt^tungenj -kingdom, —system, 
bQ$X(irrrei(b9 -spirits, >ie SebenSgeifier, 

AnjmSl'cGle, s. baft 2kbicr<ben. 

injmSl'ity, An'im^iof ss, s. bie S^ierbeit; tbie* 

nfibe ^genfibaft. [tbierung. 

inim&Ii;A'tiott, s. 1. bieSelebttttgs 2. Set* 
To An'jm^liz^, v. a. beleben) verbaiteu; offt* 

miliren. [muntem; an^uem. 

To In'jmftte, v. a. belcbett, befeelen^ fig. auf* 

JDgail'IjfSrm, adj. Nat. aalf6rmig. lAn'jm^te, adj. inOmlt^U, p. a. Mtbt, lebcn« 

n'gnlsh, s. bie 'Knqfi, dual, ber 6(bmer)$| big,befecU| J^.Ieb^afti « feeleuDoK. 
—of mind, bie 6eelenangft. HAn'jm^tenfss, #. ber Suftanb beft IBelebtfeinl, 

To In'guisb, V. a. mitXttgfl ergreifen, qudlen J baS Seben. 

mit beftigem Gamers dngfligen. linimii'tion, s. bie Selebung, S9efeelung, IBe« 

An'giilshed, adj. gedngfliget) geqttdlt. loegung, Sebbaftigfeit, Sebenbigfeit) laB9t* 

In'gfll^r, I. adj.; 11.— ly, adv. n>infelig/ edig) lebenbe) —in trade, baft Seben im f)anbil. 

the — point, ber ^unH, m Gttoaft einen 
fBinfel ma^ti m. — ness, $. nit b. f. flB. 

ingttlSr'jtj, s. baft CBinfelige, QdKge. 

in'gttlfttfd, adj. edfig geformt, loinfelig. 

ingfilSe'ity, a. wit Angularity. 

An'glUotts, adj. e(fig, loinfelig. 

Angfstft'tion,^^. bie Serengung. 

Angilstlty, An'g^stn^Bs, #. 1. bie (Snge^ 

JL einger<brdnrtbeit, ICmitttb. 

AngvstftV^-barlc [— tshtt- ], *. bie IfngofUira* 
■rinbe bef. anft ISrinibab. 

AnhSli'tion, s. baft Jleiiben. 

Anhf droos, ai^. Chem. nafferloft; an^Qbrif^. 

AnIghf,^TghU'[-nn, -nits], adv. bei^^aibt, 

> ber 9?o4t/ inx 9{a4t|eit. 

An^il, s. Bot. ber ^fnil, bie Snbigopflanie. 

An'jmStive, adj. belebenb, befeelenb. 
In'jmiitor, s. ber, baft 9$elebenbe) baft £eben 
^ob. Semegimg ersengenbe yrinctp. 
AnimOse', I. adj. lebtaft/ b^t^d/ Ieibcnf4aft> 

li(b$ n. — ness, «. bie ^eftig!eit,f)i(c. 
AnjmSs'ity, s. bie f)eftigfe{t, Seibenf4art(i4« 
^fcit$ (Srbittenmg, ber UnmiOe, (SroK; 3om. 
Animo'so, adj. Mus. beberjt, mut^ig, regfam, 

lebbaft, leibenfibaftli(b- [r^iffiniren. 

Anin'g9, 8,BoU bielfninganurjel (sumdudter- 
In'fse, An'js (-seed), #. Bot. ber Xnift(fame). 
Ank'^r, 8. baft 7(nferfdf<ben5 vid. Anchor. 
InOtle, 9. ber ihi64el am %uft. 
4: In'lace, a. tin am Oilrtei getragener IDoIcb. 
inn, Anne, s. Unna, f)anna (S-n> 
Anttfibits' Com, eine^rt grober loollRcr 

^ttlle'n^ss, ^inlVity, >.baft(obe»eibI.7nter3| 3eitge in Sranfrei<b/ fiiir ben Guineatanbel. 
cont. baft TCItwcibermdftge. [fdbig.lin'n^ilfst, #. ber Knnalifl; Ynnalenftreiber, 

An'}m^b!e, adi. fdbig belebt ju merben, (ebenft 
AnimadTersal, adj. vid, AnimadversiTe. 
Anjffl^dfer'sioD, s. 1. (». iL) bte fBabmeb* 

mnng, IBemerfung; Vnmerfung? 2. bieSe^ 

Ie(nmg$ ber Senoeift/ Sabel) 3. bie 7(n* 
^bong; Sefbrafiing (mit on, upon). 
'i>jm«dTer's|?e, I. adj. (m. ii.) mit Semuf t« 

Mn begabt , wabrnebmenb , bcurtbeilungft* 
. fdbig} -* faculty , ob. II. — ness , s. baft 
: ®abmebmnngft« (6mpftnbungB«) flSermftgcn; 
' bieJUeberlegungft' unb Senrt(ieilungfthraft. 
To Animadvert', v. a. 1. wabmebmen, mer« 

fen^empfinben^ 2. tenoeifen, abnben, beftra* 
' ten (mit on> npon). 

<Sbronifenfibreiber. r(S(rontt 

An'n^If, ff. pi, bie TCnnalen, 3abtbu4cr, bie 

An'n^ts, An'nqites, ». pi. Rom. Caih. idbriicbe 

SRefren(fdr oerftorbene ob. lebenbe ^erfonen). 

.f nnSt't?, 1. vid, Anotta. 

To ^nnCai', v. a. Afec/i. (vulg. neal, nealing) 

1. auftgMben ((BM, Gifen^ :c)) 2. ^farben 

auf ®Iaft einbrennen, aufGIaft molen^ 3. baft 

geblafene (Slaft (in ben <5tubIofen bringcn), 

abfttblen) 4. brennen (3iegel; u.)$ 5. mit 

&Ifarbe trdnfcn, ftlen. 

To^nn^x', o. a. 1. anbdngcn, bcifugcU; (iniufu* 
gen i beifcblicf en (einen ©ricf^ :c.)5 2. (-to. ..> 
verbinben (mit), vereinigen (mit). 




^nXi', s. ^ad IBeisefuatC; 3ube(6r, bet Yn» 

(ong, Me CKdcnfi^aft. 
^n^xVry, f. bad Xnpdndfel, bie f){ttiuf(ldun9; 

ian^xa'tion, s. LMeSciffi^ttng/ TCn^dngung^ 

a. eereittigung/Serbiiibuns (~to, mit). 
^LnaSxed', p. a. Com, beigef&gt, aRdebogen, 

^anex'm«nt, s. 1. bie fierbinbttttd/ baSSSei* 

fiigen; 2. baft iSerbuRbene; Sefgeffigte, ber 


4LDnrh}I«Lble, adj. utni^tbax, |(rft5rbor. 
To ^nniliilate, v, a. 1. i»erm4ten^ ierfHren; 

2. fig. aufbeben, umflofies, annuniren, amor* 

tiren, amortifiren^ mortifidreR ; to — ordera , 

Com. gegebcRe Kuftrdge miberrttfrn, ab« 


^nbf^T, «. ber£lttd(er, yiagegeil^ 9am« 
ru^iger, bte ^Uge. 

In'ofi^I, I. a(fi. j[A(^rli(b ; Bot.eiRidbrig ; Com-«. 
—account, bie 3at^eftre4nURg ; — balance, 
bte Z(^lvifbi\ani, @(bluf reibRURg ; — plant, 
Bot, tint eiRid^nge 9>flaRie ; n. s. 1. BoU bie 
elRid^dge^flaRie/ baft 6ommerge»d(bs ; 2. 
bieSa^reftfdftrift) m.— ly, ado. one 3a(re, 
.. f&r etR ober baft 3a^r, {d^rliib. 

in'nQfry, vid. Annual. 

4nnQ'it^nt, «. ber(3abreft«)0leRtRer| OteRten' 
taber, ISoRtiReRbefiter. (Sapitalifi 

4nn(&'jty, s. hit ICRRuUdt, id^tlube SeibreRte, 
3ettreRte; baftSo^rgelb. 

To ^Lnn&i', V. a. aRRttOireR, ttRgflttig mafben, 
mortiftcireR ; aufbebeR^ abfd^affeR; benii^* 
teR; Com^g, to — orders, gegebeRcXuftrdge 
toiberrufeR; abf^reibeR; sale annulled, aRf« 

^nnllill^te, adj. oemubtet. 

^nnihiU'tion, s. 1. bielBeniitbtttRg; decftif'! ge^obeRerSerfauf. 
ruRg; a. ^mortifatioR, 9]>{ortiflcatioR; d.lln'nQlvr, An'nfil^ry, ac(;. riRgfdrmig. 
^9^i(bt{g(ett, ber dttferfie BcrfaO. - llB'nfil^t, #. ber fletRe (EiRg/ baft0tiRgel4eR; 
An'n|s, s. vid, Anbe. [(i4 J Arch, tint fUiat oteredKge (SefImRiftoeriic« 

Annfv&'s^jly, adv. (aO) {dtrlitb, Ja^reftfeier 

Inniver's^ry, I. J. 1. ber 3<kbtefttag ; 2. baft 

Sa^reftfefl; bte So^reftfeier, baft SabrbegdRg* 

Rif; anniversaries, s.pU Rom. Cath. SCr* 

RiberfarieR, €$eeIenmeffeR , bie tdgiidb baft 

rung iR ber borif^CR GduleRorbRURg. 
^nnSi'm^nt, s. hit Tfttf^ebRRg^ TfRRUOirRRg, 

YmortifattOR, !IXorttficatioR. 
iLn'nflliis ptsc^to'rjvs, s. (lat) * Ecc ber %u 

ftbemng; baft pdjpfll. Snf^^SeU Sub Annuio 

ganse 3abr (iRbur4 ge^aIteR»erbeR (foQeR)) Piscatoris, uRter bem pdpftU^eR Giegel. 
Jl. a4;. id^rll^b; —feast, baft 3fl6«ftfeft. in'nvm, (lat) ... per — , adv, ... f&reiRob. 
An'nO (lat) comp. vid. {r A, abbr. I baft 3^6^/ id^rU(b. [(iR|ure4ReR. 

An'uQlis, s. ZooU bie TCroIU. elRe amerifa«|To ^LnnQ^v^riite, v. a. (iniUid^leR, beCsdi^Ien, 

nif4e Sibecbfc, bie SRopfteibe^fe. I ARRQmf rS'tion, s, hit {>iRiure4RRRg/ fdtxiti^ 

Ann8m{nI'tion, s. vid. Agnomination. 

To An'uQtSte, v. a. ICRmerfuRgeR }tt eiRer 

04riftma4eR/aRmerfeR; au^^teibeR, auf* 
jei*ReR. [Sfote. 

Annotft'tion, s. bie YRmerfttRgiu eiRer 6(bnft, 
Annptft'tionYst, s. vid. b. f. &. 
AnnQt»'t9r [TT. TTorc; iin'-nQ-tt-tQr, Wb. 

Ac], s. ber YRRierf er, S^oteRota^er, TCuftle* 

ger (eiRer 0(brift). 
^nnSt'tf , ^5t't9, s. vid, Anotta. 
To .^ddnce', v. a. ORffiRbigeR, aRjcigeR, be* 

faRRtma<beR/ aRmelbeR. 
^nndAnce'mvnt, s. hit 3fRjeige, TCRfdRbigURg, 

j9e!aRRtma(buRg. [fettftbrtRger ob. iSSote. 
AnnoAn'c^r, *.ber lCRgeiger,7CRhtRbiger,3leu{g» 
To ^nndf , v.a. beuRru^igeR^ plageR, bef^ibe* 

reR, fl5reR, beldftigeR, fiabeR. . 
Annof, s. bieSeldfligttRg, ^lage, et6rRRg. 
Anndjf'fince, s. baft SeldftigeR, ^lageR^ 6td« 

reR; bte ^lagt, tXml, ber SSerbntf; bie fBe« 

f(b»erbe; URru^e; Lava, hit JBef(bdbigttRg 

(ber etrof eR- ©rildCeR, ic.) ; -jury, eiR ®c- 

f(b»orReRgenibtittrURterru(buRg ftffeRtliiber 

YitfidPigfeiteR u. €5tdraRgeR. 

RURg, Setsd^IuRg. 
^Lunfincji'tion, s. l.bieSerffinbtgURg; 2. JEcc 

(-day), SRarid BerffiRbigttRg. 
Annuncia'tQr, s. ber KRhiRbiger. 
An'9d;ne, adj. bef. Med. f^merifKaeRb; liar 

bentb ; an — necklace, eiR magRetift'^emi* 

[(beft ^aiftbanb surCfrlei^tentRg beft3a^Renft 

hti JtiRbent. 
In'Qdfne^, s.pU Med. f((mcr|fliaeRbe CRittcL 
In'pdf nous, adj. vid. Anodyne. 
To Anoint', v.a. 1. falbeR; fig. eiRtoei^eu; 

2. rtmiereR; the Lord's a-ed, ber ®eralbte 

beftf)emt5 «-ing-oiI. baft€$a(b6L 
Anornt'^r, s. ber Galbenbe. [Oefalbtfein. 
Andfnf m^nt, s. baft ^^aiben, bie GalbuRg, baft 
AnSmVl^r, adj, vid. Anoraaloos. 
Andm'fjf^m, s, vid. Anomaly; 
AnSmiJis'tic, ARSm^Iis'tfqil, adj. T. aRORtal, 

URregelmdfig, (dor ber (Eegel) abneiil^enD; 

—year, Att. baft aRomaIifHf4e Z^i^* < 
Anfim'^ous, I. adj,; II. ~ly, adv. 21 OROna^ 

Ur4, RRregelmdpig; m.— nest, s. Me \ta^ 

IJAnttmVyt s. Gram. &Ast, bicTtRomalie; Xk» 





mUiwx^ 9on ber ffti^tl, Stegelmibrigfeit; 
Afia.eiacfiiIf4e3;on(ttterob.3ntertane; r 
Bthinl ^ ctxoae S^attimibnged. 
4A8a^ adv. l.^Ietf^, fodlet^, balb; 2. ton 
ddtSQdeft; iutodlen; 8. »ad gieBfd? »te 
»erflcjcn6icbttfi? ever and—, imwcrfort, 
bet ieber Oelc^en^ett. 

^nSii'ymfil, adv. tn'cf. Anonymoat. 

AoQiifm^jty, 1. ioi< Anonyraoosness. 

^Si/ymoiUy I. adi. ;!!.— ly, adt>. anor«)m(if(S), 
oine teamen, ungenannt; —society. Com. 
bfe aQoiii}me (namenlore) (SefeSfAaft ; ni. 
- BOM, *. bic ^Cnon^mitdt, Ungenannt^cit, 
X«meQiMrf(bn>etgung. [rejcie. 

in'pr^xy, #. Afcd. bic Tfpctitloflgfeit, ^no« 

Ant^th'^r, a«(7. efn anberer^ tint anbcre, tin 
anbereS; fol^cnb, nA^ft; no4 einer^ cine; 
cineS; Dcrf^icbcn; one—, cinonbcr; gegen* 
fcitig; one after—, no* cinunber; from—, 
von einanber; one among—, untcr einanbcr^ 
one with-, mit ctnanbcr, CBeibC; TiUt, in* 
fammcn, ^nft in'^ Xnbcre gerc^nct. 

^ndt'tf, s.Ux^xUaxfSQaximCBixaoreUantt'- 
LJ); baoott ber S)rlcan; TCnnotto. 

Anough, Anotr, vid. Enough, Enow. 

in'ftStf d, adj, gc^enfeU; mit |>onb§abcn. 

inspasade', $. (ftaii}.) Aft7. bcr ©efreite bcim 

To Jn'iw^r [fin'-n^r] , w. I. o, 1. antworten, 
(6t»a$) beonttootten ; 2. iBva&^t , Solge 
leiflcs; gcnud t^un, ab^clfen, vc\Mvx, beftie« 
bigcQ; bc}Q]tIcn ; 3. (eincr 6a4e) entn>rc4en/ 
gemd^fcitt; 4.en9iebcm; miebcr^olen ^ 5. b^« 
fen$ Com-^. to —a bill, cinettCBc<!bfelbC(fcn; 
cinl5rai> bc|a((en$ to — aciatm, cine got* 
bcntag gnt macl^cR, eineC$4uIb cntricbten^ 
to - a debt, 1. cine 6(bnlb besa^lcn) 2. f&r 
etne6(bttlb0firde»erben^ to— exigencies, 
bem!0{QndcI ((Sclbmangel) cntgegen fommen ; 
it a-s no porpose, t% ({(ft 2tt nicttS ; 11. n. 
1. antworten; 2. M oerantworten^ 9tcbe 
tmb Yntwort gcbcn^ Oteibenf^afl dcbcn, 6t» 
wadocratttioorten) 3. biirgeii, gntfein^ein^ 
Wen (—for, far ...)5 4. M (T>or ®ert*f) 
fhllcn$ (Sittcn oertrctcn^ 6. pafTen, tangen 
K.j e.geKngen, anfiiftladm) to — again, er« 
miebem, cntgcgnen, terfe^en. 
Wsw^ptn'-sfr], *. 1. bicTCntwort; bafiTfnt* 
»ortf4rdben) 2. bic 9te(b(nr4aft$ 3. ber 
<Sin»ttrf; bicflBiberlcgund, (9c$cnf4r{fl; {He* 
cenfion; ^CntiMfif^ Law, biemcplif; tlCnt* 
toort Qttf eincJnagc^ Am, bic Tfnttoort be& 
^enatft ob. bc& ^anfcs ber {Rcprdfentanf en 
«nf bic aWffhnnfiftrebe M ?)rafibcntcn bcr 
IS. Zt ob. beS Q^ottvcmcure ctneft ber 0taa« 
tin (ma$ im engi. ^arlamentc bic Kbrcffc 

ifl)i 3/ar. ter ©cgcngruf (mit Jtanoaen- 

[*itffen)i 4.!(5A.Cym. 5,3)«BiebcrwgcltHttg. 

In'sw^r^ible [in'-s^r-^ble], I. acff.; U. — Ijr, 

adv. 1. beantioortlt^ h )>crant»ortIi4 ; 2. cnt« 
fprc^enb; gcmd(, dbcrcinfttmmenb; i^cr^dlt* 
nifrndfig^ angcmcfTcn; f(bi<f (i4 1 dlci4/d(n* 
Ii4) III. -ness, s. 1. bic Seantmortli^Mt j 
ecrant»ortli(bfctt; 2. VnaemcfTcn^eit tbtt« 


An'sw^r^r [ftn'-s^r-^r], s, 1. bcr Tftttwortcnbc, 

^9c(mt»ortcr$ 2. Gcgncr, {RepUfant. 

An*t, A*n*t, 1. contr, vulg. f&r: am not, are 
not, is not; — it? ni^twa^r? 2.(ft«aud 

Jf it), unb »cnn; »cnn, vid. in And. 

Ant, #. EnU bic TCmcifc; —bear, —eater, bcr 
7(-nbdr, ^-nfrcfTcr ; — eggs,X-ncicr4 -W« 
(— hilloclc), bcr ^-nbaufenj —lion, bcr TC-n* 

i.ntSc'jd, vid. Antiacid. 

AntSg'^nifra, «. bcr flBibcrflrcit, flBibcrflAnb, 

baft (Bcgenflrcbcn, bic Ocgcmoirfung. 
^ntiSg'Qntst, I. s. 1. bcr ®C0ncr, fiBibcrfa^er} 

2. bad &c%tn^tU, Ocdciiftfitf j iinat. bcr 

(Bt^tttamiUl; II. adj, vid. b. f 8B. 
^nti^9n7s'tic, adj, »ibcrfh:citCttb. 
To ^ntag'pnlze, t?. n. wibcrftrcitcn, »ibcr« 
•^flrcbcn, (Sinem) cntgegen fcin. 
Antf n^clfi'sjfi, s* Met. bic Tfntanaflof!^. 
Ant^phrQdit'jc, adj. Med. antit>cncrif(b. 
int9P9pl^c'tjc, adj. antapoplcftifib/ mirffom 

gcgen ben &d)U%fiuf. 
^ntarc'tjc, adj. Geog. bCItt 9?orbcn cntgCgCQ* 

defeat, am €$itb9oIc, fMidt, antarftifcb; the 

— pole, or the — , bcr ©fibpoL 
Ant^t?iril/{c, adj. gdJ^ttcilcitb. 
Ant^stfamSt'ic [— ^st— ] , adj. got wibcr bu 

Xn'tS, (lat.) partic* comp. fBox». 

WtdXct, s. basSergangenc, bic frii(crc|i>anb* 
Ivng ob. S^at; a-s, pi. tcrgangcnc IDingc. 

IntecSdil'nf pns, a((7. torbcrgc^cnb. 

To IntecSde', v.n. (bcr 3ctt na4) tor^crgc^cn. 

inticSM^nce, AntdcSM^ncy, s. ba$lBor^er« 

^gc^Ctt; ftii^crSSor^anbcnfeiA. 

AntScC'd^nt, I. adj.; 11. —ly, adv. tor^cr* 
gc^cnb, oorgdngig; Dorlduffg, tor; —to, 
c^cr, aid ... $ III. s. badlBor^crgcbcnbc ; Gram, 
bad Vntcccbcnd, bcfgl. Log. n. Math, bcr 
Sorbcrfat/ ^ai 6orbcrg(icb. 

Ant^c^i's^r, s. berSorgdnger (in eincm "Kmtt, 

jc), Corfa^r im ©cPbl fig' bcr ^nfu^rcr. 

An'techiimbfr, s. bad Sorjimmcr. 

An'tSchSp^I, s. bie SorcopcKC; flSor^atte. • 

Anteshrifs'tj^n, adj. oor^riftlt^. 
/^ntg'nianf [— sh^z], s. pi, Geog. bic (Bf 
gentoo^ncr (vid, Antoeci). 




intlcar'ft^r, s, Ut BorMttfer. . 

To in'tSdite, v. a. fritter o^. iurudC tatircii) 

* torf^metfeii/ oorempfinben/ iM>rgeitiefenj 

an a-d old age, tin frufteft ICIter. 
An'Udste, #. ^as fdifitxz iDatum; ♦ ber IBor* 
^f4ma^. [t^tg/ antebtlut>tanif4. 

intedjlQ'Y}^, IntSdjlG'vi^n, ad;, oorffinbfiu* 
AntedjlG'vj^ni, s. pi, tie 7(ntebi(uoian(r. 
An'tSlQpe, a. vid. Aatiiope. 
AatelQ'c^n, adj, maS oor Xage^ Q(nt>ru4 tft. 
Antdm^rtd'i^n, a(^'. ^ormittSgig (vid. A, M. 

is A ab&r.) 

Xnxim^ific, adj. %at wlber ba$ Chrbre^en. 
InUmSt'ics (Antemetica), s. pi. Med, antt» 

metiMe, Qhrbred^cn fltIItttbe9]{itteE. 
AntSman'dftae, adj» 9or Grf^affiing ber SBelt 

oor^anben geioefen. 
j^ntlfn'naS, «. pi. Ent. bie 9A(l(5mcr. 
Ant€fittm'b«r, s. lit ©orbere 3ail. 
intenap'tial [-sh^l], adj. bor(o4iieitK(|». 
AntSpiU'^hfil, a((7. t>or IDflern. 
An't8piit, «. btc fleinc ob. dertnge Sormo^U 

ItiU fig'^trfSox^tnuf, Sorfdj^made. 
Xn'tepSnillt, Gram. I. ae/j. ber^ lit, baS bntt« 

le^te; n. «. vid. b. f. lEB. 
iatdp€nol'tim9, s. Gram, lit TfntepettttltimQ. 
IntSpSniil'tim^te, adj. Gram, jut ^ntepcnttU 
^ttmo de(6rf8. 
AntSpil^p'tjc (— cal) , adj. Med. onficpiIep« 

tif4, flut TOiber bie ?fallfu*t. [5Kittel. 

intlfpilSp'tjcf, s. pi. Med. antiepileptif^e 
An'tepOrt, s, bod dnpere S^or. 
Int8p9f t'tion, s. Gram, bie Sorfe^ttttg cine6 

IBorted. [ment. 

Ant8prfdif(/9iDfnt, «. Xo^. baft Sorprdbica- 
4Liit6'ri9r, ^nU'rfovr, adj. (— to) eorjergeienb 

(ber deit vnb bem fiHaume na4), torber, 

^fi^er; diter. 
^nt«r!5r'ity, s. 1. baS S^erfein, grdfterfein 

(ber3eittt.bemS)rte na^); a. berlBorstid/ 

SSorrang, bie (6^ereeteOe$ 8. baft b$bere 


in'tSrddm, s. baft eoQimmer. 
AntditSm'^sh, s. AnaU ber IBormagen$ (bet 

bem SebetDtc^) ber Jtropf. 
Antbe'lion[— t-h— ], *. /%yj. bie ©egenfonne. 
Anth^lmia'tic, adj. ant(elmintif4; fiutroiber 
^bie «Bfirmer. 
An'f/ifin, f.berffBe^fel^or^iS^orsefang, f)0((* 

gefang, ^etlide ob. geiflli^e ^efan^; bie flOto* 

tctte mit^rdelbegleitundj —wise, adj. »e<^s 
Jelibeife ^or^ngenb. 
knHh%n\%j s. Bot. bie rdmif^e Jtantille. 
in't/i^r, *. J5oe. bielfnt^ere^ beretawbbcuteL 
Anthpltt^'ic^U adj. ant(oIogir4. 
l^mVifiy, «. bieVnttelosie: l.h'e.biein^* 

tanblung dberSIumen; %fig. Lit. bie® In* 

menlefe) 3. Gr. Ch. eitte 6ammluRg ten 
Anth'^ny [— t^ny], j.Tftitoniuft, TCnton (SK-n) ; 

St.— 'i-flre, Med. baft Kntonittft-geuer, bir 

9tofe; ber Slot^Iauf. 
in't/iQs, s. l./^oMBIumen^SIdt^cn; 2.(Roft« 

marin; ^.AUk, bie CLmntcfTcns, baft®o(b« 

eUnr$ 4. bie ^erlef ens- 
In't/tr^cTt^, s. Min. ®laR}fo((e, Jtotlcnblenbc. 
Ant/ir9c({in'St^r, s. Chem. ber ifnttrafometcr, 

ito^IenfdttremefTer. [futtfel. 

kn'thr^Xf s. Afed.& Vet bie^eflbeule, Jtar» 
Ant/tr9pfig'n9iy » s. i%. bie SRenMenfenntnif, 
^3Xenf*en!uttbe. [gimgftlcSre. 

Ant/irop«g'9ny , *. Fh. lit (SXenMenerieu* 
AntTirQpSg'rfiphy, Int^ppdl'^^, s. Ph. lit 

^aturle^re beft (KenMen. 
Ant?irCpQmor'pb{fiii, s. JEcc. ber Xnt^ropo* 

^nt/trOpQmor'phlte , s. Eee. ber TCnt^ropo* 

morpiit. [popatjie. 

Ant/ir^pSp'ft/iy, s. Ph, k Theol, lit Xnt^rc 
An«/4r9p5pbV4l, s pL bie ^ta\iitnfTtfitt, 


Anf7irQpdph'9goai, adj. menf^enrrefTenb. 
AntArQpdph'^, s. baft SKenWttiftejfen, bie 
^SWenfienfrefferci. [^5t)|loflttomie, 

Ant/er9p8i'c9py, s. Fh. bic SKenWcnWaii^ 
Anf/ir9p5i^9pMr, s. Ph. bie Tfntftropofopjie. 
Anthypntttfc, AnthyppcbOn'dri&c, Anthypclph'. 

9r9, AnthystMc, cor. ft Antibypnotic, Ac 

vid. Anti ••• • 

An'tj (grie4.) partic. comp. wiber, gegcn. 
Ant|Sb9lX'tionTit, *• 1. ber TCtttiaboIitioni^ 

®cgner ber GelaoenabMaffung $ 2. ^einb 
^ber 9?ettenmgen. 
AntiSc'id, Afed. I. adj> ber €$aitren>iberflc^enb, 

bie @dure bdmpfenbj ll.a-i, ^ttil 

gegcn bie Gdure. 

Anti^^r'jc^n, adj. antiamcrifdntf^. 
Intiap9pl^</tic«, s. pU Med. ^itUl gegcn 

ben Bila^finf. 
Intj^rt^irit^jc , Afed. I. adj. antart(rittf4 ; 

II. a-ft, s. pi. gi^tlinbembe !IRittel. 
Antj^ttrrt'ion, s. Meeh. einc6<(mierc, urn bie 

Cfteibung beiSRaMinen, tc. ju cerminbem. 
An'tjc, hadj,; IL^Iy, adv. 1. alt^ 0ltt&tC« 

rifdl^, aItmobif4 (m'd. Antique); 2. fcltfam, 

groteftf; 3. Ud^txlidt, abentencrii^j III. s. 

1 . ber |)ofrenreif er, ^anftn>urft$ 2. bic Sra^c, 

Gaufcici) 3. baft ®efpcnfl, edl^cural) 4. bic 

7(nttfc(t)td. Antique). 
ToAn'tjc, v.a. iitm Starren madden ; lad^CT" 

lid^ ma^en^ MecK anti! arbciten; tin Su4^ 

aitf ben 6i!^nitteinitSigttren sieren. 




Ittlct^bJTc'^c, adj. Med. antifa^efttM. 
is'tjchSinbcr, s. vid. Antechamber. 
An'ti$hrT«t [ Wore.'], s. Ux lfnti*rifl. 
Antjshriftt'f^ii, I. adj. niUxiftifili^ i II. .9. 
Ht ffti^ti^tift, a()rtfIettfciRb. 
intishrist'janrfm, intishriBtian'jty, f.bcrXll' 

An'tjchrQnr^, s. t)er ^tttidftrptti^mud. 
To ^nti^tpSte, v. a. 1. ^ox ber S^it tf^nn, 
terser (meg) ne^mett/Oorgretfen; 2. oorauS 
geniefen^eorempftn^eR) 3. m4to^ne®runt> 
a(nen$ t)oraudfeten) 4. suoorfommen, toor^ 
Hutn, (tnbern ; to—payment, Com. anticipt* 
Xin, tor ber 3eit3a^lung Idften $ a-d appeal, 
Law, ble anttctpirte 7(ppeIIattOR$ a-d old 
a^e, tin friitjeitideS ^(ter. 

Antfcjpa'tion, «. 1. ba5 SorauSne^mcn; bie 
Somegna^me, baseorgreifctt) 2.bielBt>r< 
empflnbung; bereorT^macf 9 baseorgefu^U 
ba6f4on{mC^eifle®eteR} 3. ber torgefaf te 
Segriff, ba& Sorurttdl $ 4.bieahnoartuR99 
5.i>a$3ut)orfommen4 Com-i. bie^Cntidpan* 
^oja^lund, K Cto-ia^Iung $ by—, ouf Xb^ 
W^d/ ^ <5onto$ QOfEiefernngs a-i, p/.Yn« 

(inti^patpr, «. 1. (Sintx, ber oor^er toegnimmt, 
9orgreift; luborfommt^ 2. €k)m. ber Sor^ 
Mufer. [nief enb, porgreifenb. 

AntiL9np«it9ry, adj. porweg ne^menb, Porge* 

Antfcll'm^, s. RheU bie umgefe^rte G^teige^' 

^niRg; (Slegenfletgerung. 

AnticdnttjtG'tion^I, FoL adj. anttconflitutio* 
nett, perfafftingftwibrig. 

Antjcdnstltft'tion^irat, s. Fol. ber XnttconfH* 

^ttttionene; eerfafTnngftgegner. 

intjc^nvlli'sfve, adj. Med. anttcORPUlftPir^/ 
gut toiber SersutfoRgen. [f4e !IXitteI. 

JnticonTHHaiYef, s. pi. Med. anticonPttlflpi* 

An'tjcor, s. Far. bie Smflgef^nnlfl. 

Anticosmet'jc, adj. Med. ber e^d^^n^eit nadft* 
t^eilig, antifometiM. [mtttl 

iDtjcQimCtlci , s. pi. Med. antifo^metifcie 

An't}cQortier [— tsh^r], f.ber ®egner ob.^einb 
M^oft%, 04r<tttienfdnb. [6d^6pfer6. 

Antjarftrt^rf «• bcr Oegner ob. ^etnb be6 

in'tjct, s. pi. 9tcMftn (cf. Antic & Antique). 
An'tjdite, s. k v. cor. vid. Antedate. 
Ant)dea9crlf{c, — c^l, adj. Pol. antibemo* 

fratiM/ ber Solftterrfd^aft fdnbUdb. 
Antjd)lft\j9n. adj. its. cor. vid* Antedilovian. 
An'tidot^l/ Antjdi/t^ry, adj. Med. atttibota« 

rif^: 1. Ql5 Qlegengtft bienenb; 2. ponben 

<9egengiften (anbelnb. ((Begenmittel. 

wtidfite, s. 1 . Med. baft Oegengift 5 2. fig. baft 
Te wfdOte, V. a. 1. Afed. Oegengif^ dnge« 

^1 S.>Sg. bir4 <9cgcsmittel er^alten. 

Xntjdji^nt^r'lc, adj. Med. antibpfenterif*. 
Antifm^t'jc^ (— ict), s. pi. vid. Antemetici. 
Antient, Antientry, kc vid. Ancient, &c. 
An'tjface, s. baft ©egengeft^t/ btc cRtgegcnge« 
^fe^te ^tlu. [mtx. 

Antif^nat'jc, s. ber gdnb berCSIaubcnftfc^mdr' 
Antifeb'rjle, adj. Med. ffeber^dlcttb, pcber* 


Antjfifb'rili, s. pi. Med. gic^ermittcl. 
Ant|f2d'«r»irit, *. Am. Pbl. bcr:KntifobcraIi|l. 
Antjgiig'ifM. Mech. etn gefriimmtcr, metaUc^ 
^ner (BflftfllgHttft') ^eber. [berflc^cnb. 

Ant{hypnOt'jc, adj. Med. bcr Gd^Iaffutt nu 
intih>i>n&t'jc8 , s. pi. Med. ant^ppnottf^e 

9)llttel. [{)ppo(l^oRbric. 

intjbjfpQcbSn'drjfic, adj. Med. gut mibcr bie 
Ant{bjfp9Gh5n'dr{fici, s.pL Med. antt^ppos 

^^onbrifd^e ^OtitUl [(BcgenbcmciftfleUc. 
AntibypOpVprf, s. Rhet. bie Tfnfu^rung cincr 
AntjhyitSHjc, adj. Med. anti^pflenfil^. 
intjbystSr'jci, s. pi. Med. mttel gegcn bie 

Antjlfgftm'f n?, s, Bihl. bic ^ittilcgomcna. 
AntjISg'^rie/im, s. Math, ber TCntilogadt^mc. 
^ntn'Qgy, s. Lit. bieVntilogie, ber SGBibcrflrdt 
^ber ®riinbe fiir unb n>iber dncn 6ab. 
Antjioon', s. Com. ein Stame bcft fcincn brcttcn 

(S^alonft. [siege (in Kften unb Tffrifa). 

in'tjlOpe, s. Zool. hltlintiloi^e, ®aicac,{)irf4< 
Antn'Qqurst, s. Lit. ber fBiberfpred^cr, ®cgncr. 
AntimTnistsVifil, adj. P0I. bcm ()}{imflerium; 

berOlegierung fdnbli^. [ricSc. 

.Intjminjfts'rj^iist;^ s. Fol. ber :{CnttminifIc< 
intjmonarsh'jc^I (Antjm^narsh'jc), i\>/. I. adj. 

antimonar^if^) H* --necs, s. bcrKntimo* 

nar^i^muft, ^df gegcn bic 9}{onar4^tc. 
AntjmcSn'^rshist, s. Pol. ber TCRtimcnar^ift. 
intim<}'ni«il , adj. Qicm. antimonif^^ gum 

€5piefglare gc^ftrig; barauft bcrcitct. [falj. 
AntfmO'njiite, s. C7iem.baft0pte$glans(orpb)' 
intjmD'niHtf d, aij. Cliem. fpicfglaft^altig. 
Ant|mD'n|onfl, adj. Chem. antimontf^ 9 — acid, 

bie epief glansfdure. 

An'tjmony, s. baft Tfntimoniuni; ®ptef glaft. 
Ant jmSr'fLlist, s. bcr Sdnb bcr QittliifMt. 
AntifhG'fjc^l, adj. ni$t muflfalifit) ; o^nc mn* 

fimm^ ®e^^r. 
intjnepbrit'jc, adj. Med. antincp^ritif^. 
IntjnG'mi^n, I. adj, fdnbli^ gegcn baft (9efe( ; 

IVL ber 6ecte berVntinomificn gc^5rig9 II. s. 

vid, Antinomiit. 
AntinZ)'mi9nf , s. pi. Ecc. bic ^ntinomicr. 
IntinO'mi^nffm, s. Ecc. bcr ^nttnomiftmuft. 
In'tin^mYit, s. ber Kntlttomift, (Scfcbfhirmcr. 
An'tjnQmy, s. bie Antinomic. [piflif(i^* 

'intipi'p^l, Xnt|pfp7t'tic (— cfl)» adj. atttipa* 




iBtjpXrfljft^|c(— c^l), adj, Af«ii. tntiparalQ'BTo lu't|qiiate, o.a. ixralten cb. obfommca 

Antfp^t^St^icfJ (Iat|p9t/iet'ic), I. adj. ; n.-ly, 

adv. «on ^atur iwni^vc, roilxi^, »tberftre« 

boib, unoerttSdlits m. —nesi, s.^a^Hn* 

tl9«t(etif4e, natfirli^e dttmiberfdn. 

^BtrpVt^Q«> tufi* v<(2« Aotipathetica]. 
^iitrp'«i%» «.bie7(tttipa4ie/ bie (SSatnrOVb* 

Antjpiltiij((/ic» a(^'. unpatriotif^. [^tdren. 
Antlp^a'clj^MBy s. Ch. ba0 Sor^aitgfttuit) oon 
Antfpf ru'tfsri, «. Fhys. lit Tintiptxi^aft. 
AiHip&til«a'ti«l , 01(7. Med. anttpefK(tntia« 
Jif«, peWeilenb. 
Aatjphl^gl^i'tic, I.a(0'.antipil09tflif4/ ent}ilti« 

bungdnibrid, {>{(e bfimpfenb) n.«. Afed. 

1. bie QCntip^lostfU!) 2.ber7(ntiptlo9ifH!er) 
^a-f, «. pj. M«d. SXittel gegen Qn^finbung. 
Aii't)pbtfn» «. Mus. ber ftB(4f(I4or, (9egcii» 

d^fona (vid. Anthem). 
^Dtirph'^ii^ly I. s. loie Antipbonary, qt>. , II. 

adj. ; m. — ly, adv. im SBe^fel^or ^ngenbj 

in obme^felnbcn (S^dren. 
j^Dtifph'^n^ry (i^ntTph'Qii^r), s. Rom. Cath. 

bad ICtttip^onarittm, (Sf^oxiud). 

Antfph'9o€, J^iXpWguy, s. vid. AntiphoD. 

IntjphSB'jc (—cat), cu^'. tntip(onif4. 

^Dtlpb^r^Bif, In'tiphrSf e, s. Gram, hit QCnti* 
ptraft/ ^tt egenfinn. [adu. antip^cofKfid^. 

ADtipbrXft'tfc^l (AntjpbrXB'tic), I. adi» U. -iy, 

^atfp'pilf], Ast. I. adj. antipobif*, entgegen^ 
tbe — meridian, ber iT^tttagSfreiS ber <9e« 
genfiifler) n. a-i, (SegenffifUr. 

^otip'^Ci, s. pi. AH. bie ^Kntipoben, ®egeii» 

^f&Fer$ joc. tBiberfodfter. 

An'tjpdrf9n, s. bad (Segengift 

In'tjpOpe, «. ber Qegenpapft. 

In'tipOrt, s. vid. Anteport. [Jtir^e fetnb. 

IntjprflSt'ic (-c«l), adj. ber bif*df[t4en 

An'cjprieit, «. ber ^rieflerfetnb. 

intjpriest'crftft, s. baft Xntipfaffent^um. 

AntjprTn'ciple, s. baft (Begenprincip. 

AntjprSph'^t, <• ber f)rop(etenfeinb. 

Antjptiy'sjs, s. Gram, bie (Safulbenoe^felttng 

JSxL ber (Sottflntction). 

AntjpQVmDr s. ber (SIfegner ber ^uritaner. 

^nti'qnf, Germ. Typ. ade lateinif^e iBtt4l« 


Antiqv&'rj^o, I. adj. bie ^Uert^ilmcr betref' 
fenb, altcrt^ilmli4$ n. a. loie Antiquary, gu. 

Ant}qiift'rj«nrfm, «. bie eieb^aberei f&r TCnti* 

^QUitdtett) TOtert^ilmelei. 

An'tlqo^ry, «. 1. ber TCntiqnar, leaner nnb 
£ieb(aber ber latfrt^ilmer, mcrtftumftfor* 
f<^cr4 2. ^ntifen^dnbler^ 3. S^u^ertrabler 
(Xntiquar)i adj. {Skktp.) alt, alterfajren. 

tafTen, abf^affea, aufl^ben. 
In'^qnUt^d, I. p. a. abgefommen, oeroUet) 

11. — nes8 (Antiqnateneas), i. 1. baft fieral* 

tetei 2.eeraltetreia. • 

latjqii&'tion, i. 1. bie TCbfdftolfung $ 2. baft 

eeraltetfeiS/ TfUert^um. 
^ndqoe' [-^ili^» I. adj. 1. alt, antilj 2. alt« 

mobir4,aItbdteriMi 3.feltfam,groteftf(t7i<;. 

Antic); —oil, ein CI fAr baft ^aor^ —works, 

pi. alte ^nftoerfe j Jl.s. 1. bie YatSi, bti 

tKItert^umftflfiif, bie alte JTnnflarbett) 8. baft 

TCltert^umi d.beryofcnreifer, ^anftmurft 

(in(f. Aotic). 
^nt!qae'n9«i [-tUi'-], 9. baft TCltert^umlii^c, 

baft altert^ilmUte TCnfe^en (einer Za^t, bef. 

eineft Jtunftgegett^anbeft). 
ijLBti'qoity, s. 1. baft Xltert^ttm, bieSorteit^ 

coUect. bie Xlteitj 2. bie Yntiquitdt, baft 

alte Jtunfiioer!; alte Btfitf j antiquities, pU 
^TCItert^iimer, TCntiquitdlen. [rung. 

AntjrSv^I&'tion, t. Pol. mod. bie Oegenempd* 
IntjrSv^I&'tionfiry, adj. JPol. ber C^taatftnai' 

lodliung, ber Qtapftrang feinbli*} mod. eine 
^(Begenummdliuttg bejweifnib. 
AntjrSvQlQ'Uonitt, t. JM. 1. ber (Begncr ber 

C^taatftiumodl^ttttg, ber^mpftrung) 2. mod. 

ber Sefdrberer ber Oegenunuodlsung. 
Intisiibbft&'^in, «. Ecc. ber Gabbat^ftfeinb. 
IntfiSc^rdo't^, adj bem 4)rieftert^ttme fetnb. 
Antri'ci^ni, Mtit'c|I[-Wj«nf , -ifth'ff]* s.pU 

AsU bie ap ben perf^iebenen Gkiten bcft tqu* 

torft wo^nenbenSftlfer, Oegenf^attige. 
IntiiCQrbn'tic i-^),adj. Med. autlfcorbutif*. 
An'tjiCQrb&'tici, s. pi. Med. antifcorbtttif4e 
^aitittel. [Idttgnen ber ^eiligen B^xiit 

AAt{Bcrip'tarjim [— tibfi^], s. Ecc. baft Kb* 
Antjicrifp'tarf St [— tibvr— ], s. Ecc ber Xb> 
^l&ugner ber ^eiUgen 0*hft [fie^nb 

AntfsSp'^c, adj. Med. ber Qdulaif »iber« 
IntlsVtics, s. pi. Med. attttfeptiMe mttit 
intiso'cial [— sh^] , adj. 1. ttBgefeQig, bet 

mcnf4U4en <SereIlf4aft f^dbli*} 2. «oIhr« 

^LntTt'p^rs, s. Med. bie ICbleitung ber 6dfte 
jaaif einem anbem X^t beft Aftrperft. 

Antjspfi^mOd'ic, adj. Med. ftompffUaenb. 

Antjsp^fmdd'jcs, s.pU Med. frampffhScnbe 


AntJspSs'tfc a^. Med. oMiitenb, antifpafKM. 

inttsplXnVfc* adt Med* MeCHalle abf&(renb) 

mil}f^4t4eilenb. [Cberprebigerj ICbt. 

^tTs'tSs ,9, ber eor|W|ier$ §Dberpricfteri 
Antifs'trQphS, Antifs^tr^pky.^.iV^et bie ®egen« 

|lrop^e4 Gram, bie XMiftrop^e. [ftrop^e. 
^ntiVtrpphto, s. Bhet. bie 9tetorf!on, lCnti# 




lotfttrtfaDltfc, adj. Med, fropfoertrdBcttb, 

ftroptclnt^cnb, [Jtropf. 

iDtfstrtkmSf jcs, s, pi, Med, Stittel gegen Un 
intiftft'^rfs, «. 1. iihet bie ^(nttt^efe, ber ®(« 

smfa^/bieOntgcgettfetttng) 2.fig,tU^ti* 
Ant|t/i§tft'riiifl, J. Zoto, bte 3ttriutff4iebQng 

be0 Berbre4enS toon Cfdten be$ TCngeflagten 

Antit^iCt^JG, intit/tSf jc^, aeb*. i^/iet ontit^e 

tif4i dedettffi(U4/ entgegengefhSt. 

Jet Gegettt^ettS. 

AntitrihitiiVifn, Ecc, I. «. b(r fbxtUini^tiU* 

JUnffXtti II. ad;. antttrinitanf4. 

Ao'tjt^pe , s. ber Tfbbrutf) bie QCbbilbung} 

^TTkeoi. bQ^ ®egenbt(b, (Segenvorbilb. 

Antftjfp'jc^l, adj. gegenbilblid^. 

Ant|T6nS'rdiJ, adj. antivenmf^. 

Ant|zeal9t[ott(!b SntjzSal'pt], j.berSiferfiemb. 

Ant'l^r, «. Sport, baft unterfltf, erfte @nbe am 
•{>irf4d<t9ei$e unb Ole^boctege^drne^ brow- 
antleri, bie HvL^tnfpxotm, nnttm Cfnbeit) 
car- or bear-antlers, bte obem ^ben? bea— , 
bad Urn ttntem Gnbe 9?d4fle. 

In'tl^red, ac^'. ge^frnt, gtwei^trogenb. 

An'tlft-lXce', s. ba5 d^ff^tn. 

Antocow, «. ^ar. cor. vid. Anticor. 

Anto^cT, r. pi. Ast bte (9egen»o^ner. 

in'tpiief, — ofcloTe«, *. bie SWuttergewurj* 

^oto'oify s. Itntonia (^-n). 

S.nt9n9mi'f i^ L^zbf9]y iDtQnSm'fiy, s. Mhet 
lit :2Cntottoma1!e, S^amenme^felung. [|)6$Ie. 

An't^xiy, 8. vid. Anthony. ^ An'tre, s, bie 

(nfwSrp, ln't5rf, «. Geog, 2(ntt9erpen. 

A'avi, «• ilnat. bet Kfter, baS Suf erfle bed 


in'vfl, «. bet ^mbof ) rising — » ber sroeifpi^ii' 

^ge Tfmbof/ {)ornambof/ baft &perr^om. 

AnViied, p. a. auf bem Xmbof gef^mtebet. 

^xs^ty, *. 1. bie (4>erjett«») Xngft, ©angig* 
f ett; Seforgnif , ^vlx^U 2. bie fBedngfHgung j 

3. bie Jtlemme, e^wterigfeit/Senocnen^eit) 

4. Afed. bie Seflemmiing. 

inVioas, I. adj, 11. —ly, adv, 1. dngftli^/ 
bange, unru^fg, bef&nincrt} 2. forgfdltig 
(befotgp^ fe^nli^) eifrig$ m. — ness, s, 
1. bfe SngfUi^f eit, i9(angtgfeit ) 8.bie<Se» 

Any [^n'nf], I. pron, adj, 1. irgenb ein(er), 
irgenbeine^ irgenb eind) etnas $ einwenig^ 
nar no4 ...| % einige^ 3. einer, cine^ eind, 
Scinanb) baye yon — shares? (aben 6Ke 
Xctieni in — place, an jebem tfXte, laberolli 
uke — , ne^BUft Bit, ibad S^nen beliebtj 

—body, —one, irgenb einer, ieber, Stbermantt^ 
not— yiteiner/SSiemanb) ni^tS^ not— one, 
ni^t^net; S^iemanb) —thing, irgenb (St» 
»a9$ Qft»a^ ein XBenig (mad ed au4 frO^ 
II. adv, irgenb...} —bat..., lauter...) 
— farther (farther), ein SBenig »eiter, »ei' 
ter3 —how, %mlg. anf irgenb einc^Vrt; ed fei 
»ie ed »oIIe/ ed gilt glei4 t)ielf »enigficnd 
bo49 —longer, no4 (.lin ®enig) Idnger^ 
— aore, einSBenig me^r^ me^r, no4 etwod^ 
wiener i withont-more ado, o^ne weitere tlm« 
fiinte^ not— more, gar nidiitd nie^r^ ni^t 
mejrj (In) — way, — wise (col. —ways), onf 
irgenb eine 9Beife, irgenbioie$ —where, ir' 
genbno) iiberaQ) —whither, irgenb mo^in. 

lo'ni^n, adj. aonif^, bdotifib) —songs, aoni^ 
f4e (grie^if^e !IXufenO ®efdnge. 

A'priat, *. Gram, ber Qforiflud. 

^or'tfi [fTorc, W.; ft^oi^-t^ 5m.], s, Anat 

Jtit grof e €f4Iag« ob. ^nldaber. 
Aod't9, s. Bot ber |)apiermaulbeerbattm. • 
^pSctZ, adv. gef(t)n)inb; ffneU/ (urtig, eilig. 
Sufel^enbd/ flarf^ ^eftig i it rains — , ed regnet 
^^arf . [apagogif^e i^eioeid. 

Ap'»g»g8, Xp'^0^, *. Log, bie TCpagoge, ber 
Ap9g^M» adj. Log, inbirect, mittetbar, 
^apagogif^. [f4enf4eti. 

Ap^ntArO'pl?, ^p&i't^r^py, s. Med, bieSHen: 
Ap^rlne', s, Bot, bad ^lebfraut. 
Ap^rit/i'mdirfs, s, Bhet, bie Vttf|d^Iung. 

Apart', adv, 1. beifeitd^ beiCSeite^ 2. abge* 
fonbert/ befonberd^ — from, abgefe^enoon.... 

Apart'ment, s, bad dinuner. 

A^^Mtf\e, adj. nnempfUiblid^, (ge)fil^Uod. 

IpVAist, s, l.berSa^Uofei 2. SeibenMaft^ 
lofe 1 (Slei^mfit^ige. [mfit^ig. 

lp«itMs'tjc9l,a(^'. gleid^gfilttg i fu^Hod 5 glei<b*^ 

2p'9t^yf s, 1. bie ^i^Uoflgfeit^ Unempjfnbs 
Ii«feU) 2. 2eibenf4aftdlofig!eit4 {frei^eit 
loon (9em£t9dbeioegnngen$ <9Iei4miitl^igfeit j 
3. bie Xbgerpannt^eit; Unt^dtigfeit. 

^^knmef, t. Her, bte audgefhretfte fla^e ^anb. 

Ape, s, 1. Zoo^ ber jfffe {vid. Monkey)} 
2.^g. ber SJacJdffer, albemeXropft —lea- 
ders, (-bearers, —carriers), (entmsie^enbe 
9>ofrenf9teIer (mit Off ent^eoter , le.)} an 

To Ape, u. a. na^dff^. 

Apeak' (ApeekO, adv.smnS)ur4bo6ren berett 
{Dr, J.) ; Mar, fenfre^t, ob, gerabe fiber ob. 
nnterbemTTnfer) to ride -, mit gefajeten 
(i. e. fenfre^t gefteHten) dtaaen tor Vnfer 
liegen} to ran — , mit bem G^iffe fiber ben 
Vnhr 2u fle^en f pmmen. 

Ip'ennlne, adj, Gtog. apenniniftb) the— hills, 
or the Apennines, s. pi, bie Kpennineit. 




Zoo/. Ux 9bcr. [6ffttmb^ abfft^renb. 

^pe'ri^nU (^perfSn'tf^ [-Hrii}-^]), «• p<. Med. 

^per'tioii, s, (». il.) bie jblfnuRg/ bad Jbffnen $ 

bieSildfe^ bet S)nr(b8and. [Xugenliebeg. 

tpeHtpr, «. Anat ber ICufbebrr bed obern 
pVtttre[— Ub(ir]» s. 1. bie £)ffttttng$ 2. 

(,<Srndnin94 3. Opt. bie 

Ypertur eined Qentrobrft ob. Sergrdf erungd* 

glafeft) 4. Geom. bie 6(benfeln)cite. 
ApSt'^Ioas, Bot, I. acO'. o^ne SBlumenbldtter^ 

hUtUvlo^i U. -ness, «. bie SBIdtterlofigfeit. 
A'pfx, «. I. tie Gpite, ber (Sipfel j (;ram. ein 

S^e^nungdaccentCO) ^ou bie TCntber, baS 

Staubgefdf) Zoof. ber {f^berbur^/ bie^e* 

berbaube oerf^iebener S^gel. 
^phei/^sii, f. Gram, bie XybdreflS; iSurg. & 

Med. bie IBegnabme^ Gntfemund (v. 6tn>ad 


Apbsij9ni « . ilff . bie Gonnenferne. 
^phe't9, S' Astrol. ber ®eburtd^em. 
^^pbSt'ic^I, adj. Astrol. ben ®eburt9flem be« 

trefenb. [liebe; bie {Stenrd^mf^eu. 

Aph}laa'thr9p}» j. ber fDtongel an ^enf4en» 
A'phjfi^ J. Ent bie fBIattlaud. 
iipbl9^i8't)c . a((:. flammenlod) —lamp, bie 

opblodifUHte San^pc, baf (?Iu(^idmp4en. 
Apho'Djf, Aph'poy, «. Med. bie 6pra4Iofig« 

hit; 8pra(bldbmund/ etimmloftgfeit. 
Apb'Qrifm, s. Rhet. Xtr 'KT^^oxiimn^, 2ebr« 
^fpni*. [auf opboripif*« ^rt fcbreibt. 

Apb'9rTf]ii9r, Iph'priBl^ j. Bhet. Qintv, ber 
Aphprift'tjc^I (Xpb^rfs'tic), I. adj. II. — ly, 

adu. apboriflif^/ in 2ebrr9ril4eR, inhirgen 

Apbrpdi^i^c, Xphrodi^T'^c^i, adj. 1. ben (Se» 
Wtd^Htvith reijenb j 2. bieSuflfeucbe betref- 
^fenb; iur oenerif(ben ^ranfbeit d^b^rig. 
Aphr9dit'9i9c«, j. pi. Med. ben Segattungft* 
^trieb anregenbe aXittel. 

Aphr9di't8» s. I. Myth. fScm^i 2. Zoo^ 

^[Spb'rQdit], bie efeeraupe, ber ©olbwurm. 
Apbrpnitre', s. Gaipeterf^aum^ 6alpeterblu< 
^men, SXouerfalpeter, ^alffalpeter. 

d^en) im WtnaU ber Jtinber $ bie SHnnbfcluIe. 
Apb'yloiu, adj. BoU bkttlod. [band. 

A'pi^ry, «. Bee, ber 9ienenflanb, bad S9ienen' 
Apldf , pi. c. Aptx, qt). [anf Seben. 

4lpiece' (a piece), adv. fiir bad ©tfldf i fSr Ob. 
A'pi'» «• 1. Myt/i. 2(pid (dgDptif^e (Boiti^zit)i 

2. (lat.) bie ©iene. 
i'plsb , I. adj. n. -ly , adv. afenmdfig : 

l.pofllfrlt^, ldppir4f, andgelafTctt, 0e}iertf 

2. naibdffenb; in.— neii, «. bad TCffenbafte, 
Idppifcbe fiBefen. [^ersflopfenX ti(f/ tact. 

tprt'pXt, adv. (p. pit u. pat) (bef. P. [(bneSem 
plfnSt'ic adj. Opt. feine JCbweidbnng (ber 
Sid^tfhrablen) b^benb^ aplanatifibi —focus, 
ber a-e ©rennpnnftj -telescope, bad a-e 

Apdc'^Jpse, 4. Bibl. 1. bieKpofalQpfe, £)ffen« 
bamngSobanni^) 2. bunfie {Reben. 

^pdc^ljfp'tfc, I. adj. i. apofalQptif(b/ of enba« 
renb) 2. gebeimnifboU^ bnnfelj f4»&rme« 
rif4) II. s. ber Serf affer einer^pofalppfe^ein 
apofaIi)ptif(ber eibriftfteUer. 

^p5c«ljfp'tjc^l, adj. ; — ly, adv. mie b. P. IB. 

^pdc'ope, ApWopy, *, Granu bie Xpofope. 

Apocrfls'tfc , adj. Med. opofmflirib/ Surficf* 

Jreibenb. [neien. 

IpQcriis'ticB, s. pi. Med. }urii(ftreibenbe ^r}> 

^pSc'rypb^, s. pi. Theol. bie opofnjpbifcben 
®(t(berber®ibel$ Lit. G^riften ttnbe!ann< 
ter Cerfojfer. 

^pOc'rypbfil, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv.opofrp' 
pbif4/ ttnglaub»iirbig, perbddjitig, smeifeU 
bafti ]DDn ungemifTer 7(utoritdt$ unterge* 
fcboben; m. — ness, s. bad Tfpofrppbif^e/ 
UngewifTe , bie d»eifelbaftig!eit i bad Ser* 
bd^tige. ^ [crypbal. 

^pSc'rypb^y, ApQcrjfpb'jc^l, adj. vid. Apo- 

ApW,a<y. l.A'flt.fuflod^furjfuPigi 2. /eft. 
fablbdu^ig. [mit febr tursen S^tf en. 

ApOde', s.Nat.U^fvifloUZf^izxi berSogel 

Apodef', s. pi. Jch. jtablbdutbe. 

Apodfc'tfc^l (ApQdic'tic) , I. adj.; U. — ly, 
adv. apobiftifi/ unwiberfpre^U^/ unldug* 

^bar, gewif . 

Apodfx'is, s. iZ/iet. ber nttn>iberlegli4e Semeid. 

^pSd'psU, «. Gram, k Rhet. ber Bla^\a%, 

^^interfo^ „ 

Ap9gae'9D, ApQgS'on, Apo^e'vm, j.tnd.b.f.flB. 

Ap'o^se, s. Ast. bie Qhrbfeme. 

ApSii^til'rfi, s. Mus. vid. Appogiatnra. 
Ap'QgttOf «• Ich. ber {>dringdf6nig. 
Ip'ogriCpb, «. bie (Sopie, ^f^ripf. 
^pSg'r^pb^, adj. copirt, obgef^rieben. 
^p51'lQ, s. Myth. XpoUo, ber ®ott ber fDhtflf^ 

3)i(btfunfl, ic. 

ApQl'lyQD, s. Bibl. ber Serberber. 
^p^H^^^r, s. vid. Apologist 
^pSIoi^t'jc, I. adj. apologetifib/ tertbetbigenb i 

n. s. bie 6(butrebe^ e^butf^rift. [tif4. 
i^pSlpiSt'lc^l, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. opolbge* 
Ap8l'9^Bt, s. ber ®(butrebner, Sertbeibiger. 
To 4ip01'9ifze, V. n. 1. (—for) Qtinm Ob. einer 

6a(be eine €5(bntrebe baUen/ ibn ob. fie per* 

t^efbigen, tertreten^ 2. (— to ... for ...) M 

entfibtttbigen (bet ... wegen ..•)• 




^p5I'^zer, 8. ter Sert^eibiger. 

ApV^giie, *. tie (Se^r*) gabel, mortttif(Se 


^p5I'9gy, J. 1. bte^polodte^ Gd^n^rebe, @4u(« 
J(^nft$ 2. lBert(etb(gund; ^tf^ulbidund. 
Ap9m8c5ni'£try, s. Oeom. bie gcrnmeffunbe, 
AppneGrl/sii, Ap^neQ'rpif , s. AnaU bte 7Cpo« 


ApdphV»» '• AAe^ bie ^pop^ofe. 
Ap^phl^g'm^tfc (— cfl), adi. JHed. ben &^Uim 

Qbf&^renb. [mtttl. 

ip^phlj^g'm^tics, s. pi, Med, f^^leimabfu^renbe 

Ip^phK^g'iD^tlfm, s, Med. bte ®d^(eimau9« 


Ap9pblfgmilt'iz9nt, s. Med. eiit !S)litteI ba§ 
ben 64Ieim (bnr4 bie 9?afe) abfii^rt. 

Apopht/iegm [Slp'-^-t/ilfni], j. RheU bad ^pc 
p^t^egma, ber ^enffpru^. [p^t^egmatif^. 

ippphtA$giiiat'ic(— csd), [Sppt/i— ], a(0.apo« 

JLpoph'gye, ApSpb^^y, s. Arch, ber TCb* unb 

ifnrauf eineS®2uIenf4afteS: upper—, ber 

Xblaufj lower—, berXttlauf. 

ApSph'ysfc, 4Lp5ph'yBy, s. AnaU ber ^norren, 

Yudmu^s ober g^rtfa^ an Jtno^en) bie 


Ap9pl2(/tjcy (— cal), I, adj, apoplcftiW, ben 

6(i^IagPttf betreff^nb? an — fit, ein )(nfan 

vom^c^lage) II. «. ein Pom G^Iage ®e 

^ troff ener. [rfi^rt, geldjmt. 

Ap'opl^sed [— ekit] , adj. com 0d&lage ge» 
Ap'pplezy, s. ber 04Iagf{up4 €5(^Iag} to fall 

into an — , pom 04lQg( gedi^rt merben^ an 

— of drankenaes8,j¥g. einXaumel berXrun* 

fen^eit, bad toD nnb poQ fein. 
^p(/r}9, Ap'qty, s. bie ^porie: 1. RheU; 

2. Af«d. bie fieber^ape Vng^ ob. Sellemmung. 
Apdf jppe'sjsy ^pos|op'd$y, *. Rhet. bic TTpo* 

ffopefe, TTbbre^ung ber 9lebe. 
^pWtMy i— ^}f '• bie Xpoflafte: l. Rel. k 

Pbl. OTtrfiiinig^eit, ber Qfbfattj Med-s, 2. 

bie TCb^ofung eine6 S^eiled^ %. 99. eineft 

branbtsen Jtnod^end^ 3. ber TCbfcef . 
ApWtite, I. <r. ber2(po(lat,7Cbtrunnige$ l£b* 

gefoQene^ II. adj. apoflatif4, obtrfinnig) 

To AipSs'tSte, V. n. tnd. To Apostatize. 
^PQAtSt'jcqJ, adj. apoflatif4, abtritnnig. 
To 4p5s't»tlze, V. n. abfaUen (bef. Pon feiner 

SfteUgicn)/ abtrftnnig werben. 
To Apds'tSm&te, v. n. ATed. f^ipfiren/ eitem. 
^pdst^ma'tion, «. Med. baft (bie TCnIage )um) 
^64n»dren/ CSitem. 
Ap^BtSm^toiu, adi. Med. apoflematdft. 
Ap^patime, «- Med. bad (SeMmilr, ber 64wd« 

ten, bie (Siterdef<l^ttI|L 
4^tle [9ptt^«l]* «• ^'&^* ^er Vpoftel. 

^pfis'tleship C-p2(ft'il-], ^pSs'tQlite, «. Roc 
I. bad Xpoftolat, ^pofhlamtj 2. (e^emats) 
bieSStrd^ofSwilrbe) 3. gefflli^e ®m4»tdbar> 
IvXi 4. p£pflli(^e9tegiemng. 

ApQstSl'ic adj, Ecc. apcftoUr^? — fathers^ 

^bte ^r^enp&ter 5 — See, ber pdpftU^e Gtu^L 

ApQstdl'jG^I, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, adv. apo{fa>Uf(ib» 
in. — nesa, s. bad TCpoflolif^e, apoftoUfd^e 

ApQit^Hcs, s. pL Ecc, bie QCpofioIifer. 

^p0i'tr9phe, 4p9*'^9pby>^* I. Rhet. bieOCpO' 
flrop^e, QCnrebe; 2. Gram, ber QCpoftrop^. 

To i^ptfs'tTQpbe, V. a. Gram, apoflrop^iren. 

Ap98tr6ph'ic, adj. 1. Gram, apoftrop^ifd^i 2- 
RheU auf eine ^poflrop^e i95eing ^abenb. 

To ^pSi^trpphlze, v. a. 1. @inen fur) anreben, 
^art anfa^ren? Gram-s. 2. (ein tSort) ab« 
fiirien ob. |nfammett)ie(en ^ 3. mit einem 
TCpoflrop^ htifii^ntn, apoftrop^iren. 

Ip'Qitfime, cor. vid* Aposteme, k To Apo- 

^pSt/i'fCMTf *. ber ^Cpot^ef er ; — •«bill, bie 
7C-re(inung9 iron, eine ilbertriebene 0le(|' 
nung; — »' ball, bad gemeinf4)aftli(!^e Glabo* 
ratorium berX inSonbon? — '• sbop, bie 
tttpotjefe. ^ [tbegm. 

Ip'ot/tegm [— t/tSm], Ap'Qtbiin, f.vid. Apopb 

ApQt/ifgmslt'jc (— c^l), adj. apop^(egmatif4. 

Appt'tSg'iii^tist, «. ber ^anunler, SerfafTer 
Don S>enfrpi^(^(n. 

To ApQt/iSg'm^tlze, v. n. S>enffprfid^e fagen. 

Ap9t;ie'9Bfs» «. bie QCpot^ofe/ Serg6ttemng. 

^pStVesii, s. Surg, bie Xpot^efid. 
pSt'Qme, ^LpSt'Qmy, s. Math, ber Unterf^teb 
iwif^en inti incommenfurabeln <Sr6f en. 

Ap'pzSm, s. Med. ber itrdutertranf, Jhrdnter* 

^abfnb, bad jDecoct. 

ApQz^m'jc^I* adj. Med. becoctartig. 

To App^I' f To 4Lppdll' , V. I. a. erblei^en 
ma4^en (por &^xtden), erfd^recfen, entmtu 
t^igen, nnterbritifen) II. n. ♦ perbleidftett. 

^pp4Km«nt, s, bad (Srblafen oor Gd^retlfeii^ 

^ber pI5^li4( ®4retfen. 

Ap'p^n^ge, s. bieXpanage: bad Seibgebinge) 
fig. ber Untfitil, 7(n6ang m ^tioad; bad in* 

Ipp^ii'tvis, s. T. 1. ber Xpparat (SBBer^euge 
}ur praftif4en Idetreibung einer SBiflenMaft 
ob. Jtunft5 |. «. *em., *imrg., HterartT^er 
X)9 2. ber eorrat^, bad 3ttbetdri %m* 
menblement (eined ^auWi Jtriegdger^; 
3eug) bie@quipage$ bie durilfhmg j 8. ber 
^ut/ bod (Seprdnge. 

^ppaf^^l* J- 1. bie irieibung^ 2;ra4t/ bad Ok* 
»anb, ber e^mnf j 2. bad 0dftfffdgerdt(i 
3. Surg, ber Serbanb (anf eine flBntbe). 





To ^ippSr'f 1, V. a. fUilin, UtltiUn, f^mucfen. 

^pp^fDt, I. adj.; n.— Iy» adv. 1. ottgen* 
fd^einUit^ f(ar, offttAaxi Mtbar, Mtti^i 
2. f^einoar) 3. befannt, flcwif/ ui^titigi 
~ dimmeter of the lun, bcr Meinbare llm> 
fan0 Der 0omie. [un^ritige (5rbe. 

^ppdr'^t, J. eiltpt ftbeir—, Ux gemifTe, 

App9tf tioii» «. l.(». a.) lit firf4einund^6l4t« 
barfeit $ 2. bad (Befi^t; (Sefpenft, ber (S^eifl, 
bie Qrftetstmg) 3. bieXfiuMung; 4. AsU 
bu et^tperiobe (bcd^Ronbeft, u.). 

App^rf tlpD&t, «. ber (9eifierfeHr. 

Appir'jtQr, #• Lav, ber d^eri^ttbiener, ®e« 
xi^nMcU, f)ebcn. [r. o. (^AXrap.) anflagen. 

i^ppaifm^nt, incf. Apartment ; To .Appeach', 

to^ppeaK» Law, v.I.n. 1. eine Jtlage vox 

einen aabem dti^ter |ie^$ 2. (— to), ap« 

peSiren, M (aufS^nAnb) berufenj to be 

— ed to by ... , aufgeforbert merben 9on ... 3 

« n. a. anf^kgen, angeben. 

^Lppga]',^. l.bie Appellation, IBentfungaaf..., 
TCnrttf^g (einerf)erron aUdeuge)} 2. bie 
3nflU(bt$ Law-s^ 3. bie Unfla^ti 4. 7Cnf« 
forbentng auf eine ^ioge ju anttooxUn, fBox» 
labnng) 5. ba( YppeSation&recbt 9 action 
upon—, bie A-dflagei coort of a-g, ber Ti-h' 
bof, baft TL'^txidft 

^ppsal'^ble, adj. 1. anflagbar, iur Serant* 
nortungsn li^^^ (—for, megen)} 2. einer 
TCppeQatioR untenoorfen. 

^ppsa'l«r, s. ber TCppeSant. 

To i^ppiar', V. n. 1. }nm fiorfcbeine fommen) 
erf(beinen$ 2.fiibieigen,auftreten5 (oor®e« 
ri4t) erf^einen, fUbfieIIen$ 3. erbeQen, M 
ergebett) 4. ftefnen (baft ^Cnfe^en ^ahtxOi 
to — dry, trodtes gelegt »erben, sum fSox^ 
fibein fommen (j. f6. 00m ^nbe bnr4 bie 

(Shht)i to ~ shining, Metal. hUAtni to 
make — , bemeifeu/ bart^un^ to — against 
one, mibet Gtnen (alft $artei 6jTentIi4^) auf« 
tretenj to — for one, i. fJreinen auftreten, 
M 5{fentli(b fur i^n er!Idren$ 2. fix QHnen 
(pox <S(eri(bt) erf(beinen$ to — on the stage, 
(auf ber IBubne) auftitten $ to — in print, 
im S)ru({ erf^eineu; it shail — In your ere* 
dit. Com, eftfoII3^Qettgutgef4^rieben»erben. 
^ppSafr^ce, i. 1. bie (Srfibeinung) 2. baft 
Ynftreten, ber ^intritt^ 3. bie (Segentoart) 

4. ber (dttfere) &ida, Anribein? baft0ibei 
neu) bie XBabrf(betnli(bfeiti ber Sormanbs 

5. baft Sufere$ 4ufere TCnfe^en, TCuftfe^en, 
bie Qteftalt i 6. baft ® eft>enfi(bie Orf^eiuung) 4 
at first— , hdia erflen XnMidhj good — of 
an artlele, Com. baft TTuge (gnte Suf ere) 
ettterOaare; great — at court, grofeiBala 
W Wtl nfreat — of people, ein groper 

3ulauf oon (eine 9Xenge) SRenftbeu i Layo-i. 
day of—, ber ®erid^tfttermin> default of-, 
baft 9?i(bterf(beineR , ftrafbare Auftbleibeui 
to enter into bond for — , ft(b fibnftU^ tcr« 
pfti^ten/ vex ®eri(bt |u erMeiuen. 

^ppSa'r^nt, s. Law, ber VOX ®en4t 6rf^et* 
nenbe. (Somparent. [@rf4eiQung. 

^ppSa'rfr, s. htx, bie, baft 6rf^einenbe, bie 

^Lppea'f^ble, I. adj. loaft (lei^t) bertt(^igt, 
berdnftigt»erbeRfaRn,9erf5bnIi(b9 n.— ness, 
s. ber Buftanb, M (1^40 befdnftigen |u 
lafTen, bie »err6()n(i(b!ett 

To^ppeafe', v. a. 1. beru^igen, befdnftigen, 
befriebigen, fltUen, b&mpfeu) 2. auftf^^nen, 
iDerf6^nett9 appeasing remedies, Med 9e< 
fdnftigungftmittel, ^aOiatite. 

^ppea^e'm^nt, s. Die Oeru^igung) ®efricbi« 
gung} 0tube. [IBerfd^ner. 

^ppsa^r* s. ber 9ttt(efHfter, ®efdnftiger, 

^ppCa'sjve, adj. milbemb, littbernb. 

App^l'l^cy, «. I.biei99erufungaufbett(ft^eren 
mi^Uxi 2. bte QCppeaatioRftfd^igfeit. 

AppSl'ifnt, l.s. 1. Law, ber Appellant, itld« 
ger$ 2.Auforberer,f)erauftforberer4 S.Ecc 
ber TCppeOant (®egner ber SSuUt Unigeni- 
tu4)i n. adj. 1. appeHirenb; 2.bieAppel« 
linrag Ob. ben TCppeOanten betreifenb. 

^ppjSl'I&te, I. s. ber AppeUat^ vid, (b. ii.> 
Appellee; II. adj. [^ppeil^te], bieOCppeHi* 
rung betreffenb. [2. Die ^affe* 

^ppSll&'tion, s, 1. bie !Benennung, ber flf^ame ; 

^Lppel'l^tfve, I. adj. 1. appcHatit), ber gangen 

'®attuttg |u!ommenb5 2. gemd^nllcb/ gc< 
brdu(b(i4(beneRneRb)$ U.s, Gram. 1. ba$ 
AppeOatioum, aQgemcine 9{ennn)ort$ <9at« 
tnngftwort, ber (Slaffenname^ 2. bie (bei> 
loSrtl.) Idenennung, SituUrung) m. — ly, 
adv. appeSatiiD, alft, wie ein AppeOatioum. 

^ppcfl'l^tQry, adj. eine Appellation ent^altenb, 

^- libel, bie A-ftf*rift. 

Appellee', s, 1. Law, ber AppeQat, IBeflagte? 

2. ^erauftgeforberte. 

^pp^mpr [Kppf I15r', opp. app^USi'], 4. 1. Loir, 

ber Appellant, ^ldger$ 2. j>erauftforbereri 

3. eerrdtber feiner SJ^itf^ulbigen. 

To iflppend', v. a. (—to) 1. an Qftwaft bdngen, 

anbdngenj 2.beif(igen. 
^pp^n'd^^e, s. 1. ber Anyang, bie Solge$ 

2.baft An^dngfel, Accefibrium, Bube^^r, 9tx* 

^ppSn'd^nt, I. adj. 1. an^ttgenb, verbunben$ 

2. Law, mit bent £Bef!( eineft (Srunbftfitfs 

oerbunben; U.s, berAn()ang, baft®cfoIge, 


App«fn'd|cef , p^. dufd^, K., vId. Appendix. 
App^nMJcle, 9. baft An^gfeL 




^^pe&'djx, .«. Liu 1. bee ^n^ng, bo6 ^n* 

2. ter Umftanb, geio. pi. tie Umftfinbe. 
Ap'p^anmge, «. vid. Appanage. 
Ap'pf nnlne, kc %nd, Apennine. 
App^rcep/tion, 8. Ph, hU Qfpperception. 
^^^pliT']\,8,(Middlet^Ben. Jona»&c. ; Shkap 

Tin. of Ath. 1, 2) bie (Befa^r (Peril). 
To Appertain', w. n. (—to), juge^firen, |U« 
Jiti^m, oAde^en. 
App^rUin'm^nt, j. tad 3ttbe(5r/ ber (^u ^> 

wad 9e^6ngc) SSoriug, bte Qere^tfame. 
^ppli t^Df Dce, #. baS 3ade^5r, ic (vid, Ap- 

pniteiuiDce) ; a-B of a lamb, bad Q^efrdfe 

eined famines. 

To ^pper't^n^ce, v.a. vid. To Appurtenance. 

^ppcr'tfo^nt, adj. vid. Appurtenant. 

ip'p?t9ttce(— oy), s, U bie IBegtcrbe, bQ& 
^nnli^e SSerlongen, bie &tnnenlnfl; 2. bad 
€Streben) berSBunf4/bie®e(nfn<^t$ 3. ber 
@m&i)rttndMnfHnct9 SnfHnct? 4« ^i^ ^Sm- 
pfdn9lid)feit, @rregborfeit j iYiy. bte QCnsie^ 

J^nn^, Attraction. 

Ap'p^t^nt, adj. (fejr) begierig, Ifijlern. 

fpp^tjbri'jty, J. bad Ansie^eiibe, €}innenlufi 

^•rrcgenbe, ber Sftcig. 

Ap'p^tjble, I. adj. an^le^enb, ba&f!nnIi4eJBer« 
langen erregenb, rei^enb^ n.— nets, s.vid. 


Ap'pftfte, J. 1. bie IBegterbe, baeiBerlangcni 
2. ber Appetit, bieSplufl, ber j^tnger) 3. ber 
^rifftnnger (craving or bulimia), etne itran^^ 
^t bei $ferben, md. Foul feeder ; to be 

^given to — , gefrdfig ob. W»elgcrif(> fein. 

App^ti'tion , jr. (». fi.) baS IBerlangen, bie 


Appfti'tioofl, adj. munbenb^ fd^matf^aft^ jum 
(Senuf einlabenb; vetlangangdioert^^ onge- 
ne^m, rei^enb. 

Ap'p^titive, adj. bege^renb? —power or facul- 
ty, Jbaft Sege^rung6berm6gen. [muricn. 

To Ap'pftize, v,a. bCK Xppetlt rei|en;Jfe. 

Ap'petlz^r, s, bo& ben TCppetit dteijenbe. 

To AppIAod', V. a. applaubtren, tauten SSeifaU 
geben, ((Sinem) 93eifaU {uflotf^en, beflat* 
^dftni gen. lohtn, biaigen. 

^LppUod', s. vid. Appiaone. 

ApplAuMf r, 9. ber Xpplaubirenbe, QHner, ber 
IBeifaO sttflatfd^t) Sobpreifer, iBetpfli^ter. 

4Lpp!4u«e', *. ber ApplauS, baft (©eifattO 3«« 
natf^enj ber (lante) fBeifaO j baft Sob. 

i^ppl&u'a)ve, adj. applonbirenb^ beltatf^enbj 
•n — long, ein Sobgefang. 

Ap'ple, j.berYpfel)— oflove, berSiebeftopfcl, 
©olbttpfelj —of the eye,.^. ber TTugapfel; 

— core, baft ^ern^auft, ber (7(pfel«) Oriebft 
(®r6bft)4 — corer, ber A-fte^er^ —graft, 
baft ^fropfreift i>on etnem^C-bamne; -bar- 
ire«t, biei-lefe, X-eratcj — john, bcrjo* 
(annlftapfeU — johns, pi, armeOlitter (cia 
®ebd(f)9 —loft, bteTC-fammcr, £)bfifammcri 

— monger, ber £)bfl(dnbIer/SDbfttftfe5 —pa- 
ring, bie Spfelf4ale9 —pie, bietpfelpaflete^ 
—quince, bieX-<|uitte5 —roaster, baft Xpfcl* 
bled^ (morauf man ipfeC bratet)$ —rose, 
^it rau^e 9tofe,groPe ^agebuttenrpfc3 — tauce, 
lie Spfelfauce j —tart, bie tpfeltorte 5 —thorn, 
ber 0tcd>apfelj —tree, ber Tfpfclbanmj 
—woman, bie Spfelfrau, ©bflproa ; —yard, 
bcrjiCpfelgarten) S)bflgartcn (mU Orchard)* 

To Ap'ple, v.n. apfclf5nntg bilbcn. 

AppliVble, adj. amoenbbar. 

^ppli'^nce, s. bie TCnmenbung) baft (ange^ 

^manbte i>&l^*)^itttli bte @tnriil^tnng. 

Apptjc^brKjty, s. bie 7(nmenbbarfeit. 

Ap'pljc^ble, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. an]oenb« 
bar (— to, auf 5 IIL — ne«», *. lU Xnwenbc 


Ap'pijcant, s. 1. ber ©ewerber, ©ittfleHer^ 
Applicant^ 2. Am. ein flei^iger 6tnbent 

Ap'plic^te, #. Trig, bie Applicatc^ Drbinate. 

Appljca'tion, s. l.bie ICuflegung/ Knlcgung, 
SScrn(btung; ber l^erbanb (g. 96. beft Tinted, 
aBunbarjteft/ K.) i 2. bie (d^Cu^O Anmenbung, 
ber ®ebrau49 3. baft ang.en>anbtc ^itttl, 
j)ulfftmittel) 4. bie Semerbung, baft ®efu(b/ 
lie fbitU 9 5. bie TCttfmerffamectt; ber Qleif , bie 

^IBetricbfamfeit) (Setflcftanftrengung. [tiftb* 

Ap'plic^tive, adj. antoenbenb, auftitbcnb, pra(« 

Ap'pljc^tOry , I. adj. anmenbcnb, auftubcnb, 
t^dtig^ II. s. bie anmenbcnbe Jtraft* baft 
Anwenbbarc. [ubenbe aScifc. 

^ppli'fdly, adv. auf an}u»cnbcnbe, auftin^ 

Appii'fr, s. 1. ber SBeverber, Applicant $ 2. ber 
Anmenbenbe, ®ebran<bnta(benbe$ 3. @iner, 
berjt^ anf6tiDaft(iEBifrcnf4aften^ ic) lege. 

To Apply', 1? 1. a. l.auflegen, aniegcn, mcrauf 
legen ob. bringcnj anbringen; 2. anmenben, 
gebrauibcn^ 3. onf (Stn>aft wenben, rt^ten, 
^eften^ Dcnoenben^ to — colours on clothe, 
Dy. Sarben auf0toffc auftragenj to— one's 
self for help to ..., fitb um ^ittfe mcnbcn a« 
... , 3i2fln4t fu4ett Ui ... $ to — one's self to 
something, f!4^ eincr &Qdft mibmen^ M ber« 
felbenbeflciftgen) to — a thing to (a use), 
M eincr (Ba^e bebicnen in ... 9 II. n. l. fO^ 
f^icfcn, palfen, itbereinfKmmen, angemcfcn 
fein 9 2. (— to) einer 6ad^e bcfommen, 9in« 
bait tbun9 3. to — to one, f!(b anS^manb 
n»cnbcn, Qnfu(!|^en; na(bfu(bcn (— for,um). 

bvtter, baftA-niit|3 — cart, berX-farren;jApp0g|9tu'ra, *. Mk*. ber Mngc Sorfiblag 





To4pp6int» V. La. 1. befltmmen; anfe(en,fTo IpprcbSad', v. a. 1. greifcn, ergrcifea, 

feftfe^en; ouftMen (eine 0ttmme)) 2. be 
r^dben, befteOen; 3. i»erabrebeii$ 4. ernen* 
nen, etnfeten (ittmlBeooIImdtbtfdten^ %c.)i 
5. Derorbnen, 9orf4teibenj 6. tinxHten, in 
@taab fc^en/ mtt@tn>a6 oerfeben^ auMfttm 
to — a day, einm Sag ottberaumen) 2.ii. 
einen 99ef4lttf fafTeti/ befibUef en. 

ijLppdfot', « . Gom-^. 1. bcr Tfppomt^ TCbr^nitt, 
btetDn>ife (SBecbfel)^ 2. 9ia(bf4uf, 3uf(buf 
((Selb, bas manittgiebt^ urn etne 6umme ooU 
)U ma4^nt).$ payment per — , bte Galbo* 
3oblun04 to draw per—, di point olb.apunto 
(per eSalbo) ttafRren (i. e. bie poEe Gnmrne 
feiner Sorberung entnebmen). 

AppSrot'^ble, adj. beflimmbar, ein}ttfe|en. 

AppSintee^, s, ber (in ein 7(mt) (Singefebte. 

Appotn't^r, s, ber SefUmntenbe, Xnorbner, 

^ppoTnt'mfnt, s. 1. bte Seftimmund/ ^efl* 
fe^ung, QCnorbnung) 2. bteScfteKung) 6r* 
nenming) 3. bie Serobrebung, Kbrebe, ber 
Serglet43 4. bielSSerorbnung, Sorfcbrift, ber 

angreifen, oer^aften, gefangen nebmen, ein* 
iieben4 2. fafen, begreifen, einfeben $ 3. glau* 

^ben,meinen$ 4. fftrcbten, befurd^ten, beforgen. 

Appr^liSnM^r, .?. 1. ®ncr, ber cine ^crfon 
ergreift, feft i&lt, Dcrbaftet? 2. ber ein« 
febenbe^ S>enfer$ 3. ber sArfbtenbe, ber!Be« 
forgniffc bcgt. 

ApprfbJSn'sjble, adj. begretfli(b, fafU<b« 

ApprcbJSn'iion, s. 1. bQ$ Grgreifnt^ bte Ser« 
baftnebmnng, ber %anq, Qitiffi 2. Segriff, 
bie SorfteDnngi Slteinung.; S^tfTungfifraft^ 
3. bieSSeforgnif) berSSerba^t) to be under 
great a-s, in groper Surtbt fibweben, grof e 

^SeforgnifTc begen. 

Appr^bin'sjve, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. 1. leiibt 
bcgreifenb, fdbig) 2« furcbtfam, fjlrcbtenb. 
beforgtj to be — of, 1. 6t»a6 befdribten) 
2. (SUoal empftttben, merfeni m. — ness, s. 
1. bie S^fttgMt |tt begreifen, bie (ftbaeSe) 
Saflungftfraft, ber 64^arff!nn9 2. bte Surtbt* 
famfeit 5 Seforgnif 9 bebenflid)e 3Qgb<i^g^nt . 

^pprSn'tjce, s. 1. ber ^b^^^ng, EebrburfibC/ 

IBefebl) 5.bie(Sinri4tttng^Q(u6rilfiung9 ^n* col. ^ebrjunge) 2. Engl, Col. eine blofe 
flatty 6. ber (ni(bt firirte) (Bebalt, bte Se* ®ortt>erdnberung ft. Slave, [bingen laffen. 
folbttng? 7. Law, bie (milbe) etiftungj 8. ToAppr«n't|o% v. a. in bie^b«tbmi, anf* 
bte Tfnjleaung, Stelle. I^ppr^n'tfceshl^, j. 1. ber Eebrlingftflanb, bie 

To Appor'tion, v. a. oerb^Itnipnidpig tbeilen^ 

^utbeileu; sum Tfntbeil geben. 
^ppOr'tioB^tenciB, s. boS ritbtige Serblltnif . 
AppoHtionff, s. ber 3tttbeiler. 
AppOr'tionm^nt, s. bie gleidbmdfige 3utbei« 
^lung, i»erb&ltnipmdfige Sertbeiiung. 
Ap'ppfite, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. f^icfli^/ paf« 

fenb(— to, ju), angemeffen; bequemj in.— 

ness, s. bie emtni^ftit, SiigHibfett, TCnge* 
App^^i'tlon, 5. bie {>in2ttfttgung; ^nbdufung; 

ber IBeifab/ 3urQb) Gram, bie }(ppofttion. 
AppS^'jtfTe, adj. iufSbii4> 
To ^ppr&if e', V. a, f(bdben, anfibiagen, taxi« 

ren^ »fitbigen; a-d valae, ber tOjcirteflBertb. 
^ppraife'mfnt, s. 1. bie Bd^i^unq, Xaratton, 

flBitrbigung$ 2. ber Somertb. [tor. 

^pprfti'f9r(^pprfiiVr), j.ber04^|er^ ZtiXd' 
Xpprac&'tioo, s. ber inbrAnfKge fEBnnfA; bie 

bringenbe Bittt. 

Ap'prSc^t^ry, adj. 6egen erbittenb^mfinftbenb. 
Apprc'ci^ble [— 'ghS— ], adj. fd^ttbbttr, ber 

^ftrbigung ob. 2(<btttng fdbig- 

To Appr«'cilte[-^ib8— ], v.l. a. bo4 Wdben^ 

miitbigen/ preifen; U. n. Am. im ^reife, im 
SBertbe ^gen. 
^pprJcji'tiont— aba— ], s. 1. bieflBfirbigung, 
9Bcrt(Mdbung^ 2. ber «ertb$ 9. Am. baft 
eteigen imyreife, im SBertbe. 

^bricit, Sebrcj 2. Engl, Col. eine blofe 
ffiortDcrdnberung fU Slavery ; to serve (out) 
one's — , feine Xebrjttbre aufijhien, col. bie 
Saf^xt fleben. 

To Appretiate, Appretiation, vid. Apprec... 

To Apprize', v. a. 1. bena(bri<btigen, unter« 
ri(bten (—of, oon), belebren^ 2. fibdben 
(vid. To Appraise). [Appraiser. 

^^pprTze'mfnt, Apprl'zfr, vid. Appraisement, 

To ^pprOacb', v. I. a. (M) naben, ndber 
fontmen^ II. n. 1. ndbem^ ndber bringen, 
ndber feben; 2.Hort, ablaftiren, obrdugen. 

^pproacb', s. 1. bie }(nndberttng^ ^nfunft) 
2.ber3tttritt$ 3ulQuf, lCnfa&9 3.^. erfle 

eerfu(b9 4.Af{;.bae2(nriidtn(bed^^nbeO) 
lines of— , or a-es, bie Uppvod^tttj ^auf« 


^LpprOacb'^ble, adj, jugdngliib/ errei(bbar. 
^pprOa'cb^r, s. ber 9?abenbe. 
^pprOaoblfss, adj, ttn)ttgdngU(b. 
4Lppr«acb'm$nt, s. (». ft.) bie Tfnndberung. 
To Ip'prpbSte, v. a. Am. biaigen^ ^eifttO 

((benfen ob. geben. 
IpprQb&'tion, s. 1. bieStQigung, (Senebmi« 

fiung, berlBcifaO) 2. ber CSefaUen (an Qtt* 

m^h 3- (<t^nO ^i« lDnt(t'(SrIattbnif 9 4. bie 
ip'prpb^tive, adj. biUigenb. [^robejcit. 
4: Approof, 8, (Shksp.) 1. bic ^robnngj 
■ 2/bie «iaigung, bcr ©cifaa, ba« 2ob. 





ApprS'pii^ble, adj. »•« judecignet (auf eincn 
icf. (Sedenfhin^ etngef^rdnft) mermen !ann. 
To ^pprO'priSte^ v, a, 1. (—to) anpajfen, 
»ibmen, befltnunen $ 2. oerwenben (-to, 
in)) 3. M (eine6a4e)2ueignen) 4. (IBe« 
griffe) terbinbcni Law-s, 5. eine 9frinbe 
an Die toMe j)ant> lottmaditni 6. mod, ti' 
propriiren (ta$ Gigent^tim gegenSergiitung 
cntiie^en, c/. Appropriation, 5-). 
^ppru'prj^te* I. adj, 1. gnoibmet, eigtn) 
2.bequein, ^itnlidf, t&d^tiqi 3.— to, ange* 
mefeii) II. s. Die ®igen^ttt, 6igent^toli4« 
feit) ni. — ly, adv. auf Qngcmefene TLxti 
IV. — Dess, «. Die ICngemeffenteit. 
4lppropr}a'tioo, s, 1. Die Bueignung/ 2(ttn)en« 
bnng$ 2. 8enoenbung5 3. IBegrtlfsbdHms 
mung (einefi fiBorteft)) Laws. 4. Me uber* 
trogung einer ^finiiiiDe on Me tobtef^anb) 
5. 7nod. Die 6iptoprtation (6ntetgnnng Ded 
fdtfi^t^, oD* Gnoerbung De& fi!tr 6ffentL 
3n)e(te, als Qfifenba^nen, handle, ic. erfor« 
^erU<!^tn ®ntnb unbSobenS)^ 6. a-a, p2. 
Me Sonb^onmeifung/ Sermenbung ber6toQtd» 

^pprO'prjat^r [ Jf6., Wore. Ac. ; ^p-prO-prj-a'- 

* tor, W,"], 3. 1. ber Senoenber, ifmoenber^u. > 

2. ber Sefi^er einer iibertragenen ^fritnbe. 

^ppr^prf^^t^y, s. ber (meltlid^e) 9efl(er einer 

geiflU^en ^frfinbe. 
4Lpprd'v«ble, ad;. beifalI6»iirbig. 
To ^LpprdTe', V. I. a. 1. biOigen, gene^migen, 
anerfmnen) 2. benS^ren, erproben) 3.(».ii.) 
bexDtifen, bart(nn) 4. Law, oerbefem, in 
beffeni &tanb fe^en (ein ®nutbftit(f)$ to 
—one's lelf to one, M 3enionbe& Seifall 
enoerben) n.(mitoO "• biOigen^ gut^eifen. 

^Lpprdve'mfot, s. I. MeSiDtgttng, berSeifaO) 
Lau>'S, 2. bie Senoanbiung einee &tiM 
®emeinbelanbed in TCcferknb^ 3. bas frei> 
niOige IBehnntnif da^ SSerbre^erS bor ber 
geri^tli^en Untrrfu^ung/ unb Qfngabe ber 
!!Ritf^utbigen« urn f!<b babur^ ®nabe au^ 

^ipprA^Tfr, «. 1. ber 9i]Ziger$ iSeippi^^ter^ 
Law^» 2. ber geflAnbtgeliSerbre4er n. Xn* 
geber fetnerQXitfd^ulbigen^ 3. ber SerbefTe* 
rer^ the king't a-s, (e^em.) itronp44^ter, 
Sirtbf4<^fter auf ben ftfnigl. SDomainen. 

^pprSz'fm^te, adj. na(e, vid. b. & Proximate^ 

To ^pprdxlfflite, v. L n. M nd^ent) II. a. 

na^t Brtnaen^ nd(em. 
i^pprSxlJDft'tion, «. 1. Me <7(n«) SZd^erung $ 

2. Ma</i. 9{itemng}nrfiBur2elburdft9rii4e9 

3. Med^ Me TCnfieAing bnr^ Serfi^ning. 
^pprdx^ini^tif e , adj. annd^emb^ approri- 


^ppuUe^ [ Wb. kc. ; VPV>«^ ^'f ^<^c. ftc], 
5. 1. ber Vnflof; bie Serfi^nmg^ 2. Me lCa« 
fnnft, ^nbung9 3. Ast. bie (Sfoniunction 
eines ^laneten mit etnem Si^nie. 

^ppul'sion, s. bad 2(nflof en, bie 9eril(mng. 

Appiii'tfve, adj. anflof enb/ berii^renb. 

^ppur't^n^nce, j. Lavo, bad 3ttge(5r^ bie 97c' 
benfacte^ 3nlage$ a-s, p^. 9ertinen|ten;|)er» 

To i^ppor't^o^Bce, v. a. Loto, al6 ein ({U Q^« 
»a6 ge(5rigeft) fRe^t befi^en. 

^ppGr^tf D^nt, adj. 3Uge^6rig, de^6rig^ ittflAn« 
big^ common — , Law, ®emeinbelanb. 

A'pric6t, *. BoU Me ICprifofe^ —tree, ber 

A'prj!, s. ber (SKonat) Kpril. 

A'pr9n [— pyrn], s, 1. Me ^^txyt i baft ^^Vixy 
feS$ 2. Sad. baft G^oofleber (an (Sabrioletft 
K.)5 3. Ship-b. berSSinnenoorfleben) 4. bie 
^lanfen'IBettung na^e ben Slnt^t^ilren einer 
hodii —of agon, Gun. ber ^fannenbetfel 
(Secfel Quf bem3i&nblo4e einer i(anone), baft 
|)IattIot6) —of a goose, Me fetteldan4tQut 
einer ®anft5 —man, ber {)anb»erfer; ^anb> 
»erHmann$ -string, baft Gd^fir^enbanb) 
— stringhold, baft JtunfeHe^n, fSeiberle^n. 

A'prpned [— pvrnd], adj. mit einer &itxn, 

^einem€$4nr}felle berfe^en- 

Apropos' [—po'], adv. 1. |ur gelegenen 3eit^ 
eben re^t? 2. (alft flbergangftjei^en) loaft 
id^ fagen looUte, eben fAOt mir ein, :c. 

Ap'sjs, s. 1. Asi. (pi. Apudes ob. Apses), 
Me Qfpfibei 2. Arch, baft ge»5Ibte S>a4/ Die 
VBftlbung) 3. FT/r-ir.ber^ranieineftdtabeft. 

Apt, adj. 1. ge^ifft^ tanglid^; PttfTenb, be* 
quern) fd^ig? 2. geneigt^ 3. leb^aft, fertig« 
fd^neQi to be—, 1. geneigt fein; 2. gern 
t^un^pflegen) — to break, ^erbre^Ii^ 5 —to 
take fire, Iftd^t feucrfangenb, brennbar? an 
— irit, einMneaerSBi^ 

To Apt, V. a. )u (Stnaft gef4i(ft, tud^tig mait^cn ) 
fd^ig, empfdngli^ ma^en, borbereiten. 

Ip't^r, s. Ent. baft ungeflugelte Snfect. 

Ip't^r^l, adj. EnU ungeflilgelt. 

Ap'tltfide, s. 1. bie®ef4itf(i4!eit,2;u4tig!eit) 
2. Die $af lid^f eit 5 ^iit^iQhit i 3. bie !Reignng, 

^ocr 4)ang. 

Apfly, adv. 1. gef^itft, k. (n)ie Apt, ac^'.), 
2. fug1i4, mit 9{e4t, ricitig) 3. fertig, 

Apt'ness, s. (loie Aptitude, qv.) ; —(to learn) 
Me Qele^rigfeit) — of iron to mst, bie (Sfi« 
gent^umli^feit (9{eigung) beft QKfenft }u 


Ap'tQte, s. Gram, baft inbeclinable 9^enn»ort 

A'qua, #. Chtm. baft flBafer [i b. folg. comp. 




^tud, ]DcraItete 6pra40ebratt4. 
ir£han'g9l, j. 1. Hx (Srsengcl) 2. Geog. ICr 

4ongel5 3. A>t. white—, tie taube^c|f(l$ 

iMOiB-leaYed — , bie <DteUttc. 
lr{]i|iigSH{c, adv. }u ten eriengeln ge^firtg. 
Ir'chfd, ac(;. ge»6lbt$ —legs, 

Itnie (ein &b(l ber ^ferbc)^ —shot, ber 

Soaenrtiif. [{)artf(biertfr. 

Irch'^r, «. 1. ber IBogenf^ilte ubert. 2. Mil. 
Ircli'f r^, f . bie Sogenhinbige. 
irch'f ry, s, baS SSogenf (^ief en j lBo0elf(bief en $ 

&4eibettf4iefen(mitbem£Bosen)) bie^nfi 

mft bem Idogen {u fdbiefen) —room, baft 

Irdi'^, p{. 0. Arch, Sogett) —court (court 

of—), bad geiflU^e SDbergeri^t, Dbercon 

nflorium ( beS ersbifdl^op oon Santerburt)). 
IrshStf'pa], adj. urbilbUdj^/ Qr(bitt}ptr(b« 
Ir'shSt^pe, s. baS UrbUb; £)nginaIfHi(f, SRu 

ftcci bieltrf^rtft) Aftiit. bad 3ufHrgen>i(bt. 
^rshe'vs' *' Alch. ber Urfloff, SebenSgeift, bie 

oSbelebenbe ^oft. 
Arch'jb^d, s. :{Cr4ibaIb (QX-n). 
Ir'sbicfl, a(^'. oberft, erft^ {)auptc. 
Irshidlllc'Qii^, adj. aribibtaconifib. 
irshf^pft'cQpfl, adj. er)bif46fli4« 
ir£hj«pri'69p9cy, s, bie er}bir46fli4e SBurbc, 

bad 6ribi6t(um. 
ir'sbjl, s. bie S>rfeiIIe, S&i^^i^^^te unb lit 

boraufi bereitete rotbe Sarbe ^(fmuS. 
Ir'chliftte, s, (ital.ara7itfto)Afi/«.bieX^eorbe. 
XrshfmSD'drjte, s. (ruf.) ber QCrdj^imanbrit. 
Irghime'di^n tcre^, s, Mech, bie ar^imebi* 

fie (flBafTerO G^raube (neuerli^ Quf bie 

Dompfr^tffra^rt angeioenbet) (c/. Propeller). 
Irch'iug, L p. ^. bad flBdIben, lS3ogenma4en/ 

9ogenf4Iagen9 n. p. a. bogenfSnnig. 
Ir'shipJSi, Irnhjp^'^gu, *. Geog, ber TCrtbi* 


Xr'sbitSct, *. ber ©aumcijlcr, fflttufflnfUerj 
fig. Ur^eber^ -like, 1. gleicb einem ®au« 

meifler^ 2. mit Sttxnfk, mit 6Qmmetrie. 
Irshit^c'tive, adj. p einem i!Bau ob. sur Jtunft 

ge(5rigj — materiali, IBaumaterialten. 
Irsbftfctdnlc (— c»l, adj. — c^lly, ar/t\), ar» 

Aiteftotttf4. [fnn^. 

Irshjtf ctda'ics, s. pi. bie Eebre von ber IBau* 
ir'shit^ctr^iis, s. bie ®aumeiflcrinn. 
irsbjtjfc'tur^l [— tibyir— ], adj, bie©aufunfl 

betreffenb, ar^iteftonif^. 
Arsbjt^c'ture [— tibvr], jr. bic IBttUfunfl. 
ir'shitrSTe, s. Arch, ber ^rtbitroO/ grofe 

IluerbQlfeb, SSinbebalfen 5 ^rtbitrat on Z^Hit 

nnb9<nfier) ber Jtamin^m^. 
ir'sblirf I, adj. ar<bit{f4/ or4itarif(b. 

ir'cbiTinll, s. Arch, bie Sogeneinfaffirag. 
Xr^^hiTef, 9. pL baS Xtdfi^i bie Urfvnben. 
ir'shivfst, s. ber 7[xd^\»ax. 
irchlike, adv. geibdibee ober bogen&bnli4' 
Ircb'Dfsi, s. bie Sei^tfertigfeit, 64e(merei, 
^rch't^e, s. vid. Archetype, [ber 9Rutb»ine. 
Irch'wife, adv. bogenveife. [Archibald qv. 
Ir'chy, I. adj. bogenffirmigi II. s. (ibbr. 9. 
Ircta'tioD, f. I. boft 3nfammenpreffen (eiiie^ 

itorperd)^ 2. Med. bie Serftopfiing burift 

Arc'tjc, adj. Ast. tt0rbli(b, ttrftif(bi — circle, 
^ber f>olarfrei«; — pole, ber S^orbpol.- 
Irc'tjtfide, s. vid. Arctation. 
To Ar'cQfite, v. a. Mmmen^ biegett. ' [gen. 
Ir'cfi^te, ][r^cu^tfle, od;. bogenf^rmig, gebo^ 
XrcQa'tion, s. 1. bie Jtriimmung, bad ^rfim« 

men$ 2. Hort bad 6enfen, QCbfenfen. 
Ar'cuballfst, 5. bie TCrmbrufi) 0teinf4Iettber. 
Arcob^iiii't^r, s. ber XrmbnijlWfi^e. 

Ir'd^s silk. crAr'd^u^, j. Com. perftfibe TblB* 
n)urf$0eibe$ ard^slue' silk, f)erlfetbe. 
Ar'd^ncy, s. lit. kfig. bie ifi^t, 3nbnittft 
ir'dent, I. adj. ; U. — ly, adv. lit. kfig. \^tif, 

fenrig, brennenb$ itftiq, eifrig, Ieibenf4aft« 

It 4. [ber 0ra(ba(fer. 

Ir'd^r;, Ir'dovr^, s. pi. Agr. boS Sracblonb, 

Ir'doyr, Xr'dpr, s. lit. * fig. bie ^i^e, ^ef« 

tigfeit^ ber (Siftx, bie 3nbmnfl. 

Kr^dtto^s, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv. 1. fteil, bO<b; 
^'fig' Mner, f^nierig^mubfamj m. — ness, 
#. 1. bie (flei(e) |)6be$ 2. bie etbnterigfeit. 

Xre [ar], (^I. p. ^fif. U$ «erb. To Be) finb, 
}e.$ as you — ! Mil. xxd^ft (hub! 

To Are [Ar], v. a. pflilgen, adern. 

^-re', s. Mus. vid. Alamire. 

|i're9, s. 1. bef. Geom. bie 9io4e,OrunbfU[4c, 
ber ^Mcbeninbalt) — of a building, circle, 
triangle, Ac, ber Staom im tidfttn, innere 
9Ul(!benranm eineS ®eb4ube<, eined i(reife$, 
K.3 2.iiberb.ber fxtit^la^i 3. ein befonberS 
bie eleganten ^dufer £onbonS nmgebenber^ 
et»a6 Snf breiter, tiefer, au6gemauerter,mit 
(bittern (—railings) nmgogener (Braben ob. 
^ofroum, ^ber ben ein Sriitf^en nacb ber 
i>auBt^tx ffibrt unb in ben bie genfler bc< 
JteHergeftbofTe^/ r>u Jtu(ben nnbSebientenfiii' 
ben binauSgeben^ — steps, eine fleineSreppe 
in biefen ^ofraum, obgeWIoff'ett bnr^^ tint 
Xb^te (—gate); 4. Med. boS TCttSfolIen ber 
|»aare$ bie Jtabl^eit, 9Iatte) 5. Min. btS 
Selb (bed (Sr}orbeiter<)$ — sneak, cant, ber 
^ofrAnme beMIeicbenbe IDieb. 

Are€k', adv. vulg. xaud^tnt, bompfenb, b^* 

Arefac'tion, s. 1. bol Xrottntn, sijrren) 3. 

I Srotfenwerben. 




Tf ir'eff, V. a. ttodntn, araUodatn, loxxtn, 

frS'ny, s, 1. Ant, bu Xttna, Uv Jtompfipla^^ 

2. Afin. ber Ganb$ 3. itfed. Itx j)amdriee. 

ir&ia'ceovfl[— sh9i],a4;. 1. fanblg$ 2. Af/n. 

ir^ni'tioD, s. Med. taS Ganbbab. 

Irenuf e'y li'dnous, ai(;. roller €$anb, fanbig. 

IrSi/oloM, a<S. otel flrinen 6aQD ent^altenb, 

fttnbifi, Keflg. 
4rS'9l^ Ar'§9le» «. jdnat. bie ringfSrmig gc* 

tot(ete j>atttflclle, bet f}of (am IBtattein, 

Ocfi^wfire, urn tU ^Bruftroaric). 
4rc6m'et?r, j. iViy. ber ©i^tigf eitSmcffcr, Die 

(alt 5 &.Ast. baft Argument I to hold an —» 

Irsfim^Dt'^, adj. bemeifenb, bcrndftfrdftigf 
fdblUf eab^ driinbU4^ ftlufmdfid. 

irgOm^Dta'tion, «. baS 9en>eiren, 6((^liefcn, 

, b(e ©ewcUfuJruna. 

IrgQment'ftrve, I.arfj.ftuw. mlt oO; H.—ly, 
adv. 1. beioeiffttb, bfinbigs 2. ftr(itfil4^tid« 

ir'gv*, *. 1. Jtfiyt/i. Ifrguft 5 2, fig, ber Wlaue, 
f^arfe 93eoba4t(r$ comp. —butterfly, Ent 
bcr ©tecJslnftcrfttlter; grofeTCrguft^ — fca- 
there, bie gcbern bc5 ^faufafanftj —shell, 
ConcA. ber 9tame oerf^iebener angenartig 

..gQetil^tteter ei^alt^iere (^or^eOonMneifeo). 

^Ibnicfaoage. [bernb^ r4n)ei$treibenb.|lr'g5le, «. eine ^dfee« ob. S^eefannc oon 

ArSSt'lc adj. Med. tcrbtoenb, f^meifbeffir^ i99U4 mit SDoppelboben. 
lr^t!\c», Med. petbitnnenbe (fdfttodfbe^A'ri^, s. (ital.) Mus. bie^rie, baft Gingflftfjt. 
fdrberabe) SRittel. lA'rj^D,. Ecc. I. s. ber TCrianer $ II. adj. aria* 

l/gfnd-lSmp, «. bie arganbifi^e Sampe. HAVianifm, s. Ecc. ber ^rianiftmuft. [mf4. 
ir'g?Ll,arf€.(5Msp.Haml.5,l,»crborbenauft|lr'|d, I. adj. bfirre, trcrfenj ^.trorfen, faltj 
..tot. eryo; ergel, bafter. I U. — ness, *. wid. Aridity. 

Ar'g^nt, adj. 1. ^Ibermeif, filBcrfarbenj 2. ♦Ilr'id^, s» Com. (— of herbs) ber (Srafttaffet. 

jtlbem, gl&nsenb (loie 6ilber)^ 3. Her. mif. 
Arggn't^l, adj. l.fiibttni 2. ^(berftaltig 3 mit 
Zilbtv x>crbanben. 

ir'g^ntste, j. Ckem. baft €5ilberop)bfaIi. ^rlcr', ^rterc/, s. vid. Arriere. 

^rid'jty, *. l.bieJDurre, Xrotfettjeit} 2. Afed. 
baft Serborren^ @4^n>inben) 3. TfieoU bie 

Arg^nts'tlon, s. bie Serfilbentng. 
irl^atiff^roas, adj. Rlber^altig. 
ir'g^ntlne, I. adj. 1. fitberfarbeuj 2. fllber* 

(eff, reitttdncnb (»{e6{Iber) i n. s. 1. Min. 

beretieferfpat^j 2. JBot. baft eilberfraut. 
ir^gjl. *. 1. ber X^on^ bie Sdpfererbej 2. Om. 

bcr {Rtefenfran(4 Qfrgin. 
ArgilU'ceonc, adj. t^Ottigs t(onartig,t(Otti4t$ 


A'ri§«, *. Ast. ber ©ibber. 

IrfSt'tai, «. Mus. bie Odette. 

fright' (/am. ^rlghU') , adv. aafte^t, gC^ 

rabe; fig. re^t, ridfttig, jureit^t. 
Ir'il, Ar'itlvs, s. Bot. bie Gamenbedb. 

ir'lUat^d, Ir'jlled, adj. Bot. mit eitter 0a» 

menbetfe terfe^en. 

Irjo'so, (itaL) s. Mus. baft 7(riofo, bcr fang* 
bare 0at. 

Ar^jUrf^roas, adj. Geol. t^ooig^ t(on(altig. To ^rlf e', v. ir. n. 1. aufgeften^ anffleigen^ailf' 

Ar'^imte, s. Min. ber Xtonf((iefinr. 

IrgjUtt'jc, acO*. Min. tiottMieferartig. 

ArgTl'loaa, adj. t(onig, le^mig i t^onern. 

Ai'gvty s. yid. Argal. 

i*'^Hy (Xr^gosfc)* J- ^ii Staxadt, StaxoJti 
(rp,atiif4ed ob. portsg. Jtauffa^rteif^iff). 

To Ar'gike, v. L n. 1. G^l^ffe mait^cn, f4(ief en, 
®r&ibe anfu^ren ; 2. ftreiten, biftputiren (mit 
with nnb against); 11. a. 1. bur4 ®r£nbe 
ttberrebcn/ bewegen^ 2. mit®runbcn (eine 
6a4e) brfirciten, baruber ftrciten, biftputi* 
reR$ 3. enocifen, jeigen^ 4. (eine 6a4e/ 
Stage) erdrteni/ unterfuficnj to— sagacity, 
64arf{inn vcrrat^en. 

if'gfi^r, s. Ux €5treiter, IBeftreiter,¥oIemifer, 
(SontroDtrtifl^ l^emeiftfS^rer. 

ir^gSn^Dt, s. 1. ber IBeneiftgntnb; 93e»eift, 
Onmb, e^Inf) 2. ber Streit, baft S>ift« 
psttrcQ) 3. bie etreitfrage, SRaterie, ber 

fte^en, auffommeni 2. auferfte^en^ 3. ent* 
fpringen, ^erfommen^ ft4 er(eben (—from. 
... auft/ bon) 9 4. fid) aufle^nen, auffte^en 
(—against, ... loiber). 
Arif'f n, port. 9. To Arise. 

^ris't^, s. Bot. bie (Sranne. 

iwistarthy, s. Pol. bie f)errf4aft anftge^ei^' 

neter ^dnner einer Station. 
ArjstdcWcy, s. PoL bie^riftofratic, Tfbel^en* 

f^aft. (TCbelftfreunb. 

ArjBtocriit', lrist9crate' , s. ber 2(rifto!rat, 
Arjstocrat'ic^l (ir jstQcrXt'ic), I. adj. ; U. -ly, 

adv. ariftofratifi , abel(errf4aftli4/ abel« 
(ernf4$ III. — ness, 5. baft Mftofratifdfte, 
bie Xn^dttgli4feit an ben (alten) Xhil 

AristSt'oshy, s. Bot. bie f)o(lraurS/ £)fterlQ|ei. 

ArjstQte'lj^n, I. s. ber TCnftotelifer 4 Ihadj. 
arijlotelif*. t?>iilofop(ie. 

AristQtelj^nifm, s. bie artfiotelifj^e Se^rc Ob. 

•tpff, Oegenflanbs 4. ber Sn^alt, 4)auptin»||Ar|st9t«l'|c, adj. vid. Aristotelian 




irXthfm^&c, s. Me Ifrit^mettP, SHed^enfunft 
rjt/tmSfjcf], I. adj.; 11. — ly, adv, arit^mt' 
m^i — precisioa,^g.Me i^itc ^enauigfelt. 
^rft/un^tiCcian [— tfsb'-^ui], s. bcr 3Crit^metif cr. 
irky s* 1. bie ZaUi 2. tie QCrd^e^ ber i(aflen 
(9^00^)9 —of covenant, Me S9ttnbedtat>e$ 

3. Conch. (Ob. —shell) bie 'Kxdft, :K-nmttf4cI j 

4. baft SDedtfdbiff mit ^a^em Soben j 5. iim. 
etn dtof es Slufboot, SRarftfAijf. Ijetb. 

Irlef [ariz], ^. (—penny) baft flRlet^gelb, %n* 

Ir'lft, «. Bot.berofHnbifit^e Jtumin(Jt)[tmmer). 

Arm, s. 1. ber ^rm$ ^eere^armj Xrm eineft 
Ruffes, ber Setflrom)* Saumafi; annf5r« 
mlge (Segenftanb ) 2. bie SBaffe $ (viU Arms ;) 
3. Man, ber Sorberf^enfel eined ^ferbeS^ 
4.^. bie fDtad^t, (Semalt^ — of an oar, ber 
!Krmeitteft {Rubers $ he is my right—, fig. 
er ift meine re^te f)anb $ comp. — chair, ber 
Se|)ttfeffe(^lCrmfht^$ — ful, ein Vrm boa$ 
— hole, 1. baft 2rnnlo4/ trmetto^i 2. bef> 
fer: — pit, Anat. bie QC^felgrube. 

To Xrm, V.I. a. lit, k fig, 1. maffnen/ be» 
loaffiten, ouSrilfteni 2. mttiStwaS (ivxSbt' 
fefttgung) oerfe^en, einfalfen. bef^ragen; n. 
n. fi4 loaffneit; beioaffnen^ ruflen. 

i^rm&'da, s, bie [pan. JtriegSflotte ) TCrmabo. 

Srm^dil'l?, s. Zoo/, baft TCrmabiO^^aiiiert^ier, 

/Lr^m^m^nt, s. 1. bieitriegSrfiflttng} 2. baft 
itriegftgerdt^ ) 3. bie Sttitq^mait, ®ee« 
ma4t/ J^^egft^otte) 4. f^mereft (Stf^u^. 

Xr'm^n, li'm^nd, s. Vet, ber em)ei4enbe TCr^ 
neitras! ob. bie Sattoerge. 

iir'm^tare [— tshftr], s. 1. Me fRiiftttng, /. p. 
SBaffen) 2. Sport, bie Spornen an ben 
^ampf^d^neni 3.£ot.S)omen,®ta4eIn/ic 

i^rm'^d, adj. UL it fig. bemajfnet/ ben>etrt5 
—chair, vid. ann-<iair; an — load-stone, 
cin armirter QHagnet) an — ship, ein sum 
itriege anftgerfifleteft itauffa^rteifiiiff. 

^rme'ni^ s. Geog. Xrmenien. 

ArmS'nj^, 1. 1. ber^nnenionerj U. adj. at' 
menif4$ Aftn-^. — bole, ber armenir^e fBo* 
Iuft$ —stone, ber armenift^e 6tttn, baft 
IBergblau. [eie( ge^drig. 

ArmJSn't^l, ir'mfntlne, adj. ju einer {)erbe 

irm^ntsse', adj. ^erbenrei4. 

AiTvaSf ^ronn, ^m^g'^roiis, adj. (QafTen tra- 

genb, be»e(rt, bemaffhet. 

ir^mjf ^r, s. ber ® affentrdger, ein Esqnire. 

Xr'mjil^ry, adj. T. ringeli((t; in 0tingen5 
einem ^rmbanbe glei^enbi Ast, —sphere, 
bie XnniSar>®p(dre, Cftingfngeli — trigo- 
Mometer, ein anft fdnf f)albiirfeln befle(en« 
oeft Sttllntment inx f^neSen Xnftftfttng trigo* 
i!omctrtf4cr yrobleme. 

Ar'mjiist^d, adj* mit Yrmbdnbem ob. dtingct 

Xr'mjngf , s, pi. Mar, vid, Waist-elolha. 

^mun'i^n, I. s. ber Xrminianer) n. adj* ar« 

i^rmin'ifinYf m, s. Ecc. ber ^rminianiftmuft. 

iimup'QtSnce, f.* bie9Xa4timitriege,9Ra4t 
ber SBaffen, fiBaffenmatt. 

i^rmip'ptSnt, adj. * md^tigim J(riege. [felnb. 

Armis'onoos, adj, ^^ nafTenflirrenb, maffenrap 

Xr'mistifce, s. ber SBaffenftinftanb. [maffhet. 

Xrm'l^ss, adj, 1. armtoft^ 2. naffenloft, ttnbe« 

Armlft, *. 1. ber Heine Krm(ber6ee,w.)i 
2. ber 7(rm(amif4, bie ICrmr^iene} 3. baft 

^rmG'njfc, s. 1. vulg. bie ICprifofe (vid. Apri- 
cot) ; 2. cor, ft. Ammoniac, qv. 

^rmSn'jc, adj, vid. Armenian* 

^Lrmu'nicfL, s. vid. Harmonica. 

ir^m^r, Xr^mo^r, s. MeTCrmatur, Mftttsg^ 
ber ^amifd^j —bearer, ber lffia|fenft:5ger, 
0<biibPnapp5 top — , Mar, Ut Gd^ansKei* 
ber ber SKarffen (SRaflMrbe). 

Xr'mprfr, Ir'movr^r, s. 1. ber ffiaffenftmieb, 
64)mertfeger, SSfid^f^ftoieby 2. ber0tilfl» 
fnapp) 3. ber fiBaffenauffe^er. 

^rmo'ri^l, I. adj. {u benSBapen (bcf. }u einem 
Sami(ien»apen)ge^drig$ 2.^. baftl8apen» 
bu4 $ " bearings, •*- ensigns, —insignia (or 
armorials, p/.), baft iSapen, Me flBapenf^ilbe. 

^rmSi^jc I. ajf* armorifd^, brefoniM) Q*'* 
bie annorifte ob. bretonif^e Gpradjie. 

^rmdr'ic^n, I. aef;. armorifd^/ breton{f4$ IT 
s, ber ^mtorihr/ fBretone, Sretagner. 

XWrn^rlst, s, ber {)era(bifer, 5Bapen!ttnbige. 

Ir^m^ry* Xr'movry, s, l, bie TCnnaturfastmer, 
9tilfl!ammer/ (9e»etrfammer$ baft 3eitg« 
^auft) 2. Me fUtiifhing) 8. baft (Qapen, flBo* 
penf^ilb) 4.bie^eralM!,SGBapenfttnbe) book 
of—, baft ICBapenbu4; flBopenregifler. 

Xrm;, s, pi. I, bie Xrmaturflfiife, flBafen^ 
Law, iebe2rngnffft*ob.Sert(eibignngft»Qffie{ 
2.*beritneg$ S.i7(er.baft8Bapett5 4. Wli-^, 
Me beiben ^ben eincr flSagenadi^fe ) 5. Sport. 
MeSiifeetneft0tanboogelft) 6. BoU^ovntn, 
Gta^eln, K.5 iman- , G4iefge»e^n^ ftetse 
^d^ttpmaffeni a stand of — , ber 9eme(r* 
flanb^ einecomplette^otbatenrfifhittg) ces- 
sation of—, ber fSafenftiflfiottb) ooat of^, 
baft IBapen 9 — of an anchor , bie ^ftgel 
eineftlCnferft^Me7(nferarmej to»! BiU.%u 
ben SBaffen ! in'ft (Seioe^ I 

Ar'my, s. bie Tivmtc, baft (^riegft«) i^ttti a 

flying—, einfltegenbeftSager) — ag^ii^)>^ 
4LroSt'tO, ^mSt'td, s, vid. Anolta. 




Arti6t, Vnvt, 5. Bot lit 6rbiittf. [(-^eje)!] 
^ ^roint' thee! {Shksp, Maob.) pade ^14 
^ru-m^, J. Bot. ^od ^romQ/ ber (fcine) Qle- 

rtt^fiofftcr$flaR$en, t)Qd (S(e»urg. 
Aroinat'jc, Aromsit'ic^I, adj. axomntif^, milr« 
^;ig, mt wursctriirtcnb. 
Ar^mat'jct, s.pU 1. Bot. aromatifcl^e f)jlan* 

ym i 2. ® murj^ SBurscn, @pcsereten^ SBo^U 

gcru^e. [toursen, ba» fBiirien. 

AromStizii'tion, s, hit IBcrmif^ung mit®o 
To Ar'pm^tize, r. «r. 1. ivfirscR/ mit®cnMttr} 

oerfcocn) 2. mitQcmficsrfittd^crn, wo^tricc 

4enb macl^cn; t>ur(^buftcn. 
Arum'^azer* s. H^, na$ ©emfir) gicbti »q§ 

gerourj^aftc QtigcRf^aft cnt^dlt. 

r^o, s. Bot. bcrXron, Dic3c^r»ttrj;gicbcr* 
Ir'9pb» J. bcr ©affran. [wuri. 

;(lrof e', pret 0. To ArUe. [f(^( @i^(6rn(^en. 
Arouglicain [ICr'-rQ-k^n], s, Zoel, bQ6 l>irgitti 
.^roilnd', I. adv. tm ^rctfe, ninb (ringd) (cr 

um$ H. prep, urn ... (cnim, urn ... (cr, um$ 

Vi'd. Round. 
To .f^roAf e', V. a. l.QnfibC(£en$ 2. j!g. crtt)ef« 

fen, crregen, aufrcgcn i (— from ..., au$, von). 
Arow', arfi). (in .i row) in ctncr Stcif^e, in cincr 

%nic, in Steif^cn, na^ bcr dtct^e. 
Arpeg'gio, (ittti ) s, Mu8. baS Tfrpcggio. 
Ar'pfot, f . eme $ufe 2anbc$ 

Arqaab98Jlde'[-ke— or — kwg—], *. 1. ber 

9uiten< ct. JBiid^rcnf^u^ I 2. (—water), 
Afe(f. bte ^raucbttfabe, baft @(^uf naffer, 
,®ttftb»affer. [bic Xrqucbufe, J{)afcnbit4fe.|l 
Ar'fiaSb&ae, Jir'qucbirei [— k5 — or — k wg— ], s. « 
ArquAy«!cjr''[—k8— or— kw8—], *. bcr ir* 
.quebuflr, Siid[>fenf4u^e. 

Ai^qolfoOl^ 5. v/d, Alquifou. 

Ar^r^gh* Ar'r^ck, i. vid. Orracb. 

4rriek' [ WT,., IK, Ac. ; SW-r^Lk, 5iii., ike.], 

,«.bcrirarf, cmtr, (Ratf. 

Ar'r^gSn, j. Geog, Xrragoniett. 

To^rriiign'C— rsn], ^' «• L orbnen, flcttcn, 

ciQtf4iten{ 2. bcri^tigcn, rcbigiren^ Lavys. 

3. anftagen/ befAuIbigen^ 4. vorfu^ren, oor 

©eri^t ihUen (— for ..., »egen). 

Arraign', s* vid. Araignee k Arraignment. 

^iiga'm^Qt, s. 1. baft IDrbnen, bie Seri^^ti* 
9VQgt 2. bieeteOung vor(3eri4t, tn baft 
Scr|6r$ 3.biel(tttlage, i6cf4»ulbigung. 

To .^rriinge', v. a. orbBCtt, in SDrbnimg brin* 
$cn, eintiiiten; Com. to — one's f elf with 
•-» A4 aufteinanbcrfe^cn mit...$ to — an 
acconnt, cine 0te4nttng obma^ea. 

Wta4«^m?nt,*. l.bieXnorbttunfls SDrbnung, 
wttwg, «nri4tung5 2. bie fl^ereinfunft, 

baft flbereintommen, bie ICnftglet^img (oftf. 


^rran'g^r, s. bcr S>rbtter, }(norbtter. 
Ar'rfnt, adj. fef^r org, burdtttrieben/ exy*, nato* 

rif4^i an — coward, cine (Sr)memme; aa — 
/ool» ein auftgemad^ter 9^rr. 
Ar'rantty, adv. arg, fd^dnblid^er jSeife. 
Ar^r^, 5. 1. vid, Aras; 2. — , or — haogiagf* 

bie gemirfte Sapete, Sapejerei, ber Xeppid^. 
^rray', s. 1. btc 9tei(e, etcUung) 9lei(K u. 

(9licb9 04la<!^torbnung9 2. « bie (pnu^ 

(afte) ^letbung, berTCnsttg, $ut) 3. Lav. 

bie (Smennnng ber ®ef4soomen unb baft Ber* 

Sei4nif berrelben. 
To ifUray^ v. a. 1. orbncn, in £)rbnung lbrin» 

gen Ob. ftc(Ien$ 2. * (pnuif^aft) Keiben, be« 

fldben, eittftfiHen (— with, in, in) 5 3. to — a 

pannel. Law, bteCSef^oomenlifleentiperfett. 
^rr^ar^, t, 1. bcr Sta^^iug, S^a^trab (bie At- 

rikregarde, vid. Arriere) ; 2. ber0td<f|lanb, 

vid. b. id. Arrears. 
^rrSar'^ge, s. vid. b. &. Arrears. 
4Lrr«ari(', «. pi. riutfidnbige Gummen ob. 64ttU 

ben, (Ri5tfft&nbc) col, Oteftanten^ to be 

(remain) in — , in 0lefl Meiben, refitren $ one 

in — , ber r^Aftfinbige Gd^ulbner/ (Reflant 
To ^LrrSct^i V. a.attf$ebei-, anfri^ten. 
^rrec't^ry s. Carp, ber aufrc^tjYe^enbe SBaI» 

fen ob. 9)foflen. 

Arr^nta'tion, s. Law, baft (Sin^dgongftre^^t. 
Arr^pti'tions, adj. 1. entriffen, (genaltfam) 

en^gen i 2. eingefcf^Ii^en (ton Otbrfiu^en). 
Toifrrlstf, V. a. 1. anetiren, ter^aften) 2. 

mitTCrrefi belegen, IBeWag legen aiif ..., oer* 

fiimmemj 3. iuru(f(aUen, anf^alten, ein« 

(altcn, ^nbem; fiS' fefi^alten. 
i^rr^Bt', s. Law, 1. (—of person) bie ficr^aft* 

ne^mung; ber Xrreft$ 2. bie Sdef^Iogno^me, 
aSerfaaer!Idruttg$ 3. ber^n^alt^ bie{)cn* 
mung, 6toc(ttng4 4. baftUrt^eil, ber xHk* 
tcrliie 7(Qftfpru4 (vt'd. Arret); —of the 
glacis, Fort ber Jtanun beft bebecftenflBegeft. 

^rr^sts', s. pi. Far. bie 9Xaufe an ben Winter* 

^n^tf, s. Law, ber Xttftfpru^ (eineft (Seri^tft)/ 
baftUrt^cQ)!, Gnburt^eiU (Sbict eineft San* 
beft^erm. [langt, oerflagt. 

^rret'tfd, adj. Law, vor (9ert4t citirt, bes 

^rriere', s. (—guard) MU. ber S^adfttrab, bie 
Vrriergarbe (c/. Arrear A Rear); —ban, 
ber^eerbanni berSanbftarm^ Lmo,— fee, 
—fief, baft Xperlcjenj — vawal, berXfter* 

^rriCf ion, s. baft Xtttaften, dnlddfteln. 

/Uri'r^It f. 1. bie 2Cnhtnft$ Xnlanbttng5 Sea, 
bie f>erauftf4iffung auft !)9teereiigOQ, ie.< 2 




Com. 3ttftt^r, ge». pL ^ufu^ren, dujlup tot 
aBaorens 3.ji{g. tiU(SxxnibmQmtt7CbMU 
—train, R-w. ber anlonunenbe fiBagensug. 

To ^Lrrive', v. n. 1. onfommen, aitlangeii/ on« 
lanben, cintreffen^ 2. to — at, 6t»>a& crrei* 
4en/ )u (St»aS delangen^ 3. to — to» ju* 
faDen, ju X^eit tperbens R4 sutragen) be* 

To ^rrod«'y V. a. benagen. [gegnen. 

Ar'rQg^nce, j. bie 7(nmaf ung^ *8enneffen(eit; 
berjDitRfel, flbermut^. 

iHrpg^nt, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. anmaf enb^ 
uxmtfftn, fibermiit(tg/ fiolj. 

To i.r^r9gate, v. a. 1. »tberr(4^tli4 anfprce 
4eiii 2. f[4 (au$6toIi) onmaf en, (erQtt&» 

iirrQga'tion, «. bie Vnmaf ung. [ne^men. 

ir'rQgfitifvey a((7. onmaf enb. 

Arro'fioD, s, bQ& Senagen, bie Senagung. 

Ar'rOw, s. ber $feil$ ♦ fiBurffpief 5 romp. 
— gnus, Bot. bad ^^-graft; —head, 1. bie 
9>-f9ite$ a. Bot. baft ^-frauti —headed 
characters, Lit. bie^tetlf^rift) —root, Bot. 
1. ber »efiinbif4e 0alep, bie ^-nursel^ 2. 
Jlfed. bad $-ko*me6I^ ^rroiome^l$ —stones, 
Pet. 9-fleine; Selemititen. 

ir'rOwy, ad}. 1. auft 9feilen befle^enb i 2. pfeil* 

.f6migi fpiftig. 

irsc, J. ber ^intere, Bttifi —foot, Om, ber 
0teiffuf, bieSau4(er)ente$ -gut, ^Inat. 
ber^S^a^barm^ —smart, Bot. baSSI^t^uut. 

IHsen^), 5. bad Tfrfenal, 3eug^attft. 

^S'ni^c-S'cid, v»(f. Arsenical-acid. 

^Lrse'nifte, i. C/iem. bttSTCrfeniat, orfeniffaare 
0alH —of lead, arfeniffaured Slei^ Slei* 
hl&^ti — of potash, arfeniffaurefi^oU. 

Irs^n'ic, *. Aftn. ber ^Krfenif J flalty-, ber glie* 
genfleiit; bod 0tattengift$ native (yellow)—, 
ber gebiegene TCrfenif, bad Tfuripigment^ 

crystalline (white) — , bcr ^ittenroUfi, bttfi 

4Lrs«n'ic^, adj. Tfrfenif ent^altenb/ arfenifa 

Kf*5 -acid, CTwm. bie TCrfeniffdure. 
To 4LrsSn'icate, v. a. mil ^rfeni! berbinben. 
^rsS'nloas, adj. arfenifalifii^ 3 —acid, Chem. 

bie arfenige ®dure. [®al}. 

ir's^nlte, s. Chem. bttft TCrfenit, orfentgftture 
ir'sfs, s. Mus. 1. bie {)ebuQg bes SoneS (ber 

etimme)) 2. ber ^uffi^Iag tm Sacte (mit 

ber j)anb). 

Ir'smart, s, vid. arse-smart unt Arse. 
Ir'son, s. Law, bad borr^^Ucie ^eueranlegen, 

bie SRorbbrennerei 

Ar'sorc[— shdr], s. Latp, boS ^robiren neuer 
^aXfinien im gener. 
Ar'syver''sgYer^sS, adv.vulg. bad IDbcrjte 

itt unttxft, toerh^rt, QKnd bur^ bad ICnbere. 
2jf» bit 2te 9erf. bed |)rdf. Zntit. b. To Be. 

irt, s. 1. bieitttnfl$ (S»ef4i(fli4feit3 8. bie 
gein^eiti Serf^Iagen^eits the liberal, po- 
lite^or elegant a-s, bie freien itunfie) the 
mechanic or nsefal a-s, bie ^anbmerfdmdf i* 
gen ^Stiinfh, SRed^ani^i a master of a-s, ein 
CDtagifler ber freien Jtiinfie (gcio. abbrM.k.) ; 
— union, mod. ber Jtanftberein. 

Ar'tSchOke, «. vid. Artichoke. 

^Lrte'rifl, adj. Anat. arterieU$ —blood, bad 
^uldaberblnt. [abern. 

^rtSrjdl'^^, s. Anat bie £e^re bon ben^alds 

4Lrteri6t'9my, s. Surg, bad Sd^Iagen ob. £)ff« 
nen ber yuldabem, ^(berlafTen. 

Arti'rions, adj. boDer $uldabern. 

JLr't^ry, s. bie TCrterie, ^uldaber, 6(i^Iagabcr. 

^rte'f fan, adj. arteftf^^ aisd ber ^roDinj Kr« 
toid, ba^er: —wells, mod. artefifd^eSnumen 

Art'f^lt !• adj.; H. — ly, adv. 1. (niiit natftr* 
Ii«), f&nmii funflret4, gef^icft; artifHf^^ 
gem. 2. Jig. UfHg, Wan, berf^mi^f, fein* 
m. -ness, s. l.bie^nfUidbfeit, ®t\6fi(Ridfs 
ftiti 2. fig. bie m, 64tau^eit. 

^rtArit'lc, ^rtAnt'jcfl, adj. Med, 1. arl^ri« 
tin, gi4tif4$ 2. in ben ©cleufen ge^drig. 

ArtArit^s, s. Med. bie ® licberftranrSeit, ®i*t 

h^th^T, #. tKrtJnr ((K-n). 

Xr'tichoke, s. Bot. bie Q(rtifd()ocie, <Srbf4o(f e 5 
Jerusalem — , bie S^nifaleni'd 5C., eine Hit 
Gonnenblnme, beren JtnoUen bie @rbbimen 
finbj wild —, bie aXarienbifiel. 

Xr^tjc, adj. cor. ft. Arctic. 

Ir'tide, s. l.berTCrtiM, S^eil, 9>ttn!t, baft 
^tMi lit. A fig. ber einjelne (Segenftanb^ 
2 bie 9ebingttng4 3. Bot. bad ®lieb) 4. 
Gram, ber ^rtt!el/ bad ©ef^Ie^tdmort 9 
Cornet. 5. ber fBaarenartifel $ 6. ber ^oftes 
(im£Bu4(aIten)$ flte^nungdartifel. 

ToiLr'tjcle, v. I. a. 1. artifeldneife abfaffen) 
(inVrtiPel, $nnFte) eintfteilen^ 2. (^unh 
f&r ^unft) bartegen, bortragen (S^atTa^en) > 
f4riftU4 berflagenj 3. unter contracttiten 
IBebingnngen binben (—to, an...)) II. n. 
(eotttractiiit)) fibereinPonunen, bebingen, IBe« 
bingnngen ma^en, S^ergleicbungdpnnftc avf« 

^rtic'Gl^, I. adj. Anat. bie ®Iicber nnb <Se« 
lenfe betreffenb , (Sliebers 3 n. — ly , adv. 
Gram. artifttlirt/fQlbenrnfifigaudgefipro^en. 

^rtic'Ql^te, I. adj. ; IL — ly, adv. 1. artifn* 
lirt, bentli4, beme^mlicb) 2. artifelioetfe 
andgebdicft) abget^eilt^ 3. Anat, (Slieber 
Ob. Oelenfe betreffenb, gegliebert; 4. Bot. 
gegUebert, fnotigj ni. — ness, s. bie Ser« 
nebmbarfeit, 3)eutli4h{t. 

To ^rtic'QUte, v. I. a. 1. anf cine bernebm(i<bc 
Yrt audfpreibin/ artifnliren^ 2. Anat. lu^ 




faauBenfugoi/ artifttUrctt) n. n. beutli^, lotv* 
ntt^mlH fpre^en. 

irtfcOlI'tioD, s. 1. AnaU bic Oe(enh)erbin« 
btrng, ^odj^enfudnndf 2. Bot. uxStaoUn, 
baS (Selenf^ ®Iieb$ Grams, 3. bU (bcut* 
li4e) TCuefpro^e, Vrttfttlatton^ i.berSKtt^ 
lauter^ (Sottfonant. 

ir'tificc, s. l.bic®cf*itfli*Mt, ^unfl^ 2.bie 
Yrglift, {)inter(ifl, ber Jtunftgriff. 

Artfficfr, J. 1. bet Mnftltx, ^an^totxUx, 
tBcrfmeifler 5 2. Af«. ber generwcrferi 3.^. 
^er6rf{nber, etifter^ (9tfinfe0 6(^mieber. 

ArtifiCci^l [— fish — ], L adj.; II. — !y, adv. 
1. gen. ffinftltt^j 2 d^madbt, nod^gema^t^ 

Jig. teu^Icrif*, erWnflelt5 3. funfirei^, 
finnxd^i 4. [tfltg/ oerfd^lasen} 5. angcbaut, 
nid^t dQteimtf^ (o« ®e!od(bfen)$ comp. 
— day» ^<<. bet KnfUt^e Sag (eon 24 Qt) 5 
^«om. A JlfatA. — liae§, ffinfUtd^c (6on« 
firttcttond') Siitien 9 — namberg, Sogarit^nun^ 

— pcrsoni, Laio, rnQfUf^c $erfonen$ m. 

— nest, s. vid, b. f. SB. 
Art|ficjaity[-frsh.j-], *. l.bic^iinfWt(»!cit, 

JCunWertfgfcit^ 2. bie £i|t, CerWIogenJeit. 
Ait}Wdfl8y «. pi, Jtttnfiprobncte. 
Art|iic'ioiii» adj. f&nf^ii), nad^gema(bt. 
To Ir'tjlTze, t?. a, (Sttoa^ ben Xnfcbcin ber 

Sttinft geben. 
^riSfn^ry^ s. bie QCrtiaerie^ ba§ (9ef4ii(»efen, 

<9ef4ii($ CO/. (Ob. -men) bie Xrtincrifif n, 


Ar'tjf^, J. berit<nfUer} {)anbmer!er. [bige. 
Artf|ftt, #. l.ber Jtflnflier^ 2.ber Jtunftoer^n 

Art'lfM, I. actf. ; 11. — ly, adv. 1. fttnfllofi, 1in» 
gefftnfhlt/ natiirlt^^ 2. funflwibrig, ge« 
f^matflod) fdftle^t^ platt^ m.— ness, «. 1. 
bie itunfUoRgYetf $ 2. bie (natiirli^e) 7(uf« 

^riijtigfeit [girWrner. 

Ar^^nd^l ofl, j. bad £)I bcr mo(uttif4en f)ur« 

j^ndint'ceong, acfj. von fftof^x, {Hott*? ro^r* 

^ob. f«Ufd(nlt«. 

Ar^Bdln'aons, adj. mit Oto^r ob. 0AiIf be* 
ma^fen^ noQer 0{o(r ob. Bi% Wflpg. 

ir'zfl, «. Man, ein^ferb, bad auf btm re^ten 

^^intttfuft einen »eif en Sled ^at. 

alS ob (mttlfuSIaffung oon iO) lacb— » (mit 
folgenbemSSerbum ob. andl^ mit IB>eglafrung 
befTeiben), ber mel^er, bie meUbe, fold^e 
oie u.i sum SBeifpieU — regArdi* maftbe* 
trifftj —yon were! Mil, (bci ben ^renfen) 
Oriff luxudl (bei ben £)fterrct(bcrn) berftcnt 
en4l — I hope, fo mabr i(b ^offe^ when — 
he knew. Ac.» ba er bo4 mufte, )C.9 —it 
were, glei(!bfam$ fo {u fogen. 

Is, s, bad X6 j;r6m. (Semtd^t u. !IXitnse). 

Is^oettdf, As^fSfid^, #. P^rm. ber fHn« 
fenbe QCfanb, bie TCrapttba, vuig, ber Sen* 


AsfTfibSc'cf, s, BqL bie {)afeln)nrs. 

^fb&'tine, adj. adbeflartig, nnDerbrennlid^. 

^fb&'t|ntte, s. Min. ber TTfibefttnit, aJbejl* 
artige Gtrobiflein. 

Af bSs^t^s, A'bifs'tVB, ^^bM, s. Min. ber K^ 

befi/ Sergpaib^^ &tiafia^B, baft S^bermeif . 

isc^lo'nj^ (co/. ^scXl'lfpn), j. Bot. &(!bnitt« 
Iau(b5 vzd. Scallion. 

^cSk?\d%M, s, pi, Zool. TCftfariben. 

^sdiance', ^scaont', adv. vid. Askance, Ac. 

To ^sc^nd^, V. I. n. 1. oufndrtftfteigen/ (bin<) 
ouflhigen/ geben, ob. fabren^ 2.^g. —to, er« 
xtiiitni binanfrei^en^ge^enbift...) 3.Astic 
BoL auf^gen? 4. Mus. fteigenj n. a. \fia* 
auff (ettern, erfteigen, befieigen i AsUs. a— ing 
node, ber anf^eigenbe Jtnoten) a— log sign, 
baftanffteigenbe3ei4tn9 a— ing plane, Afee/u 
eine anflieigenbe @bene^ a~ing vestsels, Anat . 
bie auflteigenben ®efdf c. 

^sG^nd'^ble, adj. erfteiabar, erfieigli^. 

^cend'^nt, I. s, 1. bie Uberlcgenbeit, <S$e»aIt; 
bereinfluf^ 2. Astrol. bcr TCftcenbent (ber 
in ber (BeburtSftanbe aufgebenbe ^unft ber 
Q^fUptif}) Il.adi, l.iiberlegen^ilbenoiegenb,' 
2. Astral, anffteigenb/ fiber bem {>or^onte 

befinbli4* [^ie. 

^sc^n'dfnts, s,pi, iBennanbte in anffieigenber 
^scSn'dfncy, j. bieflberlegenbeit, IDbergemaUr 

baft flbergemitbt/ ber (Sinflnf (— over, fiber). 
^sd$n'8ion, s, 1. ba$ TCnffteigen, bie Kuffabrt^ 

bt$7Cttf|ieigenbe9 2.Xjt.baft!Kuf|leigeneineft 

Oejtimft, bie TCfcenfton; Rd-s, the — of 

Af, coT^.Aadv. 1. aU,iote$ fo, fo mie, ebeni Christ, bie {>immeIfabrt6brifH^ —day, bet 

foj fo ftarni —per. Com. lant: j. IB. — per 
bill of lading. last gra^btbrtef 5 —yet, nod^i 
biftie^t, f4on$ —this day, (ente$ —what, 
nnn, mat? —big again, no4 einmal fo grof ) 
— well— ,fogst,aIft) fo»o6I,aI6au(b) — loft 
— . . ., fo »ei# mie . . . J — ftir— , biftj (— ) rich 
— he is, rei4 n>ie er ifl, fo retib er an^ ift ; 

•for, —to, ma$ betriff^ inSesng anf$ solTo isc^rtsin', v, a, 1. ouftmittein/ gewif ma« 
moTed — toweep, fobe9egt,bafmanmeinenl ten, feftfe^en, beflimmenj in fHi^tigfeit 
mnfy 2.iU/bo,»{e,»<trenb{ wmi weQ^II btingen; 2.eergen)i|fem,fiber}evgen9 

i^scen'sipn^, adj. 1. aufflelgenb) 2. Asi-s, in 

ber 2(feenfion9 — difference, ber Unterf^ieb 

in ber geraben unb fcbiefen TCufjleignng. 
^scj^nt', s, l.baft ({)in«)Ynffleigen, 2(vfgeten ; 

bie^nffa(rt$ 2. bie @r($^nng5 3. bie Tin* 

bdbe, ber ^figel. 





ffwpUn, befrAftigen^ bart^un; to — a ba- 
lance. Com. einen 6aIbo oergleicf^en. 

isc^&in'^ble, adj, beflimmbar. 

Isc^rtsi'n^r, s, ber S^ftfcteabe, SefHrnmcn^C; 

Ascfrtftln'mfnt, «. 1 . bie Seftfetund, !Beflim« 
mnna$ S. ^ie flbcrgcuguns; IBergewifTentng? 

Asceuancy, Aicessant, vid, Aceuency, &c. 
^Bc^t'jc, I. adj. ofccttfib/ befcbaaliib) —books, 
(ascetics), pf. ^Vnbad^tdbficbcr, €rbaiiun8& 
Jd>nftm 11. *. ber ^^fcctifcr, €inficbler. 

As'ci^ns [Ssh'-i-^ns], As'cjT, s. pL AsU hit ttlls 

f^attigen ob.f^attcnlofcnSSdlfer. 

^scl't^f , s. Med. bie Saucbwafferfa^t' 

Ascit'ic, ^sdft'ic^l, adj. bau(b>oafferf(i(btt8. 

Asciti'tioQs, adi. 1. binittgctbttii) 2. }ttfdnig9 
an — name, cin angcnommener ^ame. 

^Lscifb^ble, adj. {ttfcbrcibbor, iujuf^rcibcn. 

To ^scrfbe', v. a. (—to) suWrcibcii; bcUcgen, 
bcimefTen (dincm dtioad). [Seilegung. 

Ascrfp'tion, s. bad 3uf4rdbcn/ IBeimeflcn; bte 

Xscrjptl'tious, adj. jugefcbricben. 

Asb, 1.3. 1. Bof.btc6f^c4 2. bag ef(benboIj 
(bic i»cn bicfcm ^olj i^crfcrtigte SEBaare »irb 
im {>aiibel Tunbridge ware genannt) $ 8. bcr 
^afti comp'S flowering—, bie6(ttmm« 
ef(be$ monntatn— bie Sogelbecrt) prickly—, 
bcr dobnwebbannt -• n. adj. cf(bcn) bieef^e 
bctreffcnb J HI. comp. —balls, s. pi. !JCf4>cns 
fugeln (sum SBofibcn bc$ Setnenseuged) $ — co- 
loar , baS 7Cf(bgroU; bie ^[(bfarbe 5 ^ co- 
loored, af^graU; afcbfcirbigi —drawer, 
Min, ber 7[\icnikf^n , ZnxmoMm —fire, 
C/iem. bad gcbfimpfte Salter / bad Xf(ben« ob. 
©ttnbbabj —bole, bad^WcnlotbJ — keyi, 
s. pi. bie (Sr4baumfa^(ben 9 —pan, bad 
TCfienfaf, bie cifcrnc ©ampft>fannc$ —pit, 
bad ^f(ben(o4/ bie Qff^engrube) — tree, ber 
tlfcbcnbanm^ bie 6fd^e$ —Wednesday, bic 
7(f(bermittibo4e ) —weed, Bot. ber ®eif« 
fuf, Oierd. 

j^bftmed', adj, ftcb ftb^menb; beftb^mt) to 
be— (oO« M r4&>neit(@inedob. einer6a4e). 

4Lshi'm«dJy, adv. f^ambaft, verf^dmt. [:c. 

^sb^f , adv. Mar. auf ciner ©anbbanf/ JCKppc, 

Asb'^n, adj. t\^en, VonSfrbenboIgi cjf. Ashy. 

AsbVy, s. T. bic f)ottaf4eiifabrif. 

Asb'€f, s. pi. 1. lit. bie ^[4^9 to born to — , 

in cinenKf(benbaufen vemonbeln/ eindf(bem j 
lalfiin— , eingedfiert^ 2. fig. bie Of We, bcr 

^€5ta«b, bie flerbU^cn flbcrrefle. 

Ashlar, *. (Dr. J., C, Sm.^ ber ©niibftein. 

Ath'l^r, s. (^Sm.) Mas. bcr @ocf el (Tfbfat einer 

^ffltouer mit duoberfteinen). 

Aafalf rifng, 1. p. s. Mas. bad Ginmasern ber 

<Bo(teIflctne$ n. 5. Carp, bie (€$tiit<n ber) 
jBerf^alnng (unter bem Sa^e). 

^sbore', adu. an'd Ufer, an'd^anb) amUfer, 
amSanbc) to get-, (an)lanben) on'd^ttb 
bringen) to go — , an'd Sanb fteigen) to ran 
a sbip — , ein 0(btff auf ben 6tranb fe^en, 
firanben? n ship—, tin geftranbetcd G^tff. 

ish'y, adj. 1. af^^ig? 2* ar^r^rben, af^grau} 
— paie, afibenblei^, (I«t4?n) lla^. 

Asia [a'-zh|-9, col. i'-zha], s, Geog. YfieU) 
—minor, ^leinafien. 

4:A's|^ [a'shl^n], adj. aftatin. 

Asiatic [S-shj-^'-ikj , I. adj. afiattfcb) n.i. 
ber ^fiate. 

Asiaticism[a*shi4t'-j-stzm], s. biefRaibobmiiag 
aflatifiber ^itttn. 

^slde', I. adv. 1. fettmdrtd^ ablbdrtd) 2. bd 
&eite, aufbieeeitC; befonberd, f&rM) to 
lay (set) — , lit. kfig. bei ©cite Icgen, fe^eHj 
aufgebeni Law, annudircnj II. s, Tkeat. 
an—, etn SBeifctte, mad ein ®ibaufpieler fUr 

J* fpri4t. [bfirig 5 2./^. efelbaft. 

As'jn^ry, As'jnine, adj. 1. j« cincm Sfel ge« 

Asjng'go, *. 1. ber (flcfne) Gfelj 2. cor. fig. 
ber ^eltreiber) 3. fig, bcrSrcpf, Tbuxaxn^ 
fopf/ 9{arr. 

jsk, #. 1. Bot. ber Cff^enbaum; vtd. Ash; 
2. Zool. bie aBaflertibe^fe, vid. Asker. 

To Ask, w. L a. 1. fragctt^ 2. bitten? 8. for* 
beru; begebren, cerlangen? 4. erfotbern) 5. 
cittlabeni to — leave, anfu^en, iim Srianb* 
nif bitten 4 to — one*s pardon, ^tntanb nm 
JBcrscibnng ^itttni to — a price of ... , ciiMtt 
$retd bon ... forbernj to — (back) again, 
SuriitfiDerlottgenj to — in, beretnrufen, t^tx* 
einnotbigen$ n. n. l. bitten (gen>. xait for)$ 
2. flagcn (ge». afterj ; to — for (after> 
a thing, na(b (Straad ^agen, |!4 bomo^ 

Askance', ^skant', adv. berCluere, qverj^lff, 
ilber)»er^/ feitwdrtd, von bcr Seite. 

Askannce', ^^skaunt', vid. b. ii. Askance, Ac 

AskVf s, 1. berSragenbe, iz.^ 2. Zoo^. bU 
fiSafTereibecbfc. [(au4 cont.) 

;^Bkew', adv. pott ber 6eitC/ fcitmdrtd, f^ief 

.fsl&'nT, s. Num. 9tame bcr mct^ertdnbifibett 
S5»ent(aler in ber Scoante. 

^lant', adv. fibief; qncr, bon bcr 2>t\tt. 

.^l«ep', adv. f^Iafenb, im €S4lafe5 M- tcbt? 
to be (lie)—, f^Iafen? to fall—, einf(blQftn» 
my foot is — , ber ^u? ifl mir eingefiblafett. 

Aslope', adv. fibief/ im QCbbangc^ abf^iifitg. 

Aso'miLtoas, adj. nnfdrperlicb. 

Asp, s. 1. JBot. (—tree), bielSfpe, vid. Aspen; 
2. Zoo^ bie Scatter, vid. Aspic. 

^•pal'gt^iii, s. Sot. 1. bie Sertiborcfe (vtef 




untcrKote); 2.bcrdl4ob{fertont, ba&9lo«||Aspir&'tion, $, 1. ^ram. bie Kfpiratfon). 2. 
fcn^l), XBitf^cn^Dl}. [GpQrg(lfloff.| baft BtxtUu, ^ftige Serlongett (bef. na^ 

^Anpiir'fgGi, s. berS^pargtl) —tongoGs, s. pi J To ^splre', v. n. 1. it^ onblafeit, an^an^eii) 
^bie Gpargeliange. | 2.^. flrebeH; (efttg bcrlangen^ tra^ten 

Ai'p^ct, «. 1. ber Hxthiid, bas Tfnfe^ra j 2. bte 
(BtMtHH^f ^ad ®efi(^t, ber »(tcf ^ 3. ble 
9ti4ttrad, Knfltit/ &tiUi 4. bte Scsie^nng, 

(—to, at, after, na^iStwaO) emporftreben 
^gps'r^r, s. ber (empor«) ©trebenbc, ic. 
^Bpi'rjng, I. p. a. 1. oufftrebmb, empor|irc« 

bodScr^filtiiif $ 5. AsU bteKfpccten5 north- benb, flrebfam) 2. ({uw. imunebeln 6inne) 

era—, ber S^OCbf^eill) dooble — , Point* htsAfahrtnti.etrtsfif^ntrifAis. —nnmn. fftidrttL 

bicJDoppelanfi^t eincr J^tdor, bie berf^iebene 

Oegenftdnbe barfleQt. 
At'p^n, I. s, (—tree) bie©fpe, ber^^penbanm/ 

biedittcrpappel^ SBeifpappel^ II* adj. efpeii; 
^9on(5fpen^{S9 —leaves, (Sfpenlatib. 
As'pfr, *. 1, Num, ber TCfper (tiirf. €JUber« 

munse v. uiidef. 2 9f.)$ 2. Gram, ber 6pi« 


To Ai'p^rste, v. a. rau^ (uncben) ma^en. 
Asp^r&'tioo, s. bad fftauf^* ob. Unebemna^en. 
Aipfrjfty'liSte, Xip$rjf5'ljoai, adj. Bot. rau(« 

.IkgpMtjr, s. 1. bie atautidrcit, 0tau(ieit$ 

(be^gl. bcretimme); ^cifcvMU 2. jig. baft 

ravtc aBefen^ bte iftofiffcit, ^drte^ 3. bie 
^64drfe,berfanre, ^enge Qef^macf. 
Aip^rnii'tioa, «. bie ^intanfe^ung, Sera^tung. 
As'pfroM, adj. rauft, uncben. 
To^Lsplrae', w. a. (ben gnten (RttO befletfen, 

bef^mi^en, bcrlenmbcn. 
^iper'gfr, s. bcr Cerleumber. 
^fpeKiion, s. 1. bie Sefprcngnng (bef. Rem. 

Cadi, mit XBei^waffer)) 2. fie. bieeerlenni' 

bung, e^mi^ung/ ((S^ren') IBefleifang. 
Asphalt, «• vi(f. Asphaltos, ABphaltom. 

^uphmic ^sphai'tite, a(^'. afp^alttf^, erb* 

pc^io. crb(ar}tg. 
^•phSl'tof , ^spbal'tym, s. Min. ber Xfptalt^ 

bad f^IadKge (Srbpe^^ natiiril^e Grb^arj^ 

Suben* ob. iSergpe^. 
Af'phQdSt, s. Bot. bie (S^olbmnr), K|fbbine3 

-• Illy, bie Xffobia««lie. 
AiphQV8lfttes, s. pL Min. {^albmetaSe. 
^sphjfx'y, (Asphjfx'j^), s. Med. ber Jdftfle 

<Srab ber S)(mna4t, 04eintob. 
la'plc s. 1. Zoot. bie Scatter, S^atterf^langC) 

2. Gvn. eine Jtanone (12$f(inber) 5 8. Bot. 

bic0pi!enarbe) 4. (oil of—) bad^tenbeldl. 

Aa'pin, s* k adj. vid. Aspen. 
jMp^r?nt, s. ber Ttdpirant, fBeioerber (nm ein 
Ttmt, ic.) i Hbtt^. bcr naJI^ (Stmah Sra^tenbe. 
To As'pjrflte, Gram. v. T. a. afpiririrenj IT. 
ji- afpirirt fefo/ ben $an4 (aben. 

(o4fa^rettb^groftiuerif4$ —pomp, HydroU 

bie 6aiigpnmpe$ n. 9. ber ^(rgei}; bad e(r« 
^geijige Gtreben (to ... , na4 — )• 
Asp^rta'tion, s. Law, bad ®egtragen (ge> 

flo^Iner €$a(ben)$ fffiegtreiben (geflo^Ines 


Asquint', adv.\^it^,fdittli to look—, [(bielen. 
Ass, s. 1. ber (Sfei) 2. ^. berS>itmmfopf} 

she — , bie(gfelinni —driver, ber S-treiber 

— locks, GpannMi^fTci^ fftr ^^^ 
^ssSi', (ital.) adv. Mas. fe(r. 
To ^ssail', V. a. anfaHen, angreifen, beftfir- 

men, berennen^ fis- bebrdttgen, k. 
^sfiil'^ble, adj. angreifbar. 
^LssSi'I^nt, adi, anfaSenb, angreifenb. 
^ss&i'l«nt, ^Lssftilf r, s. ber TCngreifer, angrei* 
^fenbe %\t^\. 
Ass^pXn'ic, «. (inbianif^) ^ol. bad (omeri* 

fanifcbe) piegenbe ei^ib^nt^en. 
Assarabac, s. vid. Asarabacca. 

^Lssart', #. Law, 1. bie tttterlattbte ^ttdrottimg 
berl99iume, ber gorflf rebel) 2. ein etttiettr« 
letter Saum$ 3. bad dlobelanb. 

To ^ssart', v. a. Law, bie 9dume im CBoIbc 
o^ne Qrlaubnif audrotten, androben. 

^asas'sln, s. ber SReuibelmdrber. 

To ^ssSs'sfnate, v. a. meu^elmdrberifib wax* 
bringen, mencbUngd ennorben. 

^sasftin&'tion, s. ber 9Rev(beImorb. 

^Ss'sinstpr, #. ber^en^timdrber. 

^ssftolf, s. 1. ber^ngritF/ ^ttfaOj bie IBeftftr* 
mttng,ber€Stunn) 2. Law, bie SBeleibignng 
bur4 Knbrobung t^dtli^er 9Rif (anblnng. 

To ^ssAalt', v.a. angreifen, anfallen,beftilnnen. 

Ass&olffble, adj. angreifbar. 

Assftnl'tfr, s. ber ^ngreifer, Seleibiger. 

^4ssay', 9. 1. berlBerfuA, bie9)robe$ 2. bie 
(f(bn)ere) f>rilfung) 3. Law, bie ttnterftu 
di^ung, f>rilfung (bed dffentl. aXaf ed unb O^e* 
nidiUiU 4t. Metals. kMint-4. tit ^etQJU 
probe) —by coppeling, bie f>robe auf bcm 
^robirofeu) mark of—, bad f)robe|ei4en 
(auf ©ilbenpaaren)) —balance or— scale, 
bie^robinoage) -master, ber 9Riin}»arbeitt. 

AA^jr^te, Granul. adj. afpirirtj 11. s. 1. bcr To ^IssHy', 0. a. 1. berftt^CIt) 2.fig,kCkem. 

^piritnd afper [' J j 2. bie TCfipirate , ber 

prufen; probiren^ 8. Mint, k Chem. ben 
SBcrtt bcr 9)tiin|cn be|Ummen, warbiren) to 




—•liver, ©tlBerprobircnj to — by coppcl- 

tDg, abtrciben ((S^olb^ @i(ber). 
if ssay'^r, j. bcr |>robirer, QJWnjWttrtcin. 
4Lu&)''ing, p. s. 1. terSerfn^^ 2. ilfeto/. bag 

f)robircn5 art of—, bie ^Mrhiiill^ 3. 
^ilfuj. bad SorfpieC [fcit, ^m^yeret. 

Au^cts'tion, s, bie Ttuftoartung, jDienftmiHtgs 
JBg^cQ'tion, s. bte (Sriangung. 
A.s8eiani, «. vid, Aslani. 
iAMem'bl^^e, s. 1. bte Gammlung/ ber|>att' 

fen 9 2. bas Serrammeln^ bie SSeremtguttd. 
To ABsem'ble, v. I. a. fammeln; oerfammeln^ 

2ur<tmmenbentfen5 sufammen^ie^en^ n. n. 

ft4 oerfammein; lufammenfommen. 
iAssem'bl^r, s, bcr ©erfommler. 
i\ssem'bly, s. 1. gen. bie SSerfommlungj ©e* 

renfdftaft^ 2. ^m. (houge of—) ber (Songre^, 

bie dteprifentanten'itammer, €$taat64Sers 

fammlung $ 3. bad ^6d^fte geiflli^e (^tvidft in 

®(bottIanb$ 4. MU. bad Xrommelfignal |um 

Xbbred^en bed Sogers, bie S^ergatterung) 

riotooit — , bie 3ttfommenrottttng, ber tumult 

tuartf(be Tinfianfi —room, ber «erfomm* 

lungdfaat) H^ ®efenr4dft&iimmer. 
^sB^nt', ^. bie @in»iaignng, (Sene^mtgung, 

To Assent', v. n, beipflid^ten, beiflimmen, (—to, 
jn @t»ad) einttiOtigen, gene^migen. 
Ass^nts'tion, s. bie i^eifHmmung oud Gcbmet* 

4elet Ob. SerfteHnng, bad 9te(btgeben. 
j\ss«n't9r, *. bcr ©eifUmmenbe; :c. 
Ase^n'tjngly, a*?, beiflimmenb, einwiHigenb. 
To Assert', v. a. 1. gen, be^auptenj 2. (»or 

®eri(f^t) audfagen, befriftigen^ befa^en^ 3. 

(m Otedbt) anfpre^en. 
Asser'tion, s. 1. gen. bie ©ejauptung 5 2. bie 

Sejabung^ 3. bieKuSfage ber deugen oor 

(Beriibt; 4. bie bebauptete 9){etnung, bad 

^sser'tWc, I. adj. |ni9er|libtii(b / beftimmt, 

peremptorif(b/ bogmatif*? n. — ly, adv. 

Assertpr, *. ber ©ebaup ter, «erfe^ ter. [oQ. 
As's^rtpry, adj. bejabcab^bebauptenb (juw. mit 
To ^ss^ss', V. a. 1. feflfe^en, befHmmen 5 2. be« 

f^ateii; befleuentj W%tn, tariren. 
Assj^s^ble, adj. f^a^bar, ftenerbar. 
Asft^s'sipn^ry, adj. betft^enb. 
Ass^ss'm^nt , s. 1. bie JSefteuentngj 2. bie 

^Uutti 3. bie TCbfcb^^URg, @(bi^tmg9 bad 

S^e^en (einer ^tfcbfibigung). 
^ts^s'a^r, s. 1. ber©ci|i^er,7Cjreffor5 2. ber 
As's^ts, s. pi. I, Law, ber9?a(blaf (eined«er« 

florbenen binIdiigU4 snr S)e(fnng ber 6(bnl«l 
ben)5 2. Com, bfeOitter ob. bereenn9gend»| 

beflanb eined %cUittn , bie QRafe^ XctiM 
(vt'd. Active property) ; —and debts, ITcttO' 
unb 9affit>«6<bulben. 

To ^8scvV» To ^ss^v'^rate, v. a. fcierlicb 
cerfKbern, (cibli(b) crbfirten. 

^ssSv^r&'tion, jr. bie feierli(be JBerrub^^ung, 

^IBctbouerung^ (eiblt(be) (Sr^drtung. 

AskidQ'jty, s. bie (SmfigMt, unoerbrofTeneSb^' 
tigfeit, ber (aRbalteRbe)^eif$ assidnities, 
pi. be^arrlicbe Tfufmerffamfeit (gegcn ^tx* 
fonen); (imii. B.) unabMfflge 3ubring(i<b« 
Uit, 9ta(bflenungen. 

Assid'vous, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. emftg, tin* 
oerbroffeR/ itnabldfrig/ an^altenb ob. aud* 
bauernb fleifig^ III.— ness, s. ber anbaltenbe 
Sleif) bie Unoerbroffenbeit. 

To ^Lsslgn' [as-sin'], v. a. I. beflimmen, fefl» 
feben i 2. emennen, beftellen $ 3. angebes (—a 
reason, einenCSrunb)) Laws. 4. afllgniren, 
ilbertragen, {bonis) cebirenj 5. nadS^meifeit; 
bartbun. [(Suratoren^ vid. Assignee. 

Assign', jr. ber SeooUmi^tigte; gen>. pi. a-«, 

if ssign'^ble [^-sln'-^b'I] , adv. befKmmbarj 

jan^utoeifen, iibertragbar. 

As'sjgnat, j. mod. bad !2(ffignat; ^apiergelb^ 

Jmebr im pi. ilblicb) ^fflgnaten. 

Assignft'tion, s. pi. 1. bie SefleQung (an riaen 
£)rt), bad^teObicbein^ 2. bie fSefhmmung, 

^^ngabe) 3. bie Xffignation, ^Knioeifung. 

Assignee' [as-sj-nS'], jr. Law, berSeiOoOmd^' 
tigte, TCntoalt, Qfgcnf, (Surotor {citrator 
massae) ; (Sefftonar 9 a-s of a bankrupt, bie 
(Suratoren ber 3Raffe (eined ^UitttC), cura- 
tores bonorum. 

^ssTgn'f r [—sin—], (Assignor' [— sin — ], opp. 

assignee), s. 1. ber Xn»cifer,lCbtreter einer 
64n(b, ic; 2. Law, ber Qebent. 

^ssign'm^nt [— sin- ], j. 1. bic Seflinunmigj 
2. Lair, bie !2(fi!gnationj flbertragnng^ Htf* 
fioni S)eIegation9 f(briftli(be7Cn»cirung j (5ef« 
f!oRd«Urfunbe9 3. Com. ber trafTtrteSEBecbfcl, 
bie IKratte, Xbgabej bnyer of the — , bcr 

^ssYm'jI^ble, adj. f!4 afftmitiren (dbnli^ ntO' 
cben) tafTenb, afftmilirbar. 

To i^ssiia'jiste, v. I. a. afitmiliren : 1. glei^* 
ma(ben/ oerd^nli^en) 2. i»erglei4en$ (— tu, 
.... mit) 5 3. Physiol, ben 9'iabrangdfloff »er* 
arbciten; II. 71. 1. flib affimiliren, glei4) »cr« 
ben, P4 oereinigen) 2. Physiol. ft4 aud 
6peife in Stabntngdroft venvanbeln, nd^ren. 

^ssim'n^ten^Bs, s. bie SbnU(b^t. 

^asTrnjla'tion, s. l.badSerd^nli^tioerbett) ^t< 
IBerd^nliibung, (5lei(bina<bung$ 2. PhytioL 
bie Xffimilation (ITneignttng ber 9{a(nai§i» 




^88im'|i»ti ve, adj, aneignmt 3 afftmilirenb. 

Issjne'gu, rtcif. Asinego. Assi«e', vid. Assize. 

To Aisrst', V. I. a. beifle^en/ (elfea (Qinem) 3 

n. n. itiftm heinointn, fahei fein (mtt at). 

^Mu't^mce, J. 1. ber ©dflanb/ bw 4>filf^i 

2. bte SSdmo^nung. 
^•Hi'tflint, I. s, 1. bcr :iCfilflent; Ocfrfilfc, «ci* 

|lanb$ ^ebient) Samuludj 2. ber aseglei* 

ter, TCnmefenbej 3. berXmt&denof^ II. ad;. 

be^ulfltt, beifle^enb) comp. ^tlji*, (rate 

—engineer, — aargeon, kc); —alderman, 

ber ©eifx^er. 

^••is't^r, *. ber (Be^aifti ptlfn. 
4Liiisf l9«i, adj. f^M^oh, betflanb&loS. 
f Mize', ^Mi'z^, s. sing. & pL bie ^f(ife(n) : 

1. bte Geffton^ Affentli^e Qen^t^fl^ung; ba& 
(9eri(bt, Sanbgeri^t^ 2. ba6 (Bef(i^n>ornettge' 
ri(f)t9 8. ber Qerid^Utag) ^anbta^) 4. bie 
Serorbnung? Saxorbnung,2^axe)^ rents of-, 
unoerdnberU(f^e 0tenten ber Sretfaffen onb 
(attern) 2ef)nSberi(er. 

To i^uize', V. a. f)rei§/ ^afvL. Q&midft obrig* 
feitUi^ beftimmen; taxitcn, abjuftiren. 

Atfi'z?r, J. ber SWarftmei/ler, aXarJtoogt 

^sii'zpr, J. 5c. Law, ber (9ef4morne. 

lu'like, ad[7. gletib etnem 6fel^ efel^aft. 

^Mu'cf^ble [-«b|— ], adj. 1. pereinbar? ge* 
feUig) 2. Afed. empfdnglid^, empftnbli^. 

To ^ftso'cjate, «. L a. l.jugefeDen, oerbinbenj 

2. beglecten, (Sefeaf^a^ (eifteit) 3. freunb* 
f(baftli4aufne(men$ II. n. ft^ Ginem ob. 
etner Gad^e iugefeSen, oerbinben. 

A8s{/cj9te, I. J. l.ber®ef%te, OSefeafif^after/ 
S^etUte^iner, O^e^itlfe, TlmU^tnof, SdxaAt^" 
geaof{ ^cnbeUgenof5 2. ber 97{(tf4ulbt^e4 
royal a-i, f6mgli<be ^tipenbiatenj II. adj. 
lugefeut, olfrbiinben, oerbunbetj — powers, 
bie oerbiinbeten OOtdd^te. 

^LsBOcl&'tion, s. 1. bie Serbtnbung, Sereini* 
gnng$ 2. bie 2;(eilne6mung9 3. bieOlenof* 
fenf4aft;(j>attbeU0®cr(Qf<iaft) 4. ilm. ber 
$rebigen>erein9 5. ber 9eifat (0. ^toffen) $ 

^-^ of ideas, iVi. hit 3beenDerbtRbung. 

As'sQD^nce, s. Rhet. k Ttiet. hit TCffoRaR). 

is'son^nt, adj. KkeU k Poet, afonirenb. 

To As's^nSte, o. n. f^aOen, t^nen (n>te eine 
<Slo(te). [aflbrtiren. 

To Assort', V. a. auftftttien/ sufammen orbnen^ 

l^atlMm^nU s. ba$ CSortiren^ — of goods, 
Com. baft (IBaarenO Gortiment 

To i^ssnft^e', v. I. a. milbem, (inberni befdnf* 
tigen, ftiaen) II. n. na^lanen, fl4 minbern, 
abnel^men. [Sefdnftigungi ^na6me,u. 

Asasft^e'm^nt, 5. bie SXilberung^ Sinberung i 

^ssvi'^f r, «. ber Sittbembe, Sefdnftiger. 


lAssamVble, adj. anne^mbar; aitiune^men. 

{To Assume', v. I. a. 1. anne^men^^berne^meR) 

; 2. Dorauftfeten) 3. miberre(bt(t4 annebmett; 
M anmafen; 4. fl(b anne^men, auf ftdb on< 
loenben) II. n. l. groft^un^ flolj/ anmaf enb 
fein) 2. Law, ft4 oerbinblid^ macben. 

^ss&'m^nt, s. ber 3ufat (einer ©(brift). 

Assu'm^r, s. ber Xnmaf enbe, Singebilbete. 

^6sum'psit[^a.s&m'-sit], s. Law, bie freimiUig 
eingegangene SSerbinbU(bfett (einem 3Cnbem 
6ttoa$ ju SQ^Ien ob. ju Iei|len)5 action of—, 
etn auS folcbem Serfpreiben entfle^enber 

Assump'tion [^s-sSm'-shvn], s. 1. bie ^nnat< 
me; 2. bie ^nmafung ; 3. bie Soraudfetung 9 
Logs. 4. baft ^oftuttttum; 5. ber 51RiRor, 
Unterfa^} — of the Holy Virgin, £cc. SKa« 
rid |>immelfa^rt. [t)orauSgefebt. 

Assora'ptfYe i^-siim'-tjv], adj. angenommen^ 

JLssft'r^nce [^-sht'— , fo bie baoon TfbgeleitetenJ, 
s. 1. bie 3ttoerfi4t9 gewifTc ^rmartung 
QberieuguRgs 2. bie SefKgf eit^ @taRb(aftig< 
Uiti baft Gelbftoertrauen ^ bie Jtii^Rbeit; 
Sreimilt^igfeit^ 3. bie SSern^erung/ fdUx^- 
f(baft5 Com. XfJecuraRjCuid.Inwance); —of 
lands, Law, bie contracture Qbergabe oon 

^ssti^rqinc^s, pi. ^nRcberuRgeR. [Sdnbereicn. 

To ^ssfire', v. a. 1. ^txMtvnj 2. ®i(berbeit 
(eiftett) 3.(!(bem;ft4erma(ben5 4. j^uftibern, 
oerfpre(ben (—of) ; to —one's self, oerfirbert, 
{jberjeugt fcin$ 5. 4= (Shksp.) oerloben. 

AssQred', I. p. a.; II. ^ssQ'r^dly, adv. 1. 
oerft(bert$ 2. gemtf^ ilberieugt) 3. fi(ber, 
unfireitigi 4. unbefd^eiben; breift, fu(n$ III. 
^ssdV^dness, s. bie ^trointit, 2C. 

^ssil'r^r, «. ber Serfl^erer^lBitrge 5 ^ffecurant ) 
(vid. Insarer k Underwriter). 

Assor'g^nt, adj. BoU bogettf5rmig auffleigenb. 

To Asswage, kc, vid. To Assuage, kc. 

^saf rjqi, s. Geog. TCfT^rien. 

^sf rj^n, I. s. ber Ttff^xitti II. adj. aff^rifd^j 
—plum, Bot. bie f(b»ar}e Sruflbeere. 

Is't^cite, As't^c9lite, s. Pet ber Tfflafolitb, 

Is'tSi^m, s. Rhet. bie oerflecfte, feine^i^onie. 

As't^r,;. Bot.bie7(^r;6tembIume{ Zoo;.ber 
®eeflem5 Min. ber SettenCeineTCrt X(onerbe). 

Aste'f i&t^d, adj. flemfftrmig. 

tst«'r|f titc, *. Pet. ber wrjteinerte ©eeflem. 
B't^Titk, s. Typ. baft €Stem(ben[«]i (c/. 
Reference, marks of — )• 
As'tfrlfm, s. 1. Att. baft ©tembilb, (SefHni) 
2. baft etern^en (vid. b. b. Asterisk). 
As't^rlte, s. Min. ber ©ternflein. 
Astern', adv. Mar. 1. im{>iRtert^ei(e beft QMf' 
ft^, ^iRten im 6(bife; 2. (inter bem ©4i|f(« 





As't^roifd^, s. pU mod. Ast. bic ^ftetoiben. 
Ast^^D'ic adj. Med.aft(cnif(^; fi|^n>a4,fraftIo&. 
KUMnm'qiy, s, Med. bteSc^re oon Der 7(fl^e« 

isth'maCisI'-], *. Afed. bic Cngbruftigfett; 
Ux W»ere TCt^eni; baft Tfftima. 
^ftthmSf ic» ^fitbmat'jc^I , adj. Med. tn^bx^s 

^ithmSf jc, s. ber (bie) (Sngbndflide. 

To ^BtWjBih, t). fl. in erftouncn fe^cn, erf^rrt* 

fen, beftilrit ma^eiu 
^st5n'jshing, I. a^.; II. — ly, adv. erfiau* 

nenbj erflausUd^^ m.— ness, j.bie^flann* 

li^Mt, boS SBttnberbare. [iung. 

Ast5n'{8hm$nt, s, bad Grrflaunen; bte fdefliirc 
To ^Lstodnd', v. I. a. vid. To Astonisli ; II. n. 

IBetdubund oerurfa^tit; betduben. 
Aatr^can', s. k adj. Geog. TTflra^an j oflracba^ 

nif^) Com. —for, — lamb-ikins, fBaranfen, 

a-e ^ammfeUe^ gem. TCflrafancr gcnannt. 
^8trsiddlc', adv.\ptxtbmiq,vtittnt, rittUngfi. 
As'tr^gal, *. l.^rc/i. bcr0leif,(Rin8,(!Runb*) 

BUhi 2, Gun.ber9ltiid,0leifan®ef(b%n9 

3. Anat. ba$ 6prundbeln$ 4. fot. ber 
^iBorffibom. [artig, geflirntj ©tern*. 

ktfir^l, ailj. )u ben®ternen ge^6rigj fteni' 
^BtrSy', adv. com re(bten ©ege ob, irrcj to 

lead — , lit. kfig. irre fu^ren. 
Astric'tion, s. Med. k Surg. 1. bie 3ufQmmcn< 

iie^ung, SSerflopfung (bcr C^cbdrmt^ ic.)? 

2. bofi IBIutfliaen bur4 iufammeniietenbe 

m'^^tU 3. bas Untcrbinbcn. 
A»ti ytjvc, i^Btrifc'tQry, adj. Med. gufammcn* 

iie^enb) blutfliHenb. 
^gtride', adv. fpcrrbcinfg, rittfings. 
To i^strin^e', v. a. ab^ringtren, iufommcn> 

iic^en j sttfammenprefTen. 
Astriii'g^ncy, s. bic jnfammenjicjenbe JCroft. 

t Aatriii'g^r, 8. {Shksp.) bcr galfner. 
.^stnn'ifnt, adj. Med. abflringircnb, jufam* 

men^ebenb^((rbe5 — medicinei, ob. a-s, pi. 

iufammeniie^enbe 7(r2ne(mtttel. 
^strdg'npiy, (Agtrpgnl/^la), s. Ast. bic 6tcrn« 

bilbcrfunbe^ ®temfcnntntf. [©tcrnfimbe. 
^gtr3g'r?iphy, s, Ast bte ©tembcfibrcibung; 
A«'troift, in'trotte, s. 1. Zool. tint Tixi ^a^ 

brepore, bie &ttxnfoxaUti 2. Min. bcr Tt^t* 

xlt, ©temflein. 
AB'trplsbc, *. 1. Geom. ber SBtnWmclfcra 

2. A.ft.baftKflroIabium) ^lanifp^drittm. 

Astrolochy, Astrologe, vid. Aristolochy. 

tBtrSl'pi^r, ber ^flrolog, ©tcmbeuter. 
•tr^Wi'lc*!, (AgtrQlOric), I. adj. ; U. -ly, 
adr. oflrclogfW. [beutcn. 

To ^strdl'9^ize, d.?i. 7f flrologie treiben^Cterne 
^itrJlViy, *. ble HfttoU^it, ©tcrnbenterei. 

^8tr8n'9mfr, 5.^ber TCflronom, etemfunbiie. 

AstrQiidm'jcQl (A8trondin'jc)i I. adj. ; II. — ly, 

adv. aftronomifib/ ftemfiznbtg^ —year, bad 
aflronomifcbe 3a^r, ©onnen<3o6f • 

Astr8n'<>iny, s. bie 7(flronoraie, ©tcmfunbc. 

Is'trQscope, s. Ast. baSKflrofPop) bcr6tcrtt« 

4L4stros'G9py, *. -4*f. bic TCflrofFopic. [fcgel. 

^struge', adj, unter eincm ungl(i(flt(bcn Gcflira 
geboren; nngliicflitb* 

Ag'tr9-t/i631'9gy, s. bie tKflrolicorogte. 

4L8traf , adv. flrotenb^ anr<d(^tbeDenb, vtd. Stmt. 

ifLgtQ'cjoog, adj. ^interliflig^ oerfd^lagen. 

To 4^gtun', V. a. bctdnbcn, vid. To Stan. 

Ag'tate, adj. Kftig^ Wani lit. fff^arfft^tig. 

^siin'd^r, adv. 1. bcfonbcr^^ abgcfcnbcrt? 2» 
auSeinanber, entjmci. 

Agflvm, ^^\ef, s. ipl. 9Rf 10. 1. baft ICfDl, 
bie grcifldttc^ bcr^uflu^tScrtj 2. baft ©pit* 
tcl (bcf. Comp.). 

^Lgym'm^try , s. 1. baft SWif tcr^dltnif j 2. 

^Mafh. bie Unmcf barfcit. 

Ag'ymptutc [— glm— ], *. Afaf^. bie TCfomptotC. 

Agymptu'tjc^I [— gjm— ], adj. afi)mptotif(b. 

Asf n'detQii, s. Gram, baft IKTpnbcton. 

At, prep, on, JU; bci, anf; in, iim, nacb, mit, 
fiber, gegen, ffir, tor, ton, anft, u.^ — liomc, 
8U^aufc5 —sea, oufbcrSccj — hnnd, bci 
ber4>anb5 —large, wcitldupg, auftfii^rli(b5 
im^reien, inStci^cit? —a minute, aufbie 
(Sueiner)?Winute5 —length, cnbliib j — lagt, 
jule^t, enbU(b» —all, ganj unb gar, gar 5 
bnr^auft 3 auf irgcnb cine SBcifc ^ not - ail» 
fcincftroegft j — a word, mit eincm SBBortc $ 
the favonrs I received— yonr bands, bic mir 
bon 34nen crjcigten SBoblt^atcn ; — gccond 
band, auft ber sncitcn{)anb9 —least, sum 

ISBcnigftcn, bo(b gcmip, o(nc3n)cifcl 5 —odds, 
nncinft 5 to be — libcrty(leignrc), frci (miif ig) 
fcinj I am — the ch.«irge of it, i(b muf bie 
Jtoflen (baton) tragcn^ —stake, ouf ban 
€5pielj —your pleasure, wic c§3bncn bc« 
Ucbtj to be — law, proccffircnj to play — 
cards, —chess, -billiards, Ac, itortc, 
®4a(b, Siniarb, :c. fptclenj have — yon! 
nun roUfl SDu'ft fricgen! martc ! — a shilling* 
a pound, baft $^nb ffir eincn Gbining) 
—half, fifirbie.^d(ftcj —a small expense, 
urn ein (Seringcft^ (a gale of) wind — S. E. 
(South East) , 6iibofilOtnb5 raen-ftt-anQs« 
bemaffhete Center aergeant-at-arms , bcr 
8tabtrdgcr $ Sergeant — law, bcr 9lc<bt&9C« 
lejrtej ^icentiat^ Barrister — law, cin Tfb« 
bocat, Ynioalt (bef. in etnem unteren (Bf* 
ricbte)} Doctor- law, cinS)octorbcr0lc<lbtc. 

it/fb^l, s. bic JtefTeltrommel (ber Wattrca)! 

I |)anbtrommeI. 




Affgb^Q, s, tin langer S)oI4 (bet ^enXurfcn). 
It^lnntSf, s, tbe island of—, B^ldta^exi' 

lanb [(S^emfit^Sru^e. 

itVXxy> it^rSx'i*, s, Pfi. bie ©eclenru^e, 
AtVy» ♦♦. Afed. bie Unregjimaftgfeit TCBtocIs 

d(>un9 (iwi «erlttttf ». Jtranf ^citcn jc). [trad^t. 
Ate,prei. oon ToEat. — A't€, ®6ttin ber 3»« 
A-tem'po, adv. Muj. ju gleiier (renter) 3cit, 

genau na(f^ bem Sacte? —account, Com. 
^Qonto a tempo. [adj, at^anaftanifdi^. 

At/i^a'f i^n, £cc. I. j. ber TCt^anaftaner? H- 
Ath^nbr,^. Chem. bcr©igcdr*2)fcn, 6craiWe 
_«Binb*SDfen^ wMig. ber fault |)ein8. [nung. 
A'tASifm, J. ber^t^eidmue, bie ®otte$Mugs 
i't/iast, I. *. berlCt6eift,(»otfeM«u0ner5 n. 

a(^'. at6eifU(^4 (tn'd. b. f. SB.)* 
jLtAeis'tjc^i], At7i^s't}c, I. adj.; D. -ly, adv. 

Ot^eifKJfdft; gottloft 3 HI. — nesi, s. bie 7(t§ei« 

flerei. [nienfer, bie 7C-rinn. 

^t/i€'ni^, I* adj. at^enfenfir^ 9 n. .f . ber ILttit* 
tth'^BB, s, Geog. TCt^en. [feinb. 

^th%if\r^^\^,s. ber Kftert^eologe, S^eologen^ 

j^/ierSm^toDi, a47. bretgefd^iottlfiarfig. 
A/ftlrst', adv. burpig J >£g. — for . . . , begicrig 

na* . . .. [(au* .fe.) ©oyer. 

4kfftl8te', *. Ant. ber Triplet, ©ettMmpferj 
AthWt^c, adj. atjletif*} ^g. ftarf, friftigj 

— games, pi. JtttijppfTpltle, (Rinafpiele. . 
^thwArtf, I. prep, quer fiber, aber^ but(t)j 

Afar-#. bworft, (re^t bon ber &tiu ju)5 

— hawie, quer bor ben JHufen, ben St. gegen* 

fiber, — §hip», quer fibej im^diif, ©on einem 

SBorbium anbern? n. adv. quet, fibers^er^ 

(». fi.)5 yfg. ungelegen, bcrfe^rt, fd^ief, fibel, 

vid. Thwart. 
It'fbar, s, ber ®oIbflaub an ber afrifanifd^en 

Mfit, bef. im ofdt ^ftdnigreitbe ®ago. 
ifktilt', ado. 1. oom>2rt6 ^thtxi^t (wit tin Se^^ 

ter)i mtteingelegterSange? 2. abmdrts ge^ 

neigt; ftppenb (nit ein Saf). 
4-t¥p'-tue, adv. auf ben 3eien, vi4g. jc^f einb 5 

^. atifft $>64fle gefpannt, fe^r neugierig 

(tnd. unter Tip). 
^tlXn'tjc, I. adj. otlantiW > D* '»• or the — 

ocean, bad atlantif^e OReer. 
4tI5n't|d6^, s. pl.Ast. bie If trantib«n, ^leiaben. 
Afl^a, J. 1. Ceog. berOTafi, baft WaSgebirgej 

3. bif Canbf artenfammlung; ber UtiaB 3 3. bad 

Xflad'Somtat, gro$Su*io 3 4. bad Seibenpa* 

|>ier} 5. ber Ktlad (eeibenseug) $ 6. Anat. 

ber Ytiad, Sr^iger. [meter. 

^tm9iii'8t«r, #. /%y. ber Tftmibometer, Tftmo* 
Af ■pspbsre, #. bieTftmofp^^re; ber S)unftfrcid. 
Atm^phlrV^I, itm9fipbSr'jc, adj. atmofp(|ds 

rifibj a — ic railw.ny, wind, bie (b. Clegg 

in Snglonb erf.) 8uftbnidP*@ifenba^n. 
At'om, s, Nat. ber ^Ctcm, bod tint^eilbarc 

(Urftoff02^^<iI4lcn a 6onnenfldub4en. 
At5ra'ic?il, i^t5m'{c, adj. Nat. QtomifHfi, bOP 
^TCfcmen, ^tcmc betrejfenb^ ou0 TCtomen. 
At'^miwm, u Nat. hit itomenlejre. 
At'^mist, .». ber ^tomifHfer, TCtomift. 
To .^tone', v. I. n. tin Srfo^ (JquiuttUnt) ffir 

(&ttoai fein? n. a. Hfen, genugt^un, it* 

friebigen; ffi^nen^ to— for, @tn>ae abbfifen, 

baffir leiben, t$ erfe^cn, bergfiten. [einmaL 
Atone', adv. (x). at n. one) mit einanber, auf 
Atone'm^nt, s. 1. bie tKbbfif ung 5 2. bie(9e« 

nugt(uung/ber0rfat3 3. Scnpt. bad ®fi(n< 


Ato'ofr, s, ber (frfo^geber^ TCbbfipenbe it. 
^tSn'jc I. adj. Med. abgefpannt, f^taffj 11. 

s. Gram, bad TCtonon. 
At'9oy, s. Med. bietKbgefpannt^eit^ QCtonie. 
.jtCp'. adv, ohtn, }tt obcrjl, oben auf. 
Atr^bila'r]>n, adj. gaUfudSitig, melan^olifcb. 
Atr^bjla'rjons, I. adj. f(bn)ar}galltg, oielan* 

4olif45 n. — ness, s. bie Gallfudl^tigFeit 

Atr^bvl'foQs, adj. mt Atrabilarions. 
Atr^^n't^, Atr^men'tooB, adj. tintig, tin« 

^tenf^war}. [temad^en taugUcb. 

AtrfLffl^nta'rjons, adj. tintenftbmar}; ivaa Stn« 

At'rcd, adj. gef(bi9dr2t. 

AtrV» ^-trV, adv. Mar. aufgc^ift, geli^ttf. 

Atro'cions [— shys], I. adj.; II, — lyutdv. 
abf(bculi4/ grSflt^; graufam^ m.— nen, s, 
bie <9rdf Ii(breit, «erru^t(eit. 

AtrSc'ity, *. bie TCbf^eulitbWt, ®rdf lidj^felt. 

it'rppby, .f. ilfed. bie ®arrfu<bt, Tfbjebrung. 

To Attach', V. a. 1. Loio, in IBer^aft ne^men 
(^erfonen); in S3ef(blag ne^men (Bai^tn^, 
Derffimmern? 2. fig. an f!<b lit^tn, einneb' 
men; feffein 9 3. befeftigen, an^cften, anreiben > 
jig.jured^nen/beimejfenj a-edto, l.ergebeP5 
2. beigeffigt; ange^orig. 

Attach'aible , adj. load mit ®ef(blag belegt 
loerben fann. 

Attach'm^nt, .1, iair, 1. bit «crbaftn<5mung, 
ber ^rrefl^ bie Sefcblagna^me > 2. fig, bie 
2CnbdngIi(b!eit; <Srgeben(eits 3. bie 7(<btung, 
^u^erffamMt; bad 3utrauen3 court of-, 
Lav, bad SBalbgeriibt; ^rflgend{)t. 

To ^ttSck', V. a, lit. kfig. (feinbJicb) angiei» 
fen, anfaSen. F^nfaQ 

^tt^ck', 3. lit. kfig. ber (feinblidl^e) XngriJ, 

Attacks', s. pi. Fort, bie SBerfe, Sasfgrdbeit 

^ttjlck'^r, J. berTCngreifcr; angreifenbe S^eil 

To Attjiin', V. I. «. (an Ob. juStwad) tommen, 
gelangen, (Ctwad) trreiiett; er^aTtcn? fie> 





((Sincm) glei^^ommen i II. n. 1. woiin gelan* 
gen(mit at u. to) ; in einenduftanbgerat^en) 
2. begmfen (fdtiM mit to). 

^ttainVble, j^g. I. adj, errei^bar^ II. — nesa, 
s. Me (Srret^barfeit. 

^ttaia'd^r, s, I. lit berlBomurf, 64anbfle(f 5 
/.aio-s. 2. bie fiberfdbnuig, JBerurtbeilung 
(megen eineft {>aitpti9erbred^en&)$ 3. ber auf 
einem 8eri<btU(b fibemterenen |>auptt)erbre' 
d^er ^aftenbe ^(banbflect. 

^tuin'm^nt, s. 1. bie Sclangung) 2. ba& (Sr» 
tDorbene, (erlangte) (S^ut^ ber (S^erolnn^ 3. 
baftXalent, bereor;ug, bef. p^a-s, ^tu 

To ^ttsint', V, a. Law, 1. ftberfli^ren (eines 
SSerbred^en^)$ 2. bie ©ef^monten eines faU 
r^enUrtbetlS Aberweifen) 3. befledfen, 9er» 
unebreu; entabeln. 

4ttsint\ I. J. 1. ber^afel; ®4anbf[etf/ bie 
IBefd^impfungj 2. Kef. berXritt,€5(blog,aCv 
bie Serletung (an ben |>interfufen ber 
|)ferbe)^ 3. Law, gerid^Uicber S9efe^I }ur 
Unterfttd^ung/Ob ba6 (9ef<bn)omengend^t einen 
folfd^en TCu^rpntt get^an^ II. p. a. iiber^ 
miefen. [pfung. 

^ttainfm^Dt, s. bie flberweifung ; IBer4im« 

/ltt5in'tnrc[— tshyr], s. l.bielBejiibtigung/ber 
«orn)urf, bie ©ianbej 2. Med. baS rerbor* 

^bene 9)(ut. [bie onentalifcbe 0toreoeffen}. 

Xt'tar, s. bie(orientolif(be)(SfrenH — of roeet, 

To ^ttcm'p^r, v. a. 1. bur<6 ®etmiWung 
milbernj 2. /</. mS^ic^en, bcimpfcn, 3. ges 
bfirig ccrmifdjcn, cinrid^tcn, anpajfcn. 

^ To .^ttilsk', r. rt. (Shksp.) fcbclten, tttbcln. 

Att^m'p^rate, adj. angepaf t, gemdf gemadl^t. 

To attempt' [—tgmt'], v, I. a. 1. t>erfu4en, 
n>agen3 2. angreifen, fi<b t>ergreifen (an) 3 
II. n. (mit npon) to — apon a man's life, 
(Sinem na(b bem Mtn tra(bten. 

j\tt«mpf, s. 1. ber »erfu(b, baS Unternebmen, 
«Bageflii(f 3 2. ber (freoelbafte) Tfngriff, Xn« 

i^ttlmpt'ablc[— t^mt'— ], adj. 1. ju ©erftt(ben5 
2.S$erru(ben, !2(ngrtjfen auSgefebt^ in®efa(r. 

^tt«mp't^r [— tcm'-t^r], .?. 1. ber Serfnier, 
:c.5 2. ber Tfngreifer. 

To attend', v. I. a. 1. begleiten, folgen^ auf* 
marten, bebienen 3 2. beimo^nen, gegenmdrtig 
fein bei ..., befutben^ 3. ermarten$ 4. ab* 
warten, ©erriibtettj II. w. (gen), mit to ob. 
opon; 1. attf@tn>a6merfen, ad^ten$ 2. @i< 
nem aufroarten; :c.3 3. einer 0a(be beino^* 
nen, 2C4 fie pflegen, beforgeni 4. marten, 
oeriieben^ a-ed by . . . , ob. witb . . . , beg(ei«| 
tett)on...3 wrfniipft mit ... . R 

Attin'dfnce, s. I.bie7((btung,^ufinerffamfeit| 

P (ottfiStmaO) 2. bieSBartung;^{lege3 Kof* 
" martung^ IBebienung5 ber iDienfl? 3. bie 

iSegleitung; ba& (Sefo(ge$ 4. bie ICnroereR^ 

tftit, (Segenmart) to be in—, marten) to 

giTc — , 1. ttufmarten, bebienen 5 2. feine 7fuf« 

martung matben. 
Att^n'd^nt, I. adj 1. begleitenb, folgenb) 

(sum. mit on, npon); untergeorbnet; 2. an« 

mefenbj 3. Law, abb^ngig (t>on...)3 H'S. 

l.ber 2(ufm4rter, (bieTT-rinn), ber JBcbientc, 

2.ber93egleiter3 iDienftpjIitbtigej 3.ber7(n» 

mefenbe, ptlftxi a-s, *. pi. ba& (Sefolge 
Attgnt', adj. vid. Attentive. [(aU(b.%.). 

i^tten'tites, «. p{. Law, bie SSer^anblungen 

eined ®eri(bt&bofed iiber eine Ba^t, na(bbem 

fiber biefelbe einf)emmungfiurtl^eil gefproiben 

morbenifi. [hiti ll. int. M£. TCd^tung! 
Att«n'tion, I. s. bieTfufmerffomfeitj 7C(btfam» 
^tten'tire, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. aufmerffam, 

a(btfam$ (to ..., auf...)/ bebutfam) m. 

— neaa, s. bie ^nfmcrffamf eit (ouf @tmaft). 
AttSn'a^nt, adj. terbfinnenb. 
Att^D'G^ntB, 5. pi. Med. oerbfinnenbe ^r^neien. 
To ^ttSn'tiate, v. a. oerbfinnenj fig. ©errin* 

gem. ntttitinttn. 
^ttSn'o^te, adj. perbfinntj fig. loerringert. 
^tten'ast^d, p. a. terbunnt, :c. i Bot. fpi^ig 

^tt^n&i'tion, s. 1. bie 9erbfinnung, bad Ser« 

ringem^ 2. bie ^erHeinerung, Scrmitterung 
^(ber Selfen, u.). 

At'ter, s. ber @iter, bad geronnene SBCut. 
To At't^rrate, v.n. 1. lo5f(bmemmen, abfpfl* 

len^ 2. anf^memmen, la trocfnem, feftem 
^8anbc merben. 
Att^rrs'tion, s. bie Hh* u. TCnfcbmemnntng bes 

f8oben0, ber !2(nma(bs bed Uferd bur(b Tin* 


To ^tt^Bt', V. a. l.befdS^einigen, bejeugen, bar* 
^t^un^ 2. jnm 3eugen ne^men ob. anrufen. 
Att^sts'tion, jr. 1. bieSeietigung; 2. bieSBc« 

glaubigung, bad deugnif, bie Sef(beinigung. 
Att^s't^r, ^ttSi'tQr, s. ber 3enge. 
Aftjc, I. adj. attire, atbenienfif(b) fig- fein 

(t>om (B^nmad, ic), rein 3 clafflc^j II. s. 
ber^tbemenferj Cram, TCttiferj Arch-s.l. 

(—order), bie ottif^e Cdulenorbnung 5 2. 
(ob. — itory, jum. attic*, pi.), bic©0(bflube, 
bcrflberfab, bod|)alboef(bop, ©ntrefolj —oi 
a roof, bie Tfttlfa, ber Uberbau pon |)ilafleni. 
it'tjcal, adj. Did. Attic. 
At'tjcifm, s. berXtticidmudj bie attir^e Setti<* 
beit im 0teben. 

To St'tjcTze, V. I. a. bem attifiben IDUIect q9^ 
mdf ma4eQ3 TL.n. Xtticidmen gebniQ^m; 
fig' M M« Oierli(b) audbridPm. 




T* ^tOrt/, V. a. antltiim, fiittn, iteren. iAttrfcti'tion, s, lat (ifUxt) SefSMcn, St« 

I ■- " -■ 

itopfptt^9 2.(ob. attires, pi.) Her. & Sport, 
taS ®e(6m, ®eroei(, (Sefidngc. 

^ttlred', p. a. 1. gef4iniudPt, 2C. j 2. Her. &j 
Sport, mit ®emei^en oerfe^en. 

/Ltti'r^r, s. ber ©efUibenbe, ic. 

AttiVjDgf , s. pi. ber JtopfpttO. 

At'tltfide, jr. lit. kfig. bte eteUattg, j>altung. 

Att|tQ'd|n^l, adj. lit ^teUung; {)Qltun9 betr. 

^ttOi'lfDt, I. a(^*. aufri^^tenbj II. s. ob. — mag- 
cle, AnaU ber j>ebemtt&fel, TCuf^eber. 

Altone, AttonemeDt,v.,adr. k ,(.uid. Atone^l^c. 

To ^ttorn' [-turn'], Late, r. I. a. baft ©efl|« 
t^um cb. ben iDienfl eineft ISafanen auf einm 
onbern Se^nS^erm ubertragen^ II. n. einen 
nenen Stgent^umer anerf ennen, unb Se^en unb 
$a(^t 9on iim ne^men, i^m ^ulbigen. 

-^ttornSy [— turn' — ], s. Law-^. (— at law), 
ber Unnalt, €$o4n>alter, TCboocat $ itramer* 
^cnfulent^ ^anbel6«^nioaIt9 %UcaU ^dent, 
!Be»cUmd^tigte$ procurators 9Kanbatar$ 
^ffignatarj —general, bcr®eneralf!6cal, ®e« 
nerals^rocurator, Jtronanwaltj —at large,! 
einTfboocat, btr in alien ®eri4t$(6fen 3u' 
tritt iat; -special, befgl., ber nur fiir einen 
Ob. ben anbern (Serid^t^of befiimmt ifti 
letter (power ob. warrant) of—, bie f(Jrift» 
a^^e SoUma^t. 

4lttor'n§yshrp [-tarn-], j. btc 7fn»altf*aft, 
^rocuratur) baft Stftcolat. 

^ttorn'm^nt , ^ttonrn^m^nt [— turn — ] , s. 
Law, bte '^nerf ennung eineft nenen Se^nftterm 
u. ilbertrogung ber Se^nftpflid^t auf benfelben 
bon Geiten beft JBafaDen. 

To i^ttract', v. a. lit. kfig. an^ietenj an ft^,' 
ottf ^(1) iitiitni reisenj (o(ten. 

AttractabTl'ity, s. bie ^njie^ungftfraft. 

AttrSc't^ble, adj. ansieftungftfd^ig. 

^ttrac'tjle, adj. Tfnjie^ungftfraft beft^enb. 

^ttrac'tjng, I. p.s. baft ICnjie^eni IT. p. a. 
III. — ly, adv. onjieienb. 

4^ttrac'tioa , s. bie IKnjie^ungfthaft} fig. ber 
iRei},bie iRcijung/^octungs elective— ,C7i«m. 
(mod.) bie ffSa^lDerioanbtrd^aft. 

4tttrSc'tjV€, I. flrfj.; II. —ly, arfw. anjie^enb, 
reijenbj —power, /Vty. bie ^CnjieJungftFraft 
(opp. Repnlsive power); III. s. fig. ber 
Steija IV. — ne»t, s. bie anjiejenbe (Sigen* 
f4aft. baft ICnsie^enbe; Oteijenbe. 
Vttric'tor, (Attrac'tfr), s. ber anjieJenbe^Sr* 
per, baft ^njie^enbej fig. Oteijenbe. 
Atjtrah^nt, I. ad;, anjiejenbj II. s. baftTCn* 
Jie^enbe, ber reijenbe (SJegenfianb. 
Aftr^b^nts, s. pi. Med. iufammengie^enbe 
(©lafen iiejenbe) SWittel. 


.^ttrrb'iit^ble, ac^'. suiuf^reiben; beiiulegen. 
To ^ttrib'nte, v. a. sufd^reiben^ beilegen, hti' 
At'trjbute, ^. baft 7Cttribut$ 3ei4en,£0{errmaU 

^b^ei^en, 6innbilb$ {Faint, k Sculp, bef. 

m pi. 4.). 
Attrfbu'tion, ^.bie^ueignung^^rt^eilung; htU 

gelegte (Sigenfcbaft^ bie @mpfe(lung, baft 2ob. 
^ttrib'iitjve, I. adj. gutbeilcnb, beilegenbj n. 

s. baft Seigelegte^ Gram. 93eiIegen>ort. 
^ttntc^ I. adj. 1, abgenu^ti 2. Theol. jer» 

f nirftbt; betnibti II. — ness, s. bieKbgerie* 

benbeit, TCbgenu^tbeit. 
^ttri'tion, 5. 1. baft Sfleiben (an einanber), bie 

TCbnui^ung (einer e^atbe burtb 9teiben)$ bie 

Beneibungj 2. baftdeniebenfein^ 3. TAco/. 

bie ^linbenbereuung (auft Sur^t tor ber 

€$trafe), 3erfnirf(bung beft f>erjenft. 
To i^ttfioe', V. a. ftimmen, tinenb ma4en5 * 
^loo^ltlingenb, (armonifA»t£nenb ma^en. 

At'yr, kQ, vid. Attar. 

XobSde', s. baft 9Rorgenft2nb4en. 

Au'bin, s. Man. bet f$rf(ble(btge^altene (Sang 

^eineft ^ferbeft ixoi^^ni ^af unb ®aIopp. 

Ao'brgy, s. ber ©pcifefcbranf/ w. vid. Ambry. 

.iu'bvrn, adj. bunfelbrann , faflanienbrann, 
nupbraun, f4in>ar)braun. 

Anc'tion, s. bielCuction,dffcntl.Ser|leigernng; 
«ergantnng5 —law, baft® antrec^tj —office, 
—room, baft ®ant(aufts ber ® antlaben. 

To Anc'tion, v. a. oerauctioniren/ berfteigern 

Aoc'tipn^ry, adj. jur 7(uction ge^firig. 

Anctipneer', Auctl^nler', j. ber TCuctionator 
offentlitbe fl^erfieigerer. 

To Aoctigneer', v. a. berauctioniren, dffentli(| 
oerfleigeru; oerganten. 

lod&'cioQS, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv. bersoegen, 
breifi^ frecb/ unoerf42mt| (au4 im g. 6.) 
Wbn, frei, offen; m.— ness, j.bieJtii^nieit, 
USermegen^eit, Sre4(eit; Unberf(bdmt^eit. 

Audac'jty, s. bie ^(n^eit; ic. (au(b ium. im 
g. &.)i bie Sreibbeit; :c. 

Ao'djble, I. adf;. ; 11. — ly, adv. f^Max, (aut, 
t)cme(mli(b9 III. -ness, j. bie f>drbarfeit, 

Aa'dj^nce, s. 1. Pol, bteTCubien}/ Xnb6rung| 
2. bie ®e^5rgebung/ baft ®e(dr$ 8. bie 3u* 
^orer, baft 7(ubitoriumi —court. Law, baft 

Aa'dit, s. Law, 1. bie 0te(bnungftunterfu4ung 
nnb ^legung 9 2. bie 64Inf bere^nnng rna<$ 
gef4^e(ener ^riifttng) 5 3- bie Kufna^me eined 
Beugenberb^rft ob. einer Kuftfage iber(aupti 
— house, ber $6rfaal, IBf r^frfaal. 




To Ao'dit, o. I. a. Law, dtci^nungen abf)ixtn, 
0t. iur Unterftt^ung abnc^meii) U. n. j&^len, 

Aa'ditfve, adj. (jrcttb. [dteoifor, Qontroaeur. 

Aa'ditQr, s. ber 3u^6rer9 Law, 9le4nung6« 

Aa'djtQrthrp, s. ^ai (Sontroaeutamt. 

Stt'djtpry* I. adj. M6 (9e(6r bctreffenb j 65< 
renbi — ncrvci, Anat bic CSetirncrcenj 
—organ, baft Ge^drorgan 3 n.«. 1. coUect. 
bie 3n^6rer3 2. baft TCubttorittm, ber |>6r« 

Jaal) 3. ber dti^terflu^l. 

An'ditr^M , «. bi 3u^6rerinn. 

iof, 4. bcr Sropt/ ®att(b / 9iarr$ (cf. OaO* 

Au'gf r, «• 1. Corp. ber grof e Sobrer^ Gtangen^ 
bo^rer, ^(btllpbo^rer, f)ttmpenbo^rer (ber 
6iiffft}immerlettte)3 ^rbbo^rer^ 2. Mil. bte 
3ttnbertemptrmaf4ine$ shank of the—, taft 
(Sifen (bie ®tange) beft €$4u(|>bo^rcrft j 
through of the— , ber ^ttnbgdff beft ©(^illps 
boftrerfti screw, or twisted — , ber©cbnef« 
fenbobrer^ — bit,bieSobrf(bttlpei —bore, 
(-hole), baft SBo^rlo(b. [bau. 

^u'get [o'zha^, «. blc ^eitrinne beim SRinens 

Augh'! bdughM [iV-b&w^ int. con ^ a^ ba^! 
pab! lari fart! 

Aught, pron, 6tn)aft, irgenb (Stioaft) for — 
I care» cot. metnetioeden 9 for — I know, fo 
ml (4 n>eif . 

An'^lte, J. Min. ber TCugit^ bie £)Ut>inbIenbe. 

To Angm^nt', v. La. oermetrenj Pergr6feni$ 
IL n. ftib oerme^ren/ sune^men. 

Ang'm^nt, s. bie Serme^rung (vid. Augmen- 
tation); Gram, baft TCugment. 

AngmSnt'^ble, adj. i^erme^rbar. 

Aogm^nti'tion, s. 1. bie Serme^ntng/ 3unat» 
me5 2. bie ®tetgerang4 3. ber 3ufab9 4. 
Com. baft 0tetgen (of the price, ber ^reife) 5 
5. AfiM. bie TCugmentation^ Sergr6f erung. 

Aogm£n't^tYve, adj. oermebrenb; oergrof emb. 

Angm^n't^r, s, ber ob. baft Serme^renbe. 

iu'gre, s. vid. Anger. 

Angf'burgfa, «. Geog. Xugftburg, vid. Augusta. 

To Au'g^r, V. I. n. attft9)(erhnalen bermut^en 9 
n. a. neiffagen, mut^maf en, a^nen. 

AVgfir^I, adj. bie TCttguren ob. Tfugnrien be* 
treffenbi —staff, ber ^JCugurfkab. 

To An'gftrftte, v. I. n. auft Sorbebeutungen 
oor^erfagen, a^nen^ n. a. loeifTagen/ pro« 

Angfirft'tion, s. 1. baft Xuguriren/ tBa^rfagen 
(attft3ei4)en)9 2. bie SBeiffagung, f)rop(e' 
icimtg^ 3. bie eorbebeutung; baft TCnjeiAen. 

Angtt'ri^l, adj. auguriftb^ roai^rfagerif^. 

An'gfirons, adj. ougurirenbi iporbebeutenb, 


An'gary, s. 1. baft TCugurirfn} bieSBa^^rfo* 

gung (auft 3ei(bcn)9 SEBa^rfagereij 2. baft 
^Xttgurittni; bic Sorbebeutung, baft TCnjciibcn. 
Au'gyst, s. ber (SXonat) ^uguft^ ^rntc-monat. 
Augiistf, adj. %xof, ertaben, ^c^r, (errliib. 
Augus't^, s. 1. iugufla (5-n)3 2. Geog- 
AogCis't^n, adj. 1. angufteirib 9 ctaffir^ (in {>itt* 

fi^t aujf ^iteratur) i 2. augftburgifd^i - confess 

sion. Germ. Ecc. bieattgftbttrgijfctc (SonfcfUon. 
Aug&s'tfn, s. Xttguflinttft^ Xugufiin ($l-n)j 

Ecc. Augustins: 1. —friars, TCugttftiner* 

^m5n(te9 2. -nuns, ^uguftinentonnen. 

Augiist'n^ss, s. bie j>o^eit, ^r^abcn^eit. 

Agus'tys, «. TCttgufhtft, Xngujl (a){-n). 

Auk, i. Om, bet TtH, ^opageitau^cr. 

Aula'rj^n, I. adj. %VL eincm GoIIcgittm (Hail) 
ge^origj 11. s. 9){itg(ieb eineft (Sonegimnft 
(Hall) auf ciner ber engl. Uniberfititen (opp 
Collegian, CloIIegiat? &d)iiUv einer bobcn 
©♦ule). [Genn. bcr 4)ofratb. 

Au'ljc, adj. ju cinem^ofe gc^5rig 3 —council, 

Auin[an], s. 1. bic (franj.) @flc, ber ©tab 5 
2. vid. Anme. 

Aum, s, 1. Bot, bie Utme j 2. vid. Aume. 

Aum'bry,^^. vid. Almonry k Ambry. 

Aume, (Ann), s. bie ti\im, TCbm (ISeinma^, 
meiftenft bon g»ct 6imem). 

Aum'^let, s. bcr Sierfutbcn. 

Aunt [ant], s, bie Sante^ ^afc, SJtu^me. 

Aun'ty, s. dim. Xantd^tn. 

AuVfli, s. T. ber ©unfl, SDuft. 

Au'rate, s. 1. Pom. bie Jtdnigftbtrii/ Oolbbim \ 

^. Oiem. baft llfurat, Oolbfalj. 

AuVstf d, adj. golbabnlict^. 

Aure'li», s. 1. ^urclia (S-n)j 2. Nat. Die 
^uppe, 9it}mp^c, (S^rpfalift. 

Aur€'9l9, s. Paint, ber i)ciligenf(bcin. 

Au'ric atO**— acid, baft (9o(bon)b. [^crgobr. 

AuVjcle, s.Anat. 1. baft dufcrc S^^rj 2. baft 

Auri'cGl^ , s. Bot. baft !Bdren5^r(ben , bie 


Anri'cQUr, adj. 1. baft C^r ob. 4>^rcn bctrcf* 
fenb; ^orbarj^. (— ly, adv.) 2. in'ftS)br 
gefagt) 3. miinbli^ iibcrtragcn/ fortgepftanit) 
—confession, £cc. bic SD^rcnbci^tCj —tube, 
ein ^6rro(r. 

Anrfciil^te, adj. Bot. gcobrt. 

Auriferous, adj. * Oolb fi^^rcttb, go(brci(b. 

Aurjga'tion, s. baft gu^rwefen, Oerocrbe etncft 


Aurjpjgmln'tym, s. vid. Orpinent. 

Au'rjsciilp, «. ber S)6rt5ffel. 

Au'rjst, s. ber ID^renarit. 

Aurt/r^. s. 1. 7(urora(8-tt)j 2. *bieSWor» 
genrot^e, bcrORorgen^ 8. Ent. ber Jtrcf* 
ibciflingi — borcalis, Met. bcr S^orbWein* 




[' m betreffenb, i^ncn &inli4. 

f ln'rym, s, CTiem. Qolbj — fulninans, bad 

, itnaflgolb) ^masiTam, or— mosaicaiii, bad 

^SRuftbgolb^ mcfaif^c ®oIb. 
I JQic^lti'tion, s. 1. bas 3u(^r(n, j>or4tnj 
I a. Med. bie Xu^fnltotion. 

To Au'spfcate, r. a. 1. gfinflig Icnfen. bcgfin* 
fHdens 2. oorbebeuten^ 9. (eln ®ef(bdft) be« 
ginnen, anfaitgen. 

In'ipjce, *. l.bicCogcIf^ttu, Cogclroatrfa^ 
gtreii 2. bteSorbebetttung^^g:- (gen), p/.) 
biclfttfpicicn: bcr ©(ftirm (einee 4>6icren), 
btcEeitung, Gdntterf^aft) (giinfttger) (Sin- 
flu>, iBegfinfligung. 

iaspi'ci^l, adj. oorbebcutcnb. 

luspi'ciouB. I. adj. 1. (Slutf loeiffagenb i 2. 
glitdli^ (0. ^erfonen) 5 3. gitnfiig^ gcneigt 
(©. ^erfoncn u. ©a^ien)} II. — ly, adv, 
nntcr gunfUger SorbebeutuRg, ^IMiida III. 
— ueM, s. ber gfinfiigc 7Cnf4^clR; glfitfU^^e 
3aftanb, ba$ ®Iutf. 

XustSrc', I. adj,; II. — ly, ad». flrenge, rau^, 
unfreanbU(^> f^txhti III.— neu, j.bu|>drte; 
Unfrennbli^f (it 9 ber (erbe Oef^macf. 

Awtgr'jty, J. bie ©trengc, ^afteiung bcs ?ei* 
b(65 ^arte3a4t^ (Sratifamfeit. 

Aa'atin, *. (contr, t. Angustin), TCugufHnuS; 
7fugufhn(5K-n)5 Ecc. -friars, Xuguflincrs 
raJnd^cj —nuns, KugufKnernonncn. 

Aiu'tr^I, adj. fiib(i4l 9 — Asia, (contr, Austra- 
lia), #. Geog. TCnftvalitn, ©ub«3n^icni — 
Asian, (contr. Aastralian), adj, auflralir^'? 
-land, fiiblit^ed Sanb? -aigns, ilj^ bie fub« 
Uil^en {)immeUieic<^eii. 

Anstra'liflt, Austra'Ij^n, c/. Aostral. 

To lus'tr^ze, v. n. ^d^ na4 Gitben ncnben 

Att'strjqt, *. Ceog. SjftreicJ. [ob. netgen. 

Ao'stri^, I- a<0'* 6fh:et4tf4} —rose, bie xotf) 

tt. gelbe dofej — sn«ezc-wort. bie 9)opier« 

blumc, Smmortene^ II. s. ber fcflrei<>er. 

AQs'trjae, adj. fitblidj^) vid. Austral. 

Attstur'cvs , s. Om. ber Saubenfolf. [Jerr. 

Aa't^rjh, *. ber ©i^felbftgeniigenbe, €5clb|t» 

AaVshy, *. bie ©elbflgenugfamWt , baft 


Aot/ign'tjc; — ly; — ncss; rid. b. f. fiB-r. 

Auf/i^a'tjc^I, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv» autf^zn* 

tif4/ tiiU bewd^rt (von ©a^en u. yerf^« 

neiO) III. — ness, «. vid. b. tt. Authenticity. 
Antfiga'ticate, r.a. aut^entifircn, rci^ttgfiltig 

wa^cn, beurfunben, beglaubigen. 
AatA^ntjcJl'tion, s. bie Seglaubigung, ^egali* 

AQt/i^nti'city, s. bieTfutJcnticitdt, (»Ittubipiir» 

bigteit, (S4>Heit. I 

Attf/igVi^l, adj. ben CcrfalTcr ob bie Tfutorr 

J*ttft betreffcnb, WriftflcBcrif*. 

-t u'tApr, s. 1 . bcr Ur^ebcr; bie U-rinn^ ©tiftcr, 
et-rinn 5 2. bcr 2f utcr, CerfafTcr, ed&rift- 
ItcEcri (f«male-). bie«-rinn, e*riftfld» 
ierinn) 3. bie Urfad^e. [b. ii. Author. 

kti'thqT^BSf s. l.bieUrJcbcrinn; U.5 2. vid, 

AvLthbr'lt^tXje, I. adj.; II. — ly. adv. 1. Hu* 

toritdt ^abenb, betoamd(]|^tigct5 2. gcblctc- 
rift^, obfprcc^enbi Hi. --ncss, s, 1. bad ®e« 
ooQmd^tigtfcmi 2. ba5 ()[oi4tigc)^nrc6cn> 
3. bag gebi€terir<^c SBcfcn. 

Aui/iOr'ity, s. 1. bie gcfejmdpigc 9Ka4>t unb 
©enalt, ^ot^tt^oUFommen^citj 2. baft Xn> 
fe^cn, bcr befltmmcnbc Ginfluf / bie SEBi^tig^ 
(citi 3.bicSoUma4t) 4. Lt(. baft 3cugnif , 
bie (99cIcgO StucUci 5. bie ©laubmurbig^ 
hit; 6. bie (Srlaubnif, (©rucfo grci^eitj 
T. bie ^utoritdt, (Sewd^r j 8. Am. a) (in 
Coo.) baft (Script, bie (iSeri^tftO IBc^orbc, 
bcr (Wagifiratj 6) bie 9)rofcfrorcn alft Jtor- 
perfd^aft) Com. on the — of the samples, 
nad^^robe^na^^uflcr^ on, orondcrthe— 
of ... , bcre^tigt l\xx6f ... i im Tfuftragc i^cn 
...i from good—, auft ft(^crcr ClucUc^ auft 
fidj^erer 4>anb. 

Aut/iOr'jties, s.pL. Law, l.Dic6ntf<^cibungeit 
ber ^o^cren ©cri^tft^ofc i 2. bicKctcn, worin 
biefc entft. cntjaltcn fmbi^S (public -, 
local — ) 6ffcntli(6c (ob. 25rtft«) IBc^6rbcn. 

Aot/t9rjzii'tion» s. 1. bie ^utorifation^ JBcDoIU 
mdt^tigung i 2. IScfldtigung, (Suitigmac^ung. 

To iu't/ior!2c, I', a. 1. autorifircn, bct>onmdd!>» 
tigen^ bcre^tigcn) 2. gut^eipcn^ fur rc^ts 
mdfig erfldrcn, rcd^tfertigcn^ 3. bcfldtigcn^ 
gitUig mac^cn. [unglaubwurbig. 

Au't/iQrl^ss, adj. o^nc Ur^cber ob. Scrfaffer ) 

A u'e/i9"hrp, s. bie ^utorf4>aft, ©iriftjleUerci. 

Aut^bTQgrSpb'jc^l, adj. autobiograp^ifdi). 

AutQbiog'rfLphy, s. bic Tfutobiograpiie. 

AutOcV^sy. s. Pol. bic Tlutofratic, 0clbfl= 
^errf^aft. [fd^cr. 

Au't^criit, s. Pol. bcr 2Cutofrat, ©clb^cri* 

Aut9crXt'|c(--c»I), ad;, outofratifd), unum- 

J^rdnft. [ftcrrfdjerinii. 

AutOc'r^trifx, Autde^ratrice, s. l*ol. bic^clbft^ 

Auto-da-fe [Aw-t^-d^-fa'J, s. Rom. Cath. boc 


Aut9gS'ni>l, adj. felbftcrjeugt, fclbftgcfcbafftti. 

Au'tpgraph, I. jr. bic eigcnc^anb^rift, Untcr:^ 
f^rift, UrWrift, Urtunbcj II. adj. cigcu» 
(^dnbig gcf^rieben. [Wrieben), urfunblitb. 

Autpgraph'ic (— c^l), adj. cigcnWnbig (gc» 

Autfig'raphy, s. bic cigcnc |>anbWrip[, Ur. 
fc^rifr, baft IDriginal. 

Aatcr9g>, J. ba$ ©eibflgcfprd*. 




IvtSm'^t^l, adj. vid. Antamatlc, &c. 
An'tomAth, s. ber Gelbftgele^rte; Kuto^itaft. 
XDt9mat'|c(~c9l), adj, automati^^, maf4i« 

Aotom'^t^n, s, baS Automat/ hit ft4 felbft be« 

wegenbe ^afcbine, ba$ 6elbftgetriebci ^g. 

ber jDummltng. 
Aat&m'9tou8, adj, automattf(b/ ftd^ (o(S ^a« 

Wine) f«lbfl bewegcnb. 

i uton'gmouByadj. felbfl^errftbenb^unab^dngig. 
Aa'tQpsy, jr. bad Gelbftfe^en^ bie &elbflb( 
J(bouuRg, ber TCugenftbein. 
iut6p'tic(— c^I, ad;. ; —c^Ily, ado.), mit eignen 

Tfugen r^bcnb/ beobacbtet? —examination, 

Med. bie 6elbfluRterfu(buRd (am itranfens 
Autot/i'eiBt, s. ber TCutotbeift. [bette). 

An't^mn [— t^m], *. ber 4)erbfl. 
Autfim'n^l, adj. ^erbfllicb^ comp, {>erbfl«. 
totiim'n^If, j. pi. BoU tm j>erbft bli^enbe 
tu'igf ifi, *. i2/iet. bie C?r»eitening. L9>flttngen. 
tnxil'iar, Aaiifl'l^iry, I, adj. belfenb, beifles 

benb, Julfrcicbj i>ulf6M H. *. ber, bie, bas 

j^ulfeleiflenbe) aaxiliaries, pi, bie {)filf&s 

Anxjlja'tion, s. bie |)ulfe, ber ©eiflanb. 
Anxilja'tpry, adj, n)tc Auxiiiar, Ac. 
inx6m'ct«r, j. Per. ber ©ergrof erungftmeflcr. 
To A^Sil', u. I. a. 1. nil ten, b^lf^nj 2. begin* 

fligen, bef6rbernj to — one's self of, be* 

nutcn, ft(b bebienen) II. n, niitUib fein, ^elfen. 
^vSii', J. ber S^^n^en, «ort^eil5 a-s, pi. Am. 

(N, £.), ber ©eminn, @rtrag. 
^vai'i^ble, I. adj, ; n. — ly, adv* nfit^i^^/ ^^^* 

t^eilbttft^ Laii?,fiif'tig,pttttb«ftj Ill.-nesi, 

s. bie ^fi^licbMt, Stu^barfeit^ Laxo, bie 

©ultigfeit, J|raft. [©(bneeflurj. 

Avalanche', Av^ilSnge', *. bie Saitine, ber 
AT&nt', I. s. tu'd. Van; 11. int. vid. Avannt; 

III. comp. bcf. Mil, — conrier, ber ©orbote j 

(ujd.Van); —guard, bie7ft>antgarbcj (vid. 

Van) ; — main , Man, ber «orberfuf (bei 

yferben)^ -more. Fort, bie «omiauer3 

— peach, Po7n. bie gru^pflrfldb. 
iv'firice, s. ber ®eij, bie ^abfurbt. 
Iv^n^cions, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. gci^tg, 

forgj ni. — nc8f, j. berOeij, bie JCarg^eit, 


^vltst', i/it Mar. genug ! f^alt I ^olt an ! 
^vAant', mt.fort! wegbo! binou^! patfe^i(bi 
I'T8-Ma'r}'» *. ^c. ba« lC»e ?Kari«. 
iir^na'cionff, adj. ^oferartig. 
A^'^nagc, s. ber 4)aferjinS, bie ^afcrgulte. 
To Av^n^e', u. a. 1. rfid^cn (—one's self of ... , 

M — «n ...)5 2. abnben, flrafen. [fung. 
^vgnic'm^nt, s, 1. bie(Ra(bc4 2. bidBeflra* 
AT«n'i?r, J. 1. berOUdcber^ 2. ber SBeflrafer. 

iv'^ns, (iv'^nt), s. Bot, bals®enebictcnfrout. 

^ven'ture [— tshi^r] , s. Law, ber ungliitfUcbc 

^3ufaa, ber eineft^enfcben Xcb surgolge bat 

Av'^nOe, s. 1, ber (gerdumige, frcic; 3ugang 
(in einen tBalb), (93aum') (Sang, bie:KUce) 
2. bie TCnfa^rt) breite (mit S^itumen befe^te) 
etrafe) 3. Af/2.ber$af, 3ugang,ffBeg. 

To Aver', v. a. aid wa^r beweifen, beftaupten/ 


Av'erage, s. 1. Corns, bie^aferei, |)aii?ariej 
Ungelber, ^rimgelb (gcro. in gracbtbriefen : 
with priniage and — accastomed ; vid. Pri- 
mage) ; small or petty — , bie gemeine eb. 
fleine4>ttferei^ general— , bie grcfe^. 5 free 
from—, Scbarb, frei »cm ©crberben? ad- 
justment of a-s, bie S^igpacbe, @cefibabenbe« 
rc(bnang5 —account, bie 4>ofereire(bnun3$ 
2. bag mittlere (3ablen*) IBerbdItnip, ber 
©ur(bf*nitt5 comp. 9Kittelbur(bf(bnitt$«5 
—amount, ber ©ur(bf(bnittS*®etrag 5 Com -s. 
—date, ber mittUre 3abi«ng&termin, biege* 
meinfrbaftli (be ©erfalljeit 5 — tare, bie ©urtb* 
f(bmtt$«Saraj 3. — of corn fields, bie na<b 
ber 6rnte iiegcngebliebenen f)almc, baft ®e« 

To Av'^rage, v. a. 1. cincn ©urcbWnittprci^ 
madden $ ingtei(be2:(eiletbeilen9 2.tmSurd^« 
f(bnitt (er)gebcn, burcbfibnittUtb auSmatben. 

Avcr'm^nt, s.Laxc, 1. ber (3eugcn*) S$«;n>ciS, 
bielBefrfiftigungj 2. bie ajcftfitiijung, SBeja*. 
bung J 3. baft ^nerbieten bcS ©etlogten, tint 
exception {u bemeifen, unb ber©emeift bcrfet* 
ben felbft. [Sraubcnforte au6 (S^iaccnna. 

^ver'nat, AuTcr'n^t, s.Pom. ber (5lfii?ner, eine 

To Avf rrnn'cate, r. a. auSwurjeln, ttuftrctten. 

Av^rrQnca'tion, s. bieTTuSrottung. 

Averse', I. adj. abgeneigt, ungunf[ig, entgegen, 
juwiber, wibrig^ (mit to); II. — ly, odu. 
mit SBiberroiKen, ungem^ III. — ness, s. bie 
:jCbgeneigtJeit, ber aSibcrroiHe, 2Cbf(beu. 

bernille^ 2. ber®cgenfianb beft2(bf(bcued,ic. 

To Avert', r. I. a. 1. wegwenben, abjiebcnj 
2. ^bneigung erroetfen^ 3. ab»enben, ab' 
menbig motben^ II. n. ftcb abnoenben. 

Aver't^r, s. bcribmcnber, boS^b»enben^e,:c. 

Aver'tj, (Avert'), *. Man. bie fcbulgereibte 

JBcwegung tinth ^ferbeft. 

A'vj^ry, s. baft JBogei^auft^ bie flSogel^ecfe. 

Avid'jty, s. l.bie®ier, (Sefrdfigfeitj 2. bie 

^|)abfud&t. ^ [bourn. 

Av9ca'do, (Ayjga'to), s. Bot. ber TCrogato* 

To Av'9cate, v. a. abrufcn, ab^olten. 

Aypcfi'tion, s. 1. bie ibrufungj 2. bie^Cb* 

^^oltnng (bur(b cin ®ef^dft). 

Avocato'ria, s. p'. Lain, bie ^brufungftbricfe. 




fvfi'c^S^ry, adj. ttbrofenb, ab^ttltenbi —let- 
ter, itt Tfbrttlinsfibrief. 
J To^Toid', u. a. 1. mtiUn, termdbcnj inu 
ge^en; cntfommen^ 2. oerlaffen; rdumen^ 
3. ^tnbern, ^ixtitelni 4. Law, tinmnleni 
5. auf^eben, nngulttg mocben. 

^void'^ble, adj, 1. ]Derm(ibU(b 9 2. oufjube- 
ben, totberrupi(b. 

^vdid'^nce, ^. 1. bielBcnnetbuttgj SBegfibaf- 
fttng$ 2. bie Ttbleitung; TCufbcbung; ber SBi« 
berruf ) 3. bie Q^rUbigung; fiocan). 

ATord'^r, *. ber, (bie, boS) SXeibenbe, »eg» 
f*Qffenbe, :c. 

.jLvotd'ing, I. p. *. ba85Keibcn,ic. i —of blood, 

berlBIuttcrluft, ©lutp«f) ll. p. a. tcrmei= 

4v6rd'l^»B, adj, uncermeiblitb. [benb, ic. 

Xv'ojr-diS-por^' [S'v^r — ], *. ba6 gemcine ©e* 

»i(bt, j)aiibeIS9e»iibt; itramergeioi^t oon 

16 Un}tn. 

To ^v5i^cb', v.a. 1. be^aupten^ oerft(bcrn$ 2. 

(sum Sebuf ob. liBeflcn eines TCnbern) anffib- 

rctt 5 3. retbtfcrtigcn, Qut beif en, befrdftigcn. 
Avouch', 8. {Shksp. Ham!. 1, 1) HB 3cugmp. 
AYoiich'm^t, «. bic gtfldnmg, aSe^ttuptung, 

To Avo<t', V. a. befcnncn, anerfennen, tertbci= 

bigen, beb«upten4 /^aw, 6ffcntli(b crtldrw, 

eingefteben unb re(btfertigen. 
ilTo^^ble, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, adv, ttncrtcnnbar, 

IVL reitfertigen, }u oertbeibtgcn. 
^vo^'^l, #. toft ©cfcnntnif, bic (offentU^O 

Grfldnxng, Xufifage. 
^vdV^'^nt, jr. Law, bcr ^eflagtir, iotI<ber cine 

(9fiter») ®egnabme eingeftebt/ aber reebt^ 

fertiflt. [offcn, obne flftfitfbalt. 

^vo^'idly, adi\ \xti, dffentlicb (befcnnenb), 
Avowee', s. bet ^rcbenpotron, v/(/. Advowee. 
^v6«V» J. ber ©efcnncT; ©eb^iwpter, 85ertbei« 

^iger, «erhtnbiger. 
^vo^ry, s. Law, bie jBertbeibigung einer ®u» 

tenoegna^me^ ^tbubf^rift be§ iSBeHogtcn (in 

einer action of replevin). 
^vo^'^^I, s. tad Sefenntnip. 
^Tfibed', p. a. abgerilfen, loeggeriffen. 
^vfil'tion, s. bic ibreif ung i SBcgreif ung. 
To^wJit', V. a. warten, erroarten^ a— ing yoor 

reply, Ac, 3b«rKnttt>ortentgcgenfebenb,:c. 
To i^wilke', v. reg. k ir. I. a. (er)n>C(fen, ttuf* 

mdtm n. n. enoa^cn, auftoo(ben (au(bj^^). 
Aw&ke', a<0'-»o<^/>^o<benb, munter) f^blofloft* 
To Awftlcf n, vid. To Awake. 
i^wSke'n^r, *. ber ((5r«) ® crfcr j baS fficdenbc, 

ber {GBecfer os einer Ubr. 
.fLwa'kenjDg, (ijLwa'kfng). p. *. bad 6r»ecfcn/ 

6r»a(b^n) jRe/. b«6 geiflige @r»Q(ben/ Ics 

benblgn»erben bed religidfen tinned. 

''To ^wird'. Law, u. I. a. geriibtlitb jnfprcibcn, 

suerfennen (@inem (StwaS) j II. n, ben Xud> 

fprucb tbun, nrtbeilem 

AwArd', s.Lau\ bad Urtbcil, bcr (f(bieb§ri(b* 
terli4e)7Cttdrpru(b$ beriSercbeib. 

To ^wArd', V. a. ouSparircn, rid. To Ward off. 

AwAr'd^r, s, bcr (C^icbdO (Ritbtcr. 

AwAre', I. adv, gcroabr, auf fcincr ^ut, ad)U 
fam; con (Stream roiffcnb, untcrri(btct ? to 
be — of a thing, ©twaS gcwa^r rocrben i M 
einer @a(be t>erfeben 9 um(Stwad miffcn$ 11 
inMCibtung! torgcfcben! 

^waj', I. adv. meg, obwcfenb^ fort 5 to make—, 
1. bur^bringen, terftbrocnben) 2. (to make 
— with one's self), (fi(b) baS Oaraud ma*cn, 
umbringen3 she cannot — with bim, jie fann 

I nUiit mit ibm audfcmmen^ fann ibn ni(bt 

I oertragen) to make one*i lelf— , ^4 ncg 
(col, and bem @taube) ma^en 5 U. int fcrt I 
n>eg! binmeg! —for shame! pfui! (fibdmc 
^i^i fcbdmt (Snd^l) langb — ! nur 3U qe* 
lacbtJ fire-! f(bief gu! 

Awe, s. 1. \iie ©b^furcbt) cbrcrbietigc gurtbt, 
^dbeui 2. ber@(bauer. 

To Awe, V. a, 1. ©b^fur^jt cinfI6pcnj 2. in 
Sur(bt baltcn, %. einjagen? 3. r4)eu matben 

AwcaVy, adj, mubc, crmattet. [einf(bfi(btern. 

iAwea'th^r, adv. Mar, lutwdrtd. [bipt. 

Aweigh^ A-weigh' [^-wiH, adj. Mar, aufgc< 

A-well'-9'day', m^ gutigcr ^immcl ! o»eb! 

Aw'ful, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, adv, 1. cbrfurcbtgc* 
bietenb, ebrfurcbterregenb 5 2. furcbtcrrcgen^, 
fur(btbttr$ 3. cbrfurd^tdtoHj HI. — ness, s 
1. bie (^b^n'^i^bigfcit^ 2. bic Sbi^furcbt. 

i^whiie' [-hwiin, adv, cinc3eit long, cine SBeilc. 

JLwhit' [»-hwit^, adv. (in negatitcn 0d$cn> 
not a — niibt im (Seringftcn j vid. Whit. 

Awk'w^rd, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, 1. ungc^ 
f(bi(tt; Iin(if(b, tc(pif(b/ plumps 2. unma- 
merli(b/ gtob$ abgefibmatft, albemj 3. mi^ 
brig, fcblimm $ niberfpdnftig 3 III. — ness, jr. 
bie Ungefcbicttbcit; ^(ump^eiti iDummbcit, 
^gef^macftbeit, Idbcrnbeit. 

Awl, J. bic 7(ble, ^fricmc, bcr £bft> peg- 
ging -, Die ^po(f*lfbJc fur €5(bubmaicr3 
jpiner's — , ter ©piftbobrcr fur Xif(btcr 5 
brad—, bcr ©pi^bcbrcr fur ^immcrleutcf 
Bot-s, —shaped, pfricmenfdrmig} —wort, 
bad ffiafTerpfricmenfraut. 

Aw'l^ss, adj, unebrcrbictig, ebrfurcbtdlod. 

Awme, (Awn), s. vid, Aume. 
lAwnf, Awne^, s, pi, tic ®ranncn (an ben 
j «bren), ^(beln. 

j A w'njng, p. s, bad ^cnnengclt, lemenc Bibixm* 
bo<b (wbcr einem €5(biffe,w.)5 badgenfter* 
Itltf lit fXXarquife. 




Awn'Ifft, adj, o^nc (Srannen, ungegrannt. 

Xw^Dy, adj. voQer (SSranaeii; gegrannt. 

^wOke/y p^e^ 9on To Awake. 

^work^, ^^wor'kfng , adv. k p. a. col, in ber 
TCrbcit; (an) iibcr ber ^Crbcit^ artcitcnb, to 
aet — , gn t^nn geben. 

AwTy'[»-rt'], a47.& ado. f(|>ief,uncbcn,un8Ui4>5 
feitmdrtft 9 f^ielenb 5 ^g. t>etf e^rt, ungereimt. 

iz, lxe» f. bie 7C;t, ba$ grofeS9etl$ bie^aue, 
{>acft) broad — , bie ^immerart, baft f8reit> 
bciU butcher's— ,ba§gleif(berbeili croftt— , 
bic0ti4ajt5 felling—, bieffialbartj junk-, 
badJterbbtilO^unJtappenberSaue)) pole— 
(boarding—, battle—), bie ©trcitaxt^ baft 
©nterbcUj —formed, BoU ()obelformig j 

- bead , ber ^yfbetai , {Rutfen ciner Ifyt^ 
—stone, MinMtfbtimtixih —vetch, —wort, 

^Bbt, baft SBnlfraut; bie SBcilcoroniUe. 

Az'Ifdrm, adj, atbfenffirmig. 

Ax'jl, Axfl'l*. J. 1. AnaL bicTCtbfelgrubej 2. 

^ Bot, ber 2f II* Ob. SBlattroinf cl. 

ix'jll^r, ix'jli^ry, adj, Anat. jur ^(bfclgrubc 

gc^Srig^ a-y. /^o^ im ^fl* ob. ©tattwinfel 
flebenb, atbfelfl&nbigj a-y artery, ^nat.bte 

Ax'iaiie. s. Min. ber S^umcrjlcin, Wnit. 
ix'lpm, J. Ph. baft Worn, ber (Srunbfaft. 
ixj9m5t'ic(— qil), adj, ajiomatiW, geroif^ 
^(bur* M felbft) erroiefen, anerfannt. 
Ax'JB, *. r. (bcf. Math. & BoU) lit TCcbfej 

Anat. ber jweite (RflcPenwirbelj Z^ol. ber 

ix'ie, Ax'le-tr€e, s. ble ^(Jfe am Olabej — -t. 

arm, bie €$(bn>engelftange9 — -t. arms, bie 

7((bfettf*enteli --t. bed, baft^tbfenfutterj 

— -t. box, bie 7f<bfenbfi(bfei — -t. hoop, ber 
92abenring, boftStabenbanb^ — -t. nut, bie 

^Cibfenf^raube) — (-t.)piii» ber ICibftnagel, 
bief^iinfeamOlabe^ —trees, Mar. bie TC^fen 
einefifl^apertft^ —-tree washers, bie ©to^s 
Weiben (c/. Washers;. 

ly [aTj, adv,mlg. \a, ja borb* freili(b/ gemif^ 
beflimmtj - -sir ! Sea, ja mein{>err I (gen)5bnU 
7Cntn)ort ber QKatrofen auf baft (Sommanbo)i 
—and no, jauubnein^ ayes and noes, pi. 
0timmen bafitr unb bamiber. 

Ay, 1. tne. ab! a(b! loe^ —me! loebemir! 
U. Ay, or Aye, atfv. « (anf) immer^ e»igl 

Ay'-gr€en. s, Bot. ber f>attftlaU(b. 

A>'ry, s. bie 4)orfl, tc, vid. Aerie. 

izVole, s. Pom. bie !2(iaroIe^ SDtiftpelbime. 

Az'jmu^A, 1. s. AH. ber %imut(, Serti!al}{r« 
Mi II. adj. ajimutbal) —compass, IkauU 
ber2(iimutbal$irfelj —dial, bie TCiimutbaU 

Azote', (Az5t', C), s.Chem. ber ©tirfflojf, baft 
©tirf gaft, bie ©tidluft. 

;^zuf jc, adj. Chem. 6ti(ffloff ent^altenb. 

Az'gtif ed, p. a. — food, flt(!ftoff^altige 9tab' 


Az'ptite, «. Client, baft falpeterfaure ©alj. 

i'zvre [a'-zhvr], adj. bimmelblau, bo<b^tttn^ 
* ajurn 5 — stone* Min. ber Eofur(lein. 

A'zure [a'-zhyr], *. 1. Chem. baftbttnMblaue 
^obaltglaft; bie emalte^ 2. ber (^ttftO{>im< 
meU 3. Her. baft©lau (blauegclb)} -of 
copper, Min. bic Jtupferlafur. 

To A'zyre [fi'-zh^r], v. a @tioaft bimmelbldtt 
Mrben. [((immel)blau, lafurfarbig. 

i'zvred [i'-zhvrd], adj, binuuelblau gefdrbt, 

A'zvrite [— zh^r — ], s. vid. Azurenitone. 

iLi'ym^f J. pi. Jew. Rel. baft ^eft ber unge* 

Jduerten Srobe. 

Az'ymous. adj. Jew. Rel. ungtfduert. 


B [b«], 9.(ein9Kit(auter), baft», hi Mus. ber 
ftebente Son ber S^onleiter (b) i B flat, (B 7), 

Mus. b ihoQ) B's of the bowsprit, Ship-h. 

bie eiolinen (iEBocfen) beft IBugfprietft. 
B, abbr. fl. bass, ber !Baj 5 B. A., fl. bachelor 
of arts, S9accalaureuft ber freicn Jtitnflei 
B. C, fl. before Christ, t>or Qb^fli (Seburt^ 
B. D., ft. bachelor of (in) divinity, Sacca^ 
laureuftberSbeoIogiej bd. ft. hound, (Don 
S&iL(bern)gcbunbenj bds. ft. in boards, in 
^poppe^ broft^urti B. L., fl. bachelor of 
laws, Saccalaureuft ber ^uriftprubenj ) B. M., 
ft. bachelor of medecine, SBaccoloureuft ber 
(Wcbictn J Bot., fl. bought, fauftc (in faufm. 

9te(bnungen) ) Bar., hart., Bt., fl. baron. 

baronet, IBaron^ IBaronet; Bp., fl. bishop 


Baa, s. baft Sdl6hn, ®ebI6( (oon ©rbafen). 
To Biia, v. n. hl6hn, vulg. bden. 
Baarge, s. eine 0au. 
Baat, s. 1. eine fiameflfcbe (viereofige) ©ilber* 

miinsej 2. ein (bineflfrbeft (9en)i(bt Don einer 

balben Un^e. 
To BSb'ble, v. I. n. 1. papeln^ flammcin (toie 

fleineJtinber)} plappern^ploubern^ 2. Sport, 

(0. {)unben; U\. inx unrecbten 3eit) anf^la* 

gen 9 il.a. (bnmmeft 3eu^ f^b^a^en. 
IJBlib'ble, s. baft ®ef(bmd^, ®eplauber,®eiodf4 




Bab'Ueoi^t, f. H^ fMaubern, unnu^e ®c« 

f^mfil* [Sdl^rodtennn; ic, itlatfc^c. 

Bib'blfr, «. brr 6d^n)£^er; iCo sbe— , bie 
BSb'blfff, pi. 5p«rt. oorlaute {}unbe. 
Bibtlingy I. p. jr. 1. baS^laubem^ unnu^e ®c* 

f^iod^^ 2. Sport, bas oorlauteXnftl^Iadenber 

iwx^e, nad^bem fie bte @pur bed fBilbed ^a^ 

ben 5 U. p. a. [((toat^aft, plaubernb ) the— 

echo, bad gef^mi^igc 6^0 9 the — stream, 

ber nefelnbe (murmelnbe) ®a4. 
Bibe, J. 1. ba$ (leine ^nb^ iCinb^en, ber 

6dugling9 2. ba6$upp(6en. 
BaTj?!, J. 1. Geos.maUl, aobi)lon; 2.^. 

bie Sertoirrung^ Unorbnang. [Jtinbcrei. 
B&lifry, f. ber,^nber^:am/ ba&Gpielicug, bie 
Bi'bjah, B&'bishly, vid. Bab)ish, &c. 
B^uOn', s. ZooL ber §)aDian. 
B^boo'gb^, s. pi. Sbaho^tn, Saburc^en. 
B&Vy, d\ 1. bad fleines^nb) 2. bU^uppe) 

-things, bad f)uppenn)er!, Jrinberfpielfa^cn. 
To Ba'by, v. a. mie ein Jtinb be^anbeln? tdtt« 
Ba'byhood [— bdd], j. bie ititib^eit [f^cn. 
Bi'byish, I. ac^'*; H. — ly, a (ft?, finbif^. 
Blb'yl^n, s. Geog, fdah^lon, Sdabtl 
Bibylo'nl^n, I. adlj, 1. babQlonifdj) 9 2. fig, 

venDirrts n. ;. ber SabQionter. 
BIbylSn'ic, BU>yldn'{C9l, BabylO'njsh, adj. 1. 

bab)}lomFi^$ 2.j!g-. oermtrrt; fHrmif^^. 
BIc, *. 1. einf)raim; Sdjrbootj 2. Breu\ 

Hd Jtu^lf^tif, ber Jta^lbotti^) 3. Dist. 

ber ®d(rbotti4. 
Bac'c^, s. Bot. bie ©ecre. 
Bacc^Iiu'rSste, #. Lit. bad IBaccalaureat. 
Bac(h'^9l, I. adj. f^welgerifd^/ r4n>^rmenb 5 

n. *. ber ©dftwelger, Sc^bruber. 
Bilcsh^ni'li^, s. & ad;', mc Bacchanal. 
Blc^h'^^lf, s*pl. 1. AnUtic^ac^amiitm 

2. jig. bie 6ij(^»elgerei, bad 3e4gelag. 
BKchin'te^, l.^n^Sacc^^anten^Sact^ans 

tinneiii 2./g:.trttQ?ene84n)drmer, <3d^n>cU 
tiJc'jh^rrs, s. Bot. bie S)urr»ur}. [gcr. 

Bac/jhic Bac'^bjcaLl, adj. bac<^if(^ j roemtrun* 

H wewtott. 

Wc^jbivs, *. Poet, ber fflac^^iud. 
BSc'jhi^, *. Afy(/i. ©act^ttd. 
B*c0f^roiii, adj. Bot. Seeren tragenb. 
Bjc^ivVotts, adj. Nat. ©eeren frejfcnb. 
^*^*»'«lQr, s. 1. berSunggefeDej 2. ber ^age* 

wlj5 8. ,4c. ber®accalaureud9 — *« buttons, 

°ot. 1. bieSBttlbMnid, badaRarienr6d*eR4 

*• Jie Jtorablume. [i4c. bad aaccalaurcat. 
Jjch'^prshrp, s. 1. berSunggefencnflaubj 2. 
***» *• ge». comp. t>ii Jtufe, j. ©. beer — , 

we Clerfttfej brewing -, bod JWWWiffi 

**«k, ,. 1. bereiiicten) 2. bad Jtreuj (eined 

^ferbed, :c.)j 3. bad ^intert^^eil (aneineni 
StUiH, ic), bie Stutffeite^ ber Olfirfen (bcc 
{>anb, etncd SBudl^cd, @tu^Ied, ^er^eugcc, 
^ugeld^ }C.)j 4. ber Jtamm mit einer 9lcil,>i 
3d6ne (pi. im4)aRbe( gcto. backs genannt)$ & . 
SMp'b. ber CHutfcneined etittf Jtnunm^oIiC5 

(opp. Belly); Mats, — of the stern post, 
berSutenfleDCRi —of the rodder, biegut^ 
terung ob. Serboppclung ^m Gteuer? —or 
a coin, ber Olcterd (bie iteftrfeite) ciiicr 
9)lunjc 9 a — and breast, ein ^arnifti, Jtu- 
rap9 —and collar, ein fld^Ierncd 3n>angd^ 
Icib^en (jur Serbcfferung ber f^^iefen SpoX- 
tung)9 comp. —band, badSragbanb (bit ber 
cngl. (Sabclbct(^fcl)9 — b. hooks, bie{)afcR an 
bci- (^abel gum din^afcn ber itettcn (bed 
Sragbanbed) 9 — basket, ber Sragforbj bad 
Oleffj bie IButtej- blow, l. ber ©^lag cuf 
ben {Ru(f en 9 2. ber @4Iag mit umgewanb^ 
ter ^anb 9 — board. Mar. bad Se^nbrct (in- 
ten anberGi^banf eined Sooted 1 —bone, 
I.ber9lit(fcn9 2. bad{Hucecnflit(f$-bones, 
s. pi. btc fleinfle SSortc ber SBaUftf^barbcni 

— clouts, s. pU bie fiBinbclnj — door, 1. bie 
Jjjintcrt^iir 9 2. fig. bie^udfludfttj — freight. 
bie {Rfidfrac^tf — friend, ein ocrfhlltcr 
greunb, j^cimli^ergeinb j — gammon. Gam. 
bad Sriftraf, ^ufffpicl (^frt Sretfpiei) j - 
ground. Mil. ber SSerflcct, ^intcrgrunb^ 
befgl. raint. bie SertiefUng (in cincm (Be- 
mdlbe, 2C.)9 — handed, mit umgcroanbtcr 
4)anb9 —heave, ber (Segenfcl^iagj -header, 
eine ^a^d^iae jum &4ioingen bed itornd^ 

— house, bad 4>iRtc^(^aud, f)intergebdubcj 

— light, bad ^interglad in ciner Jtutfcbe) 

— painting, eine Tfrt ®ladmalcrei (auf ber 
£Ru(jPfeite bed O^Iafed mit S)elf^rbc iUuminirtc 
Jtupfcrfti4>e)9 — part, ber |)intert(^eil 9 - 
piece, bad 0tu(fenftu(f (einer dlii|lung, k.)? 

— room, ber ^interc Slaum? bie Winter* 
jhibej — shop, bad 4)intergen)5lbe 5 — side, 
1. bad ^intert^eil, bie 0tuctfeite$ 2. ber $of 
ober SKaum Winter bem|>aufe; 3. ber j>interc 
(eined S(>iered)3 —staff, Nant. ber ®onnen« 
^6(^enmeflrer9 —stairs, spl. 1. bte|>inters 
treppe^ ^eimlii^e Sreppe^ 2. fig. ^it Xud« 
fluitj ~ itays, Mars, bic $arbunen (flarfe 
Xaue iur Sefefligimg ber QRaflcn)} after - 
stays, ^arbunen an ben 6citcn bed €S(^if cd 
(inter ben !SRaflen) breast— stays, 0eiten< 
parbunenj standing— stays, ftc^enbe $ar« 
bunen^ traveling — stays, IBorgparbuncn 
berStengenj —step, Mi. ber WurffiSritt, 
hti militdnf(ben Semegungen o^ne 8erdnbe< 
rung ber gronte, — stitch, Sew. ber ©tepp* 
\\x6iy -Strap, bic ©truppe am Jtutftftgc* 




Airr^ — swayed, Vet 64mers u. ®(tmd4e 
in benSWeten leiDenl) (con ^fcrben)^ —sweep 
of the wares, 3far. t)ie ©iterfeej —sword, 
1. ttr ^itbtc, ^outiCQin, ba6 dnfcf^neibige 
@4merbt4 2. tin &tod mit eincm Jtorbge^ 

W ium gC(ttcn3 — «word man, bcr gcfljs 
tcraufben^iebj —tools, Book-b. %iUUn, 
&tti^' ober Sabenflempel }umSer)ieren ber 
a5fl(^errWcttj — water, Dik. ©taaroaffer j 
To — water, v. a, itfar. x^dndxU rubernj 
— woods.uim. bie oon benTf neg^anp'^ebirgen 
»j(ll. licgcnben Urwdlber (jc^t u. the West 
ob. the far West); —'woods' men, bic mi* 

fen Semo^ner biefer SBfilber, f)inter»dlbter3 
— worm (vid. Filanders); — yard, ber i>in' 

Back, ado, jururf $ ^intcrrofirtfij — or —again, 
TOiebcr, roieberum? a few years—, ror ei» 

To Back, V. I. a. 1. (cin ^fcrb, jc) bcjleigcn, 
^inten aufftten^ 2. (ein $ferb) abri^ten, 
}ureiten^ 3, fig. (Ginem) ben (Rfitfen (alten, 
(t^n) anterflilten, cert^etbigen) 4. ,uru(f 
fallen , suru(f treten laffen ($ferbe^ ID(])fen 
:cO/ (mil ctiemgul^r»erF)iuru(f§ttfeni to— 
a letter, einen ®rief fiber^rcibenj to — a 
warrant, Law, einem in einer onbern ®raf* 
f(|)aft au^gefleHten ^er^aftdbefe^I bur4 bie 
Unterf(^rift cine* bortigcn griebcnSrid^terS 
(Siiltigfeit geben i to— in, xudnHxU (tnein« 
fQ^rcn, gc^en, ic, 8urii(!(^Q!en, (vid. oben)i 
Mars, to— an anchor, einen TCnfcr »erfat« 
ten 4 to— a-stern, to— the oars, bie Sfliemen 
flret^en; rittfmdrtd rubcm; — all a-stern, 
flrei^t in(gefammt) to — the sails, bfe^egel 
ba(t(}ururf)Iegen5 n. n. jurflrftrcten, rfirf* 

Back'bit, pret, k p. p. 9. Tu Backbite. 
To Back'bite, u. ir, a. ttfteneben, ijerleumben. 
B«^ck'bit9r, J. ber Serleumbcr. 
Back'bltjngly, ado. »erleumbcrif(^>. 
Back^brtten, p.p, c. To Backbite. 
3acked', adj. einen Otilcf en Jabcnbi broadly—, 

mil breitem 0ti&(fen4 broken—, freuilo^m. 
Backgam'mQn, s, vid. unt. Back. 
Backs, .?. pi. Com. 1. ba* ©o^lteber (in Jal* 

ben {)QUten){ 2. vid. Back 4. 
Back'set, p. a. im SHiirfen angefttUen^ locrfolgt. 
To Back'slldc, v. n,fig, 1. juriirfge^cn; jururf* 

»ei(^en5 ausmei^en^ 7CuSfIu(^te ru(bcn$ 2. 

abtrunnig merben^ oom (Slaubcn abfaDen. 
Backsli'd^r, s. 1. (Siner^ber jurfitf mi^t, TCnfi* 

fliicbte fu4^t$ 2.ber7Cbtrilnnige. 
Back'w^rd, I. ad;.; II. —ly, adv. fig. 1. cb^ 

geneigt, wiberwiaigj 2. langfam, rerbrcffen, 

jaubernbi tcrfebrt^ 3. bl6bc3 4. fpdt, cer« 

fpdtet Qoon'SvixdiUn,u., mdffig.)^ III. — nest* 
s. I.btc7rbgencigt6eit;berjffitbern)iae$ 2. bie 
Sanafamhit^Xrdg^eiti§3uru<ffcin) ic. 

BSck'w^rd, B&ck'w^rdf, adv. xUdtoHxU, px* 
xiidi rddtgdngigi terfe^rt) — and forwards. 
^in unb (er. [ben$ 2. terlcnmbcn. 

To Bfick'wdfind, v. a. I. meuc^Iing* )>ermttns 

B&'cQn, s. berGpccf 9 a flinch of—, cine0pc(t« 
feite i a gammon of—, (a ham), cin Cd^in* 
Um — hog, ba0 fette®4)nein, ^aflfdl^ncin. 

BSc6I6m'€try, s. Math, bie Gtabmcflung, 
flSermeffung mit au$geflc(ftcn ®tdbcn. 

Bad, I. a<y.J 11. — ly, adv. fc^Iecftt, Wlimm 

b^ffe^itbel) 2. f4dbli(^, ungcfunbj 8. franf) 

— debts, f^le^te (srocifel^Qftc) 6$4uiben$ 

— growth, berSKipwad^Jj —news, ungun* 
ftigefRairidbtcnj — papers, Com. ^apierc, 
bie in Mle^tem Qfrebit flejcnj — paym.istcr. 
ber f4led()te Sadler j —work. Print be^bofe 
®at9 HI* — ness, s. 1. bie ®(^(e4t(cit5 
2. bie e4Ie4tig!eit, !Bo6^cit. 

Bftde, pret. D. To Bid. 

BSdge, s. I. bal S^tidftn, Jtcnnscic^en; ^crf« 

mal5 2. Her, baS Drben^scitben 5 2a(fei> 

64ilb$ 3. Skip'b. einc falf^e Geitcngallcrie 

auf Jtanffa^rem. 
To BSdge, V. a. id^ncn^ bcieid&nen^ (in tie 

f)onb) branbmarfen. 
Bad'g^r, j. 1. Zoo^ ber IDat^fi ^ 2. Law, ber 

pri9iIegirte6erumiie(enbe^Dm> u. ISictna* 

lienidnblerj- legged, ba(t«beinig5 -gin. 

^it IDa^ftfaUe; ba6 S^a^eeifcn. 
B^'dj^n, Ba'dl^ne, j. Bot. bcr CftcrnaniS. 
BSdMn^ge, B^din'^rje, s, btt$ Icid^te, fi^crg^afte 

®efprd4^ bie 6^dferei; ber Gpa^ 

Badly, Badness, vid. unt. Bad. 

Baffe't^f, Bi(ft^, s. pi. Com. Sa{fctQ$, IBof* 
tah, tin cftinbif^er 9)aumn}cIIcn}cug (white, 
geb(ei(^t) brown, ungcblei^t). 

To Baffle, u. I. a. 1. Jinterge^cn/ tduWenj 
2. |lur2en,unn)ir!ramma4en,i?crciteln$ )>cr« 
mirren^ bef4dmen5 n. n. mit eincm Setruge 
umgc^en; betrfigen. 

Baffle, s. 1. bieSSereitelung^ 2. ber IBctntg, 
bie Sduf4ung. 

Baffler, J. berSereitelnbe, Xdufc^er, u. 

Bag, A. 1. ber 6a(f ) 39euteU SaOcn^ 2. bcr 
^aorbeutelj 3. i^ar. bad ^rincifatf 4cn jum 
ippctit«Q^rrcgen Ui ^ferbcn) 4. bad Outcry 
a— of wool, cin ©otten (240 ^funb) SeBoac4 
cloke— , baftgcDeifen, ber QKantcIfad j hawk- 
ing—, bic 3«gbtaf(ic, bcrOtcifcfarfj —and 
baggage, ®a(f unbfJttCtj —fox. Sport, bcr 
iur3<ig^ cingcfangcneSu^S? screw-barrcl 
-lock, bflfi ©(btoubcnftlof J —man, eoi. kx 
|)onblung6reifcnbe5 -net,baS®acf nc^j — P»pe> 






tieeadCpfetre; ber^ttbetra(f5 To --pipe the 
mizeo, Mar. ^ad Sefonfegel had egen5 
-pudding, ^er Rubbing, engUf^e (ob. S^er* 
oiettesO ^of 9 —reef. Afar. ba& oierte unb 
wtere0leef5 — truM, Surg, bad ©uftpen* 
forium, bte Sragbinbe. 

ToASg, V. L a. 1. in etnen &a(t tf^un, ein« 

faifens S. befadten^belabens II. n. auff4»el« 

Im$ aufbauft^en. [belei. 

Bag^t^lle', «. bie JtUintgfPtt, Sappalit/ Z&n^ 

Bfgiiu', J. Sug'W, baS iennQ^Icne3u(terro^r 

(in ben TfntiQen). 

Bag'^t, «. Bot. bie93agette, ^o^fHetide Sulpe. 
Bi^gf^e, «. 1. bie Sagage, bad G^epddt/ ®e« 
rdt^ (einer TCrmee)^ 2. baS 9>afragiergut 
(vid. baft in biefer iSebeutung in (Snglanb 
& Luggage) ; >- warehonie, Cus. bie f)a(t< 
fammer (n>o bad ^affagiergut ntebergelegt u. 
unterfn^t mirb). 

figging* ^- bie(grobO®acfIeinn)anb, $a(f« 
Ieinn>anb, bad Gacttudii* 
Bagn'i<; [ban'y?], s. 1. bad Sabe^audj ^it 
Sabeftube^ 2.bad®orbea5 d. (inberSur^ 
!ei) etn TCufbema^rungdort fttr ^^riflenfcla' 
ntai —keeper, 1. ber^Bober^ fiSabemei^eri 
2. ob. —pander, ber S9orben»irt(. 
To BiSg'pTpe, (the mizen) vid, in Bag. 
BsigQ^tte', BaguSt', s, I. MU-s. bie (Serte, 
8ptefrut(ej ber Sabeflod) 0la(fetenflab$ 
2. Arch, bad {HunbfHbdften (!(einer aid ein 

Astragal, gu.). 

To BSii, V. I. a. 1. Law-s. a) Surgf^aft let* 
flro; p4 (fur ^nen) btrbiirgen, CtinenIod< 
bfirgenj gegenlBurgfiaft fretgebcnj (—one, 
Ginen f(ir3cntanb) aid IBilrgen anne^menj 
etnen Sfirgen fleQenj Com. aoaliren (ffir 
fBeiftFelf^ttlb Mrgen)$ &)beponiren} 2. and- 
fit6pfcn6ad®aflermit(Siniem/:c.}$ to— 
(oot) a boat, Mar. ein Soot audd^fen) 
n. R. impr. ft. To Bale, qv. 

B2il, s. 1. Law, a) bit i93firgr4aft; ®emd^r« 
I^fbtng, (Sauticn 5 Cbm. TCoal (8Be4feIb&rg« 
Haft)) 6)ber®iirge,(9ei9d(rdmann$ Com. 
8Be<l^feI«Sfirge,®«(Saoent$ to stand— ,a9as 
ttren$ 2. ber ^nfel, (Srif (an dnem Jteffel/ 
u.)5 3.bie<Bren}eineinemfiBaIbe5 4.tmpr. 
jl. Bale, qv. 1. —bond, bie ®iirgf4aftd«^b- 
ligation, ber !Bitrg(f(^aftd)«@4ein i — piece, 
bcr 9firgf(|^a^'3ettel. 

Bii'l»ble, adj. bitrgMaftdf&^tg, oerbiirgli^. 

BsiJis', *. Law, ber ©epoRtar, Cerwa^rcr. 

BtiV>' *. Law, ber JDeponent, ^interleger. 

Bil'ljff, BXi'Hf, *. 1. ber:iCmtmann, ianboogti 
2.b(re4»lofbogt| 3.bereogt, e^ulb^eif, 
Oerii^tdbiener) 4. berSenpalter, e^af^er, 
ftentf nvilinnetmer (auf $atnmoniaIgittem)5 1 

high—, ber JDberamtmann, u.$ —of a port, 
ber j>afenrid|^ter. [eined BailiflT, bie Sogtci. 

Bai'liwicic, s. ber ^mtd» ober ®cri*tdbcgirf 

Biil'm^nt, s. Law, 1. bad iDeponiren) 2. bie 
SHJLd^aU etncd iDeporitumj 3. badlDcpofi* 
turn, anbertraute ®nt. 

Baildi/, {opp. Bailee), s. Law, ber IDeponent. 

B&ily, s. ber ®4erge, Siittel. 

Bail^, s. pi. bie ®ogen eined Sooted/ morauf 
bad ®onnenbe(t liegt. 

BSi'rfm, s. Afb/i. Rei. bad !Bairam»ge|t. 

Bait, s. 1. ber Jt5ber/ Ik Sotffpeife, (anifigOi 
2. bie erfriWung auf ber (Rcifc. 

To B5it, u. I. a. 1. Wbem, anfomenj 2. un« 
termcgd cin!e^rcn, anHtcn, ft* crfrif^cnj 
(auf ber SHcife) futtem^ 3. anfaUcn (bef. Don 
Stauboogeln, to — at..., flopcn auf...) 5 
(|>unbe) an^e^en^ bei^en ()>on Stofo^geln); 
fig' plagen, quilen^ II. n. 1. mitbcnSIu- 
geln WaQtn, flattem (oon 0taubo5ge(n/ 
beimXnbli(fber©cute)j 2. (aufbcrSlcifc) 
einfe^ren, an^altcn. 

BSi'tjng, (p.) s. bad JtSbern, :c. rid. To B.iit; 
— place, 1. bad aSBirtidftaud, bie^erbcrgc^ 
2. ber j>eoploj^/ bie j)a^5 bail—, bad IDt^- 
fen^e^cn, 0tiergefed|^t. 

BSize, s. Com. ber IBot) (noQencr 3cug). 

To Bal^e, v. reg. k ir. I. a. 1. ba(f en 5 2. (dr> 
teU/ brennen(3icgel)) II. n. l.gebatfen n^er- 
ben, barfenj 2. barren, bfirre rocrben. 

Bake-, comp. —house, bad S3a(t^aud, bie 
S3d(fcret; Sacfflube^ —meats, s, pi. ges 
batfene Gpeifen. 

Bft'k^d, BSVn, pret. c. To Bake. 

B&'k^r, «. ber £Bd(ter5 — 's foreman, Bak. bcr 
SBerhneiftcr (in einer ®5(ferei). 

B&'k^r>-, s. bie Sddterei ({)anbn)erf unb 2of«( 
eined SBdtferd). 

Ba'kjng, (p.) s. 1. bad Sacfens 2. bad Sren- 
nen? d.badCSebdd $ 4.(— trade)bad!Bd(fer« 
l^anbn^er!^ one—, einlDfen toS, einG^cbdtf 9 
a— of clay-pipes, ein ©ranb tJSnerne ^fei« 
fen) — dish, bie SadPfd^fifTcI) — pan, bie 
SBadpfanne/ Xortenpfanne. 

BSlWef «. biefiBage/fiBagftale) 2. Meek. 
bad ®(ei4gen)i4t) S.badUebcrgemitt^ ber 
Uebcrfiuf ; (c/. Corns.); figs. 4. bieCer* 
glei(jtiung/ @r»dgung5 5. bad G^manfen^ 
6. bie Unpartciliifdtj T. (—of power), bad 
(9Ui4ge»i4t (ber ^adit)i ®egenge»id}tj 
8. Alt. bie SBage 5 9. Dane, bcr ^dl^mebC' 
firitt) 10. Ilor. bie Unruje (in einer ll^r)5 
11. Corns. bie®ilani,berUeberf4uf/Sir|lanb} 
ber Qtat, 8erm5gendflanb$ Ueberftdftt ber 
dinna^meu. 2fudgabej ber fiftedynungdfalbo, 
(ft-xtft, da^Iungdrcfl} — of (an) icconnt 




carried fonvard, bcr S^ortrag eincr 0lc(^s 
ttungj amount of-, Ut Solbobctrag 5 — of 
acconntcy &er {Redi)itungSat>f4Iup j — of in 
terest, ber BinfenauBglddJ, 3-folboj — of 

trade, ^ie j>anb(I6bUan2 5 to have a — in 
one*a favour, gut ^abcn? ~ in &ar (yoar, 
my) favour, @albo in unfent (Sunflen, ^ommt 
un6...$ &aIto 34nen oter mir? —to their 
debit, Galbo su i^ren Soften^ to leave a— 
in one's debit, ia 0lefi (letben, rcftiren 9 to 
strike a—, boi ©ttlbo iicjcn, falbiren 5 comp. 

— account, bie {Riicfftanb^re^nung^ bas SBi« 
loiQconto, (Sontofalbo^ — bill, bcr ®aIbo« 
ne^fel, TCppoint) — book, ba6 SUangbuifi ^ 

— sheet, bcr ® ilansbogen j — arbours, r?d. 
in Arbor; — fish, LSh, ber ^ammer^at); 

— fly, finf.bic^ibeHe^tBalfcriungfer^ —ma- 
ker, bcr SBagenmaicr 5 T'S. (bcf. TTafc/i.) 
— poiser, cincJBttlancirmafiinC) —tool, cin 
©otfbrcifhx]^l5 -webs, Unru^feilcni —wheel, 
boS @tcigerab 9 — wheel engine, ein 0tc{gc« 

To BaKfince, r. 1. a. 1. mdgeii; obwdgen, ^gr. 
cnodgen^ 2. balancircn; xrCi ®Ici4den>t4t 
bringen, im C^ c cr^alten^ 3. ba6 ®Ici4' 
Ob. Gcgcngeibtij^t ^altcn^ fig. oufmicgenj 
4. Mar. cinnc^mcn, cinbfnbcn (vxl 0leef), 
bcrgcn (bie ©cgcl), 5. Corns, bilanjiren, tcr- 
gtei^en; ben Gtatu^ mat^n? to — an ac- 
count, etnc0tc4nung falbircn, f^Iicfcn^ au0« 
glei^en j fcontrircn; ben ©olbo stc^cn^ b. 6. 
bcio^Ien) to — accounts with . . ., Tfbrec^' 
nung (alten, fl(!^ bere((^nen mit . . . ^ to — the 
ledger, boS i>Quptbui f^Hefen^ b-d in ac- 
count, bur4 (Segenrc^nung falbirt) H- n. 

1. im®Ici4gen)i(^t fcin; 2.yig. unfd^Tfifitg 
fein/ fd^manfen. 

BftlVnc^r, s, ber^dgenbC5 ^agcmeiflcr. 
BSI^ncter', s, Mech. 1. gen. bcr Soloncifr 9 

2. Mint boS S)rudPmer! in eincr £D{finifldttc. 
Bal'^n^s, s. vid. Ben -nut. 
Bal'ass-riby, BSl'^s-rdby, s, Jeto. bcr Sba\ap 

rubin; Otubinbalaf . 
Balazes^', BiSl^zOe^, s, pi. Com. ncipc bQum« 
rooUcnc dcngc au6 6urato. 

To B^ibG'cjnate, To B^Ibn'tj&te, v. n. flam< 

meln, flottcrn. 

BiU'ch^r, s. Ich. bcr junge Sa^fi* 

Bal'cQny, 5. 1. Arch, bcr fBalcoH/ 66Iler9 2. 
Mar. bic^)intergttllcric j —box, bieSKittcllogc. 

Bald, ar7;.fa^l,unbc4aart/natft9' fig. nmnd* 
I06, glattj gering,f4Ie4t9 gerabciu^ comp. 
—buzzard, Orn. bcr aelnbrcicr,©eettbler} — 
eagle, Om. bcr gBeif gopf^ gif(t abler ? -kite, 
Om. bcr IbVLfaax, ^ufcfaK, bie SBci^c^ 
-pate, 1. bcr ita^lfopf 5 2. ()m. bien)cii« 

!6pfigc ZdVihti — pated, (—pate), Htfl* 

f 5pfig 4 — rib, bie @d{)n)ctn&rippc. 
ToB&ld. v.a. fa^l mac^cn, abtragen^ db* 

B^l'daghrn, Bal'daquin, s Arch, bcr SoIbO* 

4in, ^raij^t^immcl, ISl^ron^immcI. 

BAI'd^rdasb, s. 1. ba§ gC^altlofc Gcfd^tod^/ 

bcr®aIIimat^tQ0 (C); 2. bod ®cmif4, /am. 

bcr ^ifd^maft^ i 3. gefdlfd!)tcr SBcin. 
To BAl'd^rdanh, v.'a. ocrmift|^cn, ocrfdlfd^cn 

(bcf. ®cin). 
BAldly, adv. !a^I, unbc^Qort; nadK? fig. 

W^iti f^IcifittDcg, gcrobc iu. 
BAId'mony, s. Bot. bcr GniioQ, vid. Gentian. 
Bald'nf ss, s, bic Jta^Il^ctt i (Bla^t i fig. plattc, 

f^Ic^tc 6ifircibart. [jDcgcnge^ciif. 

BAI'drjck, s. bcr (Sfirtcl, boft fiBc^rgc^dnge, 
BSle, s. 1. bcr (©iltcrO IBallcn, baS ^atfctt 

2. bcr $cn!cl, 2c., vid. Bail 2; 3 <?6og. IBo« 

fcl, virf. Basle; —goods. Com. l.Ofltcrin 

SdaUtn, bcf. ofHnbifd^e (sum ttntcrfil^icbc Don 
Piece-goods); 2. cont. ^aUcnmaxt (in 
Sranfrci^ a.^anbcm), orbindre IhtricfiBaa^ 
rcn (Afort.). 

To Bale, v. I. n. cmbaHtren, mHUtn, dn^ 
pttdtcn, (ob- to — up goods, ©aaren) i»er 
padPcnj IT. a. impr. ft. Bail, qv. 

Balear'ic, adj. Geog. balCttrif^. 

Balc'fdU I. adj. II. — ly, adv. 1. elcnb, fldg* 

lii^, trourig; bctriibtj 2. rcrberbli*, »«t« 

lofiftcnb; Dcr^aft. 
Balis't^r, jr. bie irmbrnjl. 
Ballze', s. Mar. bic ®picr»S5afc. 
BftlkOfik], s. 1. bcrSttlfcn? 2. Hush. Ul 

(Rain (j»if(!^cn ben Surd^cn) 5 fig-^' 8. bic 
fc^Icr^aftcOfaeiafTung, bcrCcrjlof, ge^lcrj 
£Lucrflri(^9 ®4impf,btc€$4anbC5 baftUn' 
rci^t, bicScIcibigung, ber®4abc, ^ad^ttitili 
—book, bicSKuftcrfortc, bafi^robenbu^ ber 

To BAlk [bak], V. a: 1. Husb. bcim ^flfigfa 
Otoinc itointn ben ^urdftcn laffcn^ 2. ovf* 
f4t(^tcn, aufl^dufcn? 3. irrclcttcn,tduf4eii4 
dffen) bcf4dmcn$ f^aben^ 4. Dorbci ge^en, 
iibcrgc^cn, tocglafTcn) Dcrf^iocigen, Dcr^^ 
Icn 9 5' Dcnpcigem, ouSf^Iogen 3 to — a shop, 
einem ^amlabcn bic ^nben abfpdnfHg 

BAlk^r^ [b&'k^rz], s. Fish. ^dringSbotin, 
^dringftfpd^eT/ au^ conders unb hoen ge* 

B4I1, ^. 1. ber San, bic ^gel3 2. febcr mnbe 
ob. rnnbtite ^5rpcr$ bcrTCpfcI (TCngapfel^ 
(Rci(^9apfcl)3 3. berCocon ber &eibenranpe5 
4. berlBaIlen(anf)dttben ob.Silfen)} 5. TVp. 
(e^em. b-t, pi.) bie Sa&en? 6. Hot. bie 




ttsff (un 9)en^el5 7. Sport, bit Sd^rte eine^ 
9a4fe«a — of the knee, lit Strdtfi^tiUi 
a tweet — , maak— , tin IBiefomfnopf $ Mi7-f . 
(fire—) MeQran^fugel) Qronate j (o^.tight— ) 
die 2fit4tfndel$ Afet. dcr S^erbaSi —of 
•pan -yarn, Afar, ein ^loon 0(|^icmantiS' 
gam) wa«b(soap)— ,Me®etf(nfiigcl3 b-i,p/. 
Tr 10. Me aufi ben $ubbeI6fen Vommenben Gi* 
fennaxnpen obrr happen j cricket b-i, pt. 
64UgbdIIe f&r ($ma4fene3 ball and socket 

joint, tin Jtttdelf4Qmier,Jtugel2apfen 5 comp J bcrnb, fonft 

II bee f4mer2fitaenbe <mittel 5 - of Gllead, bet 
SRefPobalfam? — apple, Bet, ber IBalfam* 
apfel5 —cricket, EnU bic (Sicabc, QAUm* 
griflcj — gentle, —mint, Bot. bicfKcUffcj 
—tree, vi'd. BaUam-tree. 

To Balm [bam], v. a. bdlfamircn^ fig. Im< 
bcrn, ftincn. 

BSl'marifte, s. Bot, bie ©runncnfrcffc. 

To Balmj^ [bam—], o. a. 2U IBttlfom madbciL 

Ba'lmy [bam'y]^ ad> balfomifA^ j?g. ltn> 

Bil'nS^I, acfj. vid. Balneatory. 

BSKnd^r}', s, bte 99obeflube. 

BUnga'tion, s, bo$ IBabcn 

BSl'nS9t9ry, adj. jum »abeH; «abc gc^ilrig. 

QaFnevm» *. Chem. ba^ (^bfinftungftO Sob. 

Bdl's^ui, .f. 1. bcr SBoIfam (r/.Balm); 2. Bof. 
Me Sdal^amint, vt<f .B.ilsnmine ; Hungarian -, 
itniinin^o(idI$ Bof-j. — tbrub, bieSalfam- 
ftaabe$ —tree, l.bieQIufte^ 2.bcr6opairo' 
tanmi 3. bcr Serpentinbaum. 

To Bfll'sflLm, V. a. vid. To Balm. 

BflsHm'ic (— c^\ adj, balfomtf^/ vfrf.Balmy 

Bai'saminf, s. Bot, bie Solfamine 

B&l's^mTnt, s. Bot. bie SRcIifTe. 

BSi't^sar, s, Bot. baft Xaufcnbr^^n. 

BXIV/i^sar, s. aaltjafar (5K-tt.). 

dill'tjc, I. s. baft ba(tif(be ^ttx, bie £)fi< 
fee 5 IT. adj. bttltifi, »cn ber Cflfec, fie be* 
bcimKttftr^tepen beft IBaHaflefti —port, bie!'B;\rtjmGrc, s. Grog, (bie ZiM) 93aIttmore$ 

— cabbage lettuce, ber Gierfalat) Mils 

— cartridge, bieJtugelpatronej -proof, fn^ 
Selfefl^ -stock, TVp. (cbem.) ber (SJriff am 
©nicferbaHenj — vein, cin ttierenffinntger 

Ball, s. ber Sou (eine Zanigefenf^aft). 

ToBdil, V. 71. MbaOen. 

Baited, s. btel8aIZabe$ —monger, einS lu 
»crWiifer ob. ©dngerj —singer, ber »-«* 
ftoger, S&nfelffingerj bie Sdnfelfdngerinn. 

To Bsyi«d, u. n. ISaUaben madb^ ob. fingeri. 

BSi1^d«r, s, ber SaQabenbidyter ob. S^dnger. 

BUl^tf, Bil1%s-rijb>, vt(f.Ba]asa*roby. 

B^Im^, s. 1. Afar, ber SaSafi) 2.^. lial, maft 
(lt»aftim(9(ei4getoi4tbdU4 pea— , SaUo^ 
0011 Jtieftfanb^ sbingle ob. stone— , S. oon 
grobcn Jtiefel(»@tetnen)5 to goon (to sail 
In) — , (niir) mit ©. bclaben feinj — Hgbter, 
l.balS-r4iff, bie93-r4ute) 2.ber7Cuffeber 

To BSPt^st, V. a. 1. baSaften, mit SaUafl be.- 

Uibm$ 2. fig, im ®Iei(|^gc»i4t batten. 
Ballet* '. 1. baft iBaUct^ ber Sfibnentann 

2. Her. ber SaHen, bie Jhtgel. 

B^llStte', 1. vid. Ballet, 1. 

BiKljft^r, 5. vid. Baluster. 

Balden', [— ddn'], s. vid. Balloon, 6. 

Bfllddn', (BSI^pn), ^ 1. ber grof e S3aII^ IBIo* 
^ball) bepgt. baft SaUfpiel (mitbiefem IB., 
au4 balloon-ball gen.) 5 2. (wind or air—, 

bcr flBinbbaS; (SuftO SaHon^ 8. Chem. ber 
grofe9teciptent, 99aaon) 4 Arch berJtnopf 

(anf ctner Sbn^^fpit^ ^^')i ^* ^-^- bie 

etertt'Senerfsgel (hti ^uft* ober flBaffp 

Scttenoer!en)5 6. eineKrt(Ruber«2Bngantine 

Baliddntst', s berSttftf^iffer. [^u 0iam. 

Bioaot, s. 1. bie SBablhtgel/ IBatfotirhtgelj 

2. ber CBatUettel, etimmjettelj 3. baft 9al« 

lotiren^ —box, ber 6timmfafhn, bie SBabl« 

nrne. [flbabl|ettel obftimmcn. 

To Bii'M, u.n. boHotiren. bar<b itugein ober 

BSl'lQtXde, BSl'ptide, s. Man. bie SaSottabe. 

Balm rbim], s. 1. bcrlBalfams 2. Jebe fofl* 

. barf,fl»oVtie4«i>e 6albe$ 8. jig. ber Hd,, \t» 

-bird. Orn. bie Baltimore; bcr ^enervcgcl. 
Bal'yst^fjj. Arch. l.bieOeldnberfduIci 2. bie 

8tcQe ober So(fe an einer Ccbne, Sreppcn« 

tebnc) 3. Bot, bcr (Sranatcnbaum. 
To Bal'yst^r. v. a. umgittent; ic, vid, s. 
BSi'vstrftde, s. Arch, bte iBalluflrabe, baft 

bur^bro^ene ®cldnber, ®ittcrmcrf. 
BSm, s, vulg, bcr IBetrug, bie Siige, baft 

JBIcnbmcrf, Ux^^ff, Stniff. 
To B&n, V. a, vulg. bintcrgcbcn. tduf(bcn, 

prellen, jum Seften b^iben. 
Bambdd', s, Bot. oer IBambuft/ baft 9Sambuft> 

robr^ — babit, ein S^ebmimmncib auft S)am« 

To B^bdd'zle, V. a. vulg, bctriigcn^ binder- 

gcben, preSen/ {um IBeflen b^bcn. 
B^mbdd'zlfr, s. vulg, bcr Setriiger, 64alf. 
Ban, 1. 1. bie ^ffentU^eKuftnifung, Scfannt* 

maibnng) 2. baftVufgebot bcr Seriobten) 

3. ber Sann, bie TCd)U bcr glucb/ bie ff rr? 

lofinMung) baftSnterbict^ to proclaim tbe 

b-s, anfbieteni 4. Com. eine Yrt feiner oft- 

inbif4er!D{uftIin} —dog, ber itettenbunb. 
To B&n, V. I. a. 9tr»finfcben, i»erpu(brai 

II. n. ftn&CR. 




Bfiia'D%» J. BoU bieiSananaftfeige} —bird, 
Orn. ^er ^ifangoogel, bit ^-bropl. 

B&n'cO [bilng'-k5], s. Hi fdanco, ldanco«®elb i 
—mark, 9)lar!4S(UlC0 $ — RegU, — Regina, 
vid. King's-Beacb tL Qaeen*8*Bench. 

Band, I. s. sing, 1. baS i8anb, lit IBinbe, 
e$(^nur5 2. t)er(Rutd5 bie JCettej 8. (head—) 
i3/c6. bas IBanb (Gopitil^en) etne^Su^ed^ 
4. berTCuf' ob. Ueberf^Iag, Jtragens f)rie* 
fierho^en $ 5. bie Sanbe^ Stotte, (Sompadtiie » 
6. etn®olbdeioi4t ouf Guinea (2 UnienSro9« 
®e»i*t); T. Arc/i. bic ^Unte, ^latte^ 
8. jJg. bie gelfel, ©anbc j — of a sail, Afar. 
ba&93anb ob. bie JBerboppelung quer (tber ein 
CSegel $ II. b-c, s. pi. 1. Mar. bie lebernen 
@4nfire betm 9teepr4ld8er5 2. B/cfr-^. bie 
^eftf^nurej unoerjierte Seberbdnbe, j. IB. 
(books) in sheep-b-fl, in^^^f^cber gebunbett 9 
3. b-s of a saddle, Sad. bie )»ei etfemen 
IBdnber unter ber iMmmung ber QatttU 
bogen/ urn fie in i^rer Sage gu erffalten; 
m. comp. — box, bie ^utf^tt^tel, ^uU 
f^aifttel (f&rSDamen) j —dog, vid. ban-dog, 
unt Ban; —roll, bie SHaflerrotte, iiflej — 
stcing, bad Jtragenbanb. 

To Band, t\ I. a. 1. binbeh^ Dcrbinben » 2. (in 
Sanben) oereinigen, }urammenrotten9 II. n. 
ft4 uereinigen. [Surg. 

BSn'd^e, s. bie IBinbe^ ber Serbanb, bef. 

Bf ndan'^, (B^ndan'nOef ), b-a handkerchiefii, 
s. pi. SanbannoS/ feibene (®d^nupf«) Xfid^er 
aud S)fKQbien. 

Ban'd^Ift, B&id'l^t, s. Arch. \)ai Sdinh^ftn, 
©dnb(^en^ (Riem^en/ bie fleine Seifh. 

Blin'dj^n, s. vid. Badian. 

BSn'djt, B^ndrt'tp (jpl. ban'dfU, b^ndit'tj) s. 
ber Sanbit, 0traf enrduber. 

BandQi^e^9^ s. Mil. ba6 SBanbelier, e^ttlter* 
SBe^rge^dnse^ ber ^attontafitnxiitmttii 
Xrommelriemen^ Jtarabinierriemen) (na4 
Wore, W., Ac), bie ^tttrontaf^e. 

Ban'dGre, «. Afuj. bie $anbore. 

BSn'drGl, $. 1. bie Sanberoae, bie(ber)e4ifr6' 
»impel, bad gd^n^en^ 2. bie Srompe« 

Ban'dy, I, s. badmatfet CsumSaQfpiel)^ U. 
adi. comp. ttuvm, (oudmdrtftO gebogen^ 
—legged, frummbefnig. 

To BKn'dy, v. I. a. 1. f^in unb (er f^Iogen (ben 
®aa)5 2. fig. (in n. l^er flreiten, iiberlegen^ 
n.n. fhreiten, metteifem^ R4 oerbinben, t>er« 
einigen^ to — a business about, (Stwad in 
Um^age bringen. 

BSne, «. 1. bad (Sift) 2.>ig. baSSerberben) 
Bot-*. — berry, bie djrenfdrmige ©(S»arj» 
mum -wort, bie XoOKrWe. 

! To Bine, v. a. tergiften. 

iB&ne'fdl, I. adj.i U. — ly, adv. 1. gifttg) 
2. /g. oerberbli^/ t5btli(i^5 m. — ness, j. 
1. bie (Biftighit j 2. fig. bie eerberblidyf eit. 

To B&ng, V. a. vulg. 1. f^Iagen, f^mei^en, 
bttr4bldnen$ 2. fig. unfanft be^anbeln^ mif* 
^onbelni to— to a door, eineS^ir juf(](^lagen. 

B&ng, t. l.vuZg. ber€$4Iag,@4mif 5 2. oflin* 
bif^eSenennung bedf)anfed(eigentl. bhung). 

Ban'gle, ac(;. comp. ^erab^dngenb} —eared, 
mit (dngenben b^ren. 

BSn'i^n, Ban'nf^n, s. Bot (—tree), ber ^a- 
gobenbaum, ge^eiligteSeigenbaumi —days, 
Mar. bie j)ungertQge, Xage, an benen ed !ein 
Sieif4 giebt(aHontag;imittR)o4 u.jSreitag). 

B&n'j%ns, B&n'j^ns, s, pi. vid, Bannians. 

ToBan'jsh, v. a. oerbannen, oertreiben) fig. 

Uan'jsh^ble, adj. in oerbonnen, in oertreiben. 

BSn'jsh^r, s. ber IBerbanner, ISertreiber. 

BiCn'ishm^nt, s. 1. bie 8erbannttng, Sanbed- 
Dermeifung) 2.bad@]:ilittm9 d.jig.badiBer- 

Bank, 5. 1. bad Ufer, ®eflabej 2. ber{>ugeii 
Ibamm, 9Baa5 3. bad @tetnlager in einem 
JBru^e/ bieSBanf (}um&iten;2C.)9 4. Mar. 
bie dlttberbanf i 5. Com. bie flge^fel^anf/ 
badSanher^aud) bie San7gefelir4aft5 bad 
93anco (md. Banco); 6. Print, bad £auf> 
bret an einerSu4bru(terprefre$ officers of 
a», fl9an!officianten| —of oars, Mar. bie 
^uft* ob. Cftuberbanf i —for loans, bie £ei^< 
ban!/ bad Sei^^audj —for savings, bie 6par« 
caffe (vid, u. Saving) ; — for sculptors, ber 
SBofftrflu^I) — of circulation, bie (Biio- 
IBanf) —of discount and deposit, bie SDid> 
conto« u. SDepo|tto«9attf| —of issue, eine 
e., bieS^oten emittirt, bie9^otenban!/3etteU 
banf; (anbere Com. comp*, cf. Banking); 
-account, bad IB-Conto j — agio, bad »-s 
agio 3 -bill, 1. bie 9-actie^ IB-anmeifttng, 
i8-note, ber IB-}ettel5 2. Law, bic S-biS 
(9)arlamentdacte, badS-mefen betreffenb)) 
—bills, fl9-noten/ $apiergelb$ —brokerage, 
bie 8Be(6feIcourtage5 —cresses, s. pi. Bot. 
ber j>eberi4 i —martin, vid. —swallow ; —mo- 
ney, bad93ancogelb (vid. Banco); bie IB-9a« 
luta) —note (bad befTereSBort ^r —bill 1.): 
bieSanfnotC/ berlB-iettel (ga^ibar [bemSn^ 
^aber]beiei4lt)$ -post-bill, IBanfnote, (ber 
®. Don (Steglanb/ ga^lbar 7 Sage na4 ^iJifU 
cf. post-note, unt. Post); —post -paper, 
ein fe^r bfinned f)oftpapier5 — ttock, (bad 
Sigent^um in) IBanf'Ycttenj — swallow. 
Om. bieUferf4»aIbe$ —token, vid.nnter 
Token; — traAsactions, vid. unter Baakiiif. 







To BiCok, v.a. 1. ^dmsien, ouf^ammeit/ tin- 
^amnten, umoaUen (vid. To Embank); 
9. (19. (L) in bU S9anf legem 

BankV» ^. 1. ^er fi^dnher^ (QK^O SBe^&Ur 9 
2. ber 9anf (alter (bei|>asarbfpie(en)5 d.Msr. 
ter Terreneuf' (Newfoandland-, 9(eufunb« 
laab*) Sa^rer, SoMjauftf^er (34tff unb 
gutter beffelben)^ — *» cominission, bteSan^ 
Keiyrooiftottj — 't note, bieSBanfantodfung) 
-table, — coanter, ber ©ed^feltif^. 

B&ak'f rf , p^ Dik. ^anaUrbeiter. 

Bink'jBg, I. (p.) s. 1. 2>i*. bad tDdmmen, 
Xnfbdmmen (befiUferS Ux&tz,uJ)i Corns. 
% ber SBed^fel^anbel, (Belb^tnbeli 3. bie 
Seitung oon l^anfen$ II. comp. ~ accoant, 
ba& Sanf contO} — biuiaets, — traniactioiui, 
«Bed|^fc(gefd^aft(9 - honie, bie IBe^felban^ 
bad SBed^felcomptoir $ Sanfter^aitd. 

Blfik'r^pt,!. ad*;, banferott, }a(Ittliddunfdl^td) 
n. *. 1. berlBanhrotti 2. ber©an!erottirer, 
Sanferottirte, da^Iungdunfd^ige $ to tutu 
(become) a — , banl^erott madftn, faUixtm 
the general mau of a— 's estate, bie <Sott» 
curdmaffe) m. comp. —commission, bie (Su* 
ratoren ber !Stafre eineS gaffiten (Curatores 
honorum); — law, bad ^aDitengefe^ 5 —of- 
fice, ber ®eri4td(of in Sanferottfa^en? 
- system, fdmmtl. G^efe^e unb 9le4tdmittel, 

ToBink'r^pt, v. I. a, banFerott maS^mi |tt 
OrsRbert^teit) U. n. banferott werbeo. 

BSttk'ri^ptcy, s, ber Sonferott, bodSaHiment; 
^ie 3a(IttiigdURfd(tgfcit^ conrt of — , bad 

'SflKitengeri^t, bieCSoncurdbe^drbe (Concur- 
SU4 creditorum) ; declaration (or act) of—, 
Me Sanferotterftdnrnd (bor (Beridjrt) i ita- 
tuteof-, bad ©anferottirmanbat. 

BSn'n^r, s. 1. l>ad9)annier/SaRner;bie9(i^ne, 
Gtanbartej 2. bad %it^nitn (an einer 
Sftnae, ic.)$ 3. BoU bad Sfd^n^en einer 
€S4metterIinsdMQmej b-ed, p.a. banner^ 
Wrenb. [(err. 

BSn'n^rct, «. l.badgdjn^etii 2.ber Banner* 

BSn'niyn, s, tt. comp, vid. Banian. 

Bita'ajfRf, s. pi, i. bie IBanianen ({>anbeld« 
'«|teitt3nbien)j 2. inbif^e |>ttnbeld»Xgen- 
ten (im iDienfi ber europdiftften Jtauflettte). 

BXa'ttjst^r, cor. b. Baluster, Balustrade, qw. 

W«'qu9t, *. bad ©anfett, (grope) ®aflmo(l. 
To Bln'qu^t, v. I. o. feftK* be»irt(en, tracti^ 

rett$ n. n. banfettiren, f^onfen. 
Btii'qa^t«r,*.i.berC^#mauferj 2.ber(Bafl» 

(«tt*l)9eber. [»eWtttte. 

»«Wing.hdll, s. ber ©anfettfoal, bie 
«wqu«tte'[.k«t'], t. Fort. bieCanfette, be? 


B^n'tfra,«» Om. bad ©Otttam^u^ni - work. 
Join, Jtnnfitifdl^Ierarbcit mit (S(olb ober 9Re> 

Bin'atjckle, s. Ich. ber @ti(ftUng. 

To Ban'tf r, v. a. fpottcn;<((rttubcn, auftieften^ 
ittm ©eften (aben. 

Ban't^r, s. ber ^^tx%, ^pott, bod (SSefpott. 

Ban'tfr^r, «. ber e^pdtter^ e^pafoogcl. 

B&at'ijng, J. vuZg. bad (leine JCinb, ber ©algi 
cont. ber ©aftarb; bad une^elt^e Jtinb. 

BSn'y^na, vid. Bannlans. 

BaVb&b, *. Bot. ber TCffenbrobbaum. 

BSp'tifm, 9. bie Saufe. 

B^ptiff'mfl, adj. jurXaufe gc(drig$ —row, 
ber Xaufbunb. 

Bip't)st,«. l.berS^dttferi ^^aufgcrmntei 2. ber 
©iebertdufer j 3. m^mci (SR-n.). 

BSp'tjst^ry, J. berXauflleini Saufort. 

B^ptifs'tfc, B9pt&'t{c^l, adj. bie Sauf« betref* 
fenb. [berbimnen ((SSctrdnfe). 

To Baptize', v.a. tattfen^ cant, bcrrdlf^en, 

B^ptfzfM. berSaufenbe. 

Bar, 1. s. ting. 1. bie 0tange (ton j>oIi obcr 
a^etaI0/©arre5 2. ber9ltege(, bad6liegc(* 
(oli^ £luer(oli (am ©oben cined Saffed, u.)i 
ber ©itgel) 3. ber©alfen, ©aunt: Gij^lag^ 
baum) 0tain>aum^ ^tanbbaum^ f)ebcbaum9 
4. bie ©arre, Qanbbanf ob. (Rei^egelfcn tor 
einemf)afeR$ bie Ot^ebe? 5. bie@4ranfcn, 
bad (Bitter i 6. ber mit Qd^ranfen eingef^Iof- 
fene ®4enl^iM (unb IDrt befTelben) i 7. bie 
&4ranhn in einer ®eri4tdfittbe$ ber <Be« 
ri^tdfaal) 8. bad Qbixi^H collect. bieTCb* 
bocaten, 0HitgIieber bed Tfboocatcnflanbedj 
9. fig. bad{)inbemif5 10. ber Cluerflrid^, 
befgl. 2Vp. <Stg£ns)tngdflri4i 11. Com. bie 
©arre, @tange (^reid* ob. ICBert^bcflim* 
mung im afrifanifd^en ^anbel) ^ 12. Print. 
ber |)repbengel i 18. Her, ber G^rdgbalFcn i 

14. Mus. ber Sact; S^actflri^ (vid. p/.)i 

15. .SAoe. ber©e|li(l^$ 16. Sew. bie©lu' 
menna^t(an6piten)) 17. Law, bie perem^ 
ptorifi^e QHnrebe^ meldfte bie Action bed Stld* 
gerd bdDig (emmt) mosquito—, Am. bad 
^udeitO'9£e( (gegen beneti^ bcrOHudFitod)} 
—fee, bad 6i^geib/ 4>aftgelbj —iron, bad 
^tongeneifenj —keeper, ber Jtellncr, ®4cnf« 
»irt^5 —maid, (—keeper,) bad ®4enfntdb- 
(|en, bie JteUnerinn^ —man, ber Xufodrter, 
IC. (»ie— keeper); —master, Afin. (I>cr6.) 
ber (SrimefTer; -pump, (Rng.) Mar. bie 
i(o<Hpttinp<r&anbpttmpe,ber f)eber) —room, 
bieCMMn!flttbe;bad6rebenssimmer$ —shot, 
etangenfttgelni -«teel, ber gemeine6ta((| 
—ways, gittenoeife^ in CluerUnien3 — wood» 
bad arrifan.0tot^(o(i/ 6anbef(ali) ll. Bai|, 




Bare Sarnn (— of go!d,A:c., ®oIb6arren,u.)3 
Muss. tiUZactftxi^a —of rest, ^aufetij 
~ of the capstao, Mar, ^te j)anbfpei4en be& 
OangfipiOt) —of a horse, Man, He^ben, 

To Bar, v, a. 1. »erriegeln, juricgeln, (©er)« 
fpcrren, ^tt^itUxn, mit Gd^ranfen umgeben^ 
2. mit©trcifctt (ocrWieb.gttrbcn) ©erfejenj 
8. fhreifen, in ©treffcn t^eilen; >Iff-*. 4. f^tm* 
men, ^inberit; obt^oltens 5. auSf^Uef en, au$« 
ne^men (mit from); 6. unterfogeR, (Sini^alt 
t^un? 7. Lair, eine Gintoenbung mad^en^ 
l^mmtm 8. (in einigen epicten) ftrafeit) 
to— a vein, Fet. bieXbcr eineft ^fcrbefi an 
i»cilDrten unterBinben u. dffhen. 
BSr'^t, BSr'^tQr, vid. Barratry, Barrator. 
Barb, I. s, sing, 1. (contr. O.Barbary) 1. bet 

fdaxhax, Berber ^ 2. baS IBerbenrof j 3.^. 
ber iSart; ipie hti Jifcben, it., bo^er: bie 
Sarbe; ber 9art|!f(b » 4. ber ®iberbaf en (an 
einem^feil/ TCngelbafen, :c.}9 6. Bot. ber 
®art3 6. Orn. bie nnmibifie XauUi n. 
Barb;, a pL 1. ber$ferbe(amif4/ baft^fer 
be}eud,(def(birr (bee oltenSRilitdr^} $ 2. Fef. 
bie ^ttnger^iten) 3. bie fiBoIT^fd^barten 

To Barb, v. a. 1. ein 9)ferb Auff^inen/ rilfien, 
oerfappett} 2. mit ^tberbafen terfe^en 5 to 

— a lobster, einen StxtU jerlegen. 
Bar'b^c^, *, ForUs. 1. boft 3(ttfen»erf, bie 

e^an^e^ ber IBdicfeRfopf 9 2. ber XBaiibt' 
t^urm, bie fiEBarte; 3. bie e^ieff^orte^ 
4. (franco bas 0tinnlod^ (in eincr ^mtx 
|um Xblaufen M SBaflere). 

Bar'b^ctle, vid, Barbecne. 

B%rb&'d9ef , s, Geog, IBorbaboS) BoUs. —aloe, 
bie8ebcr*iloei —cherry, bie »efKnb.Jtirf4e 5 

— flower-fence, (— pride) , ber ^fauen* 
fibtoani} —leg, Med, ber OSiepbantenfBP^ 
ba6 itnollbein, bie®iep(antiafl$$ -nut, bie 
meftinb. f^urgimuf 5 -^ tar, ber IBergt^er. 

Bara>9r9, s. IBorbara, IBdrbel (9-n). 

B9rbii'r|>n, I. adj. 1. Geog. barbarifdb/ ber* 
berif^j 2. fig. barbarif^/ n>ilb, ro^, un 
mettf4li4$ n. s. 1, Geog.ttxidaxhax, fdtx^ 
ber 5 %fig' berSarbar, Unmenft. 

B^rbsVj^n;, s, pU Geog. bie l^arbareSf en. 

B^rbSr'ic, adj. barbarifdb/ to(, ipilb. 

Bar^f riffm, s. 1. Lit. bCT ^arbari^muft) 2. bie 
grobe Unwifenbeit, u., vid, b. ii. f. flB. 

B^rbSr^ty, s, 1. bieSarbarei, SBilbbeit, Blob 
beit) 2. bie Unmenr4U(bfeit, fft^nofeairatt 
famfeitj 3. Idt. (».«.) ber Sorbariftmnfi. 

ToBar^^rfze, v. I. a. in ben dttftattb ber 
9lo(brtt,UncttItttn>erfe|ett) n. n. 0pra4 
fir^Ier mo4en. 

BaHb^rous, I. adj.i II. — ly, adv. 1. barbae 
rif4; wilb/ rob/ ungebilbet? unmiffenb) 2. un» 
menfcbntb/ groufom^ 3. rpra^nibrig^ UL 
— ness, <. 1. bie ®ilbbeit in ben bitten) ber 
ttngefitteteduftanb) 2. bie UnmenfibK4feit> 
3. boS Serftopen n>tber bie fRml^dt ber 

Bar'bfry, s. 1. Geog. bie IBorbarei, ®erbrreif 
2. (or— horse), boS Serberrof $ —falcon, 
Orn. ber JBarbarfsIf . 

Bar1>ite, Bar'bat^d, (part.) adj. mit ®iber« 
bafen, bdrtig, befgl. Bot. — flowers, ra4ett» 
f6rmige ob. Sippenblamen. 

Barbe, s, vid. Barbs, unter Barb ; to fire 
in-, Mil. flber bie ISrufhoebr, anflattbur^ 
bie 8(bi^r4arten ftbief en. 

To Bar'bfcfle, v. a. 1. ein Zd^mtia (einen 
^ibfen/ 1(. gon}) braten (in SGBeftinbien unb 
9{orbomerifa)$ 2. (auf3amaifa) JtQffee(auf 
einer ^lattform) trodbien. 

Bar^^cQe, J. 1. ein gebrateneft (ganieO €^p<in» 
ferfel, (£)(b&/ %c.\ baber 2. tin IdnbUibe^^ 
fefilifbee QRabl (bef . in ^Kmerifa) 5 3. auf (Sa* 
moifa) eine ^rt ^lattform jum Srotfnen 
(C^onnen) M Jtaffee^. {tig (au^ Bot.). 

Bar^bfd, p. a, mit SBiberbaf en oerfeben, bdr« 

Bar'b^I, s. 1. Ich. bie IBarbe, vid. Barb ; 2. 
(ober Barbels) Vet, vtd. Barbs unt. Barb. 

Bar'b^r, s. ber SBarbierj — *s chafer, bie 
XBdrmflaribe; 9-f[Qf(be$ — s pole, — *s sign, 
bo6G(biib einee ®arbier65 — chinirgeon, 
or — sorgeon , ber SSarbier / ber }uglei<b 
jSanbarst ifl$ — s' vises, 3abn}Angen, f.g. 
engl. BWiftl, engl. j>a!en. 

Barberry, *. JJot-*. 1. bie ©erberibe, «erbi«« 
beerej 2. (—tree), ber ©erbiftbeerenftratt* j 
vid. Pipperidge (-bnsh). 

Bar^^t, s. bie ©arbette : 1. Om. ber ©art* 
9ogel5 2. Zoof. ber ©artbunb^iottige^Iang* 
obrige flBafferbunb, ^ubel. 

Bar'ble;, s. pi. Vet. vid. Barbs unt. Barb. 

Bar'bptiTne, s. ber SBurmfame. 

Bard, s. 1. ber ©arbe (^SReifterfdnger ber (5eU 
ten, ic.)i 2. * Ux^i^tcx, ^dnger^ 3. baf 
bdnngefdynittene Zt&d ^pect )um 6pf(fen. 

To Bard, v. a. iupfen, raufen) vid. To Beard. 

Bar'djc, Bar'djsh, adj. barbif^/ ©arben«. 

Bar'djfm, s. baft ©orbentbum, bie 9Xeifterfdn» 

Bar'doas, ac^. einfdltig4 f4lb<l^fd0ig, trdge. 

Bar'dvlph, s. ©arbolpb/ ©art^olf (SKn). 

Bard'-wddl [-wfll],*. aecommobirtf flBoOe (ber 
ebleS^eil 00m W^tff, u e. obiie Jtopf« unb 

BAre, I. adj. $11. — ly, adv. 1. na(ft(o«(b jSg.)$ 
nnbebcdft) blof , fafjH, o^ne ^oare, fiatti 




% tntblBfti leer (att4 fie- o^ne Oe^olt}, 
' ^rftig) 8. unaef^ittitft, einfa^/ f^mncKoft 
(an^J^gOs ^- ofni, entbecft) 6. ah^ttxa^tn, 
fabenftetaid, f^oMg (qu^ thread-); m. 
comp, — foot, adjn k adv. barfbf 4 —footed, 
p, a. barfttf i — ground, ber platte Ooben^ 
—headed, p. a. mit entbl6ftem j>aitpte, mit 
Mofem Stcpft. nnbebedPt) — legged, p. a. 
mitblofen Oeinen, barbeinig^ a ship ander 

— polei, Mar, tin 64iff mit bef^Iagenen 
^egelii) — pamp, (C.) vid. Bar -pump; 

— ribbed, ^ager, bfiTTj IV. — ne»i, *. 1. bie 
Katftbeit, SUfe^ 2. bte^Kadcrf eit 3 8. bie 
S)iirfti9f eit, Tfrmutb. 

BAre, j. btr ttnbegrafetc yia^; bie Ee^be, f)eibe. 

To Bire, v. a. nacft; fabl ma^en, entbI6fen5 

Bire'faced, I. p. a.; II. — ly, adv. 1. mit blc 
fem (Seflibte, aw^erlanot) figs-; 2. nil' 
Derbiint, offen; fVei^ 6ffentli(b5 8. nn)»er« 
f^HmU m. — neu, ^. bie IDrei^gf eit, %xt^* 
l^tit, Uni>erf4<mt^eit. 

Bar'gain [bar'-|}n], #• Com. 1. bet^anbel, 

itouf/ Jtanfbanbel/ Jtaufbertrag) (biHige) 
QHnfauf} 2. bie gefaufte ob.oerfaufteeo^e^ 
3. ber(Se»inn, fJrofitj CtiO a—! topp! 
e^feL* aloiing— , ein^onbel (eine^a^e), 
loobei mon berltert j into the—, in ben Jtouf, 
oben brein} to make (bny, or strike) a—, 
einen itauf ober^onbel f(bliefen$ to sell one 

- a good — , einem dttoaB moblfeil oerfoufen 9 
to sell one a— ,jSg. (Knem eincn ^offen ober 
0tret(br9ielen^ibnbetrilgen$ to get (or to 
bare) a dead — , um einen ®pottprei$ be* 
fommen 3 by—, »ie Derabrebet, ccntractrnd* 
^0; controctli^} —and sale, Loir, einSer> 
fan^contxact, »el(ber bie flbergobe be9 Ser« 
l^nften no4 nicbt mit einfcblieft j - maker, 
col. ber ^Sntt, eenfal. 

To Bar'gajn, v. n. (anbeln (— for, nm SttOoS), 
bebanbein? einen ^anbel f^Iiefen ober mo^ 
d^en, feilffben) as b— ed for, mit oerabrebet. 

Bargain€€', s. ber Jtdnfer, bie ^duferinn. 

Bar'gainf r, s. (opp. barga}n€2', bargainer'), 

Bar^e, I. «. 1. bie ^atft, baft Soot/ ^ftbootj 
2. baft 2ei(|tf4iff; ber Sifter $ 8. baft Jabber* 
lot 3 n. comp, Arch'i. 1. — conples, ber (in 
einen anbemOaOen iurCerftdrfong eingelof* 
fene) Sluerbalfen^ 2. — conrse, bieilber bie 
9iebelbalfen b^i^vorragenbe S)a4i(egelrei(e$ 
-/man, 1. ber Oootftfne^t/ 64i1fer9 2. ber 
©efejiftbaber einer ©arfej —master (or bar- 
ger), ber e^ijfer ) Qapitdn (ob.digent^ilmer) 

Bar|[^m&sttr,ind.Bergmaster. [dnerSarVe. 

BIr^lg«, t. Com. eineYrt ofUnbif^er^eibe. 

B%rn'i9» 1. Bot'S. 1. baft eal)frattt i 2. bie Ap«> 
ttir^e Ctebaj sweet-, bie feinfie VUcant' 
6oba. [Barilono. 

BiiWitOne, Mus, I. adj. baritontftb $ H* « • vir/* 

BSrjtQofst', «. Mut. ber Saritonifl. 

B&ito'nc, «. Mus. ber aDaritcn, (obc Oaf. 

Bark, «. 1. bie Sorfe, fiHinbe) 2. tic Barfc^ 
ber 9ta4en5 bte6(bttte$ 3. ber SafI (ein 
oftinbiffber deug auft 6dbe u. Jtamcctbaarcn 
gefertigt)5 armed—, Afar, ber Branberi 
Pernvian- , or Jesait — , bicCbinarinbc j In- 
dian — , incense — , bie ®dbrau(brinbc| 
—bared, —stripped, abgcrinbct, abfif fibdit J 

— bound, birf rinbig : — galled, an ber Winbe 
befibdbigt) 4. (0. To Bark) baft IBellen. 

To Bark, v. I. n. befleti, fldffen (mit at) ; fig, 
oerfibrdcn, ftbmdbcn, Idflernj II. a. (bie 
{Rinbe) abf<bd(en, abrinben. 

BarTs^r, $. 1. ber ©eUer; 2. ber |)oltcrer, 
©(breier, ©(bmdber, u. f. ». ogl. To Bark. 

[Barlcjng, v. 8. baft (SkbeO. [flcbenb. 

Barley, adj. borfig, rinbig, auft fiHinbc br« 

Bar'ISy, .f. Bot. bie Ocrfle^ peari— , yerlcn* 
graupenj French—, <Sraupen3 wlnter- 
(sqnare or bear, bei Gtnigen auib big-) •, 
melseiligeSBintergerfle) spring—, ticridligc 
0ommergerf!e$ sprat—, gmeticilige 6cm* 
mergerfh) battle-door — , fulhnm — , pal- 
ney — (»on Sinigcn gIdibfaUft spr.nt — ge» 
nannt), fiUdftgcrfle, ©artgcrfle j Siberian-, 
flberif^e ober }tod)eiIige nactte Qbtxfici — 
brake, ber Cmtetons 9 — broth, ber ® nfaf t ) 
®-tranf5 —com, baft <S<nfcrn$ baftfletnflc 
engl.tdngenmaf (% doD)5 -mow, bieO-n« 
mabb5 —water, ber (](-ntranP, O-nfibletm. 

Barm, s. bie ^efen, Bdrme (f&r Sier u. 9 rob). 

Bar'my, adj. ^efen entboltenb, b^d* 

Bam, a. l.bieCMfcnne, 6<bener} 2.|>roinhc. 
baft fleine j^inb^ — floor, bie (0<bennO 
Xenne? Orn^e. - owl, bie Ccbleiereule^ 

— swallow, bie 0tau(bf<bnttIbe. 
Bar'n^cle,^. Conch. bteGntenmuftbels -bird, 

—goose, Om, bie ([(bottif^e) Saumganft. 

Bar'nfclef,, Far. bieBremfe^yrerofC/bcr 
9iafen!nebel. [glaft. 

B^Sm'et^r, I. Phy. baft ISaromcter, (Setter* 

BXrQmSt'ric (— c^I, adj. — c^liy, a</u.), adj. 

BSr'pn, f.ber Baron^S^ribcrr^ Laws, -of 
the exchequer, dn 9ttcbter im &^a^Hm* 
mergeri^ti lord chief-, ber SDberd^tcr, 
^rdflbent baring cursitor -, ber nnterUe 
Sdfi^er biefeft ®ericbtft, ber bie 3oabeamte« 
ten, ©b^i^ff^/ 't- tertbeibigtj — and femme, 
Vann u.Srou (baft Qbepaar alft dne morali' 
f(eyerfonbetra4tet)4 a— of beef, Buich. 





tie i»et unget^eitten ^enbenfHiife (lirlolns) 

BSrfpiif^, s, 1. bie S3arone u. |>air& (aU 
Jt(rper)$ 8. bUSaronft»itrbe$ 3. bte 9a« 
ronie; Srei^errf^oft) 4. ble Sfei^ermfletter. 

Bir'^n^M, «. bi( l^^aronelTe, Sretfrau. 

BSi'Vnf t> ^« ber daronet. 

Bar'^^t^e, B&Hpn^tcy, j. 1. bte SBfirbe ei> 
neft Saronettj 2. ber ntebere Ybel, bte (Kiu 
terf^aft. [(^etrUd^. 

B^rO'nj^l, ad;, etnen Sharon u. betreffenb, frei^ 

Bi(i/9ny»5. bie grei^errfdftaft $ Saron^tourbe. 

B^rdqae' [^Ok], a^;. A adv. 1. f(iftief^ fdl^ief^ 
runb (oon yerlen)^ 2. ^g. Id^erli^/ anf« 
faHenb) fonberbar) 3. ATim. tmregetmd* 
fig, barof. 

Biir'^scOpe, i%y. k Chem. baS S^ro^cop- 

Barr, 5. & v. vtd. Bar. 

B&^r^LG^n, s. Com. ber S3er!an, S3ar!an/ S3a* 
rttf an 5 — maker, ber ©erfonweber. 

BaWr^ck, s. MU-s. 1. bie«ttrra!e; gelb^fltte j 
2. bte iSafeme (audy p^ barracks), ^bonani^ 
bdufer^ — bed,bo$Selbbette$ — maater,ber 
(Safememnfpectorj — mafter general, ber 

B&r'r^ge, J CSom. bte iSarrege. 

Bar^rai, j. 1. Chem. xo\ei ^i^ten^ar), 
beffen beffere 6orte Galipot genannt mirb; 
qv. 5 2. bie 9)a(neinmanb. 

Bar'r^tQr, s. 1. ber 3dn!er/ f)dnbelma4Kr/ 
9led^tt©erbrejer (ber 2Cnbere |um ^rocef» 
ftrenreiiOi 2. Com. Law. ber (Sapttdn, :c. 
ber ©aroterie begel^t. 

Bftr'ratroas, I. adj. ber Saratrte f^ulbtgj 
II. — ly, adv, na4 ^rt ber SBaratrie. 

Bar'r^try, s. 1. baft^dnbelfKften, bic0le<bttMr* 
bre^nngi Gfttcanef Lair, baS unrebUtbe (be^ 
fle<bU(be, u.) Serfa^ren in ^roceffarbenj 
2. Com. Law, bieSJaratrie, ©aratterle, Cer* 
untreuttng, ber Unterf^Ietf (oon Geiten bes 
®(btffer$ [Qapitdnft] ob. beS e4»t jf^DoIfed). 

Bar'rdcOef, i. pi. Mar. flcine ®a|fertoimen. 

Mr^T^l s. 1 . ba6 9af 9 bie Sonne (ati(b ein BKaf 
u. ®en»i4t oon terf^- (Sx6'fc)i T-s. 2. baft 
geberge^dure ob. bie Srommel einer Safcben* 
u^r^ 3. ber Jtaflen einer Xroramelj 4. ber 
:iauf einerjflinte, k., Gun. bieCeelej 5. bie 
^5ffU, bef. Mech. ber (5j)Unber,bie©alje, ber 
C^ttefel 5 — of a jack, 'bie Strithoolie an einem 
9ratenn)enber5 ~o the ear, Anat, bte£)^r« 
trommeU Afar-^. —of the capatao, bte^eQe 
beft C9angfpia6| — of the wheel, bte iBeOe 
oe^Steuerrabeftj —chain, Hor. bieJtette in 
ber Uir J — maker, ber gttfbinber, JWfer, 
ilfifnerj —organ, eineCreiorgel. 

BSr'rflf, *. pi. Com, etoffagc, gfdfTer (fur 

trottene ®4ttren)j Afii-*. fire -, geuetfdf* 
fer5 thundering—, ^onnerfaffer, IBronb' 
fdffer (ttuf ©ranbern) j - of earth, (SrbfdlTet 
(atl 93ruftn»e^r bienenb). 

To BSr^r^l (-iip), v. a. in einjaf filnen, ein* 
legen, eintonnen. 

BXHr^o, I. adj. II. — ly, adv. 1. gelt (oott 
2;^ieren)9 2. gen. unfrucbtbar^ 3. burre, 
tro<teii9 4. arm, burftig^ 5. al>ger(bma({t, aU 
bent 3 III. Barren, s. bie^oibej Vf.comp. 
— money, ein tobteS (Sopitalj —privet, BoU 
bie4>ttu6»ursj — spirited, geifHoft 5 —wort, 
5o^bieSBif<bof&m%3 V.— ness, s. 1. bte 
UnfruitbttrMt (ber X^iere) 5 2. bie 5>urre 
(befi SobenS) i 3. ber SXangel on ® ebeutimg, 
an erftnbung&fraft$ aii^angel an iS^aterics 
bie ®eifte6(eere. 

Barricade', Blrric&'dD, s. I, bie IBerfperrung, 
S$errammung, Serf^ansung 9 2. ber ®4lag« 
baum$ 3. 3far. bie @4an}t>cr!(eibung$ 
4. fig. ba6 ^bemip i barricade of trees, 
ber 6er^au. 

To BKrricfide', To Barnca'do, v. a. 1. oer* 

rammen, Det^perren, verr4an}en9 2. fig, 
l^emmen/ab^aUen^ to — a ship. Afar, bie 
9tn!enetten unb ^(banifleiber urn baS ®(biff 

Bar'rj^r [b^rgr', Pope], s. bef. Fort. 1. bie 
eerr4(tn}ung, SSefefHgung} ba& (Matter 9 
bie ianbwcir , Cormauer 5 (— town) bie 
®renife^ng$ 2. ber ^^lagbaum, ®reni« 
fleitt) A-^- 3. bie (9ren5e3 4. ber^n^alt, 
H^ j>tnbernif . 

BSr'rifrf, s. pi. bie Bd^x^nUn, 2auff(branfen| 
(9re&}en, (Stafeten, ^(baniPfd^le. 

BarVjng, p. pr. )>on To Bar ; — mistakes, 
3rrt(ilmer au&genommen. 

Biir'ristf r, s. ber O^eridK^^TCboocat, TCnwoIt. 

Bir'row, s. 1. (hand— ), bie Srage, (XragO 
IBa^re^ 2. (wheel—), berC^dftubfarren ; 3. baft 
gef^nittene ®(Jtin»ein i £ng/.au4 baft ® 4»eiit 
(uber(.)9 Am. (auftftiftl.) baft gef^nittene 
®4n>ein5 — grease, baft ^^weinefett, 
Gtbmeer^ —hog, berger(bnittene@ber,yolf. 

BSr'rOwf, s. pi. $alt-w. }U(ter^utf6rmigeSBei* 
benf5rbe sum Xrodhten beft Galjeft. 

Barse, s. Ich. ber fBarfii^, vid. Perch. 

Bart, a&6r. fdr: Baronet, vid. B. abbr. 

To Bar'tfr, v, \. n. Saufd^l^^^nbel treiben, ba« 
rattiren, troftren$ II. a. oertauf^en^ i»er* 
med^r^ln (Jtarten im Gpiele)^ to — away, 
fig. pergeuben (felne 3eit, :c.). 

Bar't^r, s. 1. ber Xaufibf^nbel/ JBarat^anbel, 
Umfa^, SBaarenoertrieb) 2. pin. bie oer* 
taufiSbte ea(Jtie. [JBertauf^er. 

Bar^t^r^r, s. I. ber Sauf^^nbler 5 2. ber 



fftr \mqtB ®i(^. 

Bai'tpn, #. 1. tie ^tttm^uUv, ^dnbcreien tu 
Descend $ a. M5 {^erTcnftou^ 9 ^Cebenge^ 

tterjcf. [wurj. 

Bir'trfin, 5. ^ot. Ux fQtxU^a, bie £$p€i4els 
Bir'vSyf , BaWry, m'cf. bsr-wayt, unt. Bar. 
Bir'w^, s. bie ^errudfe) vt'cf. Periwig. 
Birf 't*, Bfrytc^ Bairf 'tS^, j. Min. bic ©*»er« 

erbe, ^runbloge be& CM^merfpat^d. 
B&r^yt&ne, ;. 1. €tram, b«6 Sor^toncn 3 3. 

ATttJ. rid, b. r. Baritone. 
Bi'ial, adj. Ckem. baflf^* 
BMi^lt', «. 6^€o/. 1. berSBafaltj vid.BaBaltes ; 

9. (— Wedgwood), tin f4ipars<*# ben€Jfittrcn 

niberfte^enbee en^Hf^cft @teingttt 
B^l'tSf , s. Geol. ber Sofalt, 6dulenfhin. 
B^sal'tjc, adj. ha\alti\df, auS (loon) 9)ofalt. 
B^iiiFtrfomi, adj. bafaUf^rmid, fdulenf^rmig. 
B^sSlYinef J. 1. Gtol. berSafaltiiti 2. bie 

Ba^'ainite, B^sa'n^s, j. Aftn. bet ^obirfkin. 

Biisc, adj. 1. niebr(g(^.), fiMnblt4, gemein; 
llein(td(i/ t>erdi(tli<b$ 2. gertng/ gering^ltig, 
We4t, une^t^ folf^ (DOQ^lRlIinie)^ unebel 
(9onCRetaSen)$ 8. une^It4$ 4. (loomSone) 
tief) —born, 1. unet^(i4/ i&egitim j 2. nie« 
brig geboren/ unobeltg^ 8* W^^t, ^emein 
(l»oniDittgen)5 —broom, vtd.Dyer*s-brooin9 
-conrt, l.beT$ie^l^of5 2. ba6Untergerid|)t3 
— eitate, 1. Law, baS gemeine, niebngef)er» 
fommcn^ 2. ba6®auergut5 —knot -grass, 
Bof. ber SBegetrttt, itndterig) the— part, 
M-us. ber IBaf 9 vid. Bass ; —ring and ogee. 
Sun. bo^ 4>iR^^^fi^<^ ^^ ^ner Jtanone) 
-rocket, Bot. bie milbe gelbt Sltereba$ — te- 
Bore, bttlSaiterle^en (mie — estate)^ —tree, 
Bot. ber (Beifflee, Qxitifvi^. 
^^s, 1. lit. iL fig. bie »ttfi*, berOJrunbj 
2. ^S9cben9 3. ber^uf, baB SufgefleO, 
^cfiu, M ber ®dulenfluil5 (—of a bed), 
ber^u^ (dneSSetteB)^ 4. Gun. ba^ 
<S(ef4i4 )>i *:i4^tefleflitaUber$ 5. Oiem. 
bltlBafe^ 6. Mus. UxSdaf^ (—string), bie 
Stffoitei r. Ich. ber«ttrf*r«. berS)rt (bie 
^rre); ^on 100 au6 baB lEBettlanfen (Zax^tn- 
bre^en, u.) beginnt. [griinben, bafiren. 
To Base, v, a. 1. 19. fi. f(ir£mbase ; 2. mod. 
BBsel^ss, adj. lit. kfig. grunbloS. 

^fise'iyjcdr. 1. niebrig,mebertrd(itig,f(4diib* 
li45 2. f4^(e4t; uned^t^ geringboUig (von 
3Retttnen)5 falf* (t.^Rfinjen)^ 3. (-born), 

^Ue'mwt, #. Arch, eine fortlaufenbe ffittfiS, 
wjufboben, bieUnterlogei ba<€5oaterrola. 

Bft'sen (Bft'sfn), s. ba^ gefdrbte C^^affcOi 
braune €$4afleber (fdr Sud^btnber, u.), 
cf. Basil. 

Bftse'nfss, s. 1. bte tRiebrigfeft bed €$tonbed, 
ber(^eburtj unej^eli^e (Seburts 2. bte9{te« 
bertrd^dglPeit; 84Ie4^^ett; u.$ 3. b{e(Se« 
ring^altigfeit (ton ^etanen, :c.)j 4. bie 
Si^e (be0 Sonel). 

Base'n^t, s, vid. Bassinet. 

B»sh4w', IWb., W., Ac] *. 1. ber JBafftt 
(r. 9af4Q)4 2.>(g. ber St)ronn. 

B^sh'fdl, I. adj. ; U. — ly, adu. 1. f^amlftarf/ 
terf^dmts 2. bidbe, f^i^Aternj 3. e^oni 
erregenb j m. — ness, s, 1. bie 84am^afttg« 
^eU) 2. bie IBldbigfeit; 64a(btern^eit, Set:: 

Biif'il, J. 1. Geog. IBafel; (vid. Basle); 2.IBa' 
ftliuB (^-n.)$ 3. ba0 gegerbte ®di^affea, 
(oid. b. b. BaseD)5 4. T. (Join. Ac.) bie 
@(ftrdge, Oe^re, Oe^rungj bafiG^rdgmof) 
ber (f^iefc) fiBinfel (eine6 ^ix^ti%, ^obel^ 
eifens, w.)5 fiot-j. 5. bo9 iKafitienfrout, 
IBaRUcum (au4 iweet— ); American field—, 
bie ^onarbej stone — , ber S(i)miQn^ 
—weed, ber IBirbelboflen. 

To B&f 'jl, V. a. r. (64neibetoerfieuge) fdftrdge, 
[(JtliefminfcUg ^uWIcifcn/ obf^i^dgen. 

B^'}c«, s. Anat. bie SafiUca/ mittlerc TCber, 
j)auptaber bet 7(rmB. 

BSf'llic, B^fn'jc^i, ac^'. ilnat. bofiIir4/ iur 
IBafilico ge^drtg. 

B^fH'jcQn, s. Fharm, bie JldnigSfatbe. 

Ba^'jlisk, I. f. 1. (ou4 Cockatrice), ber (er^ 
bidfttete) Safili&r, JtdnigSbrotbe) 2. Zoo^ 
bie (oflinb.) Jtdmg&etbe4rs9 3. M<Sf b. Oyc 
ein neuerefi 48p^nbigeB(SeMilb^ n. a47' 
boftliSfenartig? -glance, ^g. berlBoWlB* 

Bii'sin, s. 1. ba6 SedPen, ber SBafferbel^dltcr, 
bie@4ale$ 2.biel£Bagf4Qle5 3. bie e^^Ieif* 
f^ale (ber (&MidfUi^x) 5 4. Hat. baS etet- 
ferble(t;girjb(cd>5 5. bie ®nibe, Jtnffgrubc 1 
6. ber Stcffti (bas )93e(f en) einet Gpringbrun* 
nen&5 ber fleine 2;ei(Jti > 7. bie iQSu^t (vid. 
untcn)? Afar-*. — of a dock, bie Jturam bel 
einer^odfej —of a port, ber SBinnen^afen 5 
bie (aBflfferO ©ocfe, SD. o^ne Slutjt^firew, 
bat i6aff!n$ — of the kidney, Anat. bat 9he« 
renbetfenj sale by the—. Com, bie dffent« 
li^c Auction p ^mflcrbam (»obei ber 3u* 
fd^lag auf cinem aSetfen geWieJt)^ — »tand, 
beraBaf^fianb; 8Bar(btif4/ bieff3af4com< 

B^'sined, adj. »ie in cinlBecten gefaf t. [mobe. 

B&'sis, s. bieSafit, (Srunblage, btr®runb5 
Cdulenfhiil; bat Supgef^elli bic ®ninb« 
fdale, batSnnbamenti (vtd.Baseina.$-n-^ 




^ie in»et uadet^eilten Senbtnfludte (flirloins) 

Bir'9]i^» 1. 1. bie S3arone u. |>oir& (all 
Mvptt)i 2. bieSoron&toitrbej 9. bie 9a« 
tome, Srei^errf^aftj 4. bleSteiterrnfletter. 

Bar'^Df «' '• bie S^ronelTe, Sretfrau. 

BSr'(^iift, J. ber doronet* 

Bir'^ft^^e, BSW^n^tcy, jr. 1. bie SBficbe ei' 
ned SSaroRetd? 2. ber ntebere ICbel, bie{Xit» 
terf^Qft. [^errU4. 

B^o'n}9l» adj. etnenSdaron :c. betreffenb, frei^ 

B^r^ifny'tS. bie Sret^errf^aft j iBaron^ioilrbe. 

Baroque' [r-iiV], adj. & adv. 1. f^ief, f(i|^ief« 
ruRb (9on yerlen)^ 2. fig, Ud)ev]i6^, aof^ 
faOenb^ fonberbarj 3. Mus. uYtregelmd* 
fig, borof. 

Bftr'fscOpe, Phy. & CTiem. baS S^ro^COp- 

Barr, s. i. v. vid. Bar. 

UaWr^c^n, s. Com. ber IBerfan, S3ar!oR/ I8a> 
rafan j — maker, ber Serf onweber. 

Bar^r^ck, s. Mils, 1. bieSttrrah, gelb^fittej 
2. bie (Safeme (att(Jti pU barracks), ^rbonan}- 
bdttferj — bed,bafigelbbettej — matter, ber 
(Safemeninfpectorj — master general, ber 

Bilr'r^e, * Com. bic ©ttrrege. 

Bar'rai, s. 1. Chem. ro^eS 9i<fttenl^ar) , 
beffen beffere6orte Galipot genannt mirb; 
qv. I 2. bie ^adlleinmonb. 

Bar'r^tQr, s. 1. ber ^&nUt, 4>finbelma4er, 
Sle^tSoerbre^er (ber TCnbere ^um ^rocef* 
ftrenreiiO^ 2. Com. Law. ber (Sapitdn, u. 
ber fBaraterie begel^t. 

B&rHtrou8, I. adj. ber Saratrie fd^ulbtg^ 
II. — ly, adv. m^ Hvt ber IBttratric. 

Bar'rftry, s. 1. bo64)finbelfHften,biefl(te4t8©er= 
bre^ung^ Q^ieane; Lair, bad unrebliibe (be« 
fle<blt(be, u.) Serfa^ren in ^rocef faiben 5 
2. Com. Law, bie©Qrtttrie, ©aratterie, Cer* 
untreuung^ ber Unterf^Ieif (t>on ®eiten bee 
ecbiffers [(Sapitdnd] ob. be6e4»iffdt>oI!e$). 

BaHrScOc^t jf. pi. Mar. fleine ISaffertontten. 

fiSr'r^I, s. 1 . ba6 9^p $ bie Sonne (au(b etn ^a^ 
u. ®en>t(btt)on terf^. (9r£pe)^ T-s. 2. baS 
geberge^dufe ob. bie Srommel einer S^af^en- 
u^r^ 3. ber Jtoflen einer Xrommelj 4. ber 
tauf einer SHnte, n., Gun. bieGeele^ 5. bie 
^6ffU, bef. Mech. ber (5t)Iinber,bieaBalje; ber 
©tiefel j — of a jack, 'bie 0tritfn>ttljc an einem 
9)ratenn>enber3 —0 the ear, An at bielD^r' 
trommeU l^ar-s. —of the capatao, bie^eUe 
bee CSangfptlld ) — of the wheel, bie ^BeUe 
oeftSteuerrabed) —chain, Hor. bie Jtettc in 
ber U^rj —maker, ber gafbinber, JWfer, 
ilfifnerj —organ, eineCreJorgel. 

B«r'r?l«. *. pi. Com. ©toffage, gfifTer (fur 

trottene ®4aren)5 Mils, fire -, geuerfdf. 
fer; thundering—, ^onnerfdfTer, IBranb^ 
fdJTer (auf ©ranbern) > - of earth, (SrbfdlTet 
(aU IBruflwe^r bienenb). 

To Bar'r?! (- up), r. a. in ein gaf fuHen, ein* 
legen, eintonnen. 

BXWr^n, Lad!;. H- — b'» a<^"- !• gelt (oon 
SJieren)} 2. gen. unfrncbtbarj 3. burre, 
trotfeni 4. arm^ burftigi 5. al^gefibmactt, aU 
bern^ III. Barren, s. ^it^aiUi Vf.comp. 
— money, etn tobteft Capital j —privet, BoU 
bie^auSTOurjj — »piritcd,geifao$5 —wort, 
^o<. bie95if<bof6mu|e3 V. — neai, s. 1. bie 
Uttfrmbtbarfcit (ber X^iere) j 2. bie ©ilrre 
(beei9$oben&)$ 3. berSXangel on JBebeutung, 
an €trftnbungftfraft$ ^Hongel an 9Kateric$ 
bie ®eifleMeere. 

Barricade', Blrrjcft'do, «. 1. bie IBerfpemittg^ 
SBerrammung, eerf^aniung) 2. ber ®d^lag> 
baunt) 3. Afar, bie @4ani<>cr!(eibungj 
4. fig, ba$ ^bernif ) barricade of trees, 
ber 6er(au. 

To BKrrjcfide', To Barr|cS'do, v. a. 1. t>er« 
rammen, wrfperren, uerfc^^anjenj 2. fig. 
^emmen, ab^altenj to — a ship, Mar. bie 
gin!enetten unb ^^(tnsHeiber urn ba$ ®(biff 

Bilr^ri^r [b^irgr', Pope], s. bcf. Fort. 1. bie 
JBerf^anjung, iSefefttgung) ba$ Matter ^ 
bie ianb»e^>r, Cormauerj (— town) bic 
®renifefiung$ 2. ber G^lagbaum, ®ren&s 
^ini figs. 3. bieOJrenjej 4. berSin^alt, 
Uh ^nbernif . 

Bar'rl^r^, s. pU bie ©(branfen^ Eauff^ranfen) 
®rett}en, &taUten, @4an|pfd(le. 

Bar'rjng, p. pr. »on To Bar ; — mistakes, 
3rrt(fimer au&genommen. 

BSr'rjst^r, s. ber ®erid|Kds7CbD0€at, TCnwalt. 

Bar'r9w, s. 1. (hand— ), bie Sroge, (XragO 
IBa^re^ 2. (wheel—), bcrCc^ubfarren ; 3. bad 
gef^nittene ®4n)ein $ Engl.ani^ bad 64^n>ein 
(fiber^.)$ '^^' (audf(bl.) bad gefcbmttene 
©di^mein) — grease , bad ®i»einefett, 
64meer 5 —hog, ber gef^nittene @ber, 9>oIt. 

Biir'rowf, s. pi. SalUw. }udfer^utfdrmige JKBei* 
benfdrbe jum !Srodhten bed Gained. 

Barse, s, Ich. ber fBarfdft/ vid. Perch. 

Bart, a&&r. fiSr: Baronet, vid. B. a6&r. 

To Bar't^r, v. I. n. Zauf^^anbel treiben, ba« 
rattiren, trofiren$ 11. a. oertattf^ften; Der« 
»e<bfeln (Jtarten im ©piele)5 to — away, 
fig. tergeuben (feine 3eit; ic.). 

Bar't^r, s. 1. ber Xauf^f^dnbel, JBarat^anbel, 
Umfa^; SSaarenoertriebj 2. pin, bie oer* 
taufiJbte ®a4e. [Sertauf^er. 

Bar't^rfr, s. 1. ber Sauf^^dnbler ^ 2. ^tt 



Bartft, s. Hus. ter warme IDrt ottr Serf^la^ 
Bir'tpn, «. 1. tie ^errengisler; Sdn^ercitn et« 

nerjof. [»urj. 

Bir'ti^m, j. J5ot. ^r l8ertr«iQ, bit ©peidj^eU 

Bir'vSys, B&rVy, oid. bar-ways, unt. Bar. 

air'wig, J. bie ^ernitfei t>ic(. Periwig. 

B^'t^, B^r^f/, B^ry'tS^, *. Min, Die e*»<r* 
(tDe, Grunttoge b(6 €$4n)erfpat(«. 

BSr'ytOne, *. 1. Gram, D«* ®ttri)tOtton 5 2. 
Alu«. rid. b. r. Baritone. 

Ba'ial, adj. Chtm, bafifc^. 

Bfiiilf, 5. 6^eo/. 1. beri99afaU$ viUBasaltes ; 
2. (—Wedgwood), ela fdjwarirt; b<n€Jdttrcn 
ibiberfte^enbeS en^Iif^e^ etdngut 

B^sal'tgf , 5. ^o/. ber Sofolt, GduUnflein. 

B^sSl'tjc, adj. bafaltif^, au$ (loon) a^ofalt. 

BMil'trforiii, adj. bafaUfdrmig; fduIenfSrinig. 

Batal'tine, J. 1. 6€oZ. berSafaltiiti 2. bie 

BS^^amte, Basi'nyB, s, Min, b<r ^robirflein. 

Base, adj. 1. niebrig (^.), f<MnbIi4; gemein, 
fleinlif^, )>erdi(tU<$$ 2. gcring, gering^altig, 
We^t, une^t^ falf^ (oon!)Kiinie)5 unebel 
(bon!17?etaIIen)) 3. unei)(U4$ 4. (oomSonc) 
ti^j —born, 1. Mm^tM^, iffegitini) 2. nit* 
brig geboren, unabelig^ 8. fd^teii^t, ^emein 
(ooa iDmgen) i —broom, vid, DyerVbroom , 

-fx>Qrt, l.b(rl6ietbof4 2. baSUntergeridt^tj 

-estate, 1. Laic, baft gcmeine, nlebrig<|)crs 

fommeni S. badlBauergutj —knot-grass, 

Bot. bet tBegftrttt, ^6t€rtg) the— part, 

Afv«. ber ^of 9 t7id. Bass ; —ring and ogee, 

San. bae 4^interfrie& an einer ^anone^ 

-rocket. Bot, bie wilbe gclbe SItefcbttj — te- 

mire, ba( fBoserle^en (n)ie — estate)^ —tree, 

fiot. ber <9cif Vlee; (S^tifu^. 

Base,*. 1. lit. k fig. bie »a(i«, ber®ni«b5 

2. bctSBpben} 3. ber^uf, ba& gufgeftell, 

¥oflament$ ber 0dulenfiutl5 (—of a bed), 

ber Snf trans (etneS SetteS) 5 4. Gun. bas 

OcM^ Dom leidftteften italiben 5. C/i«m. 

bielBofej 6. Mux.bcrS3af5 (— atring), bie 

«tffoite J T. M. ber«arf*rB. berSrt (bie 

6orre), )»on mo ou& ba$ lEBettlasfen (Hansen- 

brc^en, w.) beginnt. [grfinben, bafiren. 

foBftse, V. a. 1. ». fi. fiirEmbase ; 2. mod. 

Base'lfss, adj. lit. kfig. grunbloS. 

^«^y,adv. 1. niebrig^niebertrd^tig^Wdnb* 

^4) 2. f^^Ie^t; untMi gering^ltig ()»on 

Wetonen) J falf* (t.5Wflnjen) j 3. (-born), 


^UeJuiMt, s. Arch, eine fortUufenbe »aRS, 
w8aK>oben, bieUnterlogej bo^eouterraia. 

B&'sfn (Bft's^n), s, bQ$ gefdrbte Q^^affeUj 
broune ©<ioffeber (fur ©uibinber, w.), 

cf. Basil. 

BSse'n^ss, s. 1. bic S^iebrigfeit be$ @tonbei&, 
ber^burt) unej^eli^e (Sleburtj 2. bieS^ie^ 
bertrd^tigf eit; 84Ie4t(ett, u.| 3. bieCSe^ 
ring^altlgfeit (9on ^etotten, K.)) 4. bie 
Siefe (bee 2;one«). 

Bfiae'nft, s. vid. Bassinet. 

B^sbAV, IWb., W.y Ac] s. 1. ber JBofTa 
(r. 9Qf4a)i 2. Jig. ber Si)rann. 

B^'fdl, I. adj. ; II. —ly, adv. 1. f^Qml^affy 
berf4ftmt$ 2. 6I5be^ fiii4tern$ 3. Q^^om 
erregenb^ m. — ness, s, 1. bie 84<2ni^a^'g' 
Hiti 2. bie IBIJbigfett, e4il4tern^ett, Ser^ 

BSf'il, J. 1. G«og. flSofel, (vid. Basle); 2.200' 
ftUue (^-n.)4 3. bo6 gegerbte e^affeO, 
(vid. b. b. Basen)^ 4. T. (Join. Ac.) bie 
&(Jtirdge, Ge^re, Oe^rung? ba^e^rdgmaf) 
ber (f^iefc) fiBinfel (eineft ^eif e($, ^obel^ 
eifend, 2c.) 5 Bot-s. 5. HB IBafiUenfrattt, 
©ofWicum (au4^ sweet—); American field—, 
bie ^onarbej stone — , ber Zf^x^miam 
—weed, ber S^irbelboflen. 

To Baf'il, V. a, T. (G^neibemerfieuge) f4r Age, 
f^iefioinfelig iuf^leifen, abf^rdgen. 

B^n'ic«, s. Anat. bie SafiUca, mittlere TS^n, 
j>auptaber bed 7(rmd. 

BSf'ilic, B^^n'lc^l, adj. Anat. boflUf4/ lUX 
IBafilicQ ge^5rig. 

B^ffl'icpn, s, Fkarm. bie JldnigSfalbe. 

Bsi^\\iskf l,s.l. (au4 Cockatrice), bet (er-> 
bidfttete) fdafUiit, Jt^nigSbratbe) 2. Zoot. 
bie (oflinb.) Jtdmg&eibe4fe$ 3. na^ b. Oyc 
ein neuereS 48p^nbige&(Sef<b(lt9 n. adj. 
bo|iUSfenartig3 —glance, jfg. berSBttBlU* 

Ba'sin^ i' 1. bad fQt^tn, ber SBafferbel^dlter, 
bie @4oIe5 2. biefiBagf^ale^ 3. bie e^tleif* 
f^ale (ber ®Ia&r4(eifer)3 4. Hat. bod etzi^ 
ferble^gil^ie^ij 5. bie ®rube^ ^alTgrube ) 
6. ber ^effel (bag fQtdtn) eined Gpringbrun* 
neng$ ber fleine S^eitfe 9 7. bie iQSu^t (vid. 
untcn)5 Mars, — of a dock, bie Jtumm bel 
einerS)ocPe$ —of a port, ber fBinnen^afen? 
bie (SBafTerO ©ocfe, SD. o^ne ^flat^tjiireit, 
bag IBaffinj —of the kidney, Anat. bag 9tie« 
renbetfen^ sale by the-. Com, bie 5ffent« 
li<te Auction ju ^mperbam (wobei ber 3u* 
f^lag auf einem Sctfen gcf(?>ie^t)j -stand, 
beraBafAfianb, SBaftbtif^/ bieffSar^coms 

Ba'sjned, adj. »ie in cintBecten gefaf t. [mobe. 

M'b\b, s. bieSSafig; (Srunblage, brr®runb5 
esdttlenfhitl, bag' ^ufgef^eUj bie (Sninb^ 
fdule, bagSunbament^ (utd.Baseina.iS'n.? 




To Ba'fjA, V. a. mod. grdnben, baflren. 

To B&sk» V. I. a. fonnett, f^mmem^ H. n. (au4 
fig.) M fonnen, fi4 mfirmen. 

Bhfk^U s. l.gen. ^er Jtorb) 8. ber JtorbooD, 
ein (uabeflimmteft) SRaf (bef. bet9rii4ten)i 
Aft^. ber e^aniforb i 4. (- hilt), ber (ed« 
bel«) itorb, fiberflo^tene (9ri(f ob. SBfigel am 
0ibel, ic.) back—, vitf. inBtck; — fiih, 
ZooL baft aJtebufentaupti — maker, ber 
Jtorbmacber; — maker^i loose work, bur4« 
broibene Jt-ma^enoaarei — mao. ber 2a^ 
trdger) — salt, baft Safelfali (feinfle utib 
weifefh engliWe ©alj)j — woman, 1. bie 
Jt-ma^erinit) 2. bie &ifttrdgerinn. 

To BIslLft, V. a. in einen Jtorb tbun. [(ai. 

BXslEiiiK^hark, i. /c^. berfltiefenbai, |)ferbe« 

Ba'f le, Bale, «. Geog, (bie 6tabt) Safel. 

Bi's^n, «. uid. b. b. Basin. 

BSsqae [bSsk], s, bec Saft!e, 9ift!at)er. 

B&i'qa|sh [-kfsh], adj. baftfif^; biftfa>)if4. 

Bas-relief, «. vtd. Bass-relief nttt Bass. 

BSss, I. s, 1. /ch. ber SReertoolf 5 (Cnmb.), ein 
^Ittfborft) (Hamp.), einGeebarfti ^m. (in 
ben nftrbL ^taaten) ber geaugte Sarft ^ 2. 
Bot.bie^inbej 3. ber ©afl5 (-mat), bie 
9aflmatte,®trob* oberl9infenbe(j(e$ 4. Mus. 
ber f^afi —of an organ, baft 0(bnarrmerf 
(btel9aPftimmen) einerCrgel) n. adj. Mus. 
tief $ m. com^, —relief, ScvXp, baft l^aftre- 
Uef, j>albbo<bbi(b; bie b^Iberbabene TCrbeit) 
— rope, baft©aflfeilj —viol, bie 93af geifle, 
ICltgeige, ©ratfiej —wood, bie Sinbe (wed. 
oben)) baft Sinbenbol). 

ToBSss, V.I. a. tief (im 2Baf ) tdnenlaffenj 
n. n. tief flingen^ bmmmen. 

BSs'sa, s. ber Qoffa^ vtd. Bashaw. 

B&i'set, 9, Gam, baft Saffet ('fpiel)* 

ToBSs'sft, v.a. Min. onfteideo (9onJtob(cn« 
fifteen). [«ifir. 

BSssfn^t^, s, ein leister f>elm, gem. obne 

BXs's9ck, s, bie (9a|l') ^attt (nit Bass). 

Bib's9-reUe'vO, s. vid. Bass-relief unt. Bass. 

BfssOOn', BSs'spn, s. Mus, berSaffon, baft 

BMs<><>'nist, s, Mus. ber S^^gotifl. [Sagot. 

BXst, s. 1. ber Safl^ 2. baft SaflTeil. 

BIs'ta, I. s. Gam. (fran^. Jtarte): ^ique^ 
S)ame, (beutfcbeitarte): ®rutt'S)ber (aucb 
Basto); bielCafh, II. int. Mus. genug! b^lt! 

BU't^rd, 1. 5. 1. berOaflarb; baft unebelicbe 
jtinbi 2. fig. (itberb. iebe uxLcd^tt ob. unter« 
§ef(bobette6a(bebeiei(bnenb)5 ^. Mar-s. a) 
eine Oateere oon qm6W.®t6ft u. kit brei^ 
tern ^intertbeilei b) baft grftfte ^egel einet 
(Baleere, befen (9ebrau<b nur wenig CBinb 
erforberti n. adj.; m.— ly, adv. 1. un« 

eon unge»ftbR^i4^<i^ Jtaliberi IV. eomp. — 
child, ber Oaflarb i Bot-^.-dittany, ber milbe 
SDiptam i —hellebore, bie naitteCtenbelmur} 1 
-oats, ber taube ^a\tt, ®itb« ob. ®inbb«* 
ferj -parsley, ber Jtlettenhrbelj —ribs, 
Anat. bie fnrsen ob. falf4enlRippeii$ Bot-s. 
— saffron, ber 6afflor$ —senna, ber n>dlf4e 
eeneftbaum. Slafenbaunt/ »dlf(be ^fen) 
— stncco, Mas. Jtalftnftrtel mit feinem 6anbe 
oerfe^ti —title, 3Vp- ber ^(bnutttiteL 

To BIsVdf V. a. ber unebeli^en (Seburt 
ilberfubren5 suml^aflarb mad^tm S. nennen. 

B&s't^rdrfm, s. ber 3uflanb,bie&igeeiQeftl5a« 

To BU'tqirdlze, v. a. 1. ber ttnebeli^ett (Be 
hurt, QtetartttngAberf&bren) 2. einen 9a« 
flarb ieugen$ 3. fig. oerfdlf<bett, oerberben. 

B&s't^rdy, s. bie unebeli^c ®eburt. 

BSU't^, s. pi. vid. Baffetas. 

To Biste, V. reg. t ir. I. a. 1. pdigeln, auft« 
prfigelns 2. (einen SBraten mit ^ttt, u.) be« 
gief en ; n. n. Tail, oerloren beften, anf(bla> 
gen, }u ^aben fcblagen. 

Bftste, s. ber ida% vid. Bast. 

B&'st^n, I. adj. baften^ n. hasten, or basted, 
p. p. 9on To Baste. 

B&'st^r, s. baffelbe, n>ie Basling-ladle. 

B&s'tjment, BSstjmSn'tS, s. Fort. berlSaQ, 
SBaQgang; bie IBrufboebr. 

BSstjnlde', BKstjnS'dO, s. 1. bieSaftonabei 
2. iiberb. baft f^riigeln; bie $rilgel, etotf > 

ToBSstjnftde', To BSstjnS'dO , v. a. 1. bie 
9aftonabe geben; 2. pdigeto/ abprilgelni 

Bft'stjng,. p. 9. ToBastei —ladle, ber$Bra« 
tenlftffel; bie 6(b6pf!eae. [^oflfmer^ 

Bis'tion [- tsh^n], s. Fort, bie ®aflei, baft 

BSs'to, s. Gam, 1. baft Sref '^ft in ber £tna« 
brines 2. vid. Basta. ^ 

Bas't^n, B^toon', *. l.'ber Jtnilttel; |)rftgel, 
vid. Batoon ; 2. Arch. vid. Batoon. 

BSt, s, 1. Zool. bie^ebermaufts 2. Num. ber 
SBa^ens 3. ber^ragel^bieiteuie) 4. Gam. 
baft SHacfet) 5. Min. ber bituminftfe^tbi^fer* 
tbons 6. (abbr, 9. Bartholomew) Sartbel 
(5R-n)» comp. brick-, ein ©tildt Don einem 
3iegelfleinej -fowling, Sport, bie Sa<fel« 
iagb5 —loose, Ent. bie gemeineSIebermauft' 
fliegej — horses, ©tilefpferbe, 7(rtiOerie« 
pferbe^ —men, 0tiirffne4>te j — wings« 
Anat. bie breiten SRutterbdnber. 

BJ'tflible, adj. fhreitig. 

B^tl'tfs, s, Bot. bie l^atate, fuf e Jtartoftel. 

BatS'toe, s. vid. Potatoe. 

ebeli<b$ 2. uneibt, falf^^ oerfdiMt) 3, ^n.lBati'flf, « 1. Geog. 9ata9ia| 2. Com, Son 




ta»ia, ((alb>)fei)»etii?r ober tooSener deug 

(oon SataiDta auf 3ttoa). [taoer. 

Bfli'vj^n, I. adj. bataotf^j II. «. bcrl9a> 

Bitch, s, baft (SebddP j bcr 04ub (Srob, tcOi 

of the lame—, yfg. oon bemfelben Gcblage. 

BXte, «. 1. Num. ber SBa^en (vid. Batz); 

2. baft Oe»€be beft {>oIieft^ bte {>ol}fareni3 

3. t {SMstp, &e.) biT etreit, bie inittvaM- 
To Bite, (vtd. b. H, To Abate) v. La. 1. ab« 

bre^ni, oenntitbern^ na^laffeni 2.medRe^< 
mm, abf^netben^ H* n. 1. ohnt^mtn, M 
oerminbeni} 2. auf@t»aft ftofen (bef. t>0R 
9tattbo6d(ln)^ Uiitm 3. etRfe^ren, iC; vid. 
To Bait, n. 

Bite'fAl, a«. idnfCM. 

Bite'l^M, adj, ununtertoerflt^^ unbeiMingbar. 

BSte'mfnt, s. ber l£bhtvi6i, bte Serminberung 
(bei ^anbmerfern, j. 19. bei Stf(blern ber 
7Cbf4nitt, :c.; Abr. vuf. b. iL Abatement). 

Ble/t, f. (pU hUthzX l.baft ®ab) (aa4 Chem.) 

2. ber ^rt in ber Sabeflube, »o man fibroi^t} 

3. Geog, Bath (6tabt in ^glanb) $ knight 
«fthe~, Slitter beft ©atb«Srbenftj* dry-, 
fin troiteneft 9ab$ hot—, bte Sdbung^ 
foot—, efne fibubfSrmiae i8aben>anne$ — 
bark, BoU ber breiblutbige Gbinabaum^ 
— bniMeli, englifie Jtanten, ©pit^nj — 
coating, etne Yrt engl. Sfiffel) — fly> bie 
fpantf(be SKege$ — metal, ber XombadP^ baft 

To BSthe, V. I. a. 1. baben ) (to — one^s 
•t\f, fl4) baben) 2. bdben) 3. mafiben, 
auft»af4en$ n. n. im ®affer alft in einem 
Sabe fein) ein JBab gebraud^en.^ to — in 
tears , fig. in Xb^^nen f^ioimnten. 

Bi'th^r, s. ber Sabenbe^ S3abega|l. 

Bl'thjag, p.s.Sca, comp. baft Sabens Qabe«3 
— lodge, baft i8-b<iQ^$ —place, ber 9-pIa( j 
(—room), bie ©-fhibej — feason, bie ©-jeit, 
— tnb, bieS-wanne. 

M'th6i, s. 1. Poet'tU Siefe$ 2. Lit iron. 
baftftiebrige in ber @(breibart, opp. Pathos. 

Biting, I. p. s. bie Serminberung $ vid. 
To Bate; II. prep, auftgenonunen, abge* 

Bi'tis, s. Bot. ber 9Recrfen(beI. [roanb. 

BftTst', Batiste', s, ber SBattft, bie S9atifl(ein« 

Blta^t, s. ber Slduel; SGBarebblduel. 

Blt'm^, s. Com. ein ®cn)i(bt in ber Seoante 
(ungef. 16 Vi ^^funb engl.) 

B&t'oon, BIt'pn, s. 1. ber (Sommanboflab; 
!IRarf4aIIflab) 2. ber Jtnfittel, ^rfigel^ 3. 
Her. ber 0tab i 4. Arch, ber ^fu(I- [fl^n. 

B&t'r^shTte, s. Min. ber 99atra4it/ Jtrdten? 

B^rt'cffn, adj. Zool. pt bett Satra^iern, 
bem Sror4der4Ie4te geb^rig. 

B^trS'cifOf, s.pi. Zool. bie IBatra^ier, profit* 

Bat't^, s. (inb.) Mil. @olb ber engltfibcn Zxup* 
pen in Snbicnj drj- -, ®clb ft. ber Waticn j 
extra -, gclbiulage i full -, bcr 3uf(bu> ber 
oflinb. (Sompagnicani^rcSruppcni half-, 
ber4>albfolbi wet—, bcrSolb inStatnra. 

B^tts'lj^, s. Mil. 1. bte ©(blacbtorbnung) 
2. baft |)attpttreffcn ( SRittcltrcffcn ) ciner 

B»ttll'i9n, s. Mil. baft ©ataiUon. [TCrraee. 

B^ttsU'loned, adj. in SBataiffDnen fcrmirt. 

To Blftfo, V. I. a. mdflenj bfingen, (?anb) 
befruibtcnj 11. n. 1. ftdj mdflcn, wicbcr crbo» 
Ien$ ,2. ft(b wdlsen (mic ein @(bmein im 
Jtot^e) 9 3. fig. im flberflup Icbcn. 

Baf t?n, s. Carp, baft 0li4tf(bcit, grofc lineal 
Mftci Weav. bie 2abc (am ©cbflnWO? 
—door, bie 8ei|lcntbilr (opp. Panei-door) 5 
— ends, tannenc Zattcn hi^ mit 8 ^up Cdnge. 

Bilft^n^, s, pi. Mar. bie BtoffifyaUn bcr 
9laaen u. 9Rafien$ —of the hatches, bie 

ToBat't^r, v. I. a. 1. [(blagcn, flampfcn^ 
2. DoQ^cuIen marben (ein mctaUcncft ®c« 
fdf 9 3. serfiblagen, sertrummem, ictf^mcU 
tern; 4. ftarP bef(bief en, beflurmcns II. n. 
Mas. ilberbangen; oorfpringen. 

Bit'tfr, s. 1. (^Cook.) ber geffbiagcne Xeig 
()>on 9)^ebl/ (Siem unb 9Ri(4 su ^(5pen; k.) i 
ber QtinWaq, baft0ifib?ci5 2. Ptint. bcr^e* 
feet («Stt4ftabe)3 3. Mech. viU Batting- 

Blt't^red, p. a. gef(b(agen, ic.j bcf^dbigti fig. 
abgenu^t, mfirbe, auftgcbicnt, auftgemcrgclt. 

Blt'tfr^r, s. ber 6(b(dger, Bcrtrilmmercr. 

filt'tfrjng, p.s. vid. To Batter; —artillery, 
—pieces, baftSBclagcrungftgcfibu^) —train, 
ber ®tit(fsug 5 — ram, bcr 6turmbotf. 

B&t't^ry, 5. 1. baft 6(blagcn$ bie 6<b(dgcrci3 
Mils. 2. baft iSefcbicpen; £Bcflurmcn5 3. baft 
S3elagerungftgef4fi^ 5 4. biclBattcrtC/ Btud- 
bettungj 5. fig. bic»attcncj 6. i^iy. bie 
electriftbe IBattcrtcj 7. Law, bie t(^dtlicbc 
^SKip^anblung 9 8. Hat bie JEBalffammer, 
©olffldttej 9. Bra. baft (gcfcblagcne) 9Ref» 
fing* ober Jtupfcrgcfibirr. 

BSt'tjsh, adj. flebermauftartig. 

B&f tjng, s. l.baft Gd^lagbaafpiclcn i 2.baft Sc« 
[(bldge^ —machine, Mech. bte @(b(ags ob 
Jtloppnafibine (jum Tfuflorfcrn u. ©dubcrn 
ber «aumrooae)3 -staff, bcr SBaf(bb(ducL 

BIt'tle, s. Mil. l.bice(bla(bt, baftSrcffcn, 
2. bie i)ecreftabticitung J —array (ob. order 
of—), bie ®(b(a4torbnung3 — a>^«» bie 
€Jtreitart, 4>tttcbarbej —door (-dore). 




(am ^irf^gmei^) $ 7. bie Sftut^c (om^ahr)! 
8. Met. Ux etra^l/ St4tflra(l5 ^tuttftcti* 
fm, bU 8<nterf£ttle (am^immel)f geio. p^ 
comp-ss. b-s of theion, 6$onnenflra^len$ b-i 
of a comet, ber Sort, &4iotif eineS ^ome* 
tea i draw (or wind) beam, ber XBenbelbaum 
(Qrtioafi bomit umiubre^en)* —of a bell, ber 
flBeabanm am<SSlodteaftu(Ie $ Afar-j. b-t, p{. 
^ieSDedPbalfen) right on the beam, redftt oon 
ber 6ttte, wig, bmarft ob (t. e. na4 ber fytid|i« 
tung be$ mtttelflen Sa(f enfi) $ the ship is on 
her — ends, ba^ 6^iff liegt (gan)) aufber 
0eite) — board, bie t6(3enie ®ogf<baIe9 

— compasses, ber^tandeniirFel* —feathers, 
(ob. b-s). Sport bie ®4n>un8febem ber 
9laub©6gel (bef. ber galfen) i (white) —tree, 
BoU ber SJte^lbeerbaum, XBeipbortu 

To Beam, v. I. n. ftral^lettj II. a. @tra^Ien 

Bia'mjngf, p^ fig. Tif^mxn^tn, bod aOrnd^' 
Itd< (d^tflide) Grfennen (einer fea^e) $ (au4 
im Atng.). 

Beam'lfss, adf;. 1. ftra^Ienlo6$ 2.>ig:. matt. 

Bia'my, adj. 1. ftra^Unb) 2. jig. baumf4»er j 
(). fd. eine baumf4toere£an;e)) 3. Sport. 
mit (Senet^en i^erfe^en, ge^dmt. 

Bean, s, Bot. bie ®o^ne$ comp. —caper, bie 
SB<nfaper) —cod, 1. bie S-n^uIfe^ 2. ein 
^f4er« ob. ^ot^fenboDt in Portugal ^ —flat, 
balS-nfclbj —goose, Om. bie©-ngan6, 
®aatgan&5 — mouse, Zcol. bie grof e Sclb« 
mau6, SBa(bmaul) —shot, IB-ngranalien, 
(gef^moliene^) iCupfer, ba& fi4 in ^eifem 
(Baffer granuUrt, ju 9]i{e{|tngbra(t benu^t? 
— stacic, ber S-nf^ober, IB-nfe^m$ Bot-s. 

— tree, ber S-nbaum, bie Saumbo^ne; 

— trefoil, ber eigentti^e O-nbanm, (S^tifudj 
— tressel, bad ©-nfraat, bie ©aturei. 

To BeAr, v, ir. I. a. 1. trogen, unterfHi^en, ^ftl* 
tenj 2. fu^ren5 3. bringen, fiberbringcnj 

4. aufi^alten, leiben, (er)bttlben, ertragenj 

5. fig. erteben (j. 58. Lit. eint TCufTage)} 
6.^eroorbringen5 gebdrenj f4manger(trdi^ 
tig) fein mit ... j T. (an ft*) Jaben (QJewalt, 
tjnli*feit, ic), tragen, fujren (ein Datum, 
w.) i 8. ^egen (Oroa, Siebc, :c.), imterial- 
ten J to — one's self, jid^ t^etragen, M bc« 
ne^men, oertaltcu) to — one's self upon..., 
prajlen mit . . .5 to — a body. Paint, garbc, 
(Srunb (alien (9on Sarben) 9 paper that b s 
ink, |)apier, ba$ ni^t burd^ftf^Idgt) to — a 
price, gelteu; f often 9 rcnbiren^ to — an of- 
fice, ein TCmt oermaltcn^ to — in mind, fi^ 
(einer CaiHe) tonfommcn bcmuftfeinj be^ 
benfen, ft4 erinnern^ to — (one) compan>, 
(tinem) ® efcnftbaft Idftcn? to - tcstimon) . 

to - witness, d^ugnif ablcgen, {engcs, dcuge 
fein$ to — (oponj one hard, (Sinea t^axt ht* 
6anbe(n, flrenge mit i^m oerfa^rcn 1 to — all 
before one, ft^ uber TCQed (^inmegfe^en ) 
to — sea, 0ee fatten) —a hand. Afar, frif^ 
|ttl frifd^auf! rO^rtGuc^! (^urtig! II. n. 
1. tragen, bulbcn, la 2. liegen, gelegen fcinj 
3. fegein, treibcn, ic.$ to bring to — , ge* 
Ungen madden, audfu^ren, lu ®tanbc brin* 
gen$ the ship b-s, ba$ ®^iff gc^tiuticfi 
to — away, (rt.) bat>on ge^cn, bie glttiit cr« 
greifcn^ baton fcgclns to —back, (n.)ittru(f« 
treibenj to — down, (a.) 1. mebcrlafTcn, 
niebcrfen!cn) 2. niebcrbruden (au4 fis-^f 
meberreifen^meberftilricnj (n.)^ fenfen, 
nieberfinfen^ 2. ticftragcn ((on.®4ic^c« 
me^ren); 3. preffen (in beii ®cburt$»e(^en){ 
to — forward, t>orn)drti treiben (j.©. cine 
j)erbe)$ Afar-i. to — in with the harbour, 
gerabe auf ben j>arett iufcgein, einlaufcn$ 
to — off, (a.) 1. mcgfd^ren, cntfu^rcn i 2. ^u^ 
riict^alten, abmcnbcn, au$partrcn5 (»•) torn 
fSinbe abfcgcin, com Eanbe abfa^rcn, ab^ 
flofen, in 6$ec fle^cn i to — on, (a.) antrci« 
htm to — on, or upon, (n.) auf 6tn>a6 lic» 
gen, ft4 auf (Stmad fKiicn, (e^ucn, ru^cn; 
to — ont, (a.) unterfiiioen, ©crtrctcn, »er* 
t^eibigenj (n.) Arch. Jcn?orragen, torfprin* 
gen^ ^eraudfa^ren^ -up the helm! Mar. 
laft bad 64i|f me^r mit bcm ®inbc gc^n! 
to — up, (a.) tragen, (alten, utttcrftu(en$ 
(n.) 1. audbulben^aud^arrcn^ 2. ri4 cmpor* 
^cben, empor fommcns to — up against, 
M miberfe^en, miberjlreben^ to — up to 
one another, fl(]^ einanbcr nd(cm; Afar-x. 
to — op before the wind, tor bcm IBinbe 
(in fegein j to — up to a ship, auf ein 6<^iff 
ab^atten, iufcgcln^ to — upon, tretben, 
briltfen auf... i jieUn auf .... 
Be&r, 1. 1. berSdr^ she—, bie S3drtnni 2. 
Afar, eine 9Raf((inc sum IRcintgcn be5 Scr^ 
bC(H$ 3. Ast. the greater and the lesser — , 
ber grof e u. ber ficine IBdr (au4 <<rja major 
and u. minor; 4. Com. cant, (an bcr6tO({- 
IB6rfe ju bonbon, im (Bcgcnf. t. Bull), ber 
2CctienfpieIer, ® tocf Srcitcr^ viUg. Ju^fcr^ ber 
in Sonbft auf bas SaUen fpcculirt (intern cr 
and na4t(ciligen (Beru^ten ben 6our& ber 
Tfctien )u erniebrigen Mt), c(nc jcbed^ bie 
SRitteC iu bcft^cn, btc ^apicre, auf bercn 
(Sours cr fpcculirt, Ucfcrn in fonncn> ba(cr: 
to sell a — , 2Ccticn, u. an ber SBorfc cerfau* 
fen, bie man nicbt (atj comp. foot b-a (or 
rope) b-s, dottclmattcn; Saulmatten, Drctf* 
mattcn; —baiting, bie i9drcn(c(c; Dots 
— barley, bie tlcljciligc ffiintcrgvTflc i — 




berry, 1. bit Serben^e (vid. Bar-berry)^ 

S. bie S-entraube$ —bind, Me IB-minbe? 

—cloth, vid. Bearing-c. ; —*f -breech, Bot. 

bie fd'CtifUui —I cab, ein iungn: lOdt) 

— dog, ber ©unenbeifcr^ Bot-*. — Vear, 

baS S-enobrlein, bte^urifel^ — *■ ear sanicle, 

bcr «drfanifetj -fly, EnU bie 95-enflie0ei 

Bot'S, —8-foot, 1. bieS-enflaU; (utd.Bear's 

breech); 2. bte flin!enbe ^fUzinnm —'^ 

garlic, ber !B-en(au(b$ —herd, ber IB-en* 

mdrter, JB-enbuter; — tkin, eine berotelen 

Senennungen be&Qalmuctdl -skins. Com, 

(fftwarje) ©-enfcHej —ward, mte— herd; 

-whelp, ba& Sunge eineS IBdrenj —worms, 

/Sne. £8drraupen (bebaarte ScbmctterUngft* 

raupen)f — 's wort, Bot 1. bie ©drwur^ 

2. ber {)aarflrang. bu ertraden. 

Bei'r^ble, adj. 1. tragbar^ 2. jSg. ertrdgliib/ 

Be&'rance, s, Mech. ber @tu(pttnft. 

Beard, s. 1. ber IBart) 2. Bof. ber 39art, btc 

Orannea (am®etreibe), bie furjen f)aare 

am Slumenfel(b/ ob. berS-fronej bte0aft> 

fdben an mebrcrenSn^^^trten^ biedafern (an 

SBsrieln, :c.)5 3- Zool. Uv fdavti&^miO 

ber TCuftem unb mebrerer anbem d}{uf(beln i 

bie iSartfdben (am SRaule oerf^. 3if4e)3 

4. bie fiBiberbafen (an etnem ^feil, ic)) 

5. ber 6(bn>eif (eined Jtometen)^ :c.$ to 
one's- ,/ani. in'&®efl(bt, jumSrobJ —of 
a horse, Man. ber S9art, bad Untermaul 
(eines ^ferbeft)5 —of a letter, Typ. ber 
l)art am ^JAnftfegelj Bot-j. the old 
man's — , bie brennenbe fBalbrebe^ Jupi- 
ter's-, ber Supiterbart* —gage, Typ.tah 
Jttflortttmj —grass, Bot. bad ©artgradj 
— aaoica, Om. ber fpi^bdrtige San9f(bmans 
(eine Ifrt SJleife). 

To Biard, v. a. 1. bei bem iO^arte lapftUf ran* 
f<n$ 2. r<l^eren5 3. Carp. (Saubolg; biinner 
bauen$ 4. T-s. to — cloth, Su(b f(beren ob. 
bdrteln) to — woof, bie^opf« u. j)a(dn)oIle 
9om SUef e abfonbern; to — off metals, 9Re« 
taUe befii^roten) 5. to — one, ji^. Ginem 
Srob bieten, QKnen beleibigen, rei^en. 

B^ar'dfd, adj. HvtiQ; fla(beUg$ a — arrow, 
eia )>feif mit SBiberbahn^ —away. Carp. 
biinner gebauen^ —grain, (S^etreibe (Olog* 
gen, Q^erfte) mit<9rannen) —loach, Ich. bie 
Gibmerle) —wheat, Bot. ber S)infe(metien, 
6pelt, ©pelj. 

Beardflfss, l.adj. l.unbdrttg; bartlodj 2.^g. 
iugenblitb) n. — ness, s. 1. bie SartloftS' 
feiti 2.>ig.bie3usenbU(b!eit. 

Biai'dlng, 9. To Beard; —piece of the 
redder, Ship-b. ber {Ruberpfoflen. 

Be4'r^, J. 1. ber Srdger iiberb- j 2ei(bcntrd« 

ger^ 2. Arch, ber Srdger (eine ^fofle, ®dttle 
Ob. SKauer gur Stitbung eined Sal!end)i 

3. Typ. ber (Solumnentrdger , Srdger am 
0tdbm4en, bad IBdufib4(n , bie Unterlage^ 

4. Her. ber 6<bilbbalter$ 5. Hort. ber trag« 
bare ob. fruibtbare S3aum j 6. (- of a letter, 
&c.) ber Ueberbringer (eined briefed, :c.)i 
—of a bill (of exchange), Com. ber XBecbfelin* 
baber, ^rdfentant, «or$eiger (in0-beutf*L)^ 
ber Qxactovi pi. b-s of a tree, bie S^ragitoeige 
(frucbttragenben 30 an einem IBaiune. 

BeiVjng, p. s. k a. 1. bad Sragen, zc. 5 tra* 
genb,:c.(vtd. ToBear); 2. bie Sage ^ @teU 
lttng,ber ®ang,bief)altung,9){icne9 3. Her. 
bad ^Bapenbitb^ f)auptfigur eined SBapend i 
4. Arch, ber fftanm imi^tn ben groei ®tub- 
punften eined 93alfend; —at length, toenn 
fi(b bie 8titbpttn(te an beiben @nben bepn* 
ben$ the — ont, ber berborfprtngenbe Xb^l 
(an einem (Sebdube)) 5. Naut-s. —of the 
land, bte £age (f)^bO bed Sanbed^ in 7Cn« 
febung bed Gibiffed ob. eined anbem ®egen« 
jlanbeds to take the b-s, bie ®egenb auf< 
fuiben, bieTCudmeffungnebmenj 6. b-s, p/. 
Mech. bad 3ftpfenlager 5 Corns. — date . . ., 
deSDato) —(the) weight, ooUmtcbtig feienb) 
—interest, Sntereffen tragenb 9 comp. — bnd<, 
Hort. Sragfnodpen^ Xragaugen^ —claws. 
Sport, bie Borbergeben eined iCampfbab« 
ned4 —cloth, Ecc. ber Saufmantel, bad 

Be&V|8h, adj. bdrendbnli(b/ bdrenbaft, plump. 

BSa'^ipl, s. vid. Bezil. 

Beaf 901, s. ber IBefen^ vid. Besom. 

BSast, s. 1. bad Sbier, Sieb) 2. jig. ber 
niebrige, robe QRenfibj — of harden, bad 
Safttbier^ 3. Sports, beasts of chase, {agbs 
bare Zi)itxei —of the forest (or — of ve- 
nery) , lEBalbtbiere i — and fowls of the 
warren , f)egetbiere $ Gams. 4. bad ^abtt 
(itartenfpieO^ 5. bie 93ete (ber Sinfab bed 

To Beast, V. n. Gam. labet ober UU raerben. 

BSas'tial [— 'tsh^l], adj. oiebiftb/ unocrnunftig. 

Beas'tjngf, s. vid. Biestings. [rob. 

BSas't'tsh, Beast'Uke, adj. tbierifcb/ t)ie^if(b/ 

BSast'linfss, s. bad mebif(be XBefcn, unoer« 
nitnftige IBetragen. 

BSast'Iy, adj. A adv. 1. tbierifcby mebif(b> 
2. fig. unfldt^ig, ri)b/ brutal. 

To Beat, V. irr. I. a, 1. gen. Mlagen^ (bann au<|: 
(Solb, bie Srommel, ben Seinb, Xact, :c.)j 
2. jlo^en, flampfen, po^en i lerflo^en, )er< 
bre(ben 5 3. (auf bie Sfifibe) f^tagen, urn SBilb 
au^ufldbem j 4. bref(ben$ 5. beftegen> itber» 
treffen 5 6* Mus. begteiten (mit ber ®timme)| 




Afi/-*. to — (an) alarm, Uxm Wwni to 
- a cbargc, jur Tfttafe blafcn^ 8«m 6turm« 
iQufen Waficn, to - th« troop, jur Sa^nc 
f^fagen^ to — a parley, ti€ l(n(anft eines 
yoTlamentdrS (buf^ Xrompete ob. fronts 
mcO Bgnaliiiteni ©*ttmabe Wa^enj to- 
the way, Un flBeg bo^nen , mebertre«| 
ten 5 to — the wing, flotternj to — the' 
ficW, to — abroad, (n.) fig. Mft ?clb 
burdMtreiten (bef. b«n» 3ofl«n)5 auf ben 
ICnftanb ge^en 5 to — tb« diMt, Jlfait. menig 
©oben ne(>men4 to— the hoof, jnguf geten, 
to — the air, M ccrgeblit^ bemfi^en? n. n, 

1. fc^lagcn (tom^ersni; u.)^ 2. pfirmcn; 
wut^en (con bem^inbe, ber 8eibenf4>ttft, kOj | 
3. ttnflopfen^ 4. bfwegt feitt4 f<b»ttnfctt5! 
5. nic^t miffen, wobm mon fi4 locnbcn foUj 
(bef. ten aufgcjdQtcm ©flbc)^ 6. Sp<frt 
Wrcicn (»ic ein ^afe iur ©runftgeit)} (or 
tap), trommelni 7. Mar. latirenj 8. Typ. 
auftragcn (bie Sorbc)5 Mils, tbc dram 
beatu, bteSrcmmel ^t^ti the general beats,! 
ber (Sencralmatftb »irb geWlogen 5 to — to ! 
armg, ju ben®affen Wl^fien (wW. General) ;| 
to — about, (0.) 1. ^erumru^ren) 3. um(er< 
treibcnj (n.) 1. Afar, um^erfreujen, law=; 
rcnj 2, fig, fi^ Um^tn, forfdjenj (— for,| 
Ottffu^en) i to — one'i bead about (with) a 
thing, (ei.) M fiber (mit)6t»a6 ben Jtopf icr« 
brcc^en $ to — back, (a.) }ttrfi(ff4lQden; ab^ 
Wlogen, juriirftreibeni to — down, (0.) 1. 
nicberf(bladen, niebenei^en $ 2. nieberbiigein 9 

3. fig, entfrSften, f<bn)d4en; mut^Iol maiben 4 

4. Com. (bcn^reiS) (erobfet^n ober oermin* 
bern, ob^anbeln, weniger biettn ) nieberbrfif- 
fen (ben 9)rei6) 5 to — down,- or up and 
down, (n.) 5porf. balb bie eine, balb bie an-- 
bere Stiibtuns im Sanf einfc^lagen ) to — in, 
(a. An.) (into) Ijineinttlogen, treiben, ob. 
^of en, einf(blagen 5 to— into, (a.) einbWwen 5 
to — off, (a.) 1. jurfl<ff<blagen, abWlageni 

2. Typ. obflopfcn^abf latWen 5 to — 00 (a 
•abject), (n.) grfibein, brfiten uber (einen 
(Segenfianb)^ to — oat, (d.) 1. auftWagen^ 
ou^bref^en) 2. breit unb bfinn f^Ifld^ii? 

3. Bray, ansttefen) ^erou^treiben ) 4.^. 
abbringen, aud . . . bringen 5 to — one out 
of countenance, 6tnen ott^ ber^t^ffung bTin< 
gen, cerblfiffen i to — out, (n.) Mar. »(nb« 
mixti ge^en (fegeln), lacirrn) to — over, (n.) 
^n^pfen^ (ingaloppiren/ bur^fliegen, ^in^ 
f^mebcn^ to — up, (a.) l.quirlen^ MH-s. 
9. (sufammen) trommeln^ 3. angrcifen, be- 
flilrmrnj (n.) to — up for recruitf, werben, 
auf ®erbung fein $ to — upon, (n.) anf Qtt* 
WQl lolflfirmen i {a*) fig. dnf(b^rfcn$ Mans. 

to — uponawalk, (n.)gttfur}tieten) to- 
upon the hand» (0.) mit bem Jtopfe HxLfU 
len (werfen). 

BSat, s. l.nng. 1. bet 64Iag$ Muss. 2. brr 
!Saftf(tlog$ 8. ber SorMIag^ 4. Tfm. bic 
0tanbe; ^atroU ber 9io4t»d4^ter $ 5. Sport. 
baSJt(opflagett) 6. Afan. ber unregelmdf i^e 
(Sang ber ^ferbe) U. pi. b-a, HorU bie 
€^4»ingttngSf4I&ge (finer U(r)i —and 
tnrni, Mus. ^orbenten nnb ^oppelf^I^e* 

Beat, pret. A p. p. t. To Beat. 

Bea'tf n, p. p. t. To Beat k a. gcf4^(ogcn > 
;Sg. abgcbrof^enj a — road, m betretencr 
(geba^nter) ®eg5 an old — foldier,jSg:. cin 
alter oerfu^ter ®clbat$ — corn, i^om ^agc( 
ntebergef^Iagcned (Setreibe. 

BSa't^r, s. 1. ber G^Iager) Sports, 2. ber 
S^reiber^ 3. ^iner^ber (iagenb) bur^ 9db 
u. ffiolb (birfcbt) ffreift 5 (a - up), ber ouf 
bie XreibiAgb ge^tj Ts. 4. ber ®<bldgel, 
€^t6fcl, bie 0tampfe$ 5. bie {>anbrammf, 
Sungfer (ber Gtcinfe^cr)) 6. bie Jtriitfc 
(iumUmrfi^renbe$Jtain)i 7. bie SRorfpr. 
feulei 8. ber 9tt(bbru(ferbaaen $ 9. bad|>c« 
lir^ot} sum OIAtten bes 3inne$ (bet ben Zx* 
gelbauern)^ 10. berSoIienWager^ 11. ber 

Be^trrjc^l, B6«trf{c, I. adj. ; II. - !y, adv. 

feUgma4enb;reUg) — tiiion, bie ^immlif^c 

Bdilt)f}cft'tion, s. Ecc. I. bie eeUgfprnbung ^ 
2. bie htnfilt<be f>enDorbriQgung eineft fxt* 

ToBea'tfff, v. a. l.felig mafben) 2. Ecc. 
felig fpre^en (opp. (eilig fprecben). 

Bea'tfng, s. 1. bQS64Iagen; Jtloppm) 2. baS 
S3re(ben beSSla(bfed u. {>anfeft5 8, Print. 
baS TCttftragcn (ber 6dtodr)e)) 4. Sport. 
bo6 O^efcbrei ber {>afen unb J^anin^en in ber 
Sninfl^it) ba« ISrommelnj —hone, ba& 
(Befiea (ber iO^ocf) nam IfiilHopfen ber Jt(ei« 
ber 4 — mill , Mech. bie CJtampffioIanbcr 
(beim Sein»anb blet(ben). [Geligmaibttn^. 

BeSfjtade,!. 1. bie (®lit(r*)eeligreit) 2. bie 

B€'»trirc€, (-rx). s. Sdtattis (8-n.). 

Beau [bO], s. (fran|. pj. beMi ob. beaux, qv.) 
1. ber 6tttt«r, galante^^ern 2. ber(Sottr« 
ma4^er) comp. — ideal , ba$ Urbilb bci 
6(b6nen4 — monde (bd-nondO. bie feine 
(r«5ne) fiSelt. [tiM. 

Beau'fet [bo'-f«t], «. berecbenftiM/ (Srcbens* 

Beau'ish [bO'-iib], a(fj. fiu|ermifig. 

Beau'teoui [bS'tf^e, Sm. Ac; bfi'tshfya, IF.], 
I. a(^i. ; IT. — ly, adu. [^in i IIK — seMt vt. 
bie Gib^n^eit. 

Bean'tjfr^r [bfi'— ], «. bet Cetfit^nerer. 



Bed . 

Bean'timi [W-]. I- <"* 5 H- -ly. adv. f*8n 5 

To Beao'tjff [bft'— ], r. I. a. ^erff^dttcrn, a«$» 

f(^i!t(feR j II. n. fi^ oerfi^^nern. 
BeWtjlfM [b&H' a4;* unf^cinbar, ^dfU^. 
Bcau'ty[bfi'-tj], #. l.Die8*dn^eiti 2.t>U(W6ttc 

»etbl. yerfott) ^^^ne $ — spot, bod 0d^6n* 

4>|ldfier(ib«t^ 64minfp^dfler4en$ ~ water, 

baft Oi^nbeitawaffer^ Gd^minhoaffer. 
Beaux [bOz], (frans.) p^. D. Bean, gv. 
Bea'v^r, *• 1. ber ©iber, Caftorj 2. (—hat), 

berGafbrbttt^ 3. ber Q^turmbttt) bd& Bifir 

(am j>eUnO > 4. ^ad Se^perbrob $ vi<f . B« ver ; 

C»m-i. — coating, SMber ju flberr6rfenj 

— *ftcod8, ©-gcileni — eatcre, ©iclfcaffeHc, 

dtofomafen^ — skioi, ©-feae^ —tree, Bot. 

berSB-baum. [e. f>elme/ gebeUnt. 

Bea'v^red, <u2i. 1. mit e. Ga^rbutC) 2. mit 
B^avf rtesn', «. Com. ettt boummoQener &tof(, 

mandbt-flerartia gearbeitet. 
Bi^a'vfs, J. (^-n)/ a66r. i», Bellovestu. 
B^a'vy, s, vid. Bevy. 
To B^a'z^l^ v.n. vicT. To Bezzle. 
Bea'zfl, s, vid. Bezel. 
To BSbl««d' , To Bdbidod', To Bdbldod'y 

[-blQd'-], V. a. mit Sblnt beflerfctt. 
Blfc^b&ng'^, «. Bot. bie iSBa^bunge. 
BjSc«fl'c9, f . Om. bcr gcigmfiref er. 
To Becalm' [-cam']. t». a. ftitten, befdnftigen/ 

berubigen^ to — a ghip, Mar, tin &^if( be 

himeni Sea, tobeb-ed, x>en einerffBrnb* 

fHUe iiberfatUn metben) the wind hasb-ed, 

ber SBlnb tft »ait (b. t. ftiO). 
Bgcatm'jog, p. s, baa ettaen, ©<r&nfttgen; 

Sea* bte «BtnbfHae. 

B^Gftme', pret, 0. To become, [um ... tMtn, 
Beciof^^ U conj^mili II. —of, prep, wegen, 
Bifccfffcu, BJ(ccffi'g5, s. vtd.'Becafico. 
To Bdcharm', v. a. (tttrib 9tet}e) einne^mctt/ 

feffeln. [(vt'd. b. it. Pectorals). 

Be'chjcs, spl. Med. QXittel gegen ben j>aften) 
^^ek, 8. 1. ber SBinf, baa itopfnictenj 2. 

t'«, Becky; 8. + Aprovinc- ber ©a(b. 
To B«ck, To BecitVn, v. I. n. (mit bem Jtopfe 

Ob. ber j)anb) minfen; nidfen (rett to) ; U. a. 

^ar^ Jtopfnirfcn, k. rufen, loifcn. 
B«ck'^t, «. bie geffel (an ben ©einen ber Sta* 

^neele^ic.)) —of a block, Mar. ber ^una> 

fot (i>ttnbafot) eine« ©lorfa. 

B«ck'^t», t, pi. Mar, ^aM u. ©anbe, um 

laufenbeft:i;au»erf, {Ruber, 0parren,u. auf* 

ittWngen (aufjofnebeln). 
Wc^^n, f. & r. lud. Beck. 
Blck'y, ,. (g.„.) ffj^ftr. 0. Rebecca. 

*f.5?«io*i'» V. a. lit. kfig. umw^lfen; wa- 
bfifttm, umnebeln, oerbunWn. 

To Bdci5me', v. ir. I. n. »erben» IL a. 1. M 
(einet 0ad^e gemdf) betrogen^ 2:ge}icmen; 
onfleben) fleben, fletben. 

B8c6me', p.p. oon To Become. 

Bec^m'lBgr I. p. s. baft IGBerben) baS SBobU 
anllebcn/ Q^ejiemen^ n. p. a.; III. — ly, adv. 
anfldnbig, ge^iemenb) no^lanflebcnb) IV. 
—nets, s. ber 2(nflanb, bte ^^idli^Uit, 

BH s. 1. b«a©ett$ 2. baagluf bett,®trombett$ 
a. baa ©eet) 4. boa ^er, bte Soge^ ®(bi4t 
(bef. (reo^.)4 5. Bot. bie ib^^it in ber {){i(fe, 
morin baa®amen!om liegt ^ 6. bie©ettung) 
T. Sport, baa 8ager einea (Rebea^ 8. fig. bie 
®<blaffiitte , SGBobnung; j)erberge$ Qbe^ 
r-j. 9. ber ©obenfkein ivid. Beddcr) ; 10. bie 
£affettenn>anb 5 9taflban( einer itanone^ 
Mars, —of the bowfprit, bie &ttVit bea 
©ugfprieta, »o ft<b ber gra^te SDurtbmeffer 
beffelben beftnbet$ ber Jtopf bea ©orfleoena, 
n>orauf baa ©ugfpriet rubti — of a mortar, 
Gun. bie 3apfen(ager einer SKarferlaffette; 
—of stone, bie ©teinbettungj —of the ralU, 
R-^. boa ®(bienenbett^ —of state, baa $a« 
rabebett) —of honours, baa ©. ber^b^^e, 
®(bla(btfe(b$ —of death, baa ZtttUUttj 
—of ease, baS fllubebett, gaulbettj —of 
snakes, ein 9iefl iunger ^(blangenj to lay 
herrings, &c. in b-s, ^dringe, :c. f(bi<bten^ 
-and bedding, ©ettfleOe u.(S(berO ©stt) 

— and board, Xifrb u. ^ttt (vid. Separation); 
to take to—, bettldgertg roerben, ficblegen) 
fig, to bring to — , eine gran entbinben j of 
the second—, imeilerG^e^ comp. bride— ; 
canopy— ; flock—, kc vid. in B., C, F., itc; 
— bug, Ent, bie SBan^ i — castors, ©-roUen 5 

— chair, ber ©-flttbl f&r Jtranfe 5 — chamber, 
baa 6$(blafitmmer, ®-gema(b/ bie €^-(ammer $ 
—clothes, pi. baa ©-seug (t. e. ^cdtn u. 
Surber, fur bie ^efteren auib —linen) ; — Cs) 
feet, baa Snpenbe bea ©ettea) -fellow, 
(-mate), ber 6<bl<ifcttmerab, ©-genopi fig. 
|>er}ettafrettnb5 —hangings, ber 3eugiu©-« 
borbdngen ( — conrtains ) ; bie ©orbdnge 
felbjl} -CO head, baa Jtopfenbe bea ©et* 
tea^ —hooks, Ubrbafen, |um Itufbdngen ber 
Ubr anbie(3(arbinen$ —maker, bie ©-ma« 
4erinn,©-fratt (auf ben engLUnioerfitdten)) 
— mate, vt'd.— fellow; —moulding, Ardi. 

baaJtarniefj — pan> bie ©-wdrmpafibe) 
—plates, pi. baa 0taubots4 —post, bie ©-« 
fdule, ©-pfofte, ber©-ftoUenj — presser, ber 
gangfrbldfer, gaulcnjerj -rid, or —ridden, 
bettldgerig^ —roll, vid. Bead-roll $ —room, 
baa ^laftimmer^ —screw covers (or^ 
caps), itappen {ur ©ebedfung ber ©-f^rau* 
ben) —side, ber ©-gang) at the— aide 




am Setter — itaff, bie SSettleifie, baseeiten^ 

fAdi — ftead, lie ©-fleHej oar Lady's — 

straw, Bof. unfrer SiebenS^oucn IB-flro^$ 

— fltads, ©-ndgeli — gwen'cr, Ux (Sxtva- 

gdngcr^ (S^ebredifer; bie S^ebre^erintt i — 

table, ber ©-tiftb fur Jtronfej — tick, bic 

©-iie4«5 — work,>ig. bie leitbtcTCrbcit) — 

wrencb, em Bifliiffel in ben IB-f^rauben. 

To BKd, V. I. a. 1. (mit etner|)erron) juSBettc 

9e(en$ sn Sette bringen^ in bad IBett legcn f 

2. inre^t legen, betten (befgl. torn {Rot^< 

vilb)) 3. (^flanjen, u.) in bie Qrrbe legen 9 

finfden; pflanjen i terftecfcn, verberoen (j. S.| 

»i( 8^f4e^ in einer Uferbanf^ im 6anb^ ic.) ) 

4. f4i<i)tmeife legen; fcbi^ten j 6. nicberfcbla- 

gen (»ie flBinb cb. f>agel bad (Setreibe)^ 6. 

TVp- bie friftsebmtften Sogen befcbmeren ; 

IT. n. (mif with) einer ^^erfon beiwojncn; Re 

bef^Iofen. [fd^mnien. 

To BSdSty'bie, v. <u bene^en, befpri^en, be* 

To BSdSth', V. a. befpri^en; bene^en. 

To BSdAob', To BSdAwb', v. a. befnbein, bc< 

To BSdSz'zIe, v. a, blenben. [fibmieren. 

B«dM«r, B§d«t^t«r, 9. Mill, ber IBobenftein 

(untere SXutlenflein). 

B^d'ding, p. s. 1. vid. To Bed; 2. ba$ f6ttt^ 

: itu^, f&ihttt, bte9etteni 3. bie^treu fur 

boSBie^^ —moulding, tnd. Bed-moulding. 
BCde, s. fdela, etta (9K-n). 
To BMJ^ad', v, a. betfluben, entfrfiffen. 
To BddSck', ». a. f^miirf en, jieren 
BS'df 1, s. bef. S)rtbogr. t. Beadle, qv. 

Bl'd^lry, s, baS «iertel, bad (ber Jtretd, ben) 

ein beadle ^tt beforgen f^at 
BHit^t^T.s.MiU. vi(f. Bedder. [ten, bene^en. 
B€de#'«r» [—do'—], *. bad ©eUauenbe. 
To B€dim', v. a, »erbunFeIn, cerflnflern. 
BW^m, I. s. (cor, t. Bethlehem) 1. IBeblam 

(bad Srren^and in Sonbon)$^-«. 2. bad 

Zol^and, ein £)rt bed TCufm^rd 5 8. ber ZcU^ 

bdudler; n. adj. ya einem SoU^aufe de^drig, 

befennirbig; na^nflnnig. 
B^d'lfjnTte, s, ber Seblamit, SBa^nftnnige, 

0tafenbe, SoIIbAudler. 
B^doQtof', B«d9we2nf' [b^dwf^', b^ddinz', 

h^d(ftnr]y f. pU bie Sebnfnen. 

To BedrSncb', v, a. bttr^wdfTem, trdnfen, be* 

~^~~fnt4ten, onfini^ten. [fit^^ ma^en. 

ToBSdrtfp', v.a.l. betrdiifeln$ 2 befletfen, 

To BSdSng', v. a. 1. mit jDung bebetfen, biin* 

gen $ %.fig. bef4mn)ett, befnbeln. 
ToB^dilut', o. a. 1. flanbig ma^en, mit 6tanb 

To B€dwsirf , v, a. Hort. kfig, )»crgarf ig, 
ober flein macbtn, am SBaibdtbume binbem. 

BSS, I. s. sing, l.EnU bie IBiene i 2 fig. ein flei« 
f iger SKcnf^ j 3. Am. bie (BefeHf^aft freimillig 
belfenbcr 9^a4b arn Ui bem IBaue eined {>aa* 
fed, betm f>oI}f£IIcn, 2c. i IT. comp. honey—, 
bie ^onigbiencj —bread, badlB-nbrcb, 3»» 
menbrob j —eater, Orn, berfB-nfpccbt, Sd-r^ 
toolU —flower, Bot. bicS-nblumc —garden, 
ber S-ngarten? — gloe, bad Gtcpfmaibd 
(an(b hive-droM); — hive, ber IB-nfiotf, 
IB-nforb) — hooie, ber S3-nflanb, bad 0-n« 
magajin^ — lark-spor, Bot. ber grofbla^enbe 
(Ritterfpomj — maiter, ber IB-nmirter, 
®-n4aIter, 9-n9ater$ —tiger, Enu ber 
Xobtenfopf) III. Beet, s. pi. —of the 
bowsprit, Ship'b. bie Siolittcn ober SBatfcA 
bedlBnsfprietd) — wax, bad SBa^d. 

Bsech, s, (—tree) bie Su^e, ber Su4en« 
baum) —coal, bie IBu^enfoble) — maft,bie 
Stt^mafti -nuts, bie IBucbetfemi — oil» 
badSutbdl, ®u(bnnpoI. 

Bse'chf n, adj. bitten, biS^en. 

BSe'dy, *. 1. provinc. tnd. Biddy; 2. — '» 
eyes, pi. Bot. bie Crcifaltigfeitdblume, ba^ 

BCCf, I. s, bad {Rinbfieir4 ) (vid. Beeves, pi.); 
IT. adj, ton SHinbfleifdl^, aud €f{. beflebenbf 
—eater, Orn. ber SD^fenJarfer 5 —fork, bie 
gleif^gabelj -gravy, bieSl-brfiJei —knife, 
bod 9rofeJtii(benmeffer$ -steaks, bicgercfie' 
ten0tinbfleif4f4nittcob. Bd^tibtm —wood, 
bad 0linbfleif4(ola (and S)fiinbien). 

BCeie, s. eine Gpi^axt ber IBerglcute; —men, 
pi. bie 6pi^^auer. [teufel. 

B«fl'zghfib,*. Bibl. ber pcgenfurfl, £)ber. 

BiSme'-wood [wfid], s. bad bimafif^c (cb.i^i* 
maed*) Gapan^olj, gem. Simad^ol) genannt 
(eine fleinere, bunnere 6orte bed oftinb. 
Cftot^boljed). [gnitarrena^nl. Sn^ument. 

Been [bin], I. p. p. 9. To Be; II. j.^n oflinb. 

Beer, s. 1. bad93icr(a\id9Xal|0. ^opfen)^ 
2. bie Sa(re, vid. Bier; comp. small-, 
spmce— , table—, Ac. vid. inS. AT.; — 
hack, bie©-ftife5 —barley, terf*. B^x. t. 
bear—, vid. tint. Barley; —barrel, ba^ 
0-faf, bie 18-tonne) —cock, berS-babn, 
9-fra(n$ —money, bodV-gelb, Srinfgelb* 

Bserf , s. pi. Com. col. bie Siergldfer. 

BCe'f 9m, s, vid. Besom. 

BeCst, sub. t>. To Be, fein. 

BeSs'tjngf , s. vid. Biestings. 

Beet, s, Bot. bie Seete, ber aXangoIb $ red — , 

bebetfen,be|Httben|2./g.ini2g.attdpriigeIn.l —radish, —rave, bie rot^ fRfibe, (Ranfe(» 
BCd'wf rd, adv. btttmdrtd, na^ bem ettte, sun rilbei —(root) sngar, ber 0tnnfeIritbensitiftr«^ 
Btttti }sm Settc pb. e^Iafen geneigt IBee'tfl, Bee'tie, s, ber IBeteV vid. Betle. 




e^winseflotf; lit e^minge (beim j>Qiif' 
bre^cn)) bcr Bt6ftx, bit ^anbromme, 
3iindferCb(tC^tetnre^er)$ ber {RomsiMotf^ 

e^IdgeU S.Ent. ber(!IRtfi0^ftAf€r» <?omp. 
^brow, (erab^Angenbe ^ngenbroucn) ^. 
bic flnflert miirrifte SXiene) —browed, fiber* 
(ingenbeTfngenbrauen l^obenb)^. mfirrtf^; 
verbricflifb, flnfterj —bead, ber jDtdffopf/ 
S>nmmfo;^f^ — beaded, f^werfjpflg^bumm^ 
—stock, ber Gtiel am SSIdnel, e^IAgel, ic. 

To BiC'tle, V. n. fiber^dngen/ (eroorragen, oor« 

BCet^og-mill, «. vid. Beating-mill, [fpringen. 

BSet'raTe, s, vid. ont. Beet. 

BeCref, j. pi, (©. B«ef) bef. in Am, Otinb* 
meba CRinber (in Snglanb Black-cattle gen.). 

To BmW, To B^fAl^ V. tr. n. (iumetlen o.) 
befallen; begegnen, lufbf en, mtberfa^ren (ton 
gntennnbbdfcnX)ingen) auib [itbo4 felten] 
mit to oorber|)erfon)) M ereignen^ M 
}Qtragen) fair — yon, (9ott fegne jDic^. 

B€fAllen', BSfiVn', p. p. 0. To Befall. 

B€f<;il', Befel', preU t. To Befall. 

To B«fif , V. a. f!4 fibicfen, M gejiemen. 

ToBef6dl', V. 0. bet(5ren) betriigen^ ^um 
S?arren (aben^ mU To Fool. 

BSffJre', I. prep. 9or) — one'f face, ^nem 
in'ft ®ef{4t9 — tbe are, fiber cber an bcm 
9ener) —now, f(bon,bereit«5 ...ii now— n». 
Com, ... }ur iSeantmortung tor utm I love 
yo«-me, i(b Hebe ®ie me^r, aU mt45 
n. adv. 1. torn) 2. §tttor,9or(er,tonnaId9 
3. c(er (oIOrJSfiT. lieberi 4. bift^er j be^ 
reitS) to get—, 2tttorfommen, fiberlegcn 
fdni m. conj. hnox, t^t, 

B€tOre'-b3(nd, adv. 1. toranS; gutor, tor^er'^ 
2. torldnftg) 3. anfdngliia^. [begegncn. 

TodSfor^tone [— tebyn], v, a. n>ibecfabrcn, 

To B2f5fil' , o. a. befubein, bef(bnra}en. 

ToB^fri^od' [— fr«nd'], v, a, (®nem) greunb* 
Vkaft, <3efdntgfeit ergeigen, ft4 befrennbcn 
nit ..., (tbm) beifie^en, begnnfHgen. 

To Befrifnge', v. a. befronfen, mit granfen 

ToBKg, U.I. a. l.(— for, nm(St»a$)bitten; 
erbitten) 2. betteln^ U. n, bettein ge^en^ 
«om Oetteitt Icben. 

Bigfio', pret. ton To Begin, [vid. To Gem. 

To BS^^m', V, a. col. mit Qfbelfieinen befe^en. 

To Btgit', V. tr. a, 1. jengen (man^mal mit 
on, npon, tor ber!Rntter, t. e. mit)i 2. 

Jig. eriengen, (ertorbringen. 

B^^ft^r, s. ber (SrHVgeT; enter. 

B^g'gv*'*!. ber Settler $ 2. berbemfittig ob. 
snterf^dnU Oittenbe) 3. a — of principlea, 

Ui, metier tftwasQnenoiefenel nU enoiefeni itit terffirien 

toranlfettj comp,^*B bnsb, (— '• inn), bic 
©-Jerberge) — 'i lace, ble grobcn 3»im« 
fpi^eni -•« lyre, bie ^eicrj — Vvelvet, 

To Bj^g'g^r, V, a. an ben ©ettclflab bringcn, 
fig. entbl6fen^ beranben^ erf^fpfcn) de- 
■cription wonld bot— , (».) u fibcrfieigt aUe 
Sef^reibung, fcine ^Bcftrcibnng itfirbc e^ 
onebrfi(fen f6nnen. [^Durftigfeit. 

B^g'gf rlin^, s, bie Settclbaftigf cit, ^(rmutb/ 

B<g'g?riy, adj. k adv. bcttclbaft, arm, arm* 
felig, drmli4, bfirftig, lumpigj — cloibcit 
Snmpen^ — doingi,pi. ^icbcrtrd^tigfcitcn* 

BVg?ry, s. bic JBcttcIarmntb, finfcrfle 7fr« 
wx% tDfirftigfeit. 

Bagged', prct. k p. p. ton To Beg. 

B^g'g?*'* '• ^i^» b. m. r. Beggar. 

B^g'gjng,!. p.s. baft bitten $ Scttclnj to 
go a — , bettein gc^cn ^fig. vulg. nt^t gea<btet 
ober beaibtet merben) unnfit fein i II. p. a, 
bittenb; bettclnbj —friar, bcr©ettclm5n4. 

B^g'gfngly, adv. bettelnb, bittitctfc. 

BegHt', p. a. mit (Solb bcfc^t. 

To B€gfn', V, tr. I. a. anfangen, begin* 
neni to — tbe world, /g. ciff Ifnfanger 
fein, in bie SBelt treten, R4 ctabliren, tl<b 
bertorjutbun onfangen) Corns, to — a 
newaet of books, bie ^anbcBbfi^cr aufma< 
cben^ to— anew, to — tbe world again, eincft 
SaHimentft entf^Iagcnfetn, mtcber |n (anbcln 
anfangcn$ II. n. anfangcn; entflcbcn, merbcn. 

BSgin'nfr, «. berTfnfdngcrj Urjcbcr. 

BSgin'ning, s. 1. baSTTnfangen) 2. ber If n* 
fang,Urfpmng| 3. bcrTCntritt. 

Be|in'njngf , pi. bie ^CnfangSgrfinbe. 

To BSgird', V. tr. k reg. a. 1 . bcgurtcn, nmgfir* 
ten a 2. fig. umgeben, cinf4Itcfen$ blotfircn. 

B€girt', pret. ft p. p. t. To Begird. 

To BSglddm', v.a. terbunfein, nmbfificm. 
ToB8gnilw^[benA'], v.a. bmagcn, jcniagen* 
To BSgSd', V. a. tcrgSttcm, tcrgottlii^cn. 
BSgSne', tnt. meg ! fort i patf c Tbii ! 
BSgGred', p. a. mit SInt bcr^micrt. 
BggSt', pret k p.p. ton To Beget. 
BegSt'ttn, p. p. ton To Beget; tbe first *, 

ber Qhrflgebome. [f^mieren. 

To BSgrSaf e', v. a. (mit ^ett ob. SDel) be« 
To BSgrTme', v. a. mit 9tttf ob. Jtott bebctfcn, 

bemlen, f^it^r^en, befubeln. [eefublcr. 
B€grf'mf r, s. diner, ber (Stmaft bef^muit, ber 
BSgfie', s. Vet. bie ^ennung, 93o(ne, ber Jttm 

(an ben dd^nen ber |)ferbe). 
To B^gnBe', v. a. 1. (interge^en; betrfigen^ 

tdnf^en, terffi(ren) 2. leer abf^^eifra) 3. ent* 

»{f4en, entgc^en) to -* one*i time, M bit 




B^alled', p. a. lifHd "OtlUit, vid.ToBegaile. 

B^gQile'mfnt, s, Hh ^M^tn, ber Setrud, 
tie ^tntrr^eiuttd. 

B^gai'l^r, ^. ber ISetruget; Serfu^rer. 

BSgiin', prtft. ft p.p. 0. To Begin. 

Behalf [-haf ], j. ber »e^uf, ftu^eu; Sort^eil, 
ba^SeflC) in — of..., um^ f&r; ... toiUtn, auB 
IXucffidbt f&r ... I to appear in —of ..., Lcrw, 
aid eteOoertreter erf^etnen fur... . 

ToBihSre', v.I.n. fttbetrogen, fi4t>er^al« 
ten 9 U. a. (— one*i selQi (ft4) betragen 9 
ill b-d, oon f4Ie4ten Smitten? well b-d, m^l 

BdliSV{o9r, BdhS'vjor, *. ba8 ©etragen (im 
Q.u,fi.&»)i bad (|ittli4e) Ser^alten, bie 
TCuffu^rung ) ber TCnflanb^ (graoefal— ), 
bteTCnmut^ im duferen^Betragenj bie <3e< 
berbe5 to be bonnd to (or to be [pnt] npon) 
one's good—, £mu>, verbttttben fein, 0le(Jen« 
f4aft toegen fetned Ser^altend ^u gebett. 

To Behead', v. a. entjttupten, f 5pfen, guitto* 

BeliSad'jng, i. bie Gntiauptung. [tiniren. 

BebJSId', pret. k p. p. t>. To Behold. 

Be'faSmdtA, «. (arttb.) ein unge^eures, bef. ©ier« 
ffiftgee X^ter, Otiefent^ier^ nad^ Bochairt 
u. 7C. bad 91ttfpferb, 9ltlpferb. 

Bgli^n, J. Bot-#. l.(— tree), beraejenbaumf 
2. bie flBursel bed 'Salbriandj red—, ber 
rot^e ©el^enj white-, ber weipe 6e^en^ 
Xaubenfropf, bad e^a^tfraut. 

Behest', s. * bad ®e^eif, ber «efe(I. 

Behind', I. prep, l^inter j to be — one*i time, 
fidj^ oerfpdten/ iiber bie 3ett audbleiben ) U. 
adfs. ^inteti; JurudP; ^intermdrtd^ to be — 
with...,^gr. no4 9tii(fftdnbestt beja^Ien ^aben. 

BehTnd'-hSnd, adv. 1. ^inteil, |urii(f, rfidf* 
n>4rtd5 2. jb fpdt^ 3. to be—, jig, im 
(nucfftanbe fetn ^ tf i/ {Shkm.) }uri^(f bleibenb. 

To Behold', V. ir, a. ft n. fe^en, ftbauen^ er« 
bli<fen5 anblidfen, anfe^en, betradftten. 

Behold', tnt. fte^e ! (ter ! ftefte (Fe^et} ba! 

BShOi'd^n, I. p.p. ]}. To Behold; II. p. a. 
oerpfti^tety t>erbunben, ge^aiten. [a^ter. 

B^hoi'df r, s, ber Xnr^auer, BuMauer, i9eob« 

BShSl'ding, p. J. vid. To Behold. 

To B^hSn'Sy, v. a. mit ^ontg ^erf&fen^ mii 
{>on{g beflrei^en. 

Bghddf,!. ber0ei^uf;8ort(eil3 bad^tommen. 

To BIhddfe', v> imp, gebfi^ren, M gebil^ren, 
ft4 gejiemen^ M f4i<i(en. 

To B^hdre', v. imp, toie Behoore, ^v. 

Bei^e'-iSrge, s. Com, bnnte Q$4arr<^d^/ tt(l« 

titrlid^e ®erge (ein moOenerdeug, geii^nlid^ 
t>on grauer; brattner ober f4mar|er garbe). 
Be'jng, I. p. pr. Don To Be, feienb 1 my Lord 
Mayor for the time-, ber jur 3eit (ber 3eit) 

regierenbe Ourgemeifler} at thii time — , in 
biefemTCttgenblitfj !!• conj, —that, ba, ipeil} 
in. 9. 1 . bad eeitt, X)afein^ bie W9m ) 2. bad 
®Ieiben^berXn^ntiaIt5 3. bad^ing, ffifte- 
fen) af God is in— I fo n»a^r ® ott lebt ! 

BS'itflO flatt be it so. [pr&geln, bur^gerben. 

To Beia'boyr, v. a. vulg, burdSfarbeiten/ aud« 

To BeUce', v.a. l.Afor. (— arope,einSau)be' 
fefligen (vtd.ToBelay); 2.m<^.bur4pr^geln. 

To Baiite', V. a. fiber bie 3eit, bid in bie fpfite 
9{a4t aufl^Uen^ (M) oerfpAten. 

BSlft't^ I. p. a. berfpdtet/Oonber 9{ad^t fiber* 
eilt^ n. — ness, s, bad Serfpdtetfein. 

To BilSy', V. a. 1. in ben ffBeg treten, 
ben fiEBeg t>erlegen, oertreteni aupauerni 
2. Mcar-s, to — a rope, ein Satt belegen/ 
befeftigen; fpli^en ivid. To Splice); 
to — the ead of a lashing or seizing, ein 
!6tnbrelbefeten} h-ingpins» 3apftn, anbe< 
nen bad laufenbe Sanmerf befeftigt toirb, 

To B^lch, V. I. R. 1. aufflofen/ vulg, rfilpfen^ 

2. jig. mit einem ^etdfe (eroorfommen (glei<k 
berSSranbnng bed Peered, :c.) in. a, and* 
fpeien/ audftofen. 

BSlch, $, bod Tfnfftof en, mlg, Otfiipfen. 
Bl^t'ch^i*, s* l.@tner; ber)Cnfllofen ^at| 2. ein 
gelbbunted feibenedi>aldtu(^ (gemeinertote). 
B^i'chjng, p.s.l, bad )Cuf|loyen/ wig. fM3c^» 

fen (vtd. bad eblere brealdng of wind up- 
ward); 2. ber Vndmurf eined itraterd, k. 

Bel'd^m, B^dime, s, cont, bad alte ^tih, 
alte !Slfitterd^en, bie (Srof mutter 5 altt^tU 
telMg. bie^eye. 

To Bllea'ga^r, v, a. belagemj fig^ umgeben. 

BelCa'gu^rtpr, «. ber ©elagerer. [nit. 

Bel^m'nlte, B^l^nml'te^, s. GeoL ber »tltm* 

To B^-l^^^ ($AA;sp.) Winter benffBinbbriitgen. 

Bel'tlo^er, BSFtdfindf r, s, vid. ttnt. Bell. 

B^l'frSy, BSKfry, s. 1. Arch, bet (9Ia(fm« 
t(ttnn$ Q-fht^l, bad Ql-gerfift) 2. Afar, 
ber bebetfte 9-gaIgen (anf einem 6di^iffe)i 

3. Ant, ber SBartt^nrm^ bad S^IodP^aud, 
bie S^ttrgbefte, (SurgO flBarte. 

Bi^l'^^n, l,s. ber Selgier^ n. adj. belgif4. 
BiKgjc, adj. belgif^j —rose, Bot. biebeU 
Bj^l'livm, s. Geog. Selgien. [gif^e SHofe. 
BflgrSde', s. Geog. Oelgrab, Ci^ried&ifdfK 

ToBdIie',t?.a. l.belfigeni 2. &figen flrafett, 

wiberfpre^en. iuwiber (anbeln$ 3. oerlettm« 

ben) 4. nadftalfen, na^mt^en. 
BdUff, S.I. (bef, Theol.) ber (Sloube; 2. bad 

(Stlanbendbefenntniyi Greboi (vid. b. 6. 

Creed); 3. biedteKgi^n, (a((attbcnd«)SRfi» 





BMe'Tf ble, adj. ^lmf>ii^, glaub^aft 

To B^tteve', v. a. & n. (mit in, ^nio. mit on) 

I. glaubeit) 2. TAeo^ ben (Slanben ^aben, 
oon ben flBa^r^eften bcr 9leUgion unb i^ren 
8er(eif unflcn lebcnbig fibecieugt fein. 

BeBe'Yfr, «. 1. bcr Glaubcnbe^ 2. 27ieo/. ber 

GlUnbtge^ trae->,ber(Re4tdMabtde. 

B^e'vjng, L a. bad Qlauben, ber ©laube^ 

II. p. a. glaubenb^ —men, @ldubigej 111. 
— 17, adv. gidubig, tm Olauben. 

Hdllke', BeUke'Iy, adv,fam. termut^Ii^, »iel 
lei^t, n>a(rf(tetnli(b ) iron. i( {a bo4 ! 

91^11, 1, s, Hng. 1. abbr, fur: Arabella ft Ita 
bella) 2. bte ®lotfe) e^eOe^ JtlingeU 
3. (— of a flower) ber ©lumen W(b, ble 
^Stnofpe^ 4. iirc/(. bie®Io(fe an einer @&ttle$ 
5. T'S, glotfenfdrmigeJtSrper: bie Gtfirse; 
)er eturienring; G^aDtri^ter ciner Srom> 
ptU, f)ofttunc, QlQrinctte; :c, 5 — of a dock, 
Hot. bie®Io(fe in einerU^rj to bear (to 
carry away) tbe -r, fig. ber Tfnfu Jrer fein, 
t»oran geben, aUt Q^tbemerber Sbertrcjfen; 
ben f)ret6 ba)»on tragen; II. B-i, s. pi. 
1. Bot. bie 6amend)>fel, Seeren (ber itar« 
toffel, 2C >9 2. Mar. bie (albe 6tunbcnn>a(be 
aufi^riegdf^tffen^ ring (ringing, or chime) 
of b-a, ba& (^l0(f en0®cldut$ a chime of b-s, 
tin ®Io(f enfpiel i hawkt b-s, Sport, bie &^cU 
len (an ben Sfifen) eine$ 8al(en$ HI. comp. 
bell-bit, Man. baft ©-ngebifj —clapper, 
ber O-nflfippel} —cranks, ©-ngie^wirbeU 
SBittfeleifen, Jtnie ob. (Senerbe fur ben (9-n* 
bra^t) —end, bafttritbtcrsoberg-nfSrmige 
(Snbe; — faahioned, g-nformig) —flower, 
Bot. bte (S-nblume^ — foonder, ber ®-n« 
^ieferj -glass, bie (BlaBfiodt (fur ©lumen, 
^dfe, :c.)4 —leaver, ber ^anbglotfeniie^er? 
—letters, vid. Belles-I. ; —man, ber <9I6(f ner ) 
Kuftruferj -metal, bie ©-nfpcife, baft ®-n» 
inetaQ) (B-nqnti —month, bcr @(bolItri4« 
ter (eineft Gpra^ro^rft, tc.)i -mask, cor. 
fl. Abelmnsk, qp.; —pear, bie (9-nbim$ 
—pepper, BoU ber (S-npfefferj —ringer, 
«ttf ben engl. Unioerfitdten, 3C. ber<9-nmann, 
<iiWrfncr5 —scale, einSKaf jur^eftimmung 
ber <&x6ft, ^idt, beft ®em^t^, :c. einer 
<Blodti — shaped, g-i|f5rmfg $ —spring, 
lerOJ-nbiigels — string, bie Jtlingelf^nur^ 
-tent. Mil. mod. baft engl. 3elt, baft 12 
Wann faf 1 5 — weights , g-nfdrmige ®c* 
miibtej- wether, l.berEeitJammelj 2. fig. 
^er Tfnffijrer, fildbelftffi^rer,* —wort, Bot. 
laft 3apfentrattt. 

B«ll, v.n. 1. Bot. glorfenfdrmige ®lfi« 
^b<ttfRof)pen befommen,fnofpenj 2. Sport, 
^vtita, rfi^ren (b.^irf*en in ber ©runftieit). 

Bi^i'lMSn'nf , s. Bot'S. hit ©eOabonnas 
SBoIfftKrrtbC) -lily, bie ©cIIabonnU(ie. 

Bale, 8. bie Biint, [wrfejen. 

BgUed [bad], adj. Her. mit (guW ©♦eUctt 

Belles-lettres' [b^I-lgtr', Sm. &e.; b4il'-Utr, 
JF6.&C.], «.|>/. IrtV.bieWne««Biirenf4aftett. 

Belle.leftrf8t^«.mo(/. Li<.ber6(b5ngeifl, ber 
fi^dnen SBiffenf^aften ©effiffene. ©eQetrifl. 

BcU^tris'l^c (-0^1), adj. mod. beDetrlflifcb. 

BSl'Iied, adj. bau^ig, bdu<bid, bict, dcMn»o(« 
len, auftgcbebnt, aufgcblafen (att(b Bot. k 
Zoo/.) 9 (sum. comp.^i a — glass, cine 
(Slaftblafe, {Rctorte. 

B^Ilif ^roos, adj. * Jtrtcg bringcnb. 

To B^Ur^^rate, u. n. Jlrieg fit^rcn. 

B?llig'?r?nt, B?lir^«rons, a^. (». (L) fricg* 
fii^renb, * friedcrif^s b-t powers, bie fricg* 
ffi^i^enben WL^tt. 

BSl'ljng, p. s. 1. Bot. baft itnofpentrcibcn, 
fiHetfcn, bcf. beft {>opfcnftj 2. 5por(. baft 
Ol5^ren, 6(brcien (bcft {)irf(bcft in ber 

Bel'lpn, s. Med. bie ©IcifoUf. [©runft}cit). 

B«ll9vc'sv8, *. ©elloipcfuft, ©elloweft (9X-n.). 

To Bel'low. ». n. 1. bldfcn, bruttcn, (t. S^ic* 
rcn) cont. )^on!0tcnf<bcn)$ 2. fis- braufcn 
(tj. SRecre :c.). 

B^l'low, B^lMDwjng, s. 1. baft ©lofcn, Gcbldf, 
©ritllen, ®cbrua(bcrX]^icrc$ cont. d. 9Xcn« 
f(ben)$ 2.>£g. baft©raufen (bcrGce)) baft 
®c^eul (bcft jffiinbeft, u.). [Kuftrufcr. 

Bel'luw^r, *. cont. bcr ©(Jrcicrj djfcntli^e 

B^l'lGwf, 5. pi. (a pair of—), bcr ©lafcbolg i 
Hessian—, Min. bcfpftbcSlafcbdlgc, um^uft 
in (Sruben lu f^flffcn, bap bie ©erglcute arbci« 
ten Wnnenj —blower, bcr©dlgcntrctcrj —fish, 

v/d.Tmmpet-fiBh ; — mender, b. ©l.-fli(fcr. 
Bel'ly, s. 1. bcr©au(b$ ^cib$ a^uttcrleibi 
2. Ship'h. bie (o^lc @cite bcft itrumm^cliicft 
{ppp. back); 3. T-s. {htx Xonwcrfjcugcn, 
IC.) bcr Jtaftcn j the— {or concave) of n 
harp, bcr ©au(b (bie inncre f)d^(un9) ciner 
^orfej the— of a bottle, bcr©au(b ciner 
Slaf4ci the — of a sail, bcr ©au4) (aufge« 
blafene X^cil) cincft Gcgclft) the lower—, 
bcr 6^mcrbatti!b, Untcrlcib^ comp. —ache, 
vulg. baft ©au4»c^, bie ^eibf^ncrscn, 
Jtolif J dry— a., bie ©Icifolif^ — a. bush or 
— a. weed, Bot. cinc Xxt bcr ^urgimuf in 
Tffrifa miber baft ©au^mc^i bcr ©au(bn)c4« 
banmj —band, 1. bcr©au(b' ob. ®attc(« 
gurt,©att4ncmcn$ 2. 5irrg. bie ©au(bcom« 
prcffcj -bound, rcrflopft, (artleibigj — 
fretting, Man. 1. baft SBunbrciben «om 
©au^durtC) 2. I^(pt, baft ©aucbgrimmcn, bie 
©inbfolifi —friend, bcr 64>marotcri — 
god, ber ©oncbbiener, B^immtxi — 8«t^ 




tin Clottfect auB gcbranntem 3u(fer u. aXan< 
^eln Ob. ^iflajien btreitet (ftanj. Nougat); 
—plea, Law, Scrt(cibtgun9 ob. TCuBflu^t 
roegen 64»anderfcbaft, urn cinen 7CufT4ab 
bcr 0tro^ ju cr^allen^ —roll, bteffials* 
tonne, ffBalif; SBeOe (bef. bcim Selbbau)) 
— worm, Zool. Ux ^armrournt; 0puln>urm. 

ToBSl'ly, V. 1. n. baucbig fetn ob. loerben^ 
II. If. atifftbtoeQen, anfcbioellen, anfiillcn) the 
wall belliei, Mas, bte SD?aner b^ngt uber^ ift 
batt(btd. [fen ) — laili, [(bioeOenbe GegeL 

B£l'lyiDg,p. a. BoU ft Zool. baiKbiS/ QUfgeb(a« 

BSl'm^n, Ac. f.Bell-inaD, &c. 

t To B«10ck', ©. a. (5AX»/).)/inf(bIicf en. 

ToBgldng', V, n, 1. ge^dren, jugeb^ren, ange< 
b6ren; 2.angeben, betreffen 5 b-ing, 3ube^6r. 

Beidved' [80L bcWv'^d], p. a. geliebt (-by, 
... oon), tbeuer, n>ert§5 beloving, UebeoolL 

BSlOw', lit. Si fig, I. prep, unterj II. adv. un» 
ten) attf@rben;4cbi(nieben^ unter benSobtem 
Law, in ememUntergertcbt) the courti — , 
vid. in Coart; Com. as (quoted) — , mi nn* 
tenbemerft, »ieuntenfiebenb5 —par, nntcr 
^orij —stairs, untcn, par terre, 

BSIt, 1. 1. sing. 1. bcr (S(firtel, bad ^egengc' 
^enf, bie^egenfuppel ^ 2.Surg. bie 95anbage 4 
8. Vet. ber SBfirjelwurm; esterswurm (einc 
eSibaffranfbcit)) 4. Arch, ber^tran}, bad 
<^an2ge11m$ 5 —maker, bcr (^iJLXtltvi II. 

; Belts, 1. Ast bie^iirtcl (€^eifen) 
be$3npiter8j 2. Geog, the two—, bie bet* 

ben SScItc i (the Great Belt, the Lesser Belt, 

ber grof e u. ber (leine S9elt). 
To Bl^lt, V. a. lit. kfig. bcgurten; umgiirten. 
B^l'vdder, Bl^l'vjdSre, s. 1. lU Arch. baBS3cI« 

Debere^ bie Sufheorte^ 2. Bot. bcrbefcn* 
artige (Sdnfcfuf; fBefenfla^B* 

BSl'wether, s. vid. Bell-wether unt. Bell. 

To Bcl>', f. Belie. To Bemad, toO mocben. 

To Bcmire', v. a. fotbig mad)tn, beftbmujen. 

To Bemiiek', v. a. (Shksp.) oerfpotten. 

ToBemCn'st^r, v.a.(Shk8p.) jumUngc^cuer 

Bemused', p. a. ccg. bencbclt. [entflcUtn. 

To B^mQte', v. 71. }i(b maufcn ()>on SBddcIn u. 

B^n, 8. 1. ahhr, ftxi Benjamin, ISeniamtn 
(SK-n.)j 2. Bot. ber ©cbcnbttum, :c., vid. 
Behen; —nut, bic IBebennup, ©albnufj 

' oil of—, a5cbcn6I. 

BSnch, s. 1. bic S9anf $ 2. bcr Scrfaufdflanb, 
Jtrdmcrflanbj 3. /^io, bic ®cri(bt&bonh 
/g. bie Slitter; ba$ ®criibt ^ the Queen's 
(orKlng's)- , vW. unt. Queen; —of Hip- 
pocrates Surg, bic bippotratiftbc einritbtc* 

• Ob. 3icbbanf } — coall (in Staff.) bic oberflc 
04i(bt bee Gteinfollcnlagcr. 

To Bench, v. I. a. 1. mitSdnfcn terfcbcni 
2. aufcine^anf fctcn$ II. ti.^u (Script Rocn. 

B^n'chfr, s. 1. bcr SHitbtcr 5 2. bcr 9anf&Iteflci 
ditcfle Scifi^cr. 

To Bl?nd, w. reg. k ir. I. a. 1. bicgcn, bcugctt^ 
(rummcn9 2. ricbtcn, Icnfen (ben 64^ntt 
mobin, bcn(9eifl auf@tioa$, :c.)3 3. to — 
one's self (one's mind, Ac.) to, or opoir, 
ober impass. to be bent on (to), genctgt, ent« 
[(bloffcn fcin ivl ..., erpid^t fcin ouf ... $ 4. quB« 
bcbncn, fpanncn (the bow, ben S3ogcn, k.)I 
5. bcsioingen, fi(b untcriocrfen (6tioaB)$ 6. 
Mar. bcfeftigcn, binbcn^ to — two cables, 
smeiTCntertaue anf cinanbcr flccbcns to— back, 
iurit(fbiegen$ to— a net, cin 9iC0 fleKcn^ 
to — a pike, eine ^ifc fallen, fcnf en, cinlcgcn $ 
to — the fist, bie ^aufl ballcn^ to— planks,. 
$Ianf en frumm brcnncn i to — the brow, bie 
Gtim runjetn 9 to — one's spite against . . • 
eincn ®roU faffcn dcgen...^ b-ed lcver» 
Mech. ber fBinf clbebcl $ H. n. 1. f!(b biegen, 
gebogen ob. frumm fcin j 2. f!<b ncigcn (2.9. 
forwards, ft(b bii(fen)5 anifig. moju gcncigt 
feinj 3. iiberbangcnj 4. jt^bdnbigen, bcu* 
gen, untenoerfen i to — against . . ., (ebcnfo 
im pass, to be bent against), tlcb nibcrfe^cni 
Xro^ bietcn. 

B^nd, I. s, sing. 1. bic SBicgung, Jtriimmung, 
Jtrummej Scrf^lingund ^ 2. Mars, cia 
®ti(b obcr ^notcn, GpUeffnofen) a — of 
moulds, etn ^tiH SU^aHcn^ common—, or 
sheet—, cin6£botcnfli(b5 3.ffer. UxBix&^* 
halUm 4. bcr @infap an cincr ^raucnmfioei 
n. Bends, s. pi. 1. Ship-b. bie itrummbcl* 
icr, fBautbftude) 2. Mar. bie SScrgb^Ucr^ 
8. ^obllcber in Gtucfcn (au6 ben bcfieit 
Z\)ciUn bcr j>aut gef^nitten); 4. (ob«; 
—hides), ivL bcn criod^ntcn Ku$f<bn{ttc» 
bcjlimmte f>dutc. 

B^n'dable, adj. bicgfam, gefcbmcibig. 

B^n'der, s. 1. bic^crfcn ob. ^atbe, iDc(4e Me« 
get, friimmct, bcr @panncr) 2. Anat, ber 

B^n'djng, I. p. s. 1. bQ$ JBicgen, 6panncni 
2. bie 99icgung, bcr IBug, Sogcn^ 7(b« 
bang 4 the — of a -vault, Arch. bicScibund 
(Sogcnrunbung) cincd ®e»o(be&9 II. p. «• 
abbdngig i a — clifT, tint fiberbangcnbe 
JtlippC) -muscles, i4nat. bief>iiftbe{nmu6« 
fcin. [^^cbrdgbalfeiL 

BSnd'let, s. Her. bie Heine IBinbe, ber fleine 

B^nd'wjf/i, s. Bot. bic SBatbrcbc. 

B^n'dy, adv. Hef. f^rdg geflrcift. 

B^n'e, s. Bot. bcr @cfam, ba$ GScfamfrQUf. 

BSnSaped', adj. Mar. bencpcn, (an bem 
0anbe, :c.) fc^ft^enb, nirbt flott. 




BInSaih', I. m-ep. unter ; n. adv. unteti; ^ienie^ 
Un 5 - wond, {Shksp.) tic Unter »clt. [(g-n.). 

Beo'gdTct, s. 9mt>ict (9)^-11.) 9 99enet)tcta 

B^oedic'tfne, L «. ber IBenebictiner»aR5n4; 
tie i5-S^onne i II. adj. }um lOxUn ber IBene* 
tictiner ge^^rid. 

B^D^dic'tion, J. l.^er @egen/ bie(Smfegnttn8) 
£cc. 2. bie Sinfetttng eineS TCbteS burtt Sins 
fegmmg^ 3. ber^anf$ bie ^anffadung. 

Benefiic'tion, s. 1. baS ^o^It^unj 2. bie 

B^oifac'tgr, s. bet tBol^It^dter. [SEBo^It^at. 

BenSfSc'tr^s, «. bie SBo^lt^dtennn. 

B«ii'«ficc, s. 1. bie^frilnbej 2. ba& Cornet, 
tie Srei^cit. 

B«o'€frc€d [-flit], adj. bepfruttbet. 

Ben^fjc^ncc, s. bic SBo^U^tighit , ®ut* 

BenSf ic^nt, I. adj, ; II. — ly, adv. tcoiltaH^,* 
milbt^d%s gutt^dtig* (geftnnt); gut^ersid. 

B^nefi'ci^I, I. adj. ; U. — ly, adv, 1. tortjeil* 
(aft,ntl^Ii4; 2. bienlit^, ^eilfam, n)o(It(i' 
tig^ m. -neM, 1. 1. bie nUi^lidfUiti 2. bie 
f)eiiramfeit; «So^It(&tidPcit. 

Blnefi'cj^ry, I. adi' !• burd^ (Suttfl befl^ettb, 
nntergeben, ab^dngig)' 2. Bepfrfinbet$ n. «. 
l.berf^ftilnbner) 2. ber^morenempfdnder. 

BSnSfiCci^ncy, s. bicOfite, 5Kenfd^cnfrciinb» 
iiim, fiBo^lt^dtigfeit. 

B&etrci^nt, a(^'. mo^lt^dtid, milbt^dtid. 

hin/mt, s. 1. bie IRoWiat, (Sutt^at, (Befdl* 
Ilgleit; 2. ber ^n^tn, IBort^eil, ®e»inn3 
S. bie SBelo^nungS* (!Beneft}«} IBorfteQung 
etQeS6(6aiifpieIerd,:c., ba§ SBeneft}^ 4. Law, 
baft $rit>iledium, SBomM- 

ToBSn'^flt, V. I. a.^ Siu^en bringen) 
(eilfam fein^ 2. begiinfligen) H* n. to — by, 
^va^en ton QftioQl l^aben; geminnen^ a b-ed 
ticket (in a lottery), ein $)lu(fli4e6 2oo$, 
ein Sreffer (m ber >Jotterie). [garnen. 

B«nVt, f. B ennetTo Ben«t', v, a.^Skksp.) nm- 

Bin^v'pl^nce, s. Lbaft^o^InoUen^ bie®(t' 
tis!eit5 2. bie ffiBo^It^dtidFeit,* 3. bie ®iite; 
9ntt(at, (9unft$ due -, bie (S^eflanbSpfii4« 
ten eineS SD^anneft gegen feine grau. 

BSnlv'Qlfnt, I. adj.; II. — ly, ad«. wo^lwols 
^b; giittg, ^uttli&ti%, freunbli4, liebrei^j 
-fond, ber UnterfH^unddfonb^ III. — ness, 
9. vid, BeneToleoce. 

B^ngftl', #. 1. Geog, ©engolen? 2. Com. ein 
bengalif^er (auft j>aar n. Geibe gefertigter) 
©toffi —cane, ba0 fpanifrje Olo^r. 

Beng^lCS', s, ft a. (the— language), ben* 
floIiM, bie bengalif^e Gpro^e. 

Blng4i€^e', *. (nngr. ft pi.) ber SBengalej bie 
«-inn$ bie SBengalen. 

To B€iiight', V. a. 1. fig. berfln|!em, oer* 

bnnfdn, M iiiitu, M 9er|!anbe6 It* 
rauben^ *umna4ten$ 2. impa««.: bonber 
9ta4t (ibcrraf^t »erben, M berfpdten. 

Benign', I. adj. ; IL — ly, adv. 1. gfitig, mllb^ 
licbebon; ^olbfclig^ 2. wo^lt^dtig^ ^eilfom, 
gutartig (}. !B. von e. Jtronf^cit, iQi gfin 
^g$ III. — neii, s, vid* Benignity. 

BSnig'nfint, BSnfg'n^ntly, »ic Benign, ftc 

BSni^nity, s. l.bic®utc,CKiIbe4 2.bic®o^r« 
t^dtigfeit^ 3. bie ^cilfamfeit, ber n>o^It(d« 
tigc (Sinfluf (ber ^uft, :c.). 

B«nO>min, s, 1. Seniamin (SK-n.) i 2. ber 
»enjoe,bie3ungfernmiIc>5 3. (—tree), BoU 
ber 39enioebaum. 

BSn'n^t, s. l.lBenebict (9]^-n).3 Senebicta 

(g-n)v (abbr, c. Benedict, qv.); 2. (herb—), 

Bot. bie 9ielfen»ur}, baftlBencbictenfraut 

B^nt, pret ft p. p, ton To Bend, qv* 

B^nt, s. 1. bieJtritmmc^S9icgung3 2.bte0li4 
tung^ D'^eigung, ber {)ang; 3ug) 3.^^ bie 
Zannc, 6ttmmung$ ber 6ntr4luf4 4. bie 
7Cnftrengung,JtraftduPerung$ 5. (— grass), 
Bot ba§ etraupgraft; IBinfengrae. 

Bcn't, dbbr. fur : be not, fci (feib) ni^t 

B^n'tjng, p.a. 1. binfen^ttfts ^-fie- drmli*, 
ntmmerli^ 5 — time, bie^ungerjcit ber Sou* 
ben tor ber fiHeife ber $ulfcnfrii4tc$ fig. 
fi^Ie^te 3cit. 

To Beniim', (cor. To Benumb')* v. a. 1. 

(tor Jtdlte) erftorrcn mo^en) 2. be^ ®e« 

f(i(l5 beranbens fig. betdnben. 
BSniim'm^dn^ss, *. 1. bic Srflttrmng J 2. fig, 

bie SBctdubung. 
BSnvgnfie', s. Print, boft Jntroitum, ber ffiill* 

fommen (ba^ G^clb, mld^c^ ber neu TCnge* 

(ommene [gum Sertrinfcn] eriegcn muf ). 
BSn'zQate, s, C/iem. baft bengocfoure 0a(). 
B^nzo'jc, adj. Chem. —acid, bic ©cnjocfdurc. 

B«nzorn',«. bcr (bie) Scn^oe, »o^Iric4cnbe 

l^fanb) —tree, m'd. Benjamin, 3. 

BSiit'ic, adj. flumpfflnnig, gcfu^noft. 

To Bepaint', v. a. (». «.) bcmalcn; f$minfcn. 

To BSpInch', v. a, fncipen, burift Jtneipcn 


To BSplfime', v. a. mit gcbcm Wmfirf en. 
To B6po<^'dfr, v. a. bepubcm, mit |)uber 

befHrcnen. [4cn. 

To BSprSi^e', v. a. loben, vulg. (erauftftret' 
To BSpiir'ple, v. a. mit^urpttr,(purpttrrot6) 
To Bequeath', v. a. (Qinem Gtmaft) terma^en. 
Blquga'tli^r, s. berSeftator, SegatariuS^ 6rb« 

iaffer. [«cgat (rid. b. u. f. ».). 

BeqaSatb'm^nt, 1. l.bieSrbcinfe^ungj 2. ba$ 
BSqn^st', s. baft Sermdc()tntf, Scgat. 
To Berate', v. a. fiJcUen. auftWelten. 




To B^rXttle', v. a. finen Sdrm (»ot4ber) xml* 
^tn, (QKnen) thtctiuhtn, anfa^ren. 

Ber'bf n^ne, s, ber ^ebe^fel (oon ben ara« 
Mf4en £r}tfn fo genannt). 

Bei^f rry, j. vid. Barbemr. 

Bercean [b^r-iO'X ' !• ^''<^* baft Xonuen* 
gemdbC) 2. baft euf4dem5Ibe^ ber SattbcR' 
§anS/SogeRgand(in^nft0irten)) bleSo* 
senUmbe. [ben, entmenben (gem. mit of). 

To B^riave', v. reg, k ir. a. berauben, tau* 

B^rSave'in^nt, s, biefBerattbttng) baftl9erau* 

BSr^ft', preU k p. p. 0. To Bereave. [ben* 

Ber'g^o, i. Com. Vergamoft; 9tt%amH, 
grobe QtnthU ISapeten (fonfl in ber 92or 
monbU u. 0. £)• gefertigt) auft oerf^. SXa* 
terialen, alft: BtiU, &otU, SdawnnoUt, 
^anf/ 3ieden^aar, K. 

Ber'g^mdt, s. 1. bie fdtv^amoHt, Sergamott* 
birni 2. (— esience), baft ®erganiott6l$ 
S. ber mit biefem Dele too^lrie^enb gemad^te 
€k(nupftabaf 4 4. vuf. Bergamo. 

Ber'g&nd^r, s. vid. Birgander. 

Berg'mllstf r , Bergh'mftstf r , [wig, bar'- 
mftfltf r], «. Jtfin. (in Derb.) ber IBergmeifler 
(JBorgefe^te ber Serglente), QhrsmefTer. 

Berg'oiQte, Bergh'mOte, s. Min, (jxiBtrh,) 
baft SSerggeri^t. [bereimen. 

To B^rhfme', v. a. iron, in CReimen befingen^ 

B«r'it/^ s. eine TCrt Slectfttgel (^eife) sum 
Vuftma^en ber 'iXtdt in deugen. 

Ber'ljn, J. A adj. Geog. (bie 0tabt} SerliU) 
berlinif^^ —blue, baft S3erlinerblau (it. 

B^rllo', Bf rllne', [b^r-hV, W„ kc ; ber'-Iln, 
Wb., Ac] s, bie S3erline (bequeme oierftlige 

Berme', i. /^ort. bie Serme, ber flSaSdang. 

Bf rmA'd^, s» Geog, bie bermubif^en (Gom* 
mer«SenfcIft03nfeItt; iSermuben. 

Ber'n^cle, s, u* comp. vid. Barnacle. 

BeWii«rd> «• 9emtarb(9X-n.)} —the hermit, 
£nt ber S3-ftfrebft, G^maro^crfrebft, Qtin^ 
flebler. [(orbinem ge^rig. 

BeWn^rdine, Ber'nairdfo, adj. ju ben Sern* 

BeWn^rdin^f , BeHn^rdtn^ , s. pi. Ecc, bie 
Sern^arbiner* ob. (Siflercienfer«!)R5n4e unb 
9{ennen. f^ber^. baft f>auptt>erbre<^en. 

Ber'n^t, s» Law, bie Sranbfliftvng 5 jum. 

Bern'-oAl, s. v'd. Barn-owl, in Barn. 

BIHlDi, s. Zool. bie 0lippen()tialle. 
fi^r^rjed, p. a. ^t. beerentragenb j bee* 

B«r'ry, s. bieSeere) ©o^ne (c Jtaffee^ic.)} 

'bearing. l9Seeren tragenb} — gallf, f^wam* 

viqe OoQdpfel. 
To Bli'ry, v. I. n. jBeeren tragen, ob. befom« 

men 4 n* «• 1* Miagen, breMen j 2. inrgra* 

ben, IC./ vtd.ToBary. 
Ber'stfn, #. vid. Besistan. 
BertA, s> k v. Afar. otd. Birth. 
Ber't/i^, 9. Sert^ (%-n.). 
Ber^tpn, J. vtd. Barton. [fiertrom* 

Ber'tTfm, «. I. Oertram (£R-n) i 2. Bot bee 
Ber'tyjng, p. s. cor. (C.) otd. Birthing. 
BSr^yi, s. Min. ber ®ert)S, TCduamatin. [gritn. 
B^r'yllne, adj. Min. ber^Sartig, grfittti^ W* 
BS'a^ty Bi'f fintlnc, vid. Byzant, kc. 
BIFf-Sntl^r, s. vid. Bez-antler. 
To B^icrftwl',!;. a. befri^eln, bef^miercn. 
To Beicrssn', v. a, bef^innen, bebetfen, ter« 


To Bdacrib'ble, v. a. befd^reibeU/ bcfri^eln. 
To Bai€gch', v. ir, k reg. a. bringenb bitten, 

erftt^en; onfle^en. 

B88ee'ch?r, s. ber (bringenb) Sittenbe ic. 
t ToBeseek' fur To Beseech (Skktp. Ac). 
To B«8€em', v. n. 1. f!4 gegiemen, ficb f4ii(fen; 

2. anfte^en (CHnem); (leiben. 
Besee'mjng, «. 4: 1. bie SEBo^lanfidnbigfeit $ 2. 

{Shksp. Cymb. 5, 5)bcr XnWein, baft Snf ere, 

bie Sra^t 

BMimHy, adj. artig, anfHnbig, fi^idPli^* 
ToB^^^, V. ir. a. 1. befe^en} befd)Iagen) 

2. einf^Uef en, umgeben, umringen^umlagem, 

belagertt) 3. in bie (Snge (Jtlemme), in 8ers 

legen^eit bringen. 
BSsJSt', pret. ftp* p. t* To Beiet. 

To Bishrei^, v. a, venodnf^en, ocrfiu4eni — 
:c. t oerbammt fei! k.! o, Dem&nMt! 
— your heart ! (of S)t4 ber Seufel \ 

B8tlde', B8«rdef', I. prep. 1. neben, bei, billet 
Uii 2. aufer, aufer^alb^ 3. ni4t gemdf, 
ilberf —that, aufer biefem^ --the pnrpofe, 
ttn)»e(fmdfig$ 'tia — my present scope, eft 
bient nid^t )u metnem Sor^abeni things — 
nature, itbernatiirlii^e tdifi^ti Jigs, to be 
— one*s self, — one*s senses, auf er fi4^, 9on 
esinnen fetn$ lit. rafen, ni^t beiSer^nbe 
fein5 n. adv. (B^Tde^;, auferben, fiber* 
bief, o^nebief, no(b ba^Ui all his troops be- 
sides, aHe feine itbrigen Xruppen. 

To Bisle^e', v. a, belagernj the b-d, pL hit 
Selagerten. [Selagerer. 

Bdsie'lec s. ber Selagerer 9 the b-s, pi. bie 

BSste'ling, p. s. k a. baft SBelagem, bie fdu 
lagerungi —army, baft SSelagerungft^eet. 

Beflr0't9n, s. ber Seflftan, (bebectte) Sajar. 

To Beslime'^v.a. (Ben./.) befubeln. [befubebt. 

To Beslub'b^r, {Shk. 1 H. IV, 2, 4) (mit«(ttt) 

To Be8m€ar',(SA*«p. To Besmirch'), v. o. be* 
f^mieren, beflreicben^ beftbrnujen, befubelo. 

To Be8muke^ v. a. (10. ii.) bcrdui^em. 




To B€iBi&t', o. a. btntfeiL bef^mtticn. 

ToBStiiOw^, V. a. l.bennekn, itb(rf4neienj 
^./g:. mit meif en fbl^tf^tn, u. bebecftn. 

To BSsn&lF^ V. a. mit ®4nupftaba! be* 

Be'f^, «. ber SSefen. [ffbmuien. 

To Mf^Bif V. a. febren, fegen. 

Bi'f Ore, «. vi(/. Beroar. [onfMnbi^ fein. 

To B^idrt', V. <t. M f(bi(fen$ paffen, anffeten, 

B«86rf,«. (i5A*ip. 0th. l,3)ba«»a« Wjiemt 

To B«8dt', V. a. bet^oren. 

BSidt'tfdIy, adv. t^tidiUx, ndrrifcber fiBeife. 

Besdt'Mn^u, J. bteS^or^cit, Set^orung. 

B^Mosbt'C— sAt], pret&p, p. o. To Beseech. 

B^sp&ke'y pret. :^ k sol. o. To Beapeak. 

To B&pSn'gle, v. a. mit SUttcrn ob. antern 
Sidaienbcn dierat^en befe^en. 

To BispSf t?r, v. a. 1. (mit Jtot^, aBttficr, ic) 
befprtten, beflc(ftni 2.^. oerlcumbcn. 

To BdspAwl', V. a. bcfpeien, befpnifen. 

ToBSspSak', v. ir. o. l.bc^Hcn (— of, bei...)» 
befpretben, bin^en) a. burcbflBorte einneb* 
nen, ya geninnen fu^en^ bitten^ an^alten > 
3. « anfpreiben/ anrcben; 4. tor^er oerKri' 
btgen, pprberfageii)* 5. funb geben, anseigen, 
amnbigen^ i>errot(en^ let me — your at- 
tention, i<b bitte urn 3^^^ ^ufmerffamfett. 

BiipSa1c«r, s. ber iSefteUer. 

To B2tp j^ck'le, v. a. fletfeK, fprenfcltt. 

To B2ape«^ t% a. (buTib ^bre<ben) btfpeicn. 

ToBtepIce', V. a. mfirjen. 

To B€apirt, v. a. befprengen, befpriben, iiber* 

To B^ft', V. ir. a. befpeien, befpnifcn, bc« 
fi^ribenj pret. bespit, or betpitted; p.p. 
beipit, bespitted, or bespitten. 

BItpOke', pret. k p. p. ton To Bespeak. 

BkpOlLfn, p. p. 0. To Bespeak. 

To Blspfit^, v.a. 1. mit S(c(!en2d(bnen, fieifen, 

tptenhln^ S. befletfen, befubtln (m-r il.)« 
ToB^8pread^ v. ir. a. beftretten, b(be(fen$ 

fni. A p.p. bespread. 
To B^sprfo'kle, v.o. (mit flBafer, K.) be« 

fprengen, befpri^cnj (mit Gtaub, u.) be> 

^den. [berSBefprnigerj SBeflduber. 

Blspifokl^r, $. Giner^ ber dttoaS befpri^t, 
To Bfspike', V. a. vid. To Bespew. 
To B&part^ o. a. md. To Betpirt. 
To B^spftt't^r, v.a. htfpfidtn, befpeien, be 

fori^en, beftibeln. 

Bin, «. abbr. virf. Betty. 

Blit, (fup. 0. Good) I. adj. ber, bie, baft 
bcfhi ihe — part, 1. ber gr5fte X^eiU 
M !SReifte{ 2. bic fieflcn) to pat the- 
coutmctioB upon a thiog, (Stioaft auf baft 
Aeflf bcntens what's the — news* maft 
If^ eft fltttcft ftencftl she had the - of it. 

fie fiattt brnfiort^etlj to make the - iifn 
thing, 1. auf baft jIBcflc mtt (Stmft umgcben, 
eft aufft Sefle bcnubca^ 2. ftcb fo dut man 
!ann; auft einer (r<blimmen, k.) Gacbc ^crauft* 
Wicfein il.f&. of ill fortune, of a bad bargain, 
kc); to do one's—, fein «c|lcft ob. ORogUib* 
fieft t$un5 to my- (or to the—of my) re- 
membrance, fo gut (fo tiel) i(b mi<b crinncm 
fann i to the — of my power, fo gut^ alft eft mic 
mfigliib i^i to the — of our observation, 
nacb unferer gcnaucften Scobac^tung $ ts 
make the — of one's way, fo fc^r cilcn alft 
m5gli(bifl) ben furseflcn ftBcg nc^men; at 
(the)—, 1. im Orunbcj von ber f<b6nftcn 
(beften) eeitc bctracbtct 5 2. wcnigftcnft i 
3. wrfti)6*fte J at the -hand, auft bcr crflm 
4>attb 9 looblfeii i to have the — , 0ieger fein $ 
U. adv. am JBeflen, aufft iScftc i he thought — 
to, kcy er (ielt eft fur baft ISeflc jU/ K.9 what 
had I— do? or what course had I— (to) take? 
mie t(ue i(b am iOSeften? meicben SBeg foU i(b 
einfcblagen? -of all, beftobeffcr} am iieb* 
flen 3 I like this - of all, mir tfl baft am lieb« 
fienj in. comp, —beloved, am mciften 
(t)iel«) geliebt4 —bidder, ber aReiflbictcnbc, 
®teigerer, Sicitant? Mars, the— bower 
anchor, ber tag(i(bc ^nfcri the — bower 
cable, baft tdglitbc Tfnfertau) — natured, 
— tempered, bcr (bic, baft) gutmiitjigftc, 
gtttartigfte, :c. 

To Bestain', v. a. befle(fen, bef<bmu2en. 

To Bestead', V. ir. a. 1 . nu^cn, 9{u(en bringen i 
2. bewirt^en, unter^altenj — , p. o. f. b. f.©. 

BHtid\p. a. (itbel 2C.) bef(baffen^ berat^en. 

Bes'tjfl, I. adj. ; II. —ly, adv. Y>ietif(^, ttie> 
xifi, im (6(bflen (S(rabe ftnnlicb* 

B^stjiU'ity, s. 1. bie oie^lfibc SScrcbaffenbeitj 
bafttie^if(beffBefen$ bieUuKmunfti 2. ber 
IBrutaliftmuft, bic gnc^if^bc Sicbe. 

To BiSs'tif tlze, To B^Ss'tjate, v. a. bem Siebe 
gleiib Ob. d^nliib ma^cn. 

To B^stifck', V. ir, a. bcflctfcn, I'oKfletfett. 

To BistTnk', v. ir. a. mit Ocflanf crf&nen, be* 
ftdnfem, ein|t2nfem. 

To BSstir', V. a. regcn^ to — one's self, r^. 
M anflrcngcn, M beeifcm, bcftreben j cilcn. 

To B&tOw^, v. a. 1. (to — upon) ert^cilcn, 
gcbea, fibenfcn, t)er(ci(en, envcifcn, gemd^« 
ren, barbriagcni 2. anmcnbcn, vcrncnbcn, 
aupoenben, (Q$elb) baran legem 3. legcn, 
fteaen, feben, aufbewa^ren $ to — a daughter, 
eine Softer ver^eiratben, auftflatteni to — 
one's self, f!^ bef^^fiidcn. 

BestGw'fil,!. (n>.ii.) l.bieKnorbnttttg,eeran* 
flaltung, Serfugung) 2. bic(Bei9ibntng(ti' 
ner ettte). 




Bettow'm«nt,f. 1. tteGrt(cilitng,9abej 2. 

bie^Cnwenbundi 9* ba^Ocben/ 8emenben. 
To B^Btr&d'dle, v. a. vid. To Bestride. 
To B€ftrew', To B«itrO< [bdatrS', lf&. W., 

iLc; bSitrA', 5m., Ag.]> v. reg. A tr. a. 

befhretteit; U^pun^en, bebetfen. 
Beitiid', pret. & p. p. Bestrlfd'd^n , p.p. 

t. To Beitride. 
To BSttrlde', v. tr. a. (iiber 6tioae) 1. ftbrei* 

ten, fiberfibreiten; bef^rettett) 8. reiten. 
BSitrOwn', p. p. )Pon To Bestrew. 
BSstilck', pret. k p. p. 0. To Bestick. 
ToBistad', v. o. 1. bef^Iagen, befetenCmit 

^(pf4ett; iQi 2, fig. befdcn. 
B&itiink', pret. k p.p. 9. To Beitink. 
To BSswTff , V. a. bcftbUunigen. 
BJSt, «. 1. bU V^tttti 2. a&6r. 9. Betty, vid. 

Betty. [St%tXi, fe^en. 

To Bjft, V. a. toetteii/ ({u einer SBctte) ein* 
To B§take'y v. tr. rrfl, to — one's self to..., 

1. M )a G^ttoaS iDCtibcn, feine 3ufltt(bt {u 
6ti9a9 nebmen, su CrtiOQ^ aretfen, ergreifen 
(ottibjfig. bie S(tt4t/ u.)5 6t»ad anfangen^ 
M auf Stipae Ugen$ 2. fi^begcben/ fi(b 
4: To Bet€€m', t?. a. (Shksp,) ge* [ccrpigen. 

»i^ren (autb: iuloffen). 

Be'tfl, f. Betle. Betmjef, f. Betilles. 

To Bdt/tiDk\ V. tr. a. (& rfjf. to — one's self, 
M) bcbenfen, (ft(b) beflnnen; Prb erinnern 
(—of, dner ©ocbe). 

B^(A'l8h$m, 1. 1. Geog, Sftble^emy 2. baft 
S^arren^auft, (viU Bedlam). 

BStA'iehemlte, BStVl^mTte, s. 1. ein 99e« 
roobner Don SBetblebem^ 2. Ecc. etnS^et^- 
lebemiter « !Dt6n(b $ 3. ber 9>{onbftl(btige, ic.^ 
vid. Bedlamite. [burrbblduen. 

To Be^^Qfflp', V. a, {Shksp. E. John, 2, 2) 

BStYd', BSti'dfd, pref. k BStifd', p.p. 9. f. flB. 

To Bdtide', V. tr. k reg, 1. a. begegnen^ )tt« 
ftof en, befaOen, u. $ woe — thee 1 mebe SDir I 
ber j>en!er bole SDt^l (b. o. sum. mttto); 
II. n. f!(b )tttragen, eretgnen, gef^cb^n. 

Bftnief', $. Com. 99etbilleft; SBettlloft, ein loN 
(erer, baummollencr, metftenS meipgeftreifter 
Ob. meifgegitterterSaummoIlenfloff oon ter* 
f^iebenen Yrten unb 9erf(biebenen Oegenben 
SDfHnbienl. [tig, fril^e. 

B§tliDe'»B8tlmef',a(/v. bei3eiten$ balb) set* 

Be'tle, s.Bot. beri9)etel| —nut, bie9etel« 
nnf, TCrehnup. 

To BSto'kfn, V. a. 1. bejei^nen, anbeutenj 

2. bebeuten, torbebeuten, oor^erWnbigen, 

B«f 9ny. s. Bou bie IBetonie. [fibiitteni. 

To BetSsfl', V. a. {Shksp.) flarf be»egen, er^ 

To Betrfiy', v. a. 1. oerrat^en^ 2. utldtai, 
^erfidbren) 8. seigen, entbecfcn. 

B^trs/^r, s, ber SSerrdt^er. [auf^ubeu. 

To B^trim', v. a. iimMtn, litttn, puitn, 

TO B^Mthf, V. a. 1. (M) ^erloben, Our ebO 
9erfpre<bett) 2.)tteittemSSiBt^umeemenneiu 

BitrStVmcnt, j. 1. H^Q^votvJpuditn, bie 6er« 
lobung $ 2. bie (Smennung }tt einem Sift tbume. 

BSfsdy, BJ^t'sy, s. vid. Betty. 

Bett«i'188f , Bfttfl'lief , «. vtd. Betilles. 

B^t't^r, icomp, 9. Good), L actf. beffer, mebr 
wertb/ dberlegen (an ®eift, 6tdrf e, Xopfer* 
feit :c.,:c.)5 to baYe the—, bieDbctbanb 
babeni to get the — of, ben fiortbeil babeii 
itber . . », iibenoinben, ^tn werben fiber . . • $ 
to give one the — of it, C^inem ben IBorsng 
geben;tta4(leien) for the—, (einer 6a4e) 
|um S^eften) n. adv. I. beffer) 2. mebr, 
borflberj to lore (like) — , lieber b^benj 
yon (had) — , Ac, Zit tbdten beffer, jc. i ten 
foot high and — ,sebnSuf bo4 unb badiber $ 
it is — than half past eleven o'clock, eft ift 
uber balb jm^lf (Ubr)$ so much the — , be^o 
befTerj I love him the — for it, i(b liebe ibn 
befwegen nurbeflome(r) 1 thought— of it, 
i(b b<^be mi(b beffer bebacbt^ for— for worse, 
attf®(iitfunbUngUitf, auf aUe mdgl. SdUe, 
auf ®eratben>obl) III* <t« 1. ber iBorsug, 
IBortbeil, bie SDberbanbi (oergl. phs. 
hd Better, I.)^ 2. Ut Seffere, IBomeb« 
mere, SDbere (gem. im pi.); 3. (in But. 
Hud.) ber ^ointeur betm CSpiel {opp, sitter, 
Sanfb<^lter) } ourb-s, pi. 1. unfere ^htm, 
6orgerebten$ 2. IBornebmere alft toiti 3. bie 
beffere Q^igeufcbaften, 2C. (aben alft »ir. 

To BiSt't^r, v.a. 1. ^erbeffem, oertoUfomm- 
nen$ 2. fibcrtrefeni 3. befdrbem, unter* 
ft&^tn, begiinfUgett) to — one's self, M (bet 
einem Aaufe, k.) DerbefTem. [rectionftbouft. 

B<tft9rrog-h5die, s. baft fBefTerungftbattft, <Sor< 

BSf termf nt, s. bieSerbeflerung i Serebelung $ 
Sefdrberung} b-s, i. p^ Am. (col. ft. 
improvements), TCttlagen, SerbefTerttngen 
neuer Sdnbereien burib Urbarmotbung beft 
llanbeft, TCnpflanjungen, ic. 

B^ftjng, s. baft ®ctten, bie XBette. 

B^ft^r, s. ber SBettenbe, CBetter. 

Bj^f ty, s. 1. cant, baft IBre(beifen i ber SDietri4 } 
2. a5&r. (ffir: Elisabeth) ^ieft^euj fdttt* 
4en (8-ttO. [serfn6ttert. 

Bdtftm'bled, p. a. ttnorbentli^/ oermorren, 

BStwSSn', I. prep, smifiben, unter$ —this 
and to morrow, swif^en f^tuV unb morgeny 
—whiles, oott 3eit )u 3eit, sutoeilen, botta 



«nb mmi — oanclveg, (—yon and mc), 
ttttter une (Seiben), unfer ofer 'KuQcni 
II. adv. the ipace — , ber 0taum baiwif^en/ 
3mif«inirQumi in. (sum. fubflanttoif^); 
there is nothing in the-, el gtebt Uitlz^iU 
Ulfttafti —decks, Mar. 3n)if4enb((fd. 

BStwixt', prep, toit Between. 

BSv^^U l.s.l. Mech. (Carp., Mas., Lock-sm., 
&c.) bie e^miegC; 64»d, ber SBinfelpaffer, 
SBinfelfaffer, baft 64r^d^af / ©e^rmaf $ 
befsl. Her. (inSBapett)} 2. bief^rdee ob. 
f4iefe {Ri^tungi vid. Beveling; 11. adj. 
ntH^, Wief; ein Stnit, tint Jtrumme btlbenb/ 
frumro^ —angle, ber WiefeSBinfelj —gear, 
&c. vid. unt. To Bevel. 

To B^v'f 1, V. I. a. ftbrdge f^netben^ fd^ief r{4* 
ten$ 5Aip-&. em @tfi(! {)oI} nadl^ einer SDlaQ 
begotten, jurid^tenj II. n. tint f^rdge, f^it^t 
^ber frumme Oticf^tung ^obcn^ Mech, b-ed 
gear, bol f onifd^e (Setrtebe ) a b-ed wheel, 
tin S)tagonaI * ob. itegelrab, f onifd^el 0tab 

BSv'fling, I. adj. Mrdg/ f^tef, frumm) IT. s. 
Ship'h. 1. bollBe^ouen be! ^otjcs na4 ciner 
QRaai bieS^iegungbel^oIsel) 2. einaBtn' 
ftl grfiper (standing—) ob. Heiner (under—) 
all ein red^ter. 

B^v'flment, s. Min. Ue ^fbflumpfung, 7(bf[a 
Aung ber Sif en einel itrt)flani. 

B&'v^r, s. vid, Beaver. 

B^v'crvge, s, 1, bal (Setrdnf, bCr SranC i 2. bie 
(Sr^f(i^ttng, ^imonabe^ ber mit fiBafer oer- 
biinnte (5i)ber j 3. bie Fleine aXa^ijeit }ttr Crr« 
frif^ung, donation; 4. berTfntrittlfd^maul, 
flBiflfommen) 5. ber (Sinflanb; bal @in« 

BSv'II, », k adj., Bev'jle, s. Her. vid. Bevel. 

B^v^y, «.l. burl. eine()DamenO®ereIir4afti 
2. Sport, ber ^oufen, bie ^di^aar, j)erbe, k.; 
ber S^ttg (IBogel); a— of partridges, ein 
fdoJJt (eine^ette, ob. Jtitte) Oteb^ili^ner j a- 
ofqnalls, ein ^ttg SSa^teln; a— of roes, 
ein SUttbel (Sprung) Ote^e $ a — of roebucks, 
ein SUttbel (2>rupp) 0le^b5(fe5 — grease, 
bol {>irf(^rett. [we^flagen, trauern. 

To BSwiil', V. I. a. beflogen; bemeinenj II. n. 

BewSFlfhle, adj. beffogenlmert^. 

Bdwiii'lfr, s. ber fiSe^flagenbe. 

Bewfii'ljng, s. bal Seflogen. bie SBe^Hage. 

To BSwiire', v. n. ft(b (uten, fid^ oorfe^en 
(— of, corj juweiien a.). 

To BSwil'd^r, v.a. Line ffi^ren, D.redi^tettXBege 
abbringen i ^.fig. oenoirrt; beftiir}t ma^en. 

BSwTKdprmf nt, s, col. bie Serwirrung. 

ToB2wItch', v.a.^exenj 2.^. besau* 
bent, beftriifen. 

BIwftch'f r, s. ber ^eiattberer, ^exenmeifter. 

IBiwitchVy) BewitcVm^nt, «. l.bie Oesait* 
berung, 3ttuberfraft, bcr3oubcrj 2.j%.ber 
ifnmiber^e^Ii^e Olcij. 

BSwitch'fdl, adj. rcijenb, bejaubcrnb. 

BSwrtch'jng, l.p.i. bieSejauberung; II. p. a. 
III. — ly, adv. bejoubcrnb, rcijenb. 

Bc'wjts, s. pL Falc. bie 2ebcr*flliemen nut 
IBefeftigung ber ^nfsZdftUtn einei fallen. 

|To Bewray', v. a. oerrtttj^en, jeigen. 

To B€wrSp', v. a. umroicfcln, rcr^uttcn. 

Bey [ba], s, ber ©ct) (tfirf. etQttJaltcr). 

BSyOnd', I. prep. 1. jcnfeit, jcnfciti (aufbcr 
anbern &titt)i 2. ilber, fibcr^in, binaul, 
aufer^ 3. oor (oorjuglitber all . . .) j —what 
is sufficient,. mc^r allgenug; to — di- 
gestion, fi4 im @ffcn itbcrlabcn i to go — ..., 
1. fiber ... ^inaul gc^cn, n>eitcr gc^cn, 
fiberfcjreitcn; 2.^g. fibcrtrcifenj 3. fintcr* 
ge^cn, bet^ort^cilcn; to go — one's depth, 
l.bil ubcr ben Jtopf in'a SBaffcr^ ic ge^cn$ 
2.^. fi^nid^tmcl^riu (elfcnntfTcn^ —belief, 
unglaublicbi — eiipreKsion, unbcfcbrcibUd^ 5 

— measure, fiber bie SWofen; —memory, 
fiber SKcnfd^cngcbcnfcni — recovery, ouf 
immer terlorcn; II. adv. fiber ... ^inaul, 
barfibcr l^inaul )C. 

Bezan', B^z/ans, s. Com. ®efQne, WCife, ge« 
ftreifte ober oerftbiebcnfarbigc bcngalif<bc 
baumnonene Sfirber. 

Bezant', (C.) s. vid. B^-zant 

Bez'-SntIf r, s. Sport, bie Gilfproffc, ber Sil* 
fpriffel; 9)rfifel am f)irrd^gcroei§c. 

BSzSn'ty, s. vid. Byz.nnty. 

Bez'?I, Bgz'jl [ffft., Ac; bc'zl, Ifbrc, Ac], 

s. ber Jtaflen (bcl CHingel^ loorin ber Stein 
fi^t), bal mingfutter. 

Be'zOar, s. (—stone) bcrlBciOttr, ©cgoarftein j 
German— , bie® cmlfugc! 5 ox—, bcr9iinb»« 
gaQenftcin (ein ge(b(i(ber Stein in ber ©oUen* 
blafe ber 2)(ifen)j — antllope, Zool. bie 
(BaitUti — goat, Zool. bie IBejoargiegc $ 

— mineral, C/ifm. mineralifdl^er Sejoar (ein 

B^z9ar'dic, adj. be§oar(Qltig. [neien. 

BezQar^djcs, s. pi. Med. begoar^aUige ^Cr;* 
BSz&'lf, 8. Ich. bie (leine ^ardne. 
B§zO'njan, s. (Shaksp.) ber drmlid(»e SEBid^t. 
4: To BSz'zle, r. a. (Milt.) oerpraffen. 
BhGwAnse', s. (inb.) Myth, bie (Sdttinn ber 

3erfl5rung (bei ben Thugs, qv.). 
Bhfing, (inb.) vid. Bang, 2. 
BiVt *. ber fiomefifd^e 9?ttme ffir Cowry qv. 
BlXn'gniSte, BlXn'gfimt^d, Bian'gfilous, adj. 

}wei»infelig, sweietfig. 
Bi'eis, I. 1. l.biefd^iefeSeite ob. SRid^tung, 

bUHuere; berflber^ang) Xb^ong^ -of a 




Ibowl, bcr {>ang (bte SZeigund, ®tdrfe) einer 
Sta^tU ^ Com. Ux ICuef^laa (bcim SBfi« 
gen)) au4>^. bad Clbergemtc^t^ bie QXa^tj 
3.>ig. bi(9it<btund^ ber3^riebi f>ftnd,3ud/ 
bie 9{cidttns$ baft Gtrebeni bie XbMti 
4. ber CSinn, bie ®ebeatttng5 to put one 
out of hit — , S^monben auft bem Qoncepte 
brinstn, t^n ^erUgen madden ^ II. adv. f^itf, 
Stitlin^i, von ber Getter to cot — , ber CLuere 
fd^neibeni fig. t&erfe^rtauftlegen^ to go a—, 

To Bi'm* v. a. 1. auf bie eine &tiU neigenj 
2.>Sg.neiden^Ieiten;ri(bten^ einnetmeu) auf 
feine Geite lieben, (ficb) {uget^an madden. 

Bib,s. l.baft®aadPdf(^4en$ 2. (— aproa), 
baft ®eiferttt(6, (®eiferO U^^tn* 

BIbft'cioQi[H^rc., Wb., W.; biba'shvi, Sm.]> 
adj. bem ZxunU ergeben. 

Blfb'b^r, Bib'belfr, s. ber 9?ipper, 3e4er; 3e4' 
bmber, Gduftr. 

BTb'bing, s. baft 92ippen^ 99e4em. 

To BYb'ble, v. n. vi(f. To Babble. 

Bn/ble-bftb'bleyf. mlg. ®eiodfd^,flSifd^tmaf(bi. 

BIbbf , «. p<. 5/up-ft. bie ^ertorfle^enbenXfteile 
ber 9a(!en eineft !S{afteft. 

Bl'ble.i.l.bielBibel^^eilideetrift^ 2. Mar. 
biegrofi Xxt beft j)odi^bootftmami§i —oath, 
ber 6d^mttr auf bie Sibcl. 

Bib'If r, s. vid. Bibber. 

Brb'lic^l, adj. biblifib. 

Bibljftg'nQiy, f. Lt'r. 1. bie 99iid^er!enntttip, 
Siiiberfunbe} 2. bie TCnIettung ba|tt. 

BtblfOg'r^phfr, s. Lit. 1. ber IBibliograplft) 
2. ber Xbf4reiben 3^ ber e^nftfteSer. 

BTblj9gri(ph'jc (— c^l), adj. bibliograp^if^. 

BibljOg'r^phy, s. Lit. bie 9ibIiograp^ie. 

Bn>'ii9lTte, s. m. ber Sibliolit^. 

Biblj9mti'nj^, s. Lit. mod. bie S9ibUomanie, 
SAibemutb, 9il4trftt<bt. 

Btblj^m&'nj^c i. Lit. mod. ber IBiblioman. 

BYbljpm^ni'^G^l, adj. Lit. bibUomanif<b. [ler. 

Bib'lippOle, Bibli6p'9list» s. Lit. ber ®tt(bbAnb' 

BrblJQtyie'c*, BWilqthtke, s. vid. Library. 

Bibijse/i'ec^i iwb., m, Sm.; brbijQt^e'cfi, 

PForc. Ac], adj. Lit, ju einer 9ibIiotbef 
fietdrig. [SBibliot^efar. 

Brbli9£/teca'r{«^> BYblffifA'^cSry, s. Ut. ber 
Bn/ljit, $. ber SibclglAubige^ S5ibelfenner. 
BYb'ftloai, adj. fibnaauni^f 9 —paper, (5f(b* 
BicXp'sai^r, adj, Bot. iipetPopfelig. [papier. 
Bicar'bonlte, Chfm. \. $. baft SBicarbottat) 

II. adj. fiberfoblenfauer. 
Bl€e,i.i\nfit. baftUitramarin) btae— , dber^. 

bie blaueSarbe^bef. baft Slafblau) green—, 

bicgrfineSarbe) baft 9Iaf griin. 
mdrp^it^, BidTp'itoQs, adj. iioeiHpfig. 

To BkkV> V* R* 1. fld^ iittemb ober MogenV 
(in tt. (er bemegen, (o. Slammen ob. B^dflcn) 
M ftbldngeln) flatfem/ Iobem$ 2. ^reiten, 
lanfen, (abern. 

Bick'«r«r, s. ber estrciter, ddnfer. 

Bfck'f rn (Bick'>!r9n), «. 1. Mtch. baft fpi^ifte 
Crifen, ® i(!eifen ^ 2. 5m. ber sweifpi^ige (ob. 
^omO^niboft, baft ®perrbom, S)oppel(om^ 
ber Gpen^afen. 

Bi'oorn, Bl'corne, BlcoHnooi, adj. 1. mttiioei 

^dmeni/ ge^drnt? 2. Bot. ineitdmig. 
Bl'corn, s, Bot. bie ^ftanje mit iweibdrnigen 
Blcdr'p9r»I, adj. }metleibig. tlCntberen. 

To Bid, V. ir. a. 1. t^fen, befe^Ien, gebieten$ 

2. bieten (einen ^reift, befgl. in Xuetiotten)^ 

3. entbieteU; anbietenj 4. aufbieten, abPfin* 
bigeni anffinbigen, auftrufen^ 5. bitten^ eitt« 
laben; to — one the time (compUment) of 
the day, 3emanb grfif en (guten SRcrgen, Xag^ 
Kbenb bieten) j to -one farewell, ©fneni 
«ebe»obl fagen j to- fair (n.), ffd^ gut aniaf* 
fen, }u ^offnungen beredj^tigen $ to ~ a booo» 
urn eine Oabe (®nabe) bitten $ to— the 
beads, ben fllofcnfranj beten^ to— up, (in 
Xuctionen, K.) iiberbietenj (bie ?)reife) in 
bie ^of^t treiben. 

Bid, I. pret. k p, p. (». 5. ®.)| II, ,. 
baft (Sebot (in Xuctionen). 

Bid'd«n,p. p. 0. To Bid. 

Brd'd^r, s. l.ber, bie IBefeblenbe^ 2.ber (Sin^ 

laber? 3. ber eteigerer, Sicitant (in einer 

)CttCtion}4 the best or highest — , ber JRetfls 

bietenbe; the lowest— , ber 9Xinbe)lbietenbe. 
Bid'djng, I. p. s. I. baft Ottf^tif, (Skbot, ber 

SBefebl, bie SDrber $ 2. baft l^ieten, Oebot (in 

2(nctionen); II. p. a. beifenb^tc.) vid.ToBid. 
Bid'dy, s. Labbr. ffir : Bridget, Brigit; 2. dim. 

baft ^tt^ndften (alft 2(n(o(f e*®ort : 9^ 1 9nt !) 
To Bide, f. I. a. n 4: auftbarren, (gebnlbig) 

abnarten $ n. n. vid. To Abide. 
BlMf ns, Bfd^nt, s. vid. Vater-hemp. [jotfig. 
Bidjfn't^, adj. 1. i»eiidtnig; jmei^infigi 2. 
Bid«f, [Wb., Wore; bida', Sm.], s. 1. bo* 

neine 9ferb, ber <$r(epper$ 2. bie dteitbonf^ 

baft fReitbetfen (sum SBafdben). 
Bfdjng, p. 1. 1. baft SSobnen^ 2. (or --place) 

ber SBo^nplat, Xufent^altftort. 
BId'9n, s. Mar, ein^i^ffigfeitftmaf oon ungef. 

5 engi. Sluart. [(an^ Bot.). 

Blj^n'aj^l, I* adj,^ II.— ly, adv. imeiid^rtg 
Bier, s. bie Sabre, Sobtenba^rei —balk, ber 

itir^^ofmeg )tt SegrAbniflfen. 
BiSs'tingf, s. pi. bielBieftmiUb- 
Bim'rjoai, I. adj.; 11. —ly, adv. 1. }mei« 

fadb,itoeibeutig,boppeIftttnigi 2. Bot. |mci« 





ViffTiMM, adj, Bou Qd(r(i4)3»e!maItradeQb. 

BIf lin, s. cine Utt getroifneter, ptatt^epref ter 
Xpfel. [toit b. f. tB. 

FlTld, [ Wore, W,, Sm, ; bir/jd, Wb., Kn.], adj. 

Bif^dat^d, Bif fd«te, p. a. 1. in }mei S^eile 
gct^eilt, de||>oIteB; 2. Bot. imeifpoltid. 


Bif oil «. Bot. bad Bmeiblatt. [stodblumig. 

Bi'fdid, adj. imcifdltig; )to{efQ(ft; boppelt. 
. Bl'fonn, Bl^rmed, adj. ^neif^rmig; 90n bop« 
peUtr^orm^ SioeUetbig. 

BIfSr'iiiity, s. hit boppelte (Sefloltung, ^op« 
pelfonU; i»eifa((e (Seflolt. 

Bif 9roiu, ad[7. mit boppelten S^firen. 

BifrSn'Cfd, p. a, 1. itoeiSorberfettCR ^abenb) 
2. sweijfUmid. 

BifoT'c^tc, Blfur^c^M [Were, W., Sm,; 
bl'lardit, &c Wb.'], p. a. 1. iioeisacfig; s»eis 

. tjbaiii 2.fiot.sabeIfdnnid;i»etdftts,gcfpaItcn. 

BH&rc&'tion, s. litB^altmq (in itotiZi^tiUX 
8abelfdrmi9e2;^eiiund (bed flBesed, :c.). 

Blf&r'coas, adj. vid. Bifarcate. 

B^, adj, l.tid,^vef,tcUi 2.f4io()nder$ trd4 
tig B.^. erffiat; 900 (}.9. boOitummer, 
envartttRS, IBtx^mx^cn, mit with...) 9 4. 
flolg^ oufjgeblofen, tro^is^^od^; grof $ 5. grofi« 
(eritg, er§4ben, mut^boll) —with child, 
f^ioanser; —with young, trd^tig; figs. 
io^o — with a project, mit einem ^Cnf^lage 
Mwonger ge^en $ to look— » ftol), tttiiq, it. 
tLuBftt^tm to uUc— , groft^un^ aufTt^nciben) 
— bellied, bicfbdn^ig^ vutg. fd^xoan^tvi 
-bodied, biAeibigj —boned, florf, froft* 
DoB/ ©icrfftriltiflj —corned, —grained, 
groff 6mis{ —named, 1. berit^mt) 2. bcm* 
bafHf4 benannt/ boSmattltg ) —napped, grob- 
fdbig) — vddered, mit \>onen ^tem. 

Bfg, Big'-beAr, Bfg'-bire, wU nnter Barley. 

To Big, V. a. ft n. provinc. (?f-engl.) bnuctt, 

Bfg'^mfat, s. bcr iSigamift 

BIg'vmy, «. 1. bie IBigomie, IDoppcIs^^efS. 
(im lanoniMen (Rt^tc) bie ^eirat einer 
indtot grou/ k. 

Kg9r95tt', J. jRim. bie grofe weipe^erjfirf^e. 

Bil^n^in^te, adj. Bo<. boppeit jWcijfiWifl. 

BFg;^, 1. Zoot. baft 9?9lgau. 

Big;%n, 1. 1. bie Oeg^ine, 9?onnen(aube (bet 

Segsinen)) 3. bn« Jtinber^dnb^en, !Rfit 

4eni (SftaAe^pO bie (92a4t«)aieabe. 

B^t, 1. 1. Mar. bet 9ttg, bie Sugt (ber Vim 
frag cineft ^fomrnengeroSten e4ifftane(}i 

2. bie eit4t, ein fleiner -^afen, ed^IttpftQ^ 

fcn$ 3. ber bu^td^nfi^e 9inr<ftitttt in ein 

Wfelb) 4. Afan. ber 9ug am edftnUl (bcr 


Wlffnfm. $. bie IDfi^, (Sr$f e, ber Umfang. j 

Bigno'njf , s. Bot. bie Srompetenblnme. 

B^Qt, I. s. 1. bcr TCnbdcitier^ St^mmler, 
®4etnteiligei 2. bcr blinbe Yn^dngcr (mit 
to); II. adj. r^cin^ciltg, bigott. 

Big'9t?d, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, 1, bigott J 
fr5mmelnb$ 2. blinb crgcben, jngct^an, — to 
..., cingcnommcnfur... . [Bigotry. 

Big'Qttfm, s. bcrf>ang2ttr7(nbfi4tclci$ vid. 

Brg'9try, s. 1. bie Sigottcric, Xnbdd^tclci, 
9r5mmclei, CS^cin^ciligtcit) 2. bie blinbc 

Bijou [hizhdik', Worci bi'zhD0,5m.>.(frani.) 

baft Jdcinob, bcr 3u»ci, f oflbarc e^mucP* 
B<j'otttry[bizh'dtri], 1. ©ijcutcric (»»aarcn)- 
BTjS'gous, adj. BoU ;»cipaatig gcftcbcrt* 
Bila'bif te, adj. Bot. jwcitippig. [bcflc^cnb. 
BilWfll^te [ Wb.']f adj. Bot. auft gtoci^^attcn 
B|Ian',f. Com. baft^BcrfaOsctt-^tt^^da^Iungft* 

Qnd), (in ^ranfrei^) ein Sn(t, mcrin itauf' 

teutc nnb ^e^ftler i^re Ktti^: unb f)anit* 

G^ttlben eintrogcn. 
BilVnd^r,^. Afar. 1. bcrSinncnIanbcr$2.bcr 

Silanber (ein swcimaf!.r4meb. n.engl.^d^iff)- 
Bjlat'^r^l, adj. )toeifeitig, boppclfeitig. 
Bi'liw, s. vid. By-law. 

BifKb^rry, jr. Bot. bie |)eibe!bccre. [0iappicr, 
Bn'bo, Bjlbi/^, s. (fpan.) bie tDcgcnfiinge^ baft 
BYl'buef, (Bn'bOwf ), s, pU Mar. hit IBujcn, 

Sufbanbe, bcr €$to(f (fSr IBerbrc^cr ouf 

64iffen> [auf, baft ete^aufstSXann^cR. 
BrKbpqn^ t [— M], s. bcritugelfong) Zttf)^ 
Bile, s. 1. bie QhaUci 2. baft ®cf4n>ilr; tc, 

vid. b. b. Boil ; — doct, i4nat. bcr (SaUengang, 

fBiliargang) — itone, Afed. bcr Oancnflein. 
Bilge, s. 1 . ber !Bau(^ cincft Saffcft ) 2. Afar, baft 

Sia4, bie fiBeite ober Sreite beft 6(^iffto» 

benft$ -pomp, bie Sobcnpumpc^ 64Iag> 

pumpe) —water, baft Jtimmmaffer; C^4Iag« 

To Bilge, V. n. Mar. Icdt merbcn^ a b-d ship, 

ein im^a4 Icifeft (ein gefi(&citcrtcft, bef^d* 

bigtcft, ramponirteft) e^iffi vid.To Bulge,] . 
Bn'jfry, adj. iwc GaUe ge65rig| —duct, 

Anat. ber Ci^aHengong; Siliargang. 
BTIifn'gaarL— gw^r], cidi. j»cifpra(big* 
BTIIn'gaottf [— gwi]ts], adj. l.}mci}iingig/bop* 

peliiingigi 2. i»ei6pra4cn fprc4^enb. 
Bn'ioui [— yva], adj. 1. gaOig^ 2. gatti^t 

gaUcnartigj —fever, baft (StaUcnffeber. 
Bllit'^rf 1, adj. sweibn^ftabig. 
To BTlk, V. a. fc^neSen; prcRen, bctrfigen, im 

Btidit lafcn (bef. fcinc ®(2ttbiger). 
Bni, s. 1. abbr. (ffir: William) «BiI^lm, 

ftBilm^en) 2. ber e^nabcl (vid. Beak); 

—full, ein e^nabcUoO} —headed, f(^na« 

belfSrmig j 3. bietanbrpite) 4. bieepi|e beft 






Jbli^se9,eii»editr(U;K.$ —of an anchor, 
hitmkticfpx^ti — fish, vid. Gar-fish; 5.eine 
Yrf ed^nf^na^tU —brads, eine 7[xt SRdgel 
mft grraben ®4tt(tem ob. Jt6pfett (ium Gin* 
fenhn)} 6. Gard. cme2(rt6t(6el/bie^ippe; 
bal OartenmefTer^ 6(lftnUtmeffer, (auti — 
hook,bef9l.}: T, Mil. bafiSar^incnmeffer^ 
hand—, (ine Ftir}C f>ippc 3 hedge (hedging)—, 
eine louse j)t|>pe$ —man, ber Sattmf4nci« 
terj 8. bie ^ummoxt^ 6treitaxt5 $elle« 
barbe; — man, ber^eSebarbier. 
Bni, 1. ber. Com. ft Law, 1. ber ^ttUl, baft 
SiSetj 2. bie^tfle, baft fSnitHnifi 8. bte 
Ste^nung, ber TCuftiug^ bie 9{ote) 4. brr 
6(bein, bie eef(beimgund$ 5. ber CBed^felj 
TCppoint (vi(/. Appoint) 3 6. bie 64nft/ 
GAttlboerftbreibttng^Urfunbei T. bieAlade« 
f^rift) 8. (a — setup), ber Knf(bIa8ietteU 
t>al TCoeitiffement) 9. baft SHecepti 10. bie 
i8ia (ber (Sntmurf [^orf^lag] in einem ®e 
fete ob.|tteiner9)arIament$9erorbnttnd){ bie 
Qfcte (ber i^erbinbli^e ^avlamtnHfiXuf, toft 
Qefe^)! -under one's hand, eine ^anb* 
fd^rifti taker of a—, berSraflant; ^tne^« 
raeri —for (of) debt, (due—, or hand—), 

(tnf>anb(f4tttb)f4ein^anbi9e4r(i5 ^ long—, 
etn lattfiMtigerffBeibfel^ ashort— , ein(ttr|< 
fld^tiger CBe^felj a single (sole, or only)-, 
ber 6oIame(bfe( (eigene ob. trodfeneSEBecbfeO} 
Bills, pi. l.gen. Com, SBecbrel/ |)apierc, tDe* 
«ifen (CBe^fei auf einen fiSBe^felpIab, ber 
dnen (Sourft ^at)i '2. Qfctten; u.| 3. SSriefe 
(aiifbemGourftblatte)^ 4. Minu ®oIb*ob. 
eilberHumpen, vid. Billot; b-s at three 
months* date, bret ^onat |)apier j b-s at 
usance, UrometreU b-s in sets, fiBe^fel 
inSDupUcatett/ (Sopiemetbfel) b-s on London, 
XBe^fel auf Eonbon, vuig. Sonboner^ b-s 
payable book, baft 7(cceptation$bU(b^ Srat* 
tenburb $ b-s receivable b., bal (Remeffenbu^/ 
|)lat« ob. 0tabtn>e4felbtt4- Bill of admea- 
surement, ber ^tfhxitU —of adventure, 
ber Koenturbrief ) — of amortisation, ber 
(0tortification$r4ein; Zil^uxiQif^tini — of| 
bottomry, ber Sobmereibrief, e^iffftpfanb* 
brief J —of carriage, ber gra^tbriefi —in 
chancery, bie C^^obenerfatHase Dor bem 
^ansleigericbtj —of complaint, bieJtIage* 
f^rift; 9te(btftflage) —of cost, bie Stopxn* 
reibnung i 6inf aufftrecbttung i —of the course 
of exchange, baft GfourSblatt/ ber (Sottrftjef « 
telj — of credit, ber otfeneflBetbfel) ilm. ber 
€{4atfammerf4ein{ —of debt, ber6(bttlb< 
f^ein, bieG^ttlboerfcbreibung i —of delivery, 
ber (7(uft«)2iefenmdftf4ein{ -of divorce, 
ber e4^bebrief$ —of emption, ber Jtauf* 

brief; Aaufcontroct^ —of enditement (or 
indictment), bie TCnflageacte^ —of entry, 
bie 3oIIbecIaration (baft CKn* ob. ^CttftgangS* 
ioIIber)ei(bnif)| —in equity, bie Jtlage* ob. 
9)ittf(brift in eatben ber Oiaigfeiti - of 
exchange, ber flBetbfelbrief; Oeibfel) —of 
exchequer, ber G^ftb^mmerfcbein ) —of 
(the) fair, ber etattbf^ein, Gtanb^ettel (auf 
aXelfen u. SKdrften) i — of fare, ber SKarft-* 
ietteI,itA(beniettel$ Speifeiettel^ -of foniit. 
Print ber e<briftiettel; <Slief}ettel5 - of 
freight, ber S^a^tbriefj —of health, ber 
Q^erunb^eitftpaf, baft (Sefunb^eitftatteftati — 
of indemnity, vid. (bond of) Indemnity; 
—of lading, ber(64i|fft«)Serlabttft0ftfdbefn/ 
(6ee09^a(btbrief; baftQcnnoffament; —of 
mortality,, bie eterbelifle, Sobtenlifle) —of 
parcels, bie (fpeciffcirte) flBaarenretbttung, 
Sactura $ — of the play, ber i(om6biensetteI 5 

—of prescriptions, (doctor's—), baft €^ecept 
(eineftXriteft)) —of rights, bie (unter Wil- 
liam u. Mary bem endl.6oI!e gegebene) 6er* 
faffungfturfanbe^ — of tale, ber Jtaufbrief, 
itaufcontracti ^fanbcontract $ Am, ber nift 
unterfiegelte Serf aufftcontract etneft Cftnmb* 
ftfitfeft) great or grand — of sale, ber OeiU 
brief (obrigfeitli^eft 3eugttif iiber ben wt» 
frbriftmdfigen Sau iinU &^iKti)i —of 
sight, ber 3oUerIaabniffibein; (Sitter o^ne 
Sactnr auftplabe&j —of specie, berCSorten* 
IctttU —of store (stores), ber f)robiattt* 
fcbeiit; Qfrlaubiiif fcb^in jur loOfreien 6erpro« 
oiantintnd'fUr bie dteife eineft ^a&belftftbif* 
fefti —of sufTerance, ber C^rlQubnifftetn, 
Sreiiettel; 9)aff!riettel sur loHfreien Xuftfu^r 
Don tSaaren oon einem britif(ben ^afra |ttm 
anbems — oftntinage,ber9Xefbrief(auftge« 
fhDteft ^eugnif 100m Qfiibmeifier fiber bie Sa« 
fKfifeit eineft ©(bii&ft) > — of view, vid, — of 
sight; —of weight, bie® emitbtftnote) —ac- 
count, baftSBe(bfeIcontO} —book, baftSetb' 
felfcOtttrO) — bows, vtd. Bilboes; —broker, 
berSBe4felmd(ler; —brokerage, bieSe^^ 
felcourtage^ —business, IBanPger4ifte$ — 
copy-book, baft ffBe<bfeIcopierbu(b 5 — <ioer, 
berflBedbfelreiter^ flBuiberer) —holder, ber 
ffBe^felin^aber; ^rdfentont$ —jobbing, bie 
SBedbfelreiterei} —money, bie ffBe(bfeIeoor< 
ta^ti -poster, -sticker, ber 3ettelanftbW« 
ger, 3-attfIeber) —stamp, ber flBeibfelflein< 
pel) —wallet, baft Safcbenbtt^ sum beque* 
men Xragen ber fianfnoten n. flBed^fel. 

To Bfll, V. I. a. cant, (bttrib Xnf<btadiettel 6f* 
fentl.) anjeigen) II. n. fhb fd^ndbeln) fig. 

Bll'l^rd, s, ber Saflarb'Jtapaun. [liebeln. 

Bniirdf , s, pi. bie junge Ontt b. Jto(Ieiif!f<beft» 




BifU'btrry, i. vid. Bilberry. 

Bsn^t,!. 1. bae eiSirt, bcr3cttel, bte9totef 
2. BTiL ter SIttartier)ctteI) 3. Her. bte 
e^iftbelj Boft-, (brn^t-ddox [bnie-dd], pL 
biKieu-ddoz [-ddz]), ba$Stebe«brief4en) 
4.baSQ$4ttti 5. ber (9oIb«,K. JtCumpcni 
vid. Billot; —wood, IBrenn^oIi, €$4(it§o4 
(3 %uf tt. 4 3oS long). 

To vaU^t, V. a. Mil, (eolbatcn) einquarttrcn. 

Bill'j^rd [— y?rd], adj. comp. Gam. IBtaarb«; 
— baU, ble ©-fugel, ber ©-boHj — hole*, 
— pockeU (gem. kazarda gen.)/ ^-l^Mh 
9'httxUU — marker, ber S-marqueur) 
—stick, ber S-flo(f, boft Ctueuei —table, 
bie IB-tafel/ baft S. 

Bill'l^rdf, j.p{. Gam. baft Sillarb; S-fpieI$ 
to play at—, ®. fpielen. 

Bni'j90, s. Arith, bte Oillion. [Su^feft. 

Bn'Iitrog, Bil'littTng, s. 5port. bie Soofung beft 

Bni^n, *. Com. 1. fe(r gering^alttgeft ®oIb 
tt. Gilbert 2. bie geringialtige Qu flarf mit 
Jtupfer terfe^te) !S{itn2ej —of iilver, f)a« 

Bri'ldt, s. 1. baft ec^eit, vid. Billet; 2. b-i 
ofgoldomilver, Mint. (9o(b« ob. Q$i(bers 
ftumpen, ttngemiSniteft Q^olb ob. Gilber. 

Bil'lOw, «. biegrofeflBeae,flBogej —beaten, 
* »ogengepeitf4t. 

To BiFisw, V. n. (weQenformig) aufT^meUen; 
MQttft^itrmen) *aiifioogen. 

BH'l&wy, adj. »ogtg/ loogenb. 

Billy, s. 1. Mech. ber ®robfttti(, bie (Sou 
fpinnmaf^ine) 2. a5&r.o. William, wieBill. 

Bllii'bf te, BllObed', adj. BoU i»eilappig. 

BIISc'Gl^r, adj. Bot. smeifd^erig. 

BEmft'aoQi, adj. imei^dnbig. 

Bi'm^-wood [— wAd], s. vid, Beeme-wood. 

Bfma'rl^, BlmSr'jc^, adj. imi^tttt (0een) 
betreffenb. [fBimebialltnie. 

Blme'dj^, adj. Math, btmebtall —line, bie 

BTm^a's^l, adj. aUt |»ei 9]lonate gef^e^enb/ 


BTn, s. bie Sabe, Jtifle^ ber Jtaflen, ic. ^ comp, 
alft : oata -, ber f)arerfaflen5 bread — , ber 

BYn'^cle, s. Mar. baft (Sompaf ^duft^cn, 9ia4t* 
(attft^ — lamps, 9{a4t^auftlampen. 

Binfi'rjoas, adj. vid. Binary. 

Bl'ii^ry, I. adj. Arith. binarif4/auft swetQrin« 
^eiten befte^enb , boppett 6n>ei|a|^Iig, ge* 
iioeit) I II. «. bie ii^tifint, 3a(I oon 3iocien ) 
m. comp. —arithmetic, bie binarif^e Xrtt^« 
metif/S)l)abi!) — measore, Mas. ber gc« 

Bi'n^te, adj. Bot. }»eiid^ltg. [rabe Xact. 

To Bind, V. ir. I. a. 1. binbeit) einbinben^ 

»rrbittben (eine flBunbe u au<^ mit ap);nBi'ptd, «. baft imeifilifige X^{er< 

figs. 2. binben, berpfli^ten^ terbinbeni S. 
feft; gemif madfteit, obr^Iiefen (eincn^* 
bel; xt.)i 4. (to— io), (emmen/ Wnbern} 
5. Med. terflopfeni 6. Mas. binbcn (bom 
JtalP)} to — with galoon, mit Sre^en ober 
IBorten befe^n^ to — an apprentice, einett 
€e(rting aufbingen lafren, einen in bie te^re 
geben^ to — aser\-ant, eincnDicner bnr* 
SRiet^gelb obcr Contract binbcn $ to — over, 
citiren(bor(aben)(afrenj II. n. l. bid^t, fleif 
ober (art locrben (t. wei^en ic. Jt6rpcrn)) 
gloe binds, Scim binbct} 2. oecffopfenbe 
«Birfttng (^abcnj 3. fig. (wr)btnbcnbe 
Jtraft baben (on, f&r). 

BTnd, «. 1. Bot. bie f)opfcnranPe, ber f)opfen$ 
grey and white — , bic bcibcn beften ©ortcn 
erbej 3. Com. a — of eels, 250 Btdid 
Haiti — weed, Bot. bie flBtnbe. 

Bin'dfr,«. berSinber j (9arbenbtnber$ 
Sudftbinber^ 2. bte IBinbc) 3. Med. baft 
binbenbe!IXtttel, eerftopfungftmittel. 

BinMf ry, s, mod. bie ©tt(Sbinber»rrffla((. 

Bin'djng, l.s.l. baft Sinben, 6erbinbcn/ ic.{ 
2. ber Sinbanb (etneft Idud^t^, u.)i S.ber 8cr< 
banb $ 4. bie SBinbe i 5. bie (StinfafTung, Sorte 
(att4^ b-s) ; 5. Falc. baft Srmitben/ (Strrei^en 
ber Scute i 6. Fenc. baftSinben ber Jtlingei 
the iron — of a dead eye, Myr. ber Ser^Iag 
einer Sungfer j II. p. a. btnbenbi — joisC 
Arch, ber tperbinbenbe £LuerbaI(cn5 —land, 
btnbenberSoben) —notes, Mus. G^Ieifno* 
ten i -«trakes. Mar. bieQ$4erfl6(f e bcft IDedteft . 

Blnef , s. pi. ^opfenranfen (vid. Bind). 

BTng, s. Al'W. ctn ber Suft auftgefetter 

Binn, vid. Bin. BTnnfcle, vid. Binacle. 

BYn'9cle, s. Per. baft jDoppelfernro^ri bie 

Blndc'Ql^r, adj. 1. ilbeidugig) 2. Per. fur 

beibe TCugen bienenb (i. e. mit 2 Q$e(r5(ren)$ 

—telescope, baftlDoppelfemro^r. 
Blno'mi^l, Alg.l.adj. binomif^) !!• s- bicbine« 
BinSm'jnoQs, adj. smeinamig. [mir4K ®r6f e. 
BinSt'pnons, adj. gmeifltmmtg, smcitftnig. 
BiSg'r^phf r, s. Lit. ber Siograp(. 
BfQgraph'jc, BlpgrSph'jc^l, adj. biograp^ifil^. 
BlOg'r^phy, s. Lit. bie IBiograp^ie. 
BrpVrons, adj. |»ei3unge (auf einmal) gc< 

bdrcnb. [rcnb. 

Bh»ar'ti«nt [-shj-], adj. (albt^cifcnb, (olbi* 
Bfp'^rtlte, adj. 1. in tioci S^etle get(ei(t, 

i»eit(ei(ig (andft Bot.); 2. boppelt; in |»ct 

lCbr4riften (bon (Sontracten, ic). 
Biptrti'tion, s. bie X^eilung \xi iibci X^eilc* 




Blp^n'afite, BlpH&i'D%tf4, cmO'. 1. SmetfliSgelig $ 

Kp^n'off, «. Afar, fine boppeirdj^neibige Hxt 

)ttm Jtappen M fcinbli^en SaimerH behn 

<Sntern. [menfronen). 

BTpCtVlonf,a(0'. Bot. smeiblAtterig («onSlu« 

BiquA'drfttc, Blqn^cirlt^c, s, Alg, bie Stqua* 

bratia^I, derte )>oteni (einer <9r6f e). 

Biqofdriit'lG, a<(7- Alg, HqaabratiFA. 

BTrtM)Me,BTrftMi[lM> fx^i- /c^. |Weiftra(Ud. 

Birch, I. «. 1. BoU bie ®{r!e^ (—tree), ber 
ftlrfenbanrnj 2.bieb{rfeneSltittie;ba«IB-n' 
ret63 n. adj. birhn) —broom, ber S-n* 
befen} —oil, ber 93-nt§er ^ —wine, flBein 
ottft S-nfftft. 

To Bircb, V. a. mtt (birfeneit) (Rtttben pettfcben. 

BiHchfo, adj. hixftni —broom, berfBirfen* 
befen^ —rod, bie Strfenrut^e. 

Bird,I.«. LberSogelj 2. ba6 neine(9efUl« 
gel i 3. Sport, —of game, ber (jnr 3«flb) flb' 
geri^tete ^olfe^ b-a of game, Sogedotlb* 
pret$ b<ftof paMftge, 3ttg* ob. 6tri^96del; 
IL comp. —bolt, 1. berlSoselboIgen) 2. Ich. 
bie (KaU) £laappe; Yalraupe; —cage, ber 
e-bauer ) -call, bte Sodpfeife, ber iB-nif5 
—catcher, bcr^-fdnseT/ S-ficQeri —catch- 
ing, bai( S-fteHen; ber IB-fang i — (■-) 
cherry, Bot. bie S-firf4e/ SraubenfirMe) 
—'•eye,*. otd.unten b-teye; —eye, — '■ 
eye, (— §'-eye), adj. in «-f)erfpectiw ge« 
fejenj — f'-eye view, bie S-9)erfpectibe} 
— eyed, »-dugig5 Warffejenbj —like, o-ar« 
tig) —lime, bere-(eim$ —limed, mitS-« 
leimbeflriiben) —man, ber (B-fdnger^ S-* 
b&nbler) -*« nent, 1. lit bal^-neft) 2. 
befgl. vid. Carrot; 8. bad (oftinbif4e) ef* 
bare S-nefi, Ximfinnefl} — netting, bal 
IS-nefler audne^men (ft6ren)5— pepper, Bot. 
ber «-pfeffer^ fpan. ^fefferj — •cller, ber 
«-b«nbIer5 -«kewcr, (-»pit), ber «-fretler 
(Q$p{ef)$ b-i-eye, Bot. baS ^onidrdl^en. 

To Bird, V. n. JB(geI fangen ober fiellen. 

Bir'der, «. ber Sogelftener, Sogelfdnger. 

BIHdjng, s. Sport, bad JBogelfteUen, bere-«{ 
fang) —net, bad fS-nt^i —piece, %itfS- 
flinte) — ponch, bie8-taf4e$ — ihot, 6-* 

Bird^jog, *. (Hm. bad 66gel<ben. [bunft 

BiWg^nd^r,!. Ont.bieSu^dgand^Sranbente. 

Birled, adj. mit fleinen IBucfeIn obey Jtn6pf> 
4en geiiert, befeft. [belig. 

BlrOe^fte, BlrSi'trSt^, adj. Bot. |»eif4na* 

Birt, 1. Ich. bie etiinbuttr, vid. Tnrbot. 

BirtA, «. 1. bie (Seburt5 2. bie |>erfunfe, 7(b« 
fUmmnng) ber Urfprung} 3. bad^nnge; 
^nb) 4.>S^. bie Smibt; bad (frieugnif 3 

new—, Theol. bie flBiebergebttrti — day» 
berO-dtag) bad(9-dfeft4 — d'OtictbteCd-l* 
tagdbQmnej —night, 1. bieO-dnatbts 2. bit 
Ybenbgala am O-dtoge bed <Kdnigd, ber M' 
nigins; u.) —place, ber(B-dort, bie f>ei» 
matbf —right, badQ-dre^t/ dte^tberer^* 
^ebnrt; <Srbanre4t4 — ub> bie Qhrbf&nbe; 
—song, bod (B-dlteb4 -strangled, in ber 
Oebvrterfliift} —wort, Bot. bie S)flcrlu2e9. 

Birtft, s.Mar. l.berGpielraum (inniUnif(biDen« 
fen eined 6(biffed3 ^ia^ tmifd^en ben 6(bif« 
fen) 5 2. bequemer TCnferpla^ 4 3. bad 6(btffd« 
bett/ bie SagerfleOe, Jtot); 4. bieSa<f, ber 
dtaum, eerfiblag fdr bie S)f[tciere^ tt. auf 
bem 6(biffe, ic. 
|To B'irtA, v. n. (r^.) Afar, to — one's oelft 
M (mit einem 6(biffe/ in eine Su4t) feft 
legend to beb-ed in the cabin, fcine flBob* 
nung in ber Jtaffite baben. 

Bir't/i)ng, «. JIfar. 1. badYttfbttien (t. e. bk 
TCnlegung ob. Yuffe^ung ber 9>lanfen)3 2. 
HtM, mad ben 6(biff(borb erb^bt. 

Bif, adv. (ktm. k Mu$. {meimaL 

Bjf Xnt', Bff 9n*tlne, v!d. Byzant, ftc. 

BU'ciy, s. Geog. Sidcapa (fpan. 9>ro9tn|). 

BTt'c9trn, 1. eine Yrt 3ui(«rfn<ben. 

Bfs'cuit, «. 1. ber dmiebadt, (—bread), ba» 
((arte) e^biffbrob) 2. badSidcnit, ranbe 
Gteingut (eine Yrt ^orjeOan obne Olafor). 

Bite, J. vid. Bice. [f<bnetben; b^lbiren. 

To Bisect', V. a. Math, in 2»ei Zf^vXt ttidUn, 

Bis«c^tioo, s. Math, bie Xbetlimg einrr 9t6U 
in 2»ei glei^e Sbeile. 

BXtlg^^nt, s. Math, ber eine Xb<il etaerin 
glei^e |)Alften getbeilten Sinte. [renb. 

Bislx'oot, adj. beiben OefcbU^tcm angeb^ 

Br8h'9p, s. 1. Ecc. ber ®if(bof (bobe geifltiibe 
fiBi(lrbe)5 2. i-anu ber Siftbof, eiaQletrdnf one 
Sfieitt; S)rattgen a.3u<fer) 3. Gaau ber^v* 

To BWpp, V. a. 1. Ecc. {nm IBif^of cdu 

meiben, einfegnen, flrmeln) 2. Afan. einem 

alien 4>ferbe bie 3lbne brennen, tmi ed |a 

BTsh^opHke, Bfeh'pply, adj. bif«dfU4, M fit 

einen 9if4of fibicfenb, )iemenb. 

Brsh'pprfc, (-rck), s. bad Sidtbom. 

BYtk, Biiqne, s. 1. Cook, bie itraftbrfibc, 

Araftfnppe) 2. Gam. imAaOfipiele cin ge» 

mifler Sortbeil^ ber 15 gilt} to give — , vov* 

geben, einrdnmen. 
Bft'kft, s. vid. Biicnit. 
JSX^m^th, 1. Ifeto^. ber 4Bifmntb- 
Bif'nveMii, adj. 1. mifmtttbbaltig) 2. m$ 

flBifmutb befNbeno. [®. geb6ri(t. 

Bli'm^t^ic, adj. a»d Sifmutb gcmonnen, }mB 




s» Zool* Ut IBtfon, IBttdctoiM/ (tmerif . Vuer* 
p^. [(-day) b€r0(^ttad. 

BiatSx'^'Iet a((;. ft «. (-year) baS BitaUMti\ 

BiWliog-milk, BrM'Ijnsf, vid. Biestiags. 

BXtft^df s, vUL BiMtarti. 

BUft^r^ BXtftrt, «. Uv Stefler, bad (Rupbraun. 

ttfi'tfrt, «. Bot. bie 9iattcr»ttCi. [mcfTrr. 

BXk'tovry, i. ^urg. baft 9tflourt, Ginr^nitt* 

Bisalfcowt a<ff. mitdcfpoltenctt .ftlauen. 

Wttf ». 1. ber IBiffen^ ta$ 6ttt<f ) 2. baft fleine 
etilct^m, SBiMeni 8. baft Q^ebif (am 
3aiiiiie)i 4. MecK baft 9o(reifen; btc 
€$4^ulpt ebi(ftSo(rerft$ btc Sotrfpi^c an eU 
Item Srattbenbo^rer 4 5. canu e^it. Oelb ) baft 
fMnt&MQbtlh, i.S. a five penny—, [rol, 
irppfaa|-bft']» baft 5 peace &t&&, %« eincft 
fpan. SDoHarft (in tSeflinbien u. %orbsXme« 
rtfa)) —of a key, ber fdaxt eineft'6(b(fif' 
feU 4 Af ar-j. —of a caanon, bie 9laum&abc( i \ 
a weather — of the cable, da boppeltrr 94* 
tinflf^lafl) Bito, pi. bie Mtingftbdlierj 
Adam's bit, AnaU vid, Adam*B apple; to 
draw—, abifomcn) to bite on the—, 
1 Man. ottf bie €5tange beifen, bie &t fan« 
^Oii 2. fig, a)reinenUnioiaen oerbeipen^ ben 
Bom in nifrefTett) 6) htnimerltA ieben, in 
grofer S^otb fein) —bridle, ber etangen* 
^uBOBXf bieCanbare. 

WXU preUitp.p. bonToBite. 

To Bft, V a. 1. Afati. baft ®ebif geben, auf« 
}damen$ % to — a cable, Mnr. baC itabel* 
Ob. Xnfertott um bie SAtingftb^Iser minben. 

Bftch, s. 1. bie f>ilnbittn/ $e^e (aOer sum 
4>imbegef4le4tege(5ri9enSbicre)$ 2,vutB, 
bie SRe^e. 

To Bite, V. jr. a. 1. beipen (eigentl.)) 9L fte* 
^tUf Mnetbctt, beipen, brennen (nncigentl. 
oom S^ofte, f)feffer; K.)) 3. fcbneiben^ ein^ 
^^neiben (in baft 9>apier; beim X)rtt(f){ 4.^. 
itianHu, beifen (voneincrQ^ati^re, tc.)) 5. 
oii^. betrfigen4 6. the anchor b-s, (o. n.) 
Afar, ber Xnfirr fapt) to — off, abbeifen j to 
— the nails, an ben 9!igeln fauen 

Bite, «. 1. ber9if} 2. baft Xnbeifen (ber 
9if4e)) 3. ber M^tti fig. vuig. 4. ber 
Setrug, Jtniff^ 5. ber Setriigcri —of the 
wheels, R-to. baft dingreifen ber 9l£bcr auf 
bcs €kbietttni —teeth, Man. bie f)unbft« 
ftdbnc, {>afen. 

Bi'tfr, 1. 1. ber Seiper 4 2. ber anbeipenbe 
%^^ ; 9' fig' ber IBetriiger, Jtniffmaiber. 

Bl'tfng, L adj.; II. —ly, ado. 1. beipenb, 
Marfj 2.fatbrif4l — cold, fibncibenbe JtdU 
te) in.— ,«. 1. baft Self en, u.j 2.>!g.bcr 
Sctnigi bie ZdinaH, )>ofre. 

Bft'tfcle, tf. vid. b. i(. Binacle. 
Bitft^n, p. p. 9. To Bite. 

Blft^r, U adj. 1. bitter 5 2. jig:, o) fhrenae^ 
bart, graufam, b^^ftig, fcbneibenb, beifenb, 
raub/ mfitbenb, erbittcrt, b5ft (torn {Bittbe^ 
ber «^d(te, bem fiScttcr, Gtreite, ton Qigen« 
f*aften,ic.)J A) f*mer»baft/ Mnfenb, bit* 
terj c) traurig; betritbt^ d) noibtbciiig; 
beif enb, WtUm, fatt^rin i U. «. sing. 
Mar. ber SdtingMiagi 111. Bitters, «. pi. 

1. ber bittere 9ranntn»etn) Sittcrtropfcni 

2. fig. IBttterfeiten/ flBibenofirtig^eiten, u. 
(opp. sweets)) lY. comp. —apple, (—cu- 
cumber, — gourd), BoU bie Goloqutntej 
— end. Afar, baft um bie IBdtingft gcIegteTfn' 
hrtau4 -salt, baft SBitterfaliJ —spar, Min. 
berlBitterfpatb) -sweet, BoL baft Sitters 
fftf) —wood, baft Sittcr^ol) auft Jamaifa 
(oon Jtun|ittf(btem gebrau^t)) —wort, Dot. 
ber rotbe (Snitan. 

To BIf t?r, V. a. Mar. vid. To Bit. 
Bit't^rjngf , «. pi. Sw. ber IBcbcnflein in &a\^ 

feffein. [IBittcrU(bfcit. 

Biftfrjsh, I. a((;. bitterticb) II.-nes«, r. bie 
Bft't^rly, adv. 1. hitttxi 2. bittcr(i<b) 3. 

raub, i^fiXt, bcfttg} —afflicted, ((bmerilirb 

bctrubt [terfolc i 2. Ont. bie CHobrbommeL 
Brt't^rn, s. 1. S-w bie bittere Sole ob. QXut* 
Bfft^rnfss, t. 1. bie fBtttcrfcit) 2. fin. a) bie 

f>drte;Q$rauramfcit^eftigteit9 h) bieSoftbetti 

ber bittere i>afi c) ber itnmmer, Qram, bie 

Gorge, baft (rdnfcnbc ®efiibl. 
BIt'tovr, Bit'tpr, s. vid. Bittern, 2. 
Bftts. s. pi. Mar. vid. BlU unt Bit. 
Bitume', s. vid Bitumen. 
BjUkned', Blt&'m}nSte, p. a. mit Srbpe4 gc« 

fdrtiget) mitye<bbcfiri(ben, gepicbt 
Bjtu'm^n [Iforc. If., Sm.. &c.], s. baft Qh:b« 

pe<b/ erbbar}, Scrgpeib. 

To BjtQ'mjnate, v. a. bituminSft ma(bcn. 

Bjto'minous, adj. erbpeibig, crbbargig. 

Bi'vdlve, I. s. I. (>}nch. bie iweirialigc 9Ru« 
Mel) 2. Bot. bie imeiflappigc %vud^ti II. 
adj, »ie b. f. SB. 

BIvU'vQl^r, adj. 1. Conch. iloeif(baIig, mit 
iweie^ibalcn) 2. Bot itoeifiappig. 

Blvdul't^d, adj. Arch, boppelt gcn>6lbt. 

Bf\{n'tr9l, adj. Anat. smcibdttd^tg. 

BU^joos [Wh.; bl'vjvs. Wore., Ac], adj^ 
gmei SBege bobenb, auf iioci (EB-n fiibrcnb. 

B!v'90?c (Bfv'QUfck) (SuJ.; blv'w^k, ia.; 
brvd^k, Sm.], s, (frani.) Afii. baft Sit^ouaf, 
bteSei»a(be) baft ^elbna^tlager) bie au^ 
fcrorbentli^t 92a4txoa4c) to raise the*-, 
baft Sioouaf aufbeben. [firen 

ITo Bfv'pnYO (Bh'^u^ck), v. n. MU, biOOSO* 




BAc'y.j. vid.knottk. 

Vhf^nt, BYi'^atlae, s. vii* Byzant, Ac. 

Bfii'arre, adj. lii^\X i f^ttfam, »unterU4 

<»}U Odd). 

Bjzar'ro, s. Mu9, Uz SSiiarria^ JBt|iaria. 
ToBlXb, f^ma^en^ ptapperit) II. a. 

to — out, fft^Qu^em. 
BlSl/bf r^ BUb, «. ber Zditoi^tt, ^iauUxtv, 

TCnadicr, Me Q$4n»iit(^nn, k. 

BUIrbf r-lfpped, vid. Blobber-lipped. 

70 BUb'bfr, v. n. Afan. etncm^ferbe pfeifen; 
wenn H ftaUtn foQ. 

Blick, I. adj. 1. f^mari^ 2. ^dftoAxfiii, 
f4n>ar)braun, lo^forben^ bratragelb, InnUU 
B.unpoUrt (o.!!RetoIIarbeiten, opp. bright); 
^.fig. a) finfttt, mflrrifA; fattcr$ h) getetm* 
nifvoQ^ c)traur{8,undlit(tU45 d)hoiiaft, 
la^ertoft; i^toaxi, vernt^t, abf^etili^^ 
11. adv, f^mars, u. i HI. s, 1. baS 64»ari, 
bic r4»arie SarbC; 04»drse; ber9fluf$ 2. 

fig. Uv ^itdini 3* ^er ^d^narje; 9{egerj 

4. bie Srauer^ SrauerHdbunfl (ou4 b-s); 

5. the — (or tight) of the eye, ber Gtern 
(ba« ®<^raorsO im Hn^t, bcr TCudopfel^ 

6. b s, pi. SBilbbiebC) a— man, a— woman, 

1. tin^tqtx, tincilit^mrmi 2. eine f4ndri> 
Udi^e 9>erfon (!Bdinette)$ to make one—, 
^nen anf4»dr|en,berungUmpfen^ rv. comp. 
—act. Low, ein ftrenged Gefe^ gegen bie 
iBi(bbieberei) — alder-tree» Bot ber^aul* 
baum} — amber, Afin.ber(9a9Qt$ — amoor, 
vid. Blackamoor; —ball, 1. bie fcftmarje 
flEBatlfttgel, SSallotirfugeU 2. bte e^wdrs* 
ftfgel, baft 6(butma4^ftj To — ball, v. a. l. 
bnr^ eine f^raar^e Jtugei (beim TCbftimmen) 
9emerfen5 bur^faUen iafftnifig. berftofen) 

2. auftprugeln; bur^malfen, 2C.{ — beer, 
9rounbier, bansiger S>oppelbier5 Bot-s, 
— berry, biclBrombeerei —berry-bush, bie 
Srombeerflaube i — berried - heath , ber 
SrauenfIa4»S i —birch, Bot. bie [(^marse btrgi* 
niWeSBirte j-bird, Orn. bie Kmfelj -blend, 
Min bie ^edftblenbe^ —boil, mit Qd^tiU- 
loalTer aufgelofleft itupfer jum Gdubern ber 
€RetaIlfn6pfe$ -book, 1. Mag, bo$3auber« 
f>Vidf, $ef4ib6rungftbu4$ 2. Afi/. boft r^marje 
Slegifler, Gtrdflin^ftbu^^ —browed, 1. mit 
Mmatigen l(ugenbrauen$ 2. j?g. mflrrifc^/ 
fin|ler$ bro^enb^ —brown, fc^rooribraun^ 
— cap, Orn-s. 1. ber @4>TOttrjfopf; ^latt* 
^ini^i 2. bie r4n)ar|(5p|tge ^tt>e, £a4« 
meve) 3. Cboil:. ein [(^raars gebratenerKpfelj 
—cat, Zooi. bie Wworje Jto^e, ©enotte, ber 
«inerifaniMe3obel5 —cattle, EngU collect, 
baft SHinbbie^, $omDie($ —chalk, f^marie 
Jtrcibej -cherry, Bot, ber wilbe Stixfi* 

baum$ — choler, fig, lit 04»ermut$/ SRe^ 
lanAoiie) -clutter, bie burgunber SBein* 
traube^ —cock, vid. —game, 2.; -currant, 
Bot. bie f4marie3o(anniftbeere, Q^i^tbeere; 
-cuttle, vfcf. — fith; —day, ber Unglirfft* 
tag} -eagle, Orn. ber W»arje QCblerj 
—ears, Zool. ber «XarafaI; —earth, bie 
jDammerbes —eye, biel^arbe an berSo^ne^ 
— eyed, f^mar^dugig $ — faced, f4»orj* 
braun (bom (9eR4t)/ brilnett^ —feet, or — 
foot Indians, bie e^nar^ffif (er (ein norb« 
amertp. 3nbianerflamm, auci 9)dganinbia« 
ner)j — fi«h, (or- cuttle), Zool. berJinten* 
ftf^/ itttttelftf4, bie^epia^ — forect, Germ. 
ber 04»ars»a(b^ —friar, ber ©ominifancr 
(•SW6n4)5 -friars, ein etabtDiertelitt «pn« 
bonj —game, 1. baft etmar^niib (opp. 

(Rot^milb) i 2, (au(f^ —grouse), vid. Grouse ; 
—guard, [blag'g^rd], 1. berSrofbttbe) ge« 
meine, f^musige ^erl, {flegeli 2. eine Krt 
irldnbifV^er G^nupftaba!} — hafted, mit 
Mworiem ©riff 5 —hole, la^ ftnftere 8od&, 
(fd^Ie^te) ©efdngnif ; bef. beim S^ilitdr, 
cont. ^unbelodfti —Indies, bie reid^en 
ne»cafllcr 6teinfo((engruben } —jack, i.' 
i4rciiaeo/. ber 64lau4, bie 64Ietf(anne; ber 
f4mariIacfiVtel93ierfrug4 2. Min, bielSIenbe, 
baft gef4»efelte 3inf oxQb i — latten, 64n>ari« 
mefjing} —lead, Aftn. lai Oteifblei^ 9)ott< 
lot^j —I. crucible, ber ©leierjtiegelj — L 
pencil, ber Sleifliftj —I. powder, (Sifen* 
Wmfirie* —I. spar, bunfler ©leifpat^, 
04»ar)bleier}; IBIeif4n)dr2ei —legs, pi. 

1, Ent, ber ©artenfdferi 2. Vet. (in Line) 
eine ®4af« u. ^diberf ranf^eit bon {u feu4' 
tem gutter 3 3. Com, cant, ber 3ioif4en9dnb« 
ler (anberlonbonerlB6rfe)j — letter, l.gro* 
ber, f^^roar^er ^rucf^ 2. got§if4e64nft» 
— letterman, ^g. ber SMdJerwurm J —mail, 
(e^em.) 1. ber Otduberfolb^ la^ 64tt^gelb$ 

2. S^aturalginfen (in ©etreibe, Steif4,K.)i 
-martin, Orn. bie ^auerf^matbe $ — mas- 
terwort, Bot. bie !0{eifter»urii — matcb, 
ber 3nnberr4mamm5 —meat, baft 64»ari« 
fleirc!^ (ber{>afen; (S^nepfen, tc.)$ —mettle, 
ber f^warse ^d^iefer^ — monday, ber Afters 
montag) Unglutffttag^ estraftag, j>inrt(6« 
tnngfttagi —monk, vid, —friar; —moor, 
berSOto^r (m</. Blackamoor) ; —mouthed, 
1. f(4marsmdttlig 5 2, fig, ein lofeft ^au\ ^a« 
benb5 Corns. — muns, @4teierfappen Don 
r4R>ar2em®(anitafft$ —oak bark, bie JCluer* 
citron<9tinbej -oakum. Afar. fiBerg oon 
get^erten Zautn i — peopled, mit f^warieB 
OOtertf^en beb5I!ert$ —pins, ^aarnabcln) 
—plates, e$(^»ar}bre4} —points, f^marje 




fUlaSforaffen (bef. fur ten f>ant€l nadft ber 
aftilamf^en Mfic)i —pudding, lit fSluU 
sonrfl} — rents* pi. bie 3infen in datura* 

men (9tuber9) i — of an anchor, baft AufcrfN 
6tA(f be§ Vrmeft eineft Q(n(er8^ auf »e(4e» 
ber Sliigd flef^meif t ifl3 — of the ihoolder.. 

lien (vid, -*mail, 2.); niher of the — rod, baft 64uUerb(att5 a pair of b-i, eine OAni» 
ber (Seremcnienmeifler «om IDrben beft f>o«y »inbe< ^bone,baft64nUerblatt$— mill, bit 
fenbanbeS, S^drfte^er mit bent fcbwatienl ^^Itlpo&fflii —smith, ber Q^cbmertfeger. 
e$tabe«orbemSDberparIamentett.bemf6n{dl. To BlSde, v. I. a. mit einer^inge verfeben; 

3immer5 —Sea, Geog. ba&f4n»ar}e!lReerj 
~ sickness, eine Jtranf^ett ber mdnnH(ben 
TCuflern na<b ber SSe^ottuns; —smith, ber 
(Srobr4nneb;f>uff(bmieb$ —stone, berSBerg^ 
torf, bie a8ergpe<berbe^ — syrop, (in€5iib» 
tmerih) ein bem ^unftbe itnlt(be§ (SetrAn!5 

II. n. to — it, 1. ben Stenomiflen ma<ben^ 
9rabl(tt$ 2. fcboflen; aufTcbief en. 
Bla'd^d, adj. 1. bebalmt; bebMttert$ 2. Min. 
au6 longen unb bfinnen 9>Mtt(ben beflebenb^ 
—corn, (Setreibeaufbem^aUne, (!^>,ml^c^ 
0ef(boft bot. 

— tail, Ich. ber Jtattlbarr(b i — tea, ber Sbee^ Bi^in, 1. 1 . ber (i^tutO BiwUxtn, lit (QHter*) 
bub) —thorn, £ot. ber 64ioariborn,®4Ieb«l fQtuUi 2. Far. eine^uU an ber dnngen^ 
bom i — tin, Min. baft gepocbte u. geioaf^ene mur^el berfd^iebener tSbiere. 

n. Sim Gcbmeljen ^ubereitete pinners $ — 
Tarnish, ber €$teinfobIentber ) — visaged, 
mit r(bn)ar|em®efl4t) — Tomit, baft [(bwaT^e 
0rbre4en {Itim gelben gieber)^ — wad, 
Afin.baftffiBabJ^bn^a^s^QRdaner)) —wa- 
ter-rat, Zooj. bie ftmarse lEBafTerrattej — 
wood, f^warjeft ^benbol) anft aXabagaftcar ^ 
—work, bie ®robf4niiebftarbeiti — worts 
(whortleberries), j)e;belbeeren. [Blacken 
To BlSck, V. a. fiwaxi macben^ vid. To 
BiSck'^mddr, BlSck'-^-raddr, s. ber Sieger, 
ajtobrj she— , bieSfJegerinn, SKoJrinni — s 
teeth, Com. cant Jtaurift^ 9){uf(beldelb. 
To Blick'bAil, vid. mt Black. 

To BllickVn, v. I. a. fcbwar) ma(ben/ f(b»2r« 
sen 4 fig. anf(b>bdr}en$ II. n. f(b»ar} merben. 

BUCck'^nfr, s. Qintx, ber(Stibaft berbnnfelt, ic» 

Blick'go^rd, s. vid. unt. Black. 

Black'gn^r^fm [blJCg'-g^r-dTzm] , s. baft ge« 
meinc, f^mnsige ICBefen^ bie ^legelei. 

BlSck'jng, s. 1. baft<S(bwAr3en5 2- bie6<bub« 
f4n)dr|c i ber &^to5xitl 5 —ball, vid. black-b. 
unt. Black; —brush, 1. bie SBi(bftbfirfle3 
2. ber 64i9arspinfel. [braun. 

BlSck'|ih,a(&'. f^m^rsHcb) —brown, \^toaxi* 

BlSck'ly, adv. 1. j^toam 2. fig. abfibeuliib/ 
^r^tm. [a^unfelbeit^ 3. bie Xbribeultcbreit. 

Black'nfss, s. 1. bie @(b»Ar2e4 figs. 2. bie 

Black'well-fSc'tQni, Com. (Sommiffiondre 
ber Sutbmanufactnren anf bem £anbe, ffir 
ben lonboner 9Har!t. 

BUd'd^r, s. 1. bie (j)amO SIafe$ 2. bie 
64»immblare 4 3. baft iSldftcben auf ber f)aut, 
9Idtter4en5 — nnt. Dot. bie^impemuf. 

b-s (of Indian corn), pi. Am. €IXaiftbIdt« 
ter 4 a— of grass (straw), ein ®raft'(®trob') 
^almj 2. baft JBtatt, bie Jtlinge {UvB&^t, 
beft^eferft^ u.)4 B.fig. ber ^erl, fiBurf^e; 
U4 Mars. — of an oar, baft IBIatt eineft 9ltie« 

Bla'm^ble (Bljhne'^ble), I. adj.; II. — ly, 

adv. tabelbaft, tabelnftmilrbig^ ftrafbar) in. 

— ness, s. bieXabelnftrndrbigf eit/6trafbar!eit. 
To BUme, v. a. taUlm f(belten i bef^ulbigev 

(for a thing, einer Sacbej pin. au4 mit oQ* 
Blftme, I. s. 1. berSabel, bieCHiide; 2. boft^ 

Bergeben, bie 0cbulb, baft JBerbre^en. 
BiSme'fdl, adj. tabelnftwertb/ ftrafbar. 
Blime'lfss, I. adj. (mit of) ; II. — ly, ado. ta« 

belloft; untabelbaft; unf<bulbid$ m.— ness, 

1. lit Untabelbaftigfeit, Unfcbulb. 
Bla'm^r, s. 1. berlSablers 2. ber 6plitter« 

riibter; Jttittler. [wiirbigreii. 

Blflme'worthin^ss [— wur— ], s. bteXabelnft* 
BUme'worthy [— wur— ], adj, tabelnftmfitbig. 
filSn'c^rdf, 5. pi. Cpm. fiBIanfarbft (fcaniftf. 

Seinmanb, bef. nm fiflouen gewebt). 
To Blanch, v. I. a. 1. »eip ma^tn, ntiftn i 

2. (—linen cloth, ^inwanb) bieicben} 3. 
(—coin, ^SJhlnsen) »eif fleben) ver^innen) 
4. to — almonds, kc. Cook. Wlanltln, it. ab« 
bulfeU/ f(bdten4 roaeU) 5. to — endive or 
lettuce, Hort. (Snbioie ob. £atti(b bleiiben 
(n>eif Ob. gelb loerben lafien)) 6* to — the 
planchets. Mint, bie 64r6tUnge (<9o(b« ob. 
@i(berplatten) matt ma<ben$ 7. fig. tin* 
fltiltn (tint Sttlt, Tfntioort, u.), bemAnteln, 
bef45nigen, meif brennen^ II. ". Xuftflficbte 
fttd^en ob. oorbringen, auftioei(ben. 

BlUnch, (Bmnche), s. Slanca, fiBianca (S-n.)f 
—farm, /^ow, tin ®nt, loooon ber |)a$t)inft 
auftffblief (i(b in Q^elb entri<btct nirb. 

Bmn'ch^r, s. Mfch. 1. ber fQleidftXi 2. Tan. 
ber (Berber beft6(bmalleberft4 3. Mint, ber 
ffBeiffieberj 4. Sport, ber Sreiber^Sagbbunb. 

Bmn'chjng, x. T. 1. baftfiSeifen, ^Itiitn, ic.) 
vid. To Blanch; 2. baftSerjinnen) 3. Mint, 
lai ®eif< unb ®Idn}enbma4en ber neuga> 
prdgten 6i(bers^itnien. 

Blatnc-man'i^r [blpmdnzh', Wh.i blamOnJ'. 




WoreJ]t *' Cook, tie meife QiaUtxU, baft 

tteifeflfen; <5ter»eif. 
Bland» adj. mitb, \onft, giltig, ^olb. 
BUCttdi'tioD, 1. bie 6(!ftm€i4eleu 

To BlSa'dfah, v. a. f^met^eln/ Ucbf ofen. 

BliCa'dftk^r, s. ber eS4niei(^ter. 

BlSn'dlshinfnt, j. 1. bad 04me{4eln (mit 
SBorten)) 2. bie ^tebfofund/ S^cunbUc^Pett 

Bland'a^M, «. bie miU, eanftmut^, (Bute. 

BlSnk, I. adj. 1. »eip; unbeffbrieben, leer (t>on 
einem 9apiere, 99tt4e/ic.)$ 2. mifi b(af^ 
blet4$ 8. befc^imt/ mut^Ioft/ oermunbert, 
oenotrrt, beflfirst^ 4. retmlod) 5. i>oII{idn« 
big/ 0ans,man9eUo$ 4}fip. — bar» Law, 
ber (Sinmanb gegen bie fBef^atbigund bed 
^(dgere 9 ~ bondy (—charter), baft unauSges 
fuQte ^rmulor eitteft Socumcntft, iSlanquet 
Stt einer ^bUgationi — cartridgei, MU. 
$uIoerpatronencine^geIn$ —cover, bafi 
leere 6ottoert$ Corns, —credit, ber otfene 
^rebit^ Acceptations', i^Ianco* ob. IBec^reU 
iSrebit) — endoriement, ba$ (Siriren obcr 
@iro in !BIanco 9 — letter of attorney, baS 
IBlanqttet$urSonma4tj — licenfe, ein blc 
per (ieerer, unau^gefiilZter) 2;rauf4ein5 — 

—manger, (—mange), m'cf.BIanc-m.; -verse, 

PoeU reimlofe S^mben. 

Bliink, s, 1. ber loetpe (leere) ^ta^ auf bent 
$apiere ob. in einem Sud^e5 2. baftunbc* 
f^rtebene Ropier $ 3. ^apUz mit auftdcl5r4« 
ter 04rift) 4. baft Slanquet, unauftgefiiate 
^ormnlari 5. baft blinbe S^nfter ober bie 
btinbe X^fir^ 6. t>it ftitU (in ber Sottcrie) i 
ber leere fiBarfim SBiirfeIn j bie meife (bilb< 
lofe) Stavtt} T. baft CSeife in ber@4eibef 
Mints. 8/ber 64r(ftlin9 (bie ungeprdgte 
QRfiniplattej b-i, pi. Slinbm(tnie)$ 9. ber 
fiBeif pfennig (alte Q$4eibemiinse)9 Corns. 
in—, IBIanco; to accept in — , in ®. accepti* 
renj to draw in — , in 2B. traffiren; to en- 
dorse In — , in Sd. inbofftren; ob. giriren i to 
leave in — , in Slanco laffen (nid^t attftf^aen, 
datlen, 9iamen, tc). 

To BUnk, V. a, 1. aufttSfi^en/ Dcmitbten, 
auf^ebcni 2. mut^loft, beflfirjt ma^en, be« 

BlSn'kft, s, I. sing. 1. bic loeif e, woUcne Sett« 
betfe, S)e(fe (broad—, bie feine, u. narrow—, 
bic grobe){ 2.bieSlancS«%Binbel4 3. Sug-io. 
baft6ei(etu4 s^in^Knlegen in ben S)ur(f^' 
iUgft!orb4 4. Print, bie (gils* ob. Zuib*) 
Unteriage i U. b-s, pi. MU. 3finbpapier, 
Srennmaterialien fdr Oranber. 

To BlSalcft, V. a. (mit einer IDetfe) {ubecfen; 

bebetfen^ to— one, l.(et. (Sinenprefleui St 
fiS' oerfpotten; au^ie^en. 

BlSn'kftjng, s. 1. baft 9>rc]lcn ) 2. baft3ettg 
%VL ffiettbecten. [4. J!g. bcf^drnt. 

BUnk'ly, adv. 1. »eipi 2. Icctj 3. Ma^i 

To Blire, v. n. 1. (n). ii.) blofcn, brfiUenj 2. 
r4»elen; megf^melscn (»ie ein Wit). 

BlSse, s. IBIa^ttft i^-VL.). 

BIt'f 9tt, «. k V. vid. Blazon. 

To Blaspheme', v. I. a. (Q^ott) Ifijiern, fltt* 
4en 5 ((Sinen) Idficm j II. n. ®otteftIa^* 
rung auftflof en. 

BlMpbe'm«r, «. ber (Sotteftldfiercr, ^fiflerer. 

Bli(s'ph8mons, I. adj.; 11. — ly, ado. gottcft* 
Idfterli4, [dflerli^. 

Blls'phgmy, t. bie (Botteftldftcrung, ^flcrttttg. 

Bl^i, s. I. sing. Nat. 1. bie Suftflromung, 
ber SBinbflof 3 2. bie 2ufterf(ftiltterung (buri^ 
cinen Jtanonenf^uf, K.)? 3. Min. bie Sx« 
pbfton (beft ®prengpu(rerft, cineft bofen IBet* 
terft/ %c.i 4. 1'W. bie (jur etbrneljung einer 
beflimmtcn HuantitdtOtri crforbcrli^e) IvLft' 
maffe, Suftrdu(e) 5. ber 0(^all, Son (cineft 
S3(aftinfirumentft) i 6. ber Mdblid^e Suft* 
flrom, bie ^cflluftj ber fSte^it^u, IBranb 
(auf^flanieu/ 2C.)$ 7. ^cr tEBcttcrfitabcni 
fdli^, bieSnt^iinbung DomS9Iitc$ -furnace, 
J'Xo. ber ^o^ofen) —ointment, bieS3ranb« 
falbc} U. b-s, pi. Min. bie b^fen SEBetter. 

To Blast, V. a. l.Derfcngen, rcrbrennen, Wa* 
gen, melfcn ma^cn (bur4 f>agel, tDteblt^a^ 
K.)5 fiS'S. 2. plageu; vcrni<bten, Krcitcin, 
loermiinr^en, icj bcf^impfcn, bcMmi^ca) 
3. (to— abroad) ni^tbar ma^cn, auftpofau* 
nen$ 4. (mit^uloer) fprcngenj v.n.iShksp.) 

Blsis't^r, s.ber 3erft6rer,«erberber.[oer»elfen. 

Bl^f m^nt, (Shksp. Ham. 1, 3) bie Serbor^ 
rung, iBermeirung, Schl. ber (giftige)7rntwt4. 

Bifts'ty, adj. ftitrmif^ i vid. To Blast. 

BifLstdl'Q^y, s. Vint bie Sc^rc tom SeUnci* 

BIfty, s. Ich. ber SBeipf!f4, vid. Bleak (-fish). 

Biftze, s. l.bie ((cHc ob. lobernbc) Slammc, 
Satfel^ auftftr6mcnbe®(ttt| baft Sober n ob. 
Seu(btcn ber Si<^inmc$ 2. bic ecrbrcttung 
eineft Q^cdicbtft, bic 6age$ 3. ber Sdrm, %vl* 
mult 3 4.biei8(dffe (an bcretim c.^fcrbcft). 

To Bijize, 17. h n. 1. ftammen, facfein, aaf* 
(obem,(ett(^tcn3 fniftcmi /g ^. 2. gldnscn, 
f4immem$ 3. inbicXugenrpt^ngcni II. a. 
l.(to— abroad), ru4tbarma(ben/tcrbrcitcn{ 
2. Fo r.(9dume bur4 Ofinf^nitte in bie Stinbc) 
»ei$ jei^nen, anf^Iagen. 

Blii'zfr, s. ber ISerbrciter i[>on 92cuigfetten, m. 

Bl&'zjng, p. p. baft Si<tmmen, u. vid. To 
Blaze; —star, Ast. ber 4>aarflcn^ Jtomct. 




To BU'z^D, V. a. 1. Her. bIafoniren$ ^fifs- 

anfiframen, 3ur64<ttt audlegenj 3. itoren; 

oerf^i^neni) 4. befannt ma^cn, audpofait« 

neni preifen; feienu 
Ba'zQD, «. 1. Her. bie SBopenfunbe, flBapen* 

fanft$ 2. (ftatt).) baS SBopen j 3. fis^ bad 

G^ttte) yretfeii; ICuSpofaunen. 
BU'z^n^r, s, \,Her. ber Slafonifl: a) SBopen* 

fimbige) &)9B-6croIb| 2. berTCufipofauner. 
BUi'zpory, s. Her, bie SBopenfuiibe, 2BIafo« 

Bma» «. 1. ber Splint (tmf>oIie)} 2. BoU bie 

»eife f>afelflattbe$ 3. vi<<. Bleak (-fish) 5 

—berry, bie Sirfbeere, 4>eibelbcere. 
ToBlSach, v. I. a. Mei^enj meif madden) 

n. n. bidden, meif merben. 
Blia'ch^r, 9. ber Slei^er, bie Slei<berinn. 
BlSa'ch^y, «. bie Sleic^e^ ber Slei^pla^. 
Blea'cbjng, p. s, ba$ Slei(^eii$ — ground, 

(an4 bleach-yard), bie Slei^e/ ber Slei(b« 

pla^{ — liqaid^badSBlei^nafTer. 
Bleak, I. adj. 1. blaf, blci4^ 2. fait, frofligi 

3. traurig, freubenlod) U. s,l. vid. Blea; 

2. (-fish), Ich. ber SBeiWr^J Me ® life I 

tt. 7(. Sfeie. 

Biea^fsh, a(^'. tttoai fait, frdftli^. 
BiSak'Iy, adv. Blia'ky, adj. vid. Bleak. 
BlSak'n^sB, «. 1. bie blet^c Sarbe, Slfiffei 

2. bie Jtdlte, Sroftigf eit 
Biiar, adj. trilbe/bunfel) umiogen/Umnebelt^ 

—eyes, Xriefaugcnj —eyed, tricfdugigi 

fig» einfSltig. [ma^en. 

ToBlter, v.a.(bie7(ugen)tdlben/ trief^lugig 
BlCa'r^fss, s. bie Sriefdugigf eit. 
To Bleat, V. a. btdfen (n>ic etn 64af)- 
Bleat, Biea'tfng, s. bad 99I5f en (eine6 e^bofed). 
BIA, *. bie Qlafe; ba$ ^afTerbMficben. 
BliSyhy, adj. ooO Slafen, blaftg. 
BliSd, pr«t. ft p. p. 0. To Bleed. 
To Bleed, V. it. I. n. 1. Zif . ft^Sg. bluten i 2. 

tropfen, tr^pfeln) auftlatifeiij (Dom 6aft 

brrSdume, k., bef. ber SBeinrebe) bluten) 

S. eineft gemaltfamen Sobeft fterben^ the 

work b-s, Bkb. bad ®u4 ift oerf4ni!tcn, an« 

gefi^ttitten (hd bem ®cf4neiben)$ II. a. 1. 

iitr ^Cber taffen) 2. ben @aft auS einem 

Soume gapfen. 

Biee'dff, s. ber XberlafTer (SBunbar^t, ic.)* 
Biee'ding, T. p. a. blutcnb, fig. defdbrli(b/ ic.$ 

n.p.j.l.balSIttten) 2.ber7(berlafi 3. ber 

Matfufi 4. bad Gaftabgapfen 0. Sdumen. 
ToBlWjsh, v.a. 1. Derunflalten; entflelleni 

^.fig» beftbinipfen, f(bdnben$ 3. Sport, torn 

®4»eif abgeben. 
Bl&i'iah, s. 1. ber ^ebler, bad Q^cbre^en) 

l../Sqr.ber(64anbOS'e(f^9KafeI) QStimpf/ 

bie 6(banbe) 3. Sport ber9ru(b: a)Ut 
abgebroibene Smeig sur J5eiei(bnttng ber 
flBilbbabn ob. (For.) bed j)oI}f4fosed, bie 
aXarfe, epur; b) bad Tfbgeben berjagb* 
bunbe Don ber Gpur; 4. T. ber ^ledt (Sm4)* 
bie unganie GteUe (auf QXetaQoberfld^en). 

Biem'ishlfsi, adj. mafeKod, fcblerftei, vor- 

To Blanch, v.n. $uriicfr<brc(fen/ wei4en. 

Blench, s. I. fig. bie Xbmei4ung, Serirntngi 
2. Law, to hold land 10 — , etn 0tii(f Eanb 
auf 6rb' ob. (Smnbgind bcR^cn 9 -holding. 
bad ^bn d^dcn ^eiftung einer Qelbfumme 
(c/. Blanch-fkrm). 

Bien'chf r, s. bad 6(br€(fbi(b, bie Soge{f(beu4e. 

To Bieod, V. I. a. I. mifcben, i^ermif^enj 2. 
oern)irren$ II. n« ft(b i^ermif^en. 

Biend, (Blende), *. Min. Ut S^Ienbe (ein 3ittf » 
erj)J —metal-Iron, (in Staff.} eitt grobc* 
eifcner}) —water, Vet. eine Ecberfranfftcit 

Blea'df r, s. ber )Bermif(ber. [bed Stinboiebed. 

Bien'dont, adj. bicnbenartig. 

Bl^n'ny, J. Ich. ber 6<b(eimftr(b/bieKaImutter. 

To Biess, v.a. 1. fcgnen^ einfegnen) 2. be* 
gliicfen; gcbeiben (afTeni 3. felig mofben; 

4. (giitdtiicb) preifen, lobpreifcn, rdprnen^ 

5. to — one'a self at..., 04 ^aut bef (agCR 
fiber . • .,fam. ft4 freujigcn u. fcgnen M.^.i 
— me! int. gere^ter j)immel! bad mdre! 
»icl ifl ed rndgltt ! 

Biet^sfd, I. (p.) adj. I. gcfegnct, U^LMt, 
glfi(fli(b/ 8lil(frdid4 2.fcUg} 3. gclobt, ge« 
priefens —thistle, J3ot. bcr(5arbobenebietcn* 
II. the — (the — uplritii), *. pi. bie Q^ciigen. 

Bies'sfdly, adv. gcregnct, felid) glfitfii^* 

Blea'if dn^u, s. I. bic (S((u(frc(lgf eit, bad (SliUf, 
f)eil , ber Scgeni 2. bie g5tt(t(be {>ulb| 
Gnabe) Geligfcit. 

Blei'i^r, s. ber aSeglilcfcri Sefeliger, it. 

Biei'sing, «. 1. bieeegnung) 2. bcr€5eQen, 
bad^eiU biegdttliibe^nlbj S.bicpropbctiMe 
Serbcifung ffinf tiger (9(fi(frc(igfcit$ 4. fig. 
bie eegnung, 8BobItbat, ber Sortbeil} 5. 
Jew. ReL bad (Sef^cnf, bie <9abe) 6. wig. 
bie (f leine) 3ngabe ber ^dmer, f)6fer, it. 

Bies'sjngf, pL 1. 8Bobitbaten$ 2. col. (Slucf 1 
6(bdbe. [BleM. 

Bie«t, pret. it p. p. contr, ft Blcfscd, ^. Ta 

Blew, pret. 9. To Blow. 

Bleyrae [biem], «. Far. bie GteingoHe. 

BlTght [bin], «. I. sing. 1. ber SRebltbau, 
IBranb) 2. bad @<bttdbenbe, S^effenbe, bie 
6(bdrfe$ 3. * ber (9iftbau4 i H. b-i, pf. 
Am. etn ^autaudf^Ittg. 

To Blight, v.a. 1 . (bttr4 !DtcbItbatt, K.) terbcr* 
ben) 2.^. am ®ebeibenbinbem) temittcn. 




BDgh'ty, adj. toiler !S{etU(an. 

Blfnd, adj. 1. blitib^ bl5b^4^tid (—of, si2». 
In Mie eye, Quf dnem Hn^Oi figs, 2. blinb 
(mlt to, gegen)) unBefattnt (mtt)/ u.$ 3. 
tnnfel (f^mcr gu fittben ober juunterfdi^eiben, 
oon cflBege^icO; de^din, ocrbetft (von c. 
Xreppe, e. (S^ange); bliitb (oon e. Sbor, 
e. Matter, e.9enfler,K.)5 4. obFtixr, wenig 
befannt (oon e, 6(benfe; u.)) 5. nntiexU^ti 
unmiffenb) 6. falft/ Qtiiurdibinfe, albem 
(oott e. Qhttfcbntbtdung; ic.)? 7. uvUfiftn, 
unleferlit (oonber^^nft^ic.)) S, Script. 
xBoralift terbcrbt, t^n4t$ —paths, p{. 
Urrmege^ aman's— gifle,3einanbc$r4n9a(be 
&nUi comp, moon — , par — , aand — , vid. 
in M., P., S.; a — alley, ba6 (Bdf^tn 
obne ICuddonS/ bet &ad, ba( Jtebrmicber^ 
— beetle, EnU ber tD^atldfer $ — coal, Sattb« 
fobte,®Iaii2fo(Ie) — copping-glaM, Surg.bie 
Sentofe, ber bltnbe 6(br6pffopf5 -fires, 
©erborgene genera —gat, AnaU berSBIinb* 
barm) — lane , vid. — alley ; — man , ber 
®Unbe5 — man*s ball, —Harry, BoU ber 
Sovtfl^ -man*f boff, baft 9ltnbefa(rpisli 
-- nettle, BoU bte 9rattnn>uri$ —tooled, 
Bkh blittb (o^ne Sergolbung) abgebntttt/ 
mit bem Mof en JBortfllet tergtert^ —turns, 
3aloufie«8orreiber5 -vessels, Ciiem. Oe« 
fdf e, »el(be nnr anf efner 0ette eine fcfming 
i^ahtni a — wall, bte fpamfdl^e SBanb/ ber 
Gf(btmi$ a — way, vtd.— alley; —worm, 

Blind, s. I. stng. 1. lit, kfig, bie^etfe^^uHej 
2./g. baft SorgebeU; ber Sorioanb, bie 2fnft« 
|lu<bt$ 3. baft blinbe gmflers Gttterfenflerj 
4. boft (Rouleau) bie IBIenbe^ 5. Fort, bie 
9Ienbe5 6. Afin. bie i^Ienbe, vid. Blend; 
7. Surg, ein 6<btad (0tof) o^ne ftcbtbare 
Serle^ung) II. b-s, p(. 1. Fort, (toitsing.) 
bie IBlenbc, Slenbung; a. Man. G^culebers 
rolling b-8, DftoHjalouHen (oon 3eug)$ Vene- 
tian b-s,3aIoufiett (b6l}emc3aIouftefenfler). 

To BlTnd, v. a. I. lit. blenbeu) 2. tcrbunfein, 
©erflnflernj 3. fig. terblenben (pass, mit 
by . . ., at. . .); 4. oerbunfeln, truben (fur baft 
geiftige ^ttge)5 5. Fort, blenbcn. 

Blinde, s. Min, vid. Blend, Blende. 

Blind'fuld, adj. k adv. 1. mit oerbunbenen 
Kugen) 2. blinblingft; unbefonnen. 

To Btlnd'fbld, v. a. bie Kugen terbinben. 

Btln'ding, p. s. la^ Slenben, u., vid. ToBlind. 

BlTnd'iy, adv. 1. bltnb; 2. Mnblingft, tc 

BITnd'n^ss, s. 1. bie Slinb^eit i 2. fig, XiU 

ToBlTnk, V. R. 1. blittfen; blinjen, blinselns 
«0<* fig' (oO fiberfe^en 5 3. blinf en 3 ein f4»a« 

4eft 2i(bt. terbrelten, blap brennen, u.$ 3.. 
5pore. (9om3<idbbunbe) oorbemSogel, ic» 
oorbeilaufen^o^ne ibn aufsufp^ren^iibergeben* 

Blink, 1. l.berpIdtH49orflberge(enbe6<bim» 
mer^ baft SUtt!en4 2. baft Slinsauge} 9uhz^* 
blin!en$ 3. .Sport. ber93ru4 (abgebrociene 
3»eig, bie ^ai^e, 0pur, gem. im pL, cf. 
Blemish)) Sea, —of the ice, tier OKft^ 
bitnf, (Siftbltif (in ben 9>oIarmeeren)) -of 
the land, (in ben ^olargegenben) ber loeife 
ober gelbli^e, bnrcb grofe Bd^nttfL^^m 
Derurfacbte (XBieber')@4tin <in f>oriiOttt$ 
—beer, ^gerbier, n>eI4eft ni(bt ange|apft 
»irb, hii eft eine ^o^e Oteif^ enetibt t^ati. 
— eyed, blingdugig. 

BlTo'k^rd, Birn'kf r, s. 1. ber SIin|a}er, ic. 
a. baft JBIinfenbe. 

Bffn'k^rf , «• p^ Afan. vid. b. eblere Blinda* 

BlYnlcjng, I. p. s. baft fdHnitn, iCo ~ of beer,. 
Brew, baft ®5$ren ber Sierndrge} XL p. a» 
blinfenb; ta a — idiot, ^gr- ein armer (gut* 
mAtbiger) Sropf, (Sinfaltftpinfel. 

BUfss, s. bie ®lfi(trelighit (bef. ber 0eUgni)^ 
gen. SBonne. 

BQfsi'fal, I. adj.; II. — }y, adv. felig/ glftcfTeUg, 
monneooQ) m.— ness^i. bie dliiffreligteit^ 

Blisslfss, adj. ungefegnet, unglfiiflitlb* 

To Blis's^m, V. a. befpringen, boffen. 

Blis'ter, «. l.bieSIofe) (^i^O^i^tter, baft 
93Idft4en, ber ZdnoAxtni 2. bie SBIafe (on 
^ftanien); 3. bie blafenfftrmige Qhrbobung, 
9{a(t (an S^onarbeiten^ !lRetaDgilfren; 7C, 
gen>d6nL im pl.}i 4. (—plaster), baftfBIair 
fenpflafier,3ugpflafier) —fly, Ent. biefpa« 
nif4e S^iege) -steel, vid. Blistered steel. 

To Blis'tfr, V. I. n. Slafen befommeu) n. a. 

1. Slafenpflaficr^ic. auflegen; 99Iafen (ie^en) 

2. 7-10. bei ber €Stablbereitung I61afen auf 
bem (Sifen ^eroorbringen. 

Blis'tf red, adj. ooOer Slafen ob. Slottcnift 

—steel, ber i^Iafenfla^I. 
Btrs'tf rjng, p. s. (it a. —heat), bie ^tsAnbttng 

(mit ^ierbiattem)) -plaster, md. Blister, 4. 
Bift, Birts, s. vid. Blite, Ac. ^ [beerfpinat. 
Blfte, Bhtes, s. Bot. bie Seermelbe, ber 6rb« 
Btiihf I. s. vfcf.Biestings; 11. ac^*. vid. Blithe 

Biit/ie, I. acO'- ; H. — ly, adv. fro^, munter, 
Ittftig; aufger^lumt) in. — ness, s. bie S^^ 
li*hit; SKunterfeit. 

BlftWfAl, adj. mie Blithe, qv. [Blithenew, qy. 

BlitWspme, I. adj.; U. —ness, s. mie Blithe» 

Bloacfa, s. bie Slafe, flatter. 

To BlOat, V. I. a. 1. lit St fig. aufr4»e0eilf 

aufbUben (gem. mit up)) 2. vid. To Blote; 

n. n. ovfFAmeaen, auflaufen. 





i Ha ^ t fd, Ladj,!. ottfd<bnnfen (—with, i»on> 
^ fiig* oafgeblafcn) — herriDH (C.)» vid* 
WXL To Blote; U. — new, s. tof €)4Mn<0ett^ 
bit HufBC^tntfen^cit, Qkf^mnlft* 

BMb'btr, «. provtnc. tn«<. bit QUfei ^lip> 
(aii4 blob-lip), tie bt(ft Sip;>ej —lipped, 
^^ippid/ drofmAuIig. 

BUM, tf. t. ber (ro^) fdled (von ^ols, CStdn, 
)C)) 2. r.ber(bearlieitett)SIo(f: 4i)0Afr. 
bcr Jtlo^/ CStdn) 6) ber Jtto^ inm 4)oI)f4nci« 
^en) «) ffdt. bet 6l0(f, ^utflocf ). d) if-tfr. 
bcryerr&tfenfhxf) 6)bo60toiE(^Ii)/)itf(ir. 
Mc 3iniaf er ) ber Stlohtn, bic (IB(o<f O® <^(ibe, 
Slotfrone^ g) Folk, bie Q$tans< (auf ber ber 
8aIFeft^)i A) ber mi^tbloif ) ^-«. 3. ber 
Jtlo^ (pinmpe, bumnte 9XenM)i 4. baft $in 
bcniif) comp. —books, Print Mc^ermit 
{>oIitafiebi gebnidft; n)fo9rap(if(be ^Dnicfe^ 
—carriiife, JUii. berOtocfwogens —head 
Mr SDnmmfopf/ «X(o^$ -headed, bumm) 
— headly, bummMpffgi — bouie, boSlBIocti 
^nft (bef. )nr eertdeibtdsng duel ^afend)) 
— like, bttmm, eiiifdltig $ — maker, eln 9Ie^ 
Me(cr$ —mast, Msr. ein Oaleeren' ob. 
€$4ebeffeii»!Roft^ mit bieRiffgten Zopp nnb 
€$4eiben$ —printer, ber IBtoi(bnt(fer) — 
priatiog, ber ^Drud mit gansen {>oI}tafe(n; 
ber 4)oI|bnttf) - tin, baft ®lQ(tiittn$ — 
■heavea. Mar, fB(o(ff<briben i — itones, ro^e 
BtcinmolTeni —strop, vtcf. Strop ; —wood, 
vulg. bo^Qam9e4e(oI|. 

To BIdck, V. a. 1. temmeit; fperren, berflopfen i 
SL(to— op), blocNren, oerrommcln) to— out, 
1. Sculp, bilb^tten^ S. Wood, auftbeben, 
(anft bent (Sr5bflen) anftfcbnetben, ovftftt^^. 

BiSckide', «. bie 9Io<fabe, Serennung. 

To BIflck&de', v, a. btoiftren, berennen. 

Bldeklng, — 9p, s. bie Sfoffobe. 

BUkli'iah, I. adj.; IT. — ly, adv. ^umm,plump, 
tdtpiM) m.— new, i. bie Cumm(ett, baft 
tSipiHe XBefen. 

BiynMiry,»./-tr. baftgriHfetter (</. Blooin,6) 

Bltade, BISnd, s, (^an}.) comp. —lace, bie 
Olmibcn) —maker, ber f)-n5ppler, bie 
9-f(6ppIerinn5 —silk, bie 6pitenfeibe. 

BIftod [bifid], s. 1 . baft eint, (Beblitt } 9. * ber 
(SranbenO^^aft (bef. b. xetifm Xr.)/ baft 
Vtati 3. fig, bie TCbftammnng, ^erfunft, 
eenoanbtfcbaft,S(ntftfirettnbr<ba^^ HxU 4. 
a) baft UniH*,%t.Sdlut,(B€hliSiU &) bie e(freii« 
ooffeVbftamm»ng,biebo^f>erhnift$ 5. baft 
9Ittt,Seben) 6. baft (oersoifene) SBIut, ber 
!lRorb, Xobtfdftlag; 7. bie SltttwaOung, 
^t^e^ SeibenMaft, ber3ont (ati(bi"-> 9t' 
bitternng, u.)) 8. tr. (t>on einem 9Renf4en, 
bef.) airoQng— , baft {unge (raf<be) fbltxti 

old-, yferbe mit ben Ifliigflen etoaniHtt* 
men) new -, 9)ferbe, melcbe nUbt von 
bem erflen indnglanb eingef&trten arabif^en 
f>engfie (Godolphin) objlammen) half—. 
vid. Half'b. ; to let one — , (iinem jar Kber 
laffenj to be let— , jur Tfbcr lajfcnj —crim- 
soned, * mit S. gefdrbt j b-r»tb i — froaen, 
erfiarrteftS. ^abenb) — guiltiness, bie9-« 
f(bu(b5 —horse, ein ebleft, fenrtgcft yf^rb 
(oon eblem [arabifiben] Ocblfit)$ —hot, 
b-»arm, lau) -hound, ber Gd^toeifbunbi 
fig, ©-^unb i To - let, v. a. pit Xber laffrn i 
-letter, 1. ber Kberlaffer {vid. Bleeder); 
2. ber ICberlapbert^ctbiger^ —letting, ber 
QCberlaf; u.4 —pudding, bte9*»urfti ber 
S-pnbbing5 -running itch. Far. eineTCrt 
9)ferbeattftfa^) —shed, (or— shedding), 1. 
ber IB-berlufl) 2. baft 9*tcrgtefen4 ber 
9Rorb^Sobtf4tog5 — shedder, bcr!!R$rbcr, 
cont.9-(ttnb4 —shot, (— shotten), 1, mit©. 
unterlanfen) 2. poObl^tig) —spavin. For. ber 
S-h^at(j -stained, 1. lit. bltttbrfle<ft4 
2. b-f4ttlbig4 -itick. Far. biefRcfianjette^ 
-stone, Min. 1. ber ©-flein) 2. ber Safpift 
auftOXabagaftcar) —sucker, l.bcr©-egel4 2. 
ber ©-fanger,©ampi^r5 3>fte. ber ©-bdrfltge, 
QXftrber) -tucking, b-faugcnb; b-}iebenb) 
-thirster, ber b-biirflige, rtt(bIofe!IXeRriV3 
— thirsty, b-bfir(lig5 —vessels, ©-gef&^$ 

-warn, I. adj, b-»arm, Ian) 11. s. bic ©•« 
mdrme) -wit, — wite, ^rcAoeol. baft ©-« 
gelb^ tBebrgelb^ bieS-flraft) —wood, baft 
©-bolj/ S^icaraguabol). 

ToBlOod, V. a. 1. blutig ma(bcn ) 2. 5porf. 
(einen 3<idb(ttnb) an©lnt gew^bn^i) bref* 
^ren) (teben) 3. fam, $nr Tfber lafTcn (9i« 
nem). vid. To Blood-let. 

BlOod'jly, adr. 1. b(utig) 2. (-principled), 
blotgierig, graufam) 3. vulg. lUmmtxlii, 
abf^euli^. [berSitttburfl, biettlntgier. 

Bldod'jn^is, j. 1. baft ©Itttige, ©iutigfdn) 2. 

Bldod'ing, s. bieSItttiottrfi) ber fllntpubbing. 

BldodV% adj. 1. blutloft, lebloft) 2. o(ne 
©lotvergiefen^ unblutlg. 

Bldod'y, adj. 1. blutig) 2. blut^ierig, blut* 
bfirftig i 3. blutig (mit bie(em©Iutvergiepen 
berbttttben)) 4. (outb od^O cant. er%; ver* 
bammt, febr ftarf^ it. i — eyed, mit blntigen, 
granfamen Kugen (9Ii<fen)) —flux, Med. 
bierottefRn^r) —fluxed, mit bem ©Intgang 
bebaftet) -Jemmy, Cook, ein gebacfttcr 
e^^^afftfopf ) —minded, btutgierig, morbf)it4« 
tig) — red,bhitrotb) — rod, mU —twig; 
-sweat, 1 . ber blntige 6(b»eif ^ ©iutf^rndf ) 
2. md.Sweating-fickness; —twig, BoCbet 





To BIdody, V. a. blutig ma^m. mtt IBtut 
Biddm, #. 1. McSIfit^e, 99Iume| 2.coU«ct. Me 

(bcr 9U10 ottf ypaumen, u.$ 4.>Eg. bit 
(SngenbOSlfitte, u.$ 5. bcr $eife«Btnb« 
floP) 6. I-w. berlDeil, S)ea(, 3>ctt(ind$ — 
raisins, 9)ottrofinen. 

To BIAdm, r.n. lit. kfig. blfi^cn. 

BI66'iii9ry, «. vid, Blomary. 

Bldd'mlng, I. p. s, btfft SBIfi^en $ n. p. a, ; III. 
— ly, adv» tit kfig, Blfi^enb, b(fit(enre{4« 

Bldd'ny, adj. tit it fig. in ISIfit^e, blumenreii^. 

Bltts'sQiD, f. 1. lit. bie IBlAt^es 2. bie 9flrfl4* 
fdrbe (c. Vferbel)) —colour, bie blfi^enbe 
gorbei —paper, r5t(It4e6 (86^*; 9>dpi(r* 

To Blds'sQin, v. n. !B(iitten Utibtn, blfiteiu 

Blds'spmy, ad;, blfit^enooll/ b(fi(enb. 

To B15t, V. I. a. 1. mtt ;Dinte befletfen, be* 
fledfTen) bene^en^ 2.>!g. befubcln, oerun* 
e(ren$ S.^g.oerbunfelni 4. (meift mtt oat) 
auftftret^en, au&rabiren, Qtt6ldfdken((9er4r{e' 
benei ob. ®ebni(fted)i 5. ^g. oemir^eii; 
eertilgen (aus bem ®ebd<btn{|[; zc.)) H-f- 
burcbfibladeii; fleifen (oom yapter, it). 

Bltft, «. 1. ber ^ecfcn, ^Itdi, Stntenfletf ) 2. 
bod KaSgefiriiene, 2ftt^gewir4te^ 3.^. ber 
Slecfen, 0(banbfIe(f 5 4. Gam. bieSBI6pe, ber 
ungebecfte Gteiu (tm Sretfpiere). 

B15tcb, 4. bie Sinne, f>i(blatter. 

To B15tch, V. a. f(bmdr}eR, befletfen. 

Bltft'chy, adj. flnntg. 

To Biote, V. a. (bttrib fRaudjl) trednen, rdn« 
ittni b-d herring, ber SficfliRd. 

BlOte, BloM» BlO'tf dn^, vid. Bloat, ftc. 

BlSt't^d, p. a. befleiftj —china ware, unglettft 
gemalted ^orjeSan, urn bie f^ab^aften &tcU 
IeR|ubebe(fen$ — lineaments^g grobe Bilge. 

BI«f t«r, t. Com. bat 9{ottibu(b/ !D{emonaI. 

BlSfting, 1. bat SledPen, u., ved. To Blot$ 
—paper, bat ififipapier, gUePpapier. 

Blow, s. 1. ber 6i^Iag, @tret4, 6tof, SBurfj 
2.;!g.bcr (edfttcffaltoe^tog; UnfaO, So« 
betftof 9 3. ber f>aRbftrei4; bad pl6^(i4e®e« 
r^e^en^ 4. bateif^meifen (gelegteSi) ber 
3nfecten i 5. htf. Am. bie (einielne) »(itt^e{ 
bat Slfiien (im XDgem.), bieSIfit^e^ 6. 
Am, Mar. bie fleife JWJltej a — op, 1. 
eine (Sxplofton, ein l(utbru(b$ 2. jfg. etne 
Sntbccfsng, bie babur^ oerurfa^te Ben»ir« 
rung, yroflitutionj to hit the — , ben red^ten 
Sledf treffenj -ball, Bot bie (trotfene) »lu» 
menfrone bet25»en)a(net$ -hole, bat Suft« 
lo^j — oTcr, G'V). eiarunber ob. ovolge* 
blofener Jt6rper, moraut ber (S^Iatr^neiber 
tflKi 64alen terarbeitets -pipe, 1. r.bat 

^t^ro^ri 2. G-10. berXubttt iumXnfbl^ 
fen, befgl. 3. Anat ber Snbnt, u. filr bie 
Qingen»dbe} -pipes, pZ. bie 2B(afer6(re. 
To Blow, l.»e^en, Mafeii (9oni 
SBittbe, ic$ b&ufig, imp.); 2. [((naufen, 
feitdfteni (flarf) at^meni 3. f^baJKen (00s 
IBlatinftrnmenten)^ 4. blii^en, vid. To Bloom 
k To Blossom; II. a. l>gen. Mafen (fit* 
»at)j 2. anblafen, anfa^en (Seuer, k.$ att4 
mitup); 3. an^au^en (bie ginger, ic)$ 4. 
blafen (eine Xrompete, iti auii n. mit with); 

5. fig. ((Sttoat) Derbreiten, antpofonnen; 
(mit bem arc. ber yerfon) oerrat(en$ 6. 
(an4 mit ap) aufblafen (eine Slafe, u.)i 
Butch. (Jtalb*, 646pt •Strife^, ic.) anf> 
b(d(en| 7. G'W. (OIat)bUren$ 8. SmeU. 
(3inn) f^melien^ 9. bef^meipen (oon 9ite< 
gen) 5 to — the (ob* one's) nose, fl4 f4ndn|« 
ten 5 to— at, anbiafen(3tmanb)j to— away, 
to — off, 1. megme^en, megblafen, obblafeni 

2. AfecA. (nur to — off steam), X)ampf aut« 
laflfeni 3. fig. tertreiben, teriagen i to — 
down, umme^en, umblofeni to— in, (n.) 
^incin me^en; to — oat, antblafen, attt< 
mf^tn, autldfdien) to — over. I. a. i»er« 
me^en, bertreibenj n. n. (oon6tiirmen/ u.) 
^(b ierftreuen, o(ne (EBii^ng oorilber ge^en$ 
to — op, I. a. 1. QUfblafen, mie To—, a. 6.; 
2.^. aufblafen, ftol), aufgeblafen ma^eni 

3. anblafen, vid. To — a. 2. $ 4. fig. erregcn, 
anf(bfiren (6treit, Sumult, u.)l &. (in bie 
Suft) fprengen, fpringen laffeni 6. jfg. i»er* 
ni4ten (yidne, u.)i ((Sinen) {u Omnbe 
xidfttni n. n. in bie Suft fiiegen, aupegen 
(bttr4 ®n>Iofton)i to — opon, 1. barauf 
blafen 5 2. fig. oeradftteni abnnben$ —it! 
Cock. ph. (fl. bang it), (oft ber ^enfer. 

BIO w'fr, «. 1 . ber Qldfer, 3ub(dfer$ 2. ber6ottf« 
fleur) 3. ber aufbraufenbe9)lenf4$ 4 bet 
3tnnf4mel)er, Q$d!^melieri 5. bat fBIotro^ri 

6. bat 64iebble<b in einem IDfen ob. Jtamini 

7. Mech. vid. Blowing-machine. 
BlOw'jng, I. p. s. bat fblikktn, tt, vid. To 

Blow; II.p.<i. minbig, fhlnntf^ (5fa, oolU 
(anbig)) in. comp. — apparatus, MecK 
ber e<bmel|apparat^ —hole, bat SXunblo^ 
(einer %l^U, u.) $ — horn, tin Xut^om, ia» 
pen^oni) —machine, Mech, bie 9)ubm4' 
fd^ine, ^ubmit^le, gegemii^Ie. 

Blown, p. p. 9. To Blow, qv. ; fig. aufgeblo* 

fen (oom (S^rgeii, k.)$ —upon, autpofannt. 
Blowt^i, s. 1. bie (einielne) IB(ict(e} 2. bo* 

IBlS^en (bie 3eit bet aWi(ent). 
Bioized, p. a. aufgebuntfn, (o^rot^. 
Blofzy, adj. bautbdifig\ ^o^rot^. 
Biiiba>fr,i. 1. vi/{g. bieiDlafe? 2. beraBaS* 





|if4fpc<f) (tBaIIflf4')&^r(ini 3. Z90L ta6 
4Rebttren$aU9t| —cheeks, Udt, fteff^ide 
9admi —knife, ba$ 6pe(fmcffer ) —lip, 
bie bt<fe ^ppe5 —lipped, biiflippid, grop- 
m^nlig) — liYer, bit .ftabUanleber. 
To Blilb'bf r, v. I. n. (— with weeping), ft4l 

biffc Idadtn mmtn, itttlm, f^Iudfts^' II* <k- 
bur4 VBeinen (bit 9adtn) f^meQen ma^en. 
Blud'^e^n, s. cin furjer, snten bef^Iagener 
Ob. mit !B(et au&gegoffener CStodt, 

Bltte, I. adj. ; II. adv. l.bUltt^ 2.^gr* e^tj 
(au^true— ), Ottfri^ttg; 3. TfUeS^ »a& in 
9oUttY; fRelision, Siterotitr, tc. abertreibt) 
4. fig, trourig, fc^le^t; tdlbe, berwirrt? 
fdeelj the light burns —, baS ^i^t brennt 
Wle^t) III. comp. — ashes, bie blaue TCfdftc 
(lum^drbeit), i^tpferaf4e, bad Jtupferbtau, 
fiergblati) — belt, Bou bte bIaue®Io(fenbltt« 
me ) —bice, vid. Bice ; —black, bte (finfhffit, 
(bef. aus iungen ffBcinranfen) ^ —books, 
StaU S)tarien beS (SolonialamteS in Downing 
Street (London) fiber bie oerf^iebenflen din^ 
n^tungen u. Ser^^Htniffe fdmmtl. (Solonien 
<Bropbntattnten(l —bottle, Bot-s. 1. bie 
Aombtume (oii4 —bonnet); 2. eine Xrt 
blauer j^^actnt^e j 3. Ent. bie btaue €$4meip* 
piegej —boy, ber fBaifenhtabe) — backle, 
bie (ftd^lerne) blau angelaufene e^naOC} 
—caps, 1. iron. @pottname ber 04ot« 
ttni 2. BoU ber XeufeUobbif j —daisy, 
Bot. bfe blaue 9RadfIiebe$ —eyed, blau« 
fittgig) —flora (or square fine — Indigo), 
ber f^fie biQiic (bengaUf^e) Snbigoj — 
glass, Ckem, bie &dfmaltt, Slaufarbe i — 
Peter, Afar, bie Gignalflagge }um Scgein 3 
—stockings, (col. bines), pi. Lit ilau* 
ftdmpft, fdftriftfteQembe IDamen, »e(4eot& 
(Sele^rte gu gldn)en fu^eU) —stone, Min. 
einftame^ ben man auf Pane's Mountain in 
Anglesea bem ®almet) beilegtj —throat, 
Om. bad i8lan!e(I4en 5 — ^at, Dy. ,bie 99lau« 
9ilpe} —veined, blauaberig. 

Bltte, s. I. iing. 1. ba$ Slau^ 2. bie blduli^e 
<Sifenfarbe,«Bafr<!rrarbe) 3.bieSlut^e5 n. 
Oxford b-s, pi. bie engl. Seibgarbe }u))ferbe. 

To BIGe, V. a. 1. blau moti^ett ob. fdrben, 
bloneni 2. T. (bef. Gold-sm. !S{etaIle) blau 
anlanlen laflfen) 3.^. befitdmt, Derioirrt 
mo^en, oerbliiffea. 

BiBed, mdj.fig. vermirrt, oerbu^t, oerblitffi. 

Blfie'ly, adv. bloQ, ic, vid. Bine, aij. 

BWe'n^s, s. 1. bie blaue ^arbe, JBIdnes 2. 
Surg, ber SBunbranb. 

BlttfT, I. adj. 1. lid, plump, ungefc^itft, aufge* 
f^wotten^ 2.>ig. floI§, Qufgeblafen, tro^ig, 
ilbermfit(ig4 Mars, 3. fhimpf, Qbgej^umpft, 

breit^ 4. fteil; (c4, f^toff; k.| a^baw, 
ein totter ober breiter Sug? a — headed 
ship, ein Q^^ifT/ beffen Sorberfhben »enig 
Botf^nf f^ati U. s. Sea, (bef. Am.) ba0 
Jfoje (foft fenhc^te) Ufer, gelfcnufer. 

To Bl&flT, v.a. bie Kugen verbinben (Sinem). 

BlufTn^ss, «. 1. bte ^lump^ettj 2. bie (Srob* 
idt, IBarf4iett. 

BIQ'jsh, I. adj. Mdulid^j II. -ness, 1. bie 
bldult^e (blaf blaue) garbe, bag 93Idttli4e. 

To Bliin'df r, v. I. n. 1. fi^^ gr5bli4 inen $ fam. 
pubeln (upon..., in...)$ 2. M fibereilen, 
fafein, bitnb sutappen, pfa^ren (aucb mit 
about) j 3. flo(pem$ If. a, gr6bU4 oer« 
mengen, it.i to — out, (erau^pla^en (mit 

Blnn'd^r, s. baft grobe Serfe^eU/ ber ^tf^li^nfi, 
{fXiPgriff, IBerflof; G^ni^er^ —head, vid. 

Bl&n'dfrbiiss, 3, ber (OtuftFeton^ a swiveled— , 
bie iDonnerbfi4fe, bie mie eine S)re^baire ge« 
bre^t »erben fann. 

Blttn'd^r^r, s. ber 6titmper, Xolpet, tDumm* 

Blfin'df r}ngly, adv. auf eine grobe, fafelnbe, 
fe(ler(afte TCrt. 

Bliinks, s. Com, (in G^ottlanb) 1. S)ru(flein« 
»anb$ 2. baumttoQeneSitc^er auS(9Iaftgo». 

Blfint, I. adj, 1. lit. fhimpf } fig. 2. plump, 
unbe^olfen, gerabe^u, grob) 3. ungele^rig, 
ungef^litfen, bduerif4 5 n. s. baft 0lappier$ 
m. comp, —needles (gem. blunts), eine Xrt 
bictcr SRabeln $um Su(!^nd(en/ vulg, 64nei« 
bernabelU) — witted, bumm, plump. 

To Blunt, V. a, 1. lit. fhtmpf ma(f^en$ fig* 2. 
abfhimpfen, f^md^en^Den, milbern, unter* 
brilrfen (99egierben, icj? juriirfflopeni to — 
the angles of a battalion, Mit, eitt £Luar& 
inein2f4tetf bermanbeln^ abfinmpfcn. 

Bifin'tjsh, adj' 1. ein menig fhtmpf) 2. fig. 
etioaft plump, it. 

Bli&nt'ly, adv. o^ne Umfldnbe, <^. Blunt, adj 

Bliint'ness, 1. l.lit. bie Gtumpfl^eit; 2.^. 
bteyiump^eit, 9lau(^eit ber bitten. [fledP. 

B lur, f . 1. ber %M, Jtletf ft i 2. fig. ber 6(banb' 

To Blur, V. a. 1. befletfen^ 2. termif^en, 
auftl6f4en9 ^'fig. beftetfen, befubeln. 

To Blnrt, v, a. (meift mit out), unbefonnen 
^erauftfagen, (erauftpfa^en mit ... . 

To Blush, V. I. n. 1. errdt^Ctt (mit at u. for); 

2. (rot^) blu^enj II. 0. Je^tnur imp. p. 
b-ed with a reddish or Tinons colour, in*ft 
gi5t^li4e faOenb) white lightly bed with 
red, in'ft Slaf rot^e fpielenb, blafrftt^li^. 
Blush', X. 1. bie €$4amrdt^c$ 2. bie 0idt(e, 
rot^e^arbc^ 3. bererfle, flu^tige Tfnblid^ 




4. provine. bit (leife) 9tHMf^n\iii>Uit 

BUUh'MI* odj, 4c mit e^amrfit^c bebc<ft. 

Bl&ih'jng* p.«. baKSrrdt^CR, bie 6<l^inr5t^e. 

Bl&sh'tf M , adj. nnocrf^imt/ fre^. 

BlyiMdn', «. Com. etR ill Norwich gmet^ter 
3ett0, ^albflBoOe u. (albGeibe, bem Gloisaret 

Bl&ali'y,a<^'.fanftder5t^et^ r6t^li4. [d^n(i4- 

To Bl&s't^r, V. I. II. 1. tobeii; mfit^eO; ;>oI« 
tern (at.. ., fiber . ..,;c.)9 pra^Ien* 8. bratt« 
fen$ II. a. to — down, um»e^en. 

BiSa't^r, «. l.bafi j^roufeQ; beretormy 2.baf 
Ungeflitm^ffBfit^en^ ^ra^ten, |)oltern$ 9. 
ba»<Bet(ire,®erfinr4* bertdrm^ SumuU. 

Bi&g'tfrfr,!. 1. ber4)(^terer$ col. berOraufe^ 
mtnbi 2. ber (Sroffpre^er, ^ra^l^anft. 

Blat't^rins, I. p. a. 1. braufeiib) ^'^efttd/ 1^*) 
3. fc^wfilfiid (oom 0ti)l, k.)$ II. «. bad 
Sraufett^ :c. [ungefiiim. 

Blut'tf roai, ac^'. derduWboU/ Idrmenb^tobenb/ 

B-mi [be'- mi], «. Afu«. m'd. Alaiiiire. 

B^t int. vulg, hnf^l ic. 

BO'*, 1. 1. ZooL bte 9tiefenr(btande ^ 2.Com. bie 
fboa, OCrt f4ilaRdeRf6rmider ^eHerine: eiit 
S>amenf4imit(f)) 3. Afed. bieSoa. 

Boar, s. 1. Zool. ber Sber ^ 2. bie Gpringflttt^ i 
wild—, bad witbe Q$^»eiR/ ber fatter ^ 
yonng wild—, ber grif^ttngj —cat, ber 
Jtater^ ^pifft ber junge Sber^ — tpoar, ber 
Ganfptef, bie ^^tpeinftfeber, baft ^andeifen. 

To Boar, v. a. Man. ben Stop\ gu (o4 tragen^ 
in bie Suft loerfen. 

Board, 1. 1. baft Sret, bie tDiele i 2. ber Xif(b; 
bie Safely Q.fig. ber Xif<^, bie Jtoft, «e> 
tdfHgttttg, ber Unter^alt j 4. bieSafel In e. 
<Ben4te, ic: 5. baft CKeri^t felbft^ baftXmt/ 
(dtat(ft«) Collegium, IddreaU; bie ^e^drbe, 
(Scmmifflon/ber7fuftf(bnf,;c.$ ATor-f.e.ber 
e^iffftborbs 7. ber e^Iag (eineft e4iffeft 
beim 2aoiren)$ 8. Gam. baft e^pielbret 
(6d^a4bret;ic.)) 9. JBit^ft. ber^oppenbetfel, 
baft <Sarton$ a cheu — , drawing—, ftc. vid. 
inc., D., &c; bedofb-i, bie9>ritr4e$ a 
book ia b-s, ein in f>appe gebunbeneft 9u4$ 
tlie cooDcil— ,ber !>!g-«. 
above—, Mer, geborgen) to deal above—, 
frei,nnDerbe(ft^anbeIn$ Afar-f. in—, bin* 
Tienborbft^ —and—, Sorb an 9orb$ a 
good—, ein ed^lagbng, Q^trecfbug} a short 
— , ein fnrser Oang (beim^oiren)^ to mal^e 
a—, laoirenj to makeagood— ,einenQ$4Iad« 
bug ob.0tretfbttd madden) to make aftem— , 
fiber etener (i.e.rfi<fn>drtft)8e^enf to shoot 
aahfp's masts by the—, einemQ$4{|fc bie 
SKafbni abf(biefen$ Corns, to pot on — , an 
0orb bringen} to sell (free) on— > an 0orb 

(im 64ifD i^erfattfen (Don wo ah ber Mhfn 
bie ^nbungftfpefen u. fiber^. bie Sranftport< 
foflen trdgt)) prices (quoted) on ^(pr free 
»n— )» (^reife) ftci amiBotb (anftorbno* 
ttrt, Dom eerfdnfer fret an 9orb )tt liefent) ^ 
comp. —of admiralty, baft TCbmiralttdtftges 
rii^t) —of commissioners, bie Qlommif^on, 
ber KttftF^ttf $ — of ciistomB, baft Gtcucramt, 
3oQamtf —of directors, boft ^irectorinm ) 

— of green cloth, vid. unt. Green; —of 
health, 1. baft <9efunb(eitftamt, bie 0-com« 
miffioni 2. baft !DtebicinaI«(loIlegium9 —of 
officers, baft IDfficiercorpft$ —of revenue, 
baft Sinan^bfireau i — of trade, baft ^anbelft' 
gcrtj^t, ^-collegium, |)-bfireau, f)-mintfti* 
rium^ — lands, Xafelgfiter^ — load, Subnfe 
ber 9>d4ter gu Safelgfitern) — oflieer, ein 
Ynftfd^nfmitgHeb^ —service, Safede^en n. 
yad^tgelbbaffir^ —wages, baft ^oftgclb. 

To Board, v. I. a. 1. bieUn, tdfeln^ 2. a) in 
bie.$tofl ne^men, befftftigcn^ 6) in bie Stoft 
gebcn^ 3. Afar, entcni; borbenj n. n. i. 
a) Jtoftgdnger (alten^ h) inber Jtoft fein 
(—at OT in a honse, with a person); 2. Mar. 
to — it up, (ben ^uf ) anfmdrtftlaviren. 

BOar'd^ble, adj. Mar. gugdngli^, rnterbar. 

Bonr'dfr, s. 1. ber Jtoflgdnger$ 2. Afar. (gem. 
p{.) b-s, bie ium@ntem beftimmtcn ^atrofen. 

BOar'djng, p. s. baft SDicIen, \c., vid. To Board; 
b-8, pi. Mar. 8i4terJ4iffe{ comp. —cap, 
bie eturm^anbc) —pike, bie (Snterpife$ 
-house, —place, baft jtofl^auft; 0peifc^ttft ) 
—school, bie Jtofir^ttle, ^cnflonftonflalt. 

BOaVish, ad;. f4»einif(b, mc^tr^b 4 gruufam. 

BOart, «. Jew. ein finniger SDiamant. 

To BOast, V. I. a. rfi^men, cr^cbeny n. n. M 
rfiimen,ftoli fein,pra^Ien (mit of..., mit.../tc.). 

BOast, «. 1. baft (]lfi(men,(Sroffpre(!ften;®rof« 
t^un, bie fUtu^mrebigfeit, yraVIercii 2. fig. 
ber {Ru^m, 6to^ (eineft Eanbeft, k ). 

BOas't^r, s. ber ^ra^ler, (SroPfprcrbcr. 

BOaat'ffil, adj. rubmrcbig, pra^I^aft. 

BOas'tjng, I. s. baft (Rfiimen, bie9>ra(Ierei$ 
IT. adj.; III. — ly, adv. pra^Icrifit. 

BOast^less, adj. anfpmibftloft; befd^eibcn. 

Boat, s. l.baft6oot,bcr^atn,baft (Ieinc(9(np*) 
e4iff,ber9{a(ben,bie9arfe,Sd^rc j 2.Conch, 
vid.— shell; —cloak, bie ^tante (flberrotf 
jnr 65ee }u tragen^j — s crew, bie ©ootft* 
mannf^aft) — 'sguy, bie ^nnbmd^tcr beft 
Sooteft^ — s load, (— fol), biee4ifffti<t^ttng} 
— ('s-)man, ber Oootftmann 9 —'s painter, 
— rope, baft CS^aluppentaui —s scoop, bie 
flBanerf^anfel} —shaped, Bot. bootformigi 
—shell, Conch, bic Xr^ej - staff, (—book), 
ber 9ootft6afcn5 — i^^iln [bot'swia, 5011, 





Wsn],^rj>o4bootdmann$ — iwain's otU^bie 

<Sommanbopfeifett(f>o4bootftmanned4 —'« 
mate, 1. berUntetbooMmann) 2. (in toUditb. 
G4iffen) ber 64iemattn. 

To Boat, V. a. Am. tait Sootcn tran^portircn. 

BGaftfble, adj. Am, fitr JBoote ftiffbar. 

B5a't}iig, s. Am. baft Jtiiflenfatren (mit) fStt* 
fenbett/^erfSbten (oonSBaaren^u.) in tinem 
JBoote, bie (Sabotage. 

Btfb, «. 1. a&6r. fur: Robert; 2. {ebeS batt« 
melnbe IDing : a) baft Oe^inge/ SD^rge^^lnge) 
b} Hot. bUSinfe dneft furien^cnbelftj c) bte 
C^ttt^perrfitfe^ ber Gtu^i (0 vuig. bie KdU 
<|ttafte, 7CaIfI5fe5 3. bie Gnb^eile, ber (Snb« 
t)erft, fRefratii) 4.bere4(a9; 6tof$ 5. bie 
eti^elei; ber|)o6n, Gpotti baft ett(beIn>ort^ 
— itay, Afar, ber ©ugfprietftflaa/ fflafferflag h 
—toil, 1. ber ®tutf(bnan}$ a. bie^feilfpi^t) 
fig' 3* bie^ure^ ber Qhrnu^, (Saflrat^ 4. ber 
niebrtgfle yftbelj — Uiled, fttt|f(bwAnii0^ 
— wig,bie€5tu^perriitfe, ber€5tut. 

To B5b, V. La. 1. ftu^ett, Fur} f^neibeni 2. 
abbre(ben (ein (9efpri4); 3. ^t%XLta, necfen^ 
II. n. 1. baumeln^ ^dngen ^ 2. vu/g. (mit ber 
7Calfl6fe) angelu. 

BOb'bia, «. 1. bte Q$pule, ber Gpi|enP(5ppeIi 
2. baft Sunb, Silnbel (^la^ft oon ca. 100 
9fb.)i flat-, bie yiattjf^nur) roand-,bie 
0tnnbf(bnttr{ thread-, Smimfpi^en^ —net, 
)er6pi^engrunb) plain— net, glatterGpia* 
lengrunb) —net sprigged (gewft^nl. a5&r. 
aprigd, or sprigged —net), gemuflerter 
€$pi^eRgrttnb^ —tools, epi(en!(6ppel) — 
work, gen. bie gellftppelteTfrbeit, ge(l5ppelte 
Gpi^en^ Shorten, Si^en, ^^niire, u. 

BSb'bjog, I. p. s, baft 6(bltagen, le., vid. To 
Bob; n. p. a. fieine Jtnixe ma(benb. 

B(n>1>y, «. ahhr. {dim.) fiir: Robert. 

B5c'c«, 3, G-v). baft ®(bir(o(b (am®Iaftofen). 

BSc'fsine, Bd</9S8ia, Bdc'c^sine, «. CSom. bie 
feine CSteifleinmanb. 

Boce, «. /c/i. berSReerbrafTen. 

To Bode, V. I. a. oerfunben, oor^cr angeigen, 
oorbcttteu^ n. n. oonSorbebeutungfein. 

BOd'ice, s. baft Ceibcben, bie 64n<irbrttft. 

BOdled, adj, geflaltet, (comp.) «(eibig $ big—, 
bf^eibigi full — wine, flarf gebe(fter CBein. 

BOdlef , s* pi. 1. 2eiber^u., vid. Body; 2. bie 
f^nigl. Sitfgarbe, Seibgarbe) a pair of—, 
etne ^^nUtixuft, vid. Bodice. 

BOd'fkrnf, Bttd'ljkfnf, int. vulg. hd meiner 
C^edbft! berXeufel! baft wire t 

BOd'ilfss, adj, fftrperloft/ unf^rperlidb* 

BOd'iliafss, s. baft Fdrperlt4e0ein ob. flfiefen. 

BOd'ily, adj. k adv. 1. fftrpcrli^, Uibli4$ 
2. ipitf(t4) 8. fig. emftli^j to drive— opon 

a coast, Mar, mit bem 6(bifr< (|uer attf 

bie Jtitfie treiben. [bebeufuug. 

Bo'djng, s, ((duftg im pi.) bie TC^nung, (Bor« 

BOd'kin, *. T, I. bte TC^e, ?>fneme (cerf^. 

f>anb»erFer)$ 2. bie Q^^nflrnabelj 3. bie 

epidhiabeli 4. bie Sriflrnabel, baftitrdufet' 

cifen i bie f>aamabel i cloth of—, ber Srocat, 

baft 6ilbergefH(f, vid, Bawdkin. 

BOdy, s. I. ber Uih, St6tptx i (dead — ), 2ei4* 

nanij 2. ber dtumpf, Setb j 3. bief)erfon^ 

ber !IXenf(b/ SHanU/ J^nanb/ man (mit some, 

every, any, no ifgf^t., vid. unt. S., E., Ac); 
4. Geom. k Phy, ber Jt5rper j 5. baft flBe« 
fen, SEBerentIi(be, bie SBirfliibfeit, 6. bie 
!IRenge, Qufammen^dngenbe) ^afTe, loerbun* 
bene Q^efammtbeit, baft®anie$ 7. baft (S9« 
ftem, bte 6ammIttRg (®efe^e, tc) $ 8. ber 
Serein, ^(rper$ ^it ^drperfcbaft, C^efeU- 
f(baft, 3unft, 3nRung/ Oemeine^ bieyartet, 
Berbinbung;;c.5 9- bie Sruppenmaffe, baft 
(Sorpft) 10. ber f>auptbeflanbtiet(, i)aupt« 
t^ii, bie {>auptmafre (einer TCrmee: baft 
f)auptv QT^itteltreffen ; f>.eineft&iRbeft: baft 
3nnere$ e.^Iuffeft, e.^eftung, im^egenf-ber 
KnfenioerFej baft itir(benf(bi|f9 ber Q$(bifrft* 
rumpf^Saumflamm^ Autjfcbenfaflen) fBau4 
einer Saute, ic.)$ H.A^ ber @toff, Snbttlt 
(eineftSriefeft, :c.)$ 12. ber ^ftrper, ^ern, 
bie jDi*tigfeit, etdrfe, gefHgfeit, Sttfx% 
Gfite (beftlBeineft, 9aptereft,ic.){ 13. Paint. 
ber Jtftrper, c/. To Bear a—; 14. fig, ber 
2eib, bie ftnR(i<ben9egierben$ —for—, ein 
Sebeft einielngenommen, Gineft nacb bem 
TCnberui a writ to apprehend the—, einSer* 
baftftbefe^I^ —of an alur, ber ^ttarflein $ 
—of a cannon, Gun, baft SobenfHidP einer 
Jtanone^ —of a letter, L-f. ber 0(brift* 
fegel) the— of civil laws, baft Corpus juris; 
the politic—, or— politic, berGtaatftfdrper) 
— cloth(e)8, pi. bie ^ferbebeife, Qd^ahxadti 
— gnards, pi. bie Seibmatbe^ —loose, Ent 
bteSiljlauftf —plane, Ship-b. berGpannrif 
eineft e^ifftft- 

To BSd'y, V. a. formen, bilben, geflalten. 

B5g, s. ber Gumpf,!Bru4, baft^oor j -bean, 
Bot. ber^iberflees — landfbaftSRarfiblanbi 
—lander, 1. ber 0umpfben>o§ner$ 9!)uf4« 
flepperj 2.iron. ber SrWnber 5 — oak, 5of. bie 
9Roorei4e$ —ore, Min. ber9lafeneifenfteiR$ 
—reed, baft 6d^i(fro(r^ -spavin, Far, bic 
&4alei —stalker, or— trotter, wie— lander. 

ToB5g, V. a. 1. imJtotb (erumwdlienj im 
64Iammoerfenfen$ 2. imZg. auf bem IDreif 
fl^en laflen. 

To BSg'gie, V. I. n. 1. fta^tn, }ttrfi(fra(reit 
(-at, fiber, »or)i 2. unr^ltlf^g, jmeiftt^aft 




Tein; an(tt'^en$ 3. (euAeln/ M verfleSen) 

Att6iO(i4cn$ II. a. Am. vulg. (lux^ Bdtxoie* 

rigMten) in Serlegen^ett fe|en. 
Bdg'glf r, s. ber Uan^ifi^t, 3au^erer. 
BSg'gy, adj. fumpPg/ morafhg, bni^ig. 
BO'gle (Bdg'gle), *. co/. —bo, or — boc, cor. 

Bugaboo, ber ^opanj; ba&(^inberO®(fpenft. 
Bob, int bu^ ! vid. Bo. 

Bohsa', «. berS^etbttt^/ gemeine r4n)ar2(X(ee. 

BQbe'mi^ J. Geog, 99d(men. 

BQbe'mj^D, 1. «. 1. ber S5^me$ 2. ber 3{geu« 
neri n. adi.b5^mir4$ — pearIi,Cbm. b56< 
mif^e^erlen) —quartz, Min, Qitvin ober 
b6^mir4erSopa$3 —warbler, Orn. ber @et* 

BdlC^r, J. vid. Bojar. [benf^oatt). 

B5n, s, baft (St^ditotx, ber (!BIutOG4m&rcn. 

To BdH, V. I. n. 1. fo^en, fteben^ 2. waUen/ 
braufen (bon ben ® eHen^K.)? to — away, cin* 
f o4en i to — over, 1. fiberfo^en, iiberlaufen $ 
2. j!g. (tm 3ome) aufbraufen $ IL a. (Qttoa^) 
Hthtn, fo^en, fo4en laffcn ; to — to pieces, 
ierfo^eu/ berfo^en. 

Bdfl^y, Bdfl^ry, ^ . 5-io. bie <Sicbcrei, ®iebe« 
l^iitte, Bolflhtit, bal Q$al2n)erf. 

Bdfl^r, J. 1. ber^teben 2. ber ^0(f»fefrcl; 
(SampfO^StcfTel) 3. Mint. ber0(^r(tUngftglus 

Bdl'IftTf , s. pL bie Jto^erbfen. [(er^TCuftgliS^er. 

BdiCliog, L p. «. baft ito^en, ic, i II. p. a. fo» 
4enb,lC.9 — peasy vid, BoUeri ; —pot, Print. 
bieffarbeblafes —well, ber ®pringbmnnen. 

Bdfi't^ons, I. adj,; II. —ly, adv. ungeflfim, 

ft&ml^df, ^efttg, braufenb, tobenb^ Idnnenb; 
oufrii6rerir4«ttnbdnbig5 ni.— ness, s. ber 
(baft) ttngefliim, baft Soben, ftitrmif^e SBefen. 

B55»r» *• ber »o|ar fgreifterr^ «.). 

Bo^^ry, adj. Min. boluftartig, t^onarttg. 

Bold, adj. 1. ffi^n, unerf^roifen, nnoergagt, 
mst^ig) 2. ittt^n^eit erforbernb (bon e. Un« 
tantimeiOi 3. breift^unberf^drnt^fre^^frei^ 
4. jSg. M^n (von e. IQergleic^e, it.)i 5. fteil, 
]ft^} to make—, fi^ erffi^nenj Mor-j. a— 
bow, vid. Bluff; a — shore, eine fleile (unb 
ba^er Mer }u befa^rene) itufle» —face, 
1. berUnoerf^^lmte/ Sre^ej 2. bieUnber* 
f4dmt§ett9 —faced, unoerf4dmt,fre4. 

ToBOl'dfn, V. La. hi(n ma^enj 3ttberfi4t 
einftdpens 11- n. breifl »erben/ M erffi^nen. 

BoFdf r-stOne, &c. vid. Bowlder. [Derf^dmt 

Botd'ly, adv. 1. fii^n/ unerWrotf en, ic.$ 2. un* 

Bold'ufss, s. 1. bie Jtii(n^eit^ Unerf^rotfen' 
tcit,6erti)egenieit, ber^SXut^^ 2. bielDrei* 
fUgfett, SermefTcn^eit) 3. bie Sreimfit^ig* 
feit5 4. bie Sredft^eit, Unberf^imt^eit^ 5. 
baft iQberfi4tIi4ie Sertrauen (auf (3ott)i 
6. Lit. bieM^n^eit (berepra4e)i befgt. 
in Faint., Sculp. & Arch. 

Boie,«. l.berll&c^er^ baft Sbtdtn, bte^6^ 
lung i 2. ber yfeifcnfopf j 3- (.MorU) bo4 
SRaf bon 6engl.@icfrcln (bushels); 4. Min.. 
ber Soluft, Settt^on. 

Bo'lStste, s. Chem. baft f^mammfattre 0alg. 

BplStlCf adj. — acid,C/(em. bie84)»ammrdurc» 

BO'ljng, s. Mar. vid. Bow-line. [Hivai^e* 

Bo'ljs, s. Met. bie fcungc ^gel; ber fltegcnbe 

B511, s. 1. Bot. bie eamenfapfci) 2. vid. 
Bole, 3 ; 3. a - of salt, (C.) 2 Suft^el 6dU. 

To BdU, V. n. Gamenfapfein anfc^en. 

B0I'lim5ng, BfiU'mdng, (Bdnjuibny* C), Bui'- 
limOng, BuI'ljmSnd, s. baft !]0>{tr4Forn. 

BOi'l^, s, l.sing. 1. ein aufrc4tf!e(fcnber 
Vfa^I Ob. cine$foflc4 2. ber gcf5pfte9aitmf 
—timbers, Skipb. bie bi#t anbcmCorfleMn 
bcflnbli^cn 2Bug* ober Jt(iift(5(ser$ II. b-s» 
pi. Mar. lDii(fba(ben/ ^iflen (an ben 6eiteit 
elner S)o(fe). 

Bdl'ijugf, s. pi. gefftpfte Sdume. [fcr^unbd^en. 

Bologna [bolOn'y^], — dog, s. baft 93oIognes 

Bologuese [bOlOnSz'], s. (pi.) & a. ber (^ie> 
S^ologner, btc SB-inn) bolognefir^. 

Bolognian [bOlO'njiLn], —stone, s. Min, ber 
Solognefer Gpat^, ®tra6(ban)t. 

Bol'st^r, s. I. ting, l.baft^olfler. Stiffen^ ber 
9)f(t^I$ 2. Surg, bie Ciompre^ei 3. Sm. 
ber ^n!erambof5 II. b-s, p^ ]. Sad. lit 
f>interpauf4en/ ber Tfcfter (beft 6atteift)i 
Mars. 2. bie ^albcn ob. ^(ampen bcn met* 
4l(ni f>oIse am tSopp ber SRaflcnj 3. bie Se* 
fleibungftfiffen ber 0tagc. 

To Boi'st^r, V. a. 1. polflcrn/ Jtiflcn nnter* 
legeni 2. Surg. (Sompreffcn aupcgen. 

BOrst^red, p. a. aufgebld^t. 

Boi'st^r^r, s. ber Siebeftgc^iilfe, f>e^(er. 

Bol'st^ring, s. (—up) bie 4>eblerei. 

Bolt, J. l.berSBoI|cn,$fci($ 2. T. ber93cU 
gen (bon QHfen u. a. 9Xetal()3 {Riegel (an 
Zf^Uvcn), iCi 3. Met. ber jDonnerfeil) 4. 
MiU. baft ®eutelfleb$ 5. bcrS^cdten (vid. 
Blot); 6. fig. ber 9)feil, baft SBibtborf, u.: 
r. (a — of canvas), (28 iSVien) baft ©tfict 
(IBunb, Siinbel) Gegeltu^i 8. b-s, p(. bie 
ISanbe/ Scfretn; comp. -boat. Afar, ein 
ftartgebauteftJBoot^ —drawer, ber 6oIien> 
auft^eberi —driver, ber S9oIientreiber$ 
—head, Di$t. ber (S5orleg«)Jtolbtnj — ropc» 
Mar. baft tdf, ber 6egelfaum4 —sprit, vid. Bowsprit; —upright, pfeilgerabe, tcr« 

To Bolt, V. I. a. 1. }uriegcln, berriegcln j (mit 
etnemSoIsen)bef(fligen, boUcnj feffelnf 2. 
jMi{/.beute(n/f!(l(ten, fleben$ 3.^g. ergritn* 
ben^ prfifen/ ft^tenj (aufb rait out, [(Stnaft] 
anftforfd^en,ic.)) 4. itfpvtittn, eer^anbeln^ 




5. Sport. (^anin4en)auf{ieub(m, aun^^genj 
to — a ibip, Ship'h. tin ®4iff pcrboljcnj 
n. n. (mit out) 1. ^eraufift^rien, (pl^^li^) 
^eroaftfa^ren, (eraugf^iefen j 2. jSg. mit (SU 
1906 ^auftplatenj to — in, ot into, pI(^U(b 
mtcttttt, l^ttcinfAxi^n, ^ereinpla^en. 

BOIV. *. 1- A^iU- bcr ^meilbeutel; ^fibl« 
beutel/ baft Seutelflebj 2. eine TCrt 9{e(. 

BOFt|ng, L part. 9. To Bolt, qv, ; 11. comp. 
—axes, Mech, f^Uepenbe TCibfenj AfiW-j. — 
bag,^eraR((lbeute(4 -cloth, baft!BeuteItit4$ 
^ house, baftS-(auft/ bie 6ieberei$ —hutch, 
ber ^'Ufttn, bie IB-fammeri —mill, bie 93- 
maf4tne, baft 93-ioer?$ —tub, etn (^efdf, urn 
!Kebl (tn^n }u flcbten. 

Bo'l^iy «. ATed. ber IBtfTen, SoIuft$ bie $ille. 

Bdmb [bilm], j. 1. bie Sombej 2. ber®Io(ten 
[(blag $ baft bumpfe <Bet6\i, ber biimpfe StnaU, 
©umftj —chest, bie S-nfiflej -ketch, — 
Tessel, ^ie Spmbarbirdaliote^ baft 99-nf(bifr< 
— proof, b-nfefi [fen, tftnen. 

To Bdmb [bum], v.n. (9et5fe verurfacben, fau« 

To Bombard', v. a. bombarbiren. 

Bdmb^rdesr', Bdmbyrdter', s, 1. Mi7. ber 

9oxnbarbirer$ 2. £ne. ber IBombarbirMfer. 
B^mbard'm^nt, s, baft iBombarbement, bie 

flBombarbirung. [Sombarbon. 

BdmbfrdOOn', s. Mus, ber grof e SBombarb, 
B$Bib«^n',BOmb^ne',j. Corns. l.berlBom* 

bafh (ein leicbter woII«feibener3eud)4 2. tinz 

TCvt Sargent/ vid. Bumbast. 
Bdm'bltst, I. s, 1. Com. ter Sombaft; vid. 

Bumbast 2; 2. lAt. ber®(bmttl^, Sombafl^ 

n. adj, vid. Bombastic. 
To BdmbSst', V. a. hfig. aufblafen, aufTcbwelit 

Itai 2. lit. (rait &attc, u.) auftflopfen, attft« 

polfieni) Miagen. [benb. 

BQmbas'tjc (— c^l), adj, f^wixl^q, (o(btra* 
Bdffl^fistry, s. Lit. ber B^toulft, Sombaft 
Bdmb^z^f (— zStteO> i. Com. ber fiBombafett, 

nnappretirte Samift. 
Bdmbfzinc', s, vid. Bombasin. 
Bdoil>}f t, s, Ckem. baft ranpenfaure Gal}. 
Bdm'bic, a((7. — acid, CTiem. biedUnpenfdure. 
Bdiiiliys,^. Afed.l.baftS)4rtftneni 2.baft$olterR 

im Setbe. [farbig, getbticb u. burcbfcbeinenb. 
Bgmbjfc'jnous, adj, 1 . feibin i 2. feibenraupen^ 
B9Bib jfc'inym, s. Com. bie affi)rif(be Geibe. 
B^mbfl'j^s, s, Ent. vid. Bumble-bee. 
Bto'byz, s. vid. Silk-worm, [bie TCnmeiftmg. 
Btf n [or biiag], « . (fran).) Com. ber ®ut^3ettel, 
B(/ii^ comp. --fide, (lat.) auft rebli(b(r !!Rei« 

snng^ auf Sreue unb ® lauben i Com- j. — f. 

bills, SBeibfel fiber empfangene SEBoaren} 

— f. capital, baft auft SBaaren ob. anbem ter- 

Mnfl. &a(ben befle^enbe (Sapital. 

B^nan'a, s. Bot. bie fiBananaftfdge. 

BQua'sys, B^nSs's^s, «. Zool. ber IBonafttft* 

BSn^v^n'ture [— tsh^r], j. — mizen. Mar. (bet 
grof en @4iffen) ein smeiter Sefanmaft 

Bonbon [bdngbdng'], s. (fran$.) baft IBonbon, 
3U(ferptd((ben$ —cracker (cracker—), baft 

Bpn-chrs'titn, s. Ponu bie (S(rifibirn. 

B8nd» I. s. 1. baft S3inbenbe, fBanb, 0ei(, ber 
ettidi 2. (bef. pi.)/ bie Sanbe, Jtette, 
S^fTelj Jig, bie <9efangenf4aft j 3. bie fBzx* 
binbung) ber Jtitt, k.) 4. fig. baft £Banb^ 
bie Serbinbung) 5. bie ®(bu[bioerf<breibung, 
SDbligaticnj 6. bie eerbinblt(beeit; baftUn* 
terpfanb) T. bie Serpfli^tung) under—. 
Law, unter Qlaution^ ob. gegen Gautionftlei* 
ftung) Com, Law, special—, ber 6xtra« 
fiBfirgfcbaftftrcbein^ —of exchange, ber fBe(b' 
feUontract^ —of obligation, ber 6(bulb« 
r4ein,bie6d^ttIboerf4retbiingf goods in—, 
SBaaren unter 0tegieoerf(bIuf/ in ber 76nigl. 
9{ieberlage$ n. adj. gebunben, bienflpfli4« 
tig, leibeigeU) ni. comp. Coms. —creditor, 
ber Obtigationftgldubiger { — debtor, ber 
£>-f(butbner5 —debts, C-fcbutbenj —maid, 
bie Scibeigene $ —man, —servant, ber 2eib» 
eigenej —service, bie ^eibeigenf^aft 5 - 
slave, ber (bie) Seibeigenej — (s-)man, 1. ber 
Seibeigenej 2. ber ©firge^ —(s-) woman, 
bie ^eibeigene. 

To B5nd, v, a. Com. Low, eineScrf^retbung 
auftfleOeniiber...) to— goods, (9uter(8Baai 
ren) in baft !dnig(. SDtagasin nieberlegen^ 
b-ed-ware-hoose, vid. Bonding-warehouse. 

BSn'd^e, s. 1. bie (Sefangenr^aft, f>aft j ber 
Derei5 3. bie Serpflicbtung/ SSerbinbli^feit 

BSnMing, p.x. 1. bie fierbinbung ^ 2. Com. 
baft SRieberlegen Don XBaaren in baft fonigt. 
9Raga$ln$ — ware-house, bie92ieberlage, baft 
S)epot einer {Regierung an Stapel* ob. f)adt« 
(offtpM^eU/ berdonfpei^er. 

BOne, I. 1. ting, baft fdtin, ber Jttto^ens bie 
®rdte$ 2. bie beineme 0pinbel, Gpule$ — 
of contention,>7g. ber danfapfeU n. b-s, s.pL 
l.SGBtirfeli 2. (fn54eme) Jtlftppel ium€Spii« 
jenndppeln) 3. 77ieae.Sreibtaetft(ber 64au« 
fpieler: elfenbeinerne9)ldtt<ben)3 ni. comp. 
foul b-s, vid. —spavin; lazy b-s, ber gau* 
lender $ —ace. Gam. eine^rt <)CartenfpieI$ 
—ache, baft dteifen in ben Seinen, bie (&i^t, 
baft$obagra5 —binder, Afin. baftSein^eil, 
Seinwell) —black, baft gebrannte (SIfenbein 4 
—breaker, Om. ber Seinbre^er/ SReerabler^ 
—chopper, Butc/u etnJtno^enbeil) —flower, 
Bot.bteGdnfeblume^ —knot, Anat. ber(Se« 




gun, cannon), bet Qalihtt, bit 6erl( (etner 
JtononO) 4. ber95o6rer$ 5.^. ein 6ti4, 
dneSEBunbr^ 6. /am. bie Undrreimt^dt, ix* 
genb C^a(; ba( Un^weUty cine uncrtri^* 
U4e, etrl^afte, iabringU^'/ u. 9erfon5 T. 
vtd. Boar, 2. 

BO^rS^I* BoVe^n, a^j. (bef. «) ndrbU^. 

Bo'rSSs, J. ♦ ber f&ottal, 9iorb»inb. 

B9re(', s. Dane, bit Sourree. 

Bi/r^r, *. berS5o^rer (yerfon u. Snflnimcnt). 

BoVjng, «. Vet, tint SDperotion^ um trrrtnfte 
e^ultern ber ^JtxU tinivLXid^ttni —mill, 
Mech. bie IBo^rmfi^le. 

Born, p.p. 0. To Bear, geborenj base—, 
new—, kc, vid, unterBase, Ac; my —days, 
mein Sebtoge. 

BOrne, I. s. I.bie(0ren2e) 2. vid. b. m. r. 
Bourn; 11. p.p. ton To Bear, getrogen^ 
all charge!—, Ccm. na<b ^iUg oUtX Stofktn. 

BoVpn, J. Chem. bQ( SBoron, ©orociumj SBo- 

Bfir'oogh [— 'o], s. bie incorporirte ganbfhibt, 
ber (»obIO Sletfen, ©nrgfletfen, OWarft* 
fletfen^ —English, JLaio, ba&Sebnretbt M 
SflflQems —elder, -head, —holder, ber 
£)rt$beputirte, IDrteoorftanb, (Semeinbefpre« 
4er3 —master, ber JBurgemcifhr, vid. Bur- 
gomaster, [crborgen, entlebnen. 

To Bdr'rOw, v. a. Qttf (Srcbit ncbmen^ borgen, 

Bdr'rOw^r, s. ber,6rborger, JBorgerj —on 
bottomry. Com. Law, ber ©obmeretnebmer. 

B^rsel'lf , s. G-w. bie ®Ia9f(bere. 

Bors'-hOld^r [burs'—], «. vid. Borough-holder. 

B^s'c^e, s. 1. bad ®ebtif(b/ gcbfif(bige £anb ^ 
2. bo9 Sufh9AIb(ben5 3. Pame. bie SBa(b« 

BSs'kft, «. Gard. bQ( lt)o(!et, ^ttflmJIbiben. 

B^slcy, acO'. gebfif^ig^ buf(big, ioaIbig$ — 
acres, bur^ ^etfen abgetbeilte Scfer. 

Bftf'pm, s. 1. ber®urcn,bie IBrufl ^ 2. berS3u« 
fen (bed Jtleibc^^ ber Gibli^ 9om am^embe^ 
u.)) >ig-i. 3. ber 6(bocf, S3ufen, baft {>er|4 
4. baft Snnere^ ber Umfang, IBejirf, bte Siefe 
(beft (D^eereft; k.)5 —enemy, berb«imli4e 
Seinb;fair4eSfeunb4 —friend, 1. berfBu- 
fenfreunb, btelBufenftennbinn^ 2. einelBu« 
fenfleibung f(lrS)amen$ —interest, bie Zith^ 
lingftabfiibt) — pocket, bie Geitentofibes 
—secret, baft toi^tige Gebeimnifj —sin, 
bie ecbocfp'inbei —thief, ber f)anftbieb. 

ToBdf'Qm, V. a. 1. in baft f)eri f^Iief en) 2. 
verbergem verflecfen^ gebeim balten. 

B(/sQn (BO's^n), «• cor. ton Boatswain, qv. 

Btts'quct C— k^t], s. vid. Bosket. 

fi5ss, 1. 1. bieSutfel, ber erbabene Sef^log, 
Jtnopf, itnauf^ (Sef^irmageli 2. ber 9ndtl, 

(Jtnorren an Mumen, u.)} 8. Mom, a)Uc 

gewdlbte e^Ieufei b) bie Jtalfmulbe, bet 

To BQss, V. a. 1. mit Oefibirmlgeln, u. be 

Mlagenj 2. mit erbabener Hxltit (Sutfeln) 

befe^en, ter^ieren. 
Bds'sf^e, s. Arch. 1. ber torfpringenbc (v/i 

IBitbbanerarbeit gu terarbeitenbe) ettin in 

eincr^Otaver^ 2.IBoffagen,bduerir4eftfleBcrf. 

Bdssed, BSs'sy, adj. vt'd-ToBost. 

BSs'sjTe, adj. b^tferig, frumm, tertoa^fen. 

B&t, s. vid. Bots. 

BQtiie', s. AnaU ber botaOif^e (Bang. 
B9t%n'}c(— c^l), I. adj.; II. — ^liy, adv. bo« 
B9tSn'jc8, s. pi. vid. Botany. [tanif^. 

B5f finrst (B9Un'ic), s. ber Sotanifer. 
To B5t'fLnlze, v. n. botaniflren. 
B0t^n51'9^y, s. bie^fianseniebre. 
Bttt'%ny,«.bielBotanif j —Bay wood, ein bttn« 

fel gefle<fteftf)oIifilr Jtnnfitir^Ier auftB.Bay. 
Bptar'gi), «. (ital.) ber Sotarga, Sctargo. 
B5tch, s. 1. bie fBeuIe, ber Bd^mixtni 2. ber 

Sletf/ happen 5 S. fig. baft 8li(f»er!) bad 

^Htfnort/ K. 
To BStch, V. a. 1. (mit op, infammett'){Ii<fcn, 

|Ut(fen$ 2. ber(ungen) 3. mit e<b»dren be* 


Bdt'ch^r, s. 1. ber eiidPfibneiber^ 2. ber $fu« 
Bttt'chfrly, adj. k adv., BSt'ch]ngly, adv. 

plump, fUlmperbaft. 

Bdt'chfry, s. baft S^icfmerf. [fliimperba|t. 
Bttt'chy, adj. 1. toUer Seulen^ 2. gcpitft, 

BOte'IfSs, adj. vid. Bootless. 

BotA, I. pron. adj, A s. beibe, ®eibeft) 11. 
conj. both . . . and . . ., fotbobl • • . alft . . . • 

B5th'f r, Bdtb^rft'tion, vulg. vid. Pother, Ac 

BdtVnj^, 1. Geog. Qotbnien. 

BdtA'nj^n, B5CVnfc, adj. botbnifib- [bmftdn. 

B9tr!'tis, Bfitrjite^ , s. Pet. ber fBotrt}t, Xraii» 

B5fryord (— d«I), adj. »eintraubettf5rmig. 

Bdts, s. pi, Ent. Sngerlinge, Sarten ber 

BStt, s. L-ic., baft Jt(5ppelfifren. 

Bdftle, s. 1. bie %lanf, ®outeiffe$ 2. bo» 
nuart i^af)i 3. baft Sitnbel, Sunb, (fm^ 
u.)$ —ale, b-d ale, baft ^af^enbierf 
—bottom, ber Unterfeberi —brush, bieS-S' 
bfirfle 5 -carrier, ber S-tttr&ger (fur flebciibe 
g-n)j —case, baft 3-nfutter, berg-fetterj 
— castor, cine $ latmcnage fSr ^-n i — cob- 
panion, —friend, ber 3e<bt>niber$ —con- 
jurer, ber Xar(b<nfpieler, joe. f>e;cettmcifler f 
— cooler, ber %-nWjiitxi —flower, Bof. bie 
^ornblumcj —glass, vid. Hollow-ware; 
-head, bcr^oblfcpf, Dummfopfj —headed, 

bobIf^pfig# bummf^pf!g$ -J«ck^« ber foil* 




tttU9tattnmnUti -labels, gtaf^enabrefs 
fca^Caraffw-Jtragenj -ncck,bo68-nfie|hff5 
— note, 1. tntlg. btr dronntweinSnafe^ 2. 
Om. bet sorbtfifte yapageitancber, bie dttt* 
tetnare^ 3. Zool. ber 6eel0me4 —noted, 
rotittttfffi^ bitfnaftd) -rack, cing-nKpoff* 
torium^ —screw, ber Aorflte^er^ —stand, 
^er S-nfUnber, jf-nteOer^ — swagger, ber 
g-tt^elb, ?)rajlerj -tray, ber g-ntrdger (furl 
Uegenbe g-iu). 

To BSt'tle, ». a. 1. auf glaWen fSllen^ ob* 
ite^en On». mit off) ; 2. in Sftnbel bhiben. 

B5f tied, ac^. 1. auf glaf^en gejogen i 2. bi(f< 

Bdt^tl^r, «. ber AeSermelfler. [bdnifttg. 

BSft^m, s. 1. ber nnterfle X^eil einer €$a4e 
({.9. einee ®runncn(, SafTeS, ber guf einer 
Xreppe, etneft ^figelS) Mar-#. a) ber San4 
Ob. bad gla4 e. GcbifTeS^ h) ber S3oben, 
9lattm,berunterffBafferge^t{ c)ba$64tff;, 
Sa^r^eug felbflj ber Jtdfe, Qcben ob. &tn^l 
einer Krtif4o<fe$ ber j)intere, u.)$ 2. ber 
<9nmb(bed9]lteered,)C.)i 3. bie Orunblage, 
ber (Sruttb (oon Oebdnben, ».)$ ^- bie Xiefe, 
^SX^al, ber X^algranb, (c/. ^m. -landi); 
5. ber tieflie (unterfie) Zf^eU, bad (SnU einer 
ea^, (einer Gtrafe, u.)) autb^. baft^n* 
sere, bie Xief^; g. IB. to be at the — of . . ., 
^rftnbUct 9erfle(en, tnne^aben ((Stwad)) 6. 
fig'i. a) bie (Srenje; bod 6nbe $ 6) ber (Se« 
»egO®ntnb/ bieXriebfeberj c)ber®ntnb; 
Orunbra^/ u.i T. bie f)efen/ ber (®oben«) 
ea^ (bed Siered, ic)) 8. Sport, bie Jtraft, 
etMt (eined S^iered, befgL cined oier- 
ntiU^m, (anbfeften Aerld, ic), cf. Bot- 

Boiid, s. Ent ber Jtommurm^ ®iebeL \ 
To Bdn^e [bdj], v.n. aviff^mtUtn, f^meHen. 
Bdo^e [Mj], s. 1. bieOef4iouIft5 2.ber Sau4 

eined Safledi 8. Com. ber Jtanri. 
BoAgh [bdA], 1. ber Hfk, 3meig. 
Booght [b&wt], pret. A p. p. D. To Bay ; — 

book. Com. bad QKn!aufdbu4- 
Bought [biwt], «. ber S3ug, bie IBtegungi bad 

Oelenf, Q^ttebi ber Jtncten, bie ^it^tf 

Boa^ie^ OAzhesO' ^* 1- •^"^ff* bie IBougie, 

Jterse j 2. Com, tint fiHoOe flBa^dflotf. 
BouiUon [baiydn'], «. 1. bie (9leif4«) 

9rd(e{ 2. /^ar. bad S(eif4gen>d4d am 

etraftle bed 9f^i^(fQf c^- 
BOalMfr, s, vid. Bowlder. 
BoAl^t^, BoAiette', s. Man. tin ^ferb mit fe^ 

ler^aftem guf gelenf . [fieber. 

Bild'limy. s. Vet. ber f>eif (uRger, bad gref « 
BOnl't}n, 1. Arch, ber Siertelflab, bie fiBuIft. 
To BoAnce, o. n. 1. fratben, hiaKen) Idrmeiv 

toben$ 2. (efttg Mlagen, (anOflopfen^ 3. 

pranen^pla^eni 4. frrengen} s.fpringen, fa^' 

ren (mit in, out, Ac.) 3 6. fig. f am. a) pra(« 

len, groffpredfteni vermefTenfein^ fr)tapfer^ 

W^n fein. 
BoAnce, f. 1. ber Sttadf, StnaUi bad Q(et5fe4 

2. fig. wig. bie ^ra^Ierei) S)ro(ungi 3 

Ich. ber j)unbdH. 
BoAn'cfr, *. fam, 1. ber ^rajler, Wrmer> 

Sfigner$ 2. tint grofe t&^ti 3. eine plumpe, 

fette f)erfon. 

BdOn'cjngly, adv. mit Edrm, pra^Ieriffb* 
Boiind, I. preU A p. p. 90n To Bind; hide—. 

tomed; —of a lilk worm, ber (Socon, badi ice—, wind—, vid. in H., I., W.; — bailiflT, 

Ceibenge^nfe) a— of thread, Ac, einithanel 
3i9{m,ic.) at the—, am<Snbe, enbli^l in« 
nerli^ I — landa. Am. Uferldnber, rei^e ^n< 
bereien in ben S^dlem grof er %lifft i —line 
FrinU bie 841uf}eile auf e(ner eeitti — 
pieeei, Coop, bie 9obenftii<fe ber Sdffer} — 
pit, bie unterfie Xiefe, berTCbgrunb^ —up. 
Mar. itiel oben. 

To Bdf tpm, V. I. a. 1. (namentl. fig.) grfinben i 
2. aufmitfein/ winben^ 3. mit e. Soben oer« 
fe^en (ein %at, et^^Ie [mit ei^tn],ic.)i n. n . 
M grfinben, ru^en (—on, npon, auf). 

Bi(t't9med, p. o. comp. mit einem Soben, u., 
|. S. a flat — boat, tin ^tal^mi a — horae. 
Sport. ein}nr|)arforcelagb taugtt^^d^ferb^ 
</. Bottom, 8. Ifif^ nnergriittbU^. 

BSftQmlfM, adj. l.bobentod, grunblodi 2. 

BMft^mry, f. Com. Law, bie Sobmerei j — 
totter (—bond), ber 8-brief, 64iff(pf(tnb« 
Mef, 64{|Dbrief, 64tff)6»e4fel. 

Bdft'9M, 1. Bam. bte dttdC^rbirn. 

Law, tin Oerifbtdbiener, ber TCrreflationen 
unb d^nli(be gertcbtlic^e {>anblttngen audfibti 
— masonry, oerbunbened^auerwerfj n. adj. 
Mar. nai einem SDrte befltmmt; auf etnen 
SDrt gefracbtet (abenb j whither are you-? 
»o»oOt3(r(in? moge^tbieflteife^in? — 
out and in, (in n. (er beflimmt) in. s. sing. 
l.ber Sprung j 2. ber 7Cufrprung^fRfi(ff)prung, 
(0tu(f $ ran i 3. bie ® ren^e, ber SRarffttin i 
—setter, vid. Bounder; — stone, vid. 
Bounding-stone; IV. Bounds, s. pi. lit. A 
fig. bie dttnitn, G^ranfen) within — , mit 
9)lafe, mdftg, in ben Gtbtanf en ber 9Rdf tg* 
Mt (IBiOigfeit). 

To BoAnd, v. I. a. 1. fprengen, fprtngen 
laffenj 2. grenjen, (to — upon), angrei^en; 
3. begren}en, einf(brdnfen) fig. in e^ranfcn 
(alten i n. n. 1. fpringen $ 2. iurAcffpringen, 
(auf> Ob. surii(f«)pra]Iett. 

BoAn'd^ry, s. bie (Srenje j ber Oreniflein. 

BdAn'df n, p. p. eon To Bind. 




BdAn'd^y s, 1. tcr Oreniauffctct $ 2. bcr 

!SXaTfr4(i^et) SelbmefTer. 
BoAnMJog-itOne, #. 1. ber (BrcniflciS/ ^oxU 

fttim 2. bad e^ncUffigcId^en, bere^uffcr. 
B5An(l'I«M, I. adj. 1. flraiHttlo^/ tmi%i imbe« 

greajt, unumf^rdi^ j 2. Mne (Srcn^n fen* 

nc nb (in...)^ n. — neM, «. bie C^reniettlojiaf (it. 
BoAn'tSoQi IWorc. Ac; bSAn'Uhivt, ^.]> 

1. a^;. ; II. — ly, adv. giitid, mUbc, fttiq;ihiq, 
QUttW^i III. - new, s. bie (Mttefrit; 
^ilbe, S^idcMdfeit. 

BoikD'tjIOl, I. adj,; II. —ly, adv. milbe, gutig, 
freigebid/ dutt^itid^srofmut^id^ret^uSb (tm 
(Seben)$ HI. --ness, «. bieSXilbe/ Sreigebig* 
t(tt, SBBo^It^atigreit, ®rof mttt(. 

B5iin'ty, s. 1. bit QKilbe, %t9X%thi^M, (Sute ^ 

2. bie ® Qbe, Q^VLttt^at i 3. Com. bie ^rimie bei 
ber^ieberauftfu^r oerf^.Saaren, infofem fie 
brnOfingangftioIIttberfieigt} —money, l.gen. 
bie^dmie i 2.Afti. basffierbegelb^^onbgeib. 

Bouquet [bdlcft], s. ein (I81ttmen}6trattf. 

BOftr'^eoii [~jdrs], s. Typ. bie SorgoiS 

(04)nft i»if4en ^tUt u. (SorpuO- 
To Bddr'ge^n [— JQu], w. n. 1. fnofpen, fprof* 
fett; hl^itni 2. geil fein. 
Bddrn [or bOrn], j. bie (Srenje. 
To Bddfe, V. I. n. }e4en, beAentj II. a. tcr« 
f4Iu(fen$ ^ittttnterf^Incfeii^ iiinterff^lingen. 
Boat, 5. 1. bie (Rei^e, IBe^felfoIge; bos ^alj 
2. ber ®trei4, eerfuc^^ 3. bad (Sefe^t^ ber 
Jfampf; Tfudfoa^ SSorfaQ, e^Iag^ 4. bie 
2ttflbar!eit{ (drinking-), bad (3e4«)<Be 
log; bere^maud. [Gtegreife. 

Bofitade', s, tint (BxiUti eitt (SinfoQ aud bem 
Bdtt't^nt, adij. Arch, gur 0tit^e bienenb. 

BQuU-rimez \h6r\mif], s. pi, (fraB|.) Foet. 

bicOleimmortei bad ^breimgebi^t 

Bo'Tey-coal, #. bit bitumin^re 2Brann!o^Ie aud 
ejreter^ 9obei)(o(le. . 

BO'vlne, adj* 1. gum iD4feiigcf<tle(!ftt ge^d' 
rig$ 2. » o^fendugig. 

To BoOr, V. I. a. 1. biegen, beitgen j 2. biicfen^ 
neigen^ iimi(fen5 S.^Sg.bettgen^unterbriifb 
hn^bemif^teit} n. n. i. Mbiegen^ 2. fl^ 
bil<fen, fid^ neigen^ to — down, ft^ nieber* 
bittfen^ nieberfinhn. [ber S9ii(ning. 

B5^, s. bie Serbeugung/ IBerneigung; fam. 

BOW, s. 1. gen. ber S3ogen5 £Bttg) 2. Afar, 
ber dug eined e^iffed [in biefer Sbtng. bo A 
boA]; 8. T'S. a) ber S3cgen tint^ ^riabo(« 
rerd on ber X)re(banl$ 6) Hat ber Sodb* 
Imogen j c) bie Sieges ber SugeU d) ber 
i»erIoreneJtnoten/ bie€S4(eife5 e) bad3o4 
(ber 3ttgo4fen) ) /) ber (Srobbogen } g) vid. 
—length; — of « Itey, ber e^IfifTelring) 
—of a saddle, ber Cottelbttg J —of a tpor. 

bie €$4»etfttng on cinem Bpottni —of a 
Tiolin, ber SiolinbogcJt) croia— , rain—, Ac. 
vid. in C, Ac; Skip-b, A 3far. a bold (lean > 
— ofaihip, einbrciter ob. tcOer (f<l|^Icr 
Ob. r4<u:fer) IBug eined B^ifjc^i the b-i of 
a ship, bie Satfen eined 64ilfed$ oo th«— , 
fra^nbal!dmcife$ II. comp. (bef. Mar.) — 
anchor, ber Sugonf er, ® abclonfer $ —bearer, 
berSorftldufer, j)oIi9ogti — beat,gefritinnit, 
eingebogen, frumm^ — chaaet, SugfUitfc, 
3agbfhlrfe(mie— piece*); —dye, €in(tor« 
}tigli4ed) 64arIa4^rotb (m Bow bei London 
gefdrbt)^ —grace, ein(ISanb(einlSet5ngc> 
omSug ton olten^uverf (XBurflenn.8Bic« 
Icn) }ttm 64u^ gegen bad (Sihi —hand, bie 
Unfe (ben SSogcn (ottenbe) j>anb5 — 4(Dot, 
ber terlorene «^oten, bie Zdfitifti —leg, 
badfrumme95einj —legged, fnunmbeintg^ 
—length, ein Edngenmaji urn ben Tfbftonb 
eined 9ogenf4u^cn bom 3iel so beftsmmcn^ 
—line, bie Sulien i — line bridles bad 9tt* 
tienfpriet) —line knot, ber S3uItenfH4) — 
maker, ber Oogenmocber, IBogner^ —man, 
ber IBogenr4ii|) —man of a boat, bererilc 
fXuberer in cinem 9ootei —net, bie Sll<urr, 
Sifcbreufe i — pieces , 9ngflu(fc (leiilbte 
C^iffdfanoncn)^ — pin, bad Z^laqt^l^i 
—pot, ber (dnferc) IBIumentepf (an einem 

ISenflcr)) -saw, eineQogenfdgcmitSBatfens 
-shot, 1. ber S*f4ttf ) 2. bie9-r48f»eite > 
—sprit, bod Sttgfpdct) (in Reincn €M»iff(n> 
berTCudleger^ —sprit top-sail haliards, ber 
^udboler bere^iebblinbe) —string, bieiBc* 
genfebne^ a hatter's — string, bod Sogcn* 
leber am Sacll^bogen bcr j)tttmadber$ —wheel, 
bieSifrbreufC) —window, bad gcmolbte gen* 
^r^ Qogenfenftcr, {>o6Ifenfler, edKiafenfter. 

ToBd«^«l, V. a. 1. audmeiben, attdnetmcn» 
2.^. bid in bodSnncrc bringen, einbringen* 

B5«'«il«st, adj.fie* gcffibUod. 

|Bd4Vlf> s, pL 1. bod Ctingemcibci fig. 2. ba6 
Snnere i 3. Script, ber ei% bed SXitltibcnd, 
dartgef&^Id i bad aHitlciben, (Befubl) bowel- 
complaint, bie ^eibf(bmer)en^ Jtcli!. 

BoiiV, «* 1. ber 114 9?etgenbe$ 2. ber Sogen, 
bieffi^Ibungi 3. bie toubei ber Mattig^ 
yiot J ^U Idnblitbe ^utte i bcr ^onbfi^ i 
4. AnaU ber l^ugcmudfel , Scugcr i 5. 
Mars, a) ber SRaflforb, iSXord i b) bcr IBttg« 
anFcr(fl.bow-anchor); the best- , ber tdglubc 
TCnfer^ the small-, ber Sou* ob. Seuanfer. 

To Bd^Vf V. a. einf^Ucf en, umgcben. 

Bo^'^ry, adj. toQer ^aubcn. 

BoA'fss, B5«'et* s. ber TCcflHng, junge^obitbt. 

To Bo^^e, V. I. a. bnr^bobren, bnr^^f^iefcni 
n. n. vid. To Bonge. 




BOw'je-knIfe [— nlQ , s. Am. nnc TLxt grofed 
SodbmefTcr mit ^ippenfdrmtfier epi^c. 

Bo^lngly, adv. ft* biegenb, oerbeagenb k. 

BGwl [1^6., IF., Ac; boiM or bol, Ifbrc. Ac], 
#. 1. bie^dflj ± [bol] berdfopf, btee^df 
fcl, e^ole, boe IBe<fen$ 3. ber to(Ie S^eil 
dues SHngeS, bie f^aMund (eineS £5frcIS, 
cincr ^frifei bet $feifen!opf) 5 4. bie <5U 
ftetne^ 5. bet Sdtd^txi 6. bet a^oumftamm^ 
7. bet SRaflfotb} 8. boS (9{af Don 6 e^ef^ 
feln^ vid. Bole, 3 j —weft, (untct ben go* 
Mlatbeitetn^ bef. ttebetn) bie Setuntteu* 
vnd oon Oatn, 6cibe, u. 

To BGwl [or boOl], v. I. n. 1. Jtegel f*(eben, 
regelni 2. (tcj^ fugetn) II. a. toOen, fttgeln. 

BOwKd^rC^Fft.; bdilPder, JForc], *. comp. 
(—stone), Geol. boS Oeffbiebe^ OetW, bet 
iftoUf^dn, JHefelflein) — itones, (bowlden), 
pi. 1. ettomfteine, iibetfiefe($ 2. Fleinc 
|)flafletfleine} —wall, bie JtiefelfldnmouetJ 
ber eteinbamm. 

Bow'ljog lor bddMjng], s. bad Jtegelflpielj 
— alley, eine bebeifte Jtegelba^ttj — Sreea, 
ber Sofelpla^, ein fnt^ge^ltenet fRafenpIa^ 
itunJtttdel'<tti4tfte9eU)C<bieben5 —ground, 
1. wit —green : 2. bet ^egelpla^, bie Jt-ba^R. 

To BS^ie, V. I. a. Mar. jie^en, an^olen, talien, 
anftaTiea^ —away! — hoi(^t{sic^en)7(ae 
anfeimnoll a1Ie!)Rann bei betSoQcl II. n. 
lecben, vid. To Bouie. [IBogcnfibii^e. 

Bow'yfr, s. (m. il) 1. betSognetj 2. bet 

Bte, 9, 1. Bot. bet fButSbanm (anib —tree); 
— dnit, edgefipdne 9.Su46baum$ -thorn, 
Bot. betSu^Sbotni —wood, Sud^ftbaum* 
^4) 2. bet^cblog mit bet^anb (Sanfl)^ 
—on the ear, bie SDitfetge, ^aulftbeUe^ 3. 
a)bie9fi4^fe, ^^(j^ad^tel, S)ofei bet Jta^en^ 
baft Jtip4en} 6) bet^aflen an einetSicbt* 
ps(e$ c) bal Quttetal} d) bie ^ge (im 
X^atet, ic.)l bet Setf^Iog (). 9. in ben 

engl. flditt^fttdnfetn, filt bie Odfle)) e) bet 
ihttf^etfl^^ itutr^cnbcff ) /) co/. baft j>Au6 
4eai g) Mar. baft <5ompaf ^duft^cn j h) 
TVp. baft %aii im e4riftlaptn$ i) Gam, 
ber Se^t (ium IButfeUi/ :c)^ Ac) Gan/. bie 
^fttfTttng eineftlBeeteft; —of a screw, bie 
04tanbennmttet ^ — of a wheel, bie fflaUn* 
hMflft, flBadenbd4r<^ j — and needleT^et Btt* 
Soalpaf ; ballot— » duft- , Ac. vid* in B, D, 
Ac; To — 'haul, v. a. Nout. (alfen, (90t 
bem fldinbe) nmlegen, um»enben$ —iron, 
baft S^eleifen^ —keeper, Theat bet Eo* 
gittWiej|et;^enodttet| — money,Vnnen> 
gelb^ Xbnofen} 6patbil4fengelb$ —stays, 
64et^dngen ffir Jtoften, ^nlte, te. 

To Bdx, V. 1. 0. 1. in einc fdu^U, tn ein Mft^ 
4en, u. tbun^ einMIiefen ^ to — up, Detfper* 
ten 5 2. (IBdume, »ie3ncfcta^otn, u.) an* 
Wfen,auftiapfen (®aumfaft)$ 3. NauUs. 
to — the compass, bie (Sompafpnnfte mit 
ben j)immelftgegenben netglci^enj to — (oflT) 
a shi^, bie Soifegel bacf (egen, um baft e^iff 
»tebet in ben flBeg jn btingen^ »cnn eft cine 
(Sule gefangen (at{ 4. SD^tfeigen geben) mit 
bet 9oufl f4Iogen$ II. n. fi^ boxen, boxen. 

B5x'«n, adj. 1. pon 93u4ftboum, bndftftbdu* 
men 9 2. bem Su^ftbonm d^nlicb* 

Bdx'f r, 8. bet goufttfimpfet, fdoxtx, k. 

Box'ing,#. 1. Carp, ic Join. o)baftX6utfttttcr, 
bie Sefleibung bet S^utftffnnng i h) boft 7(n* 
fcblogen bet Seflcibttng} 2. ^aut. cine^tc 
{ection on ben Jtliifen. 

Bdjf,#. l.betJ(nobe, JBube, Sungei 3^ng* 
ling, iunge SRenfrbj boys, (in ^nbicn) oUc 
mdnn(i4c®cbicntenj 2. vi<f. Baize. 

To Bo J, V. I.7I. JTinberei ttcibcn, finbif* fcinf 
n. a. wit cincn Jtnoben bcfonbcln. 

BojfVf^. wd. Bojar. [fil^dbcn. 

BdJ'aa [-'o], *. Fort, bet 6<bIog bet 2anf« 

B5ffr, *. 1. bct©ot)ct, «uict (bondnb.6(ba» 
Iuppe)5 2. ein ncincft So^tieug, sum 9)afen< 
Icgen gcbtottcbt. [Jtinb^eit. 

Bofhood [—had], s. baft itnobcnoUct , bie 

Bojf'jsh, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. fnobcnmdf ig^ 
finbiffb/ Idppiffb? —days, bie Jtinbetja^tc^ 
ni.— ness, s. boft finbifdftc IBettogcn, He 
Jtinbctci. [bcnoltct. 

Bdjf'iim, «. I.toie Boyishness; 2. baftJtno* 

Br^bSnt', s, Geog. boft j>er}Ogt^um Stobonr. 

Br^bXa't^f, j.p/. Com. btQbantif(be Scinmanb. 

Br^Xn'tjne, adj. btobotttif^. 

Brab^ble, s. bet 3on(, ettcit. 

To Brftb'blc, v. n. fltciten, jonfcn, fcifen. 

lirab^l^r, #. bet 3dnfct, (Rctbt^obet. 

BrSce, s. I. sing. 1. boft Sonb, bie IBinbe, bet 
(Riemenj ^olt) 2. Typ. bie^Iommct ( [ ])» 
8. Mus. bie Tfccolabe i 4, Arch-s, a) bet JCn< 
fet, j)ofcn4 b) boft Stogbonb, bet etix^hal* 
fens bie ettebe 3 5. bie j)o(tung/ Sinbung $ 
eponnnngs 6. bie (Utitfiung, bet j)otnif<b ) 
bie7(tmf4iene) T. boftyoot) a — ofpUtoln. 
Sport, bocks, foxes, hares, Ac, ein^oot 
^iftolen, ein $. ob. eine Jtoppcl d{cbb6(fiv 
8&(bre, {>ofen, u. ) — of a dosser, bie j)anb' 
(obeeinet ®utte) —and bits, eineSo^tbnttc, 
iCtmbtube mit boju poffenbcn So^tetn i eine 
betgl. and collar, »enn bie iDtnte ein j>oIft« 
ftid tat4 — iprings, pi. j)dngetiemfcbetn 
(on Jtntf(ben){ n. b-s, pU l. (a pair of—), 
vulg. ein 9^ax j)orenttdget 5 Afar-«. 2. 
bie IBtoffen (Cegclfeilc) 1 3. bie Singctlinge 




(am Stcuerruter)) 4. —of a coach, bit 
$$4>9ttnfiriemeii dner Jtutf4(i 5. — of a 
dram, bte SrommelUtne. 

To Brfice, v. a. 1. binben, an« (ein«) hlnltn, 
an< Ciufammeii') ^cften, htft^^tn, (onO 
MnaUen, flarf aniititn, emtoi(feIn,(e.Srom« 
mel)f^ani»n,f4nilren$ einf4(tefen$ ittfam« 
menfoppetoj 2. (bit Sten^fii, ic.) fpannen, 
fUrfen $ 8. Afar, braffen. [2. bteTfrmf^icne. 

BrSce'lf t [co/. braiM^t], #. 1. baft Tfrmbanb 5 

Brii'c^r, #. 1. bcr (Hurt, ©ilrtel, Sragriemen, 
u.i ^ofentrdger^ bie95tnbe$ 2. baft 7(ntt« 
ftucE (iumSaSfpiel)) 3. Med. bte iafammfn^ 
Sie^cnbc Kxind. 

Brach, #. 5por(. 1 . ber iBrotf (TCrt ©pfiriunb)^ 
2. bie j)iinbtitn beft Sagb^unbeft, bte |)e(e. 

Brash'i^, o(&'. sum QCrme ge^^rig, Tfrm*. 

Bragh'l^te, odj. J5o*. armfirmig. [metn. 

Bragh'jaM. adj. 1. mitTfmen^ 2. mit £r« 

Br&^h'm^n, BrSsh'mjo, #• vid. Bramin. 

Br^ChJg'r^ph^r, *. ber ©rarji^grap^ 

Br^^hjfg'r^pby, s. bie 9ra4t)grap(U. 

Braghyi'Q^y, *. UAef. bie ©ra^j^logie. 

Brack, «.l. ber (^D^auer* ob. flBaB0®nt4^ 
bieSref(be5 2 H^!8vuiftSid,et&di 9. fig. 
ber gjtongel, gejler j 4. baft SBratf e, (SKeerO 
€$alatge; @alH 5, Cofa. bie Vuftr^ufioaare, 
ber 7(ttftf4uf . 

ToBrack, V. a. 1. fallen ^ 2. Com. SEBaaren 
auftrangtren, auftf^iefen; braden. [lo^n. 

BrKck'a^e, s. Com, ber IBra<f« (ob. Srarfer*) 

Brack'f r, f. Com. ber gef^worene ©fiterbe* 
[(bauer, IBracfer. 

BrSck'f ^ s. I. *mg, 1. Carp, bie ^ifte, Uttter* 
lage, baft duerbol) (sum etil^m), ber XrA« 
ger^ 2. Typ. bie Jtiammer ([])5 3. ber 
0pieUett(bter$ n. b-s, pi. I. bie ^affetten^ 
»dnbe, eeitenfhtdPe ber aitftrferlafettens 2. 
Mar. bie ©tieper ber (SaHionft^flltcgeUngett. 

BrSck'jih, I. adj. bratf, ein wenig faljig (com 
0ccmofrer)5 n.-ncw, *. baftCracfe, 6al» 
Stge, ber fatjige ®ef(bmo(f. 

BrSc'tS^ Brac'tS, vid. Floral leaves. 

BrWt§9te, Brac'tf d> adj. Dot. mit T>tdbliU 
tern oerfeben. [feften. 

BrKc'tSplSte, adj. Bat. mit JDedPbWtt^ben t>er* 

Brac'tc^le, s. Bot. baft ©etfbldtt(bett. 

Brad, #. 1. ber (gufO Sobennagel, 6pie> 
fcrnagel5 2. ber Sapetennagelj —awl, ber 

Br^driOn', #. bie (SEBafferOXrcnfe, baft SBoIfft* 
gebifj born — , eine l^albt ^ebeltrenfe^ 
loop— , befgt. mitSltingi snafBc— , einege* 
»5bnlt(be Jtnebeitrenfe; — chaini, — linki, 
Cbrfetteit; ^uffabi^gelfetten i — raoners, 
^^rroQett) - swivels, SDbrbfigcL 

To BrKg, V. n. prabien, auffibneiben^ 2. M 
x^mtn (— of, einer 6a(be)/ floli fein auf . . .. 

BrSg, s. 1. bie^rablerei) 2. ber etolu 3. 
Gam. ein Jfartenfpiel, in mei^em bie Subea 
unb S^eunen j>auptf arten finb) —wort, eine 
TCrt 9on Mtoaibem QXetb ob. j)onig»affer. 

BrSggfdO'cffL [— sh jrt , *• pl* CMarryat) f)ra^ 

lereieu/ (Dtfin^bttuR^ben. 

BrSgg9du'ci9 (— 9hi9) [— shj-^], s. ber®rof« 

[prefer, $rabler, col. ^rablbanft. 
BrSg'g^dr^m, *. bie ^rablerei, 7(uff(bneiberet- 
BrSg'g^rt, BrKg'gff, I. *. ber ®roffpre*er, 

yrabler, Yuff^neiberj II. adj. pra^Ierifi^. 
BrSg'g^t, (BrSg'g^t), s. 1. (na4 C- Med.) ein 

gc»ifreftftibI(Rbeft®etr2nf auftflBafer,(DtaI|^ 

|>ohig u &mixi 5 2. bcr ^etb/ bie JTaltf^ale. 
Brah'm^, s. (inb.) Ad. (ber ®ott) Srama. 
Br^bmSn'jc, adj. (inb.) braminifib. 
Brah'm{n, s. vid. Bramin. 
Brah'mlnrfm, #. (ittb.) /Ze^berSra^maiftmuft, 

baft SBraminentbum. 
To BrSid, v. a. 1. fltd^Um 2, |ufammen* 

leebenj 3.borbireni a b-ed coat, eine^fefibe. 
Braid, f. 1. bieSle^tej f)aarpe4te5 2. ber 

Jhioten; baft®eipebe$ S.bieOortej fleine 

@pibe sum Sefeten, ber 8orfto^$ 4. bie Iba* 

UtU, baft 7((bfelbanb. 
BrSii, s. 1. Mar. bie Sef^Iagletne, baft (Set« 

tau$ Sport. (Falc.) 2. ein Otiemen sumgefl* 

binben ber Sittige eineft galFen^ 3. befglei* 

4en ber ^agen n. bie (Sin^tmiU, ber 6tetf, 

6ter2 eineft Salf en. 
To Brail, V. a. (— np), 1. Mar. aufgeien » 

2. Sport. QFalc.) bie gittigc eineft Sogelft 

(Salf en) binben. 
Brain, s. (ge». Brainy, pi.) l.baftCSebim; 

2.^g. ber IBerflanb, Aopf, baft ®ebSibtnif» 

— fcYcr, bie ®ebirnent|finbttng? —pan, bie 

^imfdbalej —sick, adj.; — sickly, a<f 9. 1, 

n>abnftnnig, btnifi[t(btig5 2. unbefonnen, obne 
eerftanbj -sickness, l.berSSabnflnn$ 2. 
ber Unoerflanb, bie Unbefonnenbeit. 

To Brain, v. a. 1. baft (Sebirn auftf^Iagen, 
ben Jtopfierf(bmettem) 2. Cook, entbimen. 

Brained, adj.comp. cock— ,&c., vie/, in C, &c. 

Brai'n{sh, adj. toOfdpfig, bib^g^ ungeftiim. 

Brainless, adj. bimloft, unbcfonnen. 

Brait, s. Jew. ber robe SDiamant. 

Brake, «.l. baft garnfraut; 9<^mgcbitf(b 9 2 
baft Domgebfif^, 9rombeergebitf4l 3. bie 
(^anf*ob.gla(bft«)©«*«J 4. ber lumpen* 
fib»engel; (SedfjlodP j 5. ber f>ebebanm (bet 
®ef<bilb(n)j 6. bie f>anb(abe, ber (Sriff, 
Sobrblo(f$ T. berSSacftrog^ 8. baft r4arfe 
(Scbi^ 9. Far. a)bielBrcmfe$ Mberfiot^flaKi 




ttx<t^i — '« men, R-w. SremSIeute. 
To 9rftke» V. a. (j>anf ot. S^o^l) bre^w. 

Br&(ky, o^;. borni^ fto^UB* 

Br&'iBfi, «. vid. BnUuuu 

BrSm'bte, «. I. sing. 1. bcr Scombeerflrttu4 ^ 
SL ber S)ORibttf4^,b46 Ocfirilptp i 3. (-ftncii), 
mu BramUing; comp. — b«th, jBot bcr 
Arombferbufibl — net» ba6 Smieanet) — 
•cytiw, bie {>e(fenfi4(I$ U* b-i, pi, bic 

BriUn'bliBg, #. Orn. ber IBiiiterfUif/ 8erg|in!. 

BrWbM, BrXm'bly. adj. rait Scombeer* 
ftcia^m flberaHubfen. 

Bri'mfn, Br&'mfne [Wore. Sm. kc; brXm'in, 
Wb.y Ac]» «. (inb.) i2e{. ber ®ramiiie. 

Bra'fflinfM, BrinineS', s. bie f^ au eined Sca« 

Br^mia'IcfJ, acO*. brominif^. [minco. 

Bra'iii|nifiii» i. vid. Brahinioiim. 

Br&n, 5. bieJtleici — new» co/. (gan)) neu, 
«u^. fan! etoagelneu, fpanneu. 

Branch, #. I. sing. 1. ber dwetg^ TCfl, 64of $ 
9. btr TCrm (eine^ SflufTeft, eineft Sen(bter9, 
».)4 8. bic Sittie (in ®er4le4t(re0iftern)4 
4. ATtn. cisc (frjaber ; 5. Am. bie IBeftaQitns 
eine» Sot^rtn) figs. 6. berS^eil, bie Uater* 
«bt^lniid/ ber ((SeM2ftft«,<lrt9erb&03»ei^ 
u.{ bo$9dtb$ T.ber^Mmmiing) 8. — or 
b-cs» p/. ber Xrmleit4ten a two ligbt— , 
tin}»eiarmiger&eu4ter} aTioe— , einfileb« 
fd^l U. b-ei, p(. 1. baft 7Cft»erf ) 2. bie 
If&iUftont, sutler; 8. Arch, bie 0tti^pen 
(Sogen) ber got(. (a^e»6Ibei 4. 5porf. bie 
<inbeiiamj){rf(b0e»ei(e) 5.b-eiofabridle, 
bie CHottgen am (Si^iff^i III. comp. Corns. 
—bank, bie ^lialbanf;9{ebenbanfi — entab- 
Hchment, bad lieben^attblangftb^^ttft, bte(Som< 
maabite^ — laaTei, Bot bie Yfibldtter^ — 
Uae, — road, bie 9{ebettflraf e i d»eig(ei« 
re«)ba(n3 — peai, €Steif« ob. $Staberbfett5 
— pHot, Am. tin suit einer obrigfeitl. ®efial« 
long oerfe^ener Sot^fe^ —stand, Falc. baft 
^egctt beft gaffen von IBaum |u IBaum, bift 
^er ^tmb bie fUtcb^ft^ner aufiagt. 

To Brtacb, v. I. n. (--oflT; —out into..., Ac), 
3»eige treiben, flib in dtoeige auftbreiten, 
.ttbeilenj ranhnj 2. fig. |l(b oerbreiten, 
ttftUtfen, I9eitf(b»eifid reben^ II. a. 1. in 
wetge ober S^eile tbeilen^ 2. fftmhama* 
ttt, blfimen^ 3. mit Sweigen ob. QCrmen 
!tfebea i b-ed caodleitick, ber Yrmteu^ter. 

: U'cber, f. 1. waft M indmeige auftbreitet^ 
.fig. ber 0tammoater5 3. Sport. berSfl* 
ng4 4. ber Jtanarienoogel im erflen Zaf^xt. 

^rfta'cbf ry, j. baft Xft»td, (Mafer. 

Brta'objnvia, j. bftftdmeigide, iftige, bit Yaftr 
breitunfi(ber3s»ei0e) M^JSgO' 

Br&asbidi't^u, acb*. /cA. mit jtiimailetfebi 
9erfebeni — membvane, bie i^emea^ttt. 

Br&ncb'l«M, attf. 1. ^migtoft/ fa^l) 2. fig. 

Brtacb'lf t, s. dim. baft iftkoL. [notft, ble|. 

Brin'cby, odj. llHiqi^, dftig. 

BrSndyf.l. berSranb, S^erbraab) Jtien^ 
2. ♦ a) baft B^wnti b) ber Donnerhili 8. 
baft Sronbaial; 4. €k>m. bie j)anblim0ftmar« 
fe, baft ^-ftftgnet, f)-ft}ei4en (auf flSaaren)! 
6. fig. ber@(banb^<fen$ —fox, Zaol. ber 
i8ranbfu4ft/ Ototbfn^ft) — goote, Om 
bie dtot^Sttaft; 9aamgattft5 —iron, 1. baft 
JBrenneifm; 2. (an^ [— ]trevet),ber0rtifttf i 
8. ber ifenerbotfi —new, vid. Bran-new; 
— tnnday, ber erfle S^^flenfonntag. 

To BrXad, v. a. lit. k fig. branbmarfen^ 
brasbmalen^ b-ing-iron, baft Srenneifcn, 
draabeiren. [bent. 

To BrXn'd}sh, v. a. [(boingen/ ftbioettf en^ MUtt* 

BrSn'disb, s. baft B^i»va^tvL^ ber 6(bt9nng, 
^th (beimSe^ten). 

To BrXn'die, v. n. loadPeUt/ wanVen. 

Bran'dllog, s. bie ^ f&^mabe (§ttm TCngebi). 

Br&n'dy, «. ber IBranntwein $ —distiller, ^er 
IB-brenneri — fmit, in IB. eingema^te 
SdUfttej brandies, pi. col. (ft. —glasses), 
8rannt»eittgUfer^ ecbnappftgldfer. 

To BrXa'gle, v. n. ftanhtt; ftreiten. 

BrStt'gle, $. ber danf^ Streit, bie 3toMei. 

Brftn'gl^r, $. ber 3Mer,®treiter. [IBdrenflav. 

Brink, s. Bot-s. berOtt(b»etien9 — oraia, bie 

Briin'ny* ^^' fleienartig; fleiig, fleii<bt« 

Brint, a^. fteil; {dfe^ (^45 comp.-^fox; 
—goose, vid. ant Brand. 

To Brafe, v. a. vid. To Braze. {AfUt. 

BrSsed, adj. Her. mit tin Vnbreaftfreu) ge« 

Br&'ff n, adj. k v. vid. Brazen. 

Brft'fifr [— 'zh^r], $. 1. ber Jtttpferf4mieb{ 
2. [br^biK], bie Jto^lenpfonne^ baftit-beiSen i 
b-s* rods,0tunbeifeniulBef4IAgen filrJtitpfer* 
feflel/ y fannen, ;c. 

Bra'si^ry [— zb^r|], *. (Dfeffingwaarett. 

BrSVn, BrX|il«ftQ, kc vid, BrJU/fi, kc 

BriUs, s. I. sing. 1. (yellow—), baft QRefRng) 
(red-), baftitttpfer$ bieSronjej boftO^ 
SDletaUi 2.^g. bie Unoerfibdmt^eitj n. adj. 
1. e^ent; metanen, fupftm^ 2. fig. unoer« 
f4dmt{ in. comp. — battery, 1. JtefTelmefc 
ftng, 9XeningbIe45 3. bie fDtef|lng»aarc 
(Jtefrel,f>fanttett,tt.)5 —box heater, einmef* 
ffngeneft ®4iHteifen) —colour, bie Sronse* 
farbe, Grgfarbe; —dust, 9){etaareilfpdne$ 
—lumps, pi. Min. bie runben ^nti^tint, 





falf^Oelb) —ore, Min. htx^almv^, Qa» 
tamiRtfteittj —sbroflT, altcS SXrfftng; Sru4< 
mcflinfl) rv. b-e«, p{. 1. SXeffinsdcMirr 
(yfanncR, itejfel, ic)$ 2. Mar, metaOnc 
Sfi^fcR in fBto^4(t^<A» 3. bie fc^fcn, in 
^Aca bic epittbel etne^ epinnrabeft, u. (iuft ; 
4. (monQmenUl— ), Her. in SXarmor^ )C. 
tingeffidte er^pUttten, lecl^c ®apen unb Sn^^ 
Mrift ton Serflortcncn (nt^Iten> 5. Typ. 

Gtfi<f(tnirn $ 6. Min. vid. —lamps. 
BrXs'ifird^, BHU'i^ts, s» pi. Tfrmf^tentn^ bic 


BrXs'liBfSR, #. ba$ SReflingarttde; Chrsartige. 
BrWgy,a^. 1. crsartig, e^5 ^* fis- un* 

9€rf44mt j — pyritei, er}artiger ^itt. 
BrXt, s. cont. ba&itinb, bec^alfl i XbUmndin^, 
BrAolf, Br4wlf, «. Com. inbif^e 6toffe mit 

blanen nnb meif en €$treifen. 
Brffii'do, «. 1. bic ^xaifitxci, ba6 Xro^btetrnj 

2. ber ^xa1)Ux, (Sro^fprc^cr. 
Brtve, I. adj. ; 11. —ly, adv. 1. hxw, tapfer, 

9fi(n.anerf<(co(fett^ 2.re4tf4tffen$ 8«srof, 

er^aben, ftcrrliA, prl^tig ) ill. s. 1. ber ffBa« 

ge^ol^ C^trenfrcffrr, ^ra^Ier* 2. brrXro^; 

bic j>cran$forbcrttnfi, ^ra^Icrci. 
To Brave, v. a. l.Xro^ bictcn, f^o^n fprcAen, 

htWmpft^, ^erau^forbcrn) tnnnpfen) 2. 

nit etnah pro^Ien, eft iur 64*0 auftlcgen $ 

Br&'vf ry, s. 1 .bic X^ipferf eit, Unerf4)ro(f enl^ett, 

Bra'Td, «. (itdl.) bcr ^cn^tlm^lrber, Sanbtt. 
BniTlKr^, *. Aft/*. l.bicfl5raoour»7(rici 2. bie 

Srabonr (bcim Gingen). 
To BrAwl, V. I. ft. 1. f^rcien, IdnncR) 2. ((aut) 

2an!en$ 3. mnrmeln (oie ein 9ad^, k.)5 n. 

a. 1. burets SArmen 9er|agett) 2. jfig. niebcr^ 

f^mettem. [(lAutc) 3anf. 

BrAwi, «. 1. baft (S^ef^rei^ berSdrm; 2. ber 
BrAVl^r, j. bcr 64reicr, Mnf er. 
BrAwn, j. 1. baft ebcrfleir^, $6fel(f4^»einc> 

f[cif4 9 2. ber 6bcr } 3. baft berbe Sleift^ i 

4. bcr ficif^ige; muSfeligeX^eil beft Jtorperft^ 

—fallen, abgeje^rt; ^ager. 
BrAwned, p. a. jtaxt, otcrf4r6tig. [G^metn. 
Brmw'ner, s. baft fHx bie Xafcl beftimmte loilbc 
BrAw'DiDeM, s. 1. bic Sleif^igrcit j 2. bic ^f 

fltg!eitbeftSIcif4cft3 3.>Eg. bic etdrfe, lln* 


BrAw'oy, adj. flciMtg/ mafthiI5ft, flarf. 
Bray, 5. 1. baft 6fc(gef4»rci 4 2. bcr@4rei, 

loibrigc £aut. 
To Br«y, v. I. a. (lofcn, flttmpfcn/ jcrdof en, 

flcin rcibcns n. f». i. n>ic cinGfel; h'l^di, u. 

Mrcicn i 2. mibrig tftnen brd^nen^ fi^mcttenu t 

Br&>'er»«' 1* bie SRdrferfeuIC; Gtampfc) 2. 
bcrSarbcnrcibcrj 3. Print, bie (Rii^rfcnlc^ 
berSarbcnidttfer^ 4. bcr toibrigc Bd^xeitx, 

Brayl, s. vid. Brail. itmlg, Gc^rcifKlIft. 

ToBrfize, v. a. 1. Wtjcn j 2. (—over), mit 
Grs ob.^pfer iiber|ie(cn; broniircn$ 8.^. 
bift )nr ttntcrf^imt^cit ab^drten, ftd^lcn. 

Bri'z^n, adj. 1. c^crn, mctaOen, mcffbigcn; 
2. (— ly, adv.) fig. unioerf4)dmt4 — dlih. 
Min. baft Suftirmaf ber Xrdge, na4 bcncit 
Si^egemeffenioerbcn) —face, —front, bcr 
(bie) Unverf^^dmtcj —faced (— browed ' 
f^amloft, unDcrf^drnt} —sea, Jew, Ant. boS 
e^crne SOtecr (im Galomonifi^en Xcmpcl). 

ToBri'zfo, v. I. n. unterf<|^dmt fcin $ II. ir» 
to — out, unoerf4^dmt/ feet be^auptctt/ obcr 
tcrt^cibigcn; to — one down, Scmanben 
fibcrr(()reien. [Unoerf^dmt^r. 

BrS'z^nnfss, s. 1. vid. Braisinesi; 2. jig. bit 

BrS'zif r [— zb^r], s. vid. Brasler. 

BrXz'il [T. ; br^z?!', If., Wore, Sm, Ac], *. 
1. Geog. ©ralilicnj 2. (—wood), baft ©- 
(oIS/ berSernambuf 9 —ink, bic rot^&Xint€^ 
— nou, 9c4^urimniiffe. 

Brazfl^t'to, s. (—wood), baft 3<tmaifa(cl2. 

Br^zil'i^n, s.ka. ber iSrafiliancr) braitlia^ 
niW4 —root, Afed. bic (braunc) ©rci^TOnr* 
1^1/ ipecacuanha. 

BrSach, s. 1. baft ^xt^iti, 3erbrc4cn} bet 
i9Bru4; 2.bcr8Baabni4,bicSrcf4ej 3. bie 
^iicfe^bffnang, bcr Sflif, baft ^o4^ 4. 5porf» 
btc 9lut(c bcft Stt4fcft i figs, 5. bic flbcrtrc* 
tnng, SScrlcbung (ber (Sefc^c, ic), bic SBort^ 
brti^igf eit, K. 5 6. bic Uneinigfeit, SXip^eHig* 
feit, ber 3»ifl> Laws, —of close, Jcbeft^ 
wnbefttgte IBetreten frembcn ©runbeftj —of 
covenant, bcr IBrui cineft SScrtragftj —of 
pound, gemaltfamc JDffnung bcft JBc()dItcrft, 
auft bem bcr Signer fein gepfdnbetcft Sic^ bc« 
freitj —of prison, bic gcwaltfamc Grbrc* 
^ung bcft Oefdngniffeft (urn ftct felbfl cb. 3e« 
manb Ynbern ju befreien). 

To Breach, v. a. Mil, cine Srcf^e ma4cn> 
(bur4 cine iOSrefd^e) crflitrmcn. 

Br^ad, s, 1. baft IBrob^ 2. fig. baft 'Kmt, Ut 
Scbcnftnntcr^altj —and batter, IButtcr(n.) 
©rob> comp.- cbippcr, Bak, bcrlB-rofp^- 
Icrj — com, baftftj-brnj — fruit, bic Jfruc^t 
bcft iB-bauntcft} —nut wood, baft (9iu^> 
4)oIi torn 0-nnfbaum} —room, bcr ©-• 
raum, bic S3-fammer auf rincm G^^ijfe i — 

stitcb, v{//. Broad-stltcb ; — staff, ilm. bic 
ffl-moflc, bcr «-tci* 5 - toaster, bct ©-tofl 5 
— (rruit-)tree. Hot. bcr S-fni^tbanm. 
To BrISad, r. a. 1. (Qrob) dnfd^ncibcn, ein 
brocten i 2. vid. To Braid, 1 






• V 

BrIadtA, «. 1. ^ie 9viiU, SBette $ 8. Com. (oon 
3<iid«a) bos §bhti, lit S9a(n. 
BrlaiUA'lfM, <i(^'. o^nc Sbttitt. 
To BreSk, v. I. a. 1. gen. (St»aO f>uitni 
2. Krrciftni fydngcn, berjien madden ^ er« 
bre^rn ) 8. a) iert^eilen (nU tie 6onne 
Me «o(ren)5 6) Mi/, (bie fcinbliii^e Sinie) 
bsr4Brc4cn$ 4. it^ ^erbre^en, iertdimmern 
(etne fSRaner, ic.)* }<rf(blageii^ oerrenfen; 
bre^enj rdberni 5. Spore, (to — up, ein 
(Xe4,K.) lerlegen, au^mirfen^jSg-'- 6.f4»d« 
4en, enthiften, untergroben, }e^6ren, (bie 
Oefanbbeit^ €$4^n(eit)^ 7. bdnbigeii; |A(' 
mcR(SbieTe)9 Afan. jareiten (antb to— in); 
8. b^nbtgen, }te(en (ein ^inbj to — it of 
iu tricki, i^m feine Unarten) obgeroft^nen; 
bdmpfen, unterbructen (SeibenfAarten)) be« 
miitbiden (3emanbe& ^tol2)9 (to — one's 
self of . . .), obiegen (ub(c (Setooin^eiten), 
entftden (bem Bergnilden, ic.)i 9, breiben, 
iertrtomcrn (eineYrmee,(9{a4t^ ic)^ 10. 
siebcrftblQden; ierfnirftbeii/ itvx^tUn, bred^en 
(boS ^tvi, ben Qeifl, 3C.) $ 1 1 . ban!erott ma» 
^enjprengen (eine Sanf, k.)5 12. terab« 
Weben^Qbbon(m,entIajfen;'e. abf^bup^ 
9en (bie {>aut)$ 6ffhen (ein ®ef4io{ti05 
^-j. 14. a)(SBQ(n) bre^en, anfangenj 6) 
CetmaS) in IBorf^tad (anr^Sapet) bringen j 
(eine 9?enig!eit) er^ffnen, mitt^eilen, (inters 
bringen 5 (f ein j)er}) au&f(biitten; offenbaren ^ 
c)(einen€fyaf) maten, (flBit) rei^en (upon 
one, iiber 6inen)$ 15. a) umftofen, auf* 
beben (ein ®efe^; eine j)eirat(}5 ft)iib<rtre« 
ten,bre4en^ ocrle^en 3 16. unterbrecben, ft5« 
ten (Smbft. &dj>la\, baft etillf^meigen; 2c.) i 
attfbaUen$ IT. gu niibtc mo4en, Dereiteln 
(yiine^u.)^ 18. brecben, ouffangen (einen 
8a8^ K.)4 19. Qnf(6fen, abbredben (greunb^ 
W«ft, K.)3 20. a) Sports, to — cover, (i&. 
®ilbe) tttft Eager wrloffen; in*$ greie ge^enj 
to-berd, bad Otttbel; bie |)ertc terlolfen 
(Wn e. 4)irrte, IC )j 6) to — company, M 
n»€gf<blei(ben (aud e. 0efenf(bart)5 n. n. 1. 
gen. bre(ben, in 6tii(fe geben 9 2. ^erreif cn^ 
bU^en^ 3. berein*; Mhu^tn (ton e. 6tar« 
»0» 4. a) fl(b brecben (tonSBeHen), bran* 
^i b) yig. B(bdnbern (t»om«Better)5 5. 
^^ifffen^ nuffpringen/ aufgeben (©on e. ®e« 
W»4rf,ic,)5;ig-#. e.onbretben (oomaig«)5 
T^8«b«/ abnejmen, altmerbenj »erblfl* 
W5 B. fattiren, ©anferott motbenj 9. fiib 
J<ncbren, ijergeben, bre^en (com ^erjen,u.)i 
JO. breiben (mit e. greunbe, u.)^ 1 1 . Painu 
Wttbbrfitfeln, obMnppeni 12. n<bbrccben, 
«*Wiogen (wn ffBein, k.)j B* Weiben 

C^omVitin,K.)i to — bulk, (a.) Afar. 1. He 
Sabung bre(ben, angreifen, ein 6(biff ftu UMen 
anfangeu) 2. bie £. befteblen$ to — down, 
(a.) nieberreifen, abbredjenj Print, (eine 
9)refre) obfrblagenj to — forth, (n.) Jenftor* 
bredben/^enoorqueaen^^g. auftbredbenj to- 
from ... (n. ober to — one's self from • . ., 
r€ft.)f ft4 entn}inben, Ttdb lo&reifenj to — 
ground, 1. Agr. pftitgen? 2. R-w. ben IBau 
(einer@ifenbabn) inTfngrifTnebmen) 3. Mil. 
bie EaufgrAben offhen^ 4. Mar. bie TCnfer 
lifbten^ oud einem f)afen obfegeln, auftlaufen^ 
6. fig. bieglu^t ergreifenj to — hemp or 
flax, j)anf Ob. Sinibft bredben$ to — in, (n.) 
einbre(ben;einbringen5 AberrofAen^ to— in 
apon, 1. (erein ploben^ einbringen^ 2. flber« 
lanfenj 3. ^ingriff t^un in..., terle^eni 
4. flSren^ unterbredben ) to — into..., (n.) 
l.einbretben^^inbringenin...^ 2, fig. attd« 
bredben in(a;^rdncn, k.)j to — loose, (n.) 
lo&bred^en, ftdb lodreifen^ fi(b ftei madben 
(—from, bon)j to — measure, Fenc. attft 
bem Sager fommen^ to — off, (a. etmaft) 1. 
abbre^en; abreifen^ 2. unterbred^eni (n.) 
1. abbredj^enj 2. Mil. abbretben/ fd^»en!eni 
to — off from..., (n.) 1. fldb lodreif en, Io(»in« 
benoon...; 2. abfte^en 9on . . . 3 to— open, 
anfbrecben; erbrc^ben j to — out, (r.) 1. au9« 
bredj^en (aus bem ®efdngniffe; 2C.)9 2. and* 
bredben (ton c.geuer, w.)^ 3. (pl5bli(b) ier« 

'torbredben (ton e. fBadbe, K.)? 4. auSfa^ren, 
au$fdb!agen (am ZtiUi ». b. f. ^dufig 
mit into); b. fig. auebreiben (in IS^rdnen, 
}C.)3 to — sheer. Mar. }u mit berumfibitin' 
gen (ton einem tor ICnfer liegenben 6(biffe 
iteldbeft babur^ in ®efabr fommt, baf bei 
TCnPer triftig n)irb)5 to — through, l.bur<b« 
bretben? 2. dbertreten^ to— up, I. a, l.auf* 
bre(ben (@tita&)) 2. abbredj^en^ in Gtiidte 
bredben? 3. ouflofen; (e. ^rmee, e. IBerfamm^ 
lung)j aufgeben (feine ^au5^altung, ic.)^ 
4. Agr. newbredben $ 5. (Johnson) jerlegen^ 
trandbiren, ouf», an*, torfcbneiben, vid. To 
Break, 5 ; II. n. 1. ou&einanbergeben/ fi<b auf< 
l6fcn(tone. ^eere,u.)4 aufbre^enj 2. 5e« 
rien bcfommen, feiem $ 3. Rdb sertbeiIen(tom 
SRebeI)5 Pdb aufbeUen (t. aBetter)^ to -way 
au&roeidben 5 to — wind upward, vulg. rit(p< 
fen 3 to -wool, T. SBoDe fdbiepen, fortiren. 

Brelik, s. 1. ber Sdwi^i 2. bad Sodb, bie 
jbfnung; ber3itif(benroumj bie Snganftjlcbt; 
8lu(bt (in e.SBalbc)^ 3. Arch. bie(«Banb*) 
»ertiefung, 3«if(be5 4. Agr. ber SieubrucbJ 

6. ber SBeUenbrudb, bie®ranbung$ 6. Mtch. 
ber Kbriibtmagen OumXbri(bten ber^feibe)) 

7. ber ^emmf<bu(^5 R-tc. fdxtm^, yrems 




(i^ic Brake); 8. bU Untecbre^uns^ Vattfei 
9. IhfP'S. bQ( tSpatlum (tm ^ruffm), ber 
Xbfa) (a anea) ; ber 6tn4, £lurrfM4; <Sc« 
batt!enflri4l ^dniund^flrt^ [— ]$ lBeAtii« 
bttng«firi4> [-]; —of a letter, Irf. \itxXb» 
bru4 (aw ©irifffegcOl l>y — of day, hd 
Za^t^TUbxnii — Join^ Arch bUbtttttn* 
bene !Stattterarbeit| —neck, l. baft |hiI6» 
bre^en^ figs. 9. ber jS^e t>tti 3. ber Unter* 
gong, bas 9etberbrn 1 4. Afar, ber in enge 2an« 
bttttgftorti— off, G^im.bie€S4ioaii2f4rQttbei 
— itone, Bot btrlEJteinbreft $ —water, 1. ber 
1Cttfer»d4ter,^ie^Ctf!eibot}e5 2. berfBafler 
brewer: a)ha$ berf^nfte fQra(!, umSranbun 
gen |tt bre4en i b) ber ^afenbamm su bteTcm 

Bre&ic^le, adj, 2eibrc4U4. [d»e(fe. 

Brtl'k^t, s, 1. gen. baSSred^eii) 2. baft 
X)nr4fl(Iern, etautni 9. Com. a) ber 9m j^ 
(b. serbre4Ii4en fSaartn)) f») bie fitefactte. 

Breft^k^r, 1. 1. berfBrei^er, Sre4eRbe$ 2. ber 
SerfWrerj 8. Man. berSereiter/iCv c/.To 
Break; 4. (btfAmpL) bie bImbeJtIippe) 
bcr^nlauf, €$trubel, bieSranbnttg) 5. ber 
^Ibre^ers 6. Mech. vid. Breaking-card. 

Br^ak'f^t, #. baft %x&ift&d, !9torgenbrob. 

To Br&dc'fMt, V. I. n.fdl^ftittfenj n. a. ein 
9tmifl(t geben. 

Breftifng, part. 9. To Break, qv.; Fort, baft 
Qrftfnen ber totfgrAben i —card, Mech. bie 
Sotfra^, (SrobFoibe, ^tefffrempel. 

BrCan, i. Ich. ber S^rofTen, bie Side. 

To BrSam, v, a. Mar. ein €$4iff bon ICuf en 
rein breniits, abbrennen. 

Br^ait, #. 1. bie 9mfl, baftSntflblatt j >ig-f. 
2. bQft4)et|, i$tm&ti, <S(etoiffen, bie93ntftj 
B.biegronte (eittcft^ilgelft^tc)^ Afar-j. 4. 
— of a veaeel, bic Btttt ctntft &iiff(^i 5. — 
of a block, ber^erb eitteftSlotfeft} — back- 
•Uyi, bie GeitenporbnneRj —board, R-m. 
baft ttnerbol) eineft edflittini, leortn bie ei« 
femen S>re(er fi(cn i — bone, ber S-fno^en, 
baftS-beiU) —bnckle,— broach, l.bieiBtt* 
fenrpangc^ 2. bie Sufettnabel^ —buttons, 
XBe^fn^pftj — caiketf. Mar. bieStaabdn* 
beri —cloth, ber9ntftla({ — deet, ©-Matt* 
rittgei — fitft. Afar, baft Sugtau (etne ^anb* 
feflung an ber etitt beft C^iffeft); —glass, 
(— fonntain, —pipe), ber SXiltbiie^er, bie 
!Dti(4pttmpe3 -lieight, bieS-Ie^ne; —hook. 
Gun. berO-^afen, e4lepp(a!en$ —hooks, 
pL Mar. bteSngbanben^ ©ugfhttfei —knot, 
bie S-f4Ieire$ —pin, bie ©ufennabelj — 
-plate, MiL l.berJtaraf, S-(amif4$ 2. 
baft Jtoppelf^ilb, (IXeboi&onj 3. Man. baft 
Q-r4iIb,brrlB-gttrt$ 4.Jtfech.bieS-platte, 
©oirplatte) — ploagh, i4gT.berXorffle4el) 

— ropes, p^ ilfar. bte 9ta(ftttttei '"-•nnuntr* 
'md. Brett -nnuner; —wheel, Afltt. baft 

Jtropfrabj —work, 1. Fbrt. bic S^'^tQcbn 

2. Afar, bie S^ottcn ottf ber Satf tt. 04an|f . 
To Brtot, V. a. gerabemtgegen, ob. auf (St* 

toaft loft ge^n} bie Otim bieten, tre^en. 
BrSas'tf d, adj, comp. brood— ^ great—, mit 

fttttf cr ©mft, :c. 
BrSnt/t, $. 1. ber tt^m, 7ft(em|ug i * Obem i 

2. fig. ber j>att45 baftSfift^cni 3. baftSebcn$ 
4. bic 0tn(e, (Sr^olung, ber Ynff(bttb$ -bic 
dioifibenieit^^vfe) S.berTCngenbUtf j onder 
one's—, leiff. 

BrSa'th^;. at^cmbarj —air, Sebenftluft. 
To Breathe, atffmtn i fig-^. 2. lebm y 

3. frif^en Vt^em f^^Pfcn^ oitftrtfbctt) 4. baii> 
4en (mit on, upon, anfa^cH; ic.)i to— alter, 
natb***flrebett/ tra^tens II. a. 1. at^mciv 
dnat^mcttj«at^mctt, attft(au4cni ((Sle« 
ru4 bcrbreiten (bon Slsmcn, k.)5 fig-** 9. 
leife Ob. (eimlicb fagen, dnfem, t^nn/io |u> 
(liifttm/ (itt(au4cn$ 4. a) (dften) ft)6ffiien 
(e. ^cr, }c.)$ 5. at^mcn (GtrcHgc, ie.)i 
fi^attben<Ota(be/tc.)j 6. lit. in Vt(em fcf^cn^ 
jagen, trcibctt} to — into, ctn^auiben/ tin* 
Mafen^ to— out, 1. aufttaud^ctt (ben <Be{fl, 
\t.)i 2. auftbunflmj 3.^!^. nnftflof en. 

BrCa'thfr, 9. 1. ber TCt^menbe, Sebenbe j 2. CK« 
ner, ber (Stmaft duf ert, eingiebt, k., cf. To 
Breathe. [boQer flBobIgcnt<lb- 

Br^atVfdl, ad}, I. t>on Suft Ob. Htfimi 2. 

BrCa'thfng, I. s. 1. boft TCt^men/ }€., vid. To 
Breathe; figs. 2. ber Seuftcrj gc^ctmc 
flBunfib/ baft fliffe (Sebct; 3. bie )(uftfpra(^C9 
II. ad}. lebenfttreu, fprcibenbd^nli^j 111. 
comp. —hole, baft Suftlodji^ —place, 1. ber 
«ht^Ia($ 2. ber Xbf^nitt (in einer ^c* 
riobe)} — space, vtd.— while; long-time, 
Com.Iangerltcft>iro{ —while, 1. dcit ftum 
7(t(emf4dpfen) 2. ein ^Cngenblice. 

Br£atVl«s*» l^ad}. 1. at^emloft j 2. tobtl H. 
— ness, t. bie 2(t^cmloflg(eit, gdttili4e9r< 

Brld,pref. ft p. p. Don To Breed. [M^DpUld* 

Bre§ch, s. 1. ber {>intcrc/ 6tcif { 2. vid. 
Breeching, 3 ; Guns. 3. ber 6tof (cittcr 
Aanone)$ 4. (ob. —pin), bie64n>ansf4rau' 
be$ 5. Ship'b.^t^^dtt ob. ber dufereffiin* 
(el eineft itnie(ol2eft (opp. throat) j — mould- 
ings, pi. Gun. bie Otcifen (am®cf4ilt)/ So* 

ToBrgSch, v.a. l.j>ofen aniic^cn$.2. ben 
4)intem peitf^en/ pld^cnj 3. Gsm. mitd* 
ner 64manif4raube ncrre^cn (c. ^inU)i 

4. Gun. haxtn (e. Jtanone). 

Breeches [coL biicb'fz], s. pi. or a pair of—, 
bie f>ofen/ bef. ^ebeitloren (ebler ifl sBali- 




clolh«t) ; —bearers, — slingi, p2. vulg, {>o« 
fentrd^er^ — piecei, He 0trumpfl^ofen. 

Br^i^ag, s, L sing. 1. ta$ ^intett^^tlj ber 
frfotirei 2.b{e$rftdeU ber^ld^rj 3. Me 
Siubfcn ot. ba& j)inter9ef4trr etneS Jttttf4' 
pferbi$, ber Stothi 4. Gun. ber !Broo! 
(OA ^aiuiUQ)^ —bolts, bie dtinabolien, 

' burA bie ber iSSroo! fS^rti n. b-s, pZ. bie 

To BreSd, v. ir. L a. 1. ^ttfltn; geb&ren? 2. 
ersjett^en^ bilben (3ii$tte, ac.) $ !^.>^g« ^' 
oorbringen, erjengen, ^erurfo^en, eneden; 
4. au^ihuien^ crbenfen^ 5. er^ie^es, unter« 
ric^ten/ ^ronbilbett ()»...)$ p<»<* ftubiren ) 
6. aa^((ett/droftie(ea(Jtiaber;}c.| e. SlUce 
[ooitSiieren] iU^in, }C)$ II. n. l.^bdren, 
M^aofier fein (oon ^enf^en) j trdcbtid fetn 3 
2. ftdj^ bilben, entfU^eni M erjeuden^ Ko 
3 ng..ft4 btlbeii/ na4)2tibna4 entftelen, 
ma4fen$ 4. M ^ermt^en. 

Br§sd,i. 1. (oon Si^ieren) bielBntt; 2. bie 
3u^t, Xxt, Oattundj (9eHfit$ :2(bart$ 3. 
cont. (v.^erfonen) ber^^^Iag j 4i etne fdtut, 

tin iSe^ctf. . [c/. To Breed. 

Brss'dfr, #. ber (Scicugcr^ biedQeugerinn, iC/ 
BrCe'ding, ». 1. bo^deogen; :c. viU To Breed; 
2. bie (feine) Silbung^ EcbenSart; —pond, 
Fish, bet QUid^tddf, M^tti^' 
Breeze, s, 1. EnU (au4 Breesc), bit (Sie^) 
9remfe$ 2. (sea—), ber M^Ie ^inb (lur 
6ee)i Mar. eine ^(Itc^ (land—), ber 
2€id)»inb, bo( frifd^e Sfip<ben$ 3. bad Jto^« 
Ifligefttte, bie^f<IN/ berQIinberj — yents, 

Old. Bris«>veQts, imt. Brise. 
To BrWze^ v. n, ief. Afcr. »e^em [ru^ig. 
Breeze'lfss, adj. of^nt flBtttb, mnbftiae^ ^H/ 
BrH'zy, adj. Ittftig/ i»n einem frif^^ lEBinbe 
Bre^n,«.(irI'O^^'<nfl>nn0ti(l^er. [befln<l^iu 
BHSft^ o^r* Toit Brant» go. 
Br&ty s.Arch. ber ^fii^I^dlttnbfiab; -^uiffler, 
GBfp. bieUaterioge^ ^tbm, baSOta^mftild 
Bret, ^ 7c/i. bie Gteinbntte^ tnd. Bart. 
j9reeag9i€« [brStSn'ySz], «. Com. SretttgneS. 
BrM^rfO,* moU ft bed gCM. Brothers. 
Brive, i« 1. Afur. bic SSttot, ^meitoftige 
9tote4 2. 2\)et. bir profobifd^e Mt^t [v] ^ 
Low, 8. vid. Brief; 4. bad 9reoe, pdb^* 
*"4c «efcript 

] li'^t, s. 1. (in Sranfreid^) ber offene (Sua* 
nbrief) 2. Sia^ law. etn S^at^tbrief^ 
MU. a) ber Ideftalbingd^rief $ 6) bad ^a^ 
lit eii»d6ttbaIters«S)^cierd^bad i^m einen 
(em {fUng (o^ne Golber^d^ung) ert^ciCtj 
^r: —officers, Xitnfarofficiere^ —rank, 
r Situlanang. [md. b. f. 9K. 

] 'Yj^ry, s. 1. iSoml GitTi. badiBre9ier5 2. 

Bri'mt (— fte), s. Lit. bcr Vttitttg^ bal Qieai* 

Bre'vUture [— tshttr], s. JUt. bie lCbf6r|«llg. 

Brevier', t. l\fp. bie9rem«r, RetneSDnttffftrift. 

BrSvtpH bef. Om. I. atl;. fttrifSfigj 11. «. 

Brev/jty, *. lit. A fig. bie JWrje. 

To Bre\^, v. I. a. 1. mifiben (bunt Sraueit)) 
2. fit brauen (SBier) ^ 3.^. subereiten, eitt* 
mengenj f^mieben, ansettelitj n. n. l. M 
bilben, auj^ie^ett (oon e.(9e»itter) $ 2. brauen. 

Bre^, s, bad SSratten> (Sebrdubei —house, 
bad 9rau)aud. 

Brew'^e, s. bad (Hebrdube, d^etrdnf. 

Brc^^r, 1. ber ©ierbrauer, fljrauer. 

Bre^^'^ry, «. bie Staueret, bad Srau^aud. 

Bre<r'|og, s. 1. badSrauen) 2. bad (ganse) 
O^ebrdubei 3. Mar. bic SBettergaQe. 

Bri'^r, s. vid. Brier. 

Bri'b^ble, adj. fdttflicb/ befte^bar. 

Bribe, Bn'bing, s. 1. bad (9ef(ben! (Semanbta 
iu befle(ben)/bie®tfte(buttg$ 2.badllBefte(ben. 

To Bribe, v. a. I. befte^cn} 2. fam. (i. g. B.i 
bur4 8erfpre4ttngea }u (Stioad) iiberreben. 

Bri^^r, s. ber Sefle^er. 

Brl'b«r>', s, bie fBefte^ung. 

Brick, s. 1. ber SRauerftein, fBadtfleinj 2. bad 
bad^etnfdrmige 9r5b(ben$ ciiping, or coping 
b-B, Setffieine, jur iDecfung einer fDtauer; 
compass b-s, ^efe(ftettte$ draining b-s, Xh* 
Sttgdsiegelj Datch, or Flemish b-s, 0taII< 
ninferd; feather-edged b-s, itci(f!eine$ fire 
b-s, kiln b-sj feuerfefle3i(gelfleine$ pilaster, 
or buttress b-s, SSittbeiiegelj samel, or 
landel b-s, SIei(bflnne> Wecbt auSgebrannte 
3iegel9 b-s in bond, S)e(ffleine (fiUiw, »ie 
He im fdan gelegt merben; baf einer ben on* 
bern (a(b bedft)) — bat, bad6tfiOXauer« 
jleins —clay, —earth, bie 3iegelet^e} — 
dost, bad 3tegeUttebl9 — focing, Mas. bie 
S^erblenbung (einer SXauer) mit SRauerftei' 
nen; —kiln, (-kill, cor. nacb ber Tfndfpr.) 
bie Siegel^itttt; 3'f4ettne, S-brennerei^ — 
layer, -mason, berSKaurer^ —layer's bore, 
ein®mnbbobrer5 —laying, bad QCnfittattem 
(mit^l]^cn)$ —maker, ber 3iegler, 3iegel« 
flreirberj -trowel, bie SRaurerfeHej —work, 
bie ^aurerarbelt. 

To Brick, V. a. 1. mit iDSanerfhitten mauem, 
ob.mit3iegeIfleinen belegen^ 2. (eine Setter) 
iiegelfarbig anftreicben. [ter ®an 

BrTck'jng, s. ein aud ^auerftcinen anfgeffibr* 

BrTck'pl, Brifc'Qie, Brirc'Qlle,^. Gam. berSftKitfk 
praS bed iBaUed (im SaUfpieO) ber itugel 
(imfBiOarbrpiel)} to hold by— , brtceltren. 

To Brick'91, To Bric'^le, To Brirc'9ne, v. a. 




A m ittddfpraaen ma^en, bur4 9Btberf(i^Ia9||BriW, L adj. tiotui^ fl<i4% rand ILt. 

trcffeni bricoliren 
Bri'dfJ, I. s. ^ie ^o^teit, baft j>o4ieitfefl$ IL 

Bride, «. 1. a66r. oon Bridget, qv.; 2. bie 
Srautj je^t geto6^nl. bu9i(uorrmd(Ue$ - 
groom, ber IBrdutigomi ie^t 9(n)5tn(. ber 
Stcuwrrndf^ltej -(ob. -*•-) maid, bie »-* 
iungferj — (ob. — '•) man, ber »-biener, 
©-pljrerj -(ob. —•-) stake, bie ^o^jeit* 
flange (urn ml^t getanst loirb). 

To Bride, v. a. jur iOSraut ma^enj (ctrat^en. 

Brlde'iffll, s, gen. baft 3tt4t^auft (con bem 
(onboner 3ud&t(attfe Bridewell). 

Bridge, s. 1. bteS9ri((fe5 2. bereited (auf 
®aiteninfh:umenten) 5 3- Oun. baft ®tfid 
^p(i auf ben snei mittclfhn Sliegeln einec 
^IfttU, n>orattf ber mi^tf etl rutt5 4. bie 
*:iXitte etneft boppelten Aammeft/ bte®rii(te> 
5. baft ®(^amter (bie fdiUdt) am €$(bnaUen« 
biLgelj 6. 72-/n.bte3n)inde3 —of boats, bie 
Z^iffbvfLit, ber Ronton » —of the nose, 
Anat berS^afenditfen^^afenfatteli —head. 
Arch, kForU berJBrilcfenfopf j —rails, R-w. 
«-nWienen 5 — toll, ber ©-njoll. 

To Biid(^e, v. a. eine SBrildP e fcfttagen^ ober 
bauenj to — oT«r, uberbriicfen. 

Brrd'i^t, *. «rifiitte (g-n). 

iir/dle, s. 1. lit k Jig. ber 3aum, 3iide(5 
i^opp2Qumi 2. Om. ber3itdel9 3. Gun. bie 
(ber) etubel (am Slintenf^iof) $ 4. Anat-s. 
baft Sanb 5 — Cor llgamentj of the foreskin, 
baftSornuIum) Mars, b-s of the bowline, baft 
Sultenfpriety h-s of the moorings, bie 2^ue 
ber j)afenanFeri Mans, bridle-bit, bie ffttiU 
ftangc^ —hand, bie Iin!e j)anbj —path, 
— road, berdteitmegj —piece, Locfc-*. bie 
(ber) etubel. 

To Bn'die, V. L a, 1. {dumen/ attfgdumen^ 2. 
>!g. (— in), im3aume balten, etnf^rdnfeni 
IL n, to — it, col, fl(b brtiflen, fkolitfunj 
to — op, M in bie ©nijl roerfen. [biger. 

Bri'dltr,^. l.berTCnfidttmer^ 2, fig, berSdn« 

Brief, I. s, 1. gen, eine(fur}e) 6$4nft$ 2. baft 
(pdpf«i*e)«reDe i Laws. 3, bie ^lageWnp 
(species facti ber JWage)^ baft ^ctenflfirfj 
ber $ rotof oDauftiUd $ 4. ber f^riftiicbe S3efeb(/ 
baft Sorlabungftfibreiben t>or einen f ftnigLQe- 
riibtft^of 5 5. ber ®taatftbrief, baft oflicieae 
8(bteiben/S)ipIom$ e.berSicensf^ein; offene 
iSrief (sur (Sriaubnif eine Seifleuer einsu* 
Tammeln)) 7. gen, berTCuftiug} 8. Mus, 
vid. b. Hi, BreYe; II, adj,; III. — !y, adv, 
fitrs(geraft)3 gebrdngt^bilnbig) IV.— new, 
f.bieJtfirse (bef. beftTCuftbrucfft); SSiinbigreft. 

Bfi^r, s. ber 6trau(b, JDornflrau*. 

baft S)omengeflrdtt4/ bie Srombeerbe<fc. 

Brfg, s. Mars. 1 . bie 9xi%, Srf gg 5 2. bie BtU 
gantine. vid. Brigmntine; — cntter, ber9ri§> 

BrigsdeC s. MU. bie Srigftbe. [itntfrr. 

To Brigade', v. a. MU. ineineSrigabc fomii* 
ren, iufammeniie^en. [(Bcncral ciner Srigabe. 

Brfg^dter', s, MU. (—general), bcrSSrigabter, 

Brifg'^d, s. ber Gtraf enrdubcr. 

Brig'^ndfie, s, bie Oauttcrei, $ lunbcrei, €$pi(« 
bdberei, 6<burfenftrci4c. [tine. 

Brfg'^ndlne, Brfg'fnane, s. Mar. bieSrigan* 

Bright [brft], adj, 1. bcD, gldn^cnb, fimfcdlb, 
Mimmemb} 2. War, licjt, Wcincnbi jig-*. 
3. bettt(i(b/ augenfcbeittliib, rtari 4.g(dnKnb, 
rei)enb i 5. fam, aufgefldrt, (etc (c. S<r< 
ftanb), geiftooa, ftnnreitb $ 6. gldnicnb (ten 
e. 3ei^eriobe, oon 7Cnftf[(btcn/».)j g(orret<b $ 
r.fiberreifi it Is-, eft iflJ5«g, mirbbeO^) 
—bay, ber 0<b»eiffu<bft| -haired, glan|< 
(aarigi bionb. 

To Brlgh't^n [brft^nj, ti. I. a, 1. Hi, er^Uen, 
aufbeaen, erleutbten) 2 beK/gldnscnb mo^n, 
poliren^ gidtten (mit up) ; 3./g. a) auftfl' 
ren,erlduternj 6)attfbeitemj r)ttufgc»ftft, 
rai^ig ma^en^ <0 oeri|Krr(i(bcn$ IL n. i.^cn 
nerben, fi4 auf^eSen, M auffidrcn^ 2. ^g. 
gldnicnb merben, gldnien, ft(b auneitem(9on 

Brigh'tjsh» adj, vuig, gldnjcnb, T^immemb. 

Bnght^ly, adv, i^tVi, glda|enb, f(ar. 

BrTghfnfss, s, l.ber(8I«n}/ bic^eOe, ilUr* 
^itj {>eiter!eit (beft f)immelft, k.)$ 2. Mc 
§)oUtur, ®Idtte{ beffeSarbei ^atbti 3.>Sg. 
bie ©(bdrfe,*J(ufgcfldrtbeit (bcft »crpanbcft). 

Brfi'it, s, ©rigitte (^n.). 

Brfll'|»ncy, s. ber ® Canj, 6<bimmcr« bie ^ r«(bf • 

Brill'j^nt [-'y?nt], I. s. 1. ycir.bcr»rilCittnt{ 
2. Man. ein (ebbafteft, mutbigcft yferb v^cn 
flatt(i(bem®Iieberban> II. adj,; llL-ly, 
adv. lit, kfig, gidn^enb, funfcinb, Mm- 
mernb ^ ^eroorfte^enb^ prd<btig $ IV. -nesn, 
8, toie Brilliancy. Ocr §) ferbe. 

Brillf , f . pL ilfan. ^it $)aarc an ben KugenlibcrK 

Brim, I. s, 1. gen. ber {Ulanb j 2. ber 9t. diiei 
(Sefdf eft 5 3. ber obere Xbtil(9tanb) einer Slfif* 
flgfeit) 4. baft Ufer (einer nueUe^ tc.)$ -of 
a hat, bie (putO^dmpe) 5. Sport, bit 
fflrunft, ©runft (einer ©an). 

To Brim, v. La. 1. hi^ an ben 9ttnb vott gic» 
^en, gani ooU ffiSen j 2. mit einem 0t«nbe t^ec* 
feben, rdnbem { IL n . 1. geflri^en iU^ an ben 
9tanb)ooarein) 2.Spore.brdbnen,brdmcni 
To — fil, V. a, bift an ben 0tanb fuDen, citt» 
r^enfen. [9tanbi crfiiat. 

iBrTn'fAl, L adj. lU. & jEg. OoO bift on ben 




BrifailfM, adj. ttnetngefaf t; o(ne 0taab. 
BrWm^Tyj.bal 9fftrl4en ooOeCSIlaft, bet ooSc 

BrfB'itone,^. Ut(vofft ob.gemeine)ei4»(feU 
—bntterfly, Enf .b(r(5itronenoo9eI; —matches, 
0-A>dne^ 3Anb(6(i4cn5 — impreuioM, — 
neda]8» ®-abbr^(tc$ — wort, Bot. bcr j)aar' 

Brtm'itonjr, adj. f4»efeUg. [firang. 

BrTo'df d, Brin'dlcd, oitf. Wetfig, fitflecft, 0C* 
O^nnfelt, geflretft. [one, Otnem iutrtnfcn. 

Br¥D'djce,«.vt(/g.baft3tttrinfeni to drink a— to 

BrTn'dle, s. baft (BtfUdU, 04e(fige, bte 0(f^e<f e. 

Briae, s. 1. baft GaljiDafer, bte Safe $ (QSalsO 
eo(e$ 2. « a) bte eee, baft ^texi b) Sbrd^ 
neiii 5-to. —pan, 1. bte ©aljpfonnej 2. (ob. 
— pit), bie@a(}$rttbe (baft parquet) in ben 
€$alitei4en; —pond, bet Galstei^/ smeitc 
6itmpf^ r-proYer, bie &oti»a%e, €$o(fpin* 
bel$ —spring (—pit), bie 0oIs<)ueO[e. 

To Brine, v.ff, faljen; einfaijen, einp5feln) bri- 
niog of grain,&c., baftSattden beft(9etreibeft;K. 
(»m es gegcn i93ranb u. Snfecten sn r^fi^en). 

To Brifng, V. tr. a. 1. gen. bringen) 2. mit 

tt4 fu^Ien I ilberbringen^ beibringen, ((er 

bei)f4af en ober f&ivtn, tragen, :c, 5 ^gr-*. 3. 

einbringen^ etntragen (afbre,2C.)5 4* 9erur« 

ftt^en) (to— to, juGtwaft) bringen, oermSgen, 

beroegen) to— 'about, to— to pass, (or to — 

to bear), l.anbringenj 2. umfS^ren^ 3. be« 

werfftelZtgen; auftffi^ren, (u ®tanbe bringen^ 

to — acqnalnted, befanttt ma^en i to — by 

the lee. Mar tim (SuU fangen^ to — down, 

I. ^innnter ob. (eninterbrlngenj figs. 2. 

entf rdften^ fc^md^en 4 3. bemitt^tgen, jd^men j 

4. (ben^reift) ^erunterbringen, ermebrigenj 

to — forth, 1. bertjor (an*ftSi4^t) bringenj 

barfhnen, auffleQen^ 2. gebdren, icugen^ ^er« 

T>orbringcn5 to— forward,oor»drtft bringen^ 

treiben^ befdrbernj Com. tronftportiren, vt<f. 

to— over; to — in, 1. gen. ^ineitt bringenj 

eintreiben^ loo^in leiten^ic) 2. in bte Oe^ 

mo^n^eit bringen, (9Baaren)einfi[t6ren5 figs. 

B. (QKnen)be^rbern, (t6m)iu6t»aft oer^eU 

fen, ic.9 4. iuri((ff(t^ren auf..., erHdren 

fur..., ^-9 LatD'S, to— in guilty, oerttrt^eis 

(en 9 to— in not guilty, freifpreriien; 6. }um 

(Se^orfam bringen^ 6. (au4 o^ne in: ®t> 

inn) eintragen, etnbringen; T. anbringen, 

)rbringen (C^riinbe; k.)? to — in a horse, 

Tan (ein^ferb) f^ttUihvin^tni to — low, 

ttieberbringen/ niebemerfen $ 2. bemitt(i' 

«/f4»d4fen/entfrdften5 to — off. 1. fort^ 

ingen, fortT^affeni jSg-/. 2. ^uriiifnc^men 

in®ort)i 3.befreien, (erouftite^en; (bur(f^ 

S^tt^t) retten, babon^elfen$ 4. abbrtogen 

»tt...X abrat^ettj to — on, 1. onfleOen Brrs'tle[brrs's!], i. l.bieOorfle, 

(eitte,t(age,K.)i 2. berbeifdtres, »crttRl«f* 
feni 3. i^ortragen, oorne^meni 4. inflEBirf^ 
fmhit fcben, isirfen Uffm anfd(res,aii(eitev, 
gelegent(t(( ^rvorbnngen } to — out, 1. (er« 
anftbttngen, bringen au^.-ifig-t. 2. an'l tiM 
bringen$ 3.attftbringett, er}d^Un) 4.barfleU 
(en,ietgen$ to— over, l.^ertberbringen; 2. 
Com. tronftportiren/flbertragen, cf. Brought ; 

3. fig. bereben, in einer (anbcnt) 9<irtei brin* 
gen) befe(t;ett$ to— round, Qorfo(rett$ to— 
to, mdfigen, tdtmen, bdnbtgen, ium (Be^er^ 
fam bringen} to— to account, Com. is9te4* 
nung bringen, auftioerfenj to — to a ship, 
Naut, 1. ein€S(biff beibreten, beilegcn, (attf« 
fatten)} 2. (im^egeln) ein^olcnj to -under, 
flberwdltigenj to — up, l. (erouf, (inattf 
bringen, bringen auf...) 2. Com. &bertra« 
gen, tranftportiren , na^^olen, na^tragen 
(fanfm. Silver, !€.)) 3. aufiie^nj eriie(ett} 
bifbcn) oufbringcn, in bie Wobe bringen; 

4. fd^ren, anfd^ren, commanbiren (the rear, 
bie TCrrieregorbe) andltfen lafTenj (benStadk* 
ing) biiben, betfenj 5. (G^ietm) auftioers 
fen, anftfpeien; Mars. 6. (ein 64tff) anf* 
bringen, megne^men, erobernf T. (r»en 
^auffa^rern unb Jtoilenf^ifffn) ben Ynfet 
auftieerfen, «or ICnfer legen. 

BrTng'f r, s. ber ©ringer, :c. (cf. To Bring). 

Brf nfsh, adj. faiiig (mie Safe). 

Brl'nlshn^ss, s. bie ®al{igfeit. [fUbe. 

Brrnlr, t. lit. A fig. ber Slanb, SBorb, baft (ie^ 

Brt'ny, adj. faliig. 

Bri'Quy, s. vid. Bryony. 

BrTfe, s, 1. vid. Breeze 1. A 2.) 2. bie9)ra(be, 
baft ®ra<bfelb$ —vents, HorU bie €$4n|* 
matte, etro^matte (auf ben Seeten). 

Bris'gow, jr. Geog. bcr (baft) Sreiftgatt. 

Brtsk, adj. 1. frif^, fltnf, Mneff, Ieb(aft{ 
munter) 2. fr5^(i<b» 3. flarf, geiffcrei(| (oon 
geifi. (Setrdnfen) j 4. ftnrig, mut^ig, tapfer, 
frdftig, macfer, »eibU(f^5 5. frifift, ftarf (00m 
SEBinbe)) 6. ^gldnienb, leb^aft (bergarbe 
nacb)) a — call (demand) for..., Com. (dil« 
ftge9{a4rrage, ein leb^afteftSeriangen nai... . 

To Brfsk, (mit up) v. La. 1. anfeuemi refi. 
M auf)(nuntern4 2. anf^iiren (boftSnter); 
IL n. 1. frifib, leb^aft, mnt^ig anriicfen, i^» 
bei (ommenj 2. M M, ^bn anfri^ten. 

BrTslcft, s. bie Sntfl (eineft S(iereft), baft 
Smflftdtfj ®ruftbein$ —plate, bie 0tini» 
piatte beft 3aumger4irreft. 

BrTsk'ly, ado. frtf^, :c vid. Brisk, adj, 

BrTsk'nfss, s. 1. bieSeb(aftigfeit,!Rttnterfdt{ 
baft Sever $ 2. bie Jfrfttli^feit) 3. ber friMe 
s^tttfti —of trade, 00m. berOef^tdftftMninttg. 




fbctizttS'lij vadraved b-i. mfottirteS^iL 

To Bii^tle, V. I. n. 1. (»ic Sorften) ftrdttben i 

9. Shoem* (bctt ^e^^^t) mit etnrr 9orfle 

)»erf(tcs» U. n. jSg. M firfoben, fi4 (or* 

flen, stt «er8« W>ot (»pr Chitfeten)j to -op 

to oae^ 3emanbai M, troftig ontreten. 

BrTi'tly [bris'iU], a4;. oorfttg, Borfieaartid. 

hMUfU 9, Gtog. (bte etabt) Sriftol { -flower 

(— BODiQch), Jot bicS94ni$$ —milk, coU 

bcr ScreeweUi^ €Sect$ — itone, ber uncdbte 

Brit, «. vid. Bart. [JDidtttoitt 

Brytfin, L adj. vtU British ABritaonic; n. 

s. 1. etitaimiett; (Snglanb^ % btrSrite^ 

Great-Britain, OrofbrttanttUtt. 

Br|tiUi'D{9, s, h sing, *IBritanmrn} —metal, 

cine »ctfe {StttaOcompofitioni n. b-t, pL 

Gom.9ritanntae (etne^Krt bevtf^er^einioanb). 

BritSn'oK adj. o. Otof britannien, britonntf4- 

Brlt'tny, Brit't^ny, s. Geog. lit IBretagne. 

Britch, Brit'ch|ng, vid. Breech, Breeching. ■ 

To Bnte, V. n. flberrtif fein ob. locrben (vom 

BrYt'iHh* adj. l.britif^; britannifit) 2. (in 
9te|te(uttd anf bic6pra4e) waniftf^. 

BrTlfpn, I. s. 1. bet Srite^ IBrttanniet) 2. ber 
aaOifer; II. a^;. britannif^. 

Briftf'kf, BHftz'akfL, s. dnc TCrt fifteifet^aife. 

Brift'tle, I. adj, ; U. -ly (or Brif tly), adv. 1. 
bift4i0; serbrt^Iicb, fprdbe $ j%- j. 2. gebre4« 
114) (infinig) 3. nssentf $ in. — noM, s, 
l.bieB(rbre«Ii4!eit$ 2, fig. bie j)infdaie!ett. 

Brlze, Brlze'-vSnts, s, mteBrite. . ., qy. 

Broach, s, 1. btr Srotfpief i 2. T. a) ber 
etifti &)bie0UlbQ(U$ c) bieepinbel^ 3. 
vtd. Brooch, 2$ 4. 5port. bie6pro|fe^ ber 
6p{ef (iun8er^irf4c)i 5.bieS)re(org£l;2eter. 

To Brtech, v. a. 1. an ben Sratfpicf fhcfen i 
anfioiefen) 2. (ein S^f) an^^tn, anbo^en, 
ons^pfenj piepenlaffen* 3.^. (erauMafTen) 
dttfern, perbreitttti oafbrtngen, 9orbringcn; 
erflnben) to — to, Mar. eine (Sule fangen. 

Br«a'chfr, s. 1. ber OrQtfptef ^ 2. fig. ber Sr^ 
flnbcr, Ur^eber. 

Broftd [brAd], I. adj. k adv. 1. breit ^opp. 
f^mal Ob. Iftng)) bitf) 2. loettauggebe^t, 
tmenbli^i fie-'* 9* »eitlfluftg/ (tieOum^ 
fofTenb) 4. fterf, grof, tiel^ (eS, laut (9om 
(Beld4ter, ic.) i 5. ofen^ (eO, Ii4t(tom Sa> 
gcSIUftt) 6. o6atg, gdt^iib (nnmter; ^tber* 
KttSt,}C.)} 7. brei^, tmgef^eut, Hdi fiaxt, 
«AberfibAmt(oomlBlttf)) 8.mifettf4,MIflpf« 
rift(t». XslbrQ<f)$ 9. rau^/ plott, grob (von 
b.Yiiftfi^ra4e)) n.#.nng.btelBrdte,fBeite$ 
the — ofanoar,bie{RttberpIatte) lll.comp. 
^ni> 1.. (((email) bie 6trettaj:t) 2. ball 

Srtitbetl/bieBfmmerort} — botUmed»tMl> 
gebont (ooa e. CM^iffe)? -^eu^ Agr. b«» 
^H^ttlftreuen bcl €$amenl mit ber f>anb (ait4 
all adv. gebr.){ —doth, (breitei) feiad 
Xu4 9 - ey «d, 1. grof dttgig i 2. meit fe^enb i 
3.^.6eflfUbtie$ Coifi-«.— goodt,brettMSaft' 
ren(6eibettieuge, :c.)j —listed cloth, cine 
bef. TIrt bel — cloth, mit ga&& breitca Sdflrit 
(6Vs 9iertel yrd. o^ne^eiflen breit)$ — piece» 
ber Sacobul (alte cagl. Oolbm&nse); — leai, 
balgrofe(f6nigI.)C$tcgeI) — side, JMor. 1. 
bie Sattericreite (e. e«lff^) i 2. (a - tide). 
eine ^oOeSagej 3. 2\fp. ber gro^ IBogcn^ 
fSRanbatbogen, bal Qjuerformat^ ^uaH 
— step» ber breite TIbfab (einer Sreppe) i — 
stitch. Sew. I. ber 4>Iattfli4) 2. bie IBcr« 
tenliitferei) — stone, ber 0uaberflettt$ — 
sword, ber j>attbegen, $a(laf<b/ CSarraf i — 
weaver, ber€$eiben»eberi —wise, adv. tta<b 
ber IBreitcj —worm, ZooZ. becSanbrnutm. 

BroA'dfsb, I. adj.; II* —ly, adv. col. 1. na^ 
ber (in bie) »reite$ 2. fig. frei, fdblupfng. 

BroAd'ly, adv. oon Broad, qv. 

Bro.ld'n«s«, s. l.bie®reite,flBette} %fig. bie 
ej^IOpfrigfeitj 9Iattteit,Oemeinieit,(Skob« 

Brocfide', Br9c&Mo, s. Om. ber f^rocat. [(cifc 

Br^csMf d, p. a. 1. »ie Srocat geioebr, brcca* 
ten) 2. in ISrocat geNeibet. 

BrO'ca^e, s. vid. Brokerage. 

Brbc'ft^l, Brdcfitlfl'lD, s. 1. Com. ber Srcca* 
teO) 2. Afin. betlBrocatmamor. 

Brde'oQlj, s. Bat. ber SBroccoIi, Q^pargcIfoJ^L 

BrOche, s. k v. vid. Broach. 

Brttck, 9. 1. ber^4l ) ^ na^C glei^Brocket^ 

Br8ck'9t, s. Sport, ber Qpiefer, Spicf ^rf4» 

Brbd^Skln (— qnfn), s. ber ^Ibftiefel. 

BrOgne [brOg], s. 1. ber {>oUf4tt6) 2i ber 
f4(e4te (trldnbif^e) Xccent, bie vecborbeae 

To BroI'dfr, v. a.fUcten. [TfQlfproiH* 

Brofd^r^r, i. ber Bti^t, bie Gtitferinn. 

BroI'dfry, s. bie eti(ferei. [etreit. 

Bron,#. berSdrm, Tiufrnftr, Samult) 3ftnf, 

To BrofI, V. I. a. (auf bcm 0tofle) braten) U. 
n. ber ^ibe onlgerebt fein, braten. 

Broi'ifr, #. 1. ber Stofii 2. diner, ber auf bcm 
Btofle, K. bratet4 3. jig. ber 3an{flifter. 

Broke, I. pret. ; II. cor. p. p. o. To Break. 

To Broke, v. n. 1. mdhin, ben UatcrHttbbr 
ma4en$ htppeln^ 2» md. To Brook. 

BrO'kfn, p. p. pen To Break, qo, 1. gcbro* 
4ett, tc$ 2. Com. la^Ittttglunfd^g/ banfc* 
rottirt, faOiti fig-s. 3. perborben, inpolib,. 
alt 5 4. gebro4en (ppn ber Btebe, ic.), gerabc* 
bre4t4 5* lit. peiborben (PomSier, fKei{4f 
u.)) itbriggeblieben) Mar. —backed, ge« 
Mmmt5 to become-* backed, eittCnJ(a^ca» 




rihfeit QXiWf^tLi — beHied, einen (S)arm«) 
Snulft (abett^$ —down, (p. einem y ferine) 

2Vp«bt(9erf4obnteSonn$ — wind» 
Fcr, l>er SDawpf 5 —winded, fursat^emig; UU 

Bro'k^l79<uit).ititterbro4en,flu(fmeife. [^en^* 

Bri/k^iiiifM» «• bie 3erbro4en^ett/ Undtn4« 
^it$ — of hearty^.bu j)er}en9ier!nirf4ung. 

BrolE^r, s. 1. bet (fSei^ret', ®elb« ob. fBa(u 
tau)£RdfIer, a9an&7(gent, 6enfal$ Unter« 
^bler^ a. berStdbletj 3. ber Suppler 5 
— '■ nenoraadbiiiy — *t note, ber G^Ittfget 
tel bed !Raner6. 

Br0^fr9^6, «. 1. ber^Dtdfterlo^n, bQ^aX-gelb, 
bte ^-gcbiibr/ Genfarie, Qlourtage, ^rooi 
f!oiii 2.))aSfR-9er4Aft,bie9RdfIerei$ 3. ber 
XrfibeU SrSbelbanbeU 4.berfiBu4er. 

BrOme (Br2^'nifnc),«. C^em. mod. badSSroni) 
brome-gra«h jBot. bie SreSpe. 

Brtfm'{c, adj. Chem. —acid, lit SBromfdure. 

Brto'chjaS, «. p^ AnaU bie Sttftr5(rendfle. 

BrSo'shj^, Br5n'sh}c, adj. AnaU jur 2ttftr5^re 
se^^rtg 5 — glands, bte QroiK^ialbrfifen. 

Bron'^hpeele, s. 1. Med. ber Jtropf, bie Ae(t« 
9er4»ttlfl$ 2. 5urg. ber 2uftr5(renbnt(b. 

Brpn^lidt'^iBy, *. Surg, ber iuftrfiJrenWnitt. 

Br5a'$h9i, s. Anat. ber Suftrfi^renfopf, Sttf^U 

Brpnt&l'Q^y, #. i%y. bie ©rontolofiie. [fopf. 

Brdnze, BrSnz, «. 1. bte S3ron}e, ba$ ©iodCeif 
%nt, etiicfgut, Qiri^ 2. bie e^eme Sigttr^ 3. 
bie S^eafmunse (oon Sronge). 

ToBrSnze, v. a. 1. bronjirenj bie Qriforbe 
geben) 2.(mie9r})(5rten$ 3.j!g.itbertun(ben. 

Br&i'dte, s. Mtn. ber SSronstt. 

BrWch [S., P., jP. 5 brOtoh, m., W., Ac], 

s. I. genu baft (S(ef(bmeibe, ber 04mtt(l4 2. 
bol 64Iof (am Qftrtel, u.)/ ^batOon; bie 
ooiterte Cf^naOe, Spange, Srofcbe, ®ttfen« 
oabel, Su4nabeU 3. vi(f. Broach, 1.$ 4. 
Paint, baft (Samoleugemdlbe ^ 5. fig. bie 
3iccbe, ^<rle, Jtrone. 

To Brftftd, V. I. n. 1. briiten (oonSagela)) 2. 
J!g. (ilbec (Stmaft) brfifen^ (na(bben!li(b) oer* 
fuaffnfein5 n.<i. l.(bieM(btetn)mitben9tii« 
gcliibebeden,»dnnen$ 2.J!{egen^(egen. 
Brftftd, s. 1. bie9rat4>e Je ^ ber ^ug 9 2. conU 
a)baft(Sr|eugnt^^ &)bieSf{aibbmmenr(baft$ — 
^:iinb, Bte, btel95nttf4eibei -ben,bie<9ltt(fe. 

i»ok [brAk], J. berlBad^ ) — bawking. Sport. 

Ee(SRteniagbmitSalfen$ £ot-#.— lime, bte 

^o^bungenj -mint, bie SBafTermiiti^. 

Brddk, V. I. a. ertrogen, bulben, leiben, 

^ifdtimerieQj n. n. fufrieben fein. 

>oV^t [brdkH, '. dim. ber WeineSa*. 

»(A7 [briik'i], 04;. 9on IBdcben bttr4f4nit 

>y I9afenei4^/ bemdfTert. 

Brdftm, 8. Bot. 1. ber (Siinfter, baft 9fricmca« 
frauti 2. baft 0liobifer(ol|4 3* bcrSefen 

%iaMb, (reui* ober bttgla^m^ —letter, — H —dose, —land, bie ®i]i|lcr(eib€f —lime. 

Box. ber Q^^i^enpreifti —man, —maker, ber SBe« 
fenbinberj IB-^dttbler$ —rake, ber(2rinb^ 
Jtopfgrinbj — itaflf, — itlck, ber©tfettfliel> 
—woman, bie SBefenbinberinni SB^dnblerinn. 

To Brddm, vid. To Bream. 

Brdd'my, adj. ooll ®infier. 

Br»e;i, s. 1. bie SIeif(bbdtV^ JtraftbnS^e) 2. 
Am. [(baumigeft (0<bnee«)^afrer. 

BrStbVf s. (— bonse), baftS^orbeU. [renjidger* 

Brdtb'^l^r, s. ber lieberlidfte SRenfd^, vulg. |>u« 

BrSth'flry, s. baft ^urenioefen; bie ttn)tt4K' 

Br8tbV> «. 1. ber Sruber^ 2. fig. ber IBru^ 
ber, !I]ilitmenf(b ) (Sefdbrte (iLber^. oon Gng« 
oerbunbenen, ber ISaffen«, Seibenftbruber^ 
:c.)> —in-law, ber ©iwager J — eerman, 
ber leiblitbe IBruber (bon fiSater> unb CDittt« 
terfeite)^ —Jonathan,^, baft amerifanirtbe 
Bolt (i. e. bieSereinigten ®taaten Don^'^orb* 
Vmerifa); — bood, bielBrilberf4aft$ — le«9r 
bruberloft. [9rttber, oertraot, )drtli4> 

Br6tbVly> adj. k adv. brfiberltib i glei4 einem 

Brongbt [brAt], pret. k p. p. 9on To Bring; 
amount -> over, or forward, Com* (GtUStma) 
Sranftport (oor) goUo 1« vid. itttt. To Garry. 

To BrdAf e, v. a. k n. md. To Browze. 

Broi^, s. 1. bit Vugenbranei 2. bie @ttmf 
3. baft (S(eft(bti TCnfrtett, bie (SXiene j 4.^. 
bie {)ftbe (beft^tmmeIft,K*)/ &pi4C/ ber (Bipfel 
(eineft IBerg«ft,K.)» ber SBalbranb $ 5.^. 
bie^e(f(eit^bnbeit{ Un»err4dmtbeit,S)rei' 
ftigf eitj — antleri. Sport, bie ®ttm^(Snbett 
am(Ben>eibe, erflen (Siftfpriffel 4 To — beat, 
V. ir. I. a. 1. mfirriftb/ faaer, fbl| ob. oer* 
d4tli4 anfe^n^ 2. bur4 flnfkre Slide ob. 
bo(im^t(igeft ®etragen einfi(ii4tem) II. %. 
tro^ig auftfe^enj bie0tini vayAxa —less, 
unoerf4dmt^ —post, Carp. einSIttcrbaffen* 

To Br5<^, V. a. 1. umgren^en, eingrenien, ein* 
fdiiltefen i 2. an ber '^pi^t, am ^lOJXlt (eineft 
S3ergeft/K.)rein$ browed, p. a. mitVugen^ 
brauen oerfeben^ beetle—; vid* in Beetle. 

Bro^n, adj. braun $ ouig. », ^ ftrben fl. Bay, 
9v. ; comp. —beetle, Eni. ber ^aiSdferi 
—bread, @(bmar|brob$ —crops, f>illfen« 
frit(btej — hollands. Com. braune boSdttb. 
eteif* ob. Olanjleiitmanb, @(boIett$ —lead 
spar, baft Sraanbleier} $ —owl, Om. bt< gem., 
gropfdpf!ge(SuIej -paper, baft yaifpapier^ 
—papers, Com. (e^ebem) eine %tt f(ble|lf(be 
Seinmanbj — pink, beObraun (fe^r tranftpo* 
rentegarbe)j —quadruples, eine y4 breite, 
ro(e, \^U^\^t Seinioanb; in 6til(fen bon 58 
II ^aen, mit 4 ® treifen li^tblauen ^apierft urn* 




Bunbeni —quartz, Min. ber fHaudfttopal} 
—rat, bte SEBanbena^e; — ipar, Min. bcr 
<Wfen«)Srannnpat(, Sraunfadj — stoot, 
baft ftarfe (boppettc) ^orterbierj — §tndy, 
bte bfifhm ®ebanfen, berXiefftnn $ — sugar, 
bcr Sarinsttcfer J —wort, BoU 1. bte IBraun* 
xouxii 2. bic ^runenc; 99runeIIe. 

BroVajih, adj. brdunlidft. 

BroWo^M, s. bte brattne ^axU, Srdune. 

ToBro^fe, r. I. a. (bie ©proflTen, :c.) ab* 
frefeii; abmeiben i Sport abbroffen^ abdfen j 
n. n. meiben (rait on); browilng beaati, 
gen. baft (Rot^ioilbpret. 

Brd^^e, Bro^e, j.bie ®proffe, ber ®pr6fling; 
bQft iunge Saub^ —wood, taS StrauA^oI}. 

Bro<rt|ng, p. j. Gard. boS ^bre^en ber 6p{|* 
sen 9on bitnnea dtoeigen. [(fiber)flmtfreiu 

To Bro^e, v, a. 1. vid. To Browse, I. ; 2. 
BrA'c|9, Brft'sfne, s, Chem. boft 93nicin. 
Br&'io, s. met ber Sdr $ an, Sdvaun, ^t^. 
To BrAif e [brfiz], w. a. (|er)quetf4en, jerflo» 

fen,}ermalmen,serrctbenj serf^Iagen $ brdon 

unb blau f^lagen. 
Brdi^e, s, bte CLuetf^ung^ Seule, flBunbe$ 

Sef^dbigung) -wort, ^oe.baftQSeifenfrattt. 
Brdi'|9r,«. 1. Gf-gr. bte®4Ieiff((ale$ 2. (bet 

ben Chnatneurft, 2C.} ein f^Ie^ter 7(rbeiter$ 

3. tniJg. ein !Boyer, 2C. [tra). 
Brfiin, «. (tnb.) 0lei6branntn>ein (ouf 6uma« 
Brft'ra^l, adv. n>mterli4, SStnter*. 
Brdn^ttc', Brdn€f , j. bie «rflnette. 
Brun'^eQi), Brun'gin, s. ber^^rei^U^ baft 
Brilii'ipn, s. Com. bie ©rutteHe. [ginbelfinb. 
Branf 'wfck, s. Geog. (bie®tttbt)©rottnW»eig. 
Brttnt, *. 1. berrteftige) etof, ^CnfaD, Xngriff 

(anting.); bie^t^e(be«Jtompfeft)3 2.^. 
ber etrei^/ j^Iag (baft UnglfldP). 
Brftsb,*. l.bieSBfirflej 2. ber grope ?)infel, 
©orflenpinfel, SXuafii 3. ber eftwanj (beft 
gu*feft,:c.)4 Sporf. bie etanbarte^ Enntej 

4. baftSBfinbeigHeift^oI}} 5. baft Si(ft(bt5 6. 
vulg. ber (Jeftige) TCngriff, Jtampf, ©trauf 5 
7. Elec. ber ^dl^tfegel, eleftrif^e etra(Ien« 
bfiftJeU —bit, beraflrflenbo^reri -bead, 
ber ^tu^fopf^ etrubelfopfi -maker, ber 
SBflrflenbinber J —ore, Min. baft ©flrflenerjj 
—wood, baft 2Buf4^Ii, Fteift^ot). 

To Brash, v. I. a. 1. bflrflen, ottftbilrften) 2. 
mif4en,fe^ren5 3. (Ctoaft) lei^t berit^ren, 
fireifen^ 4. (grob) anftreidften, anpinfeln^ 
5.f4»drieni 6. f4»ingen) to — away, to 
— oflf, 1. ttbbfirflenj 2. megffijrenj II. n. l. 
M WneU fortbewegcnj (to — by, torbei) 
fhTifen, flrei*en,u.j 2. (0. |)ferben) auftpHa* 
gen^ fd^meifen) to — aw«y, to — off, fid^ ba» 
tonmaci^en, toegtoif^en. 

BriishVf '• !• bcr Kbbiirfleri 2. vulg. ba# 

ooOe (Slaft. 

Brttsb^e, Brttah'y, a^, bfirflcnartig, borflig. 
Briisk, Briisqae[br&sk], adj. un(5fli4/ barf4# 

ro(. for points, Com, brfiffeler Spi^eiL 
Brtts'sflf,^. Geog.(bicetabt)9riifre(j —lace. 
To Br&s'tle [briis'sl], v. n. raufdi^Ctt/ ftiittemi 

to — uptoone,attfQKnen (raf4) (oftgc^en, 

i(m bie 6pi(e bieten. 
Brfi't^,l.a4;.; IL-ly, adu. I.t(ierif4^i>te(tf4s 

Brdtxnty, s. 1. baft oic^if^e ffBefen 5 ^fig* bie 

Unmenf4li4rcit, 9to^^eit. 
To Brfi't^lize, v. I. a. t)ie(if4^ unmenf^U^, 

toilbmadi^en) n. n. gumfiSie^e merben, «er« 

Briite, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. t(ierif4, 

^Wni M' 2- unoernilnftig/ mitt, rau^, 
ungeftttet,ttnbfobig,grob{ S.fittnloft. 

Brftte, s. I. baft (uttvemitnftige) X^ier, Sie($ 
2.^. ber ersbumme pb. «nger4I<t<bte(!)tettrdb, 
(Srobian. [®eioi4t. 

BrAte-weight [— wSt], s. Com. baftSruttO* 

To Brd'tjfy, V. a. sum Sie^c tua^en, beft I6er« 
flonbeft berauben. 

Brd'tjsb, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. 1. t(ierif4, 
XfitW^ifig. 2. flnnli(i^, fteif^li^l 3.milb^ 
oie^mdf ig; unoemtlnftig, grob; ro(, graufam { 
unmiffenb) III. — ness, s. baft oie(if4e flEBe* 
fen. bie t^ierif^e «But^, ffiilbbeit. 

Brii'tifin, s, bie S^ier^ett^ fig* baft 9te^if4e 
ober t^ierifd^e SBefen. 

Brf^pny, s. Bot bic 3annrube. 

BiibOble, s. 1 . bie8Bafrerblafe,(®4aum*)93(arei 
bieni(btfttoert(e®a(bei 4. ber leere 6(bein, 
bie 3;duf(bung; Setdigereij 5. Com. bie ni<^s 
tigc; auf grunblofen Oeriiibten beru^nbe 
JBdrfen* Speculation; baft leere 9)rojlect; bie 
(i99drfen0^uge9 6. ber SBetrogenC; Starr. 

To B&b'ble, v. I. n. 1. (to — up) IBIafen n»er« 
fen, auftoaSen; fpntbeln) 2. nmrmebi; riefebt 
(oonf8d4en;)C.)$ II. a. vuig. (interge(eii, 

Bub^lfr, s. ber IBetriigftr; ^rener. [betrdgen. 

BQ'bu, s. Med. ber Subo5 boboes, pi. Anat 
bie 6.\bamgegenb. [ftenbrnd^. 

B&'bQ09cSle [ Wb., 2\, 5m.]» s. Med. ber %n» 
Bfif/c^l, adj. Anat ya ben IBadfen ge^drig. 
B&c(c)^Ier', Bflcc^eSr', s. ber Sufanicr. 
To Biic(c)^oler', v. a. C^eerdttbcrei treiben. 
Buccjoii'tQr, s. Anat ber Xrompetemntftfel. 
Bii(/q'nlte, s. JPet. bCT Quccinit. 

Bilck, J. 1. a) bie fBdud^C; Songe (iur 
SBdf4e){ 6) (—of clothes), bie (gebdu4« 
te) SSdr4t| —ashes, bie Saugenafdte) — 
basket, ber flBdf^forb ^ - cloth, tnd. Biwfc* 




iog-cloth unt. To Back; 2. Uvfdod, baft 
Vtinn^cn (hdia\tn, Jtanin^en: Sport 
Mr fUtammter) oud^ beft ffttf^H, }C.)5 3. 
burl. Ux ^tu^tt, !D(obettarr) CiifUing^ 
mibfang) a— ofthefirithead, ein9t((bo(t 
in 5ten3A(re) camp, —bean, Bot berate' 
btttltt^ — horns, |)irf(^gewette| Bot-s. — 
horn cresset, bo6^5jfelfrattt$ — *s horn tree, 
b<r oirgintfte enma^i —mast, bie 9ixii* 
mafli —shot, Spart. fiHe^pofttn) —skin, I. 
s. 1. baS 9o(t (® tlb«)lebtr ) 2. mod. tin btdfee 
{>oreniradi 3. troR.beriungeOetfj II. ad; 
borflebcmj -stall, Sporf. 1. ein grofeft 
9tet iumS^ngen beft fiHot^mitbefti 2. baft 
Xrciberomt bet dtottiotlb«3odben $ — thorn 
Bo(. bcrJtrcttjborn) —thorn berry, bieJtreiii 
beerc) -tooth, ber Sletfcbiatn, (Raf^a^n; 
—wheat, Bot. Utfbndinti^n, baft ^eibefom. 
To Buck, V. I. a. fBdftbe einweitben, bduibeni 
maMcn $ b-iog cloth, baft Saugen* ob. 7(f4en 
twii b>iog stool, ber aBaf(bb(0(ti b-ing 
tab, bie S&ttcbbiitte; ber lEBafcbiubcri H. n. 
(auib a.) 1. bocfen, flofen^ 2. rt4 beYaufen, 
befpringen (oon {>aren/ k.). 

Bfick-ft-bdO', s. vid. Bogle(-bo), Ac. 

B&ck'ft,!. 1. berffBaflereinKr) 5ea,bie9(ltfe, 

yfl^ej 2. berSettcretmer. 
Bi&ck'jsh, l.adj. burl, fhtterifibi 2C. vid.Back, 

s. 3. $ n. — ness, s. burl, bie Stu^er^af' 

tigfeit, u. 
Bftck'le, #. 1. bte6cbnaae$ 2. ^Utodi, ^aats 

lodti 3. a — of beef. Cook, etlt GtAct (Ktnb« 

|Utf(b (vom Senbenflucf). 
To Bttck'le, V. I. a. 1. f(bnaQen, an* ob. {u* 
f4nallen$ an(egen$ 2. fig. r^. ftcb rfifhn^ 
vorbereiteni ficb legen auf . . . $ 3. (bie ^aare) 
(otfen$ II. n 1. ft(b ^ummen^ fl(b biegen) 

2. fyg. (mit to) fl^ [(bmiegen, na^deben) 

3. (—in with. .), banbgemetn n>erben (mit). 
B&cka«r, «. 1. brr e^ilb i 2. fig. bcr SdtW^» 

mer l 3. vid. Backle, 3. 5 4. Mar. b-s, pi. 
bie ittfift|apfen| —thorn, vid. Buck- thorn, 
B&ek'r«un, I. s. Com. bie €$teipetnmanb, ber 
64etter| II. a((7.^g. fleif. 
B&ck'rfflif , s. Bot. ber Mvtnlau^. 
B&dk/sQm (— 'sQme), ftc. vid. Bazom, Ae. 
BScdllc Foet. 1. 4. I. baft |>irtengebi4t5 2. 
er 3b9aenbi4 ter ) II. (— c?l), adj. buFoIiM* 
id, #. 1. bie itnoftpe, baft 7(uge$ 2. fig. beij 
fteiiRj 3. baft Jtalb oon einem Z^^^t, ber 

I Bttd, V. I. n. 1. fnoftpeii/ auiW^^tn, fei* 
ieR,fprofen$ 2.>Eg. im XBaibrcn (Slfi^en) 
ins 11. a. octtliren, pftopfen; budding- 
Bifc, Gard, baft StttUrmefTer. 
'df, «. (reog. SDfen (€$tabt in Ungam). 

BAd'dht, J Onb.) Rel. Subb^t. 
Bad'dbjfm, #. (inb.) Rel. ber 9ubb(aiftmttl. 
BAd'dbjsts, s. pi. (inb.) /2e/. bie Subbbaiflcn. 
Bttd'dle, $. iftn. ber SBafibtrog, bieXBaM* 

fibeibebanf { b-s, pt. Qrr2»cir4er. 
To Bnd'dle, v. a. Min. abflauen, waftbtni 

huddling dish, bic SBafibbii^ne. 
Bfide'-lfght, s. tnod. baft Subelid^t (^^.Gumey 

erfttttbene9eleu4tnngftart bur^ Gteinf obicn* 

gaft, baft mit auft atmofp^irir^erCuft gef^tC' 

benem CSauerpoifgaft gemifibt ifl). 
Budge, *. baft (gegerbte) ^mmfenj —barrel. 

Mar. baft ble^eme 9u(Kr« ob. Oranatcn^ 

fd^cn. [pclR. 

To Blid^e, v. n. vulg. ft(b regenj an. ftcb rip« 
Biid'g^t, s. 1. bie ((ebcrne) Zafi^t, bcr 93euter, 

eadi bieeatteltafcbe) baftSricr'Scncifen) 

2. >!g. beriSorrat^, baft Gfapital> 3. Pol. 

baft Snbget. 
BttfT, s. 1. bcr Sfijfel (vid. Buffalo) ; 2. (- 

leather, -skin) eigcnti. baft SfiffeUeber, 8d< 

mifcblcber (oonS)ifcn, @(cnn,2C.)i 3. vid. 

—coat, Ac; 4. bic ^cberfarbc, baft tebcrgelb^ 

(S(amoift5 5. Med. bie Gpccf^autj -coat, 

—jerkin, baft (cbcrnc JtoIIer, GfoHef, ob. SBamft. 
Buffalo, X. Zoo<. bcr 93fifrc({ 9)uffc(c(bft$ ~ 

snake, Zool. bie TCbgottftf^iongc, !Ricfen<- 
Buffipl, s. vid. BufHe. [[(blunge. 

Biiff«r,«. R-w. (meifl imp^) baftetofpolfler 

tUW^t ZtQ fHf[eni —heads, €$tdfcrf5pfc. 
B&f fft, *. 1. (franj.) ber ©ilbcrfcbranf j (5rc« 

benitifcb/ €$(ben!ttr(b 5 2. bcr ^ufT^ Saafl-* 

f4Iag, bie SRauiribenc. 
To Buffft, V. I. a. 1. puffcn, mit bcr Saufl 

flofcn ob. ftblagcn, SXaulfibcUcn gcbeni 2. 

bcfdmpfcn, anMmpfcn gcgcn...^ ll< n. flcb 

balgcn, boxen. 
B&f f^t^r, s. bcr €$(bldgcr,$attftf dmpfcr,9orcr. 
Biiff|ng-Spp9r&'tv8,#. R-w. bcr ©tojlapparat. 
BiiCfle, s. Zool, ber SBiiffct (vid. Buffalo) ; - 

head, vu/g. bcr SBiilfclftfopf/ iDummfopfi — 

headed, I. groff6pf[g, bi(ff5pfig5 2. fig. 

\>umm, t5(pir43 —headed dock, (Buffbl or 

Buffers head duck, Wb.), Orn. bcr S)icffcpf. 
To Buffle, V. n. cerblfifit, bcfbirjt, rcrlcgcn 

fein. [Oanfler, Karr. 

Bvff<)On', s. ber ^ofrenreifcr, Cufligmatbcr, 
To Bvffddn', V. a. Id^crlicb ma^cn. 
Bvff'dd'n^ry, Bvff'dd'njfni , #. bic (9CarrcnO 

$ofrcn5 ^ofTcnrcifcrci. [fig. 

Byff'dd'nish, Bvff<)dn'tTke, adj. (anftmnrflmd« 
To B&ffoonTze [- fd— ], ^oflcn ob. Btrcii^t 
Bfi^fO, s. Zool. bie Jtrfttc. [ma^cn. 

Ba'f(>nTte, s. Min. bcr Jtrfttrnflcin. 
BQg, s. 1. (bed-), Ent. bie flBan^ei 2. Ent. 

bcrOrattfaugcr^bicTfftcrblattiattftj 3. 0pi|* 





itme bet Qndl&nber in S^Ianb) —bane, (— 
wort), BoU boftSBanienftautf (— bear), Ut 
f)o^Si^ !DbtmmeI) To — bear, v. a* fil^ref« 
fcit^ bangema^rn. 

To B&g'gf r, V. n. Jtttabntr^^nterfi treiben. 

Bfig'sf rf r, s. ber Jtuabenf^^nber, CSobomit. 

B&g'gery» s. bie Jtnabenf^dnberet. 

Bfig'giDfii, s, bafiSBimmdn t)on(9e(aftetfein 
mit) SBanjen. 

B&g'gy, a(0'. maniifl, toOer 8Baii}cn. 

B&'gle, J. 1. (e^em.) ber »tIbe}D4&$ 2. lit 
f4n>ar)e dlailtoioXit $ 3. »ie -horn ; 4. (bdm 
engL aTtUttdr) ber ^ornifi^ CBalb^ornbldfer 5 
—born, 1. bad adflerjom, ^fift^omj 2, 
Mil. ba$ SBalb^orn, ^i^nalicxn, Sliigel^om. 

BH'glQM, 1. BoU bic S4feniiuige. 

Buhl, ». T. (-work) bie SSuW* ob. cingclegtc 
Ifrbeit J l^oIisORofoif^ -saw, bit £ttabfdge. 

Buhr'sUine, «. vid. Barstone. 

To BQild[bnd], V. tr. I. a. l.bauen,crbauenj 

2, fig, bauen (iuftf^Wflcr; w.)J to - np, 1. 
aafbaueni 2, fig. erbauen} to — a chapel, 
Afar. eiiie(SttIefanden5 n. n. baueni to — 
Qpon,/g. batten, M ^erlaflen aaf . . . . 

BuH'd^r.t.i.berSauenbej JBan(err) 2, fig, 

ber 9attnieifUr$ 6d^5pfer. 
BanMjng, s. baS ®ebdube$ —in piW, ber ^^i* 

febaUfSe^mbau} a — ofrooka (a rookery), 

Sport, bad 6aatfrd(endenifle| —contract, 

l.ber fBaucotttract Aber^.j 2. 5Atp-&. ber 

gjWJIbriefj -docks, vid. nnt. docks; - 

yard, ber IBan^of, Saupla^. 
BQm,I.pret.ftp.p. t)onToBaild; frigate—, 

fredattenf6nni9(gebaat)$ n.#.bielBattart; 

etmftur. Ivid. Bull-fiflcb. 

B&I, s, Ich. biei^utte^berSIunber) —finch, 
B&Ib, Biilbe, «. 1. gen. bad 0tunbe (ber Tfnft* 

apfel, K.) 5 2. Bot. ber JlnoSen; bod dwiu 

belficradctd, bie dmiebeU 3. Mech, bic Jtafiel 

am S^ermometer. 
Biilbed, adj. (btf. BoU) jBnebelprmig. 
B«lbif ^roas, adj. BoU JtnoQen ob. d»iebeln 

tragenb. [jwiebelartig; runb. 

Bal'booa, Bylhi'ceovi, Bnl'bTne, adj. tnoUi^, 
B&l'cff, (9.port.5o2#a) Jeifl. Heine IBeu* 

ttl, in Uxun bie ofUnbiffen ;Diamanten 9on 

^abrad naA Sonbon fommen. 
Biil'chin, s. bad Qttllettfalb. 
BvlgS'rif, #• Geog. ©uigarien, bie IBuIgarei. 
Bt&Ige, s. 1. vid. Bilge, 1 . ; 2. Mar. ber 2e<f $ 

3. b-s, (—ways), pZ. bie ^elben, Settungett, 
morauf bod 64i{f ablduft. 

To Bul^e, V. n. 1. Mar. aufPofen, f*eitemj 
finfen} 2. vid. To Bilge; 3. einenSauib 
maten, vorrogen. 

BSnfmy, s. VeU vid. Banlimy. 

Bttlk, s. 1. bif Wtafft, ber Jtlmnpett; Mtptti 
2. ber Umfang. bie (Six6tt, aXeaoej 3^ bet 
gr6ftc^aufen,|)attptt(eir,/am.9tummeli b«d 
dox^ti bie (^anpt') 6anime$ 4. Aroh. ber 
oorfpringenbeS^eil (eincd (Scbdubcd)> 5, ber 
itlopptif^; Ser!aufd«6tanb$ 6. Mar. a) ber 
ganje innere (9ai&){Raum eincd ^^ifficdt 
6) bie gonje (€$c^iffdOSabuag$ goods laden 
in— , bie 0tiii|s€abung, 0tfitjK*(9tttcr} by 
the— , imOonsen, imS>ur4r4mtt> inSBauM 

U. SSogen) to break—, vid. in To Break; 
— heads, pL Sea^ Scrf^Idgc, SXucrmdnbC 
(auf 6c^iffen); (Sewclingen. 

To Biklk 5At, v. n. cinen 9au4 macbcn, 9oi« 
ragen, ^orfpringen. 

Bnl'klnfss, s. bie (9r6f e (ber QcfiaU ob. bc» 
Umfanged), SXenge, aXoff'e; 9elcibt^t. 

Bul'ky, adj. grof , biff, flarF, fldmmig. 

Bdll, I.#. l.bcrSBttQe, SttSo^d, 6tier) 2. 
AsU ber Gtier j 8. Barb, ber (latcncrrcgen* 
be) fiBiberrpnub, bie XBibcrFlnnigfcit; ber 
(bronige€$pra4')8((Icr) 4. JBcc. bie(pdpft' 
li*e) fduUti 6. Scnpu tin erjfcinb, ber 
bdlUcnbe S6me) 6. Com. canu ber Vcttcn« 
fl^eler, €$to(f drciter, vulg. ^^cx, tnUBcar ; 
7. John BqII,>S^. bad (pcrfonificirtc) englifibt 
tBtUfi n. comp. —bait, —baiting, biclDib' 
fen^ab, e$tier(ebe) -bee, £nt. bicSrcmre> 
-calf, 1. bad IB-nfoIbj 2. fig. ber (Sinfaltd- 
pinfelj —dog, ber aj-nbriftrj -s eye. 
Mar. 1. cine (d(scmeitQttr45 2. bieXBettcr' 
gallc) 3. Asu ber Y(bcbaran$ — s cycK, 
Glaz. 9rubcrfu4cn (fictnc runbe gcnfter* 
f4cibcn)$ Mar. bic (Stiffgldfcr} -eyed, 
f^fr»,(grof»)dugig5 — s eye glass, Glass-w. 
bad(9al(glad$ — face, bod grobe^ frc^ciScs 
Mti — fars. Com. cincbcr )^ic(cn9cnennungen 
bed(Sa(mU(fd| -feast, —fight, -fighting, 
bad esticrgcfe^tj —finch, Om. ber &cm> 
pfaff, ©impel} -fist, BoU bcr»ofifl} -fly, 
Enu 1. bic ©remfcj 2. ber ^omWrotcr^ 
^irf^ldfcrj -frog, Zool. ber ©*fcnfroW, 
«rfiUfrof*5 -head, l.liU ber £)(bfcnfDpf j 
2. fig. ber iDnmmfopf I 3. Ich. a) (river — 
head), ber Jtaulfopf } b) (armed — head). 
ber e^teinpictcr^ bic gtpanicrtc (9rcppc$ c) 
vid. Tad-pole} — s pizzIe,bcrSD(bfcn}icmcr$ 
— ring, ber (Uting in e$4ta4t(durcm (ium 9t< 
fefligen bed Stinbvic^cd) } —rush, virf.Bol- 
rnsh ; — trout, Jch. bic grof c (la^dttttigc) 
?foreire. [bcrn. 

B01'laice,#. BoU bicetle^C) bere^tcHcft)* 

Bi&i'l«iry,f. JEcc. bic (pdpfU.)iQ5nnenfammhni0. 

Biii'lite, adj. BoU blafig. 





BttFlf nl^r, tt. fine Yit f (ciner 04tffe« [u. 
M^«C 4. bie i^l, SUnta^di — .bore» 

G^'mm. ter .fttgelbtopf $ — difideri, bcr StoU 

kmideli — iroD,f(b»ebif4e6Gtand<iicireR. 
A4iMfiB» «• ^f. /^^ M «uaetin j ber ®e> 

Mllrttd etner etabte^rightt, ic. 
BAllJQA, #. Htnt. l.^r QMJ^ ob. eil^rnnni' 

.yeiii ^10$ ungemiliiite dtolt ob. Gilberj a. 

|M9. Com. nngoitdbared (fcembe^) Gelb. 
Ml'Jlth, (m(7. Borft. f€^ter(aft, fDra<t«>ib(rfin« 
&Ai^» «. ^er (pdpflt.) ettSenr^retber. [ms. 
B«G^«loo» s. vid. EbaliUtoQ. 
IMKlQck, «. 1. ber i«nflc£)4^/ S<Mrre j a. Am. 

htt'^VLh^fm^fent tlk^i —*s eye. Arch. Hi 

BAt^y, I. #. bet ^enfreffer, Otenommifl, 9ra« 

marbaSi II. comp. —fly, vid. Bull-fly $ — 

gaQMter, ber ©cutclfineiberj —rock, - 

rook, ber difenfteffet/ xc. 
To BiiKly, V. I. a. 1. iibertdubfn^ in'^ Soijte' 

becniagen) a. preHen^ Il.n.bramarbaficen^ 
BAFrtlah, «. bie glotte Smfe. [poltern. 

BAl'riisby, act;'. hiuftnA^nli^, QoQ SinfcR. 
BIU'«ff , /. vid> BhIcoi. 
BiU'wfric, s. 1. Fort. U^fboUntvf, biefiafteij 

gen. bie SefefHgung) 2. 5/itp-&. bie dupere 

(|>Uiifenr)Sefleibttngi 3. ^. bie etu^C; 

boe fioO»ec!. ^ 

ToBAl'w^k, v.a. befefltgen, t)erf4»anien. 
Bftni, «. vi//g. ber|>intere, &Uif; — bailifT, 

vuig. ber fditUl, Gd^rge? —boat, vu(g. baft 

jBiatHboot, ^rooiontboot 
Bibn'btat, «. 1. ber bur^nd^te deug; bie Bti' 

4elarbeit i a. Com, ber IBombafl (2Crt i99ar« 

(^nt)$3. bieSanmmoQei 4.vtd.Bombaat,2. 
BWble-bsc, s, £hu bte^ummel^ iDrotoe. 

BW'k|Q,«.l.Arar. berStttluf $ a.vid.BunipkiD. 

Blimp, «. 1. bielBeiilej a. ber^uff, @c6lag5 

3.bttHbttmpfe}Gkf4rei (ber9lo(rbomme(,ic.). 

To Biimp, 17. 1, a. f^lagen, flofen; II. n. 

(bomyf) fdftreiett; etn bumpfeft Qetdfe ma^en 

(vuf. To Boom, l.){ to — op, f^mellen. 

B&m'p^r, L s. sing, ber^ttsipen^ baft^afglaft, 

ooae (BUift$ n. b-s, #. p{. jR-io. bie 6tof« 

jpolfler. Ctobelte) Sanbiunfer^ Z^lptl 

""jnp'kjn, *. 1. vid. Pompion; 2. ber(ungc* 

mp'kiiily, adv, hHuxifi, tSIpif^^ plumP/ 

iB» «. vtd. Bnnn. [grob. 

nch,«.i. bie Settle) a.ber^orren) ^6f* 

!t; fduM, bef. pL b-ci, (bei^ferben), Jtno» 

-tt/CBarieR^Uberbeise^tc.) 3. baft iOfinbel, 

'i»nb) 4. berlBttW (^aare^ gebem, k.)/ 

^4el4 5.bte®ntppe (S^aume^ic.))* -of| 

■•pe*. b{e®eCntraubej -backed, butfelig. 

To B&ach, V. I. a. in SBfinbel sufommenbinbeii ) 
II. «. to — oat, (craufttreten, (er»jorfle(en, 
attfT4^»eaen. [mige^ ic. 

Bfin'chjn^M, s. baft itnornge) 2^rattbenfdr« 

Bfin'oky, adj, in Sfif^eln iDo^fenb; bfif^eUg) 
trottbenfermtgi (dcferig, butfeligi fnorrig, 
d^g. [StoOe) -wool, SBiinbelmoUe. 

B&n'dle, «. 1. baft fbunh, Siinbel, ^a£ttt i 2. bie 

To Bun'dle, v. a. (to — op), in cinSBflnbcI (|tt« 
faaunen)binben) ^urammenpatfen^ einpatfcn. 

Biiog, #. 1. ber 6punb, Gpunbiopfen^ 2. (— 
hole),baft®pttnbtoilft$ 3. Gun.berSRunbpfropf 

To BIlog, V. a/fpunben, iufpunbcn^ )>crfpunb€n. 

Bttn'{;9low, s. (in ^ftinbien) cinmit€$trot gc« 
betfteft f>auft i public-, einc Hit tBirt^ft^anft. 

To Bikn'gle, v. I. n. ftumpcrn^ pfuMen; II. a, 
(to — op), octpfuWcn, tcr^unjen. 

B&n'gle, «. 1. bie ^tiUnperci^ ^fuf^erei) 2. 
ber grobe %ifiUv, ^^ni^cr. 

Bfin'gl^r, 1. ber Gtiimpcr, $fttf4»cr. 

BunOcja, s. Bot bie otrginif(be6fbtangenn>ur|cl 

Buna, s. ber (ungcfduertc) Slaben, iSpan. 

Bunt, s. 1. Bot. bcr fBoftfl) 2. bcri93aufc69 3. 
Mar. bcr IBau4 eineft Gcgelft) — linei, Mar 
bie SauAgorbingen. [vid. To Batt. 

To Bilnt, V. n. 1. (to — out), auf[(tmeUcn$ 2 

Bttn't^r, s, bie 2umpenfammlcnnn$ cont. baft 
gemeine 9^enf4. 

Bun'tjng (-'t?n,-'t|n, -^tjnc), s. l.baftgiag- 
gentu^l 2. Orn. bie 2Cmmeri —Iron, G-w. 
baft Slafero^r. [93oQtcine. 

B^of,s. Mar. bic(7Cn!crOS9oie5 -rope, bie 

To BdoJ', V. I. a. 1. (—op), Wwimmcnb, (lott 
er^alten} Afar. 2. aufboi)cn$ 3. (o^nc up), 
Safen legenf 4. j?g. aufrcil^t cr^altctt/ er* 
(ebcni 11. n. f4n>immcn/ ft<b ^cbcn. 

Bdojf'^cy, s. I.bie€$(bn>imm!raft5 2.>!g.bic 

Bddjf'fnt, adj. 1. ffmimmcnb; mogcnb, (ei^ti 
2.^. flu^tig) R4 (lei^t) cr^cbenb. 

BAojf'i^s, adj. gmnbloft. 

Bur, s. 1. Bot. bie Jtlctte^ 2. L-f. bcr Sart (am 
@dbrif^gel)) 3.v/d.Burr,2.5 4.v{d.Bower; 
—stone, cineTfrtSluar^ (bcf. ju 9){u(lficinen 
gebr.), ba^er: ber nnbctaucnc aRu^Iflcin. 

Bur'bQt, s. Ich. bie Kalraupe, Clnappe. 

But'd^n, s. 1. bie £afl^ ^bung, IBurbe$ 2. bie 
^tftigf eit Ob. Safl (Sonnenge^alt) eineft B^if* 
feft$ 3. fig. ber S)ru<! (ber TCbgaben, tc.)$ 
4. Mus. ber @4ltt^berft/ Otefrain) 5. fam» 
fig. bie oft micber^olte 0lebc, an. baft alt^ 
Cieb i — can, R-w. bie (Bfiterwagen, Xranft- 

To^Bur'dfD, V. a. lit kfig. belaben, bela|len 

Biir'd^n^r^ s. 1. bet Selafienbe) 2.^g. bn 
«ebrii(fer. ' 




Biir'dfDslKme (Bar'dfnoDs), I. adj. 1. ISftigJBar'ly, a^;. l.^itf, flor! «onJtir;per| tuffp^ 
brfitfenb) 2. tiellafKd (oon e. €$4itD) ^H bloftR) 2. tofcnb, Idrmenb. 

Bar'dpck, 1. JSof. I^ic JtlfttC 

BOVeaa [-^rO], «. 1. btt e^TdbUfif , baS 
e4re{bepuU(mitSd4eni)9 2. [bfiro^, u^ 
(Sef4^ft9iintmer,bie64reibflube) 8. Com. 
bcr IBuratt, Me Sure (ein SBoQenieud). 

Biir'gfimdt, s. vid. Bergamot. 

Bar'gfLnft, s. bie {>elmfappe; 6tiirm(aube. 

BAr'geois [bdr'zbwA.], s* Typ. vid* Boargeois. 

To Bar'^e^D, vtd. To Boargeon. 

Bor'gfr-mUt^r, s, 1. Om. ber Mtdermeifter, 
^ie graurdcftde 9Xet>e j 2. vrU Burgomaster. 

Bar'ifM, J. l.berSBiirder (e{neS[9Ba4l«]^ef« 
lenft), (Bemeinbebfirger) 2. ber £)rt6bepn< 
titter 3. pi. b-es, bie SfirgerTtboft) —ship, 
bie fBflrbe eines S)rtSbepttt{rten/ )C. 

Bargb, Burg, «. 1. vid. Borough; 2,Sport» kc 
vid. Burr; —master, 1. vid. Burgomaster; 
2. Min. vid. Bar-master. 

Bor'gh^r, s. ber (9emeinbe*l5firser$ —ship, 
baft (<9eme{nbe«) SihrflerreAt. fbicb. 

Byrmife', s. ft adj. ber Sirmone^ birmasifl^ 
To Btim, V. ir. k reg. I. a. 1. ((duf. mit op), 
brennen, terbrennen$ 2. onbrennen^ ttetfen^ 
Qtiii 8. verbrennen, mit geuer i»er»miben4 
4. einbrennen (etn3ei4en^ ^Qi on^ ^^d. 
brennen) 6. auftbrennen(e.&4omfleiii,u.)9 
6. brennen (diegelfteine, tc.)i 7. i^tif, fivic 
^enb ma(ben (SBein^ u.)5 & jSgr- breaaen 
(bomSi^ber; ber Setbenf(baft^ tc.)^ II. n. lit. k 
fig. 1. brtnnen (oor ^ibenMaft, u*)i 2. Ie«4' 
ten^funfeln) to— op, 1.9erbrettneB> 
2.au6trodfnen,berie(ren) S.^^abHb^ttt- 
Bdrn, I. #. 1. berSranb, IBranbf4aben, bal 
SranbmaU 2. baft IBrennen (berdiegel, u.)) 
n. comp. —cow, Ent. ber yracf^tfdfer) - 
weed, Bot. ber eUiiapftl. 

Bfir'nf bie, adj. (». d.) Brennbar, verbreimbar. 
To Barn'-bait, v. a, Agr. abfcbnoenben. 
Bar'n^, «. 1. ber {Berbrenuer » Mtch^» 2. bei 
9renner an dampen { 3. bie ®aftli(btr6(re. 

Bfir'glar,Bur'glf r^ r,i. ber(e{nbre4enbe03?a(bt« Bar'n^ t, 5. Bot. bie ^impineUe, baft !8(uthraitt 

Byrglft'rioos, I. adj. ; II. — ly, waft fieb OUf 

nd^tlifen j>aufteinbru(b Itiit^t. 
Bor'glf ry, s. Laxo, ber (nd(bt(iibe )Diebfla(I 

mit) 6inbrtt(b. 
Bur'gQmSlstf r , s. 1. ber Sdrdermeifler (in 

)Dentf(bIanb;K.}) 2,0m. vid. Burger-master. 

Bur'griLve, s, ber ©urggraf. [gttnbcr. 

ByrgHu'difu, adj. k s. burgnnbiftl ber IBnr« 
Bur'gvndy,!. 1. Geog. Surgunb) 2.(— wine), 

IBurgunber (*SBein). [graben. 

Bur^l^ble [b^r'rjf bl], adj. {tt begraben, {U » er» 
Bur'Ifl [gen. b«r'r|f]], s, 1. baftaegrdbntpj 

bieiSeerbidung^ 2. gen. bie Gingrabung. 

liurted [b8?rtd], pret k p. p. ton To Buyr. 


B6'r|n, BS'rjoe, *. Rngr. ber ®rab|li#el. 

To Bfirl, V. a. Cloth. 1. (nacj Dr. J., C, Ac.) 
waif en 5 2.noppen ^ b-iog-iron, baftS^oppeifen. 

Bfir'laps, s. pi. Com. roje (wcflpbdlif^e, f. g.) 
oftnabrddfer Seinen (Osnaburgs), bef. pir ben 
amerif. 5Rarft. [SntrdtW«Iw. 

Bar/l^r, j. 1. Qoth. ber 5?opperj 2. fig. ber 

ByrHfsqne', Byrli^sk', [juw. »or b. ©ubfl.: 
bur'l^sk], Esth, I. ad;. burleftF, poffterli^j 
II s. l.baft9)offierli(be; biepoffterl.ediireib* 
ortj 2. AfMj. bie ©urieftfe, baft ^ofTenfpiel. 

To Byrl^sque' [-l«8kn, v. a. Esth. M^erli* 
ma*en, pofRerU* einflelben, tratefHren. 

B9ri«s'qn?r[-k?r],*. Esth. ber XratefHrer. 

Bvr!«t't», s. (ital.) AfM*. mod. bie ©uricftfe. 

Burnings, *. 1. ^er Umfang, bie ©r^f e, X)icr. 
leibigfeitj 2.baft©etftte; ber««rm. 

Bor'ning, I. s. 1. baftlBrennett/ ic. vtUTo 
Born; 2. bie ^euerftbrunfl) fig. 3. bie 8uft' 
fntibe) 4. bieOSeiibeit} II. adi.l.brennenb, 
beif J fig' 2. Jeftig^ geil) 3. frif* (ton 
ber€Spur)) in. comp. —glass, Fhy. baft 
©renngtaft, ber ©renttfpiegeU —thorny- 
plant, Bot. bie (Snpborbia) —zone, Gtog 
vid. Torrid-zone. 

To Bur'nfsh, V. I. a. l.poUren/bntnirenf SI 
SporU (ben IBafi 00m neuen (9eb6me) ab' 
r^Iagenj n. n. l. gldnjenb^ glatt »etbenf 
2. fi^ anftbebnen, matbren^ Sport auffeten 
Mech'S. b-ing stick, ber ©runir«, ^^clir* 

Bor'nish,^. l.ber (S(attS) 2.baft7ruftbreiten,)C« 

Bur'nlsbfr, s. 1. ber f)oIirer5 2. Mech. bie 
f)olirfeiIe^berlBrunirflabl} (Sldttjabn. 

Bdrnt, pret. ft p.p. p. To Burn, qv.; comp.— 
oflreriDg,(— sacrifice),5cnpt.baft©ranbopfet. 

Borr(c/.Bnr), #.l.baftDbrlilpp<ben) 2. Sport. 
ber itolb.enanfajj, bieOftofej 3. T. tin brei» 
ecfigeft ©temmeifen 5 4. ein eifemer (Ring an 
berjrancnej 5. ber Jtopf eineft Soljenft, K.f 
6. ber b^Ucnte Jtnopf an einer@(biffftp«mpef 
—pump, Afor.bieCtblagpnmpej —stone, vid. 

ByrrS^h'^f , #.(inb.) vtd.Caoutchouc. [ Bur-st 

Bnr'r^s-pTpe, *. Surg, bie 9)uloerbd(bfe. 

Bur'rtI, s. (-shot), bie JTortdtWej -dy, 
Ent. bie ©rcmfe. 

Bfir'rpck, *. Fish, baft fleine (gtf(berO«BcJr. 

Bur'rOw, j. 1. Sport, bie (itanin(bctt*)4>db^/ 
ber (Jr-)9aQ5 2. vid. Borough. 




T© Bir'rtw, v, SporU (bef. ». Jtanin^en) I. a. 
^^len Qvahtn {in Die ^rbe)$ II. n. in ben 
9an f4IApfen, ft4 in 6rb(6^Iat rlngraben. 

Bbt'hc, Bfii^B^r, J. 1. ber Surfariuft, Gd^at« 
metfitr, (9tent»>Ber»ttUeri 2. ber6ttpen» 
Wdt) ~ ship^ baft G^a^meifteramt^ :c. 

Bor's^ry, s. 1. bCT €S4a^ (c (o^en BirxU, k.)) 
2. Se. k Am* b^ft Gtipenbium. 

BSrse, f. (in Sranfrci^^ k.) bie ({)anbelftO 
S^rfe) cf. baft ffir @nd(anb;:c. itbI.Exchange. 

To Burst, I. n. 1. bcrflen (flttcb ^gO» 
^lotett,anffpnnden^ 2. (—from), fl(b oon . . . 
loftreifeni 3. (—upon), pI5tU4 fi^ieigen^ 
treffen (baft SD^r, ic*)) 4. ^er«orbreiben (Don 
c. kiuenc; ic)) 5. (—into), auftbretben (in 
Xf)vintn, ^eld^ter, k.)$ 6. (ereinbrecben, 
^ercinfifirmen (to ~ in upon , anf S^^^nb 
loft)) to — forth, l.auftbre^rn^ 2. urn flib 
^reifen i II. a. lit kfig. fprengen^ jerfprengen. 

Bnnt, I. s. 1. baft93erflen,$Ia^en$ 2, fig, baft 
j)er)oorbre4en,Xuftbrc(ben$ 3. baft^arben^ 
^er ^a4)9 4.ber 9lif^ IBnt(b/ bie ®pa(tej 
5. Surg, ber (©armOSSniiba II. pret t. To 
Borirt ; III. p. p. toie Barstcn i IV. comp. — 
bellied, vid' Borsten; —wort, BoU baft 
IBrn^i^aut. [IBrurb (abenb. 

Bor'steD, p. p. i}. To Borgt, qv.; einen (JDarm*) 

BoHst^r, *. ©ner, ber ©troaft jerbricbt, w. 

Bort, s. Ich. ^U @tetnbtttte; S)ombutte. 

BaWtb^n, s, vid. b. b. Borden. [tentaljen. 

Boi'tpn, s. Mar, bie Salje ^ — tackles, bie 6ei» 

BoKy [grew, b^r'iflf s. bie ^JJIe, vid, Borrow; 
—pear, bic Sutterbirn. 

To Bory [b€r'r|], v. a. 1. begraben, (iur(grbe) 
Beftttttenj 2. eingrabeni figs, 3. (|i(b) ^tvs 
graben 5 4. (ber JSerseffen^eit) ilbergeben. 

BAsh, s, 1. ber iSnftb/ Gtrau^S 2. berM- 
f4el/ 99ttfib({>aare,}c.)$ 3. ber Jtran} (alft 
XBein« ob.®ier}ei(ben) j 4. Sport. bie9lntbe 
(beft Sn4feft)9 5. Mar. bie a}2etallbii(bfe (an 
SIo(tf4eiben)) 6. ^A-io.bie9!abenbfi(bfe/®a« 
genbfirbr^ 9 —men, bie Saf^mdnner (am SSou 
gebirge ber guten^offnnng)) —rangers, (in 
IBanbiemenftlanb) lEBegldufer : — ranging, baft 
Otdubemefen biefer {)orben. 

To BAsh, v.I.n. bnf^ig merben) II. a. Mar, 
(Sdiod\iifQihzn) mit e. Wtdat^b^ibU oerfe^en. 

Bdsb'fi, s, 1. ber (englif(be)0(befrel^ 2. vulg, 
ber ^aufen$ 3. vid, b. ix. Bash, 4. ; —iron, 

Bdsh'^l^^e, t, Cust, ber ^oH na4 bem Sbun^^h 

Bdsh'jn^ss, 1. baft IBufibide) S9uf(bi(bte. 

Bdftb'yt adj. gebiif(biS/ bufibid) buf^t^bt. 

Bas'led [blz'zld], p.a. UW^ti^t, vid. To Busy. 

Bns'iifis [biz'-]» adj, unbeWdftifit, mfifiq, 
Bos'jly [blz'— ], adv. ton Bnsy, qv. 

Bos'in^ss [biz'n^s], s. l.baft®efibdft;b{e)Bct« 
ri^tnng) 2. baft (^anbelft')®ef4dft, ®e« 
merbe; berJSetrieb, j)anbeU 3. bie Gorge, 
ber ©egenflanb ber SBef^dftigang 9 4. bie 
9fli4t, baft Serufftgefcbdft) 5. bie @aib€) 
6^renfad^e$ Tfngelegcn^eit, u.9 my— is done, 
nm miib ifl eft gef^e^en^ to do the — for a 
man, Jemanb t5bten, }tt ©runbe ri(bten. 

Bask, s. baft 93(an!r(beit. 

Bus'kin, s. l.ber^albfKcfel, e*nfirfliefeli 2. 
ber Jtot^um^ 3.^g. baft Srauerfpiel. 

Bussed, adtj. 1. inf>albfliefeln5 2.^g. m 
Jtotburn, bo^trabenb. [S3itre. 

Buss, s. I. fam, ber.ftuf ^ 2. bie ({)dringftO 

To Boss, V. a, 1. fam. Hfftxii 2. * ber^^ren. 

B&st, J. Sculp, baft 93ruflbitb; bie S9ufle. 

Biis't^rd, s. Om. ber ISrappe. 

To Bus'tle [biis'sl], v, n. gefcbdftig, unni^ig 
fein, M (gerdur^^oU) regen^ rii^ren. 

Bas'tle [bWsl], I. s. ber £drm, baft Gerdufib, 
®tt6\e,®m^U II. tn^^urtig! munterl 

Bfis'tler, s, ber unni^ige Jtopf, bie gefcbdftige 

Bus'y [brz'zj], adj. 1. befibdftigtj 2. geftdf- 
ttg/ fieif ig/ em^g, tbdtig 9 3. unrubig/ an« 
ftbldgig, unniib gefcbdftige 4. IdfKg, ^ubring* 
li(b/ ungeftiime &* gefrbdftftDoK. 

To Bus'y [biz'zl], v. a, befcbdftigen. 

Biit, I. conj. 1. aber, aHeinj 2. fonbern) — 
also, fonbem aa(b 9 n. adv. 1, auftgenommen/ 
aufer: the last — one, ber (bic, baft) »or» 
le^tee (bdttfig —that), mm ni^t, n>ofem 
ni(bt9 anberft alfte eft fei benn, baf . .., i^or* 
auftgefe^t, bap...{ ber (bte, baft) nicbt/ baf 
ni(bt5 obniibt? bafe alfte not — that, ni(bt 
bap, ni(bt, alft ob...{ —for, »enn eft ni(bt 
urn . . . gewefen »dre, mdre eft ni^t, baf . . . > 
2. nur, bloft, eben, erfi. 

But, s. 1 . baft (flarfe) @nbe i bie (Brenje^ 2. ber 
^lanfentopfe bePgl. —end, —shaft, vid. 
Butt ; 3. Ich. bie !Butte, ber giunber i 4. FisJu 
berSaibftforb) 5.bie@inn)enbungj baftKber. 

To But, V. I. n. n>ie To Abut, qv.; II. a. Gin* 
menbung ma^en. 

Bdt'ch^r, s. 1. ber SJJeftger, 6(bld(bter, SIei« 
f(ber 5 2. fig, ber blutgierige SXenf(b, S^edr. 
ber 5 —bird, (-shrike), Orn, ber^euntdb* 
Uxi — 8 cleaver, baft SRc^gerbeil J — s row 
(shambles), bie gletfcbbdnfe, ber S-f4arren- 

ToBdt'cher,v a.l .f(b(a4^ten$ 2.mebeIn,morben. 

Bdt'chfrljnf ss, s, bie 6(utgier, Graufamfeit. 

Bdt'cb^rly, adj. 1. blutgierig, granfam) 2. 
grob unb ungefcbicft. 

Bdt'chery, s. 1. baft SIeif4?tbanbmer!j 2. bie 
6(bla4)tban( ) baft ®(bta(bt$auft ^ 3. baft 
IBIutbab, bie !S{e^elci 




Bil/lfr,«.bcr JteOermeiflers itcIItKr^ aXttnb« 
f^enf^ Safelbetfer? — '< pliers, tie itorf* 
longe; -^thip, bas dtellermeiflec« ic. 2Cmt. 

Bfit^^rf^e, «. tie HBeinftener. 

Bfit'o^ot, «. 1. Arch, ber Xttfbrutf , j)alter 
(tinc6 ^»5l^5) I baft ffBlberUder (finer 
®n&tte; }c.)j 2. Carp, bie Sttcht. 

B&tt, «. 1. bie fdvittt, boft grof e Saf/ etitiffaf 
(SBein, k.)$ 2. baft bitfe (5nbe (<^. —end) ; 
3. bie®renae$ 4. baft 3iel4^X^3ieir4eibc3 
berei^^eibenftanb) 5.>Eg. (oa^ stonding— ), 
bie Sieir^eibe (beft epotteft), baftetuftblatt^ 
6. ber Jtopffiof i Biif (i»on einem de^Stttten 
SS;4iere)| 7. ^enc. ber6tof5 —end, baft 
(btife) <Snbe$ berJtoIben, ®rijf (opp. top- 
end) ; Ship-b. ber ^lanf enf opf j — binges, 

To Butt, V. a. mit bem .ftopfe (ben 4>dniem) 
ftof en ) to ^ at, geges; ober itacb • • • ftopen. 

BUt/jt^d, adj. begrenit; umfibrdi^. 

Bi&t/t^n, «. iSpor(. beritolbenanfat/ vid.Bnrr,a. 

Bttt^i^, $. 1. bie 93tttteri 2. CTienu minera* 
Uftlfte SB 9 —of antimony, bie @piefglan|' 
bitttcrj — bnmp, Om, bie 0lobrbommel) — 
chnm einS-fap (sum Suttern)! —crock, 
ber 9 topfj --flower, Boe. bie S-bIume$ —fly, 
Ent ber 64ntettcrling9 —monger, ber S-* 
bdH) —pear, bie iB-bim, G^malsbim) — 
print, —stamp, bie 33*form$ —salver, bie 
S-bibbfe^ —tooth, ber breite Sorberta^n. 

To Bdt'tfr, V. a. 1. init»utter beflreicben dn* 
riilftteQ)^ 2. Gam. ben €$a^ (im€$piele) loer* 

Bftt't^riB, s. Far. baft ffBirf etfen. [boppdln. 

B&ft^ry, I. adj. butterid^t, butterartig^ II. s. 
hit Gpeifefammer. [Barley. 

Bfit'tlf dpr-baHlSy, s. vid. Battie-door-b. unt. 

Buft9ck, s. baft (ber) j>intert^eil4 -of beef, 
baft ^enbenfiittf (9omSD(bren)$ b-i, pi. 1. bie 
f>interbatten, ber eteif i baft Jtreu) (eineft 
^ferbeft) 5 2. Skip-b. bie ©ittea (Sftunbung) 
eineft e^ijfeft. 

Baf tpn, s. 1. ber itnopf (im weitcften ©inne)} 
2. bieJtttoftpe^ baftOCuge^ 3. ber tebemefRing 
aneinemJtreui)iigel5 4. bie (5()eme Zf^tu 
ninfe$ 5. ber Jtamm (an ®eigen^ k.)^ 6. 
Bot. bie fRaxhz beft Oriffelftj b-s, 7. pi. 
Sport, bie Soofung beft ^afen^ 8. Chem. 
rcbttcirte 9Xetall!Iitmp(ben am Soben beft 
€S4nieIitiegcIft| —paper, bie Jt-pappe$ — 

stone, Min. ber ^orpitj —tree, —wood, 

1. bie ameri!att.f)iatanei 2. ber Jt-battm9 

—ware, it-ma4er»aare. 
ToBut'tQn.w.a.gufnopfen^ anhiSpfenj to— 

^?ffig' flopfen; i»erf<blief en. 
Bttt'tpnf r, s, ber Jtnopf^ie^er. 
BiSftrfsi, s. 1. Arch, ber ©trebcpfeiler, bie 

(®e»ft(be«)@tu$e) 2. Fort, bie Bpi^e diet 

6(banie$ 3. t>Mf. Battens; 4.>!g. bie 0till|e. 

To Baf tr^ss, v, a. Arch, f&^in, ttttterfltt^. 

Butts, s. pi. (cf. Butt), 1. Goiftlleber in ganicn 
^duten$ 2. ber 6(bcibenflanb, ^gclfong. 

Bttt'wiok, #• Om. ber^tibit^/ vid. Lapwing. 

Butyrft'ceous, B&fyrous, adj. itttterartig. 

Buis!pm,l.-adj.; U. — ly, adv. 1. fUnf/ nnin« 
ter) 2. lofc, fcbelmif4/ luftigj 3. liiflcrp, 
dppig/iocrliebtj m.— ness, s, l.bieSlinf' 
(eit,!D{ttnter!eit$ 2. berQRut^wiHc) 8. bie 
Eaflem^eit, SerUebt^cit 

To Buf [bi], V. ir. I. a. 1. fttufcn^ fie* 3. er« 
faufen (Semanbeft (Sunft, )c.) i 8.(-<»(r), be« 
flecben,er(aufen } to — in, (beiTCuctioncn) mte« 
ber etfte^en, sunitfhttfen i to — «ae ont, 
aufthitfen CSemanbeft (SeMdft, ic.)i to — 
op, aufPaufen^ U. n. banbeln. 

Buffryj.ber Jtdufer^^ittf dufer; —of a bill. Com. 

Buz, int. pa^ ! lari fari ! [ber fiBe^fcbtebmcr' 

ToB&zz, V. I. n. 1. fumntcn) 2. murmeliv 
brummenj II. a. fiiiftern, infliiftem^ to — 
about, anftplaubern. [(Sej^fifler, CS^eplauber. 

Biizz, s. 1. baft Gummett) 2. baft Oemumel, 

Bi&z'z^rd,L 1. 1. Om. berlBuf aar, SRdufefgir^ 
2. fie- ber Summf opf, 6infattftptnfe( i II. 
adj. Pnnloft/ furjficbtig, bumm. 

Biizzfird^f , s. Om. ber roeif li^^e %aVti. 

B8z'z«r,#. ber3ttflttflerer) ^(renbldfcr. 

Bf , I. prep. t. hd, ntbcn, an 5 2. torfiber/ tor* 
Uii 3. bur<b,»on,mit,ocnn6gc,na4,«nter5 
C?om. per (g. 19. by procuration, per f)rp' 
cura)5 4. urn, na4 (einanber): —catches 
(turns, Ac), me(bfelftn)eifc) day — day, Zag 
f&T Sag$ 5. {vtm ber 3eit) vaai binncn, 
mdbrenbi feit$ gegen, nm . . . berum:*<6. aadb/ 
ftttfblge, gemdf, auft, auf . . . (in) 7. su (aaf 
bemfiBege oon)/ iiber^ vift; 8. in, urn, fur) 
Om. per(*»eifc)) —detail, im Jtleinen, tin* 
ittai -the pound, perf)pmbj —degrees, 

na(b®erabe$ —one tenth, urn Vioddnger, 
2C.)$ —heart, auftn^enbig) —one's self, fur 
M, aHein $ 50 feet — 20, 60 guf long u. 20 
breit j 6 (f.)— 2, 6$. lang tt.2 boib) £Rit— 
North, ©figu S'Jorb J —west, wcfhodrtftj — 
all means, auf jebcn %aU, bnr^aufti —no 
means, feineftmegftj II. adv. I. babei/ ba« 
neben^ 2. beronberft,beifcite^,sugcgen;| 
4. t)orbei, t)oriiberi 5. (Don ber deit) na45 
—and—, nd(bftenft; balb, foglciib. 
b;-, comp. (mit bem Segriff beft 9{ebcngelftge« 
netty UntergeorbneteU/ ».)) —bag, iWt.bt4 
S^eoenfeHeifen)— blow,ber®lfi<fftfa&5 —coach, 
jPDit.berlBeiioagcn) —coffee-house, einVBitt* 
felfaffec^auftj eineSBS-f^enfej — comer, 1. ber 
€$cblupf»infeli 2. baftS^ebenftimmer, bet^Cifo* 





cm; — desigp, M( Stebenabfi^tj —dish, bo^ 
©eieflen, 3»if*en9eri4t5 —fair, bie Kcben* 
iRcffei —job, bte9teb(narbett,ba69tebentoerfj 
-law, l.baS9{ebengefe^5 2. ba&OHeglement, 
(8cfe^ eincr 3unft, :c.5 —name, ber fdtu 
name; Gpi^name^ —place, 1. ber 64Iupf« 
minfeli 2. bie S^ebenftbanse^ —play, baS 
3n»tf(benfpieI,3ntermesio$ —sack, berSBat^ 
faff, Ctuerfacfj —speech, HUs (7(bOf4n>eis 
fuQgmberStebej — way,ber6eitenn)cg, 92c« 
beD»eg,Umn)eg,%boeg-$ —word, baft ^pritb* 
nort ) —work, ba& ^ebenmerf^SRebengebdube. 

Bye, in ben ^bwfen: good-, lebe »oJ(! 

adieu ! by the—, tm ^orbcigeben gefagt, ic 
Bf'rfmpADts, *. Com. einc Tfrt itattun aus 

ByfVDt» ByfVotiDe, ^. vid, Byzant, &c. 
Bfs'fine, actf. bi|fcif(b/ (Coles) feiben. 
Bys'solite, *. Min, ber ©trablfleln, ©pffolitb 
B jfz'^nt, J. 1. A'wm. ber ®t)ittntiner (OJoIbrofiti* 

ie)5 2.^er. ber (Solbpfenmg im ftBopen. 
Byzan'tj^a ^ -•^l*n], adj. bjjjontinifcb. 
Bjfz'fintlne, I. #. loie Byzant; II. adj. [bj- 

zan^tjn], bt)}anttnifcb> 


C [«►«], *. l.(eitt5Kitlattter) ba$ 6, C5 2. itfwj. 
ber erfle Son ber S^onleiter (c) 5 3. C spring, 
bie (QpringOS^bcr in Soim eine$ C. 

C abbr, 9. centum, b^nbertf ft. cent; ft. 
copper ; C. B. ft. Companion of the Bath, 
fitter beft IfBat^orbend^ C. C. C. ft. Corpus 
Christi College; C. K. (Civ. £ng.) ft. 
civil engineer ; C. (P.) S. ft custos{pTvoati) 
xieiUi, ber 6tegeU ((9e^eimflege(0 JBemaV 
rcr^ Capt. ft. captain; Ch. ft. Charles, 
capter, church; Cit. ft. 'city, citizen, ci- 
tadel; CI. ft. clerk, clergyman, Clement, 
cloth; Co. ft. company, county, country; 
Col. ft. colonel, Colossians; com., comr. ft. 
commission, commissioner; Con. ft. consols, 
(contr. D« consolidated stocks); Cr. ft. cre- 
ditor; crim. con. ft criminal conversation; 
Crt, Ccy. ft* current, currency; C. S. m'd. 
C. (P.) J. ; Ct. ft. Count; cnst. rot. ft. cii- 
itoi rotulorum, Tiu^t^tx UxTLi^m, Urfun* 
bmbetoa^rer in ber engl. Jtoniellei^ Cwt ft. 

hundred ireight. 
^"^.«b, «. (abbr. 0. Cabriolet) bie DrofibFe 5 ber 

Sioferj — man, ber gioferfntftber. 
<'?bSI', 1. 9. TheoL bieJtabbataj 2.ble(5ttbttle, 

ToCibSK, v.n.Qabalen ma^^en, IKfinfe ftbmic^ 

Cab'^li, «. Theol. vid. Cabal. [ben. 

<'»b'9iffa, #. TfieoL ber Jtabbali&mue. 
♦'.Wsillst, s. 1. TlieoL ber Jtobbalifli 2. Com, 

<inSranfrei*) ber TCgent, factor. 
C%lis't|c (— c»l). I. adj,; II. — cally, adv. 

Tlieol, fabbalifKfcb. 
(-'^baHi^r, #. ber Gabalenma^er, {Rdnfefibmieb. 
^-W^llrnc, adj. gu^ferben gej^rigj —aloes, 

^fed. bie 9tof aloe; — oil, boft Jtommfett. 
OubVrifc, s. Bou bie ^ofelrourj. 

CsWb^e, #• 1. ber^obl, JtopPolJii 2. Sport, 
bie 0tcfe^ dd. Borr,2.; J9o(- j. — head, ber 

JtoblFopf) —lettuce, ber AopffaHat) —plant, 
bte Jtob^panjei —palm, —tree, bie <^o(I= 
palme$ —worm, Ent. bieJto^Iraspe. 

To CSb'b^ge, v. n. Jtopfe fe^en, fld|^ f4Uef en 
(0. ^autarten). 

Cab'jn, s, 1. bag (Sabinet) 2. bie ^ajfite; bie 
@(biaffteae, •Sea,.ftoie; 3. bte !leine ^fitte, 
Sube; ba^delt; -boy, ber edbiffMunge. 

CSb'la^t, s. 1. basfleine dimmer; Cabinet ; 2. 
baS eammlttng&iinimer; 3. ber 64ran! mit 
oielen &djinbf aften, ber Scbreibef^ranf i 4.(- 
council), Pioi, ber <5abinet$ratb/ba6 Cabinet ; 
comp.— maker, ber Jtunfttif(blerj —organ, 
Mus, ba6 ^oitti©5 —ware, Jtunfltif(bler- 
arbclt* —wood, feinefi ^olj pir Jt-tifijler. 

Cabbie, s. Afar, bie Ob. baS itabel;JtabeItatt,2fn» 
{ertatt i —'3 length, bieitabelldnge (120Sabep 
Ob. Jtlaftem) 9 — «tage, —tier, ba6 StdbtU9at 

Ca'bled, adj. 1. Afar, mit einemXan befeftigt j 
2. Arch, verfldbt/ ntnb gerippt. [fertav. 

Ca'bl?t, J. Afar. einef>ferbelinie, baft Heine 7(n» 

ca'bljau, s. Ich. ber Jtabefjau^ Jtobliau. 

C&'bljng, s. Arch, bie Ser^dbung. 

To C^bdb', V. a. (bef. eibdpfen09l(if4 (auf 
afiatifcbe Krt) hti fibnellem Sever braten. 

CabS^hed', Cfboshed', adj. Her. (oon X(ier« 

(6pfen) abgef(bnttten. [ber Jt(i<bent>erf(blag. 
C^bOdse', s. Mar. bie Jtombfife, ei>i^MMi 
Cab'Qtf^e, s. l.bieJMftenfcbifffabrt; (Sabotage) 

2. NauU hit Jtunft be6 Jtitftenfabrenft. 
To Cab'9tfie» t;.?i. itilftett befa^renj Mften< 

{)anbel treiben, cabotiren. 
Cab'rjolft, s. bad Gfobriolet. 
C^bumf', s. Mar, .ftabelgani; Geilfdben. 
C^c&'u, s. Dot. ber Sacao; —nut, bie (Saeao- 

bo^ne; c/. Cocoa. 
C^Sh^c'tfc (^c^l), adj. Med. ca^ectif^. 
CS^h'^t [or cfsha', Wore.'], #. (franj.) ber W* 

nigl. (Sle^eim^ ob. 8er(a^brief. 





ClfVexy, s, Med. bie 6a4exte. 

To cSck'le, V. n. 1. gadPeln, %aitcxn, f^nattem $ 

2. fig, Hd^ern. [baft ©eplopper. 

CSck'ie,#. l.ba6(Sa(feIn^®efd^nQtterj 2, fig. 
CSck'lf r, «. 1. tm^g. baft 8a<f elnbe {)u^n, }c.$ 2. 
Cfco'f , s. vid. Cacao. C/ig. ber64natterer. 
OScQshfm'jc (— cfil), adj. Med. ood i>erbor« 

bener Gdfte. [»IuteS; b<r Gdftc. 

CSc'Qshj'my, ^. Afecf. bie i6erborben^eit be6 
CSG9e'tA§f , J. Med. baft un^eilbare ®er4n»(lr. 
C^cSph'oDy, #. Rhet. k Med. bte Jtafop^onie. 
To C^ca'mfnftte, v. a. iufpt^cn. 
Cad, 5. ber S^iiroffner eineft SDmnibuft, (^uU 

fc6er*)®e^filfei Eaufburf^ci canf.bcr»umm- 
O^da'v^r, «. ^na^ ber ^eit^Ham. [Ur. 

C|id.^v'^roa8, adj. leic^en^aft? aoftg. 
Cad'bste, 9. Ent. ber @tro^mttrm; bie ^oi^er^ 
CadMiLw, $. Om. bie S)o(Ie. Qungferlaroe. 
CSdMjs, «. Com. 1. baft itabiftiengj 2. gef5s 

perteft ® oQenbanb 9 3. vid. Cadbate. 
CSd'dy, CWdit, s. baft SJec' (3u(fer* :c.) 

^dft^en^ —shell, — ibovel, —spoon, baft 

X(eef4fiufe((ften, 3u(ferl6ffeI4en. 

Cade, I. s. tin ^Afiiiiti, Mnn^tn (oon 500 
f)drinden ob. 1000 &pxotUn)j ll. adj. jal^m, 
Krre,fanft5 — lamb, baft^auftlamm^ —oil, 
baft 9Ba(^(oIber5l9 —worm, vid. Cadbate. 

To Cilde, v. a. (^auftt(iere) sa^m aufsie^en. 

CilMfnce, Cfi'd^ncy, s. 1. ber Untergang^ 2. 
Mu^.k Dane, bie (Sabeit), ber Sact $ 3. Aft/, ber 
Q$(ei4f4rittj 4. Man. bie r<^ulgere4te SBe« 
loegund eineft ^ferbeft) 5. Her. bie Unter^ 
Meibnng ber Samilien. 

To Cft'd^nce, v. a. Sact geben, cabenciren. 

C^dSne', s. Com. <5abene(Seppi<f»e b.^eoante). 

CSM^nt, adj. faOenb^ (erabfallenb. [<5abet. 

CfdSt', *. 1 . ber jfingere, iiingfle ©ruber $ 2. ber 

C^de^, s. vid. Cadbate. 

CSd'i^r, s. ber ^ftfer, (»ictiioUenO*4nbIer. 

ca'dj, s. Pol. ber Clabi (im SDrient). 

Cil'diz, 9.Geog. Cabix (Ctabt in ©panien). 

Cild'mi?, s. Min, vid. Calamine. 

CSd'mJvra, #. Oem. k Min. baft Jtabmtttm. 

C^dQ'clty, s. (». a.) lit A>ig.bie|>infdni9reit. 

CadQ'cons, adj. Bat. (infdOig. 

Ca^c'ity, Ca^l'ibf te, Ac, vid. Ce . . .. 

C5f fji, *. Com. ein ofHnbiWer gemaltcr baum* 

CSf feiD, s. Chem. baft Jtoffein. [n^oDener deug. 

CSfqi9, s. bie <5aff!(a (dteifedefeOfdba^ im 

0?ffra'r|», #. Ceog. bic Jtafferci. [Orient). 

C^flTreS', CXf fre, s. ber staffer. 

CSf tgn, *. ber (Saftan. 

CSg, J. baft Sdf 4en^ vi<i. b. H. Keg. 

CS^e,!. l.bereogelbauer^Jtdftd^ 2.bieUmsdus 
nnn^; baft(8e(dge3 S.baftQefdngnif 9 4. Carp. 
bcrSRantelj -work, bic gebro*ene Tfrbeit. 

To Ca^e, v. a. (in einen ^dftg) einfperrcB. 

Cii'i»k% [ca'y»-], Cftic, C?Liqiie'[-ikO, l.Mor 

baft Staif, ®aIeerenboot j 2. bie^aife (Heine 

l9arPe ber ,ftofa!en). 
Cai'ffl^n, #. Zool. vid. Cayman. 
Ciiro [cAra], s, 1. einc fegelformig iufdmmen* 

ge^dufte ©teinmafTe? 2. ein G&rabmat. 
Cai'uQn, CiiisiAdn', s. Mil. 1. ber unterirbif^e 

®ombenfaflcn$ 2. berfKunitionftwagen? 3. 

Mar. ber Sot)e!aflen) 4. Arch* bicftrippe. 
Cai'tjf(Cai'tiflr;, I. *. ber (Slenbe, ^umpen^unb, 

€Sc6ur!e5 II. acO'.; m. — ly, adv. f^urfif^, 

niebertrd^tig. [2. bef^wa^cn. 

To Cfjole', V. a. vulg. 1. f^meid^eln, flattiren i 
C^julfF, s. vulg. ber €$4mei4Ier, Sucftft* 


C^jo'l^ry, s. bie Gc^mei^elei, fiifefBorte. 
Cake, s, 1. ber Jtu^en; 2. Med. tint oer^dr* 

tttt ®er4n>ulft3 3. baft .$t-f5rmige (infam< 

mengefinterte 6teinFo^Ienv eine (Siftr^oQe, 

2C.)5 —hoop, ein^-reif, ^-banb. 
To Cake, v. I. a. sufammenbacfen (Sttoaft) $ 

n. tt. lufammenbacfen i caking coal, bie S9atf« 
Cal, s. C/iem. gelber Tfrfenif. [fo^Ie. 

CalVb^r, s. Zool. baft fibirif^e <Si4(5m4en5 

—skins, (Sraumerf ton biefcm X^iercben. 
C^lVbash,^. LberStafctenffirbi; j 2.bteMr- 

bipflaf4e$ — tree,^of. berGalabaffenbasm. 
C^la'br}^, s Geog. (baft ?anb) Calabrien. 
Calade', s. Man. berXb^ang (in b. SleitWttle). 
Cal'ajs, J. Geog. (bic etabt) Qataift. 
Cai^mSn'co, s.Com. ber ital(a)manf,6almang. 
Cal'^^r, C&l'^mriry, s. Zool. ber Palmar. 
Cal'^mbiCc, s. baft ^alambac^ol}. 
Cal^mif^rons, adj. flengelf6rmig; flengelartig. 
Cal'^imTne, CSl'fimfn, s. Min. ber (BdHmti* 
Cal'fjnrnt, s. Bot. bie .fta^enm^nse. 
Cal'^mrt, s. Min. ber Jtalaittit. 
Cal^mite, s, Bot. vid. M oly. 
C^lam'jtons, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv. elenb, jam* 

merton ) in. — ness, s. vid. Calamity. 
C^l&n'jty, s. baft etenb; Unglfltf, bie Xriibral, 

«Bibem)drtig!eit, Siotft; bcrSammer. 
Cal'^mys, s. l.baft 0lo(r j 2. Bof. ber Jtalmuft. 
Calash', s. 1. bie Jlalef^cj 2. einSrauen^nt 

(mit einem Jtragen), urn gegen bie 6cnne 

ju f4fib«n. [ber ©porn, 

cai'c^r, *. 1. Oiem. ber (Salcinirofen 5 2. Bot. 
Cal'c^rqite, adj. Bot. mit einemSpom tcrfc^en 
C^lca'r^ons (— 'rlous), adj, folfartig 5 —earth, 

bic JtaIYerbe$ —grit, Jticfelnicrenfaff. 
CSl'cSSt^d, adj. bef4u(et, in 04u^cn. 
Cal'c^d^n, s. Jew. cine falfcftc TCbcr in rinem 

CSlcMiy'nivs, Cal'c2d9ny, &c., vid. Ch . .- 
Cf Idff roQs, adj. falf^altig. 




dHcjnfble, adj. Chem. caUinirbar. 
To Cal'cjnite, vid. To Calcine. [bation. 

CiSlcjuS'tion, « Chem. bie (Safcinatioii; SDxQ« 
C^\cl[n%tQTy, t Ckem. bcr GfaUtnirtiegel. 
To Calcine', V I. a. 1. Gicm. colciniren, oxt)- 

btren$ 2. ^. oerje^ren, i^erbrennen^ n. n. 

M i&trfallen. 

CSl'civm, J. C7iem. bad Galtiuni; Jtalhabifat. 
CiU'calsible, a^j. }d(I« ob. Berec^enbar. 
CiKcai^ry, L s. collect, ©tcine in JternfriH* 

ten i II. a(0'* Med. ben Gtein betreffenb. 
To Cal'caiste, «. I. a. berecftnen (ou(^ fits-), 

auSrec^nen^ II. n. red^nen. 
CalcQla'tion, s, 1. bie SHe^enfunfij 2. biefBe^ 

re^nung (au^ figOi 3- ^<>'n< ^i^ (Sotcuta^ 

tion, ber Galcul. 

CaMl^tive, adj, be* ob. fiberrcijnenb. [rer. 
Cal'caiator, s. ber 99ereit^ner $ fHet^nungSfSft* 
CHl'cQl^tory, tf(i[/. baS Sle^nen betreffenb. 
Ca1'cfiloQ«, Calcaiose', adj. 1. ftetnarttg/ gries 

ftg 4 2. Med, mit bem 6teine bc^aftet 
Cal'cQlv«, s. 1. A/ed. ber (JBIofenOSMn 5 2. 

bie etimmhigel j 3. Math, biefte^nuns. 
CftlMrQD, s. ber Sttffel, Jto^feffeL 
Cile, vtU Cole A Kail. C«il«f be', v/d. Calash. 
CilMc/oj^, s. * Jtalebonien^ e$4ottIanb. 
CII£di/oi9n, adj. ks. falebonif^^ beritale* 

bonier. [n^firmtfein- 

CSlefSc'tioD, s. 1. bie Gnodrmnng 5 2. bas (Sr* 

CilSlac'tJTe, CalSiac'tory, adj. enodrmenb, 

er^i^cnb. Oi^en. 

Tf.Cil'dty, V, I. a. entdrmen? II. n. |t((> er* 

CU'^Dd^r, s. 1. Chron. ber ^alenber 5 2. bag 

Seriei^ttif . [(einen f>eiligcn). 

To Cal'^nd^r, v. a. im Jtalenber aufhe^men 

ToCai'fod^r, v. a. Afec/i.a;u(^e(3ettge)»ann 

preffen, roHen, mangeln) (^^f^e) platten. 

Cal'fDdfr, s. 1. Mech. ber(SaIanber; bie Suites 

ob. Seugprefle, BcngroUe ob. QXangel 5 2. v/d. 

Catendrer; 3. eine ^Idtterinn 9 Ent. 4. ber 

itornmumi, fiBibel) 5. ber (Slanber, Gpeifs 

Wfer^ —stone, Mech. ber (Sldttftein, ®nie* 

belflein. [reiter. 

CSl'^ndr^r, s. Mech. bcr S^tn^ipXQfftX, Su*be- 

CSr^ndf, 8. pi. Chron. bie (Salenben. 

C«l'?nturc [-tftbftr], *. Med. ba§ ^i^igc Jtii* 

maflcber ber CSeeleute. 

Calf [caf], s. (r/.Cal?e», pi,) 1. baftJlalbi 2. 

^port. ba& 4>irf4iFarb $ 3. ein junger %BaII< 
HW i 4. ^g. ber einfaltSpinfel, XSlpel ; 5. 
bieXBabe^ 6. Sea, baSgefenfte (uberf^n^emm^ 
te) Cifijtfidt, -s foot, JBot. ber QCronj -» 
plnGk,ba»,ftaIb6gefr5fe9 -'s skin, baft Jtalb* 
leberj —'• snout; vid. in Calves, pi, 

Calf}sb [ca'fish], adj. »ie ein Jtalb. 

Clilb^r, J. Gun. beriSoUber) baeJtugelmaf ; 

—compasses, Mech, bcr ZafictiixHl, daltbcf^ 

jirfelj —rale. Gun, ber (SoUberflao. 
Cfli'bre [or cXi'jb^r], s. mod. bie 9cf4affen« 

itit, TCrt, bcr etempel, (Sftarartcr. 
Cal'jce. s. Rel. ber ICbenbma^UfcI^. [fel^e. 
Cal'jc^, t. pi. Anat. bic^icrenbc4)cr; ^^teren- 
Cill'ico (Cal'jcOe), s. ber 3i^, Jtttttunj — 

printer, ber .ftattunbruffcr. 
Cal'jd, I. adj. f^tif, brcnncnb j II. — n^ss, C9- 

lid'jty. s. bie ^i^c. [roftre. 

CSl'jdiict, s. Mech, bcr®drme(citcr,bic®drm« 
CSljSt'tf, #i Bot. ber 9Ba(^(olbcrf4mamm. 
CSMjf, s. bcr italif 4 — shfp, CiSKjf^te, baft S(a* 

Ufat. [fl*tft, bcr ^om()autp[crf . 

CalfgH'tion, s, Med. bieScrbunPcIung bcft (Sc« 
C^li^jnoas, I. ad/, bunfcf, biiflcr, ftpflcrj II. 

— ness, s. bie SDunfcl^cit, >Du|lcricit. 
C^ll'e'rvpbf r, s, bcr Jtalligrap(). 
CaljgrSph'jc, adj. faUigrap^ifc^. 
C^Hfg'ffpby, s. bie italligrap^ic. 
CS'ljB, s. baft (Salin (tincf. ^ctaHmir^ung). 
CSijpitsb', s. Cook, baft Slciftb, n)aft am fft^dtn- 

f^ilbc ber e^ilbfrdtc fl^t i csif pee'(or fowl), 

baft 9(eir4, waft am 9att4»r<^ilbe fi%t 
C&l'ipfrf , s. pi. Mt ch, vid. Caliber-compaMCi. 
CSljpb, Ac, vid. Calif, &c. 

CSl'lv^r, s. bic 4>afcnb(i(^)fc. [vid, Cilj-x. 

Ca'ljx [or CXI'jx], s, 1. rid. Calice; 2. ^0/. 

To CAIk [cAk], v. a, 1. Afar, folfatcm? 2. 
^m. (f)fcrbc, :c.) mit 6ift(ufcifen bef^Iagen. 

CAlk'^r [cA'k^r], *. Afar, ber Jtatfatcrer. 

CSI'kjng, s, l.Paint, boftJta3ircnj 2. [cVkJng], 
Mar. boft Sfficrg (ber $>anr) jum Jtalfatcm $ 
— iroo, ber ©topfmcifcl, baft Jtalfatcifen. 

CSlOcinf, CKlks [or c^Vkjnz, cAks], #. p^ bie 

(Sift^nfetfen (bcr |)fcrbc ober S^cbfcn). 
Tu Call, V. I. a. 1. ncnncn, ^ei^cn, bencnnenj 
2. rufen, (— together) jufammenrufen, for* 
bem;berufcn5 Laic, torforbem j 9, Script, 
einlaben^ 4.j^g. }ufammcnne^mcn> fammein 
(fetne@inne)4 5. auftniren? anfagcn^ 6. cr* 
ncnnen) berureni 7. anntfen^ U- n. l.(sun». 

miton), rufcni 2. Sport. lotfcnj 3. Hunt. 
anfdl^tageny 4. (mit at, on, upon, in, bet 
3mbv in e. SBirttft^aufe) einfpre^en, oor- 
fprecftcn, c. furjcn ©efui madfjcnj to — one 
nanie.«, 3cmanbem Gd^irapfnamcn gebcni to— 
at a port, (n.) Mar. eincn (9iot^»)4)afcn an* 
fegclnj to — for, nad^ (Stroaft) fragcn, ipcr» 
langen, beflencnj c-ed for. Com, begc^rt, 
gefnijtj to — forth../7g. oufbietenj to — in. 
1. ^ercinrufen) etnlabcn^u.^ 2. (G^ulben, 
)c.) einjic^en, einforbcru i 3. miberrufcn; {u- 
rurfneftmen (c. ®cfe^, w.)» to — in (into) 
question, in 3iocifcI sicken 9 to — off, ab^ 
nifen, abjie^cn, to — on (upon), 1. aufni- 

10 ♦ 






ftni 2. anrufcn; anfprc^cn; Mttenj 3. er« 
ma^nen, crinncrnj to- over, (cineEifte, :c.) 
vcrlcfcn? to — to mind, j?g. 1, jurudrufcnj 
2. fid^ erinncrn, bcbcnf en j to — up, 1. ^crouf* 
rufcn i 2. oufrufcn, crwctf en? errcgcitj 3. (® ci- 
Rcr) bcf^^iporen, citircn^ to — apon (to) one, 
I.n. \idf aufSmb. bcrufcnj II. a. (5mb.)fluf* 
fcrtcrn (mcifl im pc^^.: to be called upon). 

Call. J. 1. t)cr (Ruf, e*rei5 2. tic SBcrufung, 
Grncnnung, bcr Sluf 5 3, fig, ber IBcruf 5 4. 
ta& ^mt; («cruf60®cf*fift5 5. bcr Scfe^l, 
2Cntricb,xbic7fufforbcrun9J 6. bccfuvjc©c* 
M) 7. bit Serlcfungj PaW. (-of the 
house), a) bu 3ufammcnberufung (bed 9ar« 
laments 5 &) ber namentlt^e Tfufruf Cjur^b^ 
flimmund; k.)) 8. Com, a) bie 9?a(bfrage^ 
berSBaarenbedc(r5 h) bie (0latenO®insa^» 
lung/ bcr Sinf^ttP iM Xctienuntcrne^mcn)) 
9. Sport, a) cin •f)omftdnaI fitr bie^unbc^ 
h) ber «ogcIruf, bie ^orfpfeifcj 10. Mil. ber 
UpptUi 11. Mar. bie 6ommanbDpfeife (be$ 
{)0(l^boctfimann}) $ 12. Min. ber Sungflein 9 
— bird, Sport ber 8o(ft)Oflel. 

Call'?r, s. 1. bcr (Rufer^ 2. ber ©cfud^er, jc. 

Cnl'ljd, I. adj. ^^erfcimi^t; f^lauj 11. — ness 
(C^llid'jty), s. bic«erf(bmiotteit, 0*lttu^eit. 

Ca'Iling, (p.) jr. 1. bad {Rufen, K. i 2. bcr SBe- 

, ruf, etanbj 3, 5cnpt. bicSSerufung bur* 
(Botti roll— , bcr 'Xppen. 

Cllljpiisli', CSI'ljperi^, &c., vtd. CalipaHb, &c. 

C^IIfis'lty, jf. bie ©(bwiele, ^firte bcr ^aut. 

Cai'louB, 1. arfi.,- 11. —ly, adw. J. Swr^.f^icie* 
%t?cr(drtet, fnorrig) 2. fig. unempfinbli^^ 
in. — ncM, s, 1. Swrg. bie ^QUttcr^firtunQj 
2. fig. bie Unempfinbltcbf cit. 

Cal'low, adj. 1. ungepcbert, Pojlj 2../trf. jung, 
unrcifj —doctor, ber SRarftWrcicr. 

Cnl'lvn, s. (lot.) 1. Med. bcr itnorpelj 2. 
Swrff. bie edftoitlt, Cerifirtung. 

C^lm [cam], I. adj.; 11. — ly, arfi'. 1. fUD, 

ruWg ()pon ber ©ec, :c.)j 2..%. ru^ig, Iciben- 
Waftdlodj III. *. l.b(e@tiae, ©inbllinej 
2, fig. bie fidtiie (bes ® cmfitjs, jc.). [gen. 

To Ciiliu [cam], r. a. iit. kfig. fiiUen j beru^i* 

Calm'^r [ciVraer], s. ber SBcTUJigeri bo5 fl5e« 
mttgnngdmitfrl. [9lu(e. 

Calm'nfss [cam'— ], j. lit. kfig. bie ©tide, 

Cal'onifl, *. CVirm. bad ^ftolomci. 

Cflor'ic, Pfiry. 1. *. bcr «Bfinne|leff 5 H. adj. 
ben «B. bctreffenb. [(ber SKincraiwdfTcr). 

Cal9r?c'|ty, .9. Pliy. mod. bie fpccififcbe SBdnne 

cax^rXtic adj. Ji^enb, crftiftenb. 

CSl9rtHi'ct^r, jr. Mech. ber fBdrmcmefier. 

CaHoriniotor, [ w^.],*. Ca/v. bcr (Solortmotor. 

Calotte', c?iotc', s. 1. bic9)lattmfi$ei bad^rie. 
fter*)Jt4pp4cnj 2. Arch, bad ^dpp^en. 

Cal'otf pc, s. Phy. mod. bad Jta!oti)p. 
Ciiloy'^r, s. Ecc. bcr (gried^ifiibe) SWon*. 
Cal'trpp, CiWir9p, *. 1. Bot. vjd.Water-c.; St 

Mil. bie Suf angel} 3. Sport bad SBoIfetfeiu 
To C^lam'niate, v.a.&n. falfcb anf lagen } oer* 
C^luiuniJi'tion, f . bit Serleumbung. [leumben. 
C^l&m'nist^ry s, ber i6crteumber. 
C^Ium'iij^tQry, adj. t^erleumbertfcb' 
C^lum'njouB, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. oerleum- 

berif4^ III. — ness, s. bad Serlcumbertfdfte. 
Calumny, s. bie SSerleumbung. 
Cal'v^ry, s. Script ber Salt)arienberg. 
To Calve [cav], v. n. 1. falbcn, eitt^alb »er« 

ftn? 2. fig, cont (en)orbringen; erjeugen. 
Calvef [cav^], s. pL Don Calf, 1. Jtdlber^ 2. 

JtalbfcHej — anout (— month), Bot. bad i6» 

wenmauU — runnct, — vclve, bad (Jlfife)Sab. 
Cill'vjnifm, «. Ecc. bet <5alY>inidmud. 
Cal'vlnist, *. Ecc. ber Cabinifl^ Olefbrmirtc. 
CSIvinrs'tjc (— C$1), adj. caltinifHfiS. 
Cal'vish [ca'vjsh], adj. toit Calfish, qv. 
Cal'vjty, s. bie Jta^I^eit, (Sla^e. 
CSlx, s. Chem. ber StaHi bad S)x9b. 
C^Iyc'jnal, CSI'ycTne, adj. Bot I, einen Sttldf 

babenb) 2. sum JteI4e ge^drtg 5 3. anf bem 

itel^e fi^enb, 
Cal'ycle, s. Bot ber Weine JBlumenf el*, [f el*t. 

Cai'ycled, C^lJc'QI^tc (— 5t^d), adj. Bot ge« 

C^iyp't^r, s. Bot bie SRfitc (ber aXoofe). 
cu'lyif, *. Bof. ber Steldf, Slumenfelc^. 
C9mlli'eu, Camay'cG, s. 1. Min. ber (Samce, 
I99t(bcrflein5 2. Paiut. bad6amaieu«®cmdlbe. 

CiWb^, s. l.(— beam), bef. Sfiip-b. bad be 

gcnf5rmig audge^auene ©tfitf fBatt^oI^) 2. 

Mar. ber ^a^enrucfen 5 c-eddeck, badiDed 

mit einem .fta^endicfen. 
Cam'b^ring, p. a. Mar. gcWmmt, gebogen. 
CSm'bjst, s. (ital j to. fi.) ber tted^ler. 
Cara'brf], j.B{/fc/i.bad{>dnge(or2. [(Sambribge. 
CWbrj^n, s. & adj. 1. aud 6ambrat)5 2. aud 
Cftm'brjc, s. Com. bet ISambricf ^ — ma«lin, 

glatter (raeifer) QRudlin, ®atifl(.aXudlin)5 

—paper, bad ©eibenpapier. [Gambribge. 
CSm'brjdge, j. Geog. (bie Unioerntdtdflabt) 
Came, I. prct. ton To Come ; II. s. Glaz. bOd 

CSm'fl, s. 1. Zool. bad Jtameel j 2. Mtch. bad 

.ftameel (sum $eben ber &d^if!t 6ber Untie 

fen) 9 3. BibL ein bi(f ed ©eil. 
CiW^lfne, adj. Dom itameel. 
C^me'lJQn, j. vid. Chameleon. 
CWfl^pard [Wb., Sm., Ac] s. TML, berita- 

meelparber; ^amcloparb^ bie (Siraffe. 

Caro'^Iot, s. vid. Camlet. 
C^mS'D [Wore], s. vid. Camaieu. 
CXm^r^lis'tjc, adj. fameralifUfl^. 

Came 1 


) CWtrite, v. a. nflbtO. 

iDfrs'tioB, s. tit IB^Ibung, bae (Bcivllbt. 

ittfrJdn'.j. Com. tin iecllc[icr3cug(fdrl(n 

ftirt. 3Bflrft). 

imjiiiide', Csinjffi'dO, s. Mil. He Camifobt. 

i[ii'i«t, J, Cini. cc[ CamclDt. 
Cimlfteef', s. Com. gEmuftertE (Eumtlatjengf. 
Cunlfttae', >. Com. cine^Tt g(dnger6am(lci(. 
CjWinvc (Cum'Tck), i. Bat. bie ^aubc^d- 
cWf ck, s. Ship-h. ein StucC AQiebolj. 
Cim'pmile. >. fio'- bit T£mi((b( Jtamfac. 
Caap, I. 1. boe eagct (ctnc^ ^cerce), gelii' 
laserj a. bit: Xrinec. 
To Ciiinp, vid. b. u. To Encamp. 
C^mpSign', Cfnipain', j. 1. bit €b(iltj 3. 
bet Stlbjug. 

To Cf mpaign', v. )i. niicn Jelbiug mitmo^tn. 
Cf niiSigo'tr, X. ber olte terfuAtc Sblbiit. 
C^pn'nt, y. £af. tie JK^enfibcnc. 
CfUpan'ifarm, ui/j. Bui. glotfcnfinilifl. 
Csimp^iial'vey, s. Lit. lie QumpiinDlDeie. 
Cimpao'ulgi, 3. Bel. bit SlocCcnblutnc. 
Cffflpaa'Dl^ie, ndj. Bat. alotTenfDnnia. 
Cfmpia'cbf , C^mpiffhe', Cfrnpicb', i. (— 
'ood}, Bot. bae (Sampc^c^olj, Sraniienbo^- 
C|npf!s'[ral, adj. im gelbe naiifenb, nilb. 
C^p»'trj9D, adj. nuf bae gclb btjitsli^- 
cim'phqr. jr. bei Jtump^er. [maFAd- 

To CSm'phgr, u. a. rait JtantpSec fdHigen, 
Cim'pbqrjte I- '■ Clitm. tsai fampfttifiiurt 
6il[)j II. <or C»ai,'p]xi)rUi;d),ail}. niit.flQm' 
tin iHitmaM, gefump^trt 
Ctnphur'jc, ad;. lamp^eTbaltia) Jtrnnp^cr-. 
Cam'piDg, (21.) I. Gam. bufi SdUonrpiel. 
cwpiQD, I. Bi-t. bae j]imm([fiTJe(bcn. 
Cim'-*Dod [^— 'iriid], j, aaG Jtmnftijli, afrilu' 

Cin, s. tit (feSijerne) Jtonat j — booyf, pi. 
Uir. Jtlap'Soqtni — boolu, bie StcTtalen, 

Clo, n. <f. ir. n. tonnen, cermjgen. 

Cfnfi'djsir, arfj. & ». (onabififri berOanobier. 

CSD'fkfD, s. Jim. baS Jfannitien. 

finJl', .. Hijdrol. 1. btr Jtunoi j 2. cine Baf. 
fnrltihing im Jtldnen, bte (RInne, ffli^ro 
i.Anal. iM ri^tcnfJnniae ffltfilf, berJ[a= 
Ml; 4. 5urg. bie anient, ffltinlabej 5. A'' 

< ^fc'aUtfd, Cnii^lic'fllfile, adj. 1. aues(> 


< Hiii'iion, Can'jirng, irbtt Jtanalbaa. 

' in'ttixe, Ti. n. tintnJtanaI(JtanIle)bauen, 
' 'f J, t. btr*anarieaferts -bird, i. Om, 

)l-i!0e(lj2.jig, berBrSflifj-ErB", Bo(. 

Jt-OfllmiiOfltoe, bacon; —feed, bee Jta- 

9 Cane 

nadenfame j the^Iilands, (ortheCaiurieiij 
Geat;. bi(.ff-in[tlni —weed, £ot. bit JCrau 

ToCiin'tfl, v. a. 1. umeitttrn,init €S4ian' 
fen umgEben > 2. tTntiineirc bnribflieidien j 3. 
i-aic, aaf^iben, annuQirmi 4. Com. (gf 
Stbtne Kuftcdgt) nibtcnifcn, abfiftitibtni 
(eintnSdiulbpDflm) auei^un; a. Ap- Gar> 

Cia'cfl, J. Typ. ber Carton, [tune bni<teti. 

Citfulai^d, adj. octgittect, IC cf. To Cancel. 

Cine«li'tion, 1. 1. bie Ciii;4ft»iibutifli 3. bfe 

ClDccli.i'rijte, ad], im XaniUr bctrtlftRb. 

CXn'cfr, (. Ent., Ast. A Med bee Jtreb*. 

To CilD'ccrJile, v. n. Af«d. frebsortig reerbtn. 

CSncf ra'tion, (, Me4. bitSntllt^ang b. JCrebfeii. 

CSo'cf roun, I. adj. tccbtATligj 11- — oeu, i. 

bie Jtrebflartigtcit. LJhebt a<llalttt. 

Cln'criform, adj. 1. Fiibeacfig j 2. nit tin 
Ciis'criDe, ad;, LCrebsartig; 2. fi^ Tdtf' u. 

eoiiPdrlE benegtab, [!)(nn!eu4t(r. 

CfDdil'fbre, Candelfi'brfni, t. tin fltttllbCT 
Cita'd^nt, adj. Chcm. (KKif) gKbenb. 
CJtn'djcfni, arfj. Clitm. mtif ntrbenb. 
CSo'dld, 1. adj.; li. -ly, ado. TMO), anfrii*^ 

tig, oifen i ui. - neii, i. bit fflebli^f tit, Ituf; 

Cin'dldittc, i. iit. kfig. bCT Qanbtbat. 
To CSo'd)^, V. a. meif raa^en, neifitn. 
CSndlf i'tioD, t. Cliem, bit Qanbicung- 
Cila'dle, i. 1. ba( Siitt, bie Stmci 2. * tat 

j>iianittili4t) cnmp. — bombn, ,flnaIIgUlf(Tj 

-box, eine S-labti -broach, tin g-fpiefj 

— caal,iii'd.CaDOe!'Coal; — jar:k,btc8Ba4S 

|l0(tl(u4tet i —light. bo6 (JterjenO 8i4i 
(op p. Sage SIi4t) i -mould fr.ime, tin 8-" 
fif^i — Mfe.Bie4-iiMnf4etIfi bera-fpattr, 
2-rnt4tj lit e-pufej —iliek, 
btrSea^ttr) brancbed (or armed) — aliek, 
btr Innltu4ter4 ~.ioiT, ttr tWAI^jamig, 
U-i- «a*ter, lerfRdnbtT amSii^te)— wood, 
ba( (Sitrcnenbolj, 

CSn'dlEioaa, i, (-day), bie EiditmefTt. 

CSn'dgcfc, 1. Bot. baSgluf gr«». [Itit. 

Can'dqr (-o«r), a. tit ffleblittlhit, XuftiflitigK 

To CSn'dy, u. I. a. tanbittoi in 3u<ftr tin< 
ma4en) II. n. trifldDifiten. 

Caa'dy, 1. s. taS eingemadjtc, 3niIerntTt( 
(■agar— j, lerlSanlitt'.^udtc) j U. tutj. can> 
lirti -tnft, Bo[.bireamtnfeaf. 

;5nf, s. 1, baseioftr) 2. let Wsfttfiotfi Spa' 
iiedlodi 3. bieSaait, ler^feil auitllta^ri 
i. Com. titConna (ital. Slit)) eomp. —bill, 
baS Sto^nnefTer, JtappmefTei! —blinds, jtl. 
□flinbifit iRo6r'3aloiifitn( — boltoia-cbalr, 
bcT gto^rflubl j -brake, tal (9n:6||d4> 




— hcAd, ber€JtodPftiopf5 —hole, bieCrrtfe- 
fttng, in i9eI(6ebafi3u(ferro(r gepflanstmtrt^ 
—man, ber ©to* Jfinblcr^ —pencil, bieSloJr* 
aieifeberj —spirit, 3u*crroir«®pirituft} — 
— traah, Me fiberbleibfel bes auSgeprepten 

To CSne, v. o. @to(fpdigeI gebcn, prugcln. 

CfnSI',^.! .ber(Saneel5 2.[cSD'f I],comp.~bone,$(9urgelbetn9 —coal, vid.Cannel-c 

Cfin^i'cf nt, adj, Bot locifgtaU/ mifli^. 

Cfnrc'&lf , CSn'jcGle, #. Ast ber f)unb$flern ^ 
fig. W {)unb6tage. 

C^fc'QlYr dXys, pi. bic |)unb6ta9r. 

Conine', adj, (itnbif4$ Med. —appetite, bcr 

j>ttnb&(ungcr$ —madness, bte ^unb$tout^9 

—teeth, Anat. bte ^unb^J&^nc. 

CMn'jst^r, s, bie S(eebu4fe, ble^erne Sfi^fcj 
—shot, Gun. Jtartdtf^en. 

Ciln'kfr, s. 1. Bot. a) ber StviHi SBranb, 
itanhr$ 6) vid. -rose; 2. C/iem. ber (Rofl 3 
3. gen. bef. Afed Xttt^ SrefTmbe itnb i8er> 
ge^renbe i 4. Fef. baS Jtreb^gef^raitr (ber 
|>ferbe, inberJteJlcber«6gel)5 berCftren* 
ftrebs ber .^nnbej 5. Enu o) (-fly), bie 
Sdrenraupe? b) (-worm), ber ©^rfiterj 
comp. Bot'S. —root, ber gemeine ©auer^ 
•mpferj -rose, bie ^unbftrofej — worm, 1. 
berQnaer(ing3 2.bie gemeineSKaultourfSdnae. 

To CXn'k^r, v. I. a. 1. anfrcfTen, icrfreffen; an^ 
fttdtni 2. fig. t&ergiften, DcrgfiUenj II. n. i. 
oerberben^u.9 2. roften. 

CSn'k^red, hadj.; II. —1y, adv. mitm\6fj 
un66r(i4$ moraliftt terfe^rt. 

CSnk'^rlike, Gi(n'kf rons, adj. heb&artig. 

CSn'kf ry, adj. roftig. Cann, vid. Can. 

CSn'nfibTne, adj. (Anfen. 

C^nnSl', s, f>id. Canal k Canel. 

CXn'n^UcOal, s. Min. bie 9to(rfle{nfo(le. 

C&n'neqajn [— k|n], s. Com. ein oflinbiWer 

Can'njb^, I. s. ber Gfanntbal $ 9){enf4enfref' 
feri n. adj.; III. — ly, adv. caanibalif^. 

Can'nlh^lT^ro, s. ber Sanmbali§mu$. 

CXn'nlp^r^, s. vid. Calipers. 

CJtn'nfstfr, *. Mech. ein {%l^\fiqftith)^zhtt. 

CSn'n9n, «. 1. bieitanone^ Gun, baftGtfitf} 
2. collect. baSOef^ftb^ ^* ^VP* vicf. Canon; 
comp.— ball (—ballet), bie Jt-nhlgeU —hole, 
bieCtfitfpforte^ —proof, F-nfeflj -royal, bie 
itart^aunes — shot, 1. ber Jt-nf4u$$ 2. bie 
it-nf4ufmeite5 3- bie Jt-nfugel. 

To CSnnpnSde', To CiCnnouieP, v. I. a. mit 
itanonen bef4iefen$ II. n. fanoniren. 
CKnnpnSde', s. bie Jtononabe. 
CSlnnpnter', CXnnQnSer', s, ber itanonier. 
CXn'nGlf r, adj. rS^renf^rmig, rSJrenartig. 

C^nde', s, ber IBaumfa^n) iiber^. baft fleine 
Soot, ber9{a(6en. 

C&n'pn, s. l.gen, bie Sic^tl, boS^efe^j 2. 
JScc. Law, ber^ftanon, ba& Jtirttengefc^) t)r« 
benSgefet) 8. Scn'pf. bie fanonir^en Sutler j 
4. Ch. a) baS autortfirte {>eiligeni>crscidi^nip 9 
h) ber ^effanon^ 5. Ecc. ber Jtancnicue, 
©tifts^err j 6. Mus. ber Jtanon; 7. Gcom. 
k Alg. ber .itanon, bie ^ormcl j 8. Surg, bic 
^eftnabelj 9. PAarm. bic gormcl 5 10. Vet. 
vid. —bones; 11. Typ, bic Jtttnon (great—, 
bic grobc Jt.j lean—, bie fleinc Jt.)j comp. 
—bit, Man, baS (o(Ie 9Kunbflit(t am |)fetbcr 
Qibifi —bones, Vet, bie 0prungbcinc5 — 
law, baft fanonif^e 9tc(bt. [fraulcin. 

Ciin'^nf ss, s. Ecc. bic Jtanonifftnn 9 bad Gtift$' 

Candn'jc^l, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv, Ecc^ fano» 
nifdb/ fir^cngcfe^lifbi fiv^li^i HI. — ness, 
s. baft Jtanonifc^c, bic Jtird^cndefct^md^igfcit. 

C^inCn'icaU, Ch. bic ^ftanonicalicn, bcr 
X)omtermr4mu(t. [^crmflede. 

C^nQn'jciite, s. Ecc. baft Jtancnifat, bic iDcm^ 

CMn'pnfst, s, Ecc, ber Aanonifl. 

CSn9nfs'tic, adj. hnoniftiftb* 

CSn^nlzil'tion, $. Ecc, bic Aanonifation. 

To CSn'onlze, v. a. Ecc. !anonifircn. 

Can'fnry, Can'gnship, s. Ecc. bie @tiftft« 
pfrfinbe; baft ^ancni!at. 

Can'9py> s. 1. Arch, ber S9alba4in, Srag^im< 
mel9 2. * baft ^immcldgen>6(bc 5 —bed, baft 
{)immelbett9 —couch, baft {Ru^cbctt. 

To Can'ppy, v. a. mit cincm ©alba(Sin,|>ra(i^t« 
^immel bebetfen. 

CfnO'rons, I. adj, ftangrei^, meIobif49 H* — 
ness, s. ber SBo^IHang. 

CSn't, abbr, vulg. fur cannot, !ann nitfrt 

Cant, 1, s. 1. Gram, bie (bcfonbcm (SiafTcn 
cigent^fimL) Jtunflfpra^c (t^om f)arlamcntc 
(crab U% }ur (Saunerbanbc : bad 9lot(todlf<^, 
UO9 bie affectirte ®pra4e, baft dlcm&W* 
Oibeinieilige) Oewinfelj —word, tercigen* 
t^ilmli^eTCuftbrudfi uneble 7i., Gprae^fcbicr; 
2. Com. bie 2(uction4 3. Arch, cine 9iif4c, 
93tenbe^ 4. bie Aante, ber {Ranbi 5. bcr 
f>eu4Ier, K^fcltriger i 6. Mar. baft JKcntcrn 5 
n. adj. Mar, fdfitf, fd^r&ge^ Ship-h. -pie- 
ces, pi. breietfige &4iffftlattcn ob. f>oi5cr$ 
-timbers, pi. f((rdge Gpannen. 

To CSnt, V, I. n. 1. fauberrodlfri^cn^ 2. in 
Jtunflwftrfem reben^ 8. affcctirt rcbcn, fal« 
babem^ 4.toinreln,(eudiilerif(3breben$ U.a. 
1. oerfteigem^ 2. fam, k Mar. nmftur^cii/ 
ttmlegen$ fanten, Fcntern. 

C&n't^liv^r^ , 1 pi. vid. Cantilivers. [talupe. 

Ciln'tfilGpe (Ciin'teleap, Wb.), s. Bot.bie(Sa8> 

Cfnta't^, s. Mvs. bie (Santote. 




Cao't^d, a((f. vid. Cant, adj, 

C^nt^en^s. MU, 1. bte ^arf ctetiber^Sube ob. 

@<^enf e $ 2. bte iinnerPie (ob.(6l^)Sctbpaf4c. 
Can't«r, s. 1. ber SBInfeler/ TCnbdct^tlerj ber 

in Jtnnfho6rtern Otoenbc, u.$ 2. Afan. bcr 

let^te (ob. !ur}e) Oalopp. 
To Giin't^r, v. n, Man, (etd^t galoppircn. 
C>nf/iaVjs, #. £iit. bie fpanif^e Sliege. 
Cunt'-hooks [— hiiks], «. p/. vid. Can-booksy 

Cao'f^uLs, «. Anai. ber Tfugenminf el. [untCan. 

Caa'tjcle, s, ber ©efang^ ^obgefatiG. [ntS. 

Can'tjcleif, s. pi. Bibt, boS ^of^e £ieb 8aIonios 

CSn'tjllv^rf , Cantjle'v^rf t s. pi. Arch, bie 
^parrentopfe^ SDiclenfopfe. [trogen. 

To Can'tiliate, v. a. fingen, recitaticif^^ ©or* 

Can'ting, I. adj.; II. — ly, adu. fauberwal* 
fc^enb^lC^ vid. Cant. j. kv.; — quoins, Mar. 
Stau^dlser (Jtuntjed) }umSefl(eiIen bcrgdr* 

Cant'lft, J. bQS 6tu(f, !Bru4fH(f. [fcr. 

CSn'to, *. 1. Poet ber ©efttng, bafi SBu* (ci- 
ne& ©ebt^td) $ 2. Afuj. bie ^i§cantpartie. 

C;Wt9n,5. l.ber(5anton5 fBchixti 2.bie{>orbe9 
3. bte TCbtf^tilun^i 4. //er. ba$ <S(fr4tlb(|»en. 

To Can'toD, v. I. a. (in Sejirfe) abljeiten^ 2. 
ifer. mit Scfberiierun^en oerfe^en 5 3. Mil. 
einAuartiren} U. n. 1. f!<^ mo niebcrlaffen 9 
2. MU. eontonniren (mit out). [out). 

To C^'t^nize, w. a. (in SSejirfc) t^cifen (mit 

Ciln'tonm^nt, s. Mil, bie 6antonnirung. 

C^ntddo', J. Com. cm weif er (buntcr) fflaum* 

CSn'?9a (CSn'v9ss), s. 1. Com. ber 6annei>QS$ 
2. ba& 6$egeltu(|^9 Mar. bie$rcfcnnind$ 3. 
%. bie ^egel einefi Bd^i^tii 4. bod^atf^ 
tu4/ bie 3eltleinn>anb > 5. ein SSor^ang ob. 
©t^iebebret tor Jtutfi^enfenflernj 6^Ptiint. 
t lit. ber erfle Sntwurf^ T.fig, bie ^udfor* 
fiftttns ) 8. bie (^eimli(^e) Stimmcnnerbung 5 
-yarn, baS ©egelgarn. 

ToCan'v^sa, v. I. a. 1. pritfen, unterftt^en; 
2.er6rtern5 II. n. 1. (—for), fid^ (um ein 
Ifmt) bewerben $ 2. SBa^Iflimmen merben. 

CiUi'v^si^bte, adj. ju unterfn^en. 

Can'v^gs^r, j.berSKttJIfiimmenwerber 5 flBaJl* 

ftimmcnprilfer. [fcrtigt). 

ca'ny, adj. 1. DoHSdoftr} 2. auSSloir (ge* 

Ciin'y9D, «. (fpan. canon) ii»i.b.f(^mttlc ©trom* 
'•ett sroiWen fteilen gclfenufern. [J^goutWuf. 
lou'chodc, CaoiVtchouc [cou'tshuk], «.ba$ 
&P> S" 1. bteitappe;!IRii^e9 S^anU, ber j>ut^ 
2. 7rae$ ^SXilteni^niidbe : ber SDetfel i bie 
^ale,|)iiae;S)itte$ 3i4el5 ber {>ut einc6 
ytlie^j bieiRafetenfoppe^ Jtappeeined3u!« 
Rr^utfti ber 7(uffa( ouf finer SBaffer(ttnfl$ 
'>wl» ber («lafenO|)ttt3 3. Gun. bo$ f)Itttt* 
bt^, tnd. b. Hi. Apron ; 4. Arch, ber CSiuIen' 

fopfl &- ^p.bicJtronbetfe) 6.Afar.a)ba» 
Qaaionj 6)ba&@fcUtQupt9 Obie^tcngc} 7. 

j?g. baft Cberftc, 4)64flc i 8. baft |>utabiic^cn $ 
comp. black— , bieiSalotte^ patent c-s, 3unb* 
Jiiti^enj —k^e,or — h pic, i^om ^opf 
Ui auf bie gfipe (gcruftct)^ —merchant. 
Sea, ber Supercargo j —paper, baft (graue) 
^arfpapicr 5 — *beaf, Husb, bie obcrfle ©arbe 
(|>aubc) cincft gclmft 5 Mar.kGim. — scuttle, 
bie@pring(ufe5 —squares, 1. bte ldcf(|^Idge 
beft€tapert9 2. bie Sd^ilb^apfenbccfcl. 

To Cap, V. I. a. 1. obcn bebcdPcn ob.bcficiben} 
aufTcien^ aufftc(fcn5 2. bcfappen (e$(^u(e^K.)> 
3. ittbinben; bcm>a^ren (c. 'Slai^t,it.)i 4. (bie 
^u^e^ K.) abnc^men i 11. n. Afar, eine Sipibc 
ober ein @felft(aupt anfc^cn) to — verses, l. 
Lit. JBerfe »cc6fe(ftn>eire ^erfagcn? 2 fig. 
me^felftmeife ncnnen/ tbibcrTpred^cn. 

Cap^bil'jty, s. bie S^^ig^cit, baft Scrmogen.' 

Ca'p^ible, I. adj. (- of), I. fdfeig j 2. gcf*i(f t, 
taugli(^9 3. empfdttgU4^5 H* — ness, s. 1. 
bie Sa^igfcit j ®er(^t(f(i4ecit5 2. bie Ginfld^t, 
ber Ccrflonb. 

Cfpa'cions, I. adj.; II. — ly. ado. 1. gcrdumig, 
meitj 2.yig. umfaffcnb) 111. — ness, j.l. bie 
®crdumig(eit5 2.j^g. bie gafTungftfraft. 

To C^pac'iff , To C?ipjWitate, v. a. fd^ig, taug» 

Cf pacjta'tiou, s. baftSd^igma^en. [liif madden. 

C^pac'jty, s. 1. bie ®erdumigfeit, ber 9launv 
®claf,(9e^a(t5 2.ftg. a)bieSd(igreitiSaf* 
fungftfraft, (Sinftc^t j 5) bie (Smalt, S^eHig* 
nif, ^ai^ti c) ber S^araftcr, bie (Sigen* 
fd^aft^ 3. (^eom. ber Cttbif^c 3nta(t. 

C^pade', s. Hat. baft %ad^. 

C^pslr'json, s. Man. 1. bie ^f^i^^^^cc^e, Bdfa* 
bracf e i 2. baft Sltcgennc^ 

To C^par'jsQn, v. a. bie @4abra(fe auflrgcn. 

Cipe, J. 1. baft (Sap^ JBorgebirgei 2. ber Jtra* 
gen (am9Kan(el,:c.)j —line, Surg, cine^m* 
putationft*(dtrPeI«)33inbe i — wine, ber (Sap* 

To CS'pfr, V. n. Suftfprunge ma^en. [rocin. 

CVp^r, s. I. bieJtapcr^ 2. ber ^uftfprung i 
3. ber TCrmateurj comp. — bnsb, —tree, 
Bot. ber Jtaperflrau(^. ' 

Ca'pf r«r, s. ber Suftfprtnger/ 6ei(tdnser. 

Ci'pjM* s. Law, ber Ser^aftftbefe^l. 

CSpjilAire', s. Pliarm. bcrSrauentaarf^rup. 

C^pU'I^mf nt, s. Bot. kAnat. bte (aarbfinnegi* 

CSpjllkr^jty,; . bief)aarr56r4enai^ic^ang. [ber. 

CSp'jlI?ry(Ci(pillS'ceoas), I. adj. Bot.kAnat. 

(aarfSrmig/ ^aarfcin^ II. (C-y), s. Bot. k 

Anat. baft 4>aargefdf . 

Cfipn'llfdnn, adj. (aarf5rmig. [temSteif^e. 
C^pn'ptade, s. Cook. baft9lagout «. tteingcftatf « 
CXp'lt^l, I. adj.; II.— ly, adx\ 1. bcn^opf 

bctreffenbf 2. Seib unb ^eben bctreffenb auf 







ben Sob; ))ein({4) S.yig.^auptfdtUd^, ^aupt^, 
torncimfli —lees, ftorfe ^ottoficnlaugcj 
—letter, ber Tfnfttngftburbftabej —ship, ein 
ftimcnWiffj —stock, bas ©tammgelb, ur* 
fprtinglite Sapital^ bet Sonb0. 

Capital, s, 1. bie ^auptftabtj 2. bcr^nfttngS^ 
bu(![>flabc (p/. 'Ap. bie gracturWrift) 5 3. 
ylrc/i. baS (Sopitat^ 4. Com. bo$ Btammta^ 

CXp'jtalist, ^'. bcr aapitaltft. [pital. 

C5p'|tate,*ad!;. Bot, fopfffinnig. 

Capjta'tion, s, 1. bie 3^^iung noc^ itopfen? 
2. (—tax), bo§ ^opfgelb, bie ^opfflcucr. 

Cap'jtQl, s. 1. bag Capitol; Gapitolium^ 2. 

^rc/t. vi(L Capital, 3. 
Caplt'niar (C^prt'aifry), L *. See. 1. ber 6q- 

pttelbtf(^(u|l$ 2. bcr Gapitulat) II. adj.; 

III. -ly, a(/u. auf c. @tift ob.Gapifel bciugli<b' 
To C^pit'QlHte, V. n. Mil, capitultren. [tfon. 
C»p?tula'tion, s. bcr 85crglei(b , bie Sapitultts 
C^pi't'Ql.itQr, j.ber€apitulfrenbe. [(5-baum. 
C§ipi'»|, s. bccdopaiwabalfam^ —tree, J5ot.ber 
C^pdc', *. Com. bie 0cibcn(baum)n)one. 
C^pdch', s. bie 9Rdn4ftfappe, Jtutte. 
Cft'pQn, s, bcr rStapaun. 
To Ca'pQo, tf. a. Fapauncn 5 oerfcjneiben. 
CSpgnniere', s. Fort, bie (Saponicre. 
C?p5t', s. Gam, ber 6apot; 3Ratf(b (im^iquet). 
To Capfit', v,a. Gam. capot ma^en, matf<^en. 
Cfipddch', s, vid. Capuccio. 
CVpfr, s. ber ^fi^enmacber, ^SRii^entdnbler. 
C&'prSoIftte [ Wb., Ac], ar/;. Bot ronfenb. 
C?price', J. berSigcnfinn, bie ^ttune, berSinfafl. 
C^pifcloas, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. eigcn|ln» 

nig/Iaumf(b4 mut^roinig^ IIL^nesA, 5. bie 

munberlicbe; eigenfinnigeSaune, ©cmitt^Sart. 
CSpVicdrn, s, Ast. ber ©teinbotf. [Scigcn). 
CSprif)c&'t{on, s. Bot. bie Gapriflcotfon (bcr 
CSp'r|fule, s. Bot, ber StifingcrjcUeber. 
CSp'rjfonn, adj, »ie cine 3iege geflttUet. 
cm^ttnc, adj, glei(b einer 3iege 5 3icgcn*. 
Cap'riole, jr. 1. ber ^uftfprung } 2. Man. bie 


CJCp'rjp^d, Ciip'ripgac, adj. jiegenbodftfufig. 
CSp'sjcgm, s. Bot. bcr fponif(be |)feffcr. 
To CapsTze^ v. I. or. Sea-ph. umlegcn, umwers 

fen$ II. n. vulg, umfallen. [Q^angfpiO, Supine. 
CKp'st^n, CJIp'**?*""* *• ^^(tr, ber iobcftan, bie 
Cilp'sQl^r, Cap'sfil^ry, adj. fopfclprmigj — 

ligament, Anat. ba& .^apfclbanb. 
To CSp'sniate, V. a. in cincitopfel einftbHcf en. 
CSp'sQl^te, adj. in cine Jtapfcl eingcfilofTen. 
Cap'sfile, .f. l.Bot. bie ©amcnfapfcW 2. 7\ 

ber ^robirtiegcl. 
CV*ain. *• !• bcr |)anptmann, (Sapitfin, 2. 

(sea—), ber ©cbiffScopitfin 5 3. g€». ber j8c=^ 

ftbBittber,geIbbcrr,irnftt§rerj post-, cin 

@(biff6capitdn, bcr cinGif^iff )^on 20 ob. m€r)r 
Jtononen coramanbirti — of horse, bcr 9iili* 
mciflcrj — dresaer, Afin. (in (Jom.) bcr 
^odfeftcigerj —general, bcr S5bcrbcfcljUt>Q»r 
bcr 9 — lieatenADt, bcr 6^tab$capitdn. 

Cap'tajncy, s. bic f>auptmannfcbQft< 

Cap'tajnry, s. bic (JtrciS*)$<>uptmQnnf4aft. 

!c<V^in*bip> -^ 1* ^ie •^auptmonnlflcnc) 2. 
bie (i^rci^O ^auptmannf(baft j 3. bic Hiu 
fit^rung j 4. bic itricg^crfa^rcn^cit. 

Cfiptii'tion, s. bic (®unflO@rf^ici(bung. 

Cnp'tion, s. 1. bic Scrbaftung, 2. bcr «cr-- 
JttftSbcfcilj 3. fig. bttSgangcn (cincrJJ)cr« 
fon) bur(b tocrfdnglicbc 9lcbcn. 

CiCp'tions, I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. 1. Krfdng* 
U(b9 2. tobelfficbtig, jdnfif^^ HI. — nes^ v. 

1. bie Scrfdngli^fciti 2. bic Xabclfucbt. 
ToCap'Mvatc, v. a. 1. gcfangcn nc^mcn 5 2. 

(fi(b)untern)crfen(QUcb./fe.); 3.^g. fcffcln. 
Captjvn'tion, s, 1. bic (Sefangcnnc^mung, Un-> 

tcrwcrfungj 2.^^. bicgcffclung. 
Cap'tjve, lit, kfig. I. s. bcr ©cfangcnc^ II. 

ad;{cg6gcfangen, gcfongcn. 
C^ptiv'ity, J. lit. &fig. 1. bic ®cf(tngcnf*oft| 

2. bie Jtnc(btf4aft. 

CXp'tpr, s, l.gew. ber ganger 5 2. bcr^nf* 
bringcr cine6 Bd^iffti, (Raubftbiffer; 6apcr. 

cV^ure [— tshyr], s. 1. baSgangcnj 2. bie 
IBer^aftung ) 3. bie %cutc, ^rifc. [copcrn. 

To Cap'ture, v. a. fangcn,crbcutcn,aufbringcn, 

Cfipilc'ci9 [-4t»h'— ], C9piich\ s. bic itapu^C. 

To C9puch', V. a. mit eincr itapusc bcbccfcn. 
Ciip09bln', s. 1. bcr Sapucincr^ 2. bcr QapiU 
4on, graucnmantcl mit eincm 6apu(ben$ 

3. bie Jtappcntaubc^ 4. Bot. bic Salfanine^ 
— mankcy(Capucinc).Zoo/.bcr6apucincroffc 

Car, s. l.bcr Jtarrcn^ 2. «c bcr Xriumpbwa* 
gen 4 3. Ast. ber grope !8firi 4. il-ir. bcr 
Xrangport'; 64Icppn>agen9 —man, bcr 
itdrrncrj —taker, ber IRagcnraciftcr. 

Car'abine, i.l.bcrCarabincr^ 2.bcr(5arabi«ifr. 

Ci(r9b|neer', Car^bjnlcr', s. bcr 6arabinicr. 

Car'^c, C.'lr'ack, s. bie JlaracfC; Jtarafe. 

Ciir'^cole (— cqI), s. 1. Man. bic tfalhc XBen* 
bung,©4»cnfung5 2. Arch .bicSBcnbcltrcppe 

To CSr'f cOle (— C9I), tj. n. corocolircn. 

CSr'^t, s. 1. Jfno. bcr itarat ($crlcngcn9i<bt) i 
2. bad itarat; bcr ®c^alt«®rab (cmifig.)* 

Car^fSn', s, blc Saroranci bcr 3ug. 

Cnr9van's9ry (— aira), s. bic (Saraoanferci. 

Car'giT^l, s. Mar, bic (Saratcnc. 

CSr'siway, s. Bot. bcr ^mmcl. 

Carbine', Carbjneer', s. vid. Carabine, &o. 

Carbplcfn', s, Chem. mod. bad (Sarbclcin. 

CarVn, J. l.bie^olsfo^lc) 2. Hiem, bcritc^* 

Carb^nii'ceoos arfj. f O^Icnfloff^Ittg. [Icnftcf* 




To CarbQDade' (— &Mo), v, a. 1. Cook, auf bcm 
(Roftebrateni 2.^. ger^affen/ier^auen. 

Car'bpniitey s. Chem. Da6 fo^Ienfaure @als. 

C^bdu'jCf odj, fotlenfauety —acid, C/iem. 
lit ito^Ienfdure. 

Carb^nif^roDs, o^j. Aftn. fo^Ien^altig 3 — 
groops, ba& (@tein*)ito^len(a9er. 

CarbQoiza'tion, s. bie IBcif O^lung. 

ToCar'b90lze, v. a. Dcrfobleit. [floff^ltig. 

Carb9D9h^droaii, adj. Chem, fo^Unmaflers 

CaKboff , f. pi. grofe ^orbfIaf4en ju St* 
tno($I, u. [ber itarbuntcL 

Car'b&nde,^. 1. Jew. ber JtarfunfeU 2. Med. 

To Car'buacle, v. a, mit J^arfunfeln befe^en. 

Car^ilncled, adj. Med. mit ^Qibunfeln be< 
^aftrt. [tig, farbunfdartig. 

C^bnn'cGl^ir, adj. Jew. ft Med. farftinfelors 

C^rbuncula'tion, s. Hort. ber 99ranb. 

Car'b&r^tfd, adj. Chem. foblenfloff^altig j ~ 
hydrogen gaa, baft ito(Ienmafer|loffga&. 

CaHc^ft, i. Archaeol. bad fhtUgcfcbmeibt. 

Car'c9«ft»Car'c«iae»#.l.ba6@fe(ett) 2. a) baft 

©erippe^ 6)bie2;rdmmer(e.®4iffft/K.)) 3* 
ber8d(bnam) baftYaft^ 4.Afi/.b{e®ranbfude(. 

Car'c^r^l, adj. §tt einem ©ef^ngniffe geb6ng. 

Carcfnu'in^, «. Med, ber Jtrebft^ baft .Strebftge^ 

crtrcjoSio'^itoa*, adj. Med. frebftartig. [f(bn»Ar. 

Card, *. 1. bie(®piel0^arte5 2. bi<(«ifl« 
tnts)Jtarte9 3. bie Geeitarte ^ 4. Naut bte 
Gompaprofe/ 6ompaff(beibe$ 5. bie ^arbe, 
itr^mpei, berSBoUtamm $ —board, baft Jtrdm« 
pelbret, bie Jtr-ban!i — aheeta, bfc ^orbcn^ 
Itttci — wire, ber Jtra(bra(t. 

To Card, v. I. n. (gem)«^arten fpielen i II. a. 
l.!rdmpeln, rarbdtf(ben4 (Su(b)bttr(braubeni 
S. (dmmen^ 3. fig. bur<beinanbermengen5 
oerfdlfiben^ c-edwool,@tret4«SEBoQe9 c-ing 
frame, baft ^arben^JtreugboIi 9 €->ns ^ool» 
hrie, fetne (SucbOSBoHe. 

Car'd^om, Card^mO'mvm, j. ber ^arbamom 
(6amen n. ^ftanje). [ber Jtartenfpieler. 

Car'd^r, jr. 1. ber (SEBoUO^fimpler j 2. fam. 

Car'dl^c I. adj. (C»rdi'?ical) L^erj* 5 2. Med. 

icrjfldrtenbj II. s. Med. bie 4)crsfiarhing. 

C9rd!'9c«,Car'diriigy, jr.Med. baft |)erjgefpann. 

Car'din*!, 1. jr. Ecc, 1. bcr J?arbinol5 2. Orn. 

berJtarbina(ftnf) U.adj. (auptfd4n4/<&Qupt>/ 

'JtatbinaU} — (*«) flower, Bot. bie Jt-ft* 

blume) Naut'S. the four — points, bie Jt-^ 

punfte j the four — wlnd«, bte oier ^aitpt* 

wittbe. [nalftrofirbe. 

Car'din^Ste, Car'din^shYp, 5. Eev. lit Jtarbi> 

Cir'dldTd, s. Alg. hic Carbioibe. [bone. 

Cfrdddn', J. Bot. bie fponif*e^rtif*odPe, Jtar* 

Cftre, *. 1. bie ©orge, ber Jtummer j bie ©e- 

^forgnif ) 2. bie eorgfalt ) $flege^ S9eniit(ung 5 

3. bieeorfl4t/ ^(bti 4. ber C^egenflanb ber 
€$orge, Siebe ) to take—, Gorge tragcn } to 
take - (to), fi(b in 7iM ne^men, ft4 butcn; 
to the-, ftc, (aufSriefen) on bie ^ICbreffc 
U.J —of Mr. N., per Qfbreffc beft 4>errn Sfi. 

ToCire, v.n.l. (—of, or for, fiir. . .)forgen> 
2. fl(b (be)fdmmern5 3. 2ngftU4/ berlegcn 
feins to — for, or to, iXL (Stioaft Sufi b^ben. 

To C^rSen', Mar, v, I. a. (ein^^cbtfT) f ieljolen i 
II. IT. umliegen, fibtef fegetn. [^iet^olung. 

Careen', s. Mar. 1. ber (6(btffft*)^t€i| 3- bie 

C^cer', s. 1. bie dtennba^n, ^ttf« ob. &tt<i}' 
ba(n j p/. bie 64ran!en3 2. FaZc. ber S^ug 
eineft galfenj 3.^.bie(SaufOaBa5n5 4. ber 
(9one)Sauf, MneQfle (Salopp. 

To C^reSr', v. n. rensen, f^ttcQ (anfen3 eilcn. 

C&re'fdl, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. forgenboU, 
befummertj 2. beforgt, forgli^? 3. ))orft(b< 
tig,bebutram$ m.— nes«, j. 1. bie93eforg« 
nif 3 2. bie )t<btram!eit, 6orgfaIt$ 3. bie 
Se^ntramfeit, Sorftcbt. 

Cdre'lfu, I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. 1. forgloft, 

forgenfrei, f^tittt $ 2. unbe^mmert, glei4^gul' 
tig 3 3. una^tfam, unoorft(btig3 HI- - ne^r:, 
s. 1. bie eorg(Dftgfeit3 2. bie ^^atbldfUgfeit, 
Una<btram(eit3 3. bie Unvorftcbtigfeit. 

To C^ri^as', v. a. Itebfofen/ftrei(beIn,f(bmeitbeIn. 

C^cfss', J. bieSiebfofungj pi. .^ftfli(b?dten. 

Cft'r^t, s* baft (Sinfcbaltungft^ei^en [A]. 

Car'fi^, s.fig. ber itreugmeg, bie £Luerga|fc. 

Ciir'g^dQr, #• Com. vid. Supercargo. 

Car'gqtii^o, C&r'gitfQn (— zpn), vid. Cargo. 

CaHgO, s. Com. bie €SdbtffftIabung, S^<<<bt. 

CJlrjbS'^, Csir|b(b)eft', adj. Geog. caraibifd>. 

Ciir{c9tore'[— uhftr^, s. bie 6arricatur, bad 
3errbilb. [barfleOen; Idcberltcb marben. 

To Clrjcf tare' [— tthCir'], v. a. im 3crrbilbc 

Carjcfto'rjtt [— tab6'— ], s. ber (Sarrtcotttrift. 

CSr'icoas, adj. Surg, feigenartig. 

Ca'ri69, s. Med. ber IBeinfraf . [<SIo(fcnfpieI. 

Car'illQn, s. 1. baft (BUddtcm 2. Mus. baft 

Car'inate, Car'jnated, adj. Bot. fa^nformig. 

Carin'tAj?, 8. Oeog, Jtdrntben. [Carie>. 

Car'ion, «. rid. Carrioo. Carjds'jty, a. ri</. 

Ca'rjoQs, adj, Med. carifift. [nagenb. 

^Cark,s. bie@orge$ car'kjDg, ad^'.fummerbon 3 

Car'tine, s. 1. vid. Caroline ; 2. comp. — 
kneea, Ship-b. fiBinfelfnienj -thistle. Bot. 
bie eber»ttr|. [2. graue ^rbfen. 

Car'ljogf, s. pL 1. Ship-b. bte Jtie(f4n»innen3 

Cai'lock, s. vid» Isioglaas. [ber)6igognen>o0e. 

Car'iadlTne-wooI [~ wdl], s. lit (ixotiU &exte 

Car'meUte, s. 1. £cc. ber ^armeliter^ 2. Pom. 
bie (§-bim. 

C^m§'D|»-wool [— wdl], f . bie Knnonfrb< (car* 
menifibO® ollc) Com.lai perftftbcdiegen^aar. 




C^irmin'^tive, I. adj. Med. minbtmbenb) II. ( pflaniung (bed ®M^h tc); 3. bad Su^r 

c-8, s. pL Med. Garminatioa. 
Calamine [ Wore, Ac], *. ber (Sonnin. 
Car'n^dine, «. bie ^Itii^ffaxU. [«Bt(brc(^t. 
Car'fl^e, f. 1. baft (I^eme^el) 2. Sport, ba§ 
Car'o^l, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. fitifdflidf, ftnn« 

liif, n>oQfifltg$ III. — oeai, s. vid, Carnalit>\ 
Car'n^ht, Car'o^ite, s. ber toeltU^^ definntc 

C^rnSl'jty, 8. bte gleifcl^edlufl; Binnli^Uit 
To Car^n^lize, v. a. bur4 Unsu((^t befledfen. 
C^rnS'tion, J. 1. bte Sleifdj^farbe* 2. Paint 

bie Sleir4(altung i 3. Bof. bie ®artcnnelf c. 
Carna'tipned, adj. fleif^farben gef&rbt. 
CaWn^l-work, s. Ship-b. bie geiodbnlic^c^nle* 

9Ung ber yi^R^^R (opp. Clinch-work). 
C^rnS'Iifii, (r-'\]<fn), Car'ng9l, s. Mm, ber 
Car'n^ons, adj. fi,v\^\^, fett. [6arneoI. 

Car'ngy, s. Far. ber grof* (SRunbfrant^cit 

ber ^ferbe). 

Carnifjcft'tion, s. Surg. baS JBerfteif^cn. 
To Car'niiy, v. n. Surft. gleiW onfeften. 
Carn{9'l4i, i. G^eog. (bad^er^ogtbum) Jtrain. 
Car'oi?^! (Car'n^v^l), s. bad GlamaDal. 
CarnjvQrac'jty, s. biegleifftgicr^ber^eipbunger 
Cfnufv^^rous, adj. fleifAfrefenb. [na(bSIeif(b. 
C^rnds'jty^ j. Surg, ber gleifcbaudmn^^d* 
CaWjioui, adj. fleifibtg. 
CS'r9b, #. 1. Gold'sm. bie (Sarobe^ 2. (—bean, 

or —bread), bad 3o(<tnRi^brob. 
C^Oche', s. bie (Sarofle* 
Car'pl, «. bad 3ubelUeb j ber Sobgcfang. [fen. 
To CiiW9l» V. I. n. fingen, Jubeln i II. a. Iobprei> 
Car'QiIne, s. l.Jtaroline (S-tt.)5 2. Num. 

ber (Sarolin. [f>a(dpttld' ob.^auptf(bIagabern. 

C^riit'jd (— d^), adj'. AnaL » arteries, bie 
C^oit'f^, s. l.badGarrottfelZi 2. vid.Carouse. 
To C^oufe', V. n. 1. )e4en$ 2. Am, Ifirmen 

(»ie 3e<bbruber). [2. pi. coOe »c(ber. 

C^ro&fe', s. 1. bad ((irmenbe3e4')®clagj 
Cfirou'f^r, s. ber S^ti^tv, 3e(bbruber. 
Carp, *. Ich. ber Jtarpfen. [beta, befritteln. 
To Carp, v. fi. (mit at), fpotten, fHtbeta, ta* 
Car'pf nt^r, s, ber 3inunermann. 
Car'pf ntry, s. bad dimmer^anbweif. 
Car'pfr, s. ber Xabler^ itrittler. 
CaWp^t, J. ber Xeppi4; bie gufbedPe^ —bag, 

biefiHeifetafcbei -walk, — way,bcrflflafcn»cg. 
To Car'pf t, v. a. mit JKcppidi>en iiberlegen; be* 
Car'p^tlng, *. Com. bad Seppicbjeug. [bedfen. 
Car'p^llte, #. Afin. ber Garpolit^. 
Car'pvi, s. Anat bit ^anbwurjel. 
Car'py, s, BoU bie |)agebu(!be. 

Carr, CXr'r^ck, Ac, vid. Car 

CaWrjage, *. 1. bod gfi^renj gajren, Xragen, 
Sortbringen, ber Xrandport j 2. fig. bie gort* 

n)erf^ bcrSBagcn^ barren) 4. bad^efleU (et^ 
ner Jtutftbe, k.)^ ber |)ro^n>agcnj bie Saf- 
fetter badOlapert, bie (^6rfer039cttttng $ 
5. bie gratbt/ bad Subrlobn? 6. bie ^altung 
(e. ^fcrbed, ac.)5 T.fis* bad ©cne^men/ Sc« 
trogen 9 bie SRanier $ 8. Print, bad ^aufbrct 9 
beast of—, bad^afttbicr^ ship of-,bad8aft» 
f(bijf J bill of-. Com. bcr gra^tbricfj - 
lifter, mod. bie ®agen»inbe) —linker, bie 
^emmfettej -stopper, bcr ©rerad/ ?>rcmd. 

Cir'rjck-, *. comp, Mar^s. —bead, bcr platte 
^opf 9* —bits, bie Geitenbdtingc bed @piDd. 

Carried, pret. k p, p. ton To Carry. 

Car'rl^r, s, 1. ber flberbringer, gfijrcr, fboU, 
Xrdger{ 2. berSu(rmann,^drrnerj 8.(— 
—pigeon), bie ©fieftaube. 

Car'r|9n, \, s.l, bad Tfadj 2. fig. conU bad 
{Rabenaadj II. adj. aaf!g$ III. comp. Om-s. 
—crow, bieTfadfrdJej -vulture, a) berlC" 
geier} 6)vtd. — crow. 

Ciir'ronade, s. Gun. bie (Sarronabc. 

C^rrddn', s, 1. bie 9£ttmmcr an prii^ilegirten 
^u^noerfen in Sonbon^ 2. ber^a^t, ben 
biefe gu^rmcrfe jablen miiffen. 

ClWrpt, s. 1. bte SHobrc, gelbe Otubej 2../?g. 
vulQ. ber 9tot(|!opf 9 3. bie Xabafdcarottc. 

Car'rQtjntss, s, bie rotbe S^rbe ber j)aare. 

Car'rQtty, adj.^renfarbtg) 2.rot(b<tctng. 

To CXr'ry, u. I. a. 1. tragcn, fubrcn, fabrcn, 
bringenj 2. j!g. fubren, bringcn, locrfetcn) 
3. fortf&^ren ((inandriitf en, %, fd. cine ^aucr, 
K.)5 4. j?ff. wciter fiStrcn, fortfcftenj bcfcr* 
bern, treibcn) 5. (—away, oflT, &c.), bnrdi^* 
fu^ren^ ben>crffleUigcn/ burtbf^^en {pass. 
bur<bgeien)j babontragen^ erlangen, gcmin* 
nen, erobem; (—it, bie SDbcr^anb bcfommen)} 

figs. 6. mit fi(b ffi^ren^ tragen/an fi(b) (abcn/ 
ent^alten^ 7. dupem, ieigen, oerrat^cn^ 8. 
lit. tragen, (unter)ftu(cn; leitcn ().S. |>opfcn 
an®tangen)9 9. tragen;erseugen(Stu(bte)) 
10. tragcn (benJt6rpcr)5^ff. (Il(b)bctragen, 
bene^men (au(b to — it); 11. n. 1. tragen 
(bon ®(biePgen}cbren; ;c.)} 2. cine 9li(btung 
baben (von e. Gdule, xt.)i 3. Man, bcn^opf 
tragen, (aUen; 4. Sport, grbc, 04nce, tc. 
tragcn (tonbcn|>afen)) to — into the book, 
itt'd ®adi> eintragenj to — away, 1. Mar. 
abbrc(ben$ tcrlieren(c. SXaflbaum, :c.)9 2. 
irrema(ben, tcrleiten; 3. (au(b mit before, 
oat), ^inreifen, bejaubern^ to- forth, or 
oat, 1. {ur 8<bau tragenj 2. du^ern, i&or« 
bringen$ to — off, 1. tocg^oien, cntfii^ren, 
;c.$ 2. mcgraffcn/ (tdbten) j to — on, 1. an* 

'. fiii(ren5 2. antreiben, bef5rbern$ 3. betrtt* 

"ien, verfolgen. fiiiren, fortfilibrm} to— ont. 







1. Com. (eineGumme) auetoerfen^ 2. (—out 
to sea), QuMot^fen (c. ®4itf)» to — over, 
Com. iibertrttgen, tranftportircH) (amonnt) 
carried over (or forward), Xranftport (ju) 
§o(io«**/ cf. balance; to — to (dcw^ ac- 
countf Com, in (aufneue)9tedj»nttng b^ .gen. 
riir'rying, p.*. ttt6gu^rcn,:c. rid. To V^y; 
— establiflhmeDt , R-tc. taS SranSportbu« 
reaU) Corns, —places, %va%eplQ^c, Stage' 
lleaen (6rbflri(fte imif^en iron [(^iffbaren 
glfiflen, u.)5 —trade, t)er8ra*t*, ©pcDi* 
tiond'/ 3n>tf(^en(anbel/ bte St^e^eret. 

Ciirt, s. 1. ber Jtarren, bie Starcti 2. baft 
gu^raerf; ber ffiogenj comp. — grcaic, 
tieSSagenfcbmierej — hor«e, baft ^ugpferb j 
— houie, ber SSa$enf4oppeBi —load, bie 
JtarrcnCaBagenOItt^wng 5 —rope, baft Jtar* 
renfeili —rut, baft ga^rgeleifej —taker, bcr 
lEBagenmcifler i -tilt, ber epriegel, bie «Ba 
gcnbetfe? —tire, bie SlabWienej —way (or 
road), ber gajrwegj — wright, berffiagner. 

To Cart, u. I. n. farren, fa^ren? n. a. (eincn 
Serbrei^^er jur &ttaft) auf cincn Jtarren 
fe(en/ an einen St. hinhcn. 

Car't^e, s. 1. boftitarren, Soften 9 2. Com. 
bie Sranftportfoflen, baft $u^rIo(n/ ber @in* 
f4Iag3 3. vi(/. Cartouch. 

Carte-blanfhe', s. Law, baft IBIanfet ^u einer 
SoIIma(!bt9 bie uncingef^rinfte iSoUma^t. 

Cartel', J. Afi7. 1. baft Qartett, bcr «crtrag, 
(lCuftn)e4reIungft«>SergIei4^$ 2. bie{)erauft« 
forberunflj 3. (-"blp), baft Glartenttijf} 

Ciir'tfr, I. s. ber itimier, Jtarrenfu(^rmanni 
H. — ly, adu. gemein, ro^ (toU ein ^ftdrmer). 

Car't^^jutia, s. BoU ber Gafflor. 

C^tAli'fi^D, s. Ecc. ber itart^dufermdndj^. 

Car'til9ge, s. Anat ber Jtnorpel. 

CartjlSl'inous, Cartil^gYn'eoua , adj. AnaU 
hiorpeligj ^norpeU. [jeidj^nnng. 

c^tdftn', s. Paint, ber Carton, bie SWufler* 

C^tdficy, s. Mil. 1. bieJtartdtf*e5 2. bie 
^atrontafdbei 3. Arch., &c. bie (Sartuf^e. 

CVtrjdge, 3. Mil. bie ^atronej —box, bie 

Car'tulfry, s. baft Urhnbenbu^, Yr<(i9. 

Car'^cle, #. 1. Anat. bie (Santn(el| 2. Om. 

ber Jtamni/ baft Sl^f^^om. [auftn>u4ft. 
Cir&D'cfUatfd, adj. iinaf. mit einem Steif^s 
To Carve, v. I. a. 1. (au8)Wnelben, Wniien 
(f>ols)/ attft^uen(6tein), fle4en(in Jtupfcr^ 
li'), graben, eingraben^ 2. 9orf4Qetben, itx^ 
I^genC^leif^)! 3.>ig.oert(ei(en;»iIl!ilbr(i4 
einri*tenj to -out, jig. H* felbfl bereiten, 
»aWen, ic. J II. n. 1. («Kber) f*niten, |le» 
^en^u-j 2.borWneiben(3emanbcm)j carved 

work, IBilbtauerarbeiti carving knife, baft 

Car'v^l, s. 1. vid. Caravel; 2. vid. Sea-blab- 
ber; 3. —work, n>ie Carnel-work, qv. 

Car'v^r, s. 1. ber (SBilb*)® Snifter, IBilbbaucr, 
:c (c/. To Carve); 2. fig. ber ®(J6pfer, 
6(!bmieb (feineft®Iutfft)) 3. baft Sorlege* 
meffer; bie fiSorlegegabel. 

Carya'tdf (— at'jdS«), s. pi. Arch. Gfartjatiben. 

Cas'c^bf 1, s. Gun. bie Sraube (dn ber «ftanone). 

Cascade', s. ber fiBafferfaH, IffiafTerfhtr}. 

To Ceifldide', u. a. (»ie ein SBafferfall) attft« 
fpri^en, fallen laffen. [antinirer). 

Cas'can^, s. pi. Fort, bie |>or<bbninnen (bet 

CSsc^ril'l^, s. BoU bie (SaftcariHe. 

Case, s. 1. baft Sutteral, Setter, (Se^dnfe, baft 
Se^iltnif^ ®eflenj ^a^ (tm 8BaareaUi« 
ger, xQi bie®4eibe) ^aut, baft ^tU, ber 
^alg) bte^itae; ^ulfe, S)etfe; Jtappe, ber 
(IBettOflbersttg^ 2.baft]:ttpereeiReft(iebdu« 
beftj 3. ein flSorratbft* ober Sagerbaufti 4. 
Typ. ber ©(briftfaflenj —of knives, baft 
Tt^tchtfttdi —of a mast,. Afar, ein SXO' 

ftenfoftr) —knife, baft grofeM^enmefTer^ 
-shot, ber Jtartdtf(benf(bup, bie itartdtf^e i 
-stake, ATecA. ber Sreibambof (ju Udrge* 
b^ufen)) —work, Bkb. baft ein^dngen) — 
worm, bie fiHaupe; baft ^pinninfect 

To Cise, V. a. 1. (in ein (9e(dure, eine 64eib0 

flecten, einfiedtcn, verbergen^ 2. umgeben 

itber}ie(en, befleiben) Aloi.marmorirenj 3^ 

ber4lagen(e. 9tab)$ 4. Sport, k Cook., (ben 

9)alg) abste^en; abftreifen. 

esse, s. 1. ber gall, Umflanb^ dnfaU/ bie 
ea4ej 2. lit. A fig. ber 3uflanb9 3. (-in 
law), ber 0te(btftfaIl{ 4. G^ram. ber (Safnftj 
in — of need apply to Mr. ***, Com. n6t^i« 

To Cftse'-harden, o.a. 1. 1-w. (0ifen)(drten9 
2. fig. berbdrten. 

Cft'safc, adj. — add, Chem. bte itdfefdure. 

Case'mSte, s. Fort. 1. bie(Safematte$ 2. ber 

C&se'mfnt [Wb., Ac; dlz'm^nt, Wore. W.. 
&c.], s. l.bafte^dMen (f^M^ S^flerft)) 
2.berSettflerf[dgeI{ 8. baftSenflerbeFiblige, 
ber Senflerratmen \ 4. Ard\. bie ^o^lfe^le. 

To CSse'm^nt, 9. a. Arch, befleiben (cf. s.). 

Ca'seous [-sbfvs], adj. Mfeartig, Ufiq. 

CVfrn [iyb., cft'z^rn, FKorc], s. bielSafemcL 

Casb, s. (bef. Com.) 1. bie Qaffti 2. bie i6ar« 
Waft, baft (bare)(9elb{ ready—, bareftOelb, 
6ontanten9 running—, circulirenbeft ®elb 9 
to put one in—, S^manbem fdarfenbungen 
matbcn^ tDetfung fenben^ t^n becteni in— (0* 
cashed), in (Saffe; eingegangen, eincaffttt) 




to be in-,bei(5afre(bei<Se(be) fein) balance 
of or in—, terGaflabeflanb} to pay in—, per 
Qaffa (e^Q^Ien^ payment in—, bie iSarsa^s 
lung 9 proceeds in— ,ber6afrcnertrQ9 9 ^^^^ 
in—, na4 Singong; to keep the—, bte (Saffe 
ftt^reit) —account, bad 6affa«Cfonto> — 
book, 1. bae 6affobu4 i 2. bad ^o^m^^hnd), 
fBixHufhvi^i 3. bad6ontattt'(Cfafra0^u43 — 
box, bie Qaffe 5 — business, Qontantdefc^afte 3 
—keeper, ber (Sttffirer 5 —note, bie TCnwei* 
fung; — notes, bas GJafTabrouillon. 

To CiUh, V. a. Com. einwe^feln, ju ®etbc ma> 
^ett; realtftren ^ to — a bill, einen ISedt)fe(/ etne 
dte^nung bcsa^Ien, einldfen, eincaffiren i c-ed, 
Uia^lt inSaflttj to get c-cd, Sncafib bcforgcn. 

G^sbe^niit,.^. Lbie^caiounufj 2. vid. Ca- 

Cashier', s. bcr Safltrer. [shoo. 

To CfMhier' (—shire'), v. a. 1. cafflrCH/ cnt* 
UfTeu) 2. auf^ebenj 3. ungultig ma^en. 

C^shie'r^r, s, ber ©ntfc^er, Umfkurjer^ ic. 

Cash'dd, #. Pharnu bad Jtate(f)U. 

C&s'imere (—mire), s. Com, ber (Saflmirj 
embossed — , gepreptgeflreiftcr 6. i — nan- 
keen, ber ^dpetsS'CanKng. 

CA'siog, p. s, I. sing. 1. ber Ubersug^ bte Qiiu 
faffuiigj 2. Ari,h, bte Serf leibunsj —with 
stone, J>tjk. bad ^larfwerf 5 —paper, ha^ 
^Oactpapterj ll. c-s, p^ Uusb. ber gctrocfnete 
^(mi^ %ut Seuerung. 

c^sk, ^. 1 . bod Saf / bte Sonne $ 2. « bcr f)elm 9 
— bridge, Arck. bie Sonnenbrfidf e. 

To Cask, V. a, (in eingaf) ein« ob. auffKiaen. 

C^s'k^t, s. 1. bad(@(^mu(f«)^dfi4cn j 2. c-s, 
pi. vid. Gaskets. 

To Cat'k^t, V. a. in etnitdfi^en oerf^Uefen. 

Caw, s. Gam. the great—, ber grope Caflno} 
the little — , ber Heine (Saftno. [niofn)urieI. 

Cass'^d^, Cass'^vi, s. BoU bie QajfaDo, SRa* 

C^ssS'tton, J. bie 6affation/ 6affintnd5 court 
of—. Law, bad G-dgerid^t; bcr Q-d^of. 

CSi'si* [cash'ifli], s. bie Saffia 5 —berry, ber 
®ttbrees0b.9araguaQt(ee{ —bark, — lignea. 
bie Cfafilenrinbe 3 — buds, — blooms, 3tmmet' 
blumen, 3immetbliit^en9 —sticks, or— in 
the cane, dlo^rcaffia. [ber (Saffibonter. 

Cas'siddny, s. 1. Bot. bad^lu^rfraut} 2. Min. 

Csls'sfmSre, C&s'sjm^r, s. vid. Casiraere. 

Cosine', s. Bot-s. 1. bteSantne) ber ^ara* 
duai)t^ee3 2. bte Farolinif^c ^tc^polme. 

Cassinit', s. Com. mod. bcr 0afflnet 

Cassi'ttO, g. mod. Gam. bad (Safinofpiel. 

Cas's9ck, s. I. (e^ent.) ber ^aputro(f { 2. (ie^t) 
berteibrocf , badUnterNcib (bcr(9ei(lU4en,ic.). 

CiCsfaonilde, s. Com. bie Saffonabe, ber ^uber^ 
ittdPtr. [bcr Jtafuar. 

Cis'sf9Wfry, CiLVB9w^ry, CSs'sA^ry, s. Orn, 

To C$st, V. ir» I. a. 1. gen. lOtffnil 2. and? 
merfcn, jlrcucn j 3. abwerfcn (Jtlcibcr, «.) i 
4. wcgs, oor-, tinwcrfcnj audwcrfen (ben 
ICnl^cr)) fallen lafTcn^terf^fittcn 9 5. abmer' 
fen, oerltcrcn (bic{)aut3 bie Scbcrn: I'on fi6^ 
maufernbenlBddeln^K.)) 6.(®rdben) Mm, 
(©drome, :c.) aufwcrfcn j T. flofcn, f(^icbcn, 
fturjcn^ s.yig. locrfc^cn (in c. 3u|lanb; u.)> 
9. audwerfen, oerbrcitcn (CJtra^Icn, Stcbcf, 
2Cvau*>fe.)/ wcrfcn (S^attcnj fig. Zid)t, 
einen Slitf auf^troad, k.)) i>on M dcben 
(Oeru*; i>i^c, 2C.)> 10. lit. & fig. (nicber) 
merfcn 9 bcficgcn; fibcrtrcjfcnj 11. ubcrn>te« 
gen ma^en^bcnTfudfif^Iag gcbcn 3 l2.(JBerbrc- 
icr) ©enirtjcilcn, i>cr»crfcn 3 1 3. audre(<^ncn^ 
bcrc^nenj anfdi)(agcn/crmdgcn$ l4.(9loIIcn) 
9crtf)cilcn 9 15. cntrocrfcn^ abrcif en, gcid^ncn > 
16. (aud^^ig. geflaltcn)/ formircn, mobctny 
giefen (^ctaS), i^\6)U) stc^cn^ H- ». 1* 
(oft mit about), auf^ttoad flnncn, nac^ben* 
fen; 2. ft(^ gie^cn, formen (affcn$ 3. Ttt^ mcr« 
fen, fntmm wcrbcn (com4)olic, 2c. )5 4. Afar. 
abfaUen (beim7(nfer(i4tcn)$ to — lots, lofen 
(— upon,um)3 to — against, fig. torrocrfcnj 
to — away, l.fig. J>erbanncn (Sorgcn, u.)4 
2. to — one's self away, fi6) in*$ Scrbcrbcn 
ft&rien) pass. )u ©runbc gc^en, 6c^i1fbni(b 
lcibcn4 to — behind, (Winter 114) suruct (af^ 
fen, guoortommenj to — in, (IBcrocifc, k.> 
beibringenj to — oiT, l. at. kfig. abwcrfcn, 
abtegcn, 1C.9 2. ocrrocrfcn^ 3. abbanfcn> 
ocrflo^cn9' abioeifcn^ i^crlaffcn^ 4. fibcr^e* 
Icnj 5. Sport, (bie Jogb^unbc) lodlaffcnj 
to — out, 1. lit. & fig. audflopcnj 2. Com. 
®ftarenaudf4icpcn9 to — up, 1. oufwcrfcn 
(Grbe, jc) j 2. (bur(^ erbrcd(>cn) ocn fid? 

gcbcnj 3. aud»crfcn(®cr(i4c, u.)> 4. u<V. 
To Cast, 13 j to — upon . . ., f<^tcbcn auf . . .> 
to— one's self upon one, RrJ an Scnionb wen* 
ben, M auf Semanb tciIafTcn. 

C^t, pret. k p. p. '0. To Cast. 

Cast, s. I. gen. bcr SEBurf, bad SBcrfcnj ^us» 
merfcn 5 bie SBurfroeitc^ 2. lit. kfig. ber 
(2BurfeI)aBurfi bic^robcj 3.bcr®uf (ci« 
ncr gigur, 2c.) j 4. bie (®upO Sorrow 6. 
Found, bie @ingufro6rc9 6. bad gcgofcnc 
®ilb5 T. A', bie (SJeftalti bcr KBau (bcr 
^crfe, 2C.) 5 B. bcr dupere Vnf^cin, ^Tnftrii^ > 
9. bie angebornc 7(rt, 5Kanier, QJficne 5 10. 
bcr (au(^: bcrf^icfc) SBIitfj 11. bcr Jtniff, 
^pff, ©trci*9 12. bie Hxt, bcr ©^lag,- bad 
ga^5 13. bie ^aftc (in Cflinbicnjj 14. 
Sport, bcr Jlug (cin ^aar) galfcn. 

Cast-, comp. — auay, s. fig. 1. bcr^UdWtirf 

(Iaflcriaftc9}U'nf(^)9 S>crroorfcnc,S>crban!m« 
tci 2. bicabfcbldgigcTfnticcrtj ^bwcifungf 




-iron» ©uPetfen^ —steel, ^er (Buffta^I/ 
raQinirte ®ta^U 

Cai't^gU, s, pU Mils. GtoflagittEttfR. 

caste, s. bte itafh) tiid. Cast, 13. 

Cas't^llain (— «n), «. ber GafleUan. 

Cas't^ll^ny, s. bie GafteStanet, S3nrgoo0tet. 

To Ciig't«llate» v. a. vonhautn, einfalTcn (s. 9. 
einen Srunnen). 

Cas'tf llat^d, adj, bet^idrmt/ bciinnt. 

Cast^lia'tion, j. bad Sefefligen etneft 4>aure$. 

Cits't^r, s. 1. bcr SBerfer j 2. ber Sfte^ner^ ic. 
c/. To Cast; 3. ba& (mefllngene) 9!t5a4en 
(an ben ^uftn ber Gtu^l^/ ^c) 9 4. bie (Sa^ 
raffmC) 5. (—frame, or a set of c-s), bie 
yiolmenage. [mut^igen. 

To CSs'tigate, v. a. 1. gii^tidcn^ 2. fig. H» 

Cilstiga'tion, s. I.bie3fi(^tidung/ iOefirafitRg 9 

<;as't|g&tQr, s, ber ^^ti%ix. [2. bie S3nf e. 

CSs't|g^t9ry> adj. ium^fi^tigcn bienenb^ silcb' 

Castile', C^stfl'i^L, s. Geog. Giaflilten. [ttgenb. 

c^stiKi^D, ad3.& s. cafHUanifib 9 ber (SaftiUaRer. 

Caa'tlng, I. p. s. bad ©erfcn, :c. (uW. To 
Cast); 11.^. l.ba6®uffKicf,ber(9up5 2. ber 
Ifbbrucf 5 3. 5port. bie galfenpillej -off (of a 
vessel). Afar, bad Umlegen (eined ®(i|)iffed)9 
ni. comp. — hoose, bie (Sitfexcl, 0d|)mel}« 
liutUi ber G^melsofen; —net, /^tj/t. bad 
8EBurfgarn,aBurfttC09* — plate, G-ic. bie ®icf * 

Cis'tjDgf, j.p^ (S^ufnoaren. [platte. 

CVtle [c^s'sl], s.$@«(o;, JTafieO, bie 
Surgi 2. Afar. bieS9a(f 5 3. ^am. ber Oflo^e 
(im €Sct)iidi^)9 ~ keeper, ber B^^lof^o^tj 
-top, bcrJtreifeM —ward, bie ©urgioogtci. 

To Ciatle [c^'sl], v. n. Gam. xo6)tn, roc^iren. 


GSi'tlery [c^s'slrj], s, bie SBurgoogtei. 

Cis'tlft [c^'slft], s. bag @dbl6f4en. 

Gist'llng, s. bie ntiieitigc £eibedfru4t$ — 
skiDs (caatliogs) , pi. ^tUt oon ungebore* 
ntn ^£mmem. 

Oa&'tpr, j.l. Zoo/.ber99iber,6aflor$ 2. cant, 
ein^utj 9. vt(f. Castoreom ; — andPoUax, 
1. Afet. vid. Corposant; 2. Ast vid, Gemini ; 
-beans, ^urgirffimer^ —nut, bie^iirgir» 
QUf 5 -oil (Castory), bad OliciRUddl. 

Cast^ricn', s. Com. eitt feiner,f(b»ererXuifcI. 

C#*t(/r8vm (— r6^), *. bttS SBibergeil. [meln. 

To Cas'trlte, v. a. 1. cafiriren 9 2. j!g. terflijim* 

C^tr&'tlott, «. l.bfeeerfibReibttRg9 dntmoxi' 
mmg$ 2.i2ot.bie(5afbration9 3.^g.bieeer« 


cis'tr^l, J. Or/i. ber fflBanneuwcber. 

<'astrStt'8{^n, adj> Mil. ju cinem Eager geb6rig. 

CS|d^ [cS^/^^l], i,adi.i It.-ly, adv, |u» 
fiaig} -word, Cra/n. bad SJomenj HI.- 
■««, s. Aie b. '. (8. 

ICV<i»Ity [cazbH' '• 1- bie BufaUigf eit) 2. 

I ber 3ufaa) 8. ber 2;obedfaa, UnglucfdfaU. 

C^iitst [cSzh'-]. '• /V*. t)er (Safttifl. 

To C V&ist, v.a. benOfafuiflen fpielen. [fuiflifi^. 

Cai>iUft't}c, — c^l, L adj.; II. — c9LlIy,adt7. ca« 

CSi'Aistry, f . i»/i. bie efafttifHr. 

est, I. s. I. bie ita^e, ber J^ater9 2. Afar-«. 
a) bad itatf^iff 5 &) bie Jtat, ber TCnferbafen^ 
3. tin boppeltcr IDreifuP mil fe(bd gfijeni 
—in pan, pror. ber flberWufcr, Tfudreijerj 
II. comp. —of nine tails, 1. Sea k Mil, bie 

GStritfpeitfdbt/ ^titfdft mit neun ©trdn- 
gen 9 — a-monnt, — a-moontain, wild—, 
Zool. hit xoiiU Jta(c$ —block. Mar. ber 
JCatblorfj —call, — cal, (-pipe), l.bieftotf* 
pfetfe; 2. ber ^(foogel) —fall, Afar, ber 
^atMufer$ —fish, Idu ber getigerte f>ai9 
-got, 1. bie iDarmfaite; 2. Com, ber^arlii 
Afar-#. — harpings, bie @<bn)igtingen ber 
SBanb (ob. ber 9uttingen)9 —head, ber 
Jh:abnbalfen9 — 'shead, i^m. ber Jt-nfopf; 
^afenfopf; tint Zxt Spfelj —heads, Afin. 
.ft-nfteine (eifenbaltigejboten in^ineralten)9 
Afar-^r.— boles, bie JtatI5(b^f5 —hook, bef 
Jtatbafen, Tfnferbafenj —mint, —nip, BoL 
hit Jt-nmfinje9 — 's paw, Afar-j. 1. eine 
fanfte ober lci4)te Jtu^lte, bie ©riefej 2. ber 
^oUanber (fine ^rt etblinge in einem San), 
—rope, berJtatI4ufer9 —salt, Afin. einfein* 
Hmiged ealg (and iSitterfoIe, sum SBereitcn 
ber barten8eife)9 —silver, Afin. ber ©limmcr, 
bad Jt-np(ber$ Boi-s. — uil, l. bad ^&t<tien 
an ®emd(bfen, gen), p^, vid. Catkins; 2. 
bie Xeicbfolbc 1 - t>me, bad ^-nfraut. 
To CXt the anchor. Mar. ben ^nter auffatten 
CSt^bap'tjst, s. Ecc. bcr J^ataboptifl. 
Cat^cAus'tjc, Afat/(. L adj. fatafauflif^i H. 

G-8, s. pi. bie 99rennlinien burcb juriifgemori 

fene 8trabien* 
CSt^SbrSs'tjc (— c^l), I. adj.; 11.— c^Ily, adv. 

Rhet. gesmungen. [irbif(be ®rabftdtten). 
CatVcOmbf [— cOmz],.f.p^ Jtata(omben(unter' 
Cat^cdSs'tlci, Math, bie itatafu^f. 
Cat^djSp'trjc, Opt. h adj. (-C9I), falabiop* 

trif(b i II. c-a, s. pi. bie .ftatabioptrif . 
CSt9gm&t'jc, Med. I. adj. fdxvL^t fitiltnti II. 

c-s, i6rft4e (ei(enbe!SXitte(. 
CSt'^griph, 1. Paint, bie Bh^t, ber Umrip. 
C&t^«o'tiG, adj. JPbet. fataleftif^. 
CXt^lSp'sjs, CSf^ISpsy, J. Afed. bieitatalepfte. 
Cat^lSp'tjc, adj. Med. !ataleptif(b. 
Caf%ltfgae [— Itfg], s. ber Jtatalog. 
To CXt'^ttgae, To CSt'^l^gTze, v. a. in einen 

itataloo bringen. 

C^tal'p^, s. (—tree), Bot. bcr2;rompetenbaum. 
Catf mfiraa'[5m., Ac], s. 1. bad^IoM 3* ^^^ 




dat eertti^tttngSmaf^ine Ofrt Torpedo) ^u 
(Srploftonen ber feinblt4en Bdfi^ti 3. (in 
Stcttfunblanb) eine grobe %xt @4Utten. 

CSt'^pISf m, #. Surg, ber IBreiumfdl^Iog. 

CXf^ract, #. 1. ber (grofe) lEBalferfaQj 2. 
vid. PortcoUis ; 3. Med, ber graue ®taar. 

Catarrh', i. Afed. ber itatarr^. 

C9tarrh'9l,C^tarrh'oQ8,a<^'.fatarr(aIif4. [p^e. 

C^tSf'trQpbS (— phy),5. jF\>ef.i^. bie«ftataflro' 

To Catchy V. reg. & t'r. I. a. 1. lit A fig. fan^ 
gen^ ergreifetij tvmifM^t ertappcn) a. faf> 
fen) (aufOfangen (Qttoa^)i 3. m. & fig. 
fangen (Seuer, ic.)) 4. auffangcn, M su« 
lichen (e. JtranF^eit, k)» yig-J. 6. cinnc^* 
men/ feffeln^ 6. auffangen (einen Zon, 2c)3 
7. auffaffen (ben Sinn emer6a4e, u.)? n. 
n. 1. anftetfen, anftetfenb fein^ 2. fa|fen (ton 
(e.|)ttf en;2C.)5 to -(a) cold, fi^^ erf filtcn j to - 
a fall, einen SaQ t^un i to — hold of. . ., f!(^ 
an . . . ^ttltcn, (Stwaft ergrcifen j to — « »cent, 
5port. mitteru) to — at, 1. (nad^ @t»as) 
greifen^f^noppen, ^afd^en^ 2. fig. trad^tcn^ 
3. }u fangen fucben, na^flellenj to — op, 
anffangcn; megreifen; rettcn. 

Catch, T. s. 1. ber Sang; ®rijf 9 3* ber fRauh, 
bie ®eute$ 3. bie @^nentg(eit; ber3ug) 4. 
ber!IeincS4eiI,ba$®til(f4sn9 5. Afi/j. ber 
Otunbgefang, bte guge, ber Canons 6. ber 
TTbftt^, bie^aufcj 7. bic ^auer^ 8. lit. &fig, 
ber ^nflug, leid^tc einbrurf, bie gcringc 7Cn* 
fUdfung5 9. bie iSSermut^ung, berTCrgmo^n? 
10. Mech-s. a) ber 4)afcn) ©^ndpperj 
64(ief6afenj bte (S^iirO*$tlinfc^ la h) 
ber Oriff; Xngrijfj c) ber ©pcrrfegcl) 11. 

19te Bilboquet, qv.; 12. vid. Ketch; 13. bcr 
ginger; 0laub»ogel 5 14. Sport. a)baSgc* 
berfpiel (bes gQlfen)5 6) bcrCorlafj by 
c-e», abgefe^t, »e(bfclft»cifej ll. comp. —fly, 
Bot. bie ^e^nelfe^ —line, T^p. bieS^lu^- 
jeile^ — penny, vulg. bie ®clbf^nciberci 
iber^.5 bic f(JIe4^te fflrofc^iirc, 2C.5 —weed, 
Bot. baS Jtlebfraut J -word, Typ. bcr (SnfloS. 

Cat'chcr, s. 1. ber ganger $ 2. ber |)dr4cr 5 3. 
bie @(bUnge j ber gif^^amcn. 

Cat'chyp, s. Cook, cine pihnte and oerftb. fSt» 
getabilien (^d^ampignond^au^ aueTtu^ 
fiern, SBannulfen, u. unb e. dufa^ t)on ® en)itr} 
u.6a(})bereitete€Sauce (gen>. na4 b.{)attptbc- 
flanbtjcil gcnv »ie: mnthroom— , oyster—, 

Cate, s. 1 . vid. Catechu ; 2. vid. Cates. [ice). 

Catgjhct'lc (-cfil), I. adj.; U. -c^lly, adv. 
fatc(betif(6. [gen ibcr.... 

To Cat'e^hif e, t\ a. 1. fatc^iRrcnj 2. befra* 

Cat^e^hii^f r, s. ber Jtttte^iRrcnbc. 

Cat'€sh!f nu s. ber Jtatc^tSmuS. 

Cat'€$hiit, #. Ecc. ber Jtate*et. 

Catl^hift'tic, &c., mic Catechetic, Ac. 
Cat^g^hQ, s, Fliarm. baft Jtatc^u. [4umcn. 
Cate£hu'ni<^n (— m^ofst), s. Ecc. bcc itate« 
CSt€£hQmen'jcfil, ac/;. f atc^umcniM. [gorif<b. 
Csit§g8r'jcal, hadj.; lU— ly, adv. Ijog. fate* 
crit'gg9ry, 5. Log. bic Jtatcgoric, (Slalfc. 
CStena'rj^n, CSt'^n^ry, adj. fcttcnortig. 
To Cat'€nate, v. a. UXttn, fctjcin i t?crfcttcn. 
Catana'tion, s. bic «crf cttung. 
To Cii't^r, V. a. Ecbcnsmittcl anftbaffcn. 
Ca't?r, *. Gam. bic «ier (auf Jtartcn, K.)i — 

cousin, jSg. bcrS^maro^cr; ®iinfl(ing. 
Ca't^r^r, s, ber Sicfcrant, ^roinantmci^cr. 
CVter? as, s. bic (Sinfdufcrinn; TCuftgcbcrinn. 
Cat'erpTll^r, s, Ent. bic Slaupc. [lormcn. 
To CXtV^^u^ v.rt. l.miaucnj 2. fcbrctcn; 
Cat'fnidul, s, 1. baft ita^cngcfd^rci $ 2. bic 

Jta^cnmuftf 9 3. bo$ (Scf(brci/ Octofc. 
Ca't?ry, s. bicSSorrotis (ob.©pcifcO fanimcr 
cstes, s. pi. bic^ebensmittcl; bef. ^ccfcrbiffcn. 
CatVarist, s. Ecc. ein ^Ouritancr. [nigcnb. 
Cat/iar'tjc (— c?!), adj. Med. abfiibrcnb, rci* 
C^t/uir'tjcs, 5. pi. Med. Xbfii^rttngSmittcl. 
C^t/ieMr?!, I. s. bic Jtat^cbralc, ©cmfircbc 4 

II. adj. 1. cine St. bctrcffcnb, fliftdmdpig; 2. 

fig* alt, eftrrofirbig. 

Caf/i'edrat?d. p. a. bcn 2c4r|lu(>I bctrcffcnb. 
Cafftedrra'ic s. bic »iWof6flcucr. 
CatVerTnc, s. ^atf^ttrina (g-n.). rfcnbc. 

CatVet^r, s. Surg, bcr Jtot^ctcr, bic IBIafcn* 
C;ait/ie't<?ri^in, s. Surg, bcr ^ttt§Ctcridmw5. 
Ca[/i'9lic (— cal), I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. fa* 

t^clif(t)5 rcd^tgldubigj HI. j. bcr.^att^elif4 

IV. — ness, J. bic ^ngcmcinf^cit^Unii^crfolitdt. 
Ca«/i31'ici?ni, Cat/iQirc'ity, s. 1. bcr Jtat^cli* 

ci^mui 5 2. bic ^n^dngli^fcit an bcnfclbcn. 
C^</iol'jc9n, s. Med. &, Lit. baS ^ot^olif on. 
Cat'kins, s. pi. Bot. 1 . bic ^tt|(Jcn 5 2. bai; 

Ol^ooS an iiBdumcn. 
Cat'likc, adj. (a^cnartig, ta^cn^aft. 
Crit'ijng, s. 1. Bot. vid. Catkins 2; 2. Surg, 

baS ^norpclmcfTcr/ 3ergUcbcrungSmcfrcr. 
Catop't^r (— trpn), *. Opt. ba$®picgcIfcmrotr. 
C^tOp'trjc, — C9I, adj. Vhy. fatoptrtfi^. 
C^top'trjca, s. pi. Ph%j. bic itatoptrif. 
Cat'sup, s. vid. Catchup. Catter ..., f. Cater.. . 
Cat'tle, 5. Ui (3ugOS5ie^, ga^me ^xt^ (bcf. 

t>, IRinbtic6)j —hurdles, H-yo. Sic^farrcn. 
CauM^tc (— dat^d), adj. gcf(bn)dngt. 
Cilu'dle, 5. bic Jtrttftfuppc (fiir Jtranfc, kO- 
To CAu'dle, V. a. cinc Jtraftfuppc mcibcn. 
Cauf, s. Fish, bcr giWfaflcn. 
Cdoght [cut], pret. & p. p. ton To Catch. 

Cauk, s, Min. bcr ©*n>crfp(it^, ftftroefclftturc 
Cau'ky, adj. Wwerfptttittrtig- [»arot. 

CAoi, s. 1. baft 9?e^9 2. baft j>aame( bcr 




Sracenjimmerj Anat-s. 3. tie ^et(aut$ 4. 
^08 @4af^dut4nu CaolMr^n, f. Caldron. 
Ciniff^rooi, adj. BoU fiengeltreibcnt. 
Canl'}fld49r Ec5M, s. BoU ber IBlnmenfo^I. 
Cau'Ijform [cfiK— ], a^;. ^ot. ftengelf^roitg. 
To Cink, To Cilolk, Ac, vie/. To Calk, kc, 
C^n'ffibie, adj. htnvdbox, attSpd^rbar. 
CAii'f?l» I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. ttrfd^^UA 3 III. 

«. Gram, bie Gaufat>9artifeL 
CskQf Sl'jty, J. bie Urfd(bli4(eit, (Soufalttdt. 
Ciof a'tion, s. bieSernrfa^Uttg. \\xii, caufatio. 
Cda'^9tive» I. adj.; II. — ly, a<fv. Gram, ttrfd4^« 
Cfta^ a'tQr, i. bet fiSerurfa^er^ Ur^eber. 
Cdof e, s. 1. bie Urfa^^e^ ber ® runb $ 2. ber ^ro^ 

ce^, fite^tSfaU) 3. bte 8a((e, Tfngelegen^eit. 
ToCfto«e, V. a. 1. 9entrfa(^en, teranlaften; 

2. . . . loflen. 
Cila^e'i^M, I. adj.; II. —ly, ado. grunblo^) 

o^ne Urfa(6e 5 ni. — nesi, «. bte ® ninblofigfdt. 
c^u'f^r, s. 1. berUr^eber^ 2, bie wirfenbc 

llrfa^e. [flrafe. 

CA-mje'way, CaiaVy* *. bieCftttUffee, Jtun|l» 

CiEOfrd'ic^l, adj. auf einenXbbocaten besiidli^- 
CAus'tjc (— c^l), ac^V CAem. & Afed. (au« 

{^f4; d^enb) — corye, Geom. bie 99renn« 

linic5 —stone, 5«rg. ber ^Sttenflein. 
Calns'tjc, 1. Oiem. k Med. baS S^mittel^ 

lunar —, 5m rg. ber |)5llenflein. 
C^Dstic'jty, J. Chem. bie St^aft 
Cin't^r, J. Surg, baft IBrenneifen 5 S^miltel. 
Cda't^n^m, CAot^rjzS'tion, s. Surg, baftSrcil> 

ntn, t^tn (einer fBunbe). 
To Cda'tf rize, v. a. 5urg. brcnneii, wesbeij* 

lien; c-zing iron, Surg., Dent, Vet. baft 

Srcnneifen. [Canter. 

CAa't^ry, s. 1. baft S^rennen, t^zm 2. vid. 
Cdtt'tion, s. 1. bie IBorff^^t?* 2. bie Cfaution, 

Surgf^^aft^ 3. bieSBBamung^ 4. bie@i4er« 

^eitftmafregel. [roaft). 

To CAn'tion, v. a. ttarnen (—against, t}or6ta 
Cdu'ti9nary, adj. 1. bflrgeitb, alft ^fanb bie* 

ntnt 5 2. ttamenb. 
CAa'tions[cA'8bQt], I. adj.; II.— ly, adv. tot' 

ftd^tig, be^tttfam^ in. — ness, j. bieSorft^t. 
Civ^Icade', $. bie Gatalcabe. 
CXx^licr', I. s. 1. berSHeiterj 2. ber Slitter, 

Cavalier j 8. Man. ber htnflgere^te Sfteiter? 

4. Fort, ber (Savalier, bie Jta^e^ IT. adj.; 

m. -ly, adv. 1. ritterli^j 2. munter$ 3. 

ebel; brao$ 4. onmafenb, llol}) trotig. 
Cav'^lry, s. bie (Reiterei, GfaoaUerie. 
To cs'vste, V. a. auft(d(Ien. 

Cava'tion, C^TS'zipn [— zhpn], $. Arch, bie 
Xuftgrobung ber Sunbamente eineft (Sebdubeft. 
cave, s. 1. bie {>ft|le5 2. vid. Cellar. 
ToCSve, v. I. a. 1. auft(6(Iett5 2. vid. To 

Rake; n.n. in einer {>d(Ie»o(]ien| to— In, 

Ca'veSt, ». 1. bie ^rinnentng, flBamnng^ 2. 

Law, ber geri^tli^e (Sinfprui^^ Sef^Iag. 
To CiVSat, v.n. Giitfpnt^ t^un, ®ef4Iag 
Cav'^rn, s. bie .^5(Ie. [legen. 

Cav'^med, adj. 1. ooDer ^5(Ieit) 2. in {>5(* 
Cav'f rnona, a(^*. 90S |)d^Ien. [ten loo^nenb. 
Ca'v^rf , s. pi. Min. (6r}0^iebe. 
C&v'f MQn, Ca¥'fZ9n, s. Man. ber Jtappiasm- 
To cav'jl, V. n. I. fpiftpnbige (Sinwfirfe ma» 

4en ) fritteln i 2. (mit at) fpitflnbig ta* 

belH; befritteln. 

Cav'jl, s. bie epitfinbigfeit, eop^ifterci. 
Cai jia'tion, s. baft fpitfinbige Xabein, 8trettcs. 
Cav'jlfr, s. ber BovWf SBortflanber. 
Cav'ilonfl, I. adj, ; II. — ly, adv. fpttfinbig, 

terfdngli4$ IQ« — neu, s. baft fpitl^nbigf, 

K. SBefcn^ bie 6treitfu4t. 
Ciiv'jn, s. Mil. ber ^o(^Itoeg ob. ®raben. 
Cav'ity, s. bie |)d^Ittng, 4)6ile, Jtluft. 
To CAw, V. n. M^itn (ttie Waben). 
CAVdle, C4wk,ftc.,V{d.Caadle,£c. [Grsmaflf. 
Cax'Od, s. Min. bie (}um @4^melsen f^gc) 
C^ySnae'CCft'yvn), s. (-pepper), bcrt5atjenne» 

¥ftffer) —cat, Zool.tiit amerif . Xigerfatc. 
Cay'man, J. Zool. beritaiman^ vtd. Alligator. 
C^€f, C^qne' [— zik], s. ber Jtaiife. 
To Ceaae, v. I. n. 1. anfl^drenj 2. ablafett/ 

nadi^Iaffen i U. a. einfteOen, enbigen. 
Cease'lfM, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv. unaufjdrfi*. 
Cfcshin [Wore], s. vid. Zeehin. 
Cec'llc, C^c'ily, s. Qtcilic (g-n.). 
Cec'ity, s. bie ©linb^eit. 
CecQ'ti?ncy [-'*b|?n -], s. bie SldbfUtigfeit. 
Ce'd^r, s. bie 3eber$ —like, )eberglei4- 
Ce'd^m, adj* vid. Cedrine. 
To Cede, v. I. a. Law, cebiren, abtreten, iiber* 

laffen5 II* n. na^geben, »ei4en. 
Ce'd^r, J. L<nr,berXbtreter, Tfnmeifer, €ebcm 
Cedrri^ J. bie QebiUe. IJa.], adj. jebem. 

Ce'drjije [P., Wb., Kn., Sm.; se'drf n, S., W% 

Cc'dry, adj. jeberartig. 
C^d'Qoni, adj. fW>ax, fdi^Iagbar. 
To Cell, V. a. Arch, tdfeln. 
Cei'ljng, s. 1. Arch. baftSdfe(n$ Safclmerf, 
bie getdfelte S)c(fe ^ 2. Afar, bie fBegem. 
Cel'9tnre [— tahftr], *. Mech. 1. bie Jtunfl JU 

graoiren; %(., IBilbf4^neiberet i 2. bie geflc 

4ene "Kxidt. 
To C^I'fbrSte, v. a. 1. preifen, er^eben, ter* 

^errli^^en^ 2. feiem, feierli^ be^e^en. 
C^febra'tion, s. 1. biegtier, feierLSegefungj 

2. bie Ser^errli^ung; baft kfttiUn, Seirrn. 
Ccif brft'tor, #. ber Sobrebner. 




Cdl^b'rioQi, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. berfi^mt) 

III. —ness, 5. bte !Bedl(mtbelt. 
CglSb'rity, s. 1. Uv Sluf^m, bic S9erubmt(eit9 

2. vie/, b. A. Celebration. 
Ceigr'jty, J. bie (SeftblDtttbtQfnt, e^ncHighit. 
Ccl'^ry, *. Bot. bcr ©cHerie. 
Celdii'ti^l [- Uh^l], I. adj. ; II. —ly, adv. lit, 

kfis' (immltfdi^j ^immel&«^ ni. s. nnitx 
^immel&bfirger, @elige. 

CgK^itin (-rne), s, Min. Ut (55le|tin. 

C^'citinf* s.pUEcc. bie(56lefHner(»9725n4e). 

c«'l|9c» adj. Afed. sum Unterleibe geb^rig* 

vA\''Mty, CeKjb^te, $. bie dtelofxdfeit; bad 

Cell, 1. 8. sing. 1. bte 3ene$ 2. bie j)£tte9 3. 
baS (,$tcrfer»)2o4$ 4. Mec/i. bie ^tufen'@in« 
faffttng) II. c-f, s, pi. 1. Anat., A'at., Bot., 
&c., deceit :^d({unden a SA(btr (imSDbfle)/ 
bie ^emfammerni 2. Typ. bie Sd(ber im 

Cel'l^r, J. ber SltUtXi —rent, ber ^cHerjinS. 

<:^narage, s. l.baft^eUergefitoP) 2. bie Jtcl 
lerei^ 3. Com. a) bieCfavage^ b) ber SCqU 
Ursine. [^eUcrmeiflcr. 

C«l'l»i?r, Wl»rut, Cel'l^rf r, j. bcr ^cUner; 

cmi^r^t, s. tin S(af4enf ener. 

Cei'lQi^r, adj.iiUi^fieUtn^^xmi^i ieUcti^. 

Cel'iule, s. tint fltxnc 3ene; 4)iltte. 

<;el'8itade» s. bie ^of^tit, (Sr^abeit^eit. 

c«lt, s. ber Gielte, ^cltc. {;<25pra<be, 

Cgl'tfc, I. adj. celtif*5 II. jr. bie celtif^e 

Cem'^nt, s. 1. ber Qcmtnti 2. ^-/u/n. ba$ (Se« 
mentpulocrj 3. j^. boS ®anb (bcr Sreunb* 
[(bttp; ic.). 

To Cement', v. I. a. l.tittcti) 2. Gold-sm. 
bur4 Gementiren reittigen^ 3.ji7g. oerbinben^ 
befefligen^ 11. n. ft(b dcrbinben^ (fefl) sufam* 
menb&ngen. [IBcrbinbung. 

<;emf nta'tion, s. 1. ba& Jtitten, ic. 5 2. jig. bie 

<Jeni?n't^r, s. 1. ber Jtitter,2c.5 2.^g. boftSSanb. 

<;jfm'?t?ry, *. ber .Stir^^of, ©otteSotfer. 

o^n'otSph, s. baft (Sbrengrabmal. 

flense', s, Cust. bte 6teuer, 64atung. 

ToCSnie, v. a. 1. O/jt. [(bd^en/ bef(bateti5 

< 'en'fff r, «. baft iRau(bfaf . [2. vid. To Incense. 
i 'en'gpr, j. 1. Lt7. berCenfor 5 2. fig. ber€Jitten- 

ri(bter) Sabler)* —like, tabelf5<btig/ flrenge. 
^Vngc/rj^lC— ri^n),a(y.l.cenforifib5 2.tobelnb. 
(/>n80'rioas, I. adj. ; 11. — Iy» adv, tabelfi(^« 

ti^, flrengej III. —nets, s, bie £abelftt<bt. 

< en'sprshi'p, #. Lit. baft Cenforantt. 
t'en'g^r^ble [— ghyr— ], I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 

tabelnftsoertb/ ftrafbar. 
c;en'8qr^l[— tbyr— ], adj. Cust.— ro\U or — 

book» baft 6tftterbtt(b/ dinftregifhr. 
CSn'fyre T— ihyr], «J1. bcrXabel, 2. bie Jtir» 

(benflrafe, 3. Laio, baft Urt^i($ 4. Lit. 

bie (Senfnr. [urt^eiien . 

To C^tt'syre, v. a. 1. tabeln^ rugen i 2. i^er^ 
CSn'sqirf r, ^. ber Sabler. [2. bic(Sin»DbnerU^e. 
Cc^n'svs, J. l.bie amtli^e 6ini9o(ner>3dblQnd > 
Cent, «. 1. baft j>ttnbert) 2. ^m. bcr Sent 

(Jtupfermfinje =yioo ©oKar)} per-, Com. 

pro 6ent. [certain per—, tin Rcberer (Semtim. 
cgn't^ge, f . ut 3inft (©. ^unbert), 3inftft> i a 
Cen'Wur, .v. 1. MytJi. bcr Qentaur^ 2. i43t. 

bcr 8(bu^e im S^ierfrcife$ —like, ccntau* 

renmifig. [baft iSaufcnbgiilbenfrattt. 

C^n'tAnry, s, Bot-s. bieglocf cnblumej lemer— , 
Ceo't^n^ry, I. s, baft .^unbcrt^ 11. adj. (ttn« 

bcrt ent^altenb $ (unbertjdbrig. 
C^ntJSn'nj^i, adj. bunbcrtid^rig. 
C^n't^r,*. vid. Centre. 
C^ntSs'jmfil, Arith. I. s. tin 4>unbcrtcl, |)nn« 

berter^ II. adj. ccntcftmal, bunbcrt^. 
Cen'tjgrSde, adj. Arith. Junbcrtt^cilig, in imi« 

bcrt ®rabc gctbeilt. 

Cen'tjn^I, s, vid. Sentinel. [lopctlbcr. 

Cen'tjpede (-ped), s. Ent. bcr«icIM, 6cc« 
Cent'n^r, s. Metal. 1. ein f>robirgc»i4^t ron 

100 ^funbi 2. (Ui ben f)robircm) «n 

Ctuent4)en. [baft ^icfioerr. 

Cen'to(-t9n), s. 1. Poet, bcr 6cnt05 2. ger<. 
C^n'tr^l, 1. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. central. 
C?ntrSI'}ty, s. bie Qcntralitfit. 
C^ntr^Ijza'tlon, s. ^it (Sentralifation. 
Ccn'tre [-t^r], *.beraRittcIpunFt,baft(5cntnmi5 

— of an arch. Arch, baft ®6Ibungftgcrufl, 
ber^cjrbogenj Mech-s. —of gravity, bcr 
®(bn)crpun^) — of motion, bcr 93mcgungft> 
pun!t5 —bit, bcrCicntrumbobrcrj — latbc, 
Hor. bie Qentrimtafibine. 

To C«n'trc[-t^r], v. L a. l.inbcnWittelpunft 
bringen) 2. concentriren, i^ereinigcnj 11. n. 
1. im aXittelpunft feins 2. in c{nett|)unrt 
fiib tereinigen j 3. (- on, anf . . .) bcntben. 

C^n'trjc (— c?l), I. adj. ; 11. — cqilly, adv, im 
SWittelpunf tc bcpnblitb J m* — c^lne«s, s. vid. 

Centric' jty,«.bie£age imSKittclpunFtc. [b.f.ffiS. 

C^ntrif Ag^U adj, Phy. centrifugal. 

C^ntrip'^t^il, adj. Pity, centripetal. fgcruft. 

C^n'try, s. Arch, ber ®e»o(bbogcn, baft 99ogcn« 

C^ntQ'ple, adj. bunbcrtfa^- [fa^cn. 

To C^ntQ'pIe (—'plicate), v, a. ocrbunbert- 

To Cf ntQ'rjftte, v. a. in ^unbertc cintbcilen. 

C^n'tory, s, 1. bie 6entnrie^ baft |>unberti 2. 
Oiron. baft 3<tbt^unbcrt. [Mntcrj. 

Cf^phV^lgy* s. Med. bcr (bromf4( ^opf> 

C^phKl'ic adj. Med. cepbalifdb/ {>aupt'. 

C€'rftte, s. Med. ^it&aWalht. [(ibec|icbett. 

To C^'r&te, To C€re, v. a.»i4fen, mitfiBa^ft 

CSre, s. bie llBa(bft(ant (ber 9laubt^cl)) ^ 




C^M'mf nt, s, vid. AtieMment 
WtQr, s. Law, 1. bcr Ut^tffiimiifUMna 
GmangelBbe i 2. vid. Aweuor. ^^ 

C«.(l'r», Ce'^re [-zhyr], *. Die Qdfttr. 

ebih, 1. bal flBa^Sttt^j 2. taS «Ba40« ober 
eB9Uf4c yjlofier. 

C^re«l, atfi. (urfpritngaA tie Oottin (SercS 
betr.) (Betreibe ober itorn betrefenbj — 

J5!S??' 5?l^S^8'*f«'' »«"i- p'fflrfl, oiO/bieVfur bitceffiib! 

C^K^eb^, CertWWvm, *. Anat. ba0 Keme ®e« C«ti'ceoii« [-shyi], a*. rottttflfAttrtia 
CSi'^br^l, adj. Anat. k Gramm. cerebrttL C«'tic. tuii. ut h#n SQiinarA.^ i-ti-*^^' 
C«r^r5«'|ty, s. Med, bic ^frnwat^. 
Certmu'Di^J, I, adj. 1. ceremonial 2. oid.b.ii. 

Ceremonloat; U. «. 1. boS (SeremonieQi 2. 

iTcc. ^0$ Gferemonialbu^. 
CIrtmS'njovs, I. adj,; U. — ly, adv. feiertt*, 

cerrmoni^i, umftdnblic^ i m. —nets, «. bie 

9eicrli4Mt| Umftdnbliibfeit. 
CCi'eni^ny, #. ble aeremonie, geierli^feitj 

cerenoniefl, pi. bie Umftdnbe; (SompUmente. 

Ce'tjc, (M;. iu ben «8oIlf[f^eii ge^rio. 

Chic^ #. vid. Chiuc. [jtopfe fibneaen. 

To v«&ck, ». n. ilfon, beim ddomen mit bem 

(hSd, #. vid. Shad. 

ToChSfe, c. I. a. 1. warmreiben, crjibeni 
2./g.erifirtten5 Il.n. l.toben, ©fltben^ 2 ft* 
rciben 3 8. M rounb ref ten. [2.7fg, bie «But§. 

Cfhafc,*. l.bie(bur(bOlcibun0 eT}eugte)|)i^ej 

Cba'f^r, *. 1. bcr erbibenbe, ic.$ 2. bie Jtoj* 
Unpfanne, gettcrpfttnne^ 3. JEnt. berJtd^. 

crrtovf, a4;. wd^fern, CcrdAn', rid.SeroonJCUa'fipry, *. /-u?. bie ©ItttefTe, ©imiebc auf 
Wryi, #. Bof. bie 3errei(be. D einem eifenbammer. [ea*c. 

Cer'taln, I. flrfj.; U. — ly. adv. 1. ft<ber, |udChXff, *. 1. bieCpreuj 2. ;jg. bie wertblofe 
wwrngj 2. befhmmt, reselrndpigi 3. gemif To CbSff^r, v. n. banbeln, cont fibaibern 
(nnbefHmmt) j —price, Cdm. ber bepdnbige (um . . .) [Jtnirfer. 

oZ^h vx « ... . C?«fi«^«?«fiWt. Chmmr, s. ber Jtdufer, cont. eibacberer, 
Wtalnty, $. bie OJettif belt, SttoerldffigWt, Ch&f floch, #. Orn. bcr «u*finf. 

Certificate, #. bie«ef*cittl9ntt8,berCaegItttt- 
bi8tt«gl»)©<beitt$ baS (Sertfflcat, :KttefltttJ 
— of health, ber ®efuttbbeit«pop. 

To C^rtiff jc«te, v.a. (® nem) cin Seugnifc einen 
Opeimttt«»)6<beitt auSflcKen. [bignng. 

Ccrtifja'tion, s. bte ©cficinigung, ©eglan.- 

To Cer^tji;, v. a. 1. oerfieiDifTem, bena(bri<b< 
tt«ett, wrfiibernj 2.Qttemren, beHeinigen. 

CertjOra'rlC— .hiQ— ],*.Laio,ber»cfebI6brief 
eine«bd^ern©er{*t*ane,tttttere« jur QKnfenr 

WtjtBde, s. bic (Bewirteit. [bung ber 7(cten. 

C^rt'Ie^n, CarD'Uoyi, adj. hUu, dimmelbUn. 

ciriUif ic adj. bitttt nwibenb, blduenb. 

Cirfi'mfn, *, bdS ©brenfimttla. 

^rSao, t.Chem. ba» IBIciweif } »eif e SibmUu 
hi — of antiaony, epie«glttnj»ei*. 

CiVfUed, 0*. »ei» gcttminft [fen.. 

wvic#i, adi. i4nat. jumJJacfcngebdrig^RttN 

WTjne, Cer'vXne, adj. )um *trfibgef(ble(bt 

C^'rtw, C€|a'n>n, a*-.? oiferli* i — section, 

«wr^ ber Jtaiferfibttitt. [ma(bt, rofcportig. 

J;«ipitiJUov., Ces'pitovi, adj. anB «ofen ge* 

t'^itlQn, s. l.btt«^ufb«ren, bicttinfleDung i 

i„? ®tinft<inb5 — of arms, ber ©affen* 

mm. »fdttbttng«b€febl. 

^wta ?|t, J. iotr, bieOfrmongelttngKlagei ber 

g^-|ble, adj. 1. naibgiebig j 2. abtretbar. 

.jotrctttttg, (fcfiton^ 8.bie®fitcrttbtretung. 

Wiipnvy, I. adj. abtretenb} n. a. 1. (- 
««kwpt), bcr 6on£# cebirenbe 0emeittf4nlb«|| 
«<f « a. ber TCnncbmer, Cefflonar. | 

Chafl^l^ai, adj. obnc ©prctt. [Cprctt. 

ChSffy, adj. 1. (ou(b^.) fpreuttrtigj 2. poU 

Chx'qng-diih. s. bas Jtoblenbedfen. 

gh«igrin', *• 1. ber Cerbruf, irgcri 2. baS 

To <:h»grtn', V. a. bctrfiben, drgern. 

Chain, s. I. nng. 1. /it. &/g. bie JtettCJ 
0teitcj 2. (?eom. bie SKeffettcj 3. Weav. 
bic Jtettc} 4. (-lace), baft edjinfirtben )um 
Sefcben^ 5. vid. pi. l.i II. c-i, pi. 1. « bie 
Seffeta/ (OefangenWaft)} 2. bie Jtetten* ober 
3ettel»oIle4 3. Mar. bie 9>uttingen^ m. 
comp.- bolt. Mar. ber ^uttingboftenj - 
— boUeU, —shot, Jtettcnhgclnj —loop, ber 
.Itettenring) —pomp, 1. Mar. bie Jtetten* 
pumpci 2. ilfec/(. baft GAanfeboerP) - 
wales. Mar. biefllfiflenj -work, bie,{tetten» 
arbeit, baft Jtettentoert [2.^. pcreinigen. 

To Ch&in, V. a. 1. lit. icfig. anltUtn, feffeto} 

ChAir, s. I. Hng. 1. ber Ctttbl/ ©ejfctj ei^i 
2.fig^s. a) ber&brflublj 6) baft9)rdfibiumj 

3. vid. Sedan-chair; 4. vid. Flyiog^hair; 
II. r^, pi. R-w. bie 6(bienenfi^blKl HI. 
comp. etubl*, -bits, pi. bie etublma^er^ 
bobrerj — bottomer, ber 6t-fle<bter, ©t-ma* 
tberj —cover, bie ©t-fappe^ —man, 1. ber 
©dttftentrdgerj 2.ber«orfibenbe,yrdflbent 

ghiif e, s. bte Gbaife, Stalt\d^t. 

QhSl'oedQny, s. Min. ber (Sbalcebon. 

gh^lcdg'r^ph^r, *. Engr. ber SJeetttaflciber. 

Qh»lc«g'r»phy,*. -Engr. bic SKetaa^ecberftinft. 

Ch»ld&'ic, ghU'd«€, L adj. 4albdif<bi n. $. 
baft 6Nbdi(<be. 





Ch&!M«r, Chal'drpn, s. ^h Stotfltnmaf ton 36 
bnihels (90009)f.). [de^er^ 3. vM. Calyx. 

CbSl'ice, s. 1. ber XbenbmatUfcl^^ 2. ber 

ghSl'jf [or sh&l'i], s.Om. ter6(aU)6/(S^aUnett. 

Chklk [chdk], J. bie itreite^ —cutter, Ux 
St-nQxihiti —paper, GfTQtjonpopierj —stone, 
baft 6tit(!4en itretbc 

To ChAlk [chAk], v. a. 1. (mtt ^reibe) poll* 
ren, (— dowD, anOf4teiben, $etc|)nen) 2. fal* 
ftren j 3. mtt.$treibebfin$ett i 4. (mit out), /it. 
&j!g. a) beiei^nen^ 6) entiberfen. 

Chilk^nf 8s, «. bie ^eibigf dt, Jtreibe^altigfeit. 

C^k\k!f,adj. freibig) -clay, Min. beraXerget. 

To ChSll^n^e, v. a. 1. bcrauftforbern^ 2. auf« 
fcrbem^ 3. berlangen^ 4. fl4 anmafen (tin 
9te4t)5 S.bef^ulbigen j 6.Laio, alft parteiif4 
ijemerfen, pcr^onefcirenj T. anrufen (»ie 
bie 64i(bioa4^en) $ 8. Sport morf iren. 

Challfo^e, j . 1. bie f>erauftfi>rbeniRd $ 2. bte 
Tfufforberungj 3. bcrTfnfpruiby 4. X.ato,bie 
(Sintoenbnng, Sermerfung (megen $arteili4> 
Uit)i 5. ber SBettflreit (aur^^ulcn)^ 6. 
Sport, baft SJ^arfiren. 

ChKllfoj^e^ble, adj, loeratttmortli^. 

Chal'I^ng^r, *. bcr 4>crauftforberer, ac. (c/. To 

^IiSl'Qt, J. vtU Sbalot. [Challenge). 

Qb»lfb'§^n, Qb^IjfVe^te, adj. fta^l^alHg; 
©ta^lM —water, Metal, baft S^Wwalfer^ 

Qhal^'date, s. baft eifen^altige SBafTer. 

^3tm, «. vtd. b. fi. Khan. 

^9made^ s. MiL bie €$($amabe. 

GhSffl'b^r, I. s. 1. bieitammer^Gtube, baft(Be« 
ma(|^, dimmer) 2. bie Jtdmmerei^ 3. baft 
itammergeri^t, bie^ttammer j 4. Gun. a) baft 
<Jtammer^(!j &)bie«$tammer(einerJtanone)9 
5. JUin. bie hammer j II. comp. — conncil, bie 
oertraute IBerat^ungj — coansel, — coan- 
•elor, ber 0te4tftconfulent$ — fellow, ber®ttt« 
bfngenop) — baogings, biefiBanbbcfleibung; 
Xapete$ —maid, bie^ftammerittngfer, Jt-frau) 
— oil, SBaSrat^^I^ -organ, baft ^oRtit)) 
—pot, ber 3faittopf. 

To ChSm'b^r, v. I. n. 1. loo^neit/ (aufen? 2, 
€tn auftf4weifenbeft Sebcn f^^reni II. a. 1. 
(in e.itammer) einfAUepen? 2. Gun. & Min. 
mit etner Jlammer verfeben. 

Cham'b^r^r, s, 1. betffiBifttingj 2. ber3ntri» 
guant) 3. vid. Chamberlain. 

ChSm'b^rlain, s, 1. ber Jtammerbimer$ 2. ber 
3immeraufreberj 3. ber Jtammerberr, Mm^ 
merlingj 4. ber Jtdmmerer^ Lord — of the 
boiiaeboId,bedDberf ammerberri Lord high—, 
ber ^rb (9roffammerberr$ —ship, l. bie 
JCammer^ermfteUe ^ 2. baft itAmmereramt 

Ighlbn'br^, s. Vet md. GambreL 
Qh^ms'l^n, tf. Zool. baft (Sbamdlcott. 
To Qb^e'ieonize, v. a. bie ^arben dsbeni. 
To ChWf^r, ChSm'fr^t, v. a. 1. ilrc^. feumc* 
liren) 2. gen. auftb^b^l 3. ATec^. fegelf0r« 
migattftbobren$ ch-ing broach, bie 9le&abl(| 
ch-ing drill, ber ®enfbobrer. 
ChWf«r,CbWfr«t,^. Arch. l.bie{>obIrinne) 
2. bie 8(brdgfante. 
ChSm'frpn, s. baft Gttmbanb eineftGtreitrolTeft. 

Qbamlct, gham'blft, s. vid. Camlet 

C;h^d»'[-m5i'],^. l.bie®emft$ 2.[8hWi],baft 

QhSm'omile, s. vid. Camomile. [@dmif(bleber* 
To Chlimp, v. a. ft n. toutn, f duen. 
^h^pSgoe' (—pane', — paign'), 9. 1. Gwg, 

bie Gbampagne j 2. ber (Sbampagnerwein. 

^hympaign', ChWpSin, I. adj. eben, fto4f 
n. s, (-country), bie (SUxiti —ground, 
vid. Campaign. 

Ch5m'p?r, s. ber Jtauenbe, greffer. 

ChSm'pf rtpr, s. Lav), bcr ^xott^mudftxtt. 

Chibi'p^rty, Cham'p^ty, s. Law, ber tOUib^^^ 
Ii4e Sorf^up iu einem ^rocefe. 

Chilm'pi^n, vid. (Champaign. [pignoa. 

^h^mipfg'nQn [— plfn'yon], s. Bot. berCfb^^n* 

Ch Wp|9n, s. 1. lit kfig. ber Jtdmpe, 6trei« 
ters Serfetbter? 2. vid. Campion* [beri 

To ChWpion, V. a. gum <$tampfe ^erasftfor* 

ChWpion^sB, 3, bie ^elbinn. 

Ch&nce, s. Lsing. I.ber3ttfall5 2.baft(gldtf« 
U(be) tfngefdbr; (BlUtt i 3. bie (gute) (Selegen* 
beit) {)offnung, ^uft^d^tj 4. ber (rndgli^e 
Ob. toabrf(beinIi(be)8air, baft ®(bi#il| 6. ber 
^nftgang; Srfolgj 6. (ill-), ber UnfaU, mi* 
gIii<tli(be3ttfan^baftUnglA(f$ by—, i>onun« 
gefdbr) —game, baft SBag«(^a2arbO®picl) 
n. ch-s, pL Math, bieSBabrf4einli4(ntftre(b« 
nnng i m. adj, A adv. gufdHig; ton ungefdbr* 

To Chance, v. n. 1. fi(b (luf^Hig) ereignen, M 
gutragen, M begeben ) 2. ^ufdHig gef<beb<R/ 
fommcn, tbun,2C.5 (upon, auf . . .)ftopen, »o« 
bin geratbcn. [2. baft <5bor (einer ^rtbe)* 

Ch^n'cei, s. l.berTOarpla^, bie TntarfWttej 

Ch&n'c^llpr, i. ber Jtanjlerj Dberriibter^ ?)rd« 
ftbenty Lord high — of England, ber(9rof« 
fanjler bonOhiglanb) — ofanccclesiaitical 
court, ber IDfflciali -ship, bie Jtanjlerroiir* 
be; Jt-ftelle. 

ChJtn'c^ry, *. bie Jtanjieij court of—, baft^-* 
geriibt, ber Jt-(geri(bt5)bof} maitcrs of-i 
We (12) fiftefcrenten beft Jt-geti<bt65 —man, 
berTCnwalt im Jt-geri(bt i —office, baft Jt-amt. 

^Sn'cre, s. Med* ber 6^anfer. 

^han'cront, adj. Med. ((banferartig! 

ghandeiler', #. 1. ber Xrmleuibter^ 2. Fort 
ber (Sbanbetter^ bie S<tf4tnenb(enbunfi|. 





a bet Stt6meti — • ware (Chandlery), gett» 

Ck&n'dry, s, baft ^i^tbr^^Itnif, u. [waaren. 

To Change, v. I. a. 1. finbern,*9(r2nbern3 2. 

tattfcb^R/ oufttauf^en^ oertaufc^en) 3. toetb' 

\t\n, ttrnfe^en j IL n. 1. ft4 (oer)dnbem$ 2. 

snfdftlagen (^m ffBein, :c.)) ni4t (alten, ac. 

(9on ber Sarbe)3 to— handi at . . ., Com, (loon 

SBaaren) oerfaufen urn . .., u. 

Chaste, s. L Wng. 1. ble Itnbcrung/ iSerdnbe^ 

rutidl ^ ^^^ Zbmdf^dnnqi 3. Dane, baft 

®e4felii (bti^SfifO) ^* ^<^r ^onb»e4fel5 

'5. Mar. Ac, baft (Kefertcgut (an Saucn, ;c.)9 

ber IBorrat^ j Com-i. 6. ber ^e^fel, 3auf4 > 

T.bie^^eibemfinie) 8.baft7Cdto$ 9. 'change 

(fSr exchange), bte®5rfe5 9Be(bfelbanr$ 10. 

TTieoZ. bie Scflferang, fflefe^rungj —alley, 
bcrlB5rfcngangj —stitch, 5euj. ber Jtcttcn* 
lli4 5 II. ch<s, pL I, Math, bte ]6eme(brelun« 
gen$ 2. Afui. SSariaticnen. 
CbSnge^n'jty, #. vtd. Changeablenesf- 
Ch&n'^e^ble, I. Gd;.; II. — ly, orf- 1, ocrfin* 
berlicb, unbeftdnbig) 2.f(biIIem (9. ;^atben)j 
in. — ncas, s. 1. bie S5erdnberU(bf cit 5 2. bie 
UnbefldnbigPeit, ber ^anfelmut^. 
Ch&neeYAI, adj, oerdnbcrli^j manfelmut^ig. 
Chinge'l^ss, adj. beftdnbig^ unocrdnberlicb* 
Cbin|e^)ng, s, 1. ber «Be4fc(baIg5 2.' baft 

aaftgetauf^te iDingi 3. beriDummfopf^ 4. 

ber SBBairfelmut^ige. 
Chin'g^r, *. 1. ber «erdnbcrnbe, k. i 2. ber 

(f>anbO® e4^Icr, ®elbme4ftler 5 3. ber SBan- 

Ch^'n^l, s. 1. ber^analj baftSIufbcttj 2. 

baftSa(noaffer;@eegat9 3.bte®oirej 9tinne5 

4. bie Sfl5(re, Arch, bie f>o6(rinne5 5. pL 

(eh-ft), Mar» vid. Chain-wales; 6. Jig. ber 

itanal, SBeg$ —of a hone, bie 3ungen^o(Ie 

(bei |)fcrben). 

To Ch^'n^l, V. a. vid. To Chamfer, 1. u. 2. 
To Chint, V. I. a. 1. |!ngen5 2. bcpngenj II. 

n. 1. fLngeit) 2. C/i. baft $o4amt feiem. 
Chint, *. 1. ber (Sefang 5 2. bie SKcIobie 3 3. 

ber Jtir^engefang. 
Chin't?r, 5. 1. ber ©dngerj 2. bcrCorfdnger^ 

Qantcr) 3. Mus. bie Xenorpfeife beft )DubcI» 
Chan'ticlSIr, *. met. joe. ber 4>a^n. [fatf eft. 
ChXn'tiatc, #. i4rc/i. ber Xuffc^iebling, Srauf* 
ChJn'tr^si, s. bie ©dngcrinn. [balfen. 

Chia'try, s. 1. bie (Santoreij 2. bie ficinc Gfa* 
0»^V, *. la. A J!ff. baft C^aoft. [peDe. 

ChaSfc'jc, cM^.l. (JttotiWj 2. Jig. »er»orren. 
To Chap [ch5p], v, I. a. ftaltett/ Oliffe^eprunge 

bcrurfa^ein n.n.auffpringen^Olifrc oefommen 
Ckap [ch5p & chSp], I. j. 1 . bieepatte, ber mf, 

bieJtlaft5 2. vid. Chaps, pU; 3. cwig.ber 

Jterl,SBurf4e j U.comp. -books, SBfi^cr ^. 
Slngr^riften; bie trdbein getragen mcrben) 
-fallen, 1. mtt (dngenbem QKaulc) 
f^toeigfam, niebergeftblagcn 3 —man, (-« 
woman), ber (bie) Jhinbe, Jtdufcr, (Jt- rinn). 

Chftpe, 5. 1. ber ^afen? 04natl^afen, @4nal< 
Ienbfigel$ '^altcr^ 2. baft IDrtbanb (an d* 
ner iDegcnf^cibc) j 3. Sport, baft 6(bn)anis 
enbe beft Su^fcft. [4>er}ogft(nt. 

Chapeau [sh^po'], s. 1. bcr $ut5 2. //er. ber 

ChV«l» S' 1. bie (SapeQcs 2. Print, bic 99u(b« 
brudfcrwerf fldtte 3 — of ease, bic gilialfir^e. 

To Chap'^i, v.a.J. in cincr ^apcUe bcifc^tn^ 

2. Afar, eine (3ule fangcn. 

ChSpe'lfss, adj. of^nc ^aUn,H.i un^altbar. 

Chap'^Ifts, J. pi. Man. bie 0tcig(bugcl)nemctt 
mit ben ®uge(n. 

Chap'^U^ny, s. 1. bic (SapeIIanci> 2. (ChSp'^l- 
ry), ber (SapeIIbe3irf; Gprcngcl. 

thapV9n» *. 1- bic (©(bwcifOitappe J baft 
IBarret (ter {Ritter beft 4)orcnbanborbcn8)j 
2.ber(Siciftbco. [bcnf>orma(bcn, ftcbeglciten- 

To ghap'^ron, o. a, eincr ©amc (6ffcntli(b) 

Chap'iain, ,<;. 1. bcr 6apcUan$ 2. bcrjclb* 
(@*iffft0^rcbigcr5 -ship. 1. (Chap'lajncy), 
bic 6apcIIanflcnc$ 2. bic (Sinfunftc c.Cfapcdi-. 

Chap'1^88 [chfip— ],adi. pciftbicft, ^oJlTOttngig. 

Chap'i^t, s. I. bcr (S5IumenOJtrttnj5 2. Ka. 
k Arch, baft ^atcrnoflcrj bcr dcfcnfranj} 

3. bic |)aubc, bcrgcberbuf* (beft yfaucft)5 4. 
bieHctncQapcaei Man, mUChapelcts. 

Chappy [chop'i], adj. gcfpaltcn, rif|!g, ofren. 

Chaps [chups], 1. bcr ,^nnbatf en, baft 
^aul, bcr {Ratbcn (cineft S^icreft, cont. ron 
9]?enr4^cn) 3 2. bic ^acfcn bcr Jtugclfbrm, ci* 
ncft 84i^ciu^flo(fft; K. [baft 6cnbf(breiben. 

ChKp't^r, s. 1. Lit. & Ecc. baft (SapitcU 2. 

To ChSp't^r, V. a. ftScltcn, an. abfanjcln. 

Chclp't^rly, I. adj.; \Ladv. capitcIlQCtfC) 6a« 

ChSp'tr^Is, s. pi. Arch. vid. ImposU. [pitcl'. 

Char, I. s, 1. [ch.Ar], bic gcringc Xrbcif, Xag« 
arbeiti 2. [char], /c/i. bcr ©(bar, SHcutcU 

3.bcr barren, utd.Car;;?. —,bcr 

2^agelft(ner3 — woninn, bie ISagcIft^ncrinn 9 
—work, baft Sogcwerf. 

To Char, v, I. a. 1. ccrfojlcni 2. (burdbgcucr) 
reinigcn; 3.[chAr],Qrbcitcn$ ll.n. tagclc^nem. 

Qh.^r'^ct^r, s. 1. baft (cingcgrabcnc, 2C.) Jtcnn* 
gci(bcn, 3ci(bcn9 2. Nat. gcn>. p/. ch-s, ((9c« 
((blc^tftO^erfmalc 9 3. iibcr^. 3ci(bcn (Si« 
gurcn) : baft 6(briftsci(bcn, bcr (IDructOiBnib* 
^abe3 bieiSbiffcr) f)anbr(bnft3 4.bcr(Sba« 
rafter 3 5. berSflang, Sitcl, *}iamc, bic (dufcrc) 
SBfirbe3 6. bie ^crron3 T. biclRoae (im 
64attfp{eI,2C.)3 B. ber (gntc) 9tuf 3 9. boft 
3engnif , bic ((S^arafter»)®<bilbcrttng. 





To CbKr'^ctfr, v. a. 1. dn^xahtti, dnprd0en||Giiilr'jtfble, I. adj, ; 11. — ly, adv. 1. mitbe^ 

QkHr'act^rlfm, «. 1. bal untcrfd^etbenbeSRerfi 
malj 2. bie 6(arafttriflif. 

ghir^ct^rlt'tlc, I. «. 1. Ut Gf^araftertfKf $ Ux 
Jttnniug (de». pl.)i 2. Gram, bet Cf^arafter* 
iCu^flabei 9. Afat^i. ber Exponent (e. £o' 
garit jmuS)} II. (-qJ; — c»lly,ad».),adi. 4a« 
rafteri|ltf4l III.— c^Id^u, «. baft (S^arafte* 
rifttf^e. [beiet^nen. 

to QhXr'^Gtfrlze, o. a. 1. 4arafterifiren$ 2. 

^liridr^, «. bie (S^arabe. [lenmeiUr. 

ChftH-cDal, f. bte j>oli(ot[e$ —pile, ber Stoi* 

Chard, «. /fort. bie9)(attrippen oon 7(rttf(bof« 

Ciiire, ft comp. vid. Char, &c. [f en,(Sarbonft,:c. 

To Chfirge, o. I. a. (^dttttg mit with), 1. laben 
(e. ®(»e(r, icj qu4 i^ec.) ; 2. belaben/ be* 
f(bn>eren^ 3. fig> oufbdrben^ 4. auftragen, 
beauftragen; anvertranen; 5. atifforbern j U* 
Wtm eittf^irfen) 6. (mit with), anflagen/ 
b((4tilb{gen3 sitrecbneti) 7. Com. a) anrecb* 
nen;Qnfe^en) b) (3mb.) belaflen, bebitircn^ 
to— (to) 0De*8 accoant, (Sitieft 9te(bnung be« 
lafien) 8. ilfi/. angreifen$ n. n. angretfen. 

Charge, «. L «sng. 1. gen, bieSafl: a) bie ta* 
bung,9^a(btj 6)bte®ef4merbej 2. bieSa* 
bttttg(einerJtanone,2C.$att4£/ec.); 3. Mil, 
a) bie ^ge }ttm Tfngriff j b) baft Signal sum 
X.i c) ber TCngriff { 4. ber TCuftrag 5 Sefe(I $ 
5.bieVttrflibt9 eteOe, baft 7(mt$ 6. a) baft 
SDepofitum; ^f^nb ^ 6) ber |)fIegebefo^lene, 
!DtfittbeI} T.bieKbgabe^TfnPagej; 
9. bie Sefiiulbigung, Jtiage 9 10. £cc. k La%D, 
bieGrma^nungftrebe; 11. Veu ber {>omg^ 
icUmWagi 12. i^tnt., &c., bie flbertrei« 
bung; Qarricaturi 13. Her, baftfiBopenbilbj 
14. a - of lead, 30 SRuIben ® (ei (& 70 $fb.)$ 
a ship of—, ein tief gelabeneft ®4iff9 U. 
Ch-s, pU Corns. !Kuftgaben/ GpefeU; Jto« 
fhtt/ Unfoflen j —to be deducted, ab an Un* 
f often) to be at the—, bie ®pefen tragen) 
bieJtofhn beflreiten$ — (oQ merchandise, 
bie j)anblttngftrpefen, |)-ftunf often. 

Cbar'^efble, I. adj*; II. — Jy, adv. 1. |u U* 
legen (mit€$tfuer, iQi 2. ^uer^^cben (oon 
e.doK)$ 3. bef4»erlt(b5 4. foflfpieltg, !ofi< 
ban &*iurSaft}uIegen;beiiumefren$ 6.un« 
terworfen (einer®efiulbtgung)i m. — neu, 
9. bie itoftfpieligfett. 

Char^e'lf u, adj. ni(bt foflfpielig, »o^(fei(. 

Char'^^r, s. 1. bie grope G^fifTei/ ^i^aUi 2. 
baft 64la4trof; etreitrofi 3. Gun. bie Sa« 

ChSr'jot, 1. 1. gen. baft gujrwerf 5 2. (ejem.) 
berJtriegftmagen^ 3.bie{)albfutf4e,.$taler4e. 

ChSri9t«€r', *. ber SEBagenlenfcr. 

na4fi4tftPoa$ III. —neu, «. 1. bie !SXi(bttd' 
tigfeit j 2. baft (iebrei^e «Befen. 

ChS^jty, s. 1. bie (4rifUi4e) Stebe 1 9ea((ifhn' 
liebe) 2. bie (Bfitigfett, |>n(b 5 3. bie tKilb* 
ti^lttiQhiti 4. bie milbe®abe, baftSicbeftnerf, 
Vimofeni 5. bie milbeStiftung (flBo^lt^&tigs 
hitft^2C.)7rnflaltj 6. a^aritaft (9-n.)i in—, 
umfonfli --school, bie 7Crmenf(bule/9retf4tt(c. 

^har'l^t^n, s. ber SKarftf^reier; £tua<ffa(ber. 

(^harl^tKn'jcfl, adj. marftfibreierif^. 

ghart^t^nry, s. bie SWarftf^reicrci. 

Chiiricf (dim. Char^gy), s. Stdtl (9R-tt.)« 

Charlock, s,BoU l.ber2Ccferretti<b» 2.bcrX(fer* 

ghiWipt, ghW^ttc, s. Charlotte (g-n.). [fmf . 

Charm, s. 1. baft daubermittelj bie 3anbcreti 
2. fig. ber dauber, fiHeij. 

To Charm, v. I. a. 1. bcjaubern » 2. reiicit, 
erfreueni n. n. (armonifib tfnen, fiinges. 

ChaWm^r, *. 1. lit. kfig. ber 3auberf% bie 
d-rittn$ 2. baft 3aubermitte(. 

Charm'fdl, adj. reijenb, monnctoH. 

Char'miDg, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. rei^enb. 

Char'n^l, adj. Sei^en ob. ®ebeine entbaltenbi 
— hoase, baft 9eintauft. 

Cfaar'ry, adj, (o^lig, (6oIi)fo(lenartig. 

Chart [ Wb. kc. ; tshftrt or cart, W., 5., ftc], 
#. 1. bie 6eef arte, (^immelft*, (SrbO^tatte, 
cf. Card; 2. vid. Charter. 

ChaWt^r, f. LaxB, 1. bie (GigentiumftO^r* 
funbej Vcte) 2. ber (Snabcnbrief 9 S^'^ii^nef, 
baft 9>rioi(egittm) 3. Mar. Law, bie8er> 
fra(btung| 4. ^. baft Sorrecbt^ constitu- 
tional—, PoU bie Serfaflungfturfuttbes — 
hoase, Ecc. bie itart^aufC/ baft Jtartb^ufcr' 
ttofterj — land, boftgreigutj —party. Mar. 
Laviy bie (Scrtapartic. 

To Char't^r, u. a. 1. bc»orrc(bten, priipUeglrcij 
2. (ein64tfD a)oerfra(bten, 9cr^duern, tcr« 
bingen^ b) befracbtcn, b&uem. 

Char'fcjst, a. ber (S^arti^, fcngi.) fiUabicale. 

Chdry, akj. forgfdittg, bc^utfam, fparfom. 

Chfi's^ble, Chfi'sef bie, adj. {agbbar. 

To Chase, V. a. 1. jagen, (e^en (lEBitb, u.): 

2. na^fe^en, nerfolgen, Z^%^ ma^en auf..., 
{lit. kfig.) ; 3. vicf. b. b. To Enchase. 

Ch&se, s. 1. biejagb) 2, fig. bielBerfblgungi 

3. baft gejagte fiBilb) gejagte €$4W/ u.) 4. 
Lav!^ bie gefebwibrige SB egtreibung Don 6ic^ 
5. baft (3agb«) 9tcmer} (Se^dgej 6. Gam. 
bie etbaffe (im »anfpie(e)i 7. vid. Chaf- 
finch; 8. bie9ttnne(e.7(rmbrufl)i 9. Gun. 
bie ^nge ber 6eele (innere XBcite einer ita« 
none) 5 10. Print, ber Jtcilratmenj —bar, 
baft0ta|^meireni to give-, 3agbina^cn(«o« 




Miffen#}c.)5 -girdle, ber Ourt emerJtft»||CkSat,«. l.terSctntd; biee4»lntflei) t. 

none) — gun. Mar. Hi Z^^bfAd, ^u^ftSid. 

Cbs sf r, s. 1. ber 3^9(^5 2. bodSagb moc^nibe 

®4ifr,:c.,c/. ToChiiie; 3. vid. b. b. En- 

chntcr. [grunb (att^y^.)* 

Qh^jBt s. bie Sutfc) Stlvift, bcr €$4lunb, 7(B* 

(Uf med,a<fi.0efpaltcn$ tficfeU; Jtliifte (abenb. 

ChSi's^^, «. Vint, bet (9utebe(. 

CbSs'sy, ^. bcr Sta^men, bie QKnfafTuttd. 

ChSfte, r. adj,; II. — ly, adv. 1. feuf4/ i^i^ 

tigj 2. Gram, ebel, rein (Don ber ®pra4e)/ 

unonfloftg} -tree, Bot ber Jteuf^baumj 

in. —nets, f. n>ie Chastity, qv. 

To ChSst'en [cfa&i'sn], v. a. 1. iiiAtigen, flra« 

fcnj 2. bcffcrn. [c/. To Chaiten. 

ChiUt'enf r [chfts'sn^r], s. bet dfi^tifier, tc.^ 

Ch|f tl'f^ble, Chfitl'f e^ble, adj. flrafbar. 

To Cb^stlf e' (— Tze'j, v. a. 1. 2il(btiden; ftro* 

fcnHni^(4t»c{fen$ 2. bdnbigen, s^bnicn i 3 

(ton Se^Iern) rcinifien. [fung. 

Chas'tjf enifiit, #. bie du^tigung, 3nre4t»ei« 

Ch^sti'f fr, 9. ber 3<i^tiger. 

Cbat'tjty, #. 1. bie ^Iteufcbbcttl 2. Gram, bie 

(Reintdt (ber9;^ra4e; Met^lB/ic). [Men. 

To Ch.^t, V, n. f^ma^en/ plaubeni; vulg. toa« 

ChSt, J. 1. bal 9ef4»2i/ ®eplauber$ Bot. 2. 

Hifftdi/ifi^tni 3. baMtd^d^en an^dumen. 

CAafeau [shUt'to], s. 1. bag e^Iof ) 2. ber 

JhXffWt, #. bQS eieine©«lofc Sort. [SanbHt- 

Cb«to;'«Dt, I. adj. r^iHemb $ II. j. Aftn. ber 


CWA?!. *. 1. Lair, bas (bcwegliibe unb unbe* 
n>eg(t<br))Berm6gen, bie{)abej 2. t^ttf. Cattle. 
To ChSt'tf r, V. n. 1. plaubcni; f^ibo^en^ plap« 
pern (bon ^enfcbcn ob. 7(ffcn)$ 2. fibnattem; 
iwitfc^em, M^itn (bonS^geln)) 8. (mit ben 
Bdtnen) Nappem. 

ChSt'tfr, #. bad Qeplanber, ®ef(bnatter, ic. 
ChStV^r, *. 1. ber6$<b»<^r, }C.) 2.0m. 
^er 6eibenr4^ioon). 
^t'ty, adj. planberbaft, gef<bn)dtig. 
ChSv'tnd^r, s. vid. Chob. 
To Cb4w, ». a, mlg. f auen, vid. To Cbew. 
CbAw, s. vulg. ber aSiffen, SDJunbboH. 
Chaw'dron, s. bo0 (Singei9eibe (elneftX^iereS). 
CkHp,i.a<(;.; 11. -ly, arfr. l.n)obIfeil,mebrig 
(i«?)rett)5 2.^.fieringe,gemeinj Ill.-neis, 
'. bie tBoilfeilbcit. 

To ChSa'pen, r. a. 1. banbeln^ fcil^en um...5 
^»o(lfeiIer (jm ^reife fallen) ma^eni 3. 
^. bcrabfc^en. 

J***'pMer, f . ber Jrnidter; ?feilf*er. 
^T, Cb«a'r?r, Ac, vid. Cheer, Ac. 
To ChJat, V. a, 1. betrilgett (—of, out of, nm 
'V'i.^-^o-^into..., co^ binein f^i^a^en/ 
«tt 8i|i fiberreben jn . . . . 

(Ch€aV)» ber «etrfiger. 

To Ch«ck, V. I. a. 1. iit, kfig. CTinbalt tbtrn, 
einbatten, (emmeni oufbolten^ bdnbigen, 
einfibrdnren^ benoeifen^f^elten^ 2.<Begen' 
re(bnnngfutrcn,controairen$ 8. (e^ripeiv 
u.) coOationiren, md^idf^knf nnterfu^en^ 4. 
Mar. (einXau) o)abf(briffen) b)ffa)ppemi 
n. n. ftocten, anflo^en. 

ChSek,#. hsing. l.(OTe$|)inbernbe),berQHtt» 
bait, bie f>emmttng i ber Tin^f, baft Irgemif i 
berUnfaHi 6ertoei$,bie3ii(btignng5 2. ber 
corrcfponbirenbe 3?amenS}&g, bad ®egen}ei« 
4en(auf®anfnoten, u.)i 3. berXbf^nitt< 
fibein^ bie Sanfantoeifttng i 4. ber (Sontra* 
iettel, Snterimftiettel j 5. Falc. bafteerlafien 
bed fiianbel u. 8treifen nacb anbem iBdgeln ^ 
clerk of the—, ber bbercontroOeur: a) ber 
mebem{>ofbienerf<baff) fr)beranfben!6nigl. 
8<biffenangeflenten9erfonen} U.O't^pl.Com, 
S^onten i III. comp, — accoont, bie CfontroOe, 
®egenre4nung4 — bracei, bie 64»nngrie« 
men einer Jtntf<be$ Gam. — mate, 1. s. bai 
®cbacbmatt$ 2.a(6'. f(ba<bmatt4 To — mate, 
V. a. 1. [(ba^matt maiben) 2. beenbigen; — 
rings, l.bie€$tofrtnge (anberSZabe)} 2. bir 
Srenfenringe) —roll, bie ^ofbebientenliflei 

- taker, ber X^eatercafllrer. 
To Cb jSck'^r, v. a. 1. bnnt, f4t<fi0 maiben, »ur^ 

feln^bnntfarbtg auelegenj 2.^. ttntemengen. 

Chjlck'^r, #. I. sing. 1. ber Sabler, u.| 2. baft 
SBSrfeligej 3. vid. Exchequer; 4. (—board), 
bas 64a(bbret} —wise, wilrflig) —work, 
baftSafelwerf i n. c-s, pi. Gam. bad6<ba4' 
fpieli S)amenrpiel/ K. 

Ch£ckV»> adj. nnanfbaltfam^ b^f^d- UM^t. 

Ch^ck'y, adj. 1. ndrflig, f4e(fig{ 2. Her. ge« 

ChlSc'qofr, v. k s. vid. Checker. 

Chtfck, s. I. sing. 1. bie Sacfe^ flBange, ber 
JBaifen5 2. vid. pi.; -grafting, baft |)frop» 
fen in ben Jterb^ —pouches, Satfentaf^en) 

— tooth, ber IBa(!eniabn$ — Yarnish, bie 
Gcbminfe) II. c-s, pi. Mech., Ac, bie (ent« 
fpre4enben)C5eiten4 bie®4(re, ber Jtloben 
(einer flBage){ bie f^fofhn (e. Sb^r)) bie 
IBaifen^ 6ettenf<balen (am !IXafle) i bie brei* 
ten eeiten (eineftfBIo(fft)) (^afft^tn^, u.) 
%Bdnbe$ —of a crane, bie j>afpelbdnme | — 
of a pump, bie 9nmpenmi(f. 

Cheeked, adj. comp. mit Sa(!en, -mangig. 

To ChKp, V. n. vulg. piepen, f^iepen. 

To ChiSr, V. I. a. (- op), 1. frd^Ii^ ma^en, 

avfbeitem) tr6flen$ 2. auftaunterni anrei« 

}en${)urrabgef<breibegrflfeiii II. n. 

(-up), 1. fl(b anfbeitem^ QRntb fafeni t. 

N frifibn. munterfeinj -npl luflig! firif4l 




CfliCSr, «. 1. bUGpcife^ Semtrt^unS) 2.bte 
%ttnU, Sr56lt4^feit, ber Sro^Rnnj 3. ber 
ZnM, baftS(tfaadger4rei$ (dem. p/. ^ur* 
ra^ef4ret ber Golbaten u.0eelettte){ 4. tie 
^tnt, QitUxU, bas Oeft^ti of good-, 
gtttee !Dtnt(c&. 

^hser'mi, I. adi*; II. — ly, adv. I. fetter, 
fro(,fr6^(i4/ munteri 2. fteunbtidb (boii(ie« 
Mt)! ni. —new, s, bie ^eiterfeit; !9ttmter> 
Mt, 8r6((t4rett, brr Sro^fun. 

Chirrjly, Cli€€r'ly, adv, k adj. nit Cheery. 

ChCd'rjiifUy Ches'iithnfu, «. oi(L Cheerftil- 
neM. [mut^loS. 

ChSSr'l^u, I. a((;. ; H.— ly, adv. fteubenloS/ 

Ch««'ry, odr. fro J, lufKg, mnnter. 

Ch€€fe, «. ber itdft) comp. —colouring, bie 
£)rleaiidfarbe{ — curds, berrtuarfj —bowl, 
—fat, utd. — vat; —frame, —mould, bie 
it-fbnR$ —Up, baft it-lab $ —monger, ber 
it-^tobler, it-hdmer) —rennet, (— ronnet), 
1. baft St'lahi 2. (an4 -renning), Bot baft 
HhhaaU — ronning,bie!IRoaen| —taster, 
berit-fle4er,it'bo(rer $ — tray, (—waggon), 
baft (wagenPrmige) Jt-feroicej -vat, bie 

it-fdi>e| baftit-faf$ — wort, vtd.— rennet. 
Chee'sy, adj. Hfi%, HMt 
gwio'njfn, adj. Wilbfr6tettarti9. 
QMI^ni'tef, *. Pet. ber 6*»albenfhin. 
g»i«'ly, *. bie 0*ere ber Jtrebfe. [mif*. 

Qhem'jc,— cfl, I. adj.; II.— c«iUy, adu. 4e* 
ghffflif e', s. 1. TAod. baft Srauenbonbj 2. Fort. 

bie Sttttermaner etaeft iCBaSeftj fire—, baft 
qhinfftt, s. ber G^emifer. [Sranb^emb. 

Qhfmis'tjcfl, Ac, vid. Chemic, Chemical, &c 

^^m'jstry, #« bie (5(emie, e^eibefunft 

Cheque; Ch^qu^^r [— k«r], vid. Check, Ac. 

Chequin' [-kln^, s. vid. Zechin. 

To ChSi'ish, V. a. 1. pflegen, unterfHtteO/ tt* 
bolten, ernd^ren} 2. lieb u. ioert( bolten, 
|drtli*lleben4 Uebf ofeuj 8. enodrmen. 

Ch«r'ish«r, 9. ber Cerpffeaer, ® obit Jdter, ic, 

cf. To Cherish. 

Ch^rddts', s. pi. Oange) ofHnWWc Ciaarrcn. 

Chgr'ry, I. s. 1. bie Jtirf*ej 2. ber Jtirf*. 
branntnein) 8. (-tree), BoU berittrfd^' 
baumi U. adj. (KrWOwtb, f-rotbfarben^ 
in. comp. Jtirfib') —bounce, (-brandy), 
berit-branntweinj -coal, Aftn. bieit-fo^Ie) 
-laurel, (—bay), Bot. ber it-lorbeer^ —pit, 
1. baft Ordb^enrpieU 2. baft(3(rub4en im 
itiimi —stone, ber Jt- fern. 

QheHs^nlfe, #. ber Cfberfoneft^ bie {)a(binfel. 

Chert, s, ARn, ber j)omfle{n. 

Cbei'ty, adj. bomfMnartig. 

Chdr'vby s. (engl. pi. Cherubs), 1. Bibl. ber I 

Gberub i 2. hainUkHvr. (-'s head), ber gc* 
fldgelte Qtngelftfopf. 
Chdrfi'bic, — c^l, o^'. englif4/ cbcntbtnifib. 

ChiSr'dbjm, bebr. pi. t. Cherub, bie (Sb^nibiJB. 

To CbSr'vp, cor. ft. To Chirp, qv. 

Cher'vf 1, #. Zooj. ber SRuflon, baft Tfrgoli. 

Cher'vjl, «.Bot. l.beritdiberPem j 2.berJtcrbe(. 

To Chlr'wjt, o. n. fcbreicn (wie ein 9lebbttbn). 

Ch&ljp, 9. EnU ber JtcOerwurm. 

Ch&s, s. 1. Gam. baft 8<b<t4/ ®cba(brpicli 
2.^. berOtuf, Slngbranb, €$taubbrattbi 
contp. —board, baft 04a4bret j —man, bie 
64a4fignrj —trees. Afar, bie Gcberbalfen- 

Ch^st, s. 1. bie Jtifle, ber .{(aftcn, bie Sabe j 2. 
bie ®rttfl{ —of drawers, bie (Sommobc; 
#*ar-«.— foundered, bctSfibCdibttgi —foun- 
dering, bie ^erifdj»(d4tig(eit, ber S>ampf$ 
—trap, bie fiHa^enfalle; baft Gpringeifen. 

To Ch^st, V. a. (in etne tabe, \t.) tcnoabrcn, 
einfibnepeni cinbalfamircn. 

Ch&t'nvt [chj^s'nvt], I. «. 1* bie <Staflanici 
2. (—tree), ber Jt-nbaumi M^adj. fafhinie(t» 
braun* —grove, —plot, ber Jt-nwalb. 

Qhfv&l'-glSss, s. ber S)reb(SoiIetten')fp{egeI. 

Chev^Uer', 9. Her. ber (gebamifcbtc) Otitter. 

CheoauX'dt-FrUt [shfvO'-d^-frCi^, 9. pU 
Fort, bie fpantf^en fReiter. 

CMfv'r^n, 9. Her. ber 6parrett. [feb^n. 

ChlSv'r^ned, adj. Her. mit einem6parrctt ter« 

GhlSv'r^n^l, 9. Her. bcr balbe obcr cerfurite 

To Che«', v.a,kn.l. fauen, fduen^ betf en i 
2. jSg.fiberlegett/ ftttnen(— upon, aufiStioaft)) 
to — the cud, toieberfduen. [(Xabaf). 

Che«#. rmlg, ber SRunbi^oDi baft 9nem4cn 

Che^f , 1. pi. eteinfoblen in N. Btud6nn. 

^icftne', 9. bie Qticane^ 0te<btfti>erbrebung. 

To ^hicftne', v. n. d^Uanixtn, filecbtftrnife 

Qhicft'n«r, 9. ber (Sbicaneur. [brauiben. 

phjdi'nfry, 9. bie {Re4tftverbrebcrei. 

Chick, 9. {dim. ton Chicken), baft ihi(b« 
lein, ^iibn^en $ Bot-^. — peas (chiches), bie 
dtoergerbfen^Jticbererbfeni -root, ber $or* 
tttlaf$ —weed, ber ^ilbnerbarm. 

CUfck'fn, 9, baft^ttbn, ^Hin^tni —breasted, 
plattbrfilWgj —hearted, fcige, jagbflftJ - 
hammed, auftmdrtft gcbogene Gibenfcl bA' 
benb/ fu^beinigi —pox, bie ffBinbbfattem^ 

ChTck'iing, 9. dim, baft itii4Ie{n^{>iibn(bcn9 
— vetch, Bot. bie ^latterbfe, gelbwlrf c. 

Chtd, I. preU; II.Chrd,Chfd'd«n,p.p. t.b.f.ffi. 

To Chide, I. a. f4eltett,i>ermeifeni II. n. 
l.f(bmdlen/)an(en$ 2. cin<ierduf(b((drm)ma« 

Chide, 9. baft (Scmurmel, fanftcOerdttfib. [4(tt« 

Chi'df r, 9. ber G^eltenbe^ ddnfer. 




Chief* L adj. ; IL(-ly), advMx obcrjtc^ttor* 

iait|>tfd4U4$ -command, ^er IDbtrbefe^U 
lord — joitlcc, bcr (Eort»)S)berri*ter. 

Chief, #. !• DOS (CberO^aapt, ber ^nffi^rer, 
g^efi SLber^aupttbeili 3.Her.ba6eibilb' 
boupti commander in—, ber obetfteS3efebI^« 

adeftain^^.ber^dttptlmd/Xnfttbrer. [baber. 

Cl^g'Oef , Chreg'Oef , J. p^ iSnt. 0anbf[6b^ 

Chn'biain, $. bt( Si^oftbeule. 

Chlid, #. (it &>Sg. ba$ Jtinb^ from a-, oott 
JKiibbcit aviU with-, Wwangtr 5 -bed, ^a$ 
Jtittbbetti — bed-basket. btrHBiegenforb. 

€hn'd9rm^-dSy, s. Ecc. ba» gefl bcr unf4«l' 
bidcn Jtinbcr (ber 28. S)ec.)* 

Chnd^bood [-hAd], #. 1. bie itiQb^eit, baS 
itnabenalter $ 2. bte itinblicbfeit. 

Chil'dish, L a4j-; n. -ly, adv. fittbif* i »ie eltt 
Jlinb i m. - nest, 5. bod hnbif (be Ocfen $ bte 

Childfieu* adj. tinberloft, nnbeerbt. [Unf^ulb. 
Child'iike, adj. 1. etnem Jtiftbc gesiemenb, 
child'ly, adj. etttber^aft OPinbtiib 9 ^ tuibif4- 

Chnd'r^n, #• p^ 9on Child. 
ghlle,gUliac't|Te,&c., vid. Chyle, Ac. [ttifd^. 
Chn'l, Geog, 1. s. (Sf^Uii IL o^'. 4iUf(b/ 4Ue* 
^n'i«d, «• ilntA. & Oiron. bie Q^Qbe. 
Qhn'iSst, «• Ecc. bet (Sbttiaft. 
Chni, I. a^. 1. fait I (Don itdlte) erflarrt, 

froftig^ ftbaurigi 2./g. mutblod; 9er}agt| 

hit, ftofUg} n. *. lit. kfig' bie Jtdtte, ber 

(9ieber»)9roflj e^auer. 
To Chni, V. I. a. I.(bttr4)!dlten$ 2. gefrieren 

maiben) 3. fis* nieberfcblagen/ mutblod ma' 

4eil) 4. 1-w. vid. To Case-harden; II. n. 

(pox itdlte) fibaubem, fderen. 
Chn'lfn^is, Chn'n^ss, s. ter 9n>|l, edbaiteri 
bie itdlte, ^flarrang. 

CUPly, adj, & adv. HU, HitVUi, frfiflelnb. 

Chime, f. 1. Coop. (Chimb), vid. Chine; 2. 
berSinHang, bie |)armome (ber X5ne)5 8. 

Jig. bie flbereinfttmrnungj —of bells, baS 
<9Io(fengeIittt{ a-^of bells, ein®Io(tenrpiel} 
— clock,UeC5pielabr. 

To Chime, v. L a. anrtbtagen (an bie (Blo(!e}3 
I[.n. l.(bannonir(b)Hingen/t6nen$ 2. fig* 
ftimmen/ einfUmmen/ ittfammen pafen. 

Chi'm^, «. ber (i(l5d(ner. 

Chfrn^H, s. Myth. Scfis- bi( (Sblmdre. 

gh|m«f'ic^, I. adj.; n.-ly ado. (bimdriW. 

ghWic^I, Qhim^st, &c., vtd. Chemical, &c. 

Chln'ndy, 1. 1. bie geuerefTe, ber eibomflein, 
9lau<bfattg5 2. ber Jtamin «>erb)j 3. ber 
(dampen-) C^littber 5 -board, ba* Jtamin* 
bret, ber A-fimj j - fender, baf geuergitter j 
-hooks, l«Jtaminba!en) 2.Xopf]ftafen;ieef' 
fe(t«!en$ -piece, baft Jtttminfia<t| berit-« 

limft i —pots, p^ vid. —tops; —stack, MecJu- 

bte ^ampfcfib^^ (einer SDompfmafibtne) $ — 

sweeper, (^coL —sweep), ber9<born|leinfegeri 

—tops, pU bie it-hppen, 6<bomfleinfaflen. 
Chin, s. ba$i^inn$ —cloth, baft Jtinnbanl^ 

IBaitentttcb i - coogh, ber itei^bttfl^R- 
Ch^n^, s. 1. Geog. Qiinai 2. bie(5bittQ('^tQ' 

be)i 3. [/am. tshfi'nj], baft $orieaan$ comp. 

—ink, bie Sttfibei -man, ber 9)orieIIan« 

bdnbleri —orange, bte TCpfelftnes — root^ 

Bot. l.bte(Sbtna»ttr}eI$ 2, vtd. China, 2. ; 

—rose, ^t.bie0tttarofei —ware, baft^or* 

teSan) — warehouse, bie f)orieUannieber« 

tagei —wool, @(bmin!moUe. 
Chinch, «. EnU bie CBanie. 
Chine, s. 1. ber Mctgrat, baft Stttym 2. baft 

8l&<ten',2enbenflil(t(eineftXbie^tft)5 3. Coop. 

bie Jtimm, 8af «3arge. 
To Chine, v. a. 1. ben 9tfi(!grat, baft iCreu} ier« 

breiben* 2. in Senbenftilcte ^ertbeilen. 
Chined, adj. jum 0l(i(fgrat geb6rig. 
Chln€fe', adj. it s. ^inc^d^ > ber QbiRCfei 

eUipt. bie (bineftf^e Gpradj^e. 
Chin'gle, s, ber (S^rieft, grobe 8anb. 
Chink, «. 1. bte 9tibe/ ber 9tib/ ®palt$ 2. ber 

Jtlang (beft ®elbeft). 
To Chink, v. I.n. 1. |i<b fpalten, fpringeny 2. 

ftimpem (mitbem^elbe)* ll. a. 1. anfriben, 

anfreiMn^ 2.(bur(b8(bfitteln)fltngenm<t(bcn. 
ChinlEy, adj. fpaltig, (liirttg, rt^ig. 
Chinned, adj. comp. mit einem Jtinne. 
To Chlnse, v. a. Mar, bie 9itben mit ^erg oer* 

fiopfen. btb^ttig gebntdKer (SaPmir. 

CUnts, Chintz, 9. Com. ber ^tb) — casimere. 
Chip, s. I. sing, baft @tit(f(ben, B^nitUlfta, 

e^nibel, ber epan^ —ax, baft e(bU4)tbeil« 

-box, bie 0<ba(bteU —hat, berfBaft^ut) 

n. c-s, pi. Gpdne; ®t&d(itn, gen. TfbfdSe, 
To Chip, V. I. a. f^ntben, fdftnibeUt) be^onen) 

berafpeln, abrafpelnj abfibleifen; II. n. 1. 

abrpringen^abbretben (t>on irbenen ®efdpen)i 

2. (bie QKerfibale) bur(bbre<ben (90m mn* 

(ben), auftfrtecben. 

Chlp'pf r, #. ber 6(bnibenbe, IBebauenbe. 

Chip'ping, p.s, baft ®tii(!(ben$ pU 6pane$ 
—knife, baft {)adCmeffer. 

Qhi'r^gQn, #. mod. beri)anbfiibrer (fur Slinbe). 

Qhiri'gr^ '• ^^^^ baft (Sbiragra. 

QhirSg'ric^, adj. Med. am (Sbiragra letbenb. 

^Qhlrog'r^pher, Qhlrdg'rfiphlfst, s. 1. ber (Oe« 
ri(btft')®4teiber j 2. Law, ber ^trograpbo^ 
rtf(be (Bl&ubiger. 

Qhir^grSpWic, adj. ^irograp^tfib* 

ghirSg'r^phy, #. bie Qbirograpbie. Cfpra^c. 

Chlr51'9^y,#. Mech. bief>dnberpra4e,Sttt6CC« 

ghlH^m&ncf r, s, ber (S^tromont 





^blHomXncy, s. bit (S^itomantie. 

^Tr^m&n'tjc, adj. ^iromontifci. 

To Chirp, V. I. n. itrpea, smitf^^ern, pfeifcn} 
U. fl. luUln, fr5ili* maten, erfreuen. [fen. 

Chirp, s. baS dirpeti/ (9eitrpe;<9eitoitf4(r^9fti« 

Chfr'pfr, «. 1 . ber dwitf^ernbe, ;c.$ 2. berSr56' 

Chir'plng, adj. crfreiicnb5 luftig^ fro^. [Ii(^e. 

ToChirr, ToChirre, ToChiVri.ip, f.ToChirp. 

QhTrdr'^SQB, Qhlrar'^f ry,&c. m(/.Surgeon,&c. 

ChTf'ftl, J. Carp., Sculpt, Ac. bet !Dteifel$ 
Q^rabfli^elj Mar. bet ®ttel$ —work, gen. 
(Sfelirarbeit, Jtupferfte^erarbtit. 

ToChtf^l, v. a. meifein; ouSmnfelni dreltrcn. 

Chli'i^lf, 1. p{. ®rob' Ob. €$dj»rotm((I. 

Chit, f. 1. bn.{(eim, bte Gproffe^ 2. bie 6om« 
merfproffe (gem. p^); 9. fam. iccont. baft 
^nb, ndne S)ing $ 4. (tn SDftinbien) ein Srtef) 
—chat, /am. ber B^nid^^nad, baS ®eplap' 

To Chrt, V. n. fdmcn, DprofTen. [per. 

Chlft'tfrffogf , 1. p^ bie Jtalbannen, Jtutteln. 

Chftty, adj. I.finbtf4 $ 2. toU^ommerfproffen. 

^yY9lfrS8qnc',Qh)vSl'(f)ric,^h7v'9lroui, a(/i. 

4c9aIereS!, ritterlt^^. 
ghrv^lry, ^. l.baftmittert^um^ 2.bie(Ritter' 

roHittti 3. bieOtittcrf^afts 4. JLair, ba&0lit« 

tcrle^en; fiftittergut. 
CbiYCf, J. p^ Bof. 1. Gtanbfdben^ 2. ber 

Bdfmtthn^i 8. fletne 3io{ebe(n. 
Chrv'^tiy #. pi. BoU bie SBarjerfafem. 
CM%1 #. ft V. v»(f. Cbiiel. 
Qlilo'rite, J. CTiem. baft ^lorfaure Galg. 
^hlo'rfc, adj. —acid, Chtm. bie (S(Iorfdure. 
Qhlo'ridCe), «• CAem. bad (S^Iorib^* -of 

chrome,baft(5tlor4rom({um)$ —of lime, ber 
^l9rfd'|c, adj. Chem. 4(oribif4. [(Sftlorfalf . 
^Uo'ff!n(e), s. Chem, bal (S^Ior^ bie (S^Iorine. 
^hlo'rfi, s, Om. ber ®din|inf. 
ghK/rfte, #. AfiR. ber Cf^Iorit. 
QblorO'sli, 8. Med. bie IBIei^^fu^f. 
Cbl^rat^lc adj. Med, blei*fft*ti9. 
ChQak, ChOalc^r, &c, vid. Choke, kc. 
Qh5ck, s, 1. o((/. Shock; 2. vid. Chuck; 9. 

Afar. ba6 6tau(oIi, ge». pi. S^^Iief (d(}er^ 

e54Iitfen} (9oot6?)Jt(ampen. 
ChSc'oI^te, 5. l.bie^^ofolabej 2. berG-n* 

liWrj — dropi,€5-npldt*«ttJ —mill, —stick, 

berG-nquerl) — nut, bie (Sacaobo(ne. 
Chofce, I. s. 1. bie (fre{e)ffBa(Ii 2. bie0org« 

fait (im fiBd(len) j 3. bie (forgfdltige) %uft« 

!9a(I, ber item) 4. ber Sorrat^, baft €$orti« 

ment) n. adj.; m. — ly, adv. 1. aufterlefen; 

oortreffli^) 2.nd^leriMJorgfd(tig$ d.genan, 

fparfom)— lockf, bie9RitteIforteb.n>an.fBoIIe. 
Cbdfce'lfM, adj. f einefSa^l ^obenb^geiioungen. 
ChaWofM, 8. 1. bie KttSerlefenteit} 2. bie 

I Choir [qnlr; k5!r ; kCr], s. 1. ber (C5dagcr«> 
(S^ori 2. Ch. baft dlcx, bie Chiipoi^4e5 
—man, ber (S^orfdnger, (S(orifl$ —service, 
ber (S^oibienft. 

To Choke, v. I. a. l.erfH<(en| 2. flopfen^ i»er« 
flopfeni ^-«. 3. ^ittbern) 4. unterbrfiifenf 
5. beleibigen i 6. F-w. (eine (Rafete) mflrgcn 5 
li n. 1. (14 worgen) 2. %. beleibigt merben. 

Choke, 8. vulg. ber IBart an ber 7(rtif<|fofe5 
comp. —cherry, bie flBfirgfirfi^e) —damp, 
Min. ber 64maben9 —fall, gebrfiift toUi 
—pear, bie SSiirgbini 5 ./Sg. bie flSBitrgpine f 
— Tetch, —weed, BoU bie C$ti(f»ttrs. 

Choicer, «. l.ber^fHcfer, ta 2.fig,(Sintx, 
ber (Q^rooft baft) }um &imi^tn bringt. 

Cholcjng, jr. Typ. baft^ef^mier; bie Subelei. 

Cholcy, adj. 1. erfticfenb, wflrgcnb j 2. ^rbe* 
— pear, vid. Choke-pear, fig. [SBttttel. 

ghoi'fgOgnef, 8. pi. Med. bie^aHeabffl^renbe 

ghoK^r, s. 1. bie (Baaei 2. fig. ber 3om3 3. 
Far. bie 64drfe beft Urinft. 

ghor^ry, 8. Med. bie G^olera. 

QhdlVic, I. adj. 1. (boIerif4$ 2. jAbSOtntdf 
n. — netf, 8. baft <boIenf4e Xemperament. 

Qhol j^s't9rTa(e), 8. CTiem. baft G^oleflenn, (S^aU 

To Chdftfe, V. tr. I. a. l.mdtlen^ aitftwi^Ien^ 
2. ooijiei^en) II. n. bieflBa^l (aben$ to — oot,. 
Com. (SBaaren) auftf^ief en. braif en. 

ChftA'f «r, f. ber flBd^Ienbe^ i»d(Ier. 

To ChOp, V. I. a. 1. (mtt off, abO fatten, t^U 
Um 2. ter^anen, jertatfens 9. verf^Iingeiif 
4. vid. To Chap; II. n. 1. (about) fi^ plft^ 
li^bre^en^dnbem) 2. (in)(ereinpla^en) 3. 
(upon) flofen auf . . ., iiberfaSen. 

Chdp, #. I. 8ing. 1. baft (abgetanene) ^t&d, 
(vid. Chip); ber ®iffen^ bie e<^nitte$ baft^ 
9tipp4en; (c/. pi.); 2. ber fRif, bie Gpaltc ^ 
9. Com. (4^inef!f4) €$orte, Slnalitdt) 4. cf. 
Chap; -boat!, ^anbelftbftte$ — hoose, bte<9aT« 
fii^e) n. c-8, p^ 1. Old. Chapi ; 2. Far. tint 
Oanmenfranf(eit ber ^ferbe 9cn }n rau^em 
Sutter j —of a river, bie ^dnbung eineftglnf* 

ChSp'jn, 1. ber 64oppen, baft Mftl [feft» 

ChOp'pf r, #. ber ^acf er^ baft j>a(fmefrer. 

ChOp'pjDg, p. p. 9on To Chop; —block, ber 
^a(fbloi$ —board, baft ^adbxtti —knife, 

ChOp'py, adj. rifflg^ fpaltig. [baft{)a(fmefrer. 

gho'r^, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. JumQl^r ge« 

(Jrig) 4orartigi (S^or*. 
ghdrd, J. 1. bie 6aite$ 2. Mu8, ber Tfccorbf 

9. Geom. bie €$e(ne, Q^erbe. 
To QhSrd, v. a. mit 6atten beiteVO/ Mo^^cii* 
ghprdiC, 8. Med. bie (5(orba. 
I gho'riQn, 8, Anat boftlCbertdttt^en. 

€$orgfalt(inber(Ba|0) 9. bie ff^nieit. llgho'riBt, ghoVJtttr, #. l. bet Gflcrflttgerf 




2. ber (iS»mitt»)Bia^tti 3. Am. Ch. la 

l^rd«8orfiiider, (S^oralift. 
QttiMi\c, adj» vid. Chorale 
gh^rOg'rfph^r, s. Gtog. ber Gf^orodrap^. 
ChfirQgraph'fc^K I* adi.; II. — ly> adv. <boro* 


QhQrSg'rvphy, «• Geog. bte (S^orodropf^ie. 
Qho'rvs, J. Mus. 1. ba» (ber) Qftor (IDhtfi!*, 

€^iider4or)$ 2. ber (S^or (QXttfiffUicf). 
To Qhi/rvi» V. a. im Hffox fingea. 
C se» I. pref. p. ToChooie; II. [shOz], #. £010. 
ChO'f ea, p. p. p. ToChooie. [bol dte^tf obiect. 
Choagfa [tihOf], 1. Orn. bielDo^U. 
CboAle. #. ber Jtropf (eineft Sogelft). 
To ChoAse (Gh5<^f e), o. a. ov<g. betriigen. 
To Choi^'t^r, 0. n. mitrren, bnnnmen. 
ghii«, s, abbr. (0. Chriitian) (S^riftel (0^-tt.)- 
Chrrfin, s. See. baft 0albof, ber (S^rifam. 
Chmmtl, a4;. Ecc ben G^rifam betreffenb. 
Chiit'mtt^ry, s. Ecc. bad Q^riftmariuitt. 
(hrit'^m, s. Ecc. 1. baft (defiorbene)^onatft' 

Knb ) 2. (~ doth), baft SBefler^emb. [bom. 
ghrlBt,#.6(riflttft) —'« thorn, Bof. ber <S(nfl« 
To QhrSi'tf ii[krfi'f n],v.a. taufenf (be«)ttennen. 
ghrlt'tfnilQB [krifs'in-], j. bieQ^nften^elt. 
ghrTt't^nfiig [krXi'sa-], I. s. bie (JttnbOSau* 

ft) II. IK&. bie Zaufc betreffenb. 
ghiii'tj«nHy«D], I. s. l.ber (S^rifl) 2. Q^ri* 

fhan (3)t-n.)| U. adj,; III. -* ly, adj. ft adv. 

4rifili45 — name, ber Saufnamc, Somame. 
Qhrik'tl^nrfm, s. 1. baft (56ri|lent(uni) 2. bie 


Qhrfttiflii^ty, 1. baft Qbriflenttum. [te^rcn. 
To Qirb't jtnize, v. a. )nm Q^riftett mo^en, be« 
QhrTitfBfa [kria^mfs]* J. fiSef^na^ten, baft 

Qftrififefi) —box, baft flBci(na4tftdef4csf $ 

-carol, baft ®ei(na4tftlicb$ —day, ber 

CWfttag J —flower, —rote, Bot. bie f4toarie 
6hrla't9ph«r,#.6(r{flop^(9)t-n.). [J^eftmur). 
^rt/mite, #. Ofkem. baft 4n>mfaurc Gal^ 

—of potaah, 4romfattreft Jtali. 
(hrpmSt'ic, f. adj.; IL-ly, adv. 1. Opt. 

Sorben bcirefenb; 2. Mus. tbromatlM^ — 

bigle, baft ^(appenf^omi — trampet, bie 

Chr9iDilt'{e, s. 1. Opt, bieQiromati!) 2. Mus. 

in ^Iben S5nen f^rtlanfmbe !)Rnfif . 
CfcrpmSf jca, s. pi. Opt. bie garbenie^re. 
^rcme, #. Min, baft (S^rom. (S^rommetaO. 
(hro^mlc adj. ^romfaver, (Sirom*) Chem-s. — 

acid,bic<5tromf8ttte) — yellow.baftG^romgelb. 
gbrSa^eiJ, ghrtfnic adj. Med. «ronif«. 
CWa'icie, s. 1. bie(5trotti!) 2. gen. tint ®e. 

WMti 3. ch-f, pj. Script, bie ©i^er ber 
"0 C^Hta^de, V. a. 4ronold0if4 ouftd4ttett. 

QhrSn'id^r, s, 1. ber (Qrott{fettfi|rdbcri 2. 

gen. ber (9cf4t4tf<brdber. 
Cbr5n'9griUD, #. baft (5(rottOdram. [tif4. 
Qhri^D^grfmmXt'le, — cf], adj. ^ronogromma' 
ghrpnCg'r^ph^, s. ber Q^ronograpi. 
Chrpnttl'p^^r, ghrpnSl'virft, #. ber (5(ronoIog. 
ghr«n9l«i'|c, -c^, I. acg.j n. -<^ly, adv^ 
ghrpndl'p^y, #. bie Q^ronologie. [4ronologiM. 
ghr^oWftt^r, #. ifor. ber (Stronometer. 
ghrjf«'»lia(ghrjfa'«ird), s. Ent. bie ^(hippe. 
ghrjfs'9lfte, «. ilfui. ber Q^rpfolii^^. 
ghrjfs'QprSs, -priae, #. Min. berQ^rt^fopraft* 
Chlib, grobe,ungef4idPte!)Renf4/SftIpdf 

—cheeked, ^-faced, adj* vulg. bauftbdcKg. 
Chiiba>ed, Ch&b^y, adj. banftbddKg. 
To Chlick, V. 1. 11. 1. fiudtn (oon i)tt(nem) $ 

2. vid. b.ii. To Chuckle; II. a. 1. lodtn 

(9on4>ii(nem,ic)j 2. fanft (unter baftitinn) 
f^iagen} 3. vu/gr. ffa>f en, f^uppen. 

Chiick, #. 1. baft C^Incfen (dner f^enne)) 2. 
{»ii^n4cn(2ieb!orungftioort){ 3. ein(plft^K* 
4eft) gelinbeft (3erduf4 i 4. dn fanfler e^lag 
unter baftitinn$ 6. Turn. bief)atrone$ & 
vid. Beard of a hone, unt. Beard. 

Ch&ck'^red, adj. Sport, auffl^enb. 

To Chiick'le, v. I. ». auft ooOem |)alfe la^en, 
fi^ernj 11. a. 1. glucfen, lotfen (loie eine 
itnnt, ic.) i 2. fig. (iebfofen. 

Chiifr, s. ber C0robian, tfomel. 

Chafljly, adv. mflrrif4, perbriefU4. [fen. 

Chilffin98a,#.bieOrobidt) boftmftrdMeffBe* 

ChSffy, adj. grob, tftlpif^i mftrrif4. 

Chom, s. Ac. ber 6tubettburf4e. 

ChUmp, s. ber i^oi%»)Stlo^, K. 

Cha'n^ffl, s. (in SDftittbfen) <0tur4eI!aIfmftrteU 

ChSaV-stOre, s. mod. ber Stubofttt. 

Chfirch, t. 1. bie S^xditi 2. bte J(ir4enge« 
mdnbei 3. (— d^m), bie Kr4Ii4e C9emaltf 
— ale, baft itir^toei^fefl, bie Jtir^neft i —law, 
baft canonifibe dte4t4 —like, dnem (BdfUt* 
4en gesiemenb^ —man, l. ber OeifiIi4(* 2. 
!IRitgUeb ber engl. Jtir^e, SdiW^ii^tftontt f 
OiTi-^. —martin, bie itir^Wtonlbe/ !Dtatter« 
f4iba(be) —owl, bie itintenle, .^aoieule^ 
-porch, bie 8or(aOe einer Jtiribt) -pre- 
ferment, bie 9f^ii^<$ — reere, —warden, 
ber Jt-ttilte|le, .lt-n9orfle(er, Jtir^oateri - 
wardenihip, baft Vmt cineft .It-woorfle^ftf 
—yard, ber Ootteftadlcr. 

To Chfirch, v. a. l.(e.fB54nerinn)snritir4e 
fil^ren^ 2. (fdr fie) non ber Jtan^tl banfen. 

ChoH, s.fig. 1. ber Sauer, e-lAmmtli 2. bet 
liefer, Sil}. 

Chor^jih, Churly, I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. 1. 
bindf4/ ro(, plumps 2. fUsig, farg} 3. («os 
IDingen) unbiegfam, f^xt, fprdbe, f4»eritt 




^carbettctt (»on SRetaHen, xc.)i ^-fie- be 
bef^merlt^, (dfti^) HI. -ncM, s. 1. ba6 
Untrint «Beren) bit Ungeniiffrabeit) 2. 
lU^itU, UndHnfl (bee efbidfal^/ u.)5 3. hit 
%iW€it, ^nitferd. 

Churn, #. baft SuCtcrfaf i — barril, baft flanbc 
rif4e»ttttcrfaf> -ow!,Orn.ber3icgenmeI» 
lcr$ ->driU, Afecft. cin 4-6 ^fuf langcr (an 
beibcn Gnben mit eincm SReifel oerfe^etter) 
10obreri — itafT, bcr 9utterfl6fc(. [teln. 

To Churn, v. a. 1. buttern, hrnen; 2. f^itt* 

Chiirr'-wGrm, J. £nt.bictBerre/»ieFan*cricket. I 

Chf IS'ceoai, adj. Fhysiol, ben (Sb^lttft betref*| 

ghf le, J. riiysiol. bcr Q^^Iu^* Cfenb. 

^hjflfnic'tjve, ghf ljfSc't9ry, adj. n,ynol, in 
9RtI4foftoenoattbeInbj —organs, ber8er« 

ghyiiff root, a(0'. Physiol QWn^ ent^altenb. 

ghf'ioQf , adj. avA SRiUbfaft be^ebcnb i W^^* 

C'hs^me, #. iYiyno^ ber QbQmuft. [artig. 

^Ii^mlc^l, Qhjfn'jst* &c. vidXhem. [nanbeln. 

To Qhjf m'iff • V. 0. Pliysiol. in Gpeifebret 9er« 

Cjb&Viouf, adj. bteGpeifen betre^enb. 

Cicfftrise, dc'ttrifz, #. 5urg. bie 9^arbe. 

Cic'^LtriTcU, s. BoU bie 9?arbe im 6amcn. 


CfdLtrrftjve, acO*. 5urg. oemarbenb. [mtttel. 

CYcftriza'tion, «. boft Starben, Sernarben. 

To Crc'^trize, v. I. a. benarbcQ^ iubeileU) n. 

Ciceri/ne, s. bcc (Sicerone. [n. cemarben. 

Cicl), Crchljng, &c. vid. Chick, ke. 

Ci^h^ra'ceoos [ubik— ], adj. ciiborienartig. 

Cr^h'Qry [tthik— ], s. bie (SHoxU, ind.Snccory. 

Cfc'ily,«.QcciUe(S-ttXvid.CecUy. [m^ett. 

CTciib^'lf m, s. 1. baft (oiciftbeat^ 2. baft dour' 

crcjtbe'9,«. 1. berOtciftbeo} 2. fig. ber6ottr« 
maiber; (Baian, begiinlUgte Siebbaber. 

CjcG'tf, «. fiot. ber SBaflerfibierling. 

Cid, f.bcrQib) * itampfbclb. 

Ci'dfr,^. ber Giber, £pfel»ein) small—, vid. 
Ciderkin; —eager, Cibcrcfllgj —man, Ci'- 
d^ritft, l.bcr(5-wo(ber} 2.ber(5-berfdufer j — 
royal, ber (S-branutmein. [gefertigte) Qiber. 

Ci'd^rkta, s. vulg. ber geringe (bon berJJJrotte 

To Ciel, Jkc vid. Cell. 

Cierge, s. Eec. bie itcrje {M firoeefBonen). 

Cigai', #. bie Gigarrej — case, baft (5-en«(5tui. 

Cll'f ry, s. Areh. baft ^ttbmerf an Gdnten. 

cri'itry, adj. AnaU bie Xugcnlieber betreffenb. 

Cll'jSt^d, adj. Bot. bemimpert. 

Ctm'brje, I. adj. cimbrif^j n. s. bie e-e 0pra4e. 

am^t^r (-fir), s. bcr (frumme tfirf.) Cdbetj 
—shaped, Bot, fdbelfftnnig. 

Cimmi'riftt, adj. timmerif^. 

CfBc'tvre[-tahvr],#. l.beriBfirteli 2.berUm» 
frag} 3. Ardi. ber Ourt, 6a«m (c. eittlc); 

Cifn'd^r,i.l.bieno4gifl(enbeito(le,9e.{ 2.«-«, 
P^ anftgegM^te Jtobieni smith's e-i,bie t6f(|' 
fob(en.6<biniebefobten} —woman, —w«ich» 
l.bieA-nfantmlermni 2.j^.berVf^beiibr5beL 

Cin'd^roas, Cln'drons, adj. (oblenartig. 

Cin^rfi'tion, s. bef. Chem. bie IBerbrennung %n 

Cjne'r^ons, adj. (— gray), aMgrau. |lCf<be. 

Cinfrl'tions, adj. afiidft, af^b<ift 

CjnSc'filfBt, adj. af4^ig* 

Ctn'n^r, s. ber dinnober. 

Cin'n^mQB (— m9m), $. l.betdimmet, (Sotted | 
2. (—tree), Bot. ber3*baumi -stone, Mtfi. 
beriSffonit} —water, ber 3-brattntioeitt. 

Cinqne [stnk], #. ft adj. Gam. bie^Anf f fisfi 
— follt Bot. baft SAnfflngerfrattt} — porta^ 
Law, bie fdnf {»dfen Snglanb'ft an ber 6flL 
St&ftt gegen S^uifreiAl — qnatre, Gam* 
bier unb flnf auf ben flS^rfeln. 

Ci'qo, s. Hort. 1. ber 6ett!er, baft G^ofreif i 
2. baft yfropfreift) 3. fig. ber eprftfiing. 

Ci'p^rf , Ci'pref , #. vid. Cypms, 2. 

Cl'phfr, #. 1. gen. Arith. bie Biffer, baft 3abl« 
Seiiben ) 2. bie 9tua i 3. bef. Com. bie (S^iffrr i 
ber bar4 9tummem be^eiibnete flBaorenpreid* 

ToCl'pb^r, t7.Ln.re4nen$ ILa.mitgebeiinen 

Ci'phfr^r, s. ber 0te4ner. [3ei<ben f^reiben. 

Cirdl^Bj^, s. 1. (reog. Zf4crfefiiett, Qircaffteiii 
2. Com. (Sircaflta/ QircafHenne. 

dr'clntl, adj. Bot. f(bne(fenfftnntg aufgeroSt. 

To Cir^cjnftte, v. I. a.rdnben} absirhUi} H. 
n. nrab b^ntm geben. 

ar'cle, #. 1. Geom. kfig. ber ditfel, dtreig{ 
Umfreift, ttmfang$ 2. bie Umf<breibttng$ 9. 
Log. ber 3icfel. 

To Oracle, v. I. a. 1. ttmfrcifen^ 2. umgcbeR} 
n. n. 1. freifen^ 2.>Sg. ftib bemegen (in ber 
oomebmen ® elt, )C). 

Clr'cled, adj. freiftfftrmig. [0ta«gett|iriPeL 

Clr^cling, p. a. jirfelfSrmig) —tools, MeeK 

Cir'clft, s. 1. dim. ber flrine iitHU 2. ber 
e4(fifr<^lting9 3. baft GtrobteQertben. 

Cir'dy, adj. freiftfomiig. 

Cir'cnit, 1. 1. bie ^eiftbemegttttg, ber Jtreift^ 
lanf } 2. bie 3irfelfld4e^ 3. ber ming, flteif i 
4. ber Umfreift; Umfang i 5. Law, a) ber (Ic» 
ri<btftbe)irf 4 b) bie 0innbreife ber Hitbter; 
6.^. ber Umf4ioetfj -courts, eesir(lftge« 
ri(btftb6fe) -Jndges, «eiii^ri4ter. 

To Cir'Gnit, v. I. n. ruttb (emm ge^, M im 
Jtreife bemegen } IL a. nmberreifea in*... 

Circnjt€er',«. 1. baft, n>aft fUb im^eife be« 
»egt$ 2. ber im Jbreife beram reifet 

CSrcQi'tion, s. l.beritreiftUmf} 2. bie0hmbceifQ 
8. JLog. ber 3irfel| 4. Rhet. ber Umf4i»eif. 

Circ&ltons, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv, 1. eitteattm* 

»eg,tlmr4»eif ma^enbi 2. tpeitf^weitla. 





CSr'cuIfr, I. adj,; U. — ly, adv, 1. frtiftfdr« 
m{0$ 2. umlaufenb^ tm ^eife mteberhV 
ttVLhi B. fig, Qtrntini III. comp. —bio wing- 
iiuic!iiiie,$SBtnbrab0eblife}— letter, 
bad JtrtidnmbeQ/Umlattfefireibett ^ —letter 
of credit, Com. ber (Strcularcrebitbrief 3 a — 
stair-case, eineSBenbeltreppes — style, iirc/i. 
ber fiHanbbogtnfb)!. 

CSf'clU^t #. mie Circular-letter. 

CSrcfil&r'ity, s. bit dirfelform. 

Cir'cai^ry, adj. frei6f5rmid. 

To Clr^cQlste, v. I. n. 1. im Umlauf fetn, drcu* 
tiren) 2. bef. Com. conrfiren; rouUren^ II. 
a.inUmlasfbringen, ctrcuUren lafTen) to — 
bills. Com, SBe^fel giriren} cIrcalatiDg 
Ubrary, bie ^tl^bibHot^ef . 

GSrclllft'tion, s, 1. bit Jtret&beioegung, ber 
Jtreiftlauf, Umlauf $ Corns. 2. ber((SeIb«) 
Umlauf, tie Circulations bank of—, bieOi« 
roibanf) —of bills, ber tBecbfeloerfe^r) 3. 
Chem. bie <Sirculatiou. 

To Circvmscrlbe', v. a. l.Geom. umf^reibeiL 
bef*reibenj ^.fig.htfd^xMvxi f4m«tem. 

GirG^Bscrifp'tion, «. 1. bte Umf^reibung^ 2. 
bleUmgreuiunfis 3.bicfreilf«rmifle3nf*rift. 

Circvmscrifp't|ble, adj, begreuibar. 

Circvaisciip'tlTe, Lad;.; II. —ly, adv. um* 
f^reibenb, umgrensenb. 

CSr'cvmsp^t, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. bejutfam, 
a^tfam^umfi^tig) UL '-ness, CircvmspSc'- 
tion, s. bie SorfKbt/ IBe^tfamf eit, UmMt. 

Circ«mtp{c'tive,&c. m{eCirciimspect,&c, qv. 

Cir'cvnistSnce, s. 1. ber Umfiaub, duf 0} 2. 
c-s, pi, bie eer^dltniflfe, (SerrndgeneOUm^ 
fldnbes 3.^ff.Umr4»eifei 4.ber.a>m.3eit< 
umfMnbe. [fe^cn. 

To Cir'cvmstance, v. a. (u bef. Umfldnbe ter* 

CurcvmstSa'ti^l, I. adj.; 11. — ly, adv.« 
fldnbli^) 2. gufdHig) ttn»efentli4 $ 3. Law, 
aud ben Umftdnben gef45pft; ic. 

CircvmstSntj&l'jty, #. 1. ber bur4 Umftdnbe 
beftimmte dufianb emer 6Sa4ej 2. bie Um= 

Circ^mY^llS'tlon, s. Fort, bie Utof^ttUiUng. 

Cir'c&l^tQry, I. s. Chem. ber (Sirculirfolben } To Ctro^rnvSut', v. a. itberliflen^ beoortl^eilen. 

II. adj. umlaufenb, circuUrenb. 
To Clr'cqimclf e, v. a. bef^neiben. 
CircvmcffioD, s. bie iOefi^neibung. 
Circam'fpr^Qce, s. 1. Math, ber Umfreid, bie 

^efip^erte 5 2. ber Stttii, f reidnmbe it6rper. 
CSrcymfprSn'tifl, adj. ben Umfretd betreffenb* 
ClrcvBifQr^n'tor, s. Geom* bad Kfirolabtum. 
To Cir'cvmflSct, (To Cir'cQmflSz), v. a. Gram, 
€ir'c9mflj$x,«.ber(5ircumfler. [circumflectiren. 
Circfim'flQ^ace, 9. bad UmflofTenfeitt, bie Um« 


drc^fia^at, CSrdim'llfloDs, adj, umflief enb. 
Circ«fflf9ra'B8«iii, -^n§oas, adj, (enttt^ieiettb, 

baufirenb. [fens 2.^^. um^er berbreiten. 
To CSrc^mffife', v. a. 1. (erum aiefett, umgie* 
Circ^mfik'sile, adj. umgiefbar. [Serbreitung. 
Circ^mfu'fioii, s. 1. bieUmgiefungs 2. jig. bie 
CircipB^ri'tioD, s, bad Umbre^ens bad flBtr* 
Circvm!>'tion,i.bad{>erum^e^en. [bcUt/^eifen. 
Clrcvmjft'c^nt, adj. umliegenb. [Sinbe. 

Circ^ifgft'tion, s. 1. bad Umbinbens 2. bie 
€lirGi]ni9ca'tion, 1. bieUmf4reibung) ber Urn* 
Circumldc'GtQry, adj. umf^retbenb. [f4>oeif. 
Circ^iDiiiGred', act;, ummauert. 
Circ^mn&ir'lg^ble, adj. umf^ifbar. 
To CSro^mnSv'fgSte, v. a. umf^iffen, umfegeln. 
Circvmnfivfg&'tion, s. bie Umf^iffung. 
Circyama?|giV. *• ber Umfiijfer. 
Ctropapo'i^r, adj. Ast. um ben i)o( be|lnbli4. 
CSrcvarpta'tion, #. 1. bad Umbrebens 2. ber 

Umf^mung. [wirbelnb. 

Circgmriytf tpry , odi. 1. Jerttmbttjcubj 2. 

IcSrcvmvSn'tioD, $• ber fiBetrug, bie flberliflung. 
CircvmvSn'tiTe, adj. betrilgerifi, ^interlifKg. 
To drcvmvSst', v. a. ringd (erum bebetfen. 
CSrcvmTQlG'iion, 5. l.bieUmbrc^ung) 2. ber 

M umiodlsenbe (Segenfhinbs 3. Arch, bie 

®ulfl ber 64Re(fe an ber jonifiben edule. 
ar'cvs, s. 1. ber (Sircud $ 2. Surg, bie 3irf el* 
Cjrriff rotti, adj. Bot. ranfentragenb. [binbe. 
Ctr'rous, adj. Bot. ranfig. 
CisSKpine, adj. cidalpinif<b. 
GSy^, CiffVf » OC^^i^r^, vid. Sciston. 
Cis'sofd, s. Geom. bie (Siffoibe. 
GZst, Cit't^d, &c. vid. Cyst, kt. 
Clstec'ci^n, s. Ecc. ber (5ifierc{enfer(»^5tt4X 
ds'tfra, s. 1. bie Gifiemes 2. ber itfi^teimer. 
Git, s. cont. ber 6pief biirger. 
erf «dfl, s. MU. bie Gitabeae. 
Cftfl, CitS'tion, s. 1. Laic, bie Citations 2. 

bie Xnfii^rung (aud 64ttftfleaem) $ bad 6{« 

tats bie Crnd^nung. 
Ci't9t9ry, adj. Ixno, oorlabenb. 
To Cite, V. a. 1. citiren, vorlabens 2. auffors 

berns 3. anffibren (6(briftfiellen). 
a'tfr, s. l.berJBorlaber; S^unduds 2. berGi' 

tutor (oon e(btiftfieaen). [bad2Bilrgerre4t 
crt'izfn, ber Sitrgers ^nno^ners —ship, 
Glt^izfoize, V. a. bqd IBiirgerre(bt ert^eilen. 
Of rite, s, CTiem. bad dtronenfaure Gal). 
crtfric adj. Chem. —add, bie (Sttronenfdure. 
Citr|Qi'tion, s. bad ®elb»erben. [Qitrin. 
crt'riDe, I. adj. (itronenfarbigs n. 9. Min. ber 




afy, i. We (grof e) eiobt i -coort, ^a6 eioDt» 
grrf^t} —freedom, ^adMrg^TetJ^t^eitabt' 
re4t } ~ bal), baft etabf^anft. [dibctftt^e. 

aAUs, l.ber3ibetj a. (-cat), Zoo/, bie 

Civ'ic, (-c^), adj. bfirgerU4^} fBurget'. 

CTv'il, I. adj.; n. — ly, adv. 1. bdrgerU^j 
9i[trger«$ 2. Lair, bflrgcrli^, GivtU) 3. ein- 
t^eUnif^/ innerK49 4. doUifirt, geflttet^ge 
bflbet, Wn»<*/ f^^wj —engineer, bet (5»iU 
ingcttiearj —law, Law, baft bfirgerliie (rfi* 
miWO W<*tJ -li»t. ^^. bie (Slomiflej - 
year, Ast, baft biirgerlite 3a^r. 

C\^X\'\^n [civlVy^], #. ber (Sbilifl; {Re^tftge 
(e^rte^ c-i, «. pUfam. QMUfdtamttU. 

qvYl'fty, #. l.ber geflttete btirgerli^eduflanb, 
bU (5tt(tttr$ 9. bie |)5fli4feit, :2(rt{gfe{t. 

CtTflfza'tioD, #. bie atbilifation. 

To Cfv'iDze, V. a. gefittet ma^eii; oerfeinern. 

Ci viRz«r, #. ber 6ittenberfeinerer. 

crv'if m, s. ber IBftrgerftnn. 

CISck, J. 1. baft ^(appeni; fftafftlm 2. baft 
yioppeni) S.fol. baft|)(appennattl$ 4. bie 
JMopper^ 5. MUL ber SHu^rflotf. 

To ClSck, V. L n. l.TIappem, rafTelnj 2. plap« 
pern i n. a. to — woof, bie 6<ltafftmar!e auft 

CllckV* ^< 1* ber Jtlapperer 3 2. bieJtlapperj 

ClUd, a</i. 1. befleibet/ anget^ani 2. fig. ♦ 
(bef. comp.) bebedft, befrdnjt. [bent. 

To Clsim, V. a. beanf^ru^en, reclamiltn, for 

ClXim, s. 1. ber Xnfpm4, bie^orbentng) 2. 
baft^orbentngftre^t) 3.ber0til(fanftpru4f,()le* 
gref I bieiRecIamation^ 4.baft99eanrprtt(bte. 

Cini'm^le, adj, anfprd^ig. [dudidPforberer. 

Ctili'm^t, Glfti'm«r, s. ber Vnfpru4ma4er$ 

To ClSm, V. I. a. leimen, anfleben; II. n. nof, 

ToCISm'btr, v.n. flettem^nimmen. [feutj^tfein. 

aXm'min^ia, s. bie Jtlebrigfeit, dd^igf eit. 

ClXm'my, adj. )i(e. flebrig, leimig. [Mrmenb. 

ClSoiVoiii» I. adj.; IT. — ly, adv. f^reienb; 

ClWo^r, ClXm'or, s. baft Oef^rei, (Betftfe. 

To ClWovr, V. n. Wreien, Wnnen. 

Cllm^o^rf r, s. ber G^reier, Wrmer. 

Cl&np, s. I. sing. 1. Carp, ber Salfeii/ bie 
ffBange,boft€$4aIfhi(f $ a. Brtcfc-m.ber6a(^ 
{)aufdt (IBacffleitte sum Srennen) i — icrew, 
Arech.bieyreff4rattbe5 n. c-;pi. l.Ship-b, 

bie Oalfmdgeri 2. vid, Cap-aqoares, 1.; 

3. Gun. baft 3apfenlager) 4. Conch, bie 

To ClSmp, c. a. Carp, perfiolen^perjapfen, mii 

^ften, K. einfaffen. [2. conf. baft Oeli^ter. 
Clan, s. 1. (r4ott.)ber etamm, baftOef^Ie^t? 
Cl*nd«i't|ne, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. Jeimli*, 

terftojlen} -trade, ber ©ileii^anbeli ni. 

-»€••,#. bie ♦eimliiWeit. 

To ClXng, V. I. n. fd^aUtn, geOeR; raffelni 0. 
a. f^aQen laffen. 

aSng, #. ber 6400/ geSenbe Sen, baftOetdfe. 

ClSn'g^roQt, a^j. f^arf ober geOenb tdttenb. 

Cl&n'goijir, ClXn'g^r, s. ber Bd^cVi (berXrom* 
pete, )(.), baft OeDen. 

aftn'goQi, adj. ftaUenb; ertdnenb. 

CiSnk, s. boft OerafTel; ®efltrr, Jtiirren. 

To ClJink, w. 71. raffeln, Wirren. 

To Cliip, o. I. a. 1. Happen, fiatf^en^Mtogen^ 
fiopfeni 2. (to— to), ittf^Iagen, }u»erfen$ 
3. (plftili4) auflegen, anf^Iagen, aufbrittf en i 
anlegen/anf^iiefen) 4.(mit in, into, np, Ac.) 
fletfett;legen,iQerfen) 6. beflatf^eni 6. an* 
ftetfen (mit oeneriMem Oifte)} to — on ail 
the sails, oUe @ege( bcife^en; to — np, in 
affer QHle 2u 0tanbe bringen, iberetleny U. n. 

1. Happen 5 fiopfen^ 2. Hatf^en. 
ClSp, #. 1. ber Jtlapp, B^la^i Stxad^, Jtnally 

2. baft Jtlatf(ben5 3.bcrf)Io^; bie QUti 4. 
bie (tenerif^e) TfnftedPung^ —board, 1 (in 
Am. gen.) bie (grofe, Iang|() e^^inbeU 2. 
{Bail., C.) bie Safbaube) —bread, eine TCrt 
|)aferbrobj —net, 5port. baft l^er^rnne^. 

ClSp'pfr, s. 1. ber(!BeifaaOAlQtf4enbe$ 

Jtlapper) ber itl5ppel (einerOlodPe)) Jtlcpfer 

(an ber IS^fir)) 8. bie ^nrnpenftappe) 4. 

Mill, ber Si^xficdi Sport. 5. ber itanin* 

4enbau) 6. ber itanin^enberg. 
CUre-Qbscttre', s. Paint baft j^ellbunfel. 
Clar'ft, s. (— wine), ber (Slaret, bIei4rot(e 

fran}. flBein. [ner ^iiffigf eit). 

ClXriQca'tion.f. bie^nintsg, 8dutemng (ei« 
ClXr'ififr, s. 1. boft t^intembc) 2. Svg-w. ber 

Jtlftrfeflel. [flAren, abfldren. 

To GlSi^ff, V. I. a. abfldreni II. n. f!4 auf« 
CIKr'in^t, ClXr'jpn^t, s. Mus. bie (Slarinette. 
CiSr'iQn, s. Mus. baft (Slorin. 
Cl&'ry, s. Bot, baft S^Kirla^frant* —water, 

ber 64arleibramiti9eis. 
To CliUb, v.l.n. 1. rafebt; prafeln ) 2. fig. 

im ffBiberf)pru4 fie^en, »iberflreiten) U. a. 

vdt ®erdnr4 on einanber flof en ob. Wlagen. 
CliUb, s. 1. beretof , 64mtf 4 2. baft Oerdufib, 

QerafTelj 3. fig, berSBiberflreit,fBiberf)pni(b. 
Ciftsp, s. 1. ber^fen, {^afpen^ bie Jtlammer 9 

04nane,6pange3 U^^lof(tinUBn^tf}i 

2. Bot, biedtanfe, baft (Sdbel^en) —knife, 

baft (linlegemefer$ —(headed) nail, ber ^a* 

fennagelj 64inbelnagel. 
To CiSsp, o. a. 1. an^afen, la^Uin, iuf4nal« 

Icn i 2. ft<b annammem an. . .. ergretfrn^ 8. 

Bof.ranhn) 4.nmfdngen,anbra(fen,umarmen. 
Cifts'p^r, 1. 1. ber fi4 Yn^afenbe, 10 2. bef. 

BoU baft^A!4en, bieOtanh^ 3. bieitl^mnier. 
IcilUs, $. bie (Slafe (t.^rrfonen n. 0o4ien). 





To CtiUtt V* a. cloffifidren. 

CMtic -<f I, I. adj,; U. -c^iUy, adv. cUniM. 

aXf'ticf, «. p^ Lit. ^te (Slantfcr. 

Cl^MOflc, adj. (SlafTenbilben^. 

ClSMffici'tioo, #. bie (Slofflflcation. 

To ClXf'iiff , V. a. clafRfic^ren. 

To Cl&t't^r, V. 1. 71. 1. xaf[da, f (oppemi 2. jSg. 
natfiienJ4»a|cni 3. vulg. f!4|(mfea} IL 
a. fia|>pern, flinen lafTen* 

Cl&ft^r, «. baft OerafTel, oenoomnc Oeriuf^. 

CMt^TfT, s. Ut 24mer i fXopperer. 

Cliofc, #. 1. bie (Slaufcli 2. Gram, baft 6a|« 

CUns'tr^, adi, flftfUrlui. [^lieb. 

Ci&ii'i(U|ir, ad}. oercUttfuIirt, bur^ Qloufeln 
bebtnat. [I(nf6m{0. 

Cl&v'f t«d, oiO*. l.fRorri^fttottdi 2.Bot.eeu« 

ClSve, s. Mar. ber Idobrbloct. 

Clair'flUtfd, ad), oon gcbtanntm ®einfleitt) 
— atbeiy bie f)ottar4f e. 

ciSViKyt «. Mas. baft Siaieaf))^. 

Clfiv'icle, «. AnaU baft e^ttlTelbein. 

Ci&w, «. 1. bie jttaue, JtraSe 3 Vfote $ (Arebft«) 
€$4tre} 2. conU bie4>attbl 8. Mech. a) bie 
3ande(am j>ammer,K.)i ^} bieJt(a«e ober 
9abel, »oria bie fftoUt (caster, qv^ fpitlU 
—back, ber 9ttitftr4»dnier$ — hammer, bet 

To ClAw, V. a. 1. fra^en, ieifra^en, serreif en ) 
(att^)d|ca, Mrommen) 2. frauen, fi|eln) 
to ^ oil; Mar. M »mb»&rtft 9oa ber Mfte 

Cldwtd, p. 0. Jtlauen (abenb. [balten. 

Ciiy, «. 1. ber Sboiu ^ettea, ^n, Jtiei ) 2. ♦ 
Orbe, etaab a. Xf^ti -marl, ber IS^on* 
flUTflel, »eife Sbon} -mill, Bn'cAr-m. bie 
aXftrtelmil^Iei iHin^. -elate, ber X^onfibie' 
fcc$ —stone, ber S^oafleia. 

ToCUy, v.a. l.mitSbon bebetfea ob. bfiagen^ 
2. (bea 3ttifer) »elf enj Com-s. c-ed logar, 
ber f)aberia(f eri pz. /am* f)ubern. 

Cliyef, bef* Fort, bie ^ilibe. 

CUy'ay, adj. tboai^, lebmid/ fleiifl. 

as^-^ish, adj. tboaiiit, lebmi^t 

CUan, I. adj.; n. — ly, ado. 1. rein, rein(i4, 
fauber (pu^ fig* k iron.); 2. glatt, blanf, 
bene 4 3. faoteaftd, ni4t faorrig (torn Saa* 
boli)i 4. reiafdliaietfenb (oon ^affce, :c.)9 
6. dCf4itft) a - proof, Typ. tin fctfcber 7(b* 
ftufl) -hemp, ber Otelabaaf) ni. adv. gftn)* 
U4/»ftaid$ to kill--, ifiint. reia tobtf^iefen. 

To Clean, v. a. 1. reiaigea, fdabern, pu^ea) 
((SoIb)mar4em poUrea^ 2. Mar. aaftbaggenu 

€l«an1|a«M, s. bie meialUbfeit, eaabetfett. 

Cl&n'ly, I. adj.; U. cl«an'lily, ado. l.reialhb/ 
faaber) 2.f<balbIoft,reia,uabeflectt$ 8.)ier» 
U^i gefibiitt [feit, eaaberfeit. 

Clcu'fiftf , s. lit kfig. bie meiabeUi l^dnig* 

Cl^an'fible, adj. »aft gereinigt metbea fans. 

To Cl^anfo, v. a. 1. reiaigea, fdaberai !e$tea, 
oaftfegeai Meaera, pa^eaj 2.;^. reiaigea 
(00a eiaem 8eiba4te, u.)* 

Clean'ffr, s. 1. ber 0teiaiger, 1C.5 2. Afed« baft 
abfd^rcnbt ^tttl 

Clean'f ingf , s. pi. baft Vaftfegfel. 

Cl€ar, I, adj. I U. — ly, adv. I. i^iU, Kan bet* 
teri reta) 2. !Iar, bar<bft4ti9i 3. beatli^i 
fig. s»eifeIloft| aabeflrettbori 4. f^arfft^* 
tig^ aafgefUirtj 5. frei, aabefsngea/ aapar* 
tcitfibi 6. leer I T. Malbloft, aabejledtt^ 8. 
Malbeafrei 1 9. o^ae Kb^ag, reia, Com. ntttoi 
10. gdniU(b/ oftSigi 11. Afar, a) flar, ioft^ 
6) fa^rbar, gefa^rlofti to get—, loft netben i 
to keep — of, from, anterlaffea^ nieibca/ ba> 
00a bleibeai Com^s. —after debts paid, nQ<b 
Tibiag ber6<bttlbea$ -amount, berStetto* 
betrag; Qafabeftoabi To — starch, v. a. 
(XSAf^e) IHrfea, fletf ma^eai -starcber, 
ber (bie) CKa)aft flarfti Afar-«. —water, baft 
etftfreie, offeae ©affer j —weather, Rgttg 
(^eQeft) CBaffer. 

CiSar, s. l.bie{)eae) 2.Afec/i.beriaaereCltaum 
eiaeftC0ebdubefts in the— , iai Si^tca. 

To Clear, v. I. a. 1. beQ marbea, er^eSea) Kd« 
rea) 2. (-up) auffldrca, aaf^eQea; auf^ei' 
tera) 3. reiaigea, ab»af4eai 4. liittu, ab» 
boI}ea,aaftbolieai arbarmaibeai 6.befreiea/ 
Iftfea^ 6. aarrdamea/ abrdamens aaftlabeai 
7. re(btfertigea3 gelteabma^eaj Law, (oft* 
fpre<beai 8.9erlafren3 9. Com-s. a}(0ie(b* 
aungea, ic) ia*ft 0tetae brtngea, auftgleiibea, 
beri^tigea, falbireai 6) (iitU, ic; eufrt(b« 
tea i c) (eia 04iff barib Satriibtaag beft ioU 
left) frei maibeai d) qaittiren) e) reia ge« 
wiaaca, rela Jabea i /) (-out) auftberf oufea j 
to — a shop, baft ganie Sager (alle tBaarea) 
wtfQufen, aufrdameaj Mar-s. to — a port, 
auftlaufea/ ouft eiaem j>afea abfegelaj to — 
of the ice, itinB^if(,\c) aafteifeai to — the 
land, bieoffcne ©ee gcroianeaj —yourself, 
pa(f JDi(b) to — a ditch ftc, iiber... febea. 

Ci€a'r^ce, s. Cust. 1. bie eertoOuag; doOge* 
bfibi^ (0. e4i|fea,i€.)3 2. bee Qlariraagftbrief, 
3oaf4eia$ -charges, bie (Slarintagftrpefea. 

Cleared, p. p. Poa To Clear; Com-J. —out 
(outwards) at the custom-house, am 3oII« 
baafe elarirt (frei gemacbOJ tobe-> eiacft 
gattimeatft eatWlagea feia. [Clear. 

Cica'r^r, *. ber (baft) drbeffeabe, w. cf. To 

Clia'rjng, *. 1. baft drbeUea^lC (vid. To Clear); 
2. Am. eia aibar genia(bteft Gtficf Saabi - 
hoop (rod). Fish, bie (S?a4t»)Vage(ratbe} 
—house, baft gemeiafaaie Oef<bdftftloca( ber 
loaboner Saafierft, n»p ftc i^retaafeabea tdgli^ 





re^tmngen falMren unb (per Galbo) quittiren. 

CliaiKIy, adv. vid. Clear. 

CUar'oftK, jr. 1. hit ^tUt, Jtlar^eit) 2. hit 

SDeutliiifeit) 3.bfe{)eitetfeit$ 4. biefUdn 

l^dt; 5.^g.bieUnM4oIten^e{t. 
Cleats, s. pi. Mar. Jtlampen jum Selegen bed 

lanfenben XaumerfeS. [fonbernng. 

CiSa'Tage, s. 1. baft 3erfpalten i 2.Mtn. bielCb 
ToCISaTe, t\I. n. 1. reg. fttlttt, anflebeil, 

M m^in^tni M ft>aIten,berften,aQf« 
ft>ringen5 M fpalten Ittffen ; n. ir. a, ftoU 
ten^fteHenj gerfpaUen (T. 1. qu* tV.). 

a€a'T?r, *• 1. berCpttlter? wood—, ber|)oIj« 
f^adtti 2. baft ^a(!ineffer; 3. bie {)oIgaxt. 

ClSd^e, s. Afm. bie oberfte 64t4t ber SBalfer* 

ClSf, J. Mus. ber e^Ii^ffel. [etbe. 

Cl«ft, I. prei. A p. p. ©. To Cleave; II. *. b(e 
©pttlte, JKuft, SUi^e, berSHlfl To -'graft, 
Hort. in ben ©pott pftopfen. [^Jferbejufc. 

Cl^ftt, s, pi. Far. ^palten im IBug {iber bem 

Cl?g, s. (—fly), JEnf. bie ffiremfe, ^ferbefliege. 

ClSm'^ncy, ^. l.bie^ulb, flHitbe, ^enMU^- 
hiti 2. bie OTlbe (ber 2uft). 

Cl«iii'?nt, I. s. Slemene (?W-n.) 5 n. adj.; m. 
— ly, odu. Julbrei*, milbe, bormjerjlg. 

CWm'^ntlnc. s. Clementine (g-n.)- 

To Clench, Cl^n'cb^r, vid. b. r. Clinch, kc. 

Cler'iy, s. bie JKerifci, ®eifin*Mt. 

Cier'^yahle, adj. Law, bie Ote^tfttoo^It^at ber 
®eifiIi4Mt geniefenb. 

CleH^ym^n, ClJSr'ic, j. ber (Seiflli^e. 

Clcr'jc, — c^l, ary, 1. geifllitj 2. mod. cinen 
6^reiber betreffenb; ^(breiber*. 

Clerk [vM^. dark], s. 1. ber®dflli4e) 2. ber 
OeIe$rte) 3. berGecretdr, 64rdber, @rpes 
bientj 4. Ecc. ber ^aie, ber bie Sftcfponfen in 
ber Jttr^e tieft, M^i 5. Com. ber (Somp* 
toirift, ^anblungftbienerj —of the market, 
ber ^Starftioogt. [geioanbt. 

Clerk'ly, adj. k adv. 1. gelel^rt^ 2. gefcbitft; 

ClSrk'thYp, s. 1. ber gdfllite Gtanb) 2. ber 
gele^rteGtanb) 3. bie 6ecntdrfhUe. 

Clitche, s. vid. Cleche. 

CllJv'^r, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. 1. geWttnbt; fle» 

W^i 2. tfi^tig, tangli^ } 3. artig, noin^t* 
bilbctj m. — new, *. 1. bie (Jewanbtijeit, 
Qef4i(fli<Jt!dt$ 2. bie Tfrtigfeit. 

CISTef, s. Geog, (|>er20dt$nm u. 6tQbt) (S!et>e. 

Cle«, ^. 1. ber itnaul, itndnel; 2. jSg. ber 
Sdtfabenj Mars. 3. bo8 04ootjom5 — 
garneti, bie (Seifone ber untem &tQtU — 
lines, bie (Seitatte ber (Otarfi' n. IBramfegel. 

To Cle^, V. a. 1. Mar. (bfe^cgel) etnbinben, 
rinreffen, bcWlngen, f^firjen^ feftjatten 5 2. 

/g. ffi^ren; Idten. 

Clifck,«.l.ber64Iad (dneft^erpenbifeU)) 2. 
Mech. ber ©perrjittfen} — wire,flbr.©perr# 

To Ctick, v.n. f^lagen, ti(ftatfen. [fegelbra^t. 

ClW^t,^. bieJtlopper^ ber (S(ftr>)inop1^r. 

To CItck'ft, V. n. Sport, firdien. 

Clf^nt, j.ber(SfI{ent) BMitin^. 

Clf^ntfd, p. a. (Slienten (abenb. 

cn'enUhrp, #. bie <5lientf4aft 

Cirer, ac&r)^ s. l. ber {d^eTCb^and) 2. bie 
JHippej 3. wU aef. [2. jerftftftct. 

Cirffy, Cffft^d, Cirfty, adj. I. frtfffl, f*roff5 

ClTmSc't^r, Cltm^ct^r'lc, s. ba6 Gtufenja^r. 

ClimqictSr'ic— c^l, hadj,; II. — c^lly, adt^ 

cn'mfLte, s, ba$ Jtlima. [nimafterif^. 

CITmat'ic, CIImSt'|c«l, adj. nimotif^. 

To CBmb [cltm], v. reg. k ir. I. n. flimmen, 
fletteni} n. a. erfleigen^ climbing plant, in<{. 

Climh'^ble, adj. erfldgbar. [Cllmher, 2. 

ClTrnVfr, *. 1. ber Jtlefterer j Bot-s. 2. bie 
flettembe^flanse^G^nngpflanse) 3.bieSBaIb« 

Clime, s. « baft^limO/ber^immdSflrit!^. [rebe. 

To Clfnch, V. a. 1. (bie ^aufl) baSen; 2. pa?« 
fen, umfafTen^ 3. nieten,)>emieten,befiefUdfni 
4. jfe. (einen ©erodft, ic.) terfWrfenj to — « 
cable. Mar. dnSau an benTtnferring fM^tiu 

CDfnch, J. 1. EnU lit Jtlammeri 2. bie 3iod« 
bentigfdt, baft ©ortfpidj ilfar-*. —of a 
cable, ber ^nferfU4; —holt, dn^{nfboI}en$ 

— bnilt, —work, vid. Clincher-bnift, ftc 

CIYn'ch^r, s. 1. bie ^ampe$ ber ^afeni 2. 
jJg. berSBi^Ierj 5Atp-ft. —built, flinferweifc 
gebotttj —work, ba9 Jtlinferwerf. 

To Cffng, V. tr. I. n. I. fleben, anfleben) |i4 
anftommem, feft^alteni % fig- ((mgen(aii 
(!inem)$ n. a. anftborren, oerse^ren. 

Cifog'y, adj. (Qn)flebenb, Webrig. 

ClYn'jc^l, — Ic, I. adj.y II. — ly, adv. 1. httU 

lAgedg^ 2. nin{f4) m. s. ber ^MH^td^t. 
To Cffnk, V. I. n. Hirren, roffeln^ H. a. flin* 

gen lafen. [ber itUnaftetit. 

Qlink, s. baft (Seflinge, ®eflirr $ —stone, 2llt«. 
Clin'kfrf , s. pi. Mas. dne ^rt (oltdnb. (I^art 

gebranntcr, glaiirter) 5Rauerfleine. 
CiTnSm'etf r, s. Min. bcr ^inometer. 
ToCITp,v. a. 1. bef^neiben^fippen) 2.(04afe) 

f4eren} 3. (bie SBorte) oerjf^todPen) 4.>^ 

ftu^en, bef^neiben. 

Clitp, s. 1. bie 6$4afr4nr $ 2. bie Umarmnng. 
ClVp?r, s. 1. ber (®eIb')®cWneiber| 2. joe 

ber ©arbier J — bnllt. Afar. Warftebaut. 
ClYp'pf ngf , *. pi. Ofb»)6*ni^eI, TCofdUe. 
Clips, 9. pi. Cef^Hge. 
Cloak, s. 1. ber ^^xdtXi 2. fig. ber S>e(bnan« 

Uli — bag, ber QJ^antelfatf I baftScndfen} 

— pin, bie CBanbr^raube, ber Jtldber^afes. 
To Cloak, V. a. 1. (einen 0)?anteO ttm^fo* 





Ct6^,s. 1. ){e(fBatt^*)U(r/64tagit4r;S(itrm« 
Q^n 2. Eint tie Sobttnu^r^ ber|)oIi!dfnr3 
8.btedn><if(l (im etrumpfe)) what it it e'-! 

mie ^itl lUr i^ eft? comp. Mors, —casting, 

I. bad 9Ber! dner (grofen) U(r) 2. U(rfni> 
ttitnren) —dial, (-face), baft 3tffertlatt5 
« frame gage, Ut San)meifler/ (tin S^ixftt)^ 
—hand, htt ^tunbensdger ) —maker, ber 
H^nna^cr) —making, bie Tl^rma^etfanfl^ 
— pnlly, bcr Jtlobenj — pnzzic, bfeSSeyiruftr j 
—work, H% U^merf; {Ulibermerf. 

To ClSck, vid. To Clack. 

CISd, s. 1. ber(@r1)')Jtto;) 2. bet Sorf^ 8. 
baft (JBYQt»)itI^mp4en; j?s:-j. 4. ber ISoben, 

<9ntnb{ 5.bermenf4H4e(verdAngIt40^^r 

l>eri — head, —pate, —poll, bcr ©ummfopf; 

Xdlpet^ — pated^bumm^plnmp. 
To C15d, V, I. w. jldi> Kfimpern, gerfitnen j IT. 

a. 1. init(Srb!l5fen werfcnj 2. Agr. eggen. 
ClSd'dy, ttdj. l.crbigj flumptgj 2.>Igr. irbif*. 
ClSflT, .Y. 1. vf(7. Cleft; 2.Co/n. baft ®utgcn)l(^t. 
To Cl»6, V. I. ff. //«. kfig, \. florfen mati^tn, 

ben Sanf (emmens 2. bef^meren, belaften^ 

II. n. 1. flumpig fdn; fl^ an(dngen) 2. gc 
rinnen, flodPen. 

Cl6g, ». 1. bie «aft, SBurbe 5 2. bie ©eWwerbe, 
baft4>{nbenii|l5 3. berJtlo^^ Sengel, |)unbc« 
Il6ppet) 4.ber$ofif(l&u4) fiberf^u^. 

ClSg^gin^ssy s. 1. bie Sef^tocrnip) 2. bie 
^emmimg. [berli^. 

ClSg'gy, at^'. l.fltimpig^ 2. bef(bn>ercnb, (in^ 

ClSlt't^r, .T. l.bttft Jtlofierj 2. >4rc/». ber Jifreuj* 
gang barin) berGdnleiigang^ bteUmf^uIung. 

To Clofa't^r, V. a. (—up), 1. (in ein Jtlofler) 
dnftoerren) 2. Arch, mit ®2ulen umgeben. 

Clora't?rfiI,arfi.l.fI5|terii(^5 2>7g:. ttbgef(bie» 

ClOke, J. ft r. vid. Cloak, fben (oon bcr Ifficlt). 

Cl5rob [cI6m], pre/, bon To Climb. 

Toao9c, V. I. ff. 1. fdj^Uefen, guftblicpen, ju* 
ma(ben) 2. (—op), oerfc^Iiefeni jo^etlcn 
(^unben)j 3. befi^Kefen, abfcbtiefen, enbi» 
gen} 4. Mar, (rfn Sou) infammenbrejen} 
to — an accoont, Com, eine (Retbnting (ab*) 
fftlief en^faibiren $ 11. 7? . 1 . fitb febltcf en, f!(b %xl* 
tfyxxk\ 2. f{(b enbigen) 3. tibercinfommcn $ 
(—Willi), annebmen (e.©Drf^Iag, 7C.)5 4. 
([in] with), jufammengertttben. 

Cto^e, .^ 1. ber 9(!bluf ) Seftblnf, baft 6nbe$ 
2.bie5anrej ifir-.v. 3. baft|)anbgeraengej 4. 
ber Sinbm* fber 9?a(bt). 

cm»e. I.J. LberringefcblofTeneSHaiim} 2. baft 
<SlebAge, bie^tn^ebigung} 3. baft 6a(fgAf« 
♦en J n. adj, ft fl^r.; III. — ly, arfw. 1. ber« 

fftlolTtn cingcffhloifen sngemaibti 2 bitf (oonuTo cisft^r, v. n. |14 fltepem^gerinnctt* 

berSnft), f4»fil4 3.b{4t, ftH, nwflhi 4. 
firaff, hiapp, cngei 5. (art, nabe an, ober an 
einanber} engei 6. (art; bdf (oomOefe^t^ 
j%*b^f^) bdf enb, bom SEBi(, ic.) ) T. enge 
ber»abrt (oon (9efangenen)) Jig-«. 8. oer« 
borgen, $ebdm} 9. inr£(tbaltnib, berfcbwie^ 
gen) 10. tren, innig, tcttraut) 11. gcnau, 
forgr^ttig} 12. fletfig} 13. gebringt, bAn« 
big/htri4 14. Typ, enggebalten, comprefi 
15. fparfam, farg, \^%zi 16. Her. fi^enb unb 
mit angefd^IofTenen ^I^gelni in. comp, — 
ball. Gam, ber coSirte SaQ (im (BiSarb) ^ 
—election, eine lEBabl/ bci ber bie 6t<mmen« 
gabl ber KBabtcanbibatcn fafl gld4 ifl) Mars. 
— haaled, bi(bt betmSEBtnbe gcbrafti — qnar- 
ters, flarfe ®(botten (im %tXi. beft Sntemft 
ben !IRatrofen gur IBertbeibigung bienenb)} 
-stool, ber9?a4tftQbt} -rote, vid, eiectioo. 

ClOse'n^ss, s, 1. bie Gingefrbloflcnbdt} 2.^. 
bie ^dmliibFdt/ 3urit(fbaltung h 3. bieTTbgc* 
fibiebenbett; @infam!dt} 4. bie ^ge (eined 
Jtlcibeft, %t,)i 5. bie gefHgfcit, ^mW (d* 
ncft ©toffeft)} 6. bie ^dbej r. bie «er- 
fndpfung; ber 3ufammenbang} 8. bte (Se* 
notiigfdt (einer flberfc^nng)5 9, bie ©par* 
famfcit; Jtargbdt. [Arch, ber ©(blnf fteia 

Clu'fer, s, 1. bcr Sef^^Iief er, Seenbtger^ 2. 

ClSf'^t, s. 1. baft (Sebdmsimmer; (Sabinet} 2. 
berKIfoben} 3. ber (Sudof!tdtenf<bran!{ 4. 
Hn. bcr bttlbe ©parrcn im SBapenfcbilbe. 

To ClSfH t7. fl. 1. {XXI dn Cabinet) einf*lie» 
fen, oerroabren h 2. in'ft (Sebdm bcrbanbeln. 

Clflsh, s. Vet. bic {Rebe, etdfbdt. 

Clo'^vre, s. 1. baft Serftbltefen} 2.baftQHn* 
relief enbe} ber <Stnf(b(uf, iOdegirf. 

C18t, s. ber ^lump; baft ^(iimp^en (Slut^tc.)) 
-bar, Boi. bie grope JWdte. 

To Cl5t, D. w. 1. flumpig fdn ob. »erben} 2. 
gerfnnen) clotted wool, x^id. Clottings. 

CIStA, J. I.ber3cug, baftSuib) 2. b{c2dn« 
manb) 3. baft Sif^tn^} bie ^etfe} 4. bie 
Jtldbnng^ O)?ontur$ gdflli(be2:ra(bt$ comp. 
—bag, ber (Rdfcfarfj —beam, Weav. bertBc* 
berbanmj —hat, bcr robe $ut (obne €5tdfe)} 
—merchant, ber !5U(bbfinbler 5 -rash, bcr 
Sntbrafib} —weaver, ber !Su(bma^er} 2ein> 
weberj —worker, ber Su^arbdter. 

To Clothe, ». re^, ft iV. 1. a, 1. fidbcn, (au(b) 
bcHdbenj 2.umfonnircn5 S.jfe.dnfleibenj 
n. n. fi(b fletbcn. 

Clothe? [cioz], s. pi, bie Jtleiber, ^(dbung, 
SBdfibe} — pegs, 7)/. ^dr^nammern. 

Clo'thjfr, s, 1. berXu(bma<ber} 2. berSnA« 
b^nblerj 3. i^m.ber Suibtoalfer^Suibbereiter. 

Cloths, pi, 0. Cloth, 3ettg« ob. Sncbartcn. 




CUMi^tiflfff «• p^ (—of wool), JUvskmoOe. 
Clftt'ty, adi. 1. fiittuptxi^ gtrottttCB 1 9. f (of tg. 
CtdAd, f. 1. ticGoIhi 2. Qtnu UrWtoix 
(sewdfcrte 6toff)i 3. fig. ^ie tDnnfel^eit) 

4. baSiSArftnge, bic(!]Xeiif4ett*)9RQfrc; ^' 
fig. bic 9{ot<^, ter ttnfleni} 6. c-t, pi. bunflc 
ffletfea ob. TCbmi (in 6trmcB, u.). 

To CI&Ad, 0. 1- 0. 1. Ut> A fig. bm^tUn, imu* 

wbVUai 8. ibcni,fle(tni,|la»meit({>oIS/9)a« 

I^Ur,K-)} iofiffeni; moiriren(deuge)) ll.n. 

Ut A>ig.iP0(fi8> tdbc toetben, M umsie^en. 

C!&A'<i|iy, adv, bOtt CloDdy» ^v. [acfj- 

adA'djoHi, s. bQ» flBo(Hde,Sdlbe, c/. Ciondy, 

Cl5Ad'ieiii» acO*. ttttbfioifft, moffenloft. 

CiM'dy» ae(7. 1. moIKg; ttAbe, ^waHtl, lUifUxi 

2. fig. traurifli 8. uiwerfMnbliiii 4. wolftg, 

feuerloe (bon S>iamanten/ u.)- 

Clougb, «. 1 . [clSf] Com. vid.Cloff;2.5 2.[cIdA], 

hit IBcr0f(blu4t, Stttir«Ut4t. 
Cl6At, «. 1. berf^aber, ^ppen) 8. bieflBtnbel^ 

8. bet ^td, ^idtni 4. wig. bcr Zd^la^i 

5. c-i, pi. hit K^ftf^eibni (an bcr flBagen* 
tt4»r03 —leather, auSaef^ttittrned 6o^(en« 
Icberi — aaib, e^nMsel. 

To CldAt, V. a. 1. Ut. * Jig. fiUPcni 2. (mittU 
fentCA CMteiben [io<cbie€Baaeiia4fai]) be 
niodenj 3. (64i4c) mltS^ageln berfe^es) 
4. mtlg. Mlagctt. 

GIAd'ting, J. Go/d-fm. bad SeiItn<b/G4ofIeber. 

CIOto, «. 1. ber Stiohta, hit 3e(e(«ltnoblau4)$ 
2. bU OcwArsnelfe} comp. Coms. a — of 
cheeae, badSiertel tiat^MJH (8f)funb)$ 
« — of wooI» T f)fb. ffioOe; — bark, (— cin- 
namon), ber Stdgeldniimmet; — giIly>flower 
(—pink), Bot. hit QbcxUnntVtt. 

ClO'v^n, p. p. oon To Cleave; —footed, (— 
foot, —hoofed), nit gefpaltenctt «ltlanen. 

Clo'v^r, 9. (— graai), Bot. ber Jttee. 

cio'r^red, adj. mit Stltt ben>a(bfen. 

Cl54n, «. 1. ber Sauen Ml^ptU 2. 4: ber 
|)an«n)«r|t [fectiren. 

To Cld4n, V. n. ein bduerif^ed Sene^men af* 

CI5#^a|fh, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. Land Sanem 
befletenbi 2. bducrif4« plump, ungefittet) 
m. — neff,#. baft bdnertf4e&cfen, bieOrob' 
fftit, |)lsnip(eit. 

ToCldf, v.a. l.lit. A fig. dberTittigenj fiber 
labenj 2. Far. k Gun. oemageln. 

Glof l^iB, adj. ni^t fdttigenb, mager. 

cmb, s. l.bie Jtenle, ber «^fittel5 2. Gam. 
Sreffle, (Si^ebt ober Sttt^ (in ber^arte)i 
3-bie(geM(ofrene)OereQf4aft$ 4.berfi3eitrag 
avrde^e) comp.- foot, ber Jtlumppif $ — 
footed, (btrnpfiftfig I -hand, bit itlump^onb; 
— headed, b<Mp^) —law,, baft gauflre^t) 
Glabgefebi -moit, Bof. ber edrla&p. 

To Clfib, V. L n. 1. Ob einer gemcinf4a|tt» 
Vuftgabe) beftrtgen) 2. On c. dioecte) mit' 
wirfen, M bereinigen^ n. a. iufammenMie* 
fen, bdtrageni —year firelock! Mil. oer« 
fe^rt ftutterf ft O^eme^r { [fdrmig. 

Clubbed, p. a. 1. f^wer, plump} 2. feulen' 

Clfiblifat, 1. bcr (Slttbifl. 

To Cl&ck, V. L n. Ono. g(u(f en (»ie cine ^en« 
ne) j n. a. locfcn (»ie eine ^tant, att4.%')- 

Clttc, $. k V. md. Clew. 

Clump, «. l.berjtiump, «ltIof; «ltIot} 2. ber 
bi(fe{»aufcni a— oftreet, eincSaumgruppc. 

Cl&m'p^red, adj. flof ig, Mmpcrig. 

ClSra'f jly, ado. oon Clnmny, ^v. 

Clum'fin^ai, s. 1. btc |)Ittmp(ek| 2.bieUngt« 
r4itft(ett,IDumm^e{t. [be^aifli^/ nagef^icft. 

Clftm'f y, adj. 1. fur| u. hidt, plump i %fig. ttn» 

Clling, pret. k p. p. oon To Cling. 

Cl&t't^, s. 1. bie Xraubci ber 10ilMel$ 2. 
ber |>attfen, bie SRengc) black—, or — 
grape, bie bttrgunbiMc Sraube. 

To Cl&i^t^r, V. I. fi. 1. traubcnneife mo^feui 
2. fi^baOen (mie ^^mn 8. fi^ oerfam* 
melni II. a. oerfammeln, iufommentdufen. 

aiit't«rly, I. adj, 1. boQcr Sraubcn) 2. in 
{>aufen) II. ado. traubenartig. 

cms't«rj, adj. in XraubeU; fi3iir4e(n wo^fenb. 

Toasteh, V. a. 1. {uMUcfen (bic ^anb)$ 
2. patfctt, crgreifcRi 3. nrnfaflen (mit ber 
f)anb), umfl^nen. [JtlancU/ itraOen. 

Cl&tch, 9. 1. Hng. ber (Briff ; II. c-ei, pU hit 

Cl&t't^r, $. vid. b. r. Clatter. 

ToCI&t't^r, V, I. 11. 
a. uttorbentli4 anfdnen. [fpri^. 

Ci;»'tfr, s. baft ^I^fiier; —pipe, bic St-^ 

To Cljf a't^ifze, o. a. tin Jtlt)fiier gebcn. 

coach, s. 1. bie Jtatf^e, ber 0taatftmagctt$ 
Mars. 2. bie ^tittt (im j>interf4i|fe)9 3. 
cine etaU tm extern grof er (itriegft«)® 4ifFc $ 
comp. —bit, bie So^^ngc) —boat, baft 
9Xatf(fifti|f$ —boot, ber IBoOaflcn} —box, 
bee IttttMerflb^ (Jtutf4*)®o(f} -bracet, 
pl. bie i^ingeriemen (einer Jt.)$ —fellow, 
eineft oon cinem Q^efpann ^tf^pferbe} — 

I hire, — fiure, bicSXiet^C; baft Oelb fdr ctne 
^^nfntf^c) —home, ber (®agen')G4op* 
pen) — Joinu, pl. hit Gturmftengen; — 
maker,ber® agcnma^cr^lEB-bauer j — man,ber 
Jttttf^er $ — manihip, bie «ltnnfl beft flBagen* 
lenfenft) -matter, — owner,ber^r(err,9er* 
fonenfu^rmann) — itand, berSDrt,mo9Xtct(« 
futf^en (alten} —top, beritutftentiminel. 
To coach, V. a. k n. futf^cn^ fam. futf^irCB. 
Cuic'tf d, p. a. geitouttgen. 
co&c^tlon, s. htt dmang. 
lea .rt,I.^'.* n —ly, adv. )»ingenb. 





. *. bie aRitJfllfe, ber ©efflonb. 

C9»4j!k't«Dt, adj. mtt^elfenb; mitmirhnb. 

CO^djft'tpr, 1. 1. ber (Se^iilfe, 9f iflonb i 2. Eec. 

Co»dja'tr{x, #. lit Oetfilfintt. [ber (Soabiutor. 

CMJft'v^nqr, s. bie (Rtt^filfe, ^itioirfund. 

COidHknlte, a^. BoU Indft oermadl^ren. 

€0-S'^«nt, s. bcr Oe^tilfe, SRit^elfer. 

CiUlgQl^bn'jty, s. bte (Serinnborfeit. 

CoSg'ai^ble, a<^*. gerinnbor. [n. gerinncti. 

To CoSg/Qlate, v. L a. geriimen madjfen) n. 

Coigfiis'tion, #. 1. baft (Btxiontui 2. baft Oe< 

coi^'iilttire, a^. coagttttrenb. [ro&nene. 

CoXgHLlstQF, J. baft coagultrenbe 9Xittel. 

Cuak, #. vid. Coke. 

C&ftl, «. bte Jto(I(4 comp. —of harUhorn, 
debranitteftf)trf(^^Dm$ — fifb,fch.berJto(I« 
fin,St6filtti —gat, baft Jt-ngaft/fo^Ienfanre 
Oaft $ — beaTer, bcr Jt-ntrdger bti ben Jt-tt» 
f^tffcn^ —booAe, bieJt-nnieberlage) —man, 
1. ber Jt-nbrcnner) 2. ber Jt-nftdnbler) — 
■eter, ber (eJteittOJto^Ienmefrer? —mine, 
baft Jt-nbergmerf^ —miner, ber 6teinfo('| 
tengrdber^ — moaie, Om. bie Jto^lmetfe} 
—poker, bie Jt-ngabel, baft CJ^ilreifenj -| 
porter, ber Jt-ntrdgerj -raker, ber St-nrJi 
re^en (furgrofe&fentnSabrifen)) -ncnttle, 
ber Jt-Qf4tttter$ — ilate, ber Sranbft^tefer) 
— stone, eine 'Kit (Cannel- coal) barter Gtein* 
fojlenj -tar, etemtoiletttjeerj -work, 
»ie — mine. [fUb terbiiiben. 

To CO^l^aoe', o. n. 1. )Qrajnment9a<brni ) 2. 

Cii^lSf'cfnce, s. 1. baft Bufommenpitefen, bie 
Sereinigttng) 2.^^. bie ilbereinfHmmttng. 

COflTtion, s. 1. bieeereimgnng (in eine dXafTel 
ober dnen «lt<rper)) 2.^. bie Serbinbuao; 

Ooa'ly, adj. Jto^Ien ent^altenb, ooQ Jto^ten. 

Ca-iuy, ,. bcr SKituerbfinbete. [Sufen). 

Coa'mjBg^, *. p^ -Mar. bie ©cberfldrfe (ber 

COfpti'tion, #. baft Ynpaffen, (re(bte)l(nfiigen. 

To COarct', To COarc'tate, o. o. 1. einengen^ 

^fig' einf^rdnfen. [Sefrbrdnhing. 

Coarcta'iion, jr. 1. bie dinengnng* 2. fig. bie 

Cftarie, I. adj.; 11. — ly, adw. 1. grob (bom 

6anbe,u.)J roj, uncoDenbetj 2. j^. grob, 

'oj, gcmein) — hoiiery, flarfe (grobe) 

Btmmpfioaaren} — itoff, Mas. ber f)aar* 

mftrtelj in. — ncm, *. lit. Afig. bie ®rob» 

beit, mobbeit, ^Inmp^eit. 

Co-iM^A'apr, s. ber 5Kit*«ciB^er. 

To Co-futme', v. a. mit einem Xnbem (ju» 

dl(i4) anne^men. [flabe. 

Co*«t, J. bie(eeeOiWfle, baft(©ee.)Ufer; ®e. 

ToCOait, V. I. n. an ber Jtfifle ^infabren, Ianb» 

»4rtft fegeln^ n. a. (einen JWflenfWi) be* 



csaa't^r,^. 1. ber«ltAflettfa(reri baftiNi|lcn< 
f^ifSi 2. ber Jt&ftenbemobner. 

COaA'tjng, p. pr. comp. —bark, bie ictf^ftti^ 
Hxfe, baft Sot^fmbooti — naYigation, bi< 
JWflenWifffaJrt J -pUot,ber(Jtfi|lenO«otWe, 
Sottftmaon) —trade, ber Mflen^anbe^ bie 

COaat'wbe, adj. burdft ben Mflen^anbeL 

COat, s. 1. vi'd.Cot; 2. ber 0to<f $ Iange0totf$ 
3. baft itinberr5(f(bcn, bie itappe^ 4. Me 
StanbafUibung) ba^er j^. berGtanb) &• 
baft ^cU, ber ^tk, bie f)aut (ber Sbiere)$ •. 
bie {Rinbe, eiale, 0(bu9pe (oon ®e»ditfen, 
:c.)$ T. ber flberjug (9on %atbt, ^mif , ie.){ 
8. Jlfor. baft Xl^ttttni bie S(eemng{ 9. 
Arch, ber flberf(btttt (eineft (Sle»6(bebogenft)) 
10. Found, ber Sormmantel) —of arms, 1. 
ber GaiTenrotff' 2. (baft) aBapenr4iIb| — 
armoar, baft fEBapen 9 —card, bie bnnte Jtarte, 
Signr, baft Silb^ —loop, bie 6attelfranipe. 

To coat, V. a. lit. kfig. befleiben) iibersie^ 

COa'tjng, I. p. «. bie iDetfe, 99ebedhing$ n. s. 
Com. ber f)albf almntf, 2:fitfel. 

Cuats, s. pi. 1. Anat. bie (^ugen*)$dnte$ 2. 
Afar, ber X^eerbanf; baft X^eenoerg} 3. 
Htr. berSEBapenfibilb/ baftflSapen^ 4.Jiig. 
ber etonb. 

To COaz, V. a. vulg. f(bmet4e(n, liebfofen. 

COax, 8. ber Sropf, Setrogene. [|er. 

COa'xf r, i. vulg. ber B^mcidfUx/Bvim^imiSf 

Cdb, #. 1. ber Oipfel, baft £)berfle ) 2. ein fugel« 
fftrmigaSebdltnif iueogelfntteri S.Onr.bU 
0eenici»e) 4. ber^engfl) 5.Miec/i.bieepttIei 
^coala, grofe (runbe) 0tfi<h 6teitttotU{ 
— irons, Sranbeifen; bie Seuerbdtfc) —loaf, 
ein grof eft, frttfKgeftSrob) -not, bie gro^ 
3ellemn|l $ — stones, Oeol, 0tromfteittr, 
flberfiefel$ —swan, ber 6orberf4toatt. 

CD'b^lt, s. Min. ber Jtobalt) —bine, baft St-» 
Man, bie 04naltei —bloom, Min. bieit*-* 
bljit^ej — crust, ber Jt-befib(ag. 

CQbSI'tjc, adj. fobaltartig, fobalttaltig. 

To CSb'bte, v.a. lit. (bef. 0(btt^e) kfig. pttfett. 

Cdba)le,C9^Ie,«. baftSif^erboot, bie^dringft« 
bufei — etones, Geol. 0tromfleine,flberfiefd. 

COb'bl^r, s. 1. ber Slitfer, 0(bu^flt<fer$ % 
fig. ber Stamper, ^fufcber. 

Cfib'c^lf, s. pi. eanbalen ber oftinb. Srauen. 

Cobrsb'9p, t. Ecc. ber (Soabjutor ^ fBei^bf f4of. 

Cdb'lfnce, Cdb'l^ntz, s. Gtog. (bie Gtabt) 

CQbftftse', s. vid. Caboose. [Jtobten}. 

CSb'w^b, I. s. I. baft 6pinnenge»ebe$ 2. fig. 
baft 9le^, bie ®(b(inge $ II. adj. |art, bilnne, 
lotfer^ -«lawn, 04Ieiertud!|. bogen. 

C6b'w«bbed, p. a. mit 0pinttenge»ebe ibcr* 

Cfccfff rons, adj. beerentragenb. 





C^ehlnCaF, s. Ent M( Qo^eniSe. 

bcnfdrmig; f4ne<fcnfdnitl0. 
C5ck, f. l.bcr j>a6n) 2. (- bird) bad {)d(n« 
4ex, ^dnn^en (elncftffodelft)^ S.fig. baft 
^aupt/ bcr Ynfu^rcr, SEBortftt(rcr$ 4. bcr 
.^cutaufen, !(eitic ^eu^obcr) 5. bie 6(fc ei' 
ticft brdctfigcn ^uteftj 6. bieSunge an ber 
XBage j 7. bcr 3cigrr an bcr Gonnenu^r i 8. 
bic S)efte ber Untune einer U(r ) 9. bcr ^a(n 
Oum Xbite^cn bcfi®etrAn!<ft| bc^gl. am®cs 
ioc(r)$ 10. bie «lterbc (an (inem f)feile)) 
11. vi(h —boat; comp. —of the wood, Om, 
berXucr^a^n) — ale» ftarfcft Sierj —bill, 
the anchor U a — b.. Afar, bcr Tinftx ma^t, 
ifl ium SaHcn flar j —boat, bas fbtij^iff, fl. 
fBoot mit batbem ficrbctf ^ - chafer, EnU 
bcrSXaifafcr^ — scomb, l.bcrf)-cnfamni$ 
2. bie 6<JteI(enfappc$ 3. bcrf)anftn)ttrfl (mV/. 
Coxccmb); —eyes, bie Garabincr^afen am 
^fcrbegcfibirr) -feather, bie Sebcr am 

f)feiiC3 — feeder, mie Cocker, 7v. ; —head, 

MUl. bie epi^e (ber Jtopf) bed Sreiberd^ 
—'8 head, BoU bieOdparfcttC) —hone, I. s, 
bad 6te(fenpferbj 11. adj, 1. su^ferbe^ 2. 
|{eaprangcnb^fbI|;trobid) —loft, bieX)a4> 
fammcr//ff. co/. ber {)-c(n)baIf en 9 —matter, 
loie Cocker, qv.; —pit, 1. ber^-enplanj 
2. Mar. (auf ^riegdf^iffcn) bcr itranf cnocr 
T(b(ag, bad G4i(^4t«erbanbj 3. fore — pit, 
ber ^tci^/ ^c^ in ^cn {Rcrcrvcfammcrn bed 
l3ootdmannd, (Sonflablerd unb bed dim 
mermannd fu^rt j — roach (roachei), Ent. 
1. bie JteacralTcl^ 2. beramerit itaferia!) 
•*saw, Mech. bie ^aubfdge ) —ibQt(— shoot), 
bie 3eit bed f)ii^nerauffluged, (7(bettbOS>dm« 
merungj — ipur pepper, Dot. ber gemeine 
fpaniMe9)feffer i — tpars, pi. 1 . Pet. ^lectro 
Aitctti 2. epomen fur Jtampf^d^nei —stone, 
berf^-enflein) —swain (cockson), berS^^ 
Tcrbedldcifcbiffcd; ber Gcbaluppe^ — throp-| 
pled, Veu tM^f^Ufi^ (9on einem9)fcrbc)j 
—throwing, Cam. bad 4)-en»erfen, ber4>-m« 
f*Iagj -s-tread, -•s-trcadle,bcr4)-entritt; 
—water, Af in. {©affer in ©crgwerfcn. 

To Cdck, V. 1. a. 1. ben ^a^n (am ®ciDc(re) 
fpannen) 2. (-np), in bie |>d^e ri^ten, onf* 
TiAten) (bie9iare)(o(btragen^ 3. auffc^en, 
(f>eit) auffibobcm^ 4. (imCreietf) aufflap^ 
ptn, ftu^n (einett4>ut)5 II. n.fig. Uc^cn, floI« 
siren; ft4 briiflcni to — the ears, bie S)^ren 
fpi^en i to — the match. Gun. auf^auenCmit 

C9ck§ide', #. bie (Socarbe. [bcr Cunte). 

Cpckii'dfd, adj. einc (Socarbc tragenb. 

Cfick'ftM, 9. Orn. ber Jtafabtt. 

To Cdck'fr, t>. a. 1. liebfofcnj 2. bcrjirtcUi. 

Cdck'^r, #. einer, ber Jtampf^d^ne tuftieU 

C5ck'fr«l, s. dim. badf)A6n(lken. [u. abriitct. 

CSck^tfl. s. Com. l.berdoOflempel; bad3oB« 
fiegeU 3. ber doOWcin; ^Raut^f^ein} n. 
adj. 1. mnt^miSig, lofe$ 2.munter. [fanen.) 

Ctf ck'^tfngf, #. pi. Sport, bad l^oif en (bon go* 

C6ck'ing, s. Carp, bie IBerMmmong $ —cloth. 
Sport. badSaMennebj —lever, Gun. ber 
Gpanntebcl (am ^intenMlof ). 

COck'lsh, adj, bcrbu^It, btttleriM. 

Cdck'le, s. Min. ber e^drU -shell, bieSXu' 
f4elf4ale$ —stairs, bie IScnbcItrrppc) — 
stones, ©tromjleine, flberfiefel) Bot, (— 
weed), 1. bie ^omrabej 2. ber €oI4. 

ToCSckle, V.I. a. i.runjein, falten) 2.f4ran» 
benfdrmig ma4en, (einc64raube) brecbfcln 5 
II. n. 1. faltig werben^ 2.^g. (oon ber®et> 
M frAufcln. [fdrmig* 

Cdck'led, adj. 1. mur4clartii$ 2. f^raubm* 

CiJck'n^y, s. iron. 1. bad lonbncr Gtab^nb f 
ber lonbncr SXaulaffe, dierbengel} 2. ba& 
SKutterfd^nAen; ber flBcicbling^ — dialect, 
bie (gemeine) lonbnerSXunbarti — like«a((^ 
tenoei^Iifbt, maulaffenmflfig. 

Co'coa (Co'cu, Cu'caO), s. 1. Bot. bie6oco6« 
^almes — nnt, bie Gocodnuf $ —not oil-soap, 
Qocodnuf 5l«6eife i 2. cor. ft. Cacao, 9V. 

C^cddtt', s. bcr 6eiben(iourm)cocon. 

C9cdd'o«ry, s. ber 0etbenbau, bie eeibensu^t. 

Cdc'tjie, adj. gebatfcn; gebrannt. 

Cdc'tion, s. 1. bad Stoitn, fdadtni 2. Afecf. 

Cdd, «. 1. Vit^^lft, e^otti 2. berCocoitf 
3. bie $obe$ 4. ber getrocfnete JtabeQau, 
6to(ffir4 (gem. —fish); fresh—, ber itabet* 
iau) dry—, dried ob. cared— , getrecfnettr it., 
Btodfifdfi salt—, ber £aberban$ comp. — 
of a bay, bad Snnere einer ®aQ$ —fisher, 
ber «ltabelianfdnger{ — *s head, fig. ber 
jDnmmfopf ^ —oil, ^ebert^ran bom itabeQau f 
—pepper, ber f)tment^ — s parse, bad6cro« 
tum3 — worm, £nc. bcr etro^murm. [fen* 

To Cdd, v.a. in cine |>fiire ob.Gcbote einfc^lie* 

CddM^d, adj. in einer {)filfe bef{nbli(b, HlJtn 
(abenb} —grains, f)i(fenfdl(bte. 

CftdM^r, s. ber (Sinfammler bon |)fiIfenfril4teA* 

C5d'dy, adj. WH, f^^Qlid- 

Code, s. ber Gober, bad (Sefe^bnA- 

Codftt'pr [-d«tV]. *. ber aXitfcbttlbtter. 

CodefSn'd^t, s. Law, ber !Ritbcffagte. 

Cod^tAi'ii^r, s. Law, ber QKitoorentl^atter. 

Cdd'i^f r, M. cont. ber (9eii(ald. 

C&d'jcfl, s. bad (SobiciO. 

COdnie', s. Gam. bad QobiOe. 

ToCOdHe, v.a. geIinbefo(ben,bdmpfen. Qau. 

C8d'l|ng,#.l.berJtp4apfei4 2 berjungeitabeU 





CsdQDiC', «. Lav, bcr (ob. bie) 9tit(ef4en!te, 

C^e, f. Afin. ^ Jtanc^ ^utte (im Sergbauc 

Coif fjc^cy, COf fifci^nqr, ». tie SXitwirfung. 

GOfffi'ci^Dty I. adj.; II. — )y, a(/i7. mittotrfenb. 

COeffl^cj^nt, s, Alg. ber Coefficient. 

COiHd^r, s, bet fD^itiltefte. [Lientery. 

Coi'lifLC, fld*;. Af€d.c6(iafir49 — patiion, vid. 

Coimp'tioii, s. ber 7(uf7auf, 9Xit!<»tf. 

To COf njdjf'» V. a. mttgettief en. 

COi'qn^* I- ffdi ; II. — ly, adv. (mit einem 
anbern S)inge) dl<i4$ HI. s. ber (an fiHang, 
u.) ®Iei4e. 

. CoiiinAHity, «. bie ®lei4(eit Kalten. 

To Coerce', v. a. einfi^rdnfen, in 64ronfen 

CoeWcfble, ccb'. eingufd^rdnfen. 

CoeWdoD, «. bie (Sinf^rdnfund/ ber dwang 
(bttr4 6trafen,u.)^ —bill, bie dmangsbiO. 

Coer^ciTe, I. adj, ; II. — ly, odv. einf<l^rdnf enb; 
imingenb} dnangft^. 

CD^sftSn'ti^l, I. adi.\ II. —ly, adv. glettbcd 
XBefra ^enb, glei^en ®efen$. 

CQ^MSntjal'lty, s. bje (Slei4teit beft ffBefenS. 

CoesUl/ljsbffl^nt, s. bie aXiterri4tnng $ baft 

COf stftte', f . berSRitflanb. [(Sompagniegefd^dft. 

C0€tft'o8oaf, I. Qdyy II ~ly, adv. gleicb^ei^d* 

Coiter'nfl, I. ady, II. — ly, adn. glei4 ^wig, 

C0€t2r'aity, «. bieCoetemitdt, ® lei^'dwigMt. 

COi'vfLl, L 04;. glei4 ait) n. x. berSeitgenof. 

To Co^ifst', 9.n. mit exifliren, 2nglei4 ba fein. 

COfili't^Dce, s, bie (Soexiflen}. 

Cufils't^nt, adj. coenfUrenb. 

To CSfxt^nd', V. a. gleidftneit auftbc^nen. 

CQ^xtin'gion, f. bie gleiibe Knftbe^nung. 

COfxtio'iTve, I. aij*; n. — ty, adv, ton glei« 
4em tlmfange. 

COft^d.berJtaffee^ — berry, bieJt-bo^nei 
-biggin, bie Qiltrirfanne) — hoaie, baft 
it-(attft5 — Utcben, bieJt-maf^ine^ —man, 
ber jr-»irt(, Jtaffetier^ -mill, bieJt-miible) 
—pot, ber^-topf; bieit-fannei — roaiter, 
ber ^-f<bittteri bie it- trommel) — room, 
— ibop, bie Jt-fhibe; ber ^-fcbanf. 

CSffpr,^. l.ber ®e(bfaflen, bie (eifeme)Oetb« 
calfe ) 2. ber Jtoffer, vtd. Trunk ; 3. (c-i, p/.) 
ber 64a^, bie e^tbatfommeri 4. Arch, ber 
0taum, bie Seitie^ng )mif<ben ben Gpanen* 
Iftpfen am forintbifcben Oeflmfe) 5. Fort. 
ber ocrtiefte unb bebe(tte (Bang \ —dam, Dik, 
bie Jtrippe. [2. fig. col. ftafammenf<barren. 

To coffer, v. a. 1 . in itaficn legen, einftlief en h 

con^r^r, i. ber 0(ba(mei{ter. 

C0ff}o, «. l.berGarg) 2. bleiDiUe) 8. bie 
yaftrtenform/Cortenformi 4.Far.biefiBattb/ 
ber gansf f^nf etneft Pfetbeft) 5. Print, ba 

barren ) 6. bie Jtopfel (g. 9)orcenanbrfimca> 

—bone, baft |)ufbein. 
To COfifn, V. a. 1. in ben €5arg Icgen^ einfar^ 

gen) 2.befmflcn) 3. einfcbrdnfen. 
Colofln'df r, t. ber SRitgrfinber. 
COg, a. 1. vid. Cock-boat ; 2. ber Jtamm ober 

da^n omCRabc) 3. bie iuge, bcrSetntg; 

Jtniff) —wheel, ATccA. baft Jtammrttb^©tim» 

rab; 3abnrab. 
To COg, V. I. a. 1. (ein fiHab) mit 3d()nen »dr< 

fcben) 2. bur(b &(bmei4elei geminncn, be* 

fcbnaben ) to— the dice, bie SBiirfcl fneipcn ) 

cogged dice, falfibe flBfirfeli 11. n. lugen) 

f(bmei<beln; fn4ftr<biodnien. 
Co'g^ncy, f .bie sn»ingenbe(iiber|ettgenbe) Jtraft. 
Co'gfnt, I. adj, ; II. —ly, adv. frdftig, bria« 

genb, un»i^erf!c(ti(b/ ilber)engenb. 
COg'g^r, s. ber ^ibmcicbler, 9tt4ftf<b»dnfter. 
^^fi's^ry* ^* bie ®aunerei; Setrilgeref. 
COg'gie-atonef, p/. GtoL Gtromfleine, fiber* 
coi'itiible, adj^ bcntbar. [Kcfel 

cojita'tlon, s, l.baft^enVen) 2. berO^anfe. 
CO^tative, a4;.benfenb) tiefUnnig. 
COg'd^te, adj. lit kjig. temanbt. [terfeite. 
COg'oiite, 1. Sc. Lavp, ber Senoanbte ton SKut* 
C9gn&'tion, s.l.liukfig, bie8enoanbtf<bafri 

2. Law, bleS. ber mdnnl. u. meibl. Ybfomm* 

linge ciner Sinie. 

Cogniac [cO'niSk], s. ter (Sogniac. [Ice. 

COg'ni^ble, COg'nj^^nce, Ac. v/d. Cognlz..., 
CQgnftion, s. bi« ^enntnift/ (gettijTe) itnnbe. 
COg'njziible, adj. Law, geridbtUJbcm Berfjb' 

ren vnterioorfen. 
COg'njziince, 9. I. bie Srfcnntnil itenntnif) 

Law-s, 2. baft (geriJj^tliibe) jlrmtntnif) 3. 

baft CEingefidnbnil) 4. bie ^:ri«btftbarfeit| 

b.fig. bie Qrhinbigung) 9{a(bri4t) tf. baft 

7(b}ei4en/ {^elmjeiibcn (an ber lloxU}. 
COg'niziint, adj. miffenb (—of, am . . .). 
COgnizee', #. Law, 1 . ber, bem baft 9te4t inf dn 

®runb|iu(f suerfannt morben ifi) 2. ber jtld* 

ger, bcffen itiagc ber Seflagte einrdumt. 

COg'njzQr, (COgn)zor', opp.COgnjzOO'), s. Law, 

1. ber Tfbtreter eincft Oninbfhttfeft) 2. ber 

IBenagte, ber bie itiagc einrdumt) 3. ber, 

nel^er einc (S^elbbnfe auflegt. 
Cpgnu'mfn, #. ber 3unamc) Sciname. 
C9gn0m'in«il, adj. ben 3unamen bctreffenb. 
To C9gn0m'iniite, v. a. einen dnnamen gcben. 
COgnominii'tion, s. ber 3nnamc) Seiname. 
COgnoscibn'ity, #. bie (Srfcnnbarfcit. 
CpgnOs'cjtiTe, adj. erfennenb) — facoliy, baft 

Cognar'dj^n, s, ber fUtittormttnb^ u. 
ToCohXb'it, v.n. l.beifammen mo^Mn) 2- 

(etna %tau) beimotnen, 

12 ♦ 




GohSbitft'tion, ^. 1. baS Setfamme nmo^nen } 
9. tie (r^Ii^e) il8dioo(nund. [erbtnn. 

Coheir [c9Wkr^» #. ber QRiterbe $ -9M, tie ^it' 
To cohere', v.n. 1. ^ft. Ajfff* iufammentdn* 
§ett) 9. fibcreinfHmmm. [Qo^firen). 

COh«'rf nee, (C^hi'rf ocy), s, Fhy.kPh.'^xt 
COhC^r^nt, I. adj.'j II. —ly, adv. lit. A fig. 

coh«'fioD,#.hte(So(iflon. Qufommea^andenb. 
Cftbetjbn'jtjr, #. Phy. bic 6o^flon<(raft 

CObi'flble, adj. CO^aHonftfi^ifi. 

C9he'i}Te, I. adj.; I!. — ly, ado. (o^rircnb) 

m. — eeis, 1. baft Qo^drireiu 
To COliQbSte, V. a. Chem. coj^obirctt. 
Cdhpha'tion, «. Cft^m. bie (So^bation. 
CP'hort, s. bie (So^orte i ittiegftfdjiar. 
^drf, #. bu Jtopye) ber SDoctor^nt; the de- 
gree of the— » bie (Slafle ber dte^tftdele^rten. 
Coifed, adj. eine itappe, u. tragenb. 
CMftore, f. ber Jtopfpub/ bad ^opfteug. 
CoIgBe [c5io], $. vid. Coin. [anlfii^ief en. 
To C5n, o. a. auftoiftelnf Afar, (ein Zau) 
Cdfl, «. l.Afor.baft aufgeftoffene GtSaumerf } 

8. bie infammengebrfftteflloae {Raucbtabof. 
Colo, 9. Arch, l.biedtfe (etner !Rauer) $ 2. 

ber a^tfttbui 8. Print, &c. ber iteil^ 4. 

rustic c-g, pi. Mas. bie8er}abttun8 (an einer 

9Xatter)4 5. c-«* pi. Mar. e$tau(6Iier$ 6. 

Gun. ber0li4tfeU$ T.bie(deprd9te)9RAnie. 
ToCdIn, v. a. 1. ((Selb) fdbUgen, prftgen, 

ntaieiii a. jIg. macben, erflnben, f^mieben. 
OUfwiit, 9. 1. baft aXflnsen, bie Sltitnsfttnflj 

2.bie!IMnie,baft®eIb) 3.baft®epr£ge^ 4. 

bie (0Miiqh>fien, ber 0(bladf(bab9 ^^ baft 

SMn^mefen) 6. baft 6tempeln drgofTener 

Sl6«e (in dimitfitten)^ 7. fig, bteC?rfin« 

bung, (Srbi^tnttg. [iibereinfHmmen. 

To Coincide', v. n. 1. sttfammentreffen i 2. fig, 
COln'cjd^ce (COltt'cldf ncy) , s. 1. baft 3u* 

fammentreffeni 2. fig. bie flbereinfttmmund. 
Coln'cjd^nt, adf. l.gufammentretfcnby 2. iSber^ 


CO|nci^d$r» s, ber ob. baft flbereinftimmenbe. 
Coindjcfi'tion, s. Med. baft 3nfammentreffen 

(me^rerer !Rerfma(e). 
Cdi'n^r, s. 1. ber !Mnier, ^rdgerj 2. ber 

9air<binfinier4 S.jSg. ber (Srftnber. 
Cols'trf I, s. 1. Falc, ber anftgeartete Salh i 2. 

berf(b£4tenie(IXenr4,9Cenling5 S.bergeige^ 
Colt, COIte, s. A V. vid. Qnoit. [bie !Remme. 
C9rtion, s. bie (fleifcbHcbe) Sermifibung. 
Cojii'rf r, s. Law, ber (Sibeft^elfer. 
Coice, s. abgefibmefeUe Gteinfo^le^ QoUi — 

breeie, — dnit, vid. Breeze, 3. 
C&l^^, #• 1. ber Xagelft^ner^ Idootftmann; 

fi. 0^ IX. SiMerfHefel. 

Cdl'^nd^r, s, ber ^et^er, Znt4^f^h^ 

COI'^rifn, s. Arch, ber ^i^eft; {»alft. 

COIbf rtlne', s, eine Hvt Gpi^en. 

caVcQthJkr, s, Chan, ber <SoIcot^r. 

cold, I. adj.; U. -iy, adv. 1. HUi fig-s. 2. 
hltfinnig^ 3. froftig, platt, fabe$ camp.'- 
blooded, faUbIiitig5 — chiiei, Afeeft. ber 
<f)artmeifel| —cream, »eife(n»eidbe)eippen« 
pomabei —iron, T, baft fBt(fe(eifen (^T.) ; 
To — preis, v. a. (ZuH, i(.) fait prefTen^ ^ 
short, hltbr^^ig (9om (Sifen, ic). 

C0ld,#. l.bieita(te,berSroft$ 2.bieerMItimd, 

ColMish, <!(/;. fd(tli4, frif4. [bere^nvpfen. 

Cold'n^ss, s, 1. bie Jtaite) figs, 2. ber Jtalt* 
flnn, bte 0pr5bigf eit ^ 3. bie ®Iei4gil(tigrett. 

Cole, s. ber Stotfii — Ush ; — monse, vid, unt. 
Coal; — iiower, vid. Canliflower; —rape, 
Bot.beritc^Irabi; —seed,!, ber Mbfamen^ 

2. ber Jtotlfameni —wort, Bot. l.bergriinf 
Jto^l i 2. ber (gemeine) meif c Jto^L 

COF«Opt«r, #. Ent, ber Jtdfer. [artig. 

COI«Op'tfr^l, COieOp't^rons, adj^ Ent. Hftx* 
Cole'rSin, s. (-shirting), Com, f eine ictdnbtr<be 
ColSssee', s. ber ^itpad^ter. [Seinmanb. 
COI'ic, I. #. Med. bieJtoltf, iDarmgid^ti n. 

adj. ior COI'jc^l), bic (i^ebdrme betreffenb, 

ober angreifenb. 
To CQllipse', V. n. 1. lit. kfig, sufammenfal' 

len, flcb relief en) 2. t>er fallen (i»nn einem 

9eft(t(nni). [OtinfaDen, 6t4f4Kef en. 

CyllSp'sion, Cpliitpse', », baft dttfammenraaen, 
C0IV> s, 1. baft^alftbanb) 2. baftf>alftetren$ 

3. baft itummet) bief)alfter9 4. beritragen; 
5. bie SDibenftfettei 6. Cook, baft fltoafletfib ) 
— of a stay, Afar, ber 0tagfcagen { —beams, 
ilrcA. Huerbalfeni {yia^men(ftl}er) —bone, 
ilnat. baft ^W^^^tin \ — brace, ber 0tof > 
riemen unter bemitutf4fafien$ —brace ring, 
bie^tofft^fe) — day, ber (Salatag (berdlit* 
ter t>om ^pf^nbanborbett). 

To COl'l^r, V. a. 1. beim Jtragen ne^men, paf> 
fen$ 2.CDoiic(8{eif4)iurannnenroaen) c-ed 
beef,{|itinbftrott{aben$ c-ed eel,berSSi(feIaa(. 

To Cfllate', v. I. a. 1. (—one to . . ., Qlinem ein 
geiflL XmX) oerlei^en, ert^eilen^ 2. (e^rif* 
ten)€onationiren) Il.n.etne9)frftttbe bereien. 

C9llat'frfl, I. adj,; II.— ly, adr. 1. aufber 
^Mt, 6eften«$ 2. oon ber e^eite (6eiten- 
linie)) 8. parallel $ 4. mittoirfenb) —ac- 
ceptance. Com. bie(S(renacceptation$ m. 
— ness, s. bie 6citenDenoanbtf4aft. 

CpllXt'^r^lf , s, pi. 0eitenoer»anbte. 

C^lU'tion, s. 1. bie JBertei^ung einer 9)fdinbe) 
2. bte (SoOatiott (o. G^riften) i 3. bie fteinc 
dwiribenma^lseiti -of seals, baft Seftegels 
mit einem Oegenflegel. 




OUl^ti'tioui, adj* iufammcn^efdbofTen (o. Ocl«|c&Uiqii&'tion,«.l.tice4n(litttt9/YttfI4^ttgl 

deni; uO* [^^ (64riften) (Soaationireabc. 
C9lUV>'« l.(er(Srt^t(erciner9)fiunfe(| 2. 
Cdlliagne [~ leg], «. bet (SoUedC i - ship, hit 

^Cmt^enofTenMaft. L^en. 

To C9ll€agne', v. a. oergefcafiib^kften/ oerbin« 
Cdt'lfct, #. JEec. tie (Sonecte. 
ToCfU^ct', V. I. a. l.fammeln^ S. folgern, 

u-)} II* ^' M faatmelit/ on^dufen. tmctt. 
caHfoti'niouf , adj. }ufammendetragen, gefom* 
C9n£</tfdii««i, s. bas fl4 eommetn, bie 9^^ 

fung bed (SdfUd. [iusie^n, Uquib. 

CQli^c'tible, orfj. 1.(14 folgern lafTenb; 2.ein* 
C9ll2c'tion» #. 1. bod ^ammtlui 2. bie 6anun« 

lung) ^Dfafpcy 3. bie QoOecte. [gtn. 

C5iif cil'tious, ad;. gefommeU; iufammtngetrcu* 

C^H^c'tlve, I. a((j.; II. — ly, adv. 1. Derfam* 

melt, i^ereint, gcfammt^ 2. folgemb) 3. 

Gram. coQectlo. 

Cfll^c't^r, s. 1. gen. ber^ammler) 2. ber 
(5omptIator5 3. ber (3oIIO@tnneimer) 4. 
£l€c, bie Gaugfpite, ber GfoQector. 

Coll^^tfirjr, s, Lawt ber SRitlcgatar. 

ChVlfit, s. 1. bad (SoUegium (ber Xmtdterein 
unb ber eerrammlungdcrf) i 2. bad ®t)mnd* 
finm, bie (o(e G^ule^ 3. (auf bem (5onti« 
nente) bie afabemif^e ISorlefung, bad (SoUe- 
giniii} —of physicians, bie mebidnif^c %Ci* 
cultiU c>s. p/. I.(9eri(btd(5fe3 2. 3ntali« 
ben^dufer^ — tator, berCStaffenle^rer. 

C9l'l^g^r, C9lle'gi»n, s, ber GoOegiat^ i»o4' 

C^Iie'glfl, adj. coUegialifcb. [f^^Ier, Stsbent. 

C^US'iifU, I. a(&'. coSegien^ft, afabcmiffb) 
— cburcb, Ecc. bie (SoQegiatdfir^e; 6tiftd« 
tir<b(5 n. <r. vtc}. Colleger. 

CSFl^t, s. 1. /ew. ber Jtaflen (eined (Ringed) s 
2. Gun. ber {^aldfragen. 

09ll£t'ic^ I. ac(7. leimartig, !(ebenb$ II. c-s, Med. Jtlebemittel. [f^Iagen. 

To Collide', V. a. iufammenftofien, lufaminen' 

Cdllj^r, s. 1. ber e^tetnfo^Iengrdber^ 2. ber 
Jto^lcntdnbler) 3. bad Jto^Ienf^iff* 

Cdlljf ry, s. 1. bie Jto^Iengmbe^ 2. bad Jto(< 
lenlager^ 3. ber Jto^fen^anbel. 

Cdl'IiSo^^r, s. vid. Caaliflower. [gen. 

To C5l'Jig&te, V. a. ittfammenbinben, vereini* 

CdUjgft'tion, s. bad dufammenbinbett. 

CftUjBift'tion, Cdlljnea'tioo, s. 1. bad dielen^ 
8. bad diel. 

C9ll1^'qii%l>le> o<(J* f4ntelibar) jcrfe^bar. 

CvHi'nii^mfnt, 9. 1. bad (Sef^motjene^ 2. ber 
SIttf (tta4gema4te(Sbelflein)9 3. bie04ma(* 
it i 4. BiyMl. ber (erfle Jteim bed) ^bri^o. 

ClVllqQ^nt, adj. f^melienb, aufl5fenb. [l^fen. 

To Ciil'ljqiiilte, V. a, k n. fd^melsen, (ft4) avf« 

2. Med. bie (5onii|uation. [Med. coHiquati^. 
C^ll^qa^trve, ai(7. 1.f(bmelienb;attfl5feiib$ 2. 
COIIiqaSfSc'Uon, s. n>ie Colliqnation, qv. 

Cqiafi^ion, s. lit. kfig. bad 3ttfammcnfio|eii. 
To C&l'l^ciite, V. a. fleSen) orbnen. 
CQiM9€%te, adj. gefteSt, georbnet, todrt. 
CdllQcft'tion, #. bie £)rbmtng, (Sint^eilttng in 

Glajfen, location. 
CdllQcQ'tiom s. bie Unterrebung. [4enbe. 
C&llQcaV» 4. ber (im dialog ^it«)epre> 
CdlOpp, s. 1. bie9Ieif4*e(bnitte$ 2.ioc. bad 

^nb. Cfpracbebetreffettb) Umgangd*. 

C9llo'qni^I,; 11. — ly, adv. bieUmgangd' 
CQllo'qiii^Iif ro, #. ber Vudbrutf and ber Urn* 
Cdl'l9qay, s. bie Unter^altuttg. [gangdfpracbe. 
C&l'lOw, s. k V.9 vid. Colly. 
CQllfic^tfocy, s. bad fiSiberftreben. 
CdllQcm'tion, t. ber 6treit, fiBiberfianb. 
To CQlI&de', V. n. ein ge^eimed Sinoerfldnbnif 

(aben (bef.iu unerlaubten3metf en),coaubiren. 
C^HG'd^r, s. ber (SoOubent; (Rdnfemaiber. 
CQll&'f ion» 3. (bef. Law) bad (eimlifbe Qin* 

)^erfldnbmf/ bie QfoUttflon. 
CQlIa'sjve, I. adj, ; U. — ly, adv, ]^eimli(b l»er« 

abrebet i lU. — ness, s. bad betdlgerifibe (Sin* 
Cvim's^ry, adj. eoQttfonf^* [oerfldnbnif. 
Cdl'ly, s. ber Utuf, bad0tufige$ bad^ol^l' 

M»ars. [oerfinftern, umnacbten. 

To COl'Iy, V. a. 1. bernfen^ bef^muien) %fis* 
C9llf r'jvm, #. Med. bad QCugenwafler. 
Cdl'ffl^r, #• JPom. bie SRannabirn. 
Cdl'9crjfDt/i, <• Bot. bie (Soloquinte. 
C9mgne' [C9l0a'], I. s. Geog. (bicetabt) Q&tai 

II. adj. (6lnif4. [®rimmbam. 

C0'l9n, 1. Gram. badCoIottl 2. Anat. ber 
Colonel [car'nfl], s. ber ^berfle, IDbrifl) — 

sbip, Colonelcy, bie IDberflenjleSe. 
C9lD'ni«l, adj. eine(SoIonie betreffenb^ —of* 

fice, StaU badSo